Arsenal 0-2 Swans: lack of application, concentration, and demonstration – by the numbers


Lack of Effort Killing Arsenal

That was one of the worst first half team performances I have ever seen from Arsenal. (Winner marked in red)

First half:

4 – Arsenal Shots
6 – Swansea shots
1 – Arsenal shots on Goal
2 – Swansea shots on Goal
254 – Arsenal passes completed
294 – Swansea passes completed
64 – Arsenal passes completed in the Swansea final 1/3
34 – Swansea passes completed in the Arsenal final 1/3
8 – Arsenal successful dribbles
1 – Swansea successful dribbles
3 – Arsenal tackles
12 – Swansea tackles
10 – Arsenal interceptions
7 – Swansea interceptions
4 – Arsenal aerial duels won
3 – Swansea aerial duels won
7 – Arsenal fouls
4 – Swansea fouls

Second half:

Only better enough to give us false hope.

6 – Arsenal Shots
8 – Swansea shots
4 – Arsenal shots on Goal
5 – Swansea shots on Goal
293 – Arsenal passes completed
194 – Swansea passes completed
121 – Arsenal passes completed in the Swansea final 1/3
29 – Swansea passes completed in the Arsenal final 1/3
2 – Arsenal successful dribbles
5 – Swansea successful dribbles
7 – Arsenal tackles
6 – Swansea tackles
3 – Arsenal interceptions
6 – Swansea interceptions
8 – Arsenal aerial duels won
2 – Swansea aerial duels won
5 – Arsenal fouls
6 – Swansea fouls

In the context of the whole game and the whole season it looks like this:

Errors* Also Killing Arsenal

Jenkinson error Swansea
Vermaelen error Swansea
Sagna error Everton
Aston Villa — clean sheet
Mertesacker error Tottenham
Arteta error Fulham
Arteta penalty conceded Fulham
Vermaelen error Man U
Cazorla penalty conceded Man U
QPR — clean sheet
Mannone error Norwich
West Ham score — NO ERRORS!
Koscielny error Chelsea
Mannone error Man City
Szczesny error Southampton
Liverpool — clean sheet
Stoke — clean sheet
Sunderland — clean sheet

16 – Goals conceded in League play by Arsenal
12 – Errors leading to goals or penalties conceded by Arsenal (only 11 goals — Rooney missed the pen Cazorla gave away)
3 – Consecutive errors leading to goals
5 – Points lost in the last two games because of errors
15 – Points lost because of errors leading to goals (my estimate, what’s yours?)

How much worse is Arsenal this year v. last year?

(Correction: this is an old image, Arsenal lost 1-0 to Man City meaning the totals should read 20-17. Adjust everything accordingly below.)

Here’s something I thought up from the bottom of a glass of whiskey: a comparison of the League matches played last term with their analogous matches this term.

I left Southampton and West Ham off because they are newly promoted teams and their analog in this matrix are Norwich and Swansea (all four were promoted in the same places from the League Championship). Adding those West Ham and Southampton’s six points to this season and nine goals (minus 2 for goals conceded) would bring Arsenal to 21 points but wouldn’t I just have to double the results from Norwich and Swansea, thus adding 6 points to the other side?

I thought about adding relegated teams (since they won’t be repeated again this year) but that would make me include the Arsenal win over Blackburn (7-1) and the win over Wolverhampton away (3-0). Which, again, is actually better than the great results against Soton and WHam (+9 GD last term v. +7 this).

Given the same teams as last season, Arsenal’s much vaunted defensive improvement is a mere two goals over those 13 games and just ONE goal if I add Blackburn and Wolves in. And the dip in offensive production is either six (or seven) goals over the same teams as last season. No matter who I add in there, Arsenal are struggling both offensively and defensively and now need 50 points from their last 23 games to top last season’s total. The December schedule is as easy as it’s going to get but the team are making cheap mental errors on defense and are not applying themselves while making cheap errors on offense.

Tough to watch.


All numbers today via Opta, ESPN, or my personal database

Follow Tim on twitter @7amkickoff and at

*Errors leading to goals are a mistake that leads to a goal

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Makes horrible reading.
Normally figures can lie but not this time.


Gutted to say it, but we are fucked

comical ali

talking about numbers,

gazidis £2,000,000,
wenger £7,000,000,
arsenal players £143,000,000

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

Horrible agent cunts £5,600,000


Arsenal are wasting too much money on Shit players. Even though we are not keeping best players or buying the best ones( which require more wages), the overall wage budget is just below Chelsea and Man City’s wage budget.


