Sagna backs Jenkinson competition


Back in the side after injury, Bacary Sagna says he hopes his understudy, Carl Jenkinson, continues his progress and says that the competition for the right back spot will drive be good for both players.

Speaking at last night’s press conference, the French international said, “We always have the same battle and that is to fight for the shirt at Arsenal and bring the team to the top.

“I am very happy for him because he did very well. For me it will push me to give the maximum game by game. I have the opportunity now so I will give the maximum.

“If he is playing then I will push him to become one of the best right backs. And that is what he has the potential to be.”

Sagna is also looking a response from the team to ensure we finish top of our Champions League group.

“We are professional footballers and we want to finish first. We want to win the maximum amount of games. This is big challenge now to be the best in the group. But as players we always want to be the best. It would mean we play against a team who finish second in their group.

“But at this stage of the competition every team is good. So we have to keep focused on our team, keep going and keep working hard.”

It will be tough but Schalke have lost their last two home contests with English sides and not scored in three. They went down 2-0 to both Manchester United in the 2010/11 semi-final first leg and Manchester City in the 2008/09 UEFA Cup group stage.

Let’s hope we make that a nice treble.

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If only we had similar competition for the left back position.


Get Well Soon Gibbs!!!!!!


Good man, Sagna. Top player.

Parks left bollock

cesc said similar things about Jack. I wonder if that is a good or a bad thing.

Parks left bollock

I just hope he isnt prepping us for his departure, the same way the club seem to be doing with Theo and Gnabry.


With Gnabry?

Parks left bollock

I mean how the club seem to be bigging Gnabry up and what a talent he is etc. Trying to make us think we have a ready made theo replacement if he leaves.


Is he into the last year of his contract after this season?


I men Sagna, genuine question?


Yes. And from what I hear he earns less than most, for some reason I can’t fathom.


just keep on teaching him sagna.. He’s learning from the best..!

And from the arseblog.. No santos at left back.. Wenger is thinking!! Give walcott some flu meds and play him we need that wide service to the HFB.. Hopefully podolski will also be more influencial considering santos isn’t around to mess in his space.. Frees up the left for him and Carzola.. C.O.Y.G..!!!!


And can we have a 4-4-2 formation that won us titles with the invincibles, can we?. Not that we are in the invincibles capacity or anything but can we atleast try.


This is not 2004. 4-4-2 is dead at top level.


4-4-2 is not fashionable but we have a squad that may light up playing it and since we stopped using it we haven’t been so great

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

well with that logic we’ve been losing whilst playing manone in goal, perhaps we ought to stick him up front and put rambo in goal?


Well Sam, we have been playing him out of position anyhow, so why not?

Gunnersaurus Rex

I am having that strange feeling in my stomach which i had just before Sagna scored with that scorching header.

Gunnersaurus Rex

Last Season

Ivan Gazidis

Sagna next out i fear , or maybe second after Theo


what’s with all the negative comments lads? He’s just back from injury and been at the club for years, don’t think we have to worry about him leaving for the time being…

H. P. Arsecraft

He will leave. If not he would have signed a new contract by now. Not even the Arsenals current hierarchy is stupid enough, god help us if they are, not to have offered him a new one.


Right back is about the only position we don´t have any worries about at the moment. If only we had the same depth and quality in other positions…

Bac has returned like he´d never been away, and Jenks is just about our most-improved player so far this season. Both play with a competitiveness that several of our key players seem to be lacking (for some strange reason) and cover every blade of grass.

We need to tap into that spirit tonight to get the team back on track. COYG:


If we had the same depth in every position we’d have 11 understudies, improving at a rate of knots, capable of funding a move for Falcao through the merchandise on their bedroom wall’s.
I do love the Corporal.

H. P. Arsecraft

Sagna is a world class player with a world class attitude and he will push Jenks to become a world class fullback if he have the time to do it.

