Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Wenger admits Henry loan temptation

After yesterday’s news that Thierry Henry spent last week training at London Colney, kindly broken by the Handsome French Bloke, it looks as though our legendary top scorer might well return for a second short-term loan in the New Year.

Speaking about the 35-year-old, who scored 15 goals and made 12 assists for the New York Red Bulls in their season just ended, Arsene Wenger admitted that his ageing protégé not only still looks sharp but could be recruited to cover for Gervinho who’ll be off to the African Cup of Nations again in January.

“He has been practising with us,” the manager told Arsenal.com. “Will I sign him again in January? I don’t know. I don’t rule it out. He is sharp.

“Last year I did it because we lost Gervinho. It was a good connection. This year we lose Gervinho again as they are playing in the Africa Cup of Nations two years in a row.

“So we will be confronted with a shortage. Particularly if Chamakh should go. I cannot stand in his way. Then we will be short.”

Shortlisted for the MLS MVP award, Wenger added that Henry’s experience would certainly prove valuable off the pitch with the squad benefitting from his experience and mentality.

“You know what he gives you. He gives you hope, especially when he comes on. That is the most important thing,” he said.

“He is a communicator. An extrovert. Very intelligent. He can only give good advice to players because he was in their position when he arrived here.

“This team has exceptionally good character. There are not many flashy boys. What is the most important thing it is not whether you are an extrovert but what it means to you to do well, your job. Your will to win.”

Arseblog News certainly has no objections to Henry returning again; the guy has proved time and again that he has it within himself to write fairy-tale scripts. That being said, if Gervinho disappears (and doesn’t come back until next season…like last year) and Chamakh finally departs we’ll be very, very short up front and could do with a more long-term solution.

Whether the boss has identified a potential January buy remains to be seen…

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Return of the King II. Love this man.

gooner for life

Henry is always welcome, with open arms

Just hope Wengers got something more permanent in mind

Gunner From Another Mother

Couldn’t agree more. If Henry comes back into the squad for a few months it can only mean good things for the other players, and the team in general. However we are certainly in need of another striker for the long run to provide cover for Giroud. Personally I would prefer a classic winger be added to the squad as Walcott (if he stays) and Poldi especially can cover for the main striker position.


yes yes yes. sign him up!


lol @ ‘There are not many flashy boys’

i love u arsene wenger!


Bring him back Arsene but please please please sign a striker.

One Gunner in Zambia

Sign [email protected] ting he’s got experience and the eye for the ball, he should be considered

Big Dave

Agree that I don’t think I’d have no objections if Henry return. He is of course the King. However I do think there’s something just a little bit cringing/embarrassing about it if we sign him again. The man is an absolute legend, but the way Wenger talks about him is a bit like a teenage girl at a Westlife concert. Perhaps we just need to move on. If there were no issues around contracts last January though, I’d have bought him back permanently.


I don’t think it is something which is very embarrassing if Sir Alex still playing Giggs and Scholes. Having him here does not mean he will play. But if he can create some assists or nick 1 or 2 goals in the final minutes of the game, why not? For the club, it is also good business.


would like him to play. Part of me believes he’s still got it. Besides Class is permanent and the other French boys would be quite happy if he’s back.

TBH I’d like a full time striker, but any striker will take time to bed in and Thierry is likely to be a good back till the striker we buy does.

I’d like a big name signing up front. Really would.


Even if he never kicked a ball i am sure it would be greatfor the group to have him on the training ground and in the dressing room. And Theo looks up to him, hopefully he can help persuede him to ‘sign da fukin ting’


Bang on dave, for all the romantic visions that having him back brings, I find it really disturbing that we are about to lose a young international in theo but are meant to be placated by bringing in 35 year old Henry.
We need players that are going to sustain us through to may, not another cheap option from the board.


Yeah for two months, not four years. Jesus…


As per usual I think your missing the point.


Think everyone’s reading a bit too much into this.. Henry is training with us, had a great MLS season, looks sharp, and since the last loan spell went so well, we and I hope everyone at Arsenal, will see this as a bonus, nothing more. I would like us to sign another striker, but don’t think that’ll happen knowing Arsene. We have Giroud, Podolski, Walcott, Gervinho and Chamakh (in that order) who can play upfront so doubt we’ll see anyone come in if I’m honest. Arsene’s created this interchangeable team which is great when you have injuries, but sometimes can’t… Read more »


You mean their appearance, against Reading under special circumstances. Bar Arshavin, who still appeared shaky when subbed in, Eisfeld and Chamkah have only featured in Carling Cup.


Arshavin has made a few cameos, done decent in each one and has contributed something vital in most. Chamakh, yes, against reading, but he had a pretty good game considering all the shit he gets. His hold up play and passes/flicks were decent. Eisfeld has made loads of appearances in the reserve games, CoC, and the NextGen series, and he has been nothing short of exceptional. Scoring goals left right and centre, running the midfield during reading game and so forth. Out of them all, I really want to see Eisfeld make a few appearances, but I’m more than happy… Read more »


Henry is a good guy to have around but it really is pathetic if we don’t sign a striker and strengthen in January. Nostalgia is not going to win us anything!

cunt puncher

mr henry, henry, thierry!


“as they are playing in the Africa Cup of Nations two years in a row.”

