Report: Norwich 1-0 Arsenal


Ok, let’s get the first half out of the way as quickly as possible because it was rubbish. Only three things happened.

1 – Norwich scored in the 20th minute. [Dunno his first name] Tettey was allowed all kinds of room in midfield to drive forward and unleash a low, swerving shot from distance which Mannone stopped going into the net, but rather than push it away it rebounded sideways into the path of Grant Holt who finished from close range.

It was poor defensively from Arsenal and although the ball was moving a bit you really want your goalkeeper to do better with those kind of shots.

2 – Norwich nearly scored again when Mannone did an Almunia impression, scampering out wide to put off Holt who managed to get a cross in. With no keeper it would have been a tap in but for a timely intervention by Arteta who bashed it clear.

3 – Arsenal played terribly. Like a team whose players were travelling all over the world, for example, and we looked tired, slugging, and lacking any real energy or movement. That travel didn’t stop United, Chelsea and City all winning today though.

Other than that there’s little to say about a 45 minutes of football that was approximately 45 minutes too long.

The second half was really not much of an improvement. Arsenal were slightly better, but only in the way that listening to Phil Collins for three minutes is better than listening to Phil Collins for four minutes.

It took until the 87th minute before Arsenal had a real shot on target. Mikel Arteta’s left footed effort was hard, low and on target but Ruddy saved and, crucially, hung onto the ball preventing an easy tap in for an opponent.

Norwich could have been further ahead by then with a number of breaks as Arsenal pressed forward. Thankfully, anything beyond a tap-in is mind-melting for Grant Holt and twice he messed up. Once shooting wide, and once trying to chip Mannone after taking advantage of a Vermaelen slip.

Arsenal brought on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who got injured within 20 seconds of coming on and, unable to run it off, was replaced by Andrei Arshavin. 17 year old Serge Gnabry made his debut and looked lively enough but could hardly be expected to pull this one out of the fire for a lacklustre Arsenal side. There was no sign of Jack Wilshere.

There was no controversy, no real talking point from an Arsenal point of view other than how abject the performance was, and after all the other title contenders won after the Interlull, we can’t use that as an excuse either.

A very bad day at the office indeed.


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Brace yourself for overtly negative over reactions…


you can have mine just below


and well deserved, we were shocking from start to finish


Absolutely shocking performance. Arteta was atleast trying but all the rest were SCHOKINGLY DIS-INTERESTED.

If this is the way we will turn up for the next games then teams will certainly enjoy playing against us.

Passion = 0%

He's got no hair but we don't care...

And why shouldn’t there be? I done mean from the media, I don’t give a crap about them BUT we should be HUGELY critical.


Yep. Cue the anti-Arsenal brigade – the ones that rarely post on this blog when there’s good news but are very prolific when there’s bad news. You know who you are.
Also anyone hear ESPN pundits explain that Giovanni Santos failed to step up, playing Holt onside leading to the goal?

Der Springer

I am sure there are plenty like that but there are also those, like myself, who are much more likely to post when things are going beautifully well. After bad games I usually sulk and avoid reading anything about the game or making any comment. Today was different for me and it seems to be the same for others as well. The abject failure of the team from top to bottom was maddening. It destroys ALL positive and hopeful feelings that “this year will be different”. It does not ‘really’ mean the season is ruined or that all our players… Read more »

Sensible Gunner

What do u want us to say then?


Fuck ramsey for not closing down on first goal


May I just say that everyone ramsey is in the starting line-up I feel little nervous. Righty so. He was terrible yet again. Undoubtedly tomorrow arseblog will feature some article supporting him. He’s been given the opportunities and not stepped up. Time to face up to the truth.

The Cygan's Return

Of course EVERYONE can see Ramsey is not good enough, FFS that Gnabry only 17 and in 10 mins he did better than Ramsey did in the whole of this season.

Ladies and Gents, we have another Almunia of the midfield iin our hand and it will only take “Arsene Knows” another 3 seasons of failure to notice. With 7.5 million a year and not notice Ramsey is at best squad player or mid table starter is a crime against the beautiful game.

Tenacious Defence

Ramsey was no where near it… it was Arteta who had the chance to close it down.


