Barca president underlines status as deluded twonk


Marc Overmars (2000), Emmanuel Petit (2000), Giovanni van Bronckhorst (2003), Thierry Henry (2007), Alexander Hleb (2008), Cesc Fabregas (2011), Alex Song (2012) – seven established internationals that have left Arsenal for Barcelona during the Arsene Wenger era. All players, Gio aside, that Barcelona have had few qualms throwing a lot of cash at in the process.

Cesc Fabregas (2003), Fran Merida (2005), Jon Toral and Hector Bellerin (both 2011) – four teenagers who opted to leave Barcelona’s La Masia Academy and pursue their football development in England. Two have since left (one back to Camp Nou remember) and two remain as possible first team stars of the future.

So which club would you expect to be the one complaining about the other’s transfer policy; Arsenal or Barcelona?

According to Sandro Rosell, the current president of La Blaugrana and heir to Joan Laporta’s crown as Catalonia’s most arrogant cunny, it’s the latter.

Of course it’s the latter.

Granted he also takes a pot shot at Manchester City, who are obviously more evil than a turd infused with ebola floating in a pool of rotting rice pudding, but still…what a tosser.

Speaking at the Fórum Fundació FC Barcelona (whatever that is), Rosell is quoted by El Mundo Deportivo (translated by ESPN) stating:

“Manchester City want to take our players and they want to destabilise us.

“It also happens with Arsenal, who come for our youth team players and offer them a lot of money.

“Now it is happening with City. We are the enemy to beat. There are a lot of people who do not want Barca to do well and want us not to win.”

Now excuse me while I rant a bit.

If you want to go about destabilising a team, I’m not sure the best way to go about it is to take a couple of unproven youngsters. Is it Sandro? That’s hardly going to bring the walls of the Nou Camp crashing down…

I’d say if Arsene wanted to destabilise Barcelona he’d probably get Thomas Vermaelen to run a hot poker up Messi’s arse until he cries blood, or he’d order Jack Wilshere to slap Iniesta and Xavi in the nuts with a ping pong bat until they promise never to kick a football ever again. He might even get Squillaci to waterboard Puyol and Pique or even give you Chamakh on a free.

But Arsene wouldn’t do that and nor would he plant rumours about possible signings in the press every week and get his squad to jabber on for months about how they’d fit into his playing system.

Because that’s unbecoming…it’s how cunts behave. But you do that Sandro. You, your cronies, your players, your hired hacks…you do it every year. And yet somehow you have the audacity and pomposity to lecture us on the way we behave?

Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off. You are the definition of hypocrisy.

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Me thinks Andrew is a bit annoyed. Totally agree with you though mate.


You’re right. That cunt need to be slapped right on his mouth.


It’s good you said mouth coz people normally get slapped on thieir chins and this sandra chap certainly hasnt any!……so mouth it is!


In my opinion his rant didn’t go far enough, Barcelona just keep on winding me up further. I mean the utter audacity to level those criticisms at us is completely ridiculous! I really hope they get put in there fucking place and I feel it won’t happen soon enough, their ego is matched by by there utter cuntery!


didn’t miguel come from there to? but i agree with the rant 🙂


Believe they let him go from their youth team and was picked up by another local club, and we pinched him from there. No doubt they’ll say how marvelous he is and how much all their players admire him when Puyol retires.


Ahhh I fucking Love Ignasi.

You see his reaction when he got his goal against Coventry? Even though it was something like the third or fourth off he wheeled, went mental, kissed the badge, freaked out all the way back to his starting position.

Lovely to see.

Tenacious Defence

He’s paranoid or deluded… probably both.


Not to mention , a colossal cunt.


The cunt fuck can friggin’ suck my nuts!
How I detest that Sandro!


Well put.


I think he’s on a sponsored charity fundraiser to get the most people on planet earth to think he’s a massively retarded cuntpiece.

Unfortunately he’d still 49,438 people behind John Terry.


Ashley, joan terry and now SANDRA!……something is seriously wrong with all this women in football!


Talking of transfers, and John Terry; I’m told the BBC are about to confirm that Terry’s transfer from Chelsea is complete.

He’ll be plying his trade in Serbia next season, and is said to be excited about being part of their rich footballing culture.

