France Football: Koscielny suffers knee injury


France Football are reporting that Laurent Koscielny has injured his right knee in a collision with Franck Ribery during training with the French national team.

The extent of the damage remains to be seen although journalist Julien Laurent hinted that it could be serious when he tweeted:

“Bad news for Arsenal. Laurent Koscielny left France training session with a knee injury. Looks serious.He had to be carried out of the pitch.”

Perhaps understandably the French press are reporting this as bad news for Didier Deschamps as Les Bleus prepare for a friendly with Japan on Friday and a crunch World Cup qualifier with Spain the following Tuesday. We wait to see if it’s also bad news for Arsene Wenger.

Fingers crossed it’s not too bad.

Arseblog News probably isn’t the only one yelling, “Fuck off international football, you fucking, fucking, fucking waste of time.”

Update: Turns out it’s not that bad and he’s scheduled to train tomorrow with the rest of the team.

Phew and thanks Ollie for the update.

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It brings us one step closer to Sebastien Squillaci, and that’s never a good thing!




thank god we have Djourou and Miquel now ahead of Squeeky.

I’d put Steve Bould back there before we go giving squillaci another shot.

professional pride

pat rice too







Giroud's mom

Come back home you my Olivier. Come take care of mommy.


@THEREISBEARCUM Finally somebody who speaks sense
.. I look forward to hearing more from you .. Othes just want to be “liked” but we speak the real truth .. and will not be silenced by conformatists .


*UPDATE* KOS Doom levels lowered .. it was just a scare .

Also how can you like “doom”but dislike “dooom”??


No, Arseblog News is not the only one; I fucking hate International football.


The ugly twat that is Ribery. TV5 & Per going to have to hold strong for the foreseeable future then with JD & Miquel waiting in the wings

Carson Wells

He was victim to a horrific car crash. Nice one.


Did he in anyway refer to the accident ribery had?, I think not.
Is ribery ugly?, I think yes.


Also fuck Internationals ….

and international football.


I mean doom ….





Hopefully its nothing more than a badly bruised knee.


Reports have it that he collided with ribery………..Well ribery has clearly been through worse than this so he survived.


A thumbs down? Seriously? What, are you not happy with Kos escaping 2-3 months of rehabilitation or him providing serious competition to Vermaelen and Mertesacker? Some people just wish for the worst things…. Or you thumbed down by mistake.
I, so hate our players returning injured from internationals

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Could be there’s a couple of psycho stalkers on your tail. Wear garlic, stealth underwear, and a tinfoil hat and you should be fine.


Anxiety and Doom.
Shit !!!! Poo!!!! Excrement!!!! and Kaka
I hate the Interlull
Fingers cross its just a knock which will take 2 weeks to heal
Come home Kosser
The Arsenal loves you and we will take good care of you.
Blast the interlull


Well fuck.

We should just lock in our players at London Colney during pointless international breaks and only let them out once those matches are over.

El Blondo

Fuck Riberry fuck Deschamps & fuck interlull’s you’re all cunty bollocks


With the news of Jack and Sagna back it was too good to be true wasn’t it?

Fingers crossed it’s not THAT bad.


Thank fuck Mickey Arteta doesn’t get called up!


Yep, Mickey may be upset about not playing for Spain, but it certainly will prolong his playing career as a result, which can only be a good thing for us.


Fucking bollocks, one french defender returning so another has to be injured. We Arsenal fans never get a break. 🙁


Unless of course it’s one of our players legs 🙁


Well this is annoying.

Why on Earth would Ribery pull a Shawcross in training?

Bright side is that Per and TV will be the defacto line up in defense.

I hope Didier Dickcramps chokes on his escargots.


Fuck international football and it’s cunting horse!

Fuck England, Fuck John Terry and Fuck the fucking dinosaur pundits and press who try and fail to give the shit any merit.


A good start to the season and this. Surprise surprise.

50 Shades of Ramsey



[…] France Football: Koscielny suffers knee injury | Arseblog News – the Arsenal news site […]

frank emerson

Of all the defenders who regularly played for us this season, the Kosher is probably the one we can most do without. once the vermator and the bfg stay fit we will be fine. and with sagna and wilshere now fit, we are in a healthier state than we have been for years.


It’s all about selection solutions mate. We need everyone to be fit and please, before you go degrading kozzer like that remember he was our stand out defender last term. Mert and verm might yes handle the job but they too are with their N.teams and who knows what else might happen.