@ARSENAL – Not a fan of this shifting the blame onto one player. By the sounds of things Vermaelen (not for the first time) was poor, and this from an experienced defender and captain. Mannone should have done better for the goal. Cazorla wasn’t at his best. The front 3 were all very quiet.

Ramsey might have played poorly but I’m just as inclined to point the finger at the team performance as a whole.


Really not shifting the blame. They were all poor. But even in Ramsey’s best games he hasn’t been good throughout. He’s had some good moments. In general though he’s been a 4-5/10 player. Which is not good enough. It’s ok to carry a player when the rest are playing well to let him recover from his horror injury etc. But Ramsey’s been carried through most games over the last 2 years. which is disappointing because we believed in him. You want him to show why he’s worth persisting with. Repay the faith of his manager. It hasn’t been forthcoming. He… Read more »


Because that performance was positive from the get go. Because giroud was inspirational like the man he replaced. Because cazorla’s little tricks resulted in so many chances.


People not realize that theo is the most important arsenal player. Oh btw fuck grammar guru

Glory Hunter

Theo’s not the most important but he’s a key player & we always miss when he doesn’t play esp away from home.


Can’t have both ways, potential champions against Southampton and mid table mediocrity today. That’s football. They play bad then they should expect the criticism. As they are always happy to take the plaudits.
When we charge the prices we do and still prefer to bank the money than spend it on areas of obvious need then the club, team and management should expect a few critical remarks.
Our cheapest season ticket is dearer than almost all the premier leagues teams most expensive. That’s the reality.


No Josh, I will try to be very positive tonight, unlike people like you who see the blinding obvious and never say it. Wenger should never buy any player, HE SHOULD keep the bank money bulging, the people that buy quality are fools & arent guaranteed trophies anyway, he should sell the shit old players we have in this team like Arteta, Vermaelen, Cazorla, Per, Koscielny et al and replace them with Academy boys like Madrid, Barca, ManCity, Manure, Chelsea and all the best teams in the present planet earth do. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, HE SHOULD BUILD THE FUTURE ON… Read more »


Sorry but the last time I checked this website isn’t for whiny 12 year old girls. Although you have every right to express your opinion there’s no reason to go bonkers after one disappointing loss.

The Cygan's Return


I really admire you being positive. In fact I envy you, but come on mate it is not just one result it is been 8 years of result like this against shit teams that got hammered by everyone and we make them look like world class.

People here been positive for so long, more than any supporters even if we are not spending all our budget and making the Yank owner richer. But there come time when enough of positive bullshit is enough.


@Cygan’s Return

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anyone is above criticism but I don’t see how one bad performance (even though it’s a really piss poor performance) should make me more pessimistic about Arsenal’s capabilities and title ambitions.

We are here to support a team and enjoy a sport we love. We aren’t here to predict how we will finish the season relegated, how the board has screwed us over and etc etc.


JOSH, I’ll rather be a 12year old that can’t stand failure, than a 60year old man like you whom have failed for 59.999 of those years. Your grey hairs are cursing mate. The good part is that the failure you are married to will bear no fruits so the world can be rid of perpetual hopeless, non-trying, deluded spastics like you whose name cannot be written in the same line with success…or the thirst for it. Cuddle up really close to your ‘WIFE’ tonight and shed no tears – it is for better for worse. Wankers like you are doomed… Read more »


Well is there a need to dropped down to directing personal insults? To declare someone pathetic because their opinions are ideas are different from yours? Please tell more how my life would turned out, you seem particularly knowledgable about me after reading my posts on the internet.

Successful people do not dwell on the trivial. Ironic that you are the one that find others pathetic.

A piece of advice: Have some class.


@Josh. So rich of you to be taking the moral high ground now. I just posted an opinion and next thing you called me a ‘whiny 12year old’ and you expect to be patted on the back? As you are interested in class now I’ll implore you to check the timing of our postings and see who got abusive first. Then if you find out it was you, which am absolutely sure of, you might want to desist from obscenity next time so you dont get an earfull like tonight. Action and reaction are equal and opposite.