It`s a shame we cant have that competition and education for all our players.
I think one of the problems we cant is the daft “dont give players over 30 more than one year contracts”.
Someone else will give the player what he wants and he will take his knowledge to that team and teach their youngsters. The squad we have today is experienced but not with the calmness and experience that maturity brings. I think Arteta is our oldest player and he`s 30, thats a weakness in this squad.

Another problem is that Sagna will have one more year left on his contract next summer and how many times will we allow that to happen to our greatest talents and most important players? Sagna will be gone after this season and no one can blame him. I dont doubt for one moment that he loves The Arsenal and us fans but the club is going nowhere fast with no direction and he wont be a part of that. He wants to win, end of.


And in fairness to the man you couldnt blame him for leaving after all the players he has watched come and go


You guys are crazy. There’s no way our club would sell our best, most consistent player!!!!!! That would be ridiculous.


if the club sells this guy next summer im gonna be so extremely pissed off.

If you want to be a top club you want 8 highly qualified defenders minimum. We have 5 at the most. Sagna, Jenks, Mertesacker, Kos and Gibbs…Vermaelen not so much, maybe we have six, but thats NOT enough width at all…add to that that one of them is injured all the time it leaves us with maybe 3-4…

same goes in attack. We have Giroud as a “real” striker. Other clubs have 3-4, even mid-table clubs have more to choose from. Its crazy.

everyone knows this! so obvious


My friend, I believe you are doing a massive disservice to our man Marouane Chamahk 😉


under sagna guidance jenkinson will be a great right back.


the probleme with arsenal is:

on attack:in the past-3or4 years ago-arsenal always play and try to create triangle on the field,these TRIANGLES are the secret of the attacking and beautifl play,and you know we were efficient and we scored for fun

BUT NOW, if you pay attention, arsenal create SQUARES and NOT TRIANGLES,thats why we made a lot of sideways and bakward passes,but this is down lack of comminucation and team work or because the players dont understand how to create these triangles.BUT this probleme will be resolved(inshaallah=if the god want)by the time and with games.THANK YOU


He’s world class. So he will leave. Ask Ivan.


Is it me or Sagna spoke like a true team leader and captain.The one which Arsenal has missed for a long time?

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

“We are professional footballers and we want to finish first. We want to win the maximum amount of games” <— to be fair that's exactly what you'd expect to hear from a player on his way to another club, whether they're doing it for money or not. And to be fair most want both – look at where the best players are and it's where the money and trophies are at. There might be more money in Siberia or Monaco or China but that's the final payday, once the medals are won.

It's the reality of football and we've to a structure and manager that somehow keeps us on the fringes of the top table whilst spending similar amounts to the Sunderlands and Villas of this world. I find it hard to see another manager achieving anywhere near that – this isn't to say that there isn't another manager out there of course. But Wenger can sign better players than most – who else can offer the development Wenger gives players? They can sign a 4yr contract with Liverpool for more money, or serve a 2 or 3 year apprenticeship under Wenger before going to one of Europe's top clubs for even more money. It's sad but true, and any other manager won't be able to offer the same kind of incentive, which to me suggests that the alternatives are unlikely to be an improvement.

it'd be nice to win a cup or two along the way, mind. even the european cup, tainted as it is by the stain of john terry's lips.


[…] rosier, with the manager having two quality right backs vying for the spot and Bacary Sagna has invited the competition. This means the manager will now have more options, and hopefully give both players sufficient […]

Joseph makuer

I hear good news yesirday from arsene wenger he say he want cavani it that true or it is work of internet.


[…] Sagna himself spoke about how competition is good and how highly he rates his younger teammate, so let’s keep that in the squad. It’s healthy and positive. And the bottom line is Sagna is one of the good ones, a player who will never give you less than 100%, performs consistently and far more than others has earned a new contract. It’d be a mistake, and a massive shame, if we were to overlook that and allow his Arsenal career to fizzle out in favour of the cheaper option, regardless of how good and promising that option is. […]