1 – manager that need to seriously think about changing something, anything
2 – strikers bought to replace RVP (wonders if their combined wages exceed what the little boy inside wanted)
0 – midfielders bought to replace Song

1 – person that does not recognise the team that made him follow a commercial sporting team for the first time in his life, now wondering if it is worth it all.

Tottenhams reckoning

Sorry to break it but if that little boy just wanted money he would have most definitely gone to City. He obviously went to manure to win shit because they still have tradition. Agree with the rest of the points though!

Ill Ting

Stop the ride. I want to get off 🙁

3 points in the toilet

Number of unhappy fans? Uncountable
No, this is not matercard comercial…


You forgot Wenger error, the last five seasons. Any other manager would have been sacked including fergie or at least would have the good grace to step aside, but I suppose on 7mil your not bothered by simple self respect and pride in your work.


No-one loves the club like Arsene, anything you’re feeling now I can almost guarantee he is feeling twice as badly. He could have fucked off years ago to join PSG or Real Madrid and make even more money, but instead he stayed and fought for a top 4 place with a squad made up of academy graduates, free-transfers, and unknown quantities.

Besides who’s available to go to Arsenal and take over Wenger’s legacy with this squad? Mark Hughes? Roberto Di Matteo? Don’t think for one second that Pep Guardiola will take this thankless job.

We owe him our patience and our time to change things around. Should we be in the doldrums at the end of the season then maybe he will step aside, but until the he is the best man for the job.


but we’ve already afforded him that. like….8 years of patience?


I am sure its not Arsene most are pissed at….its the piss sucking board and Ivy ….the boos were for them..imagine if Arsene had the funds like Fergie with him…but probably the fact he can atleast ask some tough questions like other managers do..but why bother..7 mill a year etc…
Also hate the fact that Arsene says majority draws and loss with one or two wins is a +ve record…shows what he thinks of the team….



Isn’t he the one most responsible for putting us in this mess with the youth project, over paid crap players, poor tactics and refusal to acknowledge where we need cover.


Sorry forgot to add the key word ‘away games’ to the last sentence of my prev comment


Yes l suppose he hurts more than us average fans. But that does not make him he is the most competent one to solve this problem now, not anymore he isn’t.

Arsenal in this kind of shape, l think more manager would do better than than you would know. Hughes, no. Di mattio, l think so, pep l think he can do it, but my favorite is moyes. But, can he be persuaded to switch to arsenal?


If u think Di Matteo can do a better job then Arsene you must be havin a laugh. He got lucky with the Champions league final and FA cup final. The chav players were playing for themselves. And they had a certain Drogba to thank for their victories. If he is that good he wouldnt be out of a job by now despite abramovich funding a mass spending spree.

I certainly feel that Arsene is the right man for the job. He deserves to be given a chance. For a long time he’s had to contend with being financially restricted. Lets see what he makes of it this time.
But his tactics could do with some revitalization. Its getting fucking predictable now. That is where i feel he is arrogant and stubborn.


Wenger’s love for Arsenal is not questionable. But his ability at this point as a manager definitely is.


The most important stat here is Arsenal 0 – Swansea 2.

Seems arsenal have set their sights on undoing good records we set years ago. Great, just fucking great!

Swansea never beaten us at home since 1982.

Never defeated at home in the champs league since moving to the emirates. But threw it all away against Schalke.

Worst start to prem league since 1994.

What’s next???. I’m afraid an 8th league position unless something changes quickly.

Congratulations arsene and arsenal atleast you’re breaking records!

Come back King Henry

We lost to Manchester United 3-1 at the Emirates in 2008-09 Champions League Semi-Final. Not that you would remember as every Arsenal fan or has any affiliation with Arsenal(none more than Gibbs) would want to forget that night. That was our first and only Champions League defeat at the Emirates until Schalke.


Sorry, I meant the group stages and about that defeat by united, I remember ronaldo and j.s park doing the job in the first 15 minutes of the match. Thanks I think?


The stat is actually lost to foreign opposition at home in the CL.

Big Chief from Antarctica
Big Chief from Antarctica

Depressed as fuck, this would be so much bearable if at least the will to win was shown. ffs, Arsenal got loads of problems. I always thought it was depth because of the injuries but #1 seems to unequivocally MENTALITY. Be fucking proud you’re wearing RED AND WHITE. I can take a thousand defeats as long as I fucking know they WORKED for it. 4 shots on goal? For real?

