Arsenal 0-2 Swansea – player ratings (in all seriousness special)


Time to trawl the dictionary and thesaurus for our players ratings after yesterday’s 2-0 defeat to Swansea.

*Please note, we reserve the right to invent our own words at any time. Or, when circumstances dictate, use more than one word which may or may not include words we’ve invented.

Wojciech Szczesny: 7.5/10 – MoM

Carl Jenkinson: 4/10 – eager but exposed

Per Mertesacker: 5/10 – one of the least of our problems

Thomas Vermaelen: 4/10 – brittle

Kieran Gibbs: 5.5/10 – lacks end product

Mikel Arteta: 5/10 – exhausted

Jack Wilshere: 5/10 – struggling to find consistency

Santi Cazorla: 6/10 – knackered but trying

Lukas Podolski: 3/10 – better than this

Theo Walcott: 1/10 – cowardly

Gervinho: 2/10 – Just not good enough


Olivier Giroud: 4/10 – weary

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: 3/10 – burdened by expectation

Tomas Rosicky: 4/10 – not fit

Feel free to discuss and post your own ratings, but normal comment policy applies. If you’re not familiar with it, please read.

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Fans and Supporters : Fearful of the future!

Big Deal

fans- 10/10. Gave the players exactly the sending off they deserved


To the Swansea players?


Fans – 2/10. That’s how many were left at the end.

To the other 8/10 – shame on you.


What right have fans that are not there to attack the ones who were. I know a lot of Arsenal fans cant go to games because of work commitments and geographical impossibility, but they have no right to criticise those who give up their Saturday and in some cases entire weekend to do so.
On a football note, surely most the first team squad should noteven travel to Greece. A lot of players need the break full stop and does it matter who we draw in the next round anyway. The Carling Cup guys need a game together ahead of the Bradford tie.


Gooners give me all the thumbs down you want to but I think it’s time to buy Shaarawy and Navas.


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Thought TV5 actually had a decent game until the goals. Starting to look more like his usual self. Agree that our frontline was definitely the poorest department though, Gervinho and Walcott were both utterly useless.


Now that Walcott wants a new contract there has been a new law : “thou shall not sub Walcott, no matter how anonymous he gets”

This should not be, the manager has to lay down the law something fergie does so well. You cannot put in a shit perfoance and still be assured of a place in the team, infact he will slate you then bench you. The player might feel hard done by this but it’ll get him to up his game. Just like mourinho. As much of how arrogant he is. You can never put in a shitty perfomances and expect to walk back into the team as you please. No sir!. Wenger will make excuses for his players making them comfortable with their below per performance. Arsene needs to be more ruthless coz poldi, Gibbo, gervinho, chambo etc are way better than the mediocre shifts they’re putting in right now.

santi's panties

I think that was more due to the fact he’s been combining (sorta) well with Giroud lately.


Did anyone see it when carl slipped 2 times but he gave everything and sprinted back after he made a mistake for the 2nd goal? Respect.


Would have respected him more If he’d have chosen to play the ball out and concede a throw.

But his “spirit” is okay I guess.


Its his job not to lose the ball on halfway, not get back to make up for his royal fuck up

H. P. Arsecraft

He should have done better but no one else wanted the fucking ball. The rest of the team stood watching while he struggled and not one of the cowards gave a helping hand.
Jenks fought hard, as always, and deserves our support.


He probably felt obliged given that he had already played Moore onside for Swansea’s first goal…


By the way, I’m interested in knowing what people mean when suggesting that Walcott is “playing for a move”.

Do you guys mean that he dribbles a lot? Being selfish and taking wild shots when there are better people to play in? And how do these traits differ from a naturally selfish player who is tied to a long term contract, or players with “Hollywood pass” mentality like Song or Arshavin?

This isn’t a rhetorical or provocative question, I want to know so that next time I watch us play I can better analyse what Walcott does.

Canberra Gooner

Agree. TV5 was better than Per IMO.


Cazorla and upto an extent Arteta are the only played who you can say were Jaded. Most of these players should be very thankful to Ramsey for having diverted the attention towards him. I don’t rate Ramsey that highly but he always puts in a lot of effort. Our front 3 yesterday were really embarrassing. Podolski didn’t look bothered yesterday.


Spend the money in january, or leave the club… The greedy cunt board have turned arsenal from a top club to a team that no longer have a chance to win anything…. They have sold our best players, and the results have been terrible, they show lack of passion for the club and lack of ambitions. In what other top club would this be acceptable??

Big Deal

When you do what we do, you aren’t a top club anymore.
Wenger himself said it last pre season.
I guess its time to accept we’re a second tier club on the world stage.
We’ll only be able to attract the Podolski’s and Giroud’s of the world and we’ll no longer be able to keep the Van Persie’s.

