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Arsenal 3-1 Olympiakos: By the Numbers

182 – Total number of attempted passes by Mikel Arteta in Champions League play 2012
9 – Total number of misplaced passes by Mikel Arteta
285 – Total number of attempted passes by Xavi in Champions League play 2012¹
15 – Total number of misplaced passes by Xavi
116 – Touches by Arteta v. Olympiakos 2012
103 – Passes attempted by Mikel Arteta v. Olympiakos
5 – Misplaced passes by Mikel Arteta
5 – Tackles per game by Arteta in Champions League play 2012 (second best of all players)
2.5 – Offsides per game by Gervinho in Champions League play 2012 (second worst behind Torres)
5 – Turnovers per game by The Ox in Champions League play 2012 (second worst behind Mbokani)

4 – Combined shots by Ramsey and Giroud in the last 14 minutes v. Olympiakos
6 – Total shots by all other Arsenal players in the previous 82 minutes
0 – Shots by Olympiakos in the last 22 minutes
7 – Touches by Giroud in the last 14 minutes v. Olympiakos
3 – Passes by Giroud
2 – Shots by Giroud
1 – Shot on goal by Giroud
1 – Key passes by Giroud
1 – Assists by Giroud


16 – Shots by Gervinho for Arsenal in all competitions 2012-2013
5 – Shots on goal by Gervinho
5 – Goals by Gervinho (stat via @Orbinho on twitter)
7 – Key Passes by Gervinho
1 – Assists by Gervinho
12 – Shots by Podolski for Arsenal in all competitions 2012-2013
6 – Shots on goal by Podolski
4 – Goals by Podolski
9 – Key Passes by Podolski
1 – Assists by Podolski
14 – Shots by Giroud for Arsenal in all competitions 2012-2013 (includes League Cup)
3 – Shots on goal by Giroud
1 – Goals by Giroud
5 – Key passes by Giroud (does not include League Cup)
2 – Assists by Giroud (does not include League Cup)
27 – Shots by Cazorla for Arsenal in all competitions 2012-2013
10 – Shots on goal by Cazorla
1 – Goals by Cazorla
27 – Key passes by Cazorla
2 – Assists by Cazorla


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All data via Opta, ESPN, and my personal databases

¹Leads all players in the Champions League 2012-2013

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Micky for the next Ballon D’or?
But seriously, proud of the team aside of some sloppy defending.
It was nice to see Ramsey score a cheeky goal, hopefully Giroud will be next to fill those shoes.


Ramsey = the new Carlos Vela.


What’s with all the thumbs down? That chip at the end was positively Vela-esque.


I just love Ramsey.


Me too – I thought I was the only one 🙂


5 – number of years ago I wish we’d signed Arteta.

I’m out of superlatives for this fella. Game in, game out, he’s top quality.


In a nutshelll the stats above means that Gervinho should try and do more of what Cazorla does (get more of his shots on goal), while Cazorla should try and do more of what Gervinho does (convert all of his shots on goal to goals). Do I even know what I am saying?

Asian Shirt Buyer

You made sense. What could be even more astonishing, in a normal world one’d expect Cazorla to have more accuracy than Gervinho.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Slightly off-topic. but since JT is a cunt. Let’s also call him Jody.
I say, this song is quite fitting.


number of minutes i tried to keep myself awake – 41


27!!! key passes by cazorla. That is ridiculous, I love the guy so much, always has a smile on his face.

[…] report – By the numbers – […]


Top players 2011 (passing) – Squillaci?!

There’s a glitch in the Matrix!!


I’m a playmaker!


Yeah you play-make own goals! Wonderful, just wonderful.

Joey LaCorte

Ramsey and Arteta always look like they dont have enough pace to get by someone, yet almost always manage somehow to just nudge in front.


Orange- colour of artetas’ boots I like.
0- number of posts so far on john terry is a cunt. (i’m offended)
1- number of cunts to replace yet another departing england cb cunt. (what?)


1 – number of grenades i’d take for GIROUD.
lol j.k.


What I’ve learnt from these stats is that, when Gervinho shoots, goalkeepers have no chance and it either ends up in the back of the net or the car park.


I think its a tactic, he keeps shooting off target until the goalkeeper assumes hes got no chance, then BOOM, into the net.

Actually, I think he is much better off in the center, he always ran himself into trouble coming from out wide. And he seems to be able to find space in the box and shoot (no coq jokes please)

The Erotic Hands of Wenger

3 – the number of raging Arnolds I got over Giroud in this game.


even though Cazorla doesn’t convert many of his shots he still provides us with another option, when shooting from the edge of the box, it’s definately a weapon we need in our armoury. Keeps opposition defences on their toes, because they can’t just sit deeper and deeper if they know they’re playing against someone who has a fantastic shot from distance, which draws the defence out, creating space for short passes in and around the box.

Cazorla is a weapon……………… to speak.

Clock End Mike

Sorry to niggle, but wasn’t it 2-1 against Olympiakos last year? Surely you’re not talking about the 3-1 away defeat?

Brian Mendoza

The squid was playing so I’m going to guess that it was the away defeat.

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