Desailly: Koscielny a match for Pique and Vidic


Marcel Desailly believes Laurent Koscielny is on a par with Manchester United’s Nemanja Vidic and Barcelona’s Gerard Pique and that the Arsenal man has qualities, which remind him of former France teammate Lilian Thuram.

The World Cup winning centre-back watched Koscielny in action for Les Bleus against Japan on Friday night and although the home side lost 1-0 at the Stade de France, Desailly had warm words of encouragement for the 27-year-old Gunner.

“I love Koscielny, I’ve seen him a lot,” Desailly told

“Unfortunately, he didn’t have a great experience [against Japan], but he’s had good momentum since his arrival at Arsenal.

“He has good leg speed, which reminds me of Lilian [Thuram]. The last time we spoke I told him to work hard and he’ll become one of the best defenders in the world.

“He’s at the standard of a Vidic or Pique. I mean that sincerely.”

Meanwhile, Koscielny himself has been speaking in the French press about his experiences in the Premier League. Pinpointing Didier Drogba as the toughest opponent he’s faced, the former-Lorient man also took a moment to identify Luis Suarez as a pesky, little prick.

Speaking to L’Equipe he remarked: “A striker that I hate marking? Luis Suarez. He is hard to take.

“He’s a cheat, always pulls the shirt and gives little kicks. You always want to give him a kick but you have to be careful not to be sent off.”

No doubt Koscielny’s words, given that it’s a quiet news week, will be pounced on as a declaration of war against Anfield. It will be interesting to see if anybody who isn’t on the Liverpool pay-roll can actually be bothered to defend Suarez…


Thanks to @SiuFay for the links.

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Tenacious Defence

Surely everybody knows by now that Suarez’s antics are indefensible.

Tell it like it is, Kos. Nice!

Tenacious Defence

And speaking of cheats… what about David Liuz and his ridiculous dive against us the other week – why was there no aftermath to that incident? The prick even had the audacity to berate the ref for booking him. His dive wasn’t even shown on the Premier League Review programme either.


Bale vs Aston Villa.
Oh oh……..i personally didn’t think he dived, the wind just got caught up in his ginormous ears.

dink arnold

Not to sound prickish against our team, but Jenkinson pulled off a hideous dive a couple of weeks ago and it still makes me a little sick.

I agree that Bale is a thousand times worse, but again want to reiterate I hope we don’t see more of this from our young star, or any of our other players.

Boulds shower cap

Didn’t he slip?, from the video it looks like he wanted to back track then lost his footing.

dink arnold

That may be wishful thinking on your part. I couldn’t get your link working, but I found this one

To me it’s a dive, it’s too unnatural the way he puts his foot, a 5 year old wouldn’t shift his balance that way, let alone a professional athlete.

But I hope you’re right. I guess we will know if he tries to pull another one off in the future.

Boulds shower cap

Yeah I hope it’s a one time thing, seems like a nice chap this jenks. Even manager rudolf said he thinks gareth bale is batman!. Lol.

dink arnold

That clip is hilarious!


Speaking of that game what about Jenkinson’s equally ridiculous dive.


Must have been the Corporal’s Finnish side doing that–the English never dive.


Laughable that any Arsenal player would attempt to label another player a cheat while ignoring those that do it in his own team destroys any credible argument this guy is trying to make. If you don’t believe me, well just take a gander at the players in his own squad he could have singled out if he so abhors cheating e.g. Vermaelen, Jenkinson, Arteta, Arshavin, Podolski, Walcott, Chamakh, Bendtner, Denilson, and we could also remind him in case he has a memory problem about a few of the great divers from Arsenal’s not so distant past, e.g. RVP, Nasri, Fabregas,… Read more »


Instead of reading this load of crap I think i’ll go get knit a sweater, count number of cars in my hood anything!!


