Walcott: No time frame on contract talks


Theo Walcott doesn’t think a time frame can be put on his contract negotiations despite the fact Arsene Wenger has handed him a Christmas deadline to put pen-to-paper on a new deal at the Emirates.

Speaking on the matter through official channels for the first time in ages, the England international remained non-committal about the prospect of extending his time at Arsenal while stressing that the issue was being dealt with by his agents.

“I am leaving it all to my agents and you will be the first to hear when something happens,” he told the official matchday programme ahead of this evening’s match with Montpellier.

“It’s important for me that something gets sorted out, because I enjoy playing for this club.

“I don’t think you can put a time frame on when it will be resolved though. When both parties are sure, it will happen when it happens.

“My last contract took six or seven months, so we have to be patient, myself as well. But I’m enjoying my football at the moment, so it’s not affecting me at all on the pitch.”

Currently Arsenal’s top scorer with nine goals in 15 appearances this season, Walcott insists that he is determined to add to his tally after a fruitful year in and around the onion bag.

“Without a doubt I want to be leading scorer. I’ve always been able to score goals. I scored 24 in the last two seasons, which is pretty decent for a winger. This is the most I’ve ever had before Christmas – I’m enjoying playing for a great club and in a great team.

“My finishing has always been pretty good, but I feel I’ve been so much better in front of goal, this year especially. From the limited chance I have been usually able to take one, and that’s so important in the tight games.”

Arseblog News has certainly been impressed by Walcott’s newfound clinical goal-getting talent, but we can’t be the only ones fearing that he’s going to follow in the footsteps of Robin van Persie, Emmanuel Adebayor, Thierry Henry and Nicolas Anelka by moving to pastures new having topped the club’s scoring charts.


Read the full interview in today’s matchday programme – also available on iPad 

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Sign the contract, Theo! You are a gunner… right?


This interview signals the end of the saga for me. Better to focus on the next teenager we bring in to ‘replace’ him.


Actually, he was a Liverpool fan as a kid, if I remember correctly. Would I be surprised if he went there? No, I wouldn’t. I realize Liverpool is a step down, but they’re desperate for a striker, he supported them as a boy, he’d get to play centrally, and he’d take home the fat wage that he’s assuring us has absolutely nothing, nothing!, to do with his decisions. Liverpool love overpaying their players.

I’m not at all convinced he’ll move abroad. It’s either Liverpool or Chelsea (both on the market for strikers), but, of the two, only Liverpool would offer him the “guaranteed” playing time he wants.


Absolutely no way that Walcott gets a central striker berth at Liverpool when Saurez is there. And I doubt Brendan Rogers will change his system to 4-4-2 to accommodate Theo.

That being said, of course this saga has very little to do with Walcott playing centrally. It’s money and, well let’s admit it, perhaps a bit of wanting an easier path to win some silverware.


In fairness to Henry, he toppled the. Scoring charts for some time before fleeing or pastures new…

Runcorn Gooner

Unless there is a miracle TW wil not be getting a statue outside the Emirates.


Here I was thinking English players would show loyalty to their English clubs… but it turns out they’re no better than the branded ‘foreign traitors’ we see flee the club so often.


I may be naive…but sometimes I wonder how much these situations really come from the players or if it is just poison being thrown into their ears by these crooked agents. Maybe I am just happy because of his run of form, but Theo really does seem like a class act and he also doesn’t seem entirely motivated by money. I say we help this contract process by proposing a clause with the money Theo has earned and a second clause with the club demanding an agent’s left nut as reparations. Cheers Gunners


you are definitely naive…


Definitely a case of bad advice here. But the club have messed up as well, big time.


No offence mate but I’m pretty sure this time last year we’d all have said that RVP was a “gooner” and “loved the club” because he was captain. Look how that turned out.. If Theo genuinely wants to sign the contract then he will do, it’s just down to his agents and Arsenal to strike out a mutually beneficial agreement,


No arguments man, I take no offense to your point. I think I still wish some players would be different and loyal. But you are right…that is probably where I am wrong.