I say, dump these silly men in the Congo river and fetch them when they’ve grown some balls.


im gunna cry now T_T

the king

wenger has made alot of errors.

would ferguson, mancini, chealse manager or even the spuds manager
if they went 7 years with out winning and each year getting worse and worse……would they still have a job ?

i love wenger but something has to change in the club weather its we sign a few world class players or even giving wenger the sack.

things cant continue like this but watch what happens we win a few games we win nothing still but still get 4th place like always and everything is forgottn

some thing that happend when we won agains 10 men spuds
everyone forgot how bad we played before and that we was losing to spuds before they went down to 10 men.


The big problem is that Wenger and the board can´t admit their mistakes. And i have absolutly no confidence for wenger anymore and especially not for the board… They shouldn´t sell our best players and if they do, they must buy players that are good enough to replace them, they have failed to do so. They must give Walcott the contract he wants or he will leave and then we will be even worser..

If Wenger had money available as the board claims he does, iam sure he would have spend them. I think we got an extremly greedy board with an extremly greedy owner Stan Kroenke.

Board out.

Usmanov in

Kroenke out

H. P. Arsecraft

Did you see Walcotts performance today? Was that worth 100k a week!?


He wasn´t good at all today, but everyone could have a bad day? And who in this team would replace him gervinho? 0 is the amount of money that the board will spend this summer

H. P. Arsecraft

Everyone has a bad day, sure but Walcott has a lot of bad days in a season and he is very inconsistent. I would love for him to stay but not at his price.

jack jack jack

He’s “consistent in patches”.

But more importantly I can’t help but think he’s ‘shop-windowing’. He drifts inside every fucking time we take the ball forward giving us no width at all to get balls in a forge an attack. Seems like he’s only interested in getting goals for himself, and I don’t fucking want him if he’s not going to play for the team.


Stupid comment about Walcott. Arsenal has to extend him…


Although i dont agree with gunnerftw’s comment…the narrow gap between + & – shows a lot


Wenger needs some help. We simply don’t have a plan B and our Plan A is well known by everyone. Someone get on the phone to Guardiola, i bet Dein would have been able to tempt him over here.


Watched Arsene’s post match interview on the BBC. The arrogance wasn’t there at all just a proud man beaten into submission. I feel sorry for him. He has given everything to the club and we have enjoyed some of the best football ever played under his stewardship. I don’t know how we got to this point and who to really blame but today I realised none of us are more let down than Arsene himself. I just want to say thanks for the memories.


Yea, he’s the man needing some lift from somewhere, he did look down…

Alex X

There are people to feel sorry for in this world but a football manager worth eight figures who’s lost the plot and ego’s bruised is not one of them.


That kind of talk is uncalled for and disrespectful to one of the best football managers in the world.

jack jack jack

Well said. It’s not looking good for us now, but god I’m going to miss him when he goes. The Wenger era is the only Arsenal I’ve really known and I can’t help but just feel really fucking sad that it hasn’t worked out for him (and us) in these last few years. He’s poured his life and soul into this club, I just hope people remember him for everything he’s done for us.

And here’s to hoping that the commercial deals and FFP can mark a genuine renaissance for the mighty Arsenal.


Not this time king unless wenger goes we’ll finish where we are now, if we’re lucky.


There are only one possible result that can insure our fight for top 4. Those are….
1.. AW gets sacked and we start fresh with another manager who has the quality to bring the most out of the squad. && also has amazing tactics under his nose. Wenger unfortunately has run out of ideas to keep the squad in a reasonable position after 15 games EPL. & to make the situation worser he’s gone off abroad this week to announce he only going to purchasing two players:: personally I think we need more the 2 players with the funds he has available and plus the sales of walcot I’m sure he can fetch 2+ but (No world class Players )
I personally had enough of this drought && I’m sure many other fans have 2 .. So we ought stop going to the matches. Not because we gone off to support another team but we gone off to hurt the board so they can finally wake up. I’m sure they’ll realize that there funds have a dramatic drop and surely if we continue to that they’ll finally realize. Plus it’s cheaper 2 watch em @ the local pub or home ..


hahaha… u make me laugh. sack the manager. stop going to the matches. And buy a world class player. who can win you matches after matches on his own? who exactly do u have in mind, messi ?!
nothing is gonna change over night. it takes a lot of time to build a team. what wenger had to deal with over the last couple of years was not just replacing his best players, but the fcking spine of the team. what we need badly is a morale boost.

Me So Hornsey

I actually ‘liked’ this comment due to the incredibly bad grammar and use of past and present tense in your confused diatribe. Hilarious!!!!!

Jeremy Mathews

It’s all because we don’t have Pat Rice anymore. (Surely if we blamed him while he was here, we can attribute current failures to his absence?)