Laughable that you think your whiny little response discredits the “argument” that Suarez is a cheat. It’s not an argument. It’s a well-known and widely-publicized observation of Suarez’s play. Perhaps the reason Podolski or Arteta, for instance, aren’t publicly chastised week in and week out is because “cheating” doesn’t meaningfully define their approach to the game? I don’t know. Probably being a racist cunt doesn’t help Suarez’s case either?

Anyway, it was nice of you to visit an Arsenal blog. Does Liverpool pay you to do anything else? Write communiques for Suarez? Suggestion: It’s not working.


……I’m sorry but Henry never dived he just handled the ball and that was in the twilight of his career!!! ……and it was a stupid international that with hindsight would of been a blessing if they didn’t qualify!

roh top gun

Well, we don’t need Bosscielny to tell us that Suarez is a cunt, do we? Every man and his dog knows he is a diving scumbag. Kudos to Kos for his in-your-face statement…


Unless there’s something going on between kos and suarez, i personally thought kos could probably have avoided making such unprovoked albeit candid remarks, especially i don’t recall we’ve so far been a “victim” of suarez simulation. It’s one thing for the media or even managers to slam players, but for a player to do so to a fellow professional does not sound a very wise thing to do – with one exception – Ramsey against shawcross which i would definitely give my utmost support. I would never understand how reckless tackles always seemed to be viewed as a lesser crime… Read more »


Kos was being honest–asked who he hated playing against–answered and explained why. Fair play to him for telling it as he sees it.


Totally agree with Desailly, Kos has everything to become a super star defender but he has to start believing it.

Per Mertesacker

Yes he can be a good player. But clearly I’m the rock.

Per Mertesacker

Tomas and him can fight for the second spot 😉


Sure he will be great only in his wet dreams though, all he will ever do is wank over this.


“He’s a cheat, always pulls the shirt and gives
little kicks. You always want to give him a kick but you have to be careful not to be sent off.”

This is so true, Suarez is indeed a talent but all his diving theatrics and being a complete utter racist cunt just comes in the way.

Koscienly>pique (without his lego hair)


Yes, he is (Luiz) cheater.


According to the Independent, Jenkinson has chosen England and would have been on the plane to Poland but needed clearance.


I wouldn’t defend Suarez’s antics on the pitch but i think referees are treating him badly. Ashley Young dives regularly but continues to get decisions in his favour. Also Suarez gets butchered by defenders week in week out yet people completely ignore that aspect and focus on his diving. Surely its a disturbing fact that his dive caused more outrage than Huth’s stamp on him. He is a loathsome character no doubt but that shouldn’t mean that the referees start allowing others to kick him about.

Mikel Anon

I think it’s his reputation that belie him. When someone asks you who’s the number 1 cheat or diver right now in world football (or just the PL, to eliminate stiff competition like Sergio), you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone not say the name “Suarez”. Human bias is hard to get rid off, especially in a spur-of-the-moment refereeing decision. Terry, Ashley Young, Torres, Luiz, Drogba, Daley and Louganis are just no match right now for the diving monster that is Luis Suarez. I admit Suarez is getting a lot of treatment for all this hassle, but you reap what you… Read more »

big black clock

The number 1 diver in world football is Bale

Midfield Corporal

Refs are not treating him badly, he might have had a few decision not go his way but them he committed another terrible dive last week end thus compounding his reputation. If you are a ref and in any doubt you’ll assume he’s tried to con you. I have no sympathy for him at all. I found Eboue’s antics an embarassment too. The sooner they punish divers retrospectively the better.

North Bank Gooner

agreed, i hate diving, if thats what you want to do, go join tom daley in the pool.

if there were retrospective bans, Gareth ” flying space monkey” Bale would be banned for 17 years, and never kick a ball again.

(His mum should also get a 10 stretch just for giving birth to the primate looking freak of nature)


Where do you come up with such interlul nuggets.
Kanu feel Ndluv tonight. Sick, twisted but funny.

Mikel Anon

That was his best work in a long, long, long time. Must read.