What’s all that about? So much for having tournaments every four years.


they are rescheduling so that ACN doesnt clash with Euros and World cups

Mills N7

But I don’t see why they can’t skip one (due January 2014) and play 2015. I don’t see why Africa gets to play every two years (and the Copa America seems to just decide whenever it wants, either two or three years), and yet Europe only plays every 4 Years. Not that I want the Euros more often, fat from it: there is too much international football already. Have the Euros, Copa America and ACN in the same year (although different times according to climate etc), and stop this rubbish from happening too often.

Merlin's Panini

I think they should just have the World Cup and nothing else. The Euros, ACN, Asia Cup and Copa America are all shite. Not that I’m much of a fan of the World Cup either. If they really have to, just make the World Cup every two years instead.


They’re playing it twice now so it doesn’t collide with World Cup in the future. It will be played in odd-numbered years from now on.

Goon Goon Goon

Get him on loan but buy another striker :o) I would love another moment like Henry’s goal against Leeds


Is Chamakh actually going to leave in January, or just go to the Cup of African Nations in an African Nation in Africa Cup?

Thierry Henry

Ahh, the original HFB is back. If you do not have a shirt for me, do not worry I had my whole body tattoo’d with my old Arsenal strip so I can play naked.
What do you say?

hamisu abdullahi

Yes,we are agree sign him we like to see henry in arsenal, theiry henry is a big player in arsenal

Midfield Corporal

Maybe he’ll have words withTheo, persuade him to sign a new deal.
I’m a bit apprehensive about him returning, last time was the perfect ending, getting the Leeds goal and Sunderland equaliser, how can he better that? Draw spurs in the cup and he gets the winner?


I love him too; he is just behind Tony Adams in my reverence and adoration. But this is another indication that the club is treading water. Either this is to preserve funds for Wengers successor, or silent stan is a carpetbagger


Ummm why the fuck is the african cup of nations from Africa’s cup on again this year??

Oh well if it means return of the king trilogy, I’m all for it.


while it does bring a degree of impetus to the squad but does it not prevent a squad player from playing for the rest of season due to henry needing to be registered? CL and EPL?


Because squillaci has been real handy this season…

H. P. Arsecraft

Ok bring him back, but bring him back for the rest of the season, not short term, and give him a coaching role at the end of that contract. He would be a great influence for the sqaud and if we can keep hold of him he might be an even bigger influence on future signings. Just to have TH14 in the club would attract the talent that grew up with him as their idol. But the club and we, the supporters of the Arsenal, cant be blinded with Thierry coming back. We still need a striker/winger (depending on how… Read more »


Arseblog pointed out this morning that signing Henry on loan should not be an alternative to signing another forward.

I think he said the exact same last year, I hope the result is not the same.

Anyway, if I long-term replacement for Diaby/Rosicky could be found that might be a more important signing.


Henry returning will nice and fun..But it won’t solve our problems..Need to buy another striker.. I personally prefer for us to sign Jovetic. Will cost a bit of money but what a fantastic talent

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Will the loan spell include the game against united at the emirates? Would love to see what the King has to say to the arse who left us..


Lol chelsea!. Come on the king henry.

Whoever goes next to chelsew should be really low on self worth.

Merlin's Panini

Benitez it is then!

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I do not understand the careful skeptic responses above.

He is a LEGEND, and not some fked up played being brought in for sentimental reason. He could still contribute, and be useful. Scholes and Giggs are still doing it, and Henry is still younger and better !!

I would welcome him with open arms, the sentimental reasons apart, he still got it.

Merlin's Panini

I would happily have him back for good. You might lose a bit of pace and touch but you don’t lose your football brain and his is genius. He won’t pull off everything he tries but he’s still able to change a game in seconds because he just knows what he’s doing.
Look at Pirlo. He’s still got it in abundance too.


We have to sign him for good!
…also we have to extend Sagna and Walcott and buy two (2) more players! Everything else is just our dear Board balancing around 4th spot! Thats not good enough!

[…] Henry in the January window. It’s obvious Arsene is considering it, as he’s been talking up the qualities of the former captain: Will I sign him again in January? I don’t know. I don’t rule it out. He […]


Having Henry back is always a good thing. Class is permanent as they say. He can come off the bench and make a difference. BUT. Is this potential move papering over the cracks. The players he is penciled in to replace aren’t world beaters are they just making up the numbers really. Henry is a class above them even in the twilight of his career. Henry is a ravishing glittering past. What of the future. It all comes down to whether we sell or sign Walcott. It will tell us of our clubs intentions, does the Board want to be… Read more »

John Terry

It’s all coming together once again. Patience…


Sign Luis Muriel……please Arsene!! Also sign Henry up with view to coaching role like matey said…….quick, before citeh start sniffing round…..little cunt dogs!!

Kick Wenger Out Campaign

I feel sorry for Roberto Di Matteo,Roman Avramovich is a pathetic person.Anyway Henry is always Welcome,but we need at least one permanent solution.


Why sorry? He played catenaccio in UK. Fuck that ugly John Terry based football! And it is great that he has been punished by Juventus in catenaccio homeland.

Mr Wenger

I will be signing Mikael Silvestre in January to strengthen our squad


Finally a centre back we desperately need. Bring back the Human Fish!!


probably the most interesting insight i’ve heard arsene give on the team


It’s not for us to say whether or not Wenger should do the loan; Henry will train with the team, and the manager will assess whether or not he can still add something to the squad. If he can, he signs.

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