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Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham: by the numbers

2 – Consecutive seasons that Arsenal have come from behind to beat Tottenham 5-2
4 – Tottenham shots in the first 16 minutes
8 – Tottenham shots in all 90 minutes
0 – Arsenal shots in the first 21 minutes
13 – Arsenal shots in all 90 minutes
1 – Shot by Mertesacker
1 – Headed goal by Mertesacker to get Arsenal back into the game
1 – Career Arsenal goals by Mertesacker
1 – Headed goal by Sagna to get Arsenal back into the game last season
1 – Shot by Podolski
1 – Goal by Podolski
2 – Consecutive games, shots, shots on goal, goals, by Podolski
1 – Goal by Olivier Giroud
5 – Goals by Olivier Giroud in the last 5 Arsenal games
1 – Goal by Santi Cazorla
1 – Game since someone said that Cazorla looks like he’s dropped in form
2 – Big chances squandered by Theo when put through and he didn’t shoot
1 – Goal by Theo Walcott
5 – Goals in North London Derby’s by Theo Walcott
5 – Goals in North London Derby’s by Thierry Henry
8 – Goals in the NLD by Robert Pires
10 – Goals in the NLD by Adebayor
4 – Career red cards for Adebayor
3 – Red cards Howard Webb has given to Adebayor
4 – Number of League goals by each of Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

516 – Successful passes by Arsenal
97 – Successful passes by Mikel Arteta²
19 – Percent of Arsenal’s passes that went through Arteta
92 – Passes per game average by Arteta¹
130 – Successful Arsenal passes in the Tottenham final third
37 – Successful Tottenham passes in the Arsenal final third
26 – Successful passes by Cazorla in the Tottenham final third²
20 – Percent of Arsenal’s passes in the Tottenham final third that went through Cazorla
27 – Arsenal crosses attempted
13 – Crosses from Theo Walcott²
4 – Arsenal crosses from the left side of the pitch
2 – Crosses from Thomas Vermaelen
1 – Successful cross by each of Theo, Bac, Santi, and Jack
26 – Passes from Mertesacker to Sagna (Top pass combination)
25 – Passes from Arteta to Cazorla (2nd)
20 – Passes from Sagna to Arteta (3rd)
8 – Passes from Sandro to Gallas (Top Tottenham pass combination)
6 – Arsenal average through balls attempted per game¹
11 – Through balls attempted v. Tottenham
2 – Successful through balls by Santi Cazorla²
0.8 – Successful through balls per game average by Cazorla¹
0 – Through balls attempted by Tottenham
10 – Chances created by Arsenal players
4 – Assists by Arsenal players
3 – Arsenal players with both a goal and an assist (Podolski, Cazorla, Walcott)

The Arsenal Hustle Board©®™

18 – Attempted dribbles by Arsenal v. Tottenham
5 – Attempted dribbles by Arsenal on the left half of the field
10 – Successful dribbles by Arsenal
10.9 – Arsenal season average successful dribbles per game
7 – Attempted dribbles by Arsenal v. Man U
2 – Successful dribbles by Arsenal v. Man U
4 – Successful dribbles by Cazorla (of 4 attempted)²
13 – Attempted dribbles by Tottenham
4 – Attempted dribbles by Tottenham on the left half of the field
18 – Aerial duels won by Arsenal (out of 24 attempted)
75 – Percent of aerial duels Arsenal won
51 – Percent of aerial duels Arsenal have won on average this season
4 – Aerial duels won by each of Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny²
100 – Percent of his aerial duels that Koz (4/4), Vermaelen (3/3), and Mertesacker (1/1) won
12 – Tackles Arsenal won (of 15 attempted)
4 – Successful tackles by Lukas Podolski (of 4 attempted)²
2 – Successful tackles by Jan Vertonghen (of 4 attempted)³
70 – Percent of all duels Arsenal won (aerial, tackles, and dribbles)
11 – Clearances by Arsenal (of 21 attempted)
6 – Clearances by Arsenal in the 3-3 draw to Fulham (of 18 attempts)
7 –  Headed clearances by Arsenal (of 15 attemtped)
2 – Headed clearances by Arsenal in the 3-3 draw to Fulham (of 9 attempts)
1 – Lapse in concentration that let that left-footed chimp-faced cunt score a goal


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¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

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good game and i think this will be a boost for their confidence..


4 – Career red cards for Adebayor
3 – Red cards Howard Webb has given to Adebayor

Now I like Webb a littlebit more! 🙂


Howard Webb had to relieve adebayor off his cunt duties for the day and rightly so!

Runcorn Rover

0. Chance adebawhore has of being on Villas Boas Xmas Card List.
100 percent.chances of Adebawhore
Being kicked out of Spuds

wengers coat

How many goals per game average for walcott and titi in NLD?

wengers coat

also does arteta have the highest percentage of pass completion or highest number of passes in the league?


Mikel Arteta became the first player to go past 1000 completed passes this season today (1025). (via @Orbinho)

H. P. Arsecraft

Arsenal – Spuds 5-2
Norwich – Manure 1-0
WBA – Chelski 1-0
Mark Hughes – Southampton 1-3

The best saturday, so far, this season. By the numbers!


Most important numbers:

Arsenal 5 – Sp*rs 2

H. P. Arsecraft


WBA – Chelski 2-1




Special rivalries, usually local.


Meant derbies and not derby’s. We get excited sometimes. Now’s one of those.


Sorry to be pedantic but…

0 – Through balls attempted by Tottenham

Isn’t Vertonghen’s pas to Defoe to score the first technically a through ball?