The board has destroyed us with their utterly nonsense fucked up vision.
The stadium move should have been handled so much better


Gervinho is in the top 10 of worst Wenger singings of all time. At least the likes of Stepanovs, Cygan, Silvestre etc. cost almost nothing by today’s standards. At 11 million pounds, the Ivorian has been utter shite.

Big Deal

yeah and he keeps buggering off to ACN. tell him to fuck that shit and focus on his club for a change. Doesn’t deserve to be in the same side as the Yaya Toure’s of the world.


With a bit of luck he will stay over there. Getting depressed everytime i see him in the team.


Mate, he’s top three. He’s no business in an arsenal shirt. Problem is, he’s not the only one and he doesn’t pick himself to play.

H. P. Arsecraft

Who’s number one?

Mate Kiddleton

Francis Jeffers?


You are one of the shittiest arsenal fan of all time. Go accuse someone else’s team.

Gooner til I die

We’re in trouble, serious trouble, but I’d still give Arsene to the end of the season to turn it around. We need some fresh faces in Jan.

On another note, I never want to see either Gervinho or Walcott play for Arsenal again. Both are spineless and play for themselves, not the team. Walcott has messed us around for too long and is obviously gonna sod off, so screw him.

Paul Wallis

Sadly these ratings and comments sum things up perfectly. How depressing is that 🙁


straight up ratings minus the usual clever bs… refreshing change.

playing the same team 2 weeks right after the friendlies that looked jaded, almost every game how exactly were improvements expected? was Cazorla suddenly suppose to be energised? I mean like how much worse can playing Chamackh and Arshavin be really ?


Wenger – unconcerned

Thumb Me Down

Wenger = Shite.


That’s the last thing you can say about our manager, how shit you may think he is


I know Ramsey didn’t play but if he did I’d give 1/10,I didn’t even see him begging the manager too come on or wearing a cheerleader outfit.He needs to do a lot better.


Ha your blaming Ramsey for that defeat? Wow. I honestly wonder if some people actually understand football.


I could be off the mark but I think that you have misunderstood the irony of Jonnycakes’ post along with a fair few others by the looks of things.


I was being sarcastic you tool.


Why don’t we sign superb players like Michu and Rangel anymore? Ok maybe we made them look better than they are but that’s still better than what we’ve got at present! Proves you don’t have to spend silly money for class, Michu wasn’t even an unknown (8 goals in la liga last season I believe) yet Swansea snared him for 2mil. Love Wenger, still trust but he needs to sort this out a – and stop blaming fucking fatigue! Come on you gunners, sort yourselves out, yesterdays performance lacked almost everything you need in the premier league.

One word sum up for what’s going on at the Arsenal at present – dishevelled


Heh, well if we bought Michu with 8 goals in the “sunny SPL”, less than what Vela managed in his loan period over there, I think people would have been more irritated than say if we bought say the Ligue 1 top scorer with 25 goals… oh 😉


I think its time for Arsene to leave. He has made far too many mistakes. Yes, the board is also responsible but that does not change the fact that he ignored our main problems(Striker, GK and defense in general) season after season. I don’t buy the whole Board does not give Arsene money theory. They sanctioned the signing of a 17 year old teenager for around £12-15 million from league one last season. Yes, we don’t have the resources clubs like City,Chelsea and United have but is it so bad that end up signing players like Silvestre?? West Brom have 4 decent strikers with them and we go into the second season running with just 1 proper CF. And there are plenty of other mistakes too. I think most supporters have kind of given up on Arsene but want him to continue because they trust the board to appoint a suitable replacement. Would your reaction to Arsene leaving the club be the same if you knew someone like Klopp or Guardiola was lined up???


I still have and will always have huge respect for Wenger. With better contracts now come/coming in , let’s see what he does. Judge him at the end of this season.

If he does go, I hope he doesn’t in this way. He deserves more after what he’s done for the club.

And who will replace him?


I can’t see how a man with a forehead as biblically large as Gervinho’s manages to hit the corner flag with a header from six yards.

It’s interesting that theo is our saviour one minute and should never play for the club again the next. If we can’t make up our minds about some of these players, is it any wonder wenger keeps one or two stragglers handing on in vain hope?

Arsenal NZ

I love Jenkinson, but jesus was that a woeful mistake to make. You learn when you’re 5 years old; if in doubt, put it out.


we had lost all team shape so when he was forced to turn back there was nt an available player to pass to (which was the real problem with that incident). If he had of just leathered it out at that point there would have been some booing/people saying why is Jenks giving away possession like that when we are 1 down in injury time.