Ribery's Studs

We just had the Euro.. I’m sick of these friendlies. It’s getting frustrating seeing news like this..

Manuel E

well actually it’s not a friendly but a world cup qualifier…anyway fuck international football

Ribery's Studs

my bad.. I guess that just proves that I don’t give much of a care either…

martin wengrow

Knee injury’s. Best ways, its usually a number of weeks.


Reports from France are saying the injury isn’t that bad.




Damn right ribery is a motherfucker.
No wonder Henry didnt like him.


Bhenchod more like it


Sounds like an impact injury which can be very painful at the time but you’d think not too serious.

Rohan Sood

The French team must be Sp*rs fan. That’s why they deliberately injured Koscielny.


Master Bates



I love international football

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I love International football that involves Manchester Utd, Manchester City, and Chelsea players, and I think fondly of International games that take Spurs and Liverpool players on epic journeys to Eastern Europe or South America, but I loathe International football that involves Arsenal players until it’s finished and they have all come home safely.


Words is that it’s nothing too serious according to radio reports in France


If there’s a silver lining it’s in the fact that Wenger’s hand is forced (if he is injured), Mert and TV5 will be in there together. I like that a lot.

Eric Irish gunner

Don’t think wenger would want a injury to help him make a decision, I’d say he loves having that problem of who to pick


And to think this deschamps wanted to call up diaby. Fucking internationals!: either a player plays so well he’s recognised for a potential transfer or he gets injured. Somehow we always get the second. Aaaaaaaaargh. Abolish internationals I say.


Get him home. That’s two players broken by Deschamps so far this season.

And he looks like Beaker out The Muppets. The cunt (Deschamp, not Beaker).


Hate internationals, have no interest in them, even less so now that terry can’t get injured by some lunatic San Marino forward.


take heart! cashly cole can


As can plenty of other unpleasant characters. I would love to see Shawcross and Cole injure each other somehow. Theo should be pasting Coles head on his body and texting it to all the players wives.


Fit to train tomorrow. Cheer up folks!


Am glad its not a serious injury. I hate saying it about the captain but I could easily see our back back four including Kos and not him in the years to come. I would love to see what the Verminator could do as a DM in the future

Absentia Rose

As the ancient saying goes. “Never turn your back to scar faced midget who’s banging sixteen year old hookers”.

my penis is bigger than yours!

Who gives a shit about internationals?


thank God it’s not serious and he’s fit to train. Hope he will be rested against Japan.

Rad Carrot

I actually, at one point, wanted Ribery to play for Arsenal. He might be an ugly motherfucker but he’s pretty talented. A bit like Luke Chadwick, just without the talented part. Anyway, he’s Fridayokay. No dooooom here. Move on.

Rad Carrot

Don’t know where that Friday came from. It was either my phone or the Tesco value box of wine.


International football is alright when there’s no other football on (world cup is great because the season’s already over). They should just draw straws haha, forget about all this qualifying business it is interfering with the real football we all care about.

I’m sure Kos will be fine he’s a tough bastard


This is the same Julien Laurent who tweeted that M’vila to Arsenal was a done deal. Total hack.


He’s fine, just a knock. I’m surprised that so many of you people underestimate Bosscienly, this is the same man that robbed Chelsea of £50 million pound, made Messi he’s bitch and scored against the mercenaries of $hitty. Plus he managed to play games with Squalici and not have his shitness rub onto him.


Glad it’s just a minor knock, but we actually have depth in his position so we would be ok for the short term.
Now if Verms or BFG got hurt at the same time . . . then oh shit!!!


Where is the registration form?


How about this for a slight distraction? Gareth Bale is a diver, says the Sp*ds!

Eric Irish gunner

“Tottenham never had a diving expert” one word ( klinsmann )

Mach III

At least we are not United fans worrying about our entire team getting injured up front for Netherlands. (Robin van Cunt)


I like international football once every four years, not once every four weeks.

[…] was a bit of panic last night when reports emerged from France training that Laurent Koscielny had picked up a knee injury in a collision with Frank Ribery (who probably tried to devour it, or have illegal sex with it, the […]


How many more injuries will be pick up during yet another international break?

We’ve still got TV5 and BFG *fingers crossed*

David O'Leary's Dad

I’m with the poster above who says just have the finals and stuff all the tedious qualifying rounds all over the shop. Do it in Summer break so players have plenty of time to recover.

Dr Nick

Hi everyone


Hi Dr Nick