Gooner Reg

Apparently UEFA are going to look into the racism matter from U21 Serbia game, which probably means they’ll end up finding Wenger to blame and slapping a fine and 3 match ban on him!


I do fully expect them to say they take racism seriously… then find the English FA twice as much for the English players reacting to it as they do the Serb FA for their fans/coaching staff inciting it.



Giroud's 10 pacs

What a complete, utter cunt. But nothing we didn’t know from the start.

Mach III

Hmmm, a cunt at the heart of a cunty football club. Who would have thought it?


The nerve of that arrogant cunt.


I’m fairness to him we sold them Hleb, so we did fuck up their team a bit.


he was a free agent wasn’t he? lets leak a story about how we are going to buy messi and then get all our players to talk about him every day. then they can see what its like


Well was it sandra son or laporta’s that signed for us?
motherfucker is worried about his position in the club and fucker blames us.
and who the hell is plotting against them i thought it was barka , platini, sepp plotting with eachother against us.


neither signed for us. we were linked with laporta’s but thats not going to happen

Gibbs's Abs

Between this and Cesc whining that he would’ve stayed with us, Barsa is incredibly annoying today.

Even more than the usual, I mean.

Per Mertesacker

this is why ze Germans like my friend Mesut and my friend Sami choose Madrid over ze Barcunt.

big black clock

As long as you choose us over them cunts if they come calling, you lovely giant

North Bank Gooner

the words pot kettle and black come to mind!

still, gotta try harder to be JT level of tosspot ;D


I bet nothing happens to Barca over the financial fair play even though they owe millions and aren’t paying it back


Read The Swiss Ramble. All you need to know about all the major clubs in Europe.

He does a great breakdown on Barca’.

Fergie the Gooner

“There are a lot of people who do not want Barca to do well and want us not to win.”

Yup, that’s me… and everyone else here! I wonder why that is Sandro…

The Late Post


Twonk: Derogatory term, roughly equivalent to idiot. More insulting than berk, but less insulting than gimp.

I’d call him a gimp, at the very least.


i am waiting to see these cunts at the emirates.


The truth is that both clubs have a case against each other.


Fuck off. Fuck off. Fuck off.

big black clock

This is what I heard from his speech, “Boohoo, poor Barcelona everybody hates us. They steal our players and give us boo boos and now I have nobody to suck my thumb”

Someone please stuff a sock in that big baby’s giant flappy mouth


I blame the Interlull. Generally I have some clown from another team to hate, but now all I have is this muppet from Barca. Please let The Arsenal return.

Keep Calm and Hate Barca
Keep Calm and Hate Barca

Barcelona poach young players from other clubs much more than Arsenal or any other club, this brought them players like Busquets and Pedro.

Valencia FC recently complained about Barcelona raiding their youth team yet this moron has the guts to talk sh*t. Deluded tw*t.


Ya, poor Barca had to let go of their youth players so that they could get them back when they’re at their peak from Arsenal. How dare Arsenal do such a thing!


Didnt we sell them anelka as well for £23m ish and also take ignas miquel?

Mills N7

Anelka went to Real Madrid (try not to confuse the two in the presence of any supporters of either). Miquel was released from Barca’s academy.
Other than that, spot on.

Keep Calm and Hate Barca
Keep Calm and Hate Barca

Anelka was sold to Madrid not Barcelona. Miquel was already released by Barca because he wasn’t good enough so he joined Cornella and that’s where we got him although the c*nts wanted him back at that point but he refused to return……..good lad.


Real Madrid not Barca’


The comments on this article contains more cunts than John Terry in a house of mirrors


mind you, I am only thumbing up the imagery, not the comment.


You thumbed up the image of a thousand John Terrys?


hahaha… quality ranting!

The thing that has no hair
The thing that has no hair

These proper arses from Barcelona can fuck off back to their shite beer and ugly, stupid faces.

Is this wanker actually serious or is it some sort of masterplan in order to keep robbing us of our talents. Nonetheless I do hope this County McCunt Cunt is derived of everything he loves och dies slowly in a heap of tormented shreiks and gore wiht blood from his child … uhumm.. sorry ´bout that.

Either way, fuck off to Barcelona and Up The Arse!

Highbury Canon

Sandro deserves to be slapped til he faints and continually be slapped until he wakes up


I am Sancho!


