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Wenger takes pot shot at French FA over Diaby

Arsene Wenger has laid the blame for Abou Diaby’s latest injury at the feet of the French FA.

Because of the midfielder’s fragile physique the Arsenal boss believes it was a mistake for France to call up Diaby for last month’s internationals after he’d been out of the game for so long.

Quoted in the Mirror, Wenger said, “I said many times that if France wanted Diaby for their game in Spain, they should not take him for Finland and Russia.

“They could have taken him but not played him, because the guy has been out for a year.

“It is really frustrating, because once you think you get there it happens again. I think it was a mistake to play him with the French national team.”

Of course it raises questions about Diaby’s durability, or lack of it, but after just five games into a new season after a year out it did seem a touch optimistic, or inconsiderate, of Didier Deschamps to play him for the national side.

Wenger also bemoaned the lack of height in his midfield without Diaby, suggesting Chelsea’s first goal wouldn’t have happened if he’d stayed on.

“It is a blow, yes. Not only because we lost a good player, but because he has qualities that the other players haven’t to got.

“For example, on Saturday when he moved out Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain comes in, takes his position straight away and lose the ball on set-pieces. This is a ball Diaby would have won easily, because he has the size.”

Again, that raises all manner of questions about our defensive organisation but clearly the boss, not for the first time, is at loggerheads with the French FA over the use of his players.

The answer, as Arseblog News sees it, is to only sign players from the newly formed state of Independiencia who don’t have a national football team because they’re using all their money to send a banjo shaped rocket to the moon.

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Well, as much as I love the boss – the fact is that he wasn’t injured in the games for France, passed fit by the Arsenal medical team (presumably), and played by the boss in a game in which he actually suffered the injury.

Also, if our defensive system cannot adapt enough to ensure that marking assignments are reshuffled so that tall players are not directly replaced by short players, then our defensive system is a bit bung.


Diaby only played one game for France. Was rested for the other as a precaution cause he took a bad shot. Defo agree with Arseblog that the issue is Diaby & not France. It’s really worrying that he just takes a shot and can get injured from it. Hopefully the club can solve this problem & get his body balanced so he won’t be getting injured. He even talked about that before, about one side of his body being more complete than the other… Hope it works out for him & other players step up at the same time


I was gonna say that Wenger is losing it a bit… but this comment put it way better..

Merlin's Panini

Yep. Spot on. Well said.


He was injured playing for France. He was injured in the 1st game, missed the second game and then missed our game against southampton


I thought he wasn’t injured, but there was a concern he might’ve been had he been played again so soon?

In any case, I’m sure he said he didn’t want to gamble on him. Pretty telling that he felt the need to gamble on him in such a big game.


He absolutely had a knock in his first game back with France. The media reports about the severity of it were a bit disparate however, with IIRC French sources saying it was nothing major and precautionary that he was missing the second game while English sources overestimated the length of stay out as he only missed the Southampton game. Wenger at the time did complain about it though.

tom the gunner

I think this is just a sign of things to come for a diaby, its already the second time he has been injured this season and I can’t see him ever getting a real run of games in, it is a massive shame because he has great potential to be a important player for us, the French fa has nothing to do with this, let’s not forget he scored the only goal of the game and won them the game when perfectly fit, if it was a mid week champs game he would have played and then been injured the… Read more »

7 year itch needs scratching

You gotta remember mate, when you have been out so long you will always get the little niggly injuries like the thigh etc after being out long term…..At full match pace your muscles are not asked to do as much as they are in training and you will break down due to that. Lets hope it is just a few niggles for Abou, cos he looks the player Ive knew he always was, and I kept telling everyone about in the pub. And I was giving it the told ya so’s!…I said he ten times the player song is and… Read more »

7 year itch needs scratching

*Asked to do more in a game than they are in training!!!

Sorry someone rang me, I lost my train of thought!

7 year itch needs scratching

I think Diaby knew he had a niggle. When you crank a shot up like he did and try and twat it one with a suspect thigh, it will twang. Happened to me a few weeks back and I heal quick, I was out for 4 weeks before I could run again…..

Same injury.

Some players think they can get through the game with niggles, but when your thigh goes you cant hide.


Then put on Mertesacker instead of the Ox and Move Vermaelen into defensive midfield. Rocket science ( not even banjo shaped. )


No matter how individually good they are, somebody’s gotta make way. You can’t just play someone out of position with the sole purpose of accomodating them all on the field!

Merlin's Panini

I would’ve slapped out the Coq myself. He’s the closest we have to another rangy midfielder in my opinion. It worked alright last time.

Merlin's Panini

oh right. I just saw the comment below. The Coq was spewing so we didn’t play him. Fair enough then.


If Diaby is not in a sufficiently good physical condition, then he should rule himself out of the national side until such time as he has had a decent run of games. It also brings into question Arsene’s whole gamble of relying on Diaby to stay fit for the majority of the season and not bringing in a replacement for Song. If Coquelin is that replacement, then why wasn’t he the one being brought on instead of Chamberlain? What it all boils down to is that while Arsene has a good eye for spotting talent and potential, his team selections… Read more »

'desi'gner gooner

Coquelin was out ‘sick’ in the game against Chelsea. So stop the rant mate.


