Team news: Szczesny to miss 3 weeks, all else ok


Arsene Wenger has revealed that Wojciech Szczesny will miss 2-3 weeks because of injury, leaving the door open for Vito Mannone to continue his good form in goal.

The Italian stood in well for Szczesny in midweek, and against Liverpool and Stoke, and the ankle injury he picked up ahead of last weekend’s game against Southampton has ruled the Pole out for the next couple of weeks.

Other than that the squad which traveled to Montpellier is the one which will travel to Manchester on Sunday and Arsene Wenger is confident his team can get something from the game.

“If we’re at our best, we have a good chance to get a great result,” he said.

The boss also provided further info on the return of Jack Wilshere. The England international started full training again this week but the manager says he needs some football, in the shape of second-string games, before he can  be considered for the first team again.

“Wilshere had ups and downs. He was focused, especially in the last three months. We have to be a bit cautious. When you’re so young and you’re out for 14 months, it’s a good test for your mental strength.

“We need to manage him well. He needs a few games in the reserves.”

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If Mannone continues to do well, it will be very difficult for Szcz to return as no 1 like he did last week.


That’s how good the squad is right now.
My bfg is keeping last seasons best defender koss on the bench. Mannone, the one who I once thought has no place in this side now fighting for the no.1 spot.

Whats next?. Squillaci for verm?. Haha. No, not really, never.


Chamakh for Podolski.

west belfast gunner

Stick him on aginst city , ya ya and the boys will shit themselves lol lans lol


Man shitty 0 arsenal 2


The picture of Theo, Jack and Alex made me smile 🙂


Can’t believe the amount of quality English players coming through, let’s hope none of them do a cashley on us.


umm..i think theo is already well on that path


What Theo doesn’t realize is that Cashley could leverage it because he is (or was) one of the best at his position.

Which team does Walcott think has the money to pay him more than we do? He’s already being overpaid, by Arsenal standards, and no one wanted to pick him up during the summer (Liverpool rumors aside). All that can mean is he’s holding out for a Manchester Club, because no one else has enough money to overpay him. (And that’s assuming they rate him.)


Hope szcesney will come back stronger from this. An ankle injury can be frustrating, i’ve had it a couple of times, leaves you feeling all delicate and feeble. As for wilshere 60 minutes games with the reserves should be helpful, no need to rush him as we now already boast a strong and astute midfield. Rosicky?


Don Vito, don’t ever let the enemies know what you are thinking. The only Arse with Sicilian DNA.

Don Vito Mannone

Come Sunday…Roberto Mancini sleeps with the fishes.

TH 14

just immagine ibrahimovic without hair and skills,this will be shelvey.


And Liverpool would still pay what PSG did to get his signature, there transfer policy is wank!

Tenacious Defence

Where’s Fabianski’s injury up to?


He’s suffering from flappiansis, Should be cured by a dose of confidencia.


Nooone has said a thing about the return of frimpong! I personally am glad he’s back aswell to cover for arteta. If he can get back to some of the stuff he was doing at wolves our midfield is looking great.



We also need Frimpong back for early November. I think there is a certain game being played in which his job will be to frimpong a certain person.


And that person is a cunt, okay so they are quite a few in that team.. ……so…?


For all I care Frimpong can go and Frimpong ’em all. Just like Scholes used to do to us, give ’em some of their own medicine. But unfortunately I doubt Frimpong would last longer than one or two tackles before being given his marching orders. Unlike Scholes, who’d usually get away with murder before the ref would even think about brandishing a yellow.


Don Vito gonna make Manchini kiss the ring after he gets a clean sheet


Vito is getting more n more confident. The fact is that he is our no 3. Is it beautiful?


Seriously, what happened to Fabianski?


He may have a myterious case, like Rozza and Jack.
Oh and, just my thinking. 🙂


There will be a massive competition for places once frimpong and sagna come back


The squad seems to be getting deeper by the day. Our No. 1 keeper is out and nobody seems to be batting an eyelid. Frimpong, Wilshere, Sagna and Rosicky on the way back.
Now we can see why Wenger did not buy more.


Arsenal v Coventry: Monnone, Yenaris, Koscielny, Djourou, Santos, Coquelin, Frimpong, Ramsey, Walcott, Arshavin and Giroud.

Santi's nutmeg

Not much is said about rosicky. I want to see him play again. He’ll be good cover for santi and can play on the left too! Now, this is what i call a squad. Weldone le prof




*obviously they would interchange positions.


Bench: Theo, Vito, Kos, Gervihno,Santos/Ramsey and then you have these guys (Djourou, Le Coq, Frimpong, Ramsey, Arshavin and Rosicky.)

I bet it will be a welcome head for Arsene….


Santi's nutmeg



I suppose we do need somebody to bring out the orange segments at half-time.


Big chance for Gunners to lay down a title marker on Sunday. No fear! Go for it!


Very true ‘blood! Let’s get it on….


Vito will definitely hold up the goal while Szczesny is healing up. He has improved enough to play against Man C’s attack on the pitch. My bet, its gonna be a 3-1 game.


Don Vito has shown his quality in the past in that Fulham game where he stole the 3pts for us. I’ve always thought he should be the number 2 to Shez, but now is his big chance. I love the Shez but I hope Don Vito takes this big chance and runs with it. Nothing wrong with having 2 stoppers who think they are the number 1. Go Don Vito!!


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