Fuck off Sandra with your Terence and Phillip mouth

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay
i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Let’s get the cunt


To be brutally honest with you ahmm i agree sandro or whateva the fuck his name is a cunt pure and simple, good afternoon folks hows ur day been?


The little cunt’s just pissed because Mancini has come out and said that his next “big name” signing he wants Sergio Busquets. How he’s a big name I’ll never know. It’s currently a neck and neck race between Barthelona and Man Citeh as to which team I find to be the biggest collection of cunts (managers, owners, fans, etc included). I do still give the edge to Barcelona for their arrogance in thinking any player they want should just thank the lord that the greatestteamtoeverplayfootballinthehistoryoftheworld wants them. Then they sight their tradition. Citeh are just nouveau riche cunts with a lot of money and not tradition.


Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk!
Let’s just think about this. If you were Barca, had just had Biscuits poached off you by Mankini[1] and needed a top-notch and hugely experienced DM, ideally Spanish, to replace him, which names would come up?

[1] Something hideous that’s full of bollocks.


please let arsenal and barca be drawn in the knockouts of the champions league.. Fucking cunts need a lesson.. Would love to knockout those idiots and shut them up for good..!

Mikel Anon

Excuse me but isn’t her name Sandra?

Bouldy's Barber

Maybe we should just arrange a behind-closed-door match with these cunts and send the Frimpster out to do what he does best: Frimpong these tippy-tappy blue and red wank rags.


Hahaa.. wank rag! Haven’t heard that for ages!!


In south africa we have a name for people like him, he is a poes!!!


You’re right Laporta!!! By the way, how did Messi get into La Masia? Cunt!


the paragraph that ends with chamakh on a free is so funny, Well written Blogs


Barcelona people are really assholes sometimes but I don’t think Real Madrid is any better. Every decent man and woman from Madrid are not supporting Real but Atletico… and not Barcelona but Espanol!


next the prick is going to start pining after their long lost son Arteta


Nooo, they ve bought Song for that position 😉


Any Google+ users fancy having a rant at someone:

“Gerard Piqué will be the first FC Barcelona football player doing a Hangout on air with users all over the world next 24th of October at 17:30 (CET). The Hangout will be in Spanish, Catalan and English and you will be able to follow it through the +FC Barcelona and the official FC Barcelona web page: If you want to participate you have to add +FC Barcelona to your circles: and leave your question with the hashtag: #CampNouLive. The users with the best questions will be the lucky ones to enjoy the Hangout”.


We can’t really blame Rossel.

He’s a dude going through life with a girls name, ofcourse he’s gonna be a bitch.


How on earth does he think he has a right to criticize us on buying a few of their youngsters when they’ve bought nearly an entire first XI of Arsenal players, the fucking cunt.

A N Other

it’s so good – its worth reading it twice..

I’d say if Arsene wanted to destabilise Barcelona he’d probably get Thomas Vermaelen to run a hot poker up Messi’s arse until he cries blood, or he’d order Jack Wilshere to slap Iniesta and Xavi in the nuts with a ping pong bat until they promise never to kick a football ever again. He might even get Squillaci to waterboard Puyol and Pique or even give you Chamakh on a free.


One of the greatest Arsenal-related paragraphs ever written. Actually giggling right now.

gooner odst


immature? yes, appropriate? yes

Rohan Sood

As both an Arsenal supporter and a Barcelona supporter, this post made me angry and sad at the same time.


Wow, it must suck to be you. Why would be a Barcelona supporter?



John Gram

Chamakh on a free, Ha! That’s rich


Yeah, who would do that?

Damn.. 😛

David O'Leary's Dad

Barcelona really are a bunch of arrogant twats – well said Mr Arseblog. Can’t wait until their current ONE OFF group of amazing players piss off or retire and Barca go back to being another meh team. In fact if the Spanish economy continues to tank we might be able to buy all their good players on the cheap!

David O'Leary's Dad

Sorry – well said Andrew

Absentia Rose

Rosell’s just pist off cause we got Santi and they got Song. They’ve starting to see that there’s no barca dna on alex and blood tests are arranged for friday. No wonder shouts have been heard around training ground “no alex! Keep it on a ground, there’s no dutch skunks here. Oh wait, bring afellay from.. wait, where we put him again?”