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

sorry to say but i can’t see him staying. why no contract signed unless he’s eyeing up a fat deal elsewhere? can’t really think of a good answer to that.


We have put so much investment into Theo. Paid significant amount for him when he was 16. Handed him 60000£ a week contract at a time when he had hardly accomplished anything. Losing him on a free transfer when he is finally becoming the player we hoped he would become is just really really frustrating. Hope the manages to sort it out

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson


A N Other

I completely agree. It’s same as RVP situation. We waited 7 years for him to become man and a player and he leaves just after one good season.


You’re absolutely right, and yes, it’s extremely frustrating. But unfortunately I don’t see Walcott staying, so I’m trying to get used to the idea.

Mostly I’m comforting myself with the idea that many a striker before him has embraced mediocrity after signing a big new deal, and that we’d dodge a bullet by not signing him onto a lucrative contract. With our luck, the day after signing, he’d dislocate both shoulders.

The other fantasy I’m trying to force is the one where he turns into a Flamini. On fire while angling for suitors, and then just very, very plain afterwards.


I think this is a problem with any young prospect that we buy, if they are promising they will be on high wages at a young age and they will want a better contract every 3-4 years. Usually the only way to get there is to move to another club


Theo out for montpellier – me panic
Sees ox warming up – relaxes.


Bla bla bla. He’s gone. Sell him the second the window opens so Ivan has plenty of time to tell us were combing the globe for a replacement, untill wenger tells us we have gnabry and gervinho who can play there.

Sorry for the negativity lads, but this ain’t my first rodeo. We all know how this club operates.

Fergie the Gooner

It’s a shame there’s such a sense of inevitability about all of this. We need to break the cycle soon otherwise agents will keep trying it on with us and there will just be another big name departure next season. If we lose both Sagna and Walcott in the summer, I know we have Jenkinson and the Ox ready to step in but we can’t hope to progress beyond the scrap for fourth place again.

Anyway, let’s hope for a good result tonight!!


Frog, the sentiment is right, but the details are wrong. “Uh, we have Oxlade-Chamberlain on the wing, and he’s a top, top talent with lots of mental strength. The prices are inflated in January and where are we going to find a world class winger better than Oxlade-Chamberlain? This isn’t like a supermarket where you can just buy world class wingers.”


Heh. So true. And peo


….ole think hes actually going to sign a new deal with us. How’s the saying go? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice….. Well this is like the 12 th time and I’m not going to be fooled this time.


Although I’m disappointed he hasn’t signed yet, you can’t fault his attitude on the pitch this season. He’s changed a lot of Arsenal fans opinion of his ability (including my own) over the past 12 months.

On a side note, I’ve just done this quiz, I’m embarrassed to say i got stuck on the 5 letter player in the right winger position for a good couple of mins, seemed so easy when I finally got it. 6 mins in total. Give it a try!!


Piers Morgan's punchable face
Piers Morgan's punchable face

Got all but 2; Grimandi & Platt.




I wasn’t able to get the 8 lettered defender. 🙁

89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now
89 Anfield..... It's up for grabs now

Hat trick tonight please theo! Oh and when your finished doing that, sign da ting!
“Onion bag” aaarrrrggghhhhh no tommy smyth references please!


It is also worrying that there is very little news on Sagna’s contract. We have been linked with a few full backs recently and then there is also the emergence of Jenkinson. If the clubs recenty transfer business is anything to go by it wouldn’t be surprising to see him leave at the end of the season. Which would be a real shame in my opinion. He is our most consistent player in squad by a country mile over the last 5 years. Probably the only position in the team where we can confidently say we have one of the world’s best player. Has been a top pro and Jenkinson can only benefit from having him around. There is a possibility that he is sick of not winning and wants to move to another club. If not the case then just give him what he wants(he certainly deserves it) and sort it out as soon as possible.


If Sagna wants to go there is not much to do, he’s at the stage where this should be his last big contract, also his last chance to try something different.

I’m sure Arsenal will offer a contract, on their terms. But if Sagna does not sign they could have him play one more season while Jenkinson beds, or cash-in and buy a replacement.