Children……… Not the end of the world, but confirms that is very, very unlikely that we will win the League – 10 points behind after 8 games is no good I’m afraid. That’s the worst we’ve played this season & while it seems churlish to pick out individuals considering how poor we were (Ramsey blah, blah, blah – he wasn’t our worst outfield player) I feel I must say this. Vito Mannone. Without this clown in goal, we play poorly, & draw 0 0. With him, we are a bit of a laughing stock. I’m not sure how playing 20-odd… Read more »


@Thorough Is there something wrong with being a whiny 12 year old girl? 😛 Like I said, you’re entitled to express your opinion but there’s no need to drop down to personal insult over some trivial banter. And no I don’t consider being label infertile as banter! 😛 @superanderslimpar Manonne isn’t exactly the best but when your No.1 and 2 is out he will have to do… Call me an eternal optimist or even deluded but I thought the goal was a wee bit unlucky to go in. It was well struck and had no spin, which made it very… Read more »

Chamakh's Hookah pipe

Spot on son!
Is that Italian bloke a goalie?
I thought he was a fan that forgot his glasses and had to stand in the thick of it to see what was going on.
Seriously, I wonder how much money we are throwing away on his wages?


Just 2 adjectives for this performance:
cumbersome & sluggish

At no point did the team show any desire to win this game. Norwich, much more concentrated, did defend well though and their blocks were well placed.

Time for a wake-up call !?


What do you want us to think? ‘Oh, we did well, we only lost to one of the worst teams in the league’ Fucking hell man.


Lord, I’m soo gutted. Can you do me a favour in future comments on this blog? Can people stop talking about how sexy Giroud is? How he has won more female fans? For fuck’s sake! Can we be more critical of our team? Arsene knows? He said it was a shock to the system! Cowan tweeted during the match that it was like watching a paint dry. It was like Sunderland and Stoke all over again! Seems teams now have a stereotype strategy to taking care of Arsenal. According to @WhoScored: Norwich 1-0 Arsenal (FT): Shots (on target) 7(3) –… Read more »


I actually agree with you. It’s extremely frustrating that the team have no alternative approach to teams like Norwich, Stoke and etc. considering how often its deployed against us.


Hows this then? we have all been guilty of being far too optimistic this season. the plain facts are of 6 available points against our main rivals we have taken just one. we have lost as many matches as our 3 main rivals put together. we have scord less goals than our 3 main rivals and we currently sit 10 yes ten points behind the league leaders. if u need anymore reasons to be negative get your arse to the next match

Chamakh's Hookah pipe

don’t say that, I’m going 🙁

Was looking forward to it until Saturday,now I’m dreading it.

Come on Arsenal bounce back and show us what your made of.
Are you men or mere mice?
Dig in and get the win against a strong German side, please!
Enough of this embarrassing lacklustre bollocks!


Fuck this game
Fuck this team play
Fuck this Arsenal desire and spirit
Fuck this life,
And fuck me
Did our players even wanna win?
Would rather have watched a friendly international between Mongolia and Burkina Faso


@gooner4life. You expressed my feelings better than I could have myself. Spot on. I would still have preferred the friendly if it finished 0-0 and I already knew the score before watching.


Lol. I was soo pissed, I left the game on TV 10 minutes to the end of the match.


Mongolia were playing!? Bugger. Come on you blue wolves.


Zero options on the bench today. I am surprised people are open to the idea of selling Walcott.

Der Springer

It’s not a case of zero options on the bench. Today was a case of zero options in the starting XI, on the bench, in management, the board … the guy who sells jerseys at the Arsenal shop. Pure shit.
Now is not the time for rational reflection. Now is the time for hysterical venting.


Yeah, many talk about having Ox-Chambo as replacement. Childish talk.


I was looking forward to this match for 2 weeks, and this is how we play. So frustrating because we know how much better we can be.


Sucks donkey ass really, waiting throu an boring as hell interlull and then you get this.


Call me a skeptic, but i’m starting to wonder if perhaps you’re not the real Gandalf.

big black clock

That was just disgusting. I can take defeats, and I am the most optimistic Gooner you can find, but that was just a digraceful performance with NO PASSION whatsoever. It was like the only think the players could think of is their paychecks at the end of the match. 1-0 down and 10 mins to go and MERTESACKER is the furthest player forward and ONLY player in the box. Gervinho loses the ball and STROLLS back to defend. Fuck off. Anyone who isn’t named Jenkinson, Arteta, Gnabry or Mertesacker should hang their heads in shame today. Because you have let… Read more »


they should definitely be paid with your Big Black Clock after this game




Bwahahahahaha! More like big black cock!