Yes when chambo came in for that mata free kick he didn’t really provide the presence that diaby always has in the box. Diaby would probably have cleared that ball right out of there. He does save us alot when it comes to setpieces!. Onto wenger, i’m sure he’s a sensible guy, had he talked to deschamps about diaby then i’m sure they would have arrived at a reasonable ultimatum that suits both parties. But the fact that he didn’t means he also thought diaby was good to go. It’s all just a misfortunate occurence really. But like schwarzenegger says… Read more »

Tenacious Defence

Diaby’s height is definitely an asset if used well… but I still sadly remember him bizarrely heading into our own net against Man Utd a few years back when we were leading.

When he went off injured perhaps we needed to reshuffle the team a bit better and bring on Giroud (for his height), put Gervinho wide and put Ramsey in the middle? Or something so we weren’t left ‘short’, as it were.


Sadly Diaby is a chronic croc and has to go. He costs money and takes up a seat. With his injury record, he has become one of the most expensive players on a per match basis. AW is a poor loss cutter.

Master Bates


We never gave up Robin van Payme and Gibbs …and Rosicky . We are not giving up on this one. We are not cunts


Rvp didn’t heal, he’s using his little boys left foot for now.


Agreed..that’s what i respect about arsenal. We don’t give up on players where as another team might give em the boot.
In other news, skunk once again fired manure to a win.. if only he wasn’t a treacherous b*stard


Diaby will be back! All who thinks and wants we should sell him are morons! Why you didn’t cry that we sell rvp when he was out?


they’re sending a banjo shaped rocket to the moon?

arsenal need to send a banjo shaped rocket to the moon. we cant fall behind on things like this. if wenger has any sense, he will listen to the fans and hear that we need a banjo shaped rocket sent to the moon. i dont want to see another missed opportunity


That you Alisher?

Arsene's Anti-wrinkles cream



I really have high hopes fot diaby, but just like every other person I’m bound to have my restrictions. He’s immense on his non-injury days, a big physical guy who likes to drive throu the midfield. He’ll turn you and leave you for dead, he might lack the creative final ball but he still opens up defences pretty well. Takes shots aswell. Something I really dont get is why wenger decided diaby wasn’t gonna suffer any setbacks and that he would push through with the season. Maybe he thought rvps case would mirror this one of diaby. So far i’d… Read more »

H. P. Arsecraft

“Wenger also bemoaned the lack of height in his midfield without Diaby”

Oh so now he gets it. Lack of hight and muscle has been a problem for years so why dont we adress the problem?

Diaby is done, the latest injury is the last straw for me. I want him gone to create space for a new player. Right now Diaby is a waste of space and money and has been for as long as I can remember. Sure he is a good player and he is great sometimes but enough is enough. Get rid.

Tenacious Defence

Surely it’d be best to judge him at the end of this season?


Transplant verms endoskeleton into diaby.
Like a piece of it then it multiplies over the years and finally a big strong shaolin diaby will arise again. *puts beer bottle down.


Why was Ox assigned to mark Luiz in the first place? Gervinho should have had that assignment for that set piece at least. Very poor excuse to blame the goal on the sub. A team that want’s to win trophies should be able to identify their strength and weakness. Whether the coaches do it or the on field coach i.e. Vermealen.

Hope this is a lesson for next time.

Besides, I don’t think Wenger should gamble on Diaby. This is also poor from him if he’s thinking of winning trophies.


The problem is that even if Ox was assigned to mark Luiz, he didn’t. He doesn’t follow him or jump to get the ball. I’ve got to say sometimes I wonder how these things happen at that level. I really hope Bould gave a stern talking to Kos, Ox and Verm (the latter not for conceding the FK but for not being loud enough at the back).


If france really is the cause for his injury lets hope we don’t have a repeated scenario with wilshere and england. I’ve never understood international selections, in which players who do not play for a length of time are called up for their countries the minute they are fit, all based on reputation. International football is surely meant to be a “reward” as such for players whose form deserves it. Give previously injured players a chance to get up to speed before calling them up for pointless internationals.
God, I hate international teams and matches

Steve of Chiang Mai

Arsenal really missed Giroud’s defensive work on set pieces against both Man City and Chelsea. His defensive work against Liverpool confirmed him as an absolute defensive asset for set pieces

Arsenal Rising

Giroud is a better defender than attacker in my opinion!


and cazorla should be our new goal keeper


I also think squillacis’ best position is just behind the striker.


The faux-neuf as he was called in France.


i know diaby will come good,…his injury doesnt look bad…left to me,the only player on his level in the pl is yaya beasty toure….buh hey…our coq won’t hav any problem fittin in…

Brian wallace

As the Eagles sang, “you can’t hide your lying thighs”- ill get my coat

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