Watching the way this team is performing is feeling a lot like late era George Graham and even late era Don Howe. It’s that bad.

And it was late era for both those managers for a good reason (brown envelopes aside).

Would be very sad if this is how it ends.


I was at the game today. The first half was really frustrating but we started the second better and had most of the ball

However players aren’t helping each other out. How many times does on pass the ball and stay still when the other player is surrounded by 3 opponents. We used to play lovely ‘triangle’ passes all day long but thats gone.

I thought no one symbolised Arsenal malaise better than Arteta today. Clearly lacking confidence his first instinct was to pass backwards.

At the end there were boos and insults towards Arsene and even though I was annoyed with the performance it was just really sad to see so much anger. Whatever his faults he doesn’t deserve this lack of respect.


You’re right Wenger doesn’t deserve that lack of respect, but I feel he needs to be held accountable for at least one major flaw, that which he is to overly reliant on a handful of players. Excluding the league cup, both Arteta and Santi have started every game this season (PL and CL), and Arteta hasn’t even been subbed (please correct me if I’m wrong someone), two important players in our mid-field who were both kicking arse at the start of the season have now been run ragged.
Wenger has relied heavily on Wilshire and Fabregas in the past leading to injuries, and he chanced it on RVP last season, had he been injured we most certainly would not have got 3rd, luckily he didn’t. IMO he is not resting players enough, could not Coq fill in for Arteta a few games? Arshavin for Santi? Are they not good enough?


Thats the thing. He doesnt utilize the bench effectively. Whats the purpose of having a squad of 25 players if you are not going to use it effectively. We ve gone to matches with only one centre forward. (Sit down Gervinho. You are not a Centre Forward) The likes of Chamakh and Arshavin are not going to get any better sitting in the bench let alone being out of the match day squad. If you consistently keep playing the same 10-15 players the likely outcome is they will start fading sooner or later. Tis the case with Arteta and Cazorla.

wenger out

championship here we come!!

jack jack jack

Alright mate, see you later!


This is absolutely all Wenger’s doing, I don’t know how you can feel sorry for him. Wasting untold millions on salaries on poor quality players,refusing to invest capital funds in new players properly (our net transfer spend has been relegation zone equivalent for the last few seasons), only buying French players who can’t cut it in the premiership. Wenger has simply refused to change his ways and now the chickens are coming home to roost. We can only pray we don’t go into freefall and can still make the Europa league spot, but frankly I would be delighted to see the share price plummet and Kroenke panic and sell up to Usmanov.

jack jack jack

“only buying French players who can’t cut it in the premiership”

A good number of the greatest players this club has ever seen have been French signings, and a good number of great signings Wenger has made haven’t been French. Both parts of your statement are ridiculous. You’re a moron with a loudspeaker.


Well if you f*ck up at work you would enjoy being insulted? What if you had devoted many years to your company and your colleagues talk sh*t about you… You thought you’d at least deserve some respect.

Anyway it’s more sad than anything really…


true as fuck

Foo Type

I wonder what the odds are on Usmanov releasing another ‘open letter’ expressing his empathy with the fans?

I’m reluctant to say spending will solve our problems but I certainly think we could do with a bit of a Bergkamp/Arshavin (I know, I know….) moment, to give us a bit of a boost. I just hope this Emirates sponsorship money hasn’t come too late…


Todays performance was an absolute shambles, to be honest the whole season is a complete disaster and there is no evidence that it is going to get better. our players are simply not good enough and it seems our manager has lost the plot. if we have so much money why are we not spending it on world class players that was the reason we left highbury . The board have alot to answer for, they seem to be greedy and not caring about the fans or the direction the club is going. it is no wonder our best players want to leave obviously van persie saw the writing on the wall so who is next. i ask you the real fans what is the answer, who could we buy in jan. i am totally disgusted and baffled, at how we have fallen so far in 6 years but we have to keep the faith


i think from now on im only going to watch the arsenal ladies, at least they are winning trophies.

gnarly charlie

Bugger the trophies, at least they play an attractive, passing game.

Dancing Cannon

Women’s football is the only time you can publicly say/yell “Nice chest” at a grown women. ;). Sorry just trying to lighten the mood. This shit is fucking dark. It’s like all yall are preteens scared that you are losing you’re popularity and attractiveness. Which is a fairly true comparison to this team, but still those preteens keep it together.


Passionless display, almost like a pre season friendly. Ferguson would be ‘hair drying’ big time after that display, particularly the first half, but Wenger only makes excuses for the players. They obviously need someone to motivate them and get them out of their comfort zone and I am not sure that Wenger is doing that at the moment.