Unfortunately, a lot of Wenger’s buys have been crap, which lessens the quality of the team and drags on the wage bill. Young, Chamakh, Arshavin, Squillachi, Santos, Bendtner, and you pick your favorite from the rest, Ramsey?, Diaby?, Gervinho?, Djourou?

Big Dave

If its about money then confused…

Part of me thinks, “what on earth are you asking for more money for!? You get paid bucket loads you absolute tosser!!”

But then I think, “our fans pay ridiculous prices to watch Arsenal, the board should be putting that income to good use by competing with high wages!”

Perhaps then maybe its more than money? Theo doesnt really seem the type.


Well, if you look at the club from a player’s point of view, you’ve got to ask the question, why are they not paying us better while they are making hundreds of million of profit per year.

From the agent point of view, why don’t you join the other club in Manchester, you’re paid more and you play less games. (and of course, I got more commissions).


I was just on Arsenal website and it appears they have removed that article, I must say I am tad bit suspicious as to why that is.


I believe we will lose this one as well. We just have to face the reality. Talent comes with a price. Average salary will only maintain average olayer. If ronaldo or other high paid players can have what they have (from their money), why can’t theo expect to have it as well?


For a while I was of the “meh, if he goes he goes” school of thought, but he’s really showing signs this year of becoming something near the player we hoped he’d be, and to lose him just as he’s coming good would be so frustrating. If he’s not going to sign, he’s not going to sign, but absolutely no way would I be happy with him being sold in January.

I may take stick for this, but it’s very similar to the Nasri situtation – frustrating for so long, begins to come good, and off he goes. I want Arsenal to be the club reaping the rewards of this patience and development, not the highest bidder.


Well said. Very frustrating indeed.


I think Wenger is helpless in this respect, his frustration easily exceeds our own.

If the players wants to go, he goes.

If lots of top players go, then those who consider themselves the top, will go.

Theo -top scorer this season (so far), and second to RVP last year. He is even one of the most senior players at Arsenal. If Theo thinks he is better off leaving Arsenal, he’ll go.

Maybe it would be different for someone like Jenkinson, who’s playing at his dream club.


to be honest, im more worried about his form deteriorating after he sign da ting than him leaving.


No Man He is starting to get it big time. He is a good player and will get even better.

Grubbin' Gooner

How are you so sure? He hasn’t even played a third of the season and everyone is praising him to no end. We have such short memories! Not 6 months ago we’re we talking about how outrageous it is he wanted 100K, now you all are begging Arsene to give it to him. Yes, I am pleased with his recent performances but I for one still think the “consistently inconsistent Walcott” still exists. This is THE FIRST time any consistency has been shown by Theo and here we go everybody loves him. I hope he stays, but he isn’t.

Sorry to be so negative, I just love The Arsenal so much and hate to see players treat the club like this.


I think it’s a gamble we should take.


Robin van Persie, Emmanuel Adebayor, Thierry Henry and Nicolas Anelka..
Am I the only one who thinks Henry’s name shouldn’t be used in a sentence with the cunts?


I was a fence sitter prior to the season of him staying/leaving. But he’s been very good thus far, and he is stepping up. He offers more than Gervinho, let’s face it. Would really like to see him stay for a few more seasons.

giroud's header

we need to keep theo!! This season he has
been outstanding.But wage demand of his
is high.Hope he sorts out the contract talks


you guys will be the first to hear when something happens


Sign da ting


He’ll go to the highest bidder. Just trying to protect his reputation, at the moment. We’ll offer an over-valuation but it will never be high enough. Theo knows he’s all pace, pace on borrowed time. The time to cash in is now. Kids books won’t pay his bills.


They all left for money. Just the glasses are tinted a redish color when it comes to Henry.