Giroud's abs

We were lethargically crap today. Would also like to point out how much of a wanker Ruddy is. Time wasting in the 21st minute? Unheard of.


Everyone of the Norwich players were cunts from the off!! They’ve been time wasting from the off! Snatching off every ball thats a FK or throw to buy that fucking 10 seconds.

Zero amount of gentlemanly and professional conduct. I was surprised we gave them the ball back after how they treated us on the pitch.


Stop whining about time wasting. We were shit. If those minutes were not “wasted”, we’d have continued to be shit for said minutes.

big black clock

You know what? I didn’t notice any of that. I did notice the Norwich players making last ditch slide tackles, putting their bodies on their line, running their lungs out on the break and running back all the way to defend, TALKING and COMMUNICATING with each other on the pitch. I saw a Norwich TEAM. For Arsenal it was like watching 11 strangers. No movement, no communication, no hunger to win, no leadership. THAT’S what makes this defeat so hard to take. Because it feels like Arsenal didn’t try at all today. Norwich did, and they got the points fair… Read more »


Absolutely bang on bbc


Get real. The only thing you can say about Norwich today is that they wanted it more and deserved their points


Good to see Gnabry having a run out. Let’s hope he turns out to be a real gem!


I must say he did light it up abit.


Why mention Gnabry if I may ask?


Endured a seemingly never ending interlull for this ?
Are you f*kin kidding me ?
One shot.. one fucking shot in the entire game.

Sol Goodman

Agreed, it was our worst performance of the season so far and i hope i don’t see a worse one again.

Really disappointing when you think the team is maturing a bit and then they turn up expecting to be just given the 3 points, complacence is still our number 1 enemy.


I want Henry back…


Well today reminded me that there are a bunch of cunts in the liveblog chat.


The real revelation is that Arsenal can’t compete because they’re not deep enough. Our rivals aren’t looking at a 17 year old as an option off the bench in a game like this.


I would have played him from the start after seeing our other players’ desire to win, Gnarby at least wanted to do something


After the fact you would. How the fuck would Wenger have predicted that

Der Springer

You weren’t watching the same game if you think the real revelation is that our bench is not deep enough. The rules don’t allow 11 subs and no amount of depth would have compensated for this shit performance.


@Springer. Seriously? ManCity needed a win, brought on Dzeko and got 2goals even though they were playing a man down. Arsenal needed a goal and brought on Gnabry, a 17year old for his debut. Seriously? No amount of depth could have helped our course? *SMH*


Absolutelt pathetic from start to finish.


About as poor as it can get today. We were piss poor in every area. Can be no excuses for a performance that was lacking in so many ways. Almost had it with Ramsey, only so many times you can perform like that and not expect some flack. Giroud may or may not come good but as we only have the one proper striker at the club we have little choice but to persevere. All in all a terrible display from the whole team and all to reminiscent of past seasons. Millions in the bank though that’s the main thing.… Read more »


So gutted about todays result, feels like we never learn our lessons about teams counter attacking us and thus i fear we are gonna be left behind in the title race…….AGAIN 🙁

big black clock

Man City were losing 1-0 away and down to 10 men. That didn’t stop them from never giving up and coming back to win the game.

I bet you that this current Arsenal team will never do that. What a weak, pathetic mindset of a team to just bend over like that.

The Cygan's Return

The difference is, Roberto could bring a 25 million striker on and Arsene can bring on a 17 year old striker for his first team debut and the bank balance!!!!!.


man city losing away with 10 men and who do they bring on? Aguero who assists once and dzeko, who scores twice.
Look at our options. Chambo! That he comes on ahead of AA23 tells a whole story. Lazy as he is he should be coming on first or be sold and changing games or be sold and replaced with quality. Chambo is still only potential, to me anyway. We dont have to have dzeko and aguero on the bench but we once had kanu/DB. And the like to call upon