Next up it’s westbrom, they’ll come to us looking for points and if we turn up like we have done today then I expect nothing positive from that match. I remember looking forward to arsenal games with so much excitement knowing yes…..”today I get to see the Arsenal play, yeiy”. Not so much these days. Arsenal position 10, early december, stoke cunt city ahead of us??. Let that sink in for a couple of minutes.

*A faint COYG


Arsene is the cause of everything happening at wanna know why?… can he call himself a manager and cannot manage a arsenal players are poor but still arsene pampers them and tell them they are good.thats why i love fergie and mourinho..if you are not good then you dont deserve to be in the team but for arsene if you are not good,you will play in the team..thats total bullsh* do you expect a player to improve when you cant even tell him he is bad…


I feel sorry for wenger. It’s like watching a boxer make a comeback and just can’t find the stamina.
Heartbreaking to see the bloke go through this having built this club up to what was one of the greatest club sides to watch in world football. But something needs to change. I’m no convinced its all down to arsene but for the sake of his legacy I wish he would come out and tell us who’s fault this really is.
If its arsene and he runs the club from top to bottom as some say then its time to go but if others are to blame, then I really wish he would come out and say so because he doesn’t deserve this.


Cannot fucking believe what a laughing stock they’ve turned us into. Since when are we the new Liverpool… Oh when we stared caring about the green in our pockets rather than the green of the football pitch.

What absolute naive fucking cunts really thought that we could just keep selling our best players and thinking they’ll find the next henry for half the price. Fuck me, I’m starting to wonder whether Mr Wenger got extremely lucky with his first squad of players. How he can think this squad is anywhere near that quality, is very fucking worrying and very fucking naive.

Do we need someone who has shown such little tactical knowledge? I don’t think I can say we do anymore. You would think they’d learn from last season, but because we made a great escape, they think we can do it again minus 2 world class players.

Current world class players in squad = zero.


17 fucking hours door to door for that rubbish flooded train lines wankers.

For me we no longer have the players for 443, too easy for players like Cazorla to drift in and out of games Lucas looks lost Gerviniho looks utter suite and Theo looks like he’s waiting for some else to do the work surely even Wenger will try something different weather system or players Andre, Djourou it Kos in midfield something, going to The Arsenal is getting like my marriage boring and predictible with occasional blow jobs

Hi Arsene...

…nice 2 Michu!

Why dont you all go support chelskij, they also enjoy a good moan…

Mohd Isa

There shd be no sympathy for the fm. He has brought all the current problems on himself.No one is to blame .He is too arrogant to admit his policies have failed as evident by his curt dismissal of a defence coach some time ago.
He has lost the plot . Tactically he is still playing in one attacking style.
Teams know to score.Yyou just have to wait for the gunners to surge forward as they did yesterday. Bingo as space opens upu,Michu found it so easy to score.
The gunners as is their habit will indulge in passing with no direct diagonal pass.It’s so easy to stifle the gunners and yet they still do it after so long.No wonder they find it hard to score. They don’t want to shoot until they count to ten but by then defenders will be swarming back and harassing the gunners in possession.
No ifs and buts. If the gunners fail to secure the cl berth,his time must surely be up. Oh btw,he didn’t say the gunners can win the cl as on Dec 1 2012.If he had said that,he would be making a fool of Arsenal fc let alone Wenger.

petit's handbag

Van Persie scored over half the goals in that graph
All this bolox about goals being shared about,I can’t remember a season Arsenal were this bad spread out over such a period,we’ve gone through bad periods but come out stronger.
Now we have a big win,ie against Spurs and two weeks later we’re back to this shit.
I fear changing managers not an option,we’re going into the doldrums,we’ve laughed at Liverpool,now the shoes on the other foot its not so funny

Con Fucius

It’s frustrating how predictable Arsenal has become in attack. So long as opposing teams close down the flanks and put enough pressure to keep us from smooth sailing to the goal, it’s a pretty straightforward job of keeping calm, letting Arsenal pass it around slowly (according to the Arsemanual) and waiting for the inevitable mistake. I’m not angry at these mistakes or those who make them. Look at Man United – they make plenty and concede plenty (and they also score plenty). Except for the beginning of the season when the fresh attacking force was somewhat unpredictable (since tamed to utter dullness), all we’ve been doing is passing the ball from right to left, right to left and back to the right hoping from some great cross from Gibbs or Walcott to get us the win.

