Wenger blocked Henderson loan move


Conor Henderson has revealed that Arsene Wenger blocked a potential loan move before transfer deadline day, saying he wants the youngster to continue his development within the Arsenal squad.

However, the Republic of Ireland U21 international would prefer to spend time playing first team football, suggesting that reserve level isn’t enough for him at this stage of his career.

Henderson told the Irish Independent, “The manager blocked the loan because he said he wants me around the first team,” said Henderson. “This is the final season of my contract and I need to be playing. It’s a good sign for the future that the manager is protecting me, but my priority is to progress my career.

“I just hope that a move is arranged after I come back from international duty when the loan window re-opens. I’ve been at Arsenal since I was a kid but all I’ve played so far this season is reserve games in the new U-21 league.

“That’s not enough at this stage of my career. The plan is to come back from a loan spell challenging for a first-team spot. If I have to leave on a permanent basis at the end of the season, so be it.”

Henderson will be 21 in two days time and finds himself well down the midfield pecking order. He was on the fringes of the squad last summer before picking up a nasty cruciate injury but his chances of first team football with Arsenal are surely limited for this season, making it difficult to understand why Wenger insisted on keeping him.

Given his contractual status and his age, it would surely be a good thing for him to go out on loan, and allow the manager to make what will be a big decision about his long-term future.

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Only reason I can think of as to why Wenger blocked the move is cause he wants him to go on loan to a PL club. Surely if he stays he won’t get more than 5 appearances and Capital One Cup matches.

He really loves the club tho. First choice is to succeed with us. Does anyone think he is Arsenal quality?


Currently, NO.


This is bullshit. He was quality enough to be a regular in cup games, and feature heavily in preseason. He’s been injured for a year and as soon as he came back he started scoring goals and bossing things in the reserves.

What part of that doesn’t indicate Arsenal quality?


“He was quality enough to be a regular in cup games, and feature heavily in preseason. . . . [H]e started scoring goals and bossing things in the reserves.”

Are you thinking of Denilson? Emmanuel-Thomas? or maybe Lupoli?

The qualities you mention indicate football talent, but those factors alone do not predict success with the first team, as my examples show.


Which is to say, the most telling indicator of his Arsenal potential is that Wenger wants him to stay with the first team.

However, Henderson and Wenger appear to be at odds because the player wants to play. For that reason, he may refuse a contract extension. Perhaps repeat of Matthew Upson?


Henderson can’t move to a PL club until January, I think. You can only loan to lower leagues outside the window…


“He really loves the club tho”.
Strong words my friend.


For a minute there, I thought Wenger had blocked a move for Jordan Henderson to come to Arsenal on loan.

…better cancel the flowers and chocolates I just ordered for Arsene.


Arsene doesn’t like flowers and choclates anyways, bring him a young and promising talented footballer for his birthday. He’ll be absolutely chuffed.


I would take a nasty season ending Robin Van Persie injury for sure 😀

Ichele Nimo

Correct guy


Thought this was about the 20million scouse shower as well. Phew.


Weird move by wenger. Currently, i’d think frimpong, coq, ramsey, and JW (easing in) take preference over him. A loan move would be very helpful. The only reason i can think of is him getting chances in the COCup and stepping up his injury rehab.


Arsene knows I guess?


Sarcasm, we don’t need that.

Nigerian gunner

Wenger knows best.


Another youngster that thinks he knows better than Le Professor. There are many that have departed only to flounder at other clubs. Wenger gets it right far more than he gets it wrong. Wasn’t there a certain winger converted to striker that, in interview, said when Le Boss told him that he had what it takes to be the striker he didn’t believe it. Said winger turned striker then won the Golden Boot.
These kids need to look at precedence and start to believe in Le Boss.


I quite dont understand this, henderson clearly said he was looking ahead to a new challenge. I would think arsene would agree to that but he instead does the opposite and blocks his move. I’d honestly provide an exception to thomas eisfeld but connor?, let the kid spread his wings and that shit.


I don’t think it’s a question is believing Le prof but you can see where he’s coming from. He hasn’t got a hope in hell of playing with the players in front of him. He’s technically very able & passing is a lot tidier than say Tom Cleverley but I can’t see him breaking through


brilliant 2 hia ppl saying ”Arsene knows”..stay easy boy..kip working hard & who knows u’ll mek it in (THOf)


I just tried Google Translator and I still dont understand.


Sir, is your keyboard having a seizure?