I’m probably wrong.

Anyway, great stats pack.



5-2. Number of years since Spurs last won the league come next May…


100 times Adeybayor to be a cunt

Bould's Hair Dresser

“The more clubs he has, the more he is outstanding because he plays against his former teams!” – Arsene Wenger on Emmanuel Adebayor.



That was a good win but for the 1st time since I have been a fan, arsenal had a good win but I still have a lot of concerns. Many people that are talking about arsenal not spending money, this is not about spending, it’s about mentality. We have the quality but this team just lack winning mentality. Even when we were 4-1 up, I was watching with nerves against 10-kids spuds. Man-u cannot boast of the quality of our MF. Our quality in MF can compete with what Chelsea and Man city possess, we have quality in the defense… Read more »


Podolski goal celebrations have to be the best for me. Today he did it again with the corner flag….what was that all about, well whatever it was I loved et!. Haha.

Mert scores first arsenal but this time he doesn’t do the 360 dance. Good for him and everyone that was watching!


Did you see him fist bump a steward at the start of the first half just outside the tunnel? Absolutely love the guy.


You rasist cunts leave Adebayor alone, he has sufferd enough! If you ever came to Togo we would chop off your tiny balls and feed them to dogs…frustlated bastards! Soon you’ll be back to your losing ways ass lickers!

Tony Adams morning breath

Even if i were a racist Adebawhores skin color wouldnt be in the top five of the reasons to hate him mate…..


Look mate.

A cunt is a cunt, regardless of their skin colour.

Master Bates

I think it was Martin Luther King Jr. whoe said that

Paulo Di Gunnio

Run along now, playtime is over.

You lost.

and, clinical much?…
2 – Consecutive games, shots, shots on goal, goals, by Podolski

Wenger's Herpes

Well, threatening us with torture and murder I would say you’re worse than a rasist.


why cant anyone spell racist

gooner odst

hey asshole, tell adebawhore that karma’s a bitch.


Remind me not to go to Togo then.

Like anyone would want to go there anyway.

Tony Adams morning breath

100-percent pride from Sagna when he refused to speak to Adebawhore in the tunnel pre game.

100-percent Arsenal man Henry proves to be over and over again. Did you see him rubbing his hands in excitement efter the third goal? The look on his face was exacyly the same as thousands(millions?) of fans around the globe!


You see that Santos? That’s how you respect your club and fans.


Who was racist?


John Terry.


Just back from the killers at the O2. Thank you sky for switching the game to an early kick off. Got to see both and had the perfect day. Just need ronaldo’s bird to return my text about meeting up at the harvester for lunch tomorrow and i have the perfect weekend.


Well then Volders you are in luck.

The waxed twat is a gay, and his bird (so I hear from my sources) is gagging for a bit of gooner.


fingers crossed for you so dude


I like the distribution of our goals scored this season so far. Between the new boys they’ve got 12 whilst a certain picnic blanket wearing skunk has 8 or something so far. And people called us a one man team last season.. Ha Evidently he was just that good and evidently he’s goals are being replaced

A N Other

4 regular sources of goals as oppose to 1.5 last year. The Great Santi Podolski Giroud Walcott. If you count gervinho then 5.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Honhaar Goonda

8 – Number of league goals RvP has this season;
8 – Number of league goals Podolksi (4) + Giroud (4) have this season – proving Wenger’s claim of replacing 1 main goalscorer with two goalscorers correct so far;
4 – Giroud 4 league goals scored in London & against London clubs.


I watched the game at my friends house, with his stepfather who’s a HUGE Sp*rs fan, and threatened me with death if we won, or if I even celebrated a single Arsenal goal. My arms and back are fucked, but fuck was it worth it when I jumped around his fucking house screaming at the top of my lungs. Oh, I also went without dinner, but it was worth it screaming ‘Theo’ repeatedly in his face for him scoring the fifth and making it back to back 5-2 victories at the Emirates against those cunts. And hats off to the… Read more »


Excellent…just excellent

Oli W-Goon

Was it just me who fucking loved it when Wilshere had a dig at the chimp after adebawhore’s attempted murder? Put a broad smile across my face

[…] Report – By the numbers – Player ratings – […]

-ve gooner(LOL)

Are you Tot*ham in disguise???


3 (of 3) – number of summer signings to score in their first NLD. Arsene’s still got it.


See how good Podolski is with a more competent LB than André ‘RVP lover’ Santos…. can’t wait for gibbs to come back, hopefully his ‘long-tem’ injury isn’t long term

[…] Report – By the numbers – Player ratings – […]


It’s striking how much play went down the right hand side.

Vermaelen is OK defensively (except for the attempted own goal), but he rarely adds much going forward and the whole left side does not seem to work together or with the midfield.

I hope Podolski starts to get involved a lot more, will be interesting to see how much a difference Gibbs will make on his return.


Highest pass combo for spuds: sandro to gallas..bahahahahaha excellent!


The sending off spoiled the game for to me honest…. pbbbtfffttt hahahahaha sorry I can say that and keep a straight face!


meant “can’t”say that with a straight face.


Loved MOTD last night with with scrotum faced Redknapp Senior and Vincent Kompany on the panel. ‘Arry said that despite the result he was confident that Sp*rs would finish higher in the league than Arsenal due to having a “better squad”. Kompany looked at him as though he was dimmer than a 5 watt low energy bulb and told him that the win over THFC last week was easier than fiddling your tax (no, he didn’t actually refer to the innumerate oaf’s troubles with HMRC but you could tell that’s what he meant) whilst Arsenal were “the best team we’ve… Read more »

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