Watching the game today I couldn’t help thinking Swansea were everything Arsenal should be. Fluid, fast, persistent. The second half was better, but it was the same formula that everyone seems to have the antidote to these days. Individual performances are good – Cazorla is wonderful when at his best, Walcott is a danger on the right and through the centre, Giroud and Podolski have been scoring and providing, Arteta’s a beast, Gibbs and Jenkison are pretty damn good and so are Verm/Kos/BFG. And yet the team as a whole isn’t really clicking when it comes to attacking. Again, too f*ing predictable.

I don’t want Wenger gone (who would – and who could – replace him?). I want this mediocre team to improve. It seems as if very little is missing, but it’s key to winning games.

I’m sure it’ll all be ok by the end of the year. Or early next year. Or something.

Con Fucius

Oh, and can I just add how useless I think passing the ball around in our own half is, while none of our attacking players does anything particularly surprising like, you know, running around trying to lose their marking? THEY HAVE ALL FIGURED IT OUT: We’re waiting for them to come at it and leave themselves exposed. They’re not coming at it. SUGGESTIONS ANYONE? FFS.

Bedtime now.


The players Wenger has bought over the past few seasons have been diabolical,and it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with Wengers poor,poor judgement .If you add up what he has spent over the past 2 summers ,it comes to over 100 mill. For that,he has bought the truly dreadful Gervinho,the naive Jenks and Ox,the hopeless Santos,the squad standard Mertesacker,the Past it Arteta and Poldolski,the inadequate Giroud and the ok Cazorla.Park is SO crap the club have had to write him off!!! How much did that Swansea team cost? Everton? Stoke? West Ham? West Brom? Spurs? A hell of alot less than this pathetic excuse for a team Wenger has assembled. He has had millions to spend and has wasted the lot.The youth set up is crap too;apart from Wilshere and Gibbs,who has the Academy produced during the past 16 yrs ?Players bought from other clubs at the age of 15 or 16 do NOT count. I think the club ,especially Gazidis,should publically thank RVP because without his goals we would not be in the CL this season,and we would not have secured the deal with the Emirates;there is no way they would have offered 150 mill for a non CL club.Wonder if theres a clause in the contract which means they pay less if we are not in the CL,less exposure for sponsors etc.That would wipe the smug look from Ivans face,as will turning up at his new Uefa job being the CEO of a club not even in the Europa League!!!!!

Mohd Isa

I think RVP has been vindicatated in his decision to leave. He could see the gunners won’t be challengeing as evidence by the players he wanted Wenge to buy.
If Wenger thinks this is my best squad, can go all the way,he must surely be living in fantasy island.He was ou tthought tactically and that is a real problem. Until the gunners canspeed up the attack from defence with a direct ball instead of lateral passing,this will be the norm in future games.losses or draws will be th order of the day.

Monkey faced arse

I’m afraid to say, today was, indeed, the final straw… Wenger has been found out. We need someone fresh, with new, EXCITING ideas to come in and sort OUR club out. Today was an embarassment. Not taking anything away from Swansea. Have the utmost respect for that club and their players/ fans (especially!) but that abject display, which didn’t change in the second half ,was unacceptable! We were lucky against both Villa and Everton to get a point in those games… We were shown up today. Get Klopp in, give him some money in January and start anew… Thank you for what you’ve done for the club, Arsene, but it’s time to move on.


I’m lost as what to think. For the first time in years I like all of the players in our first eleven. I think we bought well in summer. I understand the whole squad is nowhere near as strong as it should be but today we had eleven good footballers who should be able to show more quality at home to an ok Swansea side. So whats the problem? There is probably more than one from the board to the manager, but I don’t think a fit Van Persie would solve our problems right now. I would very much like to see a change in our formation/players selections/playing strategy for once though. At the moment I would be confident to manage a Sunday league side to beat arsenal, and that is no exaggeration…it is soooo easy to read how to play us. Come on Wenger, just try something new. ANYTHING! I almost don’t care if it goes wrong, as long as you try. I Promise I won’t knock you for trying….

Lenny The Pep

If we don’t make the Champions League then I hope we don’t qualify for Europa. We’re going to need to focus totally next year on righting this ship in the League.


no trophy = check.
no top 4= check.
no glory = check.

fans in tears.


Wenger's Glasses

I don’t want Wenger to go, I want him to change!

The Diaby gamble is totally backfired, aint it? It’s an admirable decision, but, in this case it backfired.

& I think, how can you bring the best potential of the team if you play your players out of their proven best positions? Seeing Arteta as a dm is just painful to watch because it’s such a waste of talent. & now he seems utterly knackered & lost his confidence. He need a rest, ffs!