I’m really pleased about this. The two standout players in the U21 side are Eisfeld and Henderson. Both are good enough to be in the 1st team squad. He will feature in the League Cup and, depending on injuries, get some time in the Premiership also. Henderson may think that a loan move is the right thing, but Arsene does seem to have an uncanny knack of knowing what’s best for each player, and has been proven correct time and again.


I agree, i like the look of him, and wenger’s being saying for a long time that he’s capable of the first team,



I tend to take it with a pinch of salt when Wenger says that such and such youngster will be a first team player. Maybe it’s the years of reading between the lines, and now I read what isn’t there, but it could possibly to garner a slightly higher fee for him, if he does eventually leave (as the buying club would be paying for a player that could be Arsenal quality, rather than falling far short of the grade).

That said I would really like to see Henderson make it here. Looked very good in the handful of first team outings he had, prior to his injury, and it would be nice to see a continuation of our Irish connection 😀


Arsene can only predict whether a youngster will make it up to a certain point. He bases his assumptions on a number of things coming together like the player staying fit, staying focused and not having someone better come in ahead of them. The players have to do their bit too and continually strive to improve. We’ve seen plenty of bright young talents fall by the wayside simply because they thought themselves superstars. That’s not Arsene’s fault.

Ivor Biggun

he should leave for his own benefit


I’ve only seen him play a few games, but he is the kind of player that could well make a good left back (and I’m sure Arsene has tried him there before).

Maybe he is being seen as Gibbs’ deputy, with Santos taking a more advanced role (hopefully not at HMP)

robbie kahlow

If he does leave, he will end up on benefits


Let me start by saying I think it would be another bad mistake by AW if we don’t sort out another contract for this boy ASAP, cos for me he is VERY talented he just needs the chance now to shine @ the top level here or @ another PL club.
However I can also see why he has NOT let him go out on loan in this window too, the boy has just come back from a cruciate injury these can & normally do come in pairs if you hard too early, so if he was in another team away from The Ars he would not be getting the level of support/observation required for this type of injury.
Getting back to my first point id love to see him playing on the left for us in the near future….


If you GO hard too early….


I’ve been following developments with Henderson ever since he made his first senior appaearance a couple of years ago. From what I’ve seen and heard, it appears Wenger rates this guy quite seriously and had planned to bring him into the first team a lot earlier, but each time he suffered a long term injury which scuppered Wenger’s plans.

When he played in the first, he was often deployed on the left wing, and from what I’ve seen, seemed to have potential quality. Rather than a dynamic left winger, he seemed more robust in the Podolski mould, I certainly think he is worth bringing into the first team and given a chance, but Wenger now has good depth in the squad, therefore this makes it difficult for him to get his chance, but the fact that Wenger let go of several promising youngsters on loan and permanently over last couple of years – even this year let go of Kyle Bartley and Oguzan Ozyakupv – two highly rated youngsters, and kept hold of Henderson, suggests Wenger beleives he has the quality to play for Arsenal in the near future.


He was offered a loan at crewe but wenger blocked it on 2 counts. one he wants to wait till after the international break and two wenger would prefer a championship club for henderson. he is also now next in line to join the first team squad and this season as well as being the final year of his contract is also his final year as an under 21. next season him coquelin and shea will all be classed as homegrown. as it stands we only have 2 spaces without new signings. althpugh the likes of squillaci fabianski arshavin and walcott are also in their last year.


some report say crewe want aneke and eastmond not henderson,but they cant afford their wages


He probably wants to have him around for the Capital one cup and FA cup matches, which makes sense to me. If he impresses he can go on loan in January after signing a new contract. I think CC games are Arsene’s yard stick.

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Merlin's Panini

Would be good to have an Irish lad make it. We haven’t had one since… erm… David O’Leary? It’s been too long.

Totally underrated, but thinking back just made me remember Andy Linighan. He never gets talked about does he? He was a decent defender back in the day!
I always remember after the FA cup final in 93 when Mark Bright broke his nose the interviewer asked “So Andy, is it broken?” and his reply was “I don’t know, but I won’t be picking it for a while!”


Wenger must really see something in him to have done that.

tom bush

Its obvious the gaffer wants to keep the lad,he’s only 21 he should be patient and work hard to improve his game. Then we’ll all fight for him!

Nigerian Gunner

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Merlin’s Panini…you’re forgetting about one Mr Eddie Mc Goldrick/ And I have a feeling some Irish guy made an appearance since…..?


Maybe AW wants to see how his recovery is going and is hoping he can get a cup game in and a contract extension before a loan. Wishful thinking maybe,this guy has it


And heh thats totally out of order


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