Theo is telling AW & the board pay me the money or Im gone!! How?? He is telling them if you have to sell me then in Jan & Im gone or if not Im still be gone come May on a free…
He is a smart lad & he is certainly playin it smart too. He wont be the one initiatin a sale…it has to be AW & the board. Why not contract? Coz both not movin fr their position. AW & the board wont pay him for sure. And theo also doesnt want anything else either. Its not movin & it wont & will stay thst way!!
So however much his talent & wat his showing now…it seems more for his futire employer & not the present. Coz the present one dint value him as much. So no newz on the contract is an expected newz…so my final analysis…be will be sold in Jan. theo will get he wants, sbd the boatd make a handsome profit…yet again!!!

Dr Baptiste

Ummmm….. What?


Its funny in such a controlled media environment that this article was ever published. It really reads like he is leaving and just dicking us around. Hope I;m wrong but we have heard to much of this for the last few years. It comes off as a well used script.


This is exactly the kinds of things an Arsenal player says before he leaves


I guess Santi Cazorla is crying himself to sleep tonight in light of your observant statement.


Comment delete, now this looks out of place 🙁


Hmmm.. I’m actually pretty optimistic he’ll stay. Maybe I’m being naive but I have a feeling something will get sorted. We’re hearing all the right noises from both ends.


Sometimes I feel the same way, then I remember having the same thoughts about countless other Arsenal players. Hopefull, yes, Cynical, yes.


“Important to sort things out”
Everybody seems to think it’s all about wages an money for TW personally. Is it just that part that is so hard to agree upon? Maybe he shares the thougts of his former captain, but unlike him is “clever enough” not to expose such thougts in public? He knows all to well what reactions there will be if he acted board, CEO and manager, like that unloyal RvP did. Maybe Theo wants bigger changes in the club, but don’t adress it in public, and thinking “can I ever win something here?”


Hmmmm when was the last time i heard a gunner say “you guys ” ………hmmm. ……oh shit

Dan Gunn

Theo is gone. All this lip service and ‘letting my agents sort it all out’ is simply buying time. Players who want to stay ‘sign da ting’. Theo has just watched RVP play the same game and wind up on £240k. You can put his recent form/goals/desire in games down to this alone. The difference between RVP and Theo is that even at a club like ManUre RVP is first choice. If Theo went to any of the other top four clubs he would disappear onto the bench. After all the support, the decent wages the patience through injuries and game time to learn his trade… Theo will pay us back but not even allowing us to recoup a fee. The only person with any loyalty at Arsenal is Arsene Wenger. It is as simple as that.

maduforo uche

I tink Theo will leave if not he would hv signed the dotted line for long… we wish u well.


Dont worry guys giroud will overtake him


I am just curious why cany he go fucking sort it out. Tired of listening to his same statements since months.


[…] 来源:[arseblognews] […]

Red Fred

Love Theo to bits and want him to stay, but it ain’t gonna happen. When a player keeps insisting its down his agent and the club it’s clear it’s just a job for him. If he had the love for the club it would be simple, the agent works for him after all. As for his current form we have seen this so many times before going right back to Flammini, playing like they should and putting in the effort only in their last year at the club so they can attract a better offer with a huge signing on fee with their new club.
There is little talk from Theo because he doesn’t want a backlash from the fans while he still potentially has 6 months left playing for us. I genuinely hope he goes and proves me wrong, can’t see it tho we’ve been here to many times.


why anyone would put their faith in a footballer is beyond me, even more so for us gooners, haven’t we been deceived enough, time and time again by both footballers and the club to realize that its all mostly a load of bollocks?

I mean, if a footballer who ‘apparently’ supported us since he was 10, who had posters of out club and her players on his bedroom wall growing up could stomach a move to one of our most hated rivals even though he was our captain, well, you don’t really need anymore evidence that’ll prove that most footballers are mainly in it for the money?

Don’t get me wrong, the club haven’t been angels either, twisting wishy washy statements, bullshit rational, (i’ve yet to see a parade around islington where we show off the ‘4th place trophy’), manager promising the fans that if we sold our best players, we wouldn’t and couldn’t be considered a big club, after said best players were sold, he then goes on to compare that situation with yanited selling c.ronaldo. Chairman of the board addressing paying supporters like as if they didn’t matter, being extremely condescending, “Thank you for your interest in our affairs”. Chief Executive of the club getting insane bonuses whilst we’ve continued to flounder, yank owner of the majority share of equity of the club turning up and lying to fan groups. Also, for a club that insists on being more businesslike then trying to be a competitive titan of sport(which is what we were), how does it make any fiscal sense to pay everyone similar amounts regardless of whether they actually can play let alone do well?