Watching the earlier matches, there were some sloppy passes by him.

Canberra Gooner

He would have got laughed off the pitch and humiliated online if he had simply conceded a throw. He should have played it back to Szez. But Dyer is very fast and was tight on him.


i think arsenal now should carry out many “changes”….. change their formation to 442,change some players to play like arshavin…the most important is hope diaby recover fastly and carzola need to take a rest…ch


Where does cazorla play in a 442? Just wondered, as hes been our shining light in the number 10 role.


Arshavin is utter Sh*t, Walcott & Gervinho are being rightly criticised for their lack of effort on Saturday but Arshavin’s “effort” in games would have made their attempts look great.


There was a story long ago claiming that (even my german friend told me of this) podolski doesnt put his all in the pitch and doesn’t have desire in his play. He’s a party head and this leaves him with his little time to give a fuck about the team he is playing for.

I’m starting to see this now, how sad.


Yup, my German friends told me the exact same thing. Exact.

santi's panties

While he hasn’t been as hard working in defense as in the first 3 or 4 games of the season, the main questions are in attack – are his skills properly utilized, does he get the support/service he needs to be effective around goal, does he fit the system. It looks like he’s trying to play the classic winger role which he’s clearly not suited for.


Incredible scoring record for someone who cant be arsed. Incredible amount of international caps for such an average country like Germany for someone who cant be arsed.


So he doesn’t care about the teams he plays for, but has a Cologne tattoo on his arm?


Me: sad


Doesn’t Wenger have a no spend policy in January? Expect disappointment because the last 8 years has been nothing but disappointment.

Greed over quality…,

If it is money that Arsenal want! They’re not going to get it if they don’t finish 4th.


4-4-2 arteta and Wilshire in the middle. Santi up front or on the left


Close enough ratings…

Question: If the quality was not there yesterday, where should it then come from?!


Swansea apparently.

Stuart McDonald

Bit harsh on Theo Walcott, I think. He was in my view the only one who looked like he might achieve anything. Gervinho was awful.

Matt Jarvis' Uncle

Everyone has a player they don’t like, and it seems Blogs has a thing against Walcott the same way most people blame Ramsey for everything.

I honestly think we could’ve had Ronaldo and Messi out there in the red and white and Swansea still would’ve won. We keep doing the same thing expecting a different result. We are easily the most predictable team in the league.


I agree, this site has something against Walcott. Yeah he is shite most of the time as are most of our players of late and no he isn’t worth 100k a week, but whatever way you look at it he’s our top scorer and in a team that can’t score and is full of under achievers. Walcott is often the pick of a very bad bunch.
The fact that we need him now is a reflection on how bad we have got as a team, and that is not down to theo it’s those running the club that have let this club get in such bad shape..
So yeah he’s shit most of the time but our garden is full of it at the moment.


You must have been sitting behind a really tall guy with a big hat on because I think your view was a bit obstructed.


The current state of Arsenal makes me very sad. There was a time when I would agree with Arsene, even in defeat, but now all I hear is “my squad isn’t good enough and it’s my fault”. Yesterday’s performance was a clear indication of that very fact.


The sad truth of the state we are in is that I think it’s gone beyond just signing two new players as arsene has suggested.
If we sell Walcott as seems likely and then sagna in the summer that’s at least four new players we need, and that’s a conservative estimate in my opinion.
We are still stuck with Gervinho, Diabys injuries then theirs santos who wenger clearly has no confidence in now. Rosicky, a great player last season but is getting older and will be more injury prone than usual.
We have arteta on the verge it seems of collapse because we sold song and then in our wisdom relied on Diabys fitness. So the bloke is overplayed.
It’s a shambles that its been able to get to this state and if arsene is talking about just two new players in January I just feel to much is wrong for it to make a huge difference. It’s just pissing in the wind.


Check the replays….in the lead up to the first goalJenks was offered absolutely no help when under pressure,and only TR7 even chased back but way too late.
Very disappointing.

Brian Mendoza

This is the same team that gave Man City a run for their money at the Etihad earlier in the season, and almost won the game (we got Gervinhoed, seems to be a running theme). That ability is in them somewhere, you don’t just fluke a score like that against the current champions (Kompany even admitted as much recently, that we we’re the best side they had played against so far).

I say we give Arsene until the end of the season and see where we stand (5 points to 3rd, not insurmountable), I don’t share the opinion that getting rid of him right this second will improve our results (ask your local Chelsea/QPR supporter how that is going for them). If our finishing position is abysmal, then it is time for a change. If Arsene pulls out another miracle, give him one last go at it next season with the incoming funds, he deserves that much after being hamstrung for