Ssshh….dont let anybody hear, this is the best team Arsene has ever assembled, take his words for it. Better than even the invincible. And btw, Wenger isn’t deluded, he sure know what he’s doing. He’s made 50000subs, he’s won the most prestigious trophy there is for keeps (the bank balance cup) and he’s got about 30-40kids coming through to replace the craps oldies that we have. Remember Denilson? He’ll soon be back. See that boy Gnabry? He’s going to be better than Messi. To hell with Cahill, Mata and Hazard, we can’t be forced to pay ridiculous fees. We do… Read more »


A really despicable performance. Not one player in an Arsenal shirt was worthy of praise on that display. If Wenger trots out the crass excuse of ‘International matches’ I hope someone points out that Chelsea, City and Utd., all comfortably won. This is precisely why someone should stand up the at the AGM and tell some home truths. Are we a Club interested in Football and trophies – or Balance Sheets and pay rises for the Chief Executive ? It demonstrates why we’ve won nothing in 7 years. And why we we’ll be very lucky to scrape fourth this time… Read more »

Sagna the Magna

Agreed. I’m a staunch Wenger supporter, but this falls squarely on his shoulders. All of it. An apology is actually in order to the patient supporters, I believe. Not a possible excuse in the book.

Gooner Al

Here here! Our away support were excellent tonight. I could hear them singing almost throughout the entire game. Yes it’s not a long journey to East Anglia but an apology for that shit show is needed by the captain or manager.

The Cygan's Return

Serious question….

What does Ramsey offer the team???

Non serious question….

How long do Diaby have to be out to be a LANS???


Lots of assists, penalty gifts, ample possession….sorry that’s what he actually offer our opponents. For us I think the only thing he offers is to kill the flow of our game and make the others around him not to find their rhythm.


When is this thing of not turning up for matches gonna end?


It has been the ‘Arsenal way’ for quite a number of years now… Personnel has changed, but how we play against lessor opposition has not. Wonder where it comes from?

Der Springer

This game has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I am not disappointed or sad. I am fucking angered by this pitiful performance; more so than at any game I can recall. The “Wenger Out” thought even passed through my mind.
Call this an overreaction (which it is) but this was an epic fuck up. It feels like the season is lost.


Don’t know who was playing against Norwich but it sure wasn’t The Arsenal. Played like shit. Pure shit.


are you fucking kidding me? this was absolute bollocks. did we just go to norwich and tried a fucking crossing game against those wood butchers? did we get fucking outpassed against them at certain phases of the match, especially the first half? did our own fuckin capt attempted to do a slipping cunt move? where the fuck was our midfield and, with even more emphasis, our fucking attack? where was our ambition, the grit seen in the earlier games? it’s not as if our Team had a crisis or something. we were on a good run, played good stuff, bar… Read more »

jim chiminy

That was absolute balls. No one looked up for it. Theyve got some work to do at training this week. They made norwich look good.



what a shit game. should’ve took of giroud after 60 mins, put ox wide on the right, gervinho on the left and podolski in the middle. the lone striker hold up play didnt work all game and had to change it. forgetting the tactics, we looked knackered, no excuse as chelsea / city / united came back to win their respective games. needed pace today, typically no options available when we need them.

we always let in all the shit goals. their fattest player scored which makes it worse. bad bad day.

Gooner Al

I thought Giroud’s hold play was complete bollocks from start to finish. I couldn’t work out if the lumber jacks in defence were just making it difficult for him. But then I saw him bring the ball down and lay if off to a Norwich player. I’m a massive supporter of letting players settle into a club before they shine. However, today that was the worst performance he’s had in an Arsenal shirt. The same goes for many of them. This week I don’t want to hear a single interview of the usual ball shit from our players. This week… Read more »

Sagna the Magna

A very bad day at the office is an understatement. Can’t stand the repetition. It didn’t work the first 58 times up the pitch, let’s try it again, and again and again. Besides podolski once or twice then gervinho once in the 2nd half, I don’t recall passing through the middle into the box. Shoot the effing ball. THEY did, look what happened. Geeze.

jim chiminy

Spot on. Its great when it works pass pass pass goal. But when they play like today sideways sideways sideways, turn around, back we go, its so easy to defend. I just dont know why no one shoots. Do they really think every goal will be a lovely flowing move? I would be happy winning 1-0 from OG’s every week than watch todays performance again.


Let’s just blame the Internationals, I mean every international we come back with injuries or players that are tired and in poor form.