Yankee Gooner

The biggest problem is Kroenke. Look at ANY of his American teams, which I’m sure he cares about more than Arsenal–they are all mediocre, low paying, no star teams. But they make money. I want a fan, not an investor, running the team I love.


Ehhh, there does not seem to big a difference in management pre/post Kroenke, he’s a scapegoat. It’s not like he convinced Fabregas, Nasri, song, and VanPrick that they wanted to leave.

Better to ask why they wanted to leave, and why the replacements Wenger bought are so substandard.

Also, nobody but Wenger decides that Arsenal plays in such an uninspiring and predictable manner, the one-dimensional arsenal has been with us much longer than Kroenke has, Wenger can’t get the most out of his team because he only knows one way to play, previously he was lucky to have players that could succeed in his system, no longer.


some thought; TIME to gunner fan EMPTY THE STADIUM. and see what next.


Erwan dan Irfan

I’m hoping that Arsenal finish outside top 4, even better if we finish outside of europa league. This will give them lesson and a true picture how bad we are right now.


Wenger is a stubborn man who cannot admit his mistakes. People tend to remember him for the great signings he made, but he has made a lot of crap signings too: Chamakh, Park, Squillaci, Santos, Vela, Fabianski, Mannone, Almunia, Djourou, Denilson, Bendtner, Reyes, Jeffers, Ramsey, Pascal Cygan, Inamoto, and that young “talent” that was bought while injured and sold off quietly without even kicking a ball (whose name I no longer recall: “Mauro”?). Even that Japanese anime character out on loan flatters to deceive. He couldn’t even get a sustained run of games while on loan at Fulham. At the same time we lost some of our best players: Henry, Pettit, Pires, Flamini, that Dutch wing wizard, Anelka, Cesc, RvP, Silvinho, Laurent, Song, Toure. (Fortunately there were a few non regrettable departures: Adebayshit, Gallas, Hleb). He has also destroyed Arshavin, a huge talent, by insisting in playing him out of position. Putting Gervinho as center forward is as daft as he has gone. Is this bad management or what?

Paulo Vitor Dama da Rosa
Paulo Vitor Dama da Rosa

I’m sorry guys but all the “Arsene Out” is just nonsense. As much as this is hurting me for us to lose, all the managers people are touting to replace him are not as good as him. Do you think if there were better managers out there, that Chelfucks would hire Benitez? There just aren’t any good managers out there who don’t have a good job. As much as it hurts to have our club sink this low, replacing Arsene is not the solution.

The players really seem like they lack confidence. Jenkinson really opened my eyes during the man city match the way he bombed forward and was a beast but for some reason he just back passes nowadays, it’s not only him, all out players seem to be playing it safe and lack confidence. Some of man utd players are fucking shit compared to our players but they play like they think they are kings and it pays off. Fuck everybody except Arsene and Arsenal and our own players. They just need to learn to fight.

Fuck Theo though, he ain’t gonna sign and he seems to be playing for himself. Lots of self-fish plays from him and he’s not good enough to pull that off. If you play self-fish, you better score.


I think Arsene is the best man for the job. People only look at managers and judge them the trophies they won, not the stars they have in their squad that the millions of money they spent.

– Pep Guardiola: Spent ₤200+ million and had the best football academy in the world.

RDM: had a team full of experience; Cole, JT, Fat Frank, Drogba, Cech, Mikel and Ivanovic, who have won a lot of things together. They finished 6th in the league but won the FA Cup and CL, the latter by luck, because Messi and Robben missed their penalties. Abramovich spent fortune in the summer, but after a bright start the flopped and have 1% chance to go through to the CL last 16.

Ancelloti: Has the Arab fortunes in his hands, but loses to French minnows in regular basis.

David Moyes: one of the best managers in the league, works under pressure and overachieves at Everton. Is tactically wise and gets the most out of his players. But, will he be allowed to spend like he wanted to at Arsenal? I doubt.

You always hear that there are funds available for the manager to spend, but if that’s the case, Arsene would have spent these funds. He doesn’t have shares in Arsenal, so why would he keep the money in the bank while he’s the one in the receiving end of constant loses and abuses?

There could be money available, but it seems that the board doesn’t want the manager to spend BIG on quality players. They want him to buy Gervinho type players who don’t cost a lot. You can see how we showed an interest to sign Mata, Alonso and Sahin, but pulled out in the last minute, because there were extra few millions in difference which wouldn’t balance the board’s books.

Blame the board. We flopped when they took over from the previous people.


Of thaqt List David Moyes would be my choice and I think he would find the financial situation at Arsenal a dream compared to Everton. As others have pointed out, we have pretty good players, they need better coaching.


