Wenger: Consistency and confidence key to Carl and Kieran


Arsene Wenger has praised the development of young defensive duo Kieran Gibbs and Carl Jenkinson and stressed that only with a consistent run in the first team have they been able to show their true potential.

Both Gibbs and Jenkinson suffered lengthy injuries last term, although for the former a prolonged spell on the sidelines was nothing new despite his fledgling career.

“He was out a lot but now he has found stability in his performances,” Wenger told press in his pre-Olympiakos press conference.

“Gael Clichy had the same problem. He went through a long period of injury and after that he stabilised physically. That’s what Kieran is doing at the moment.

“I am very happy with his performances because he is like Carl – in every game he gets stronger.”

There’s little doubt that Jenkinson, who sat alongside Wenger as the duo faced the press, has hugely benefitted from knowing he is first choice at right-back while Bacary Sagna is injured. The boss though puts his young charge’s improvement, and that of Gibbs, down to full involvement in pre-season.

“This year they have benefitted from the fact they had a good preparation.

“Carl has as well gained one year’s experience compared to last season. He came from Charlton and was straight away thrown into the Champions League. You can say that from game to game now he grows because it is linked with confidence.

“You need first to know that you belong there. Once you know that you can express yourself and then you see that in every game there is more coming out of him.”

That Jenkinson and Gibbs have played the most games of anyone in the Arsenal squad this season (six in total alongside Podolski, Cazorla, and Mikel Arteta) certainly tells a story in itself.

Fair play to the boys, they’ve certainly taken their chance to impress and with so much room for improvement it looks as though the long-term future is bright on either side of the defence.

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yoda with soda

Not very comfortable with cuntlichy comparison i am.


It’s only been 9 years… 🙁


🙂 haahah

In Wenger’s defence I’m sure he didn’t recognize under that new call it what you will on top of your head


What is this guy saying?.

Le sausage

Clichy was so over rated…he left more to be desired both attacking and defensively, he was only any good in the middle third! I don’t think Gibbs gives more defensive solidity (it will probably come with more experience), but I feel hes better offensively. Jenkinson has MASSIVELY improved, and I definitely think he’s the crosser of the ball we have.


Thats bullshit. Clichy was a great full back that gave great service to the club. Ok he might be a prick and a hypocrite but he’s an invincible one. Agree though that Gibbs has the potential to be better than him, I hope so.


Be nice to Clichy, he’s never disrespected Arsenal!

Le sausage

Just expressing my views…I don’t mean to disrespect him but credit given where its due he certainly did not disrespect the club…no hard feeling with him, only with Na$ri and that other twat who went manure!


carl went down on all his fours at the final whistle aganist chelski….the young guy loves arsenal, he’s a true fan


I like kierran gibbs’ head. His tiny face to fits right in.


All Arsenal fans should love Jenkinson. He’s one of us, except with more talent.

Master Bates

..and a bad haircut… jk

But seriously Arsenal.com should do another ‘special’ on his hair


Clichy was not lazy at crossing in of the balls. He was just highly motivated not to do anything with the ball!. Gibbs will surpass clichy, (if he has not already). Oh and when england come calling tell them to bugger off.

Mikel Anon

Recently London has been producing all the full-backs for England

Glen Johnson
speculatively Jenkinson

Though I honestly believe Baines should be above Cashley in the pecking order.


Wenger sure does have an eye for talent. I myself was questioning selling Eboue and getting in jenkinson…..

Arsene knows………. not to mention the fact jenkinson has GOONER DNA.


ii think gibbs is a good left back for the future.. But saying he’s weak defensively..? I dnt agree with that.. JUAN didn’t MATA in that game.. He couldn’t beat the LB 1 on 1.. And that’s praise to the guy.. Jenkinson is a GOONER.. And ii love the way he plays.. And please england.. Don’t pick them.. They just come back injured..

The JD Flick!!

takes Juan to spot a pun that Matas.