2 fucking weeks

50 Shades of Ramsey

Well this is pretty bloody disappointing


What did you guys expect when most of the squad just came back to training a few days ago? Compared that to a Norwich team who had weeks training and drilling their “Minimum attack, Maximum frustration” plan.

I’m just saying this is a poor performance but it isn’t the end of the world.


That’s an excuse, not a reason.


I’m just surprise people think we can expect to brush away Norwich by putting 4-5 goals pass them after a long international break. Considering we are facing a defensive minded manager and how many of our starting XI travel for the international fixture.


With all due respect josh, I don’t think people expect to just brush 4 or 5 against teams like Norwich. But they do expect a hell of a lot more than what we had to give tonight.
The fact that we had no options in terms of strikers on the bench tonight is not due to internationals but more to do with the fact that we thought it wise to go into the season with one striker , who is unproven in the premier league and would need time to settle.. Not knocking giroud but its a fact.


No doubt about that, even I expected more than that going forward. We were piss poor today and the lack of an extra centre forward is becoming more apparent issue especially when we need to rotate or change our attacking approach.


Arsenal Football Club is officially announcing that it will not compete for
the 2012/13 Barclays Premier League.

Oooh to be a Gooner?


Attempted trolling..if you’re gonna do it then pls atleast put a bit of effort in.


Disturbingly flat against a team that should’ve been swept aside with ease. Not to contribute to the overreaction to follow below, but you can’t help but feel that after a day that Chelsea blew away Sp*rs and both Manchester clubs came back from 1 goal deficits that our performance shows our credentials in the title race at the moment.

Dust it off boys and push through to the Manchester game. COYG.


Ten years since I seen this s**t


Uh what about West Brom at home a couple of years ago?


I hope your 1,2,3,4,5 keys are up to scratch as they’ll be tested doing the player ratings article.


Forget title


First, I wonder what Wenger tells the players at half time. Because they played as awfully and sluggishly after the break. Second, why are we wasting all these corners. We usually get more corners than the opposition and we usually get nothing out them. This is a problem that has persisted for years. Shouldn’t they be practicing this during training? Even players like Giroud who used to be good in the air become useless at taking advantage of corners when they come to Arsenal. There must be something fundamentally wrong in the training methods. Third, why is Wenger always waiting… Read more »


My thinking is that wenger can’t motivate players at half-time speech, said by most of the players that wenger never screams at players in the dressing room . and he is never angry at them he is calm just addressing to mistake nothing more no adrenalin rush no anger in your manager can’t motivate you i think that if we have murinho at half time speech we would win the game , and wenger don’t bullshit us with internetionals games and that the players were very tired, I’ll give you just one example played from 20 min with 10… Read more »

Bacary's right leg

Okay I am really pissed off today as well.. but we have one of the best come back records in league and we always go one down before we win sometimes 2.. its got nothing to do with wenger being a good motivater tonight we were just shit from start to finish. Thats it shit.

Arsene's Nose

Frustrating Match ..But I still Believe in the Squad..we seemed to just wanna smooch the wasn’t Funny..only when its CunTerry…

Yeah am a few bottles in…

Chamakh's Hookah pipe

I am embarrassed to be a gooner right now,mind you I felt complacent before this one but really this is something our players should NEVE.

Runcorn Gooner

We took Lacksadaisacal to a whole new level today.Now lets forget about it and get on with the rest of the season

Chamakh's Hookah pipe

Never do, its our achilles heel

Getting bored now

Giroud is SHIT. Called it on his debut in Cologne. Not good enough. Can’t wait for Theo to play centrally. Let’s leave the Carroll- esque strikers to the shit teams. We won’t win a thing. Nothings changed.

big black clock

Just because we’re pissed doesn’t mean we’re going to entertain your mindless drivel. Bugger off.


Such a disappointing performance…

No one in the box to get on the end of crosses
Rubbish at getting timing right to win headers
No one there to pick up the ball on headers won
Useless on corners
Crap goal conceded
Goalkeeper too indecisive and can’t catch
Too slow on counter-attacks

Having said that, Norwich stopped us from playing our game by pressing us hard and not allowing our midfield any time on the ball. Every time we got near their goal they crowded us out of the box. We can’t seem to deal with teams who press us.