Not a theo fan boy or anything but i think its fair to say that it makes no sense whatsoever to keep players like squallici, arshavin and chamakh on the wage bill but then be skint with others who have actually consistently played, if you insist on running it like a proper business then well, i guess, they’ve done quite poorly.

anyways, back to the matter at hand, if he(theo) was genuinely looking to stay it, he would’ve by now, if the club wanted to keep him at all costs, they’d have sorted it by now. Seems to be a tit for tat situation that’ll end with theo leaving and wenger/gazidis will come out to the media to

1) remind everyone about the perils of spending too much
2) how much they believe in FFP
3) how we have talented youngsters like gnarbry already waiting in the wings.
4) how much they believe in FFP

then, wait another couple of years and we’ll see another youngster who we brought through and waited patiently for years to deliver stall over resigning his contract, i’m sorry lads, we seen it all before. I just can’t be arsed anymore, whoever goes goes, whoever stays stays, i’ll just always support and watch the arsenal, enjoy the experiences as best as i can, game to game but i will not, for a second, take anything at face value anymore. .

David O'Leary's Dad

Well said Bobs

Wish he’d stay but looks like he’s good as gone now

That’s the problem with running AFC as a money making business rather than a football club trying to win things

Glory Hunter

It could still backfire horribly on Theo, a serious injury(not that I would wish that on any Arsenal player) could scupper he’s dream of sealing a big money contract on a free, and then he’ll happily re-sign on a 75k a week contract!

But if that happens, knowing our luck, he’ll probably never recover, sit out his contract & then retire. 🙁


on the face of it a great comment, but really full of bollocks.

e.g. ” makes no sense whatsoever to keep players like squallici, arshavin and chamakh on the wage bill”

you are quite right – the board and AW, the latter a man with more years of experience in football than most on this board have in life, have not seen this yet. can you tell me who is offering to buy any of the aforementioned players? these players don’t want to move partly because of their wages – no club can afford them. similar case to adebayor and man city.

and don’t get into “oh we should have known they’d be flops”. you didn’t. most managers make more mistakes in buying players than AW.

of course,don’t let these facts get in the way of your argument – AW and the board know less than what the average fan does.

theo is leaving – there is no way he should get more than santi.


Sign da ting

The Truth

I’ve been saying it since June/July. Theo Walcott is as good as gone.

We could offer him £100,000 a week – or more – and put a clause in his new contract that guarantees him to play him through the middle and it would make no difference. Everything he’s saying is just deceit and smokescreens.

He knows a can get more than we will offer with the signing on fee on a Bosman free transfer and he doesn’t really care about where he plays as long as he joins a club with a mentality and track record of winners. Watch him sign for Chelsea or Man United in January or July next year.


I wish we could ship him to AC Milan and trade him for Pato – at least Pato fits in at arsenal with HUGE talent, natural instinct for goal, and an injury record to match the Arsenal greats in that category! 😉


I think we all know a few ‘wingers’ that score tons of goals for club and country – so 9 is good yes, but better can be done.
I also remember that he could have scored a hat-trick against Tott but flubbed his first 2 chances in front of goal.
All this is, is posturing, by both sides… Wenger keeps stating that Theo is currently playing a striker/forward role – just a ‘wide’ striker. Theo keeps calling what he plays a winger, insisting it is not a striker/forward position, just because it’s not ‘down the middle’. So Wenger says we play 4-3-3, and Theo says 4-2-3-1, when we all know it’s more like 2-4-3-1 (our FB’s play way too far forward to be considered ‘true’ FB’s).

I say Strikers with speed play out wide, Stikers with great footwork play in the middle. Theo has great speed and Giroud has better footwork – quite simply a fact.