When we play badly…sing louder.

When a player is struggling for form…chant his name.

When a player leaves…forget him.

I’ve supported the Arsenal since before I can even remember, and I’ll continue to support them until I die.

Even though we are playing crap, I don’t give a toss. I stood on the North Bank and supported them during the early 80’s, when we were undeniably the second best team in North London, and I still loved them then. I’ll continue to support them no matter where they are in the league and no matter how crap we play.

Protesters…go fuck yourselves.

Booers…go fuck yourselves.

We want our Arsenal fans back.


I like your attitude, I can criticize the management and some players, but the vitriol and the booing are counter-productive and infantile. No wonder poor Ramseys confidence is shatterred.


They are the ones overpaying (season)tickets, spending on gas or public transport either home or away, subscriptions to what not just to keep up2date to their beloved Arsenal etc etc. While on the pitch there is no desire, no chemistry, no ideas/creativity, no shot on fucking goal for like 30 mins, no nothing except millionaires. They have all the right to boo at such an awful Arsenal (and the fans money) unworthy !!!
So if u is to settle with the current form, says alot bout u as a ‘fan’. This is 2012, not the 80’s.
Because true fans want the Arsenal back !!


What Arsenal do you want back?

The one where the fans have a say? We haven’t had that since before Norris took over, so you’d have to be well over a 100 to remember those days.

I went to virtually every home game from about 1979 to 2010, when I emigrated to Cyprus…do you really think that you are more of a fan than me? So don’t come up with bullshit about what the true fans want, because all I hear is whining little self entitled pricks crying like four year olds.

Maybe this period of being not so great will clear out all those ‘true fans’ like you.

North Bank Gooner

im a true arsenal fan, and you dont speak for me mate! i 100% wholeheartedly agree with Doublex3. i too stood on the north bank in the 80s and 90s. if you are old enough to have done so, and supported the team through the lean years, as well as the glory ones, you have the right to call yourself a true fan.its easy to be a gooner when we were winning everything, but true fans will be there when we dont, still cheering the lads on, because its in our heart!!

someone that slags off everything about the club, doesnt have a right to speak on behalf of us TRUE fans, who would still turn up every week, and sing their hearts out even if we were in the conference!!!!

Dial Square

Well said, he doesn’t speak for me either, i stood on the north bank from the 70’s to the 90’s home and away every week for over 12 years, THAT chippy Brady goal against spuds, i saw Tony Adams make his debut, i saw Tony Adams play his last game for the club, i’ve invested emotionally, i’ve invested thousands of pounds financially, i’ve invested 25-30 years of my life, so don’t you fucking dare come on here claiming to speak for true fans, take your bullshit and fuck off…


all good things must come to an end,and if every1 is being honest Wengers time is up,he is no longer the manager he used to be,truth be told,no amount of money will change this situation.he has served the club well ,but mant great coaches ,players ,countries .teams have had their time and lost their spark.wenger has lost cant always complain about the player quality ,how many man u players can honestly compare with our own…carrick ,valencia,cleverly,rio ferdinand??????? apart from rooney n van pursestrings,plus kagawa nprob degea..none of the others are really any goood,but they still win,…y? ,,,because they have a coach who is still a winner n has been abl eto motivate n improve his players…sadly i cant say the same for wenger any more…..concerned gonner


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I don’t know about this post… are they lot’s of 5pur2 supporters trolling or people are stupid? The same ones who were so sure that we should sell rvp asap are now roaring for replacing Wenger, selling Walcott…
You can not replace Wenger, he won’t go anywhere anytime soon, only Stan can suddenly flee with his money. But I think he won’t do that, yet.
We need to sing someone who “shines” cos I feel in this team there are lot’s of weak characters and that is very bad for the final result.
I hope we won’t remember this “generation” as The Invisibles!

Dial Square

It’s so so sad to see Arsene like this, he looked broken yesterday, and in the anger that surrounds a performance like we saw yesterday it’s easy to forget all he has done for our club. The real problem is, we as fans don’t know who is to blame, is it Arsene, has he lost the plot? Has he made the decision to sell our best players and replace them with lower quality ones? Does he sit on the bench while we are losing yet do nothing through choice? Does he choose to wade against the tide while his legacey turns to shit? Or is it down to the board, has he been dictated to, or does he run the club.
He should speak out because people are forgetting how great he has been for us (without doubt our greatest manager ever) and he does not deserve the anger and hate that is being directed his way, while the board hide behind him. He looks ill, he looks broken in half, and to all you haters out there, as bad as things are now, by god we’ll miss him when he’s gone….