Le sausage

Terrible performance, deserved to lose. One of those days where the players look like they didn’t give a toss and only had to turn up to win. Cliched comment but true. Let’s hope for some more penetration and effort from the lads next time. Hope Mr Wenger and Bould give them a right bollocking, this squad has the talent.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

We can already see our future…

We will come out with stunning results like beating Chelsea away, Utd and the scum at home but the reality is we’ll lose or draw away from home to sides like Norwich too often. 

Utd, Chelsea and Citeh will not do this and that is the difference. 

4th at best. 

Not critical, just fact and a fact that’s being going on for the last 7 seasons. 


Lack of desire, creativity, and respect to the fans, AGAIN. How many times have we seen this pure shit during the recent few seasons?

After watching chel$ea performance against the spuds today, I can’t to not wonder if we are even close to that calibre.


Come on Lads calm down, I know how you must be feeling right now, but don’t forget the pleasure these same players have given us recently. I know we should be beating teams in the bottom half of this league, and I also know that this is a fluke, because NORWICH did not even have to work hard for this win. I’m just confused, is it the combination of players we have playing together? that’s the only thing I can think of! Because when you look at our team player for player we’re much better. I just hope they give… Read more »


Biggest result of the day is that I gave my two tickets away. Quite possibly the worst performance since Wenger took over . Truly gutless. Flying to Norwich,just shows how out of reality footballers are. Can’t possibly win the league. The champions league is a million to one chance. So all that’s left is the cups.Probably still field a weakened side in both. Pep…..where are you ?


Absolute fuckin bollocks….. Don’t understand how we can’t get up for these games… No good beating the title challengers and losing to teams in the bottom TWO for fucks sake…. And this international break shite is a load of bollocks too… Manure, shitty and the chavs were all losing today….and still won. Shitty, away from home with ten men….!!


can you all chill the fuck off and get behind the team.everyone was shit from my point of view.I was on the touchline so I KNOW!

Sol Goodman

I would rather watch 11 people burn my house to the ground than witness another Arsenal performance that pathetic.


I remember a game in the FA Cup about 4-5 years ago, we looked the same in that game as we did in this one , we played Manure and lost 4-0 and i burnt my yellow away shirt ( 02 one) on a fire in the garden , in pure disgust at the performance albeit after a couple of beers but still.


It’s incredible to believe that this was the same team which went to Man City and were unlucky not to win. We were utter garbage from start to finish. Wenger and the Board took the gamble at the start of the season and refused to buy that much-needed third striker, now it looks like we are going to pay for it. We needed a quality back-up keeper too, and have done for years. We just ain’t good enough – simple. We’ve managed just 12 points from a possible 24 and we are probably already out of the title race. That… Read more »


Definitely agreed on the third striker and perhaps that extra rotational depth. I do think that we need a solid Plan B for days like this.

I still remain optimistic for top four. I believe this squad has the quality to achieve it.


I hope this match finally buries that annoying phrase, ‘last year’s arsenal would have lost. . . .’ bla bla bla


Well, this feels familiar. Glad everyone seems to be taking it so well.

Die Hard Gunner

I had most of my friends asking me what I want with this unambitious club, I tell them Arsenal is my soul, heart and breath but performances like this make me ask myself the same question. I’m so pissed…

Vincent O'Carroll

Our manager following our new owners company policy has created a team that will challenge for 4th place….we will have a couple of good cup runs….quarter finals..and maybe a semi….qualify for the knock out stages of the Champions League…..This is reality…..unpalatable as it is but I am afraid truthful……we will win some great matches this year…but we will also be frustrated and we will not challenge for the League………..what we as fans do about it should be open for debate…..this isn’t one result leading to a crisis….it’s a failure over 7 years to build a team capable of seriously challenging… Read more »

gooner odst

Slow, weak, uninspired, pathetic from top to bottom. I don’t want to name individual players per se, but everyone played a part in that shitstorm. From slipping over, to misplacing a pass and failing to hit the target everyone just didn’t cut it. I like arshavin, i really do, but the fact that he hasn’t played many league games this season suggests that he isn’t the type we should be relying on to create a spark in a dull game. Again i must clarify I am not blaming any individuals but the concept of bringing on a player like him… Read more »