Sol Goodman

I think he will be better than Vidic and pique in a few years.
Respect for speaking out about the grand imperial wizard Suarez, you know he really must a solid gold cunt when he has pissed him off enough to mention it to the media.


What drugs are you on man, he is average through and through


At this point, I choose to forget that Desailly played for a bunch of cunts somewhere in Fulham, (I should stress not Fulham F.C.) but remember him for the stalwart he was at AC Milan and say, yes Mr Desailly, you are right on the money! On his day Bosscielny is definitely one of the best in the league if not the World. It’s just the cunts who prefer to remember him for his shaky first season that always make non-Arsenal fans think less of him but the same cunts forget that Vidic didn’t exactly hit the ground running when… Read more »


IF Suarez is a diver ,what about RVP?He got away with elbowing the NU guy.I aint surprised decisions are loaded in favour of the red faced and he continues to win games and trophies. I tell you what. When red faced has to go at some time inevitably,the winning momentum will die with him.He has built up his network with the refs and the FA who continue to give him favours.The cl is a different format and that’s why he got the dm with a view to try winning it.There are many tough teams who won’t let him get away… Read more »


Congratulations to Austrian parachutist Felix Baumgartner, who has just completed a 25-mile dive to Earth from outer space. Apparently, just after landing he said: “I owe everything to my coach and mentor, Luis Suarez.”


Well, the way he started spinning in a very laughable fashion mid air, it definetly brought Suarez to me mind. Also, the way jumper boy fell to his knees after landing looking toward the heavens reminded me of the cheating little cunt begging for a penalty.

Arsene's Bored Banker

Blogs: that was terrible. We both know what I’m talking about here.
This is the last you’ll hear from me.

Until tomorrow …

Midfield Corporal

Agreed, it’s terrible what the interlull can do to a man’s state of mind. Shameful!


god….cant take it anymore….if i hear another news article about how grounded the Ox is or how much jenkinson/podolski loves the arse or how much giroud has a point to prove…arghhhhhh

Bould's Hair Dryer

Let’s not forget Drogba is a world class diver too.


They are both good defenders but does anybody else think Koscielny should start ahead of Vermaelen.


I think almost everybody thinks that. Except Arsene wenger. The only one who matters.

Lord Teddy Ears

I hope he keeps his head on and knuckles down as he is awesome for us when he is on form.

I just hope the people on his side don’t start whispering in his ear about how good he an be elsewhere and yes I know he signed a new deal.

I love the comment about Suarez but I don’t think he is as bad as some in the EPL.


Boulds shower cap

I love Pandas, they’re so chill. They’re
like “Dude, racism is stupid. I’m White,
Black, and Asian”……i wish suarez would see things this way

Midfield Corporal

They’re a bit picky when it comes to food though.

North Bank Gooner

hey BSC, dont be all pro panda, they are complete bastards! my cousin Chlymidia went out with one. a chauvanist masogynist to boot. she organised a lovely romantic night in, good food, and wine, and a chick flick. He filled his face, demanded sex, and went out on the razz afterwards.

i spoke to his pal Chong Chong about it , but he was all like, ” what do you expect, hes a panda, he eats shoots and leaves!!!!!

TAXI!!!!!!!!!! 😉


While Drogba was a diving cunt of a man, when he was on his feet he was one hell of a player and showed why Wenger scouted him in the first place before he went to the blue cunts. Onto the Suarez comments, I don’t understand how Liverpool fans can defend the bucktooth bastard when it is blatently clear he has one of the worst reputations as a diver since Klinsmann, and it was only last week where he belly flopped the fucking grass. If we had someone like him right now i’d be disgusted, which is why I hated… Read more »

[…] French defensive legend and World Cup winner, Marcel Desailly, has lauded Koscielny, stating that he’s at par with Nemanja Vidic and Gerard Pique, I love Koscielny, I’ve seen him a lot. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a great experience […]

[…] drew praise from French legend Marcel Marceau Desailly who said: I love Koscielny, I’ve seen him a lot. He has good leg speed, which reminds me of Lilian […]