I think Theo is delusional in his capabilities down the middle – he plays it great on the counter, but against a team that parks the bus – not so much. We all know the formula to beating Arsenal – high pressure up the pitch and park the bus, as that has worked time and time again for the small clubs against Arsenal. Keeping Theo as our top-notch winger/wide striker would be great.

I would suggest, based on the fact that a contract should takes hours instead of months, that he is gone, so… Wenger and company need to make sure they have ample replacement quality (but we all know he will say ” we have the Ox, and Gervinho that can step in..”) Oi – we need more class at this club; Cazorla-type class.

A N Other

All this wide position thing is bullshit. His role model Henry always played at wide positions. Ronaldo still does that and also most strikers now play all over the forward line. Just look at Rooney, messy, Wellbeck, aguero, Suarez etc.


I don’t know, but I actually get the feeling that he wants to stay and play for Arsenal. Would be a shame if he left, ’cause I think he has become a much better player recently, and is much more consistent than he has been before.

But then again, who knows nowadays…


sign it but your not worth 100k a week but you have proved that you can bang in goals from the wing when you want to market yourself!


I’ve always supported Theo through thick and thin, but he’s definitely gone. No chance of him staying past next summer, I’m afraid – if he wanted to stay, he’d have signed by now, so anything he says about him enjoying himself is just him saying “Look how good I could be for another club!”.

I’m afraid he’ll be playing for Liverpool or the salford lot come next season, and I have a very nasty feeling he’ll pick up his game even more and become a very good winger. I don’t particularly blame Theo for how things have gone, it’s the club’s fault, once again, to tie down their good players.

Ho hum. At least we’ve got the Ox, I guess.


Even though we are not spending high wages on a single player, there is no big difference between overall wage of Arsenal and the big spenders.

David O'Leary's Dad

That’s right – the problem is we won’t pay market rate for top quality talent. As soon as someone really turns it on and it gets toward the end of their contract they’re good as gone. FFS even the scousers and spuds pay their best players more than we do! Can’t always blame the players – how many of us would stay in our jobs if we were offered like a 50% or higher wage increase to move?


I’d quit my job for a 5% pay rise. I don’t blame the players at all. You pay the market rate for a commodity or you get lesser quality. As we are today, we’re a lesser quality.


I’m a fan of Theo to an extent. I don’t think the club should bend over backwards and try everything in their power to keep him but I also think there is a big problem with our wage structure.

Theo having such a great year is good for us, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s not him “auditioning” for other clubs as well. Same as RVP last season. His first healthy season in how many years, he does well then fucks off for the most money we could get for him. Theo I think loves Arsenal and does want to stay but that is to an extent. He also wants more money and his “I want to play as a CF” is 50% about the position he wants & 50% an excuse he can use if he does leave and he’ll blame his decision to leave on that.

I want him to stay, I want his wages to improve as well as the other players we have that truly deserve it. I want these contract situations to be resolved before there is less than a year left.


he should just fuck off and write another kids book – here’s a title for you Theo “the wanky winger who wouldn’t”.

David O'Leary's Dad

Mind you, no matter what happens we’ll always be a classy club – unlike the chavs who have got through yet another manager. What’s that, ten since Wenger has been here?

What a bunch of nasty cunts the chavs are. Here’s hoping they hire Benitez and go on a nice losing run- no top 4, no cups, no class.

Oh and Terry to get banged up for something, don’t know what but he must deserve it for being such a cunt.


He’s such a cunt.

Big Smiling Dave

I find it so annoying that the board have lets this happen again. So theo goes then Bacs and we can boast how much money we have in the bank.

I am starting to get so pissed off with this crap honestly we are a mediocre club now there to make a massive profit and while we put up with this crap Ivan will keep putting prices up selling players and keep Stan happy as we all take it up the arse.

What has this club come to I really cant believe it but on a positive note Chelsea are on the hunt again for a new manager !!!!


Zzzzzzzzz…contract ‘talks’,agents ‘dealing with it’…meh.
We’ve been here before too many times unfortunately.
I think we all know Theo,in probably the best form of his Arsenal career is a goner not a gooner.
A shame,but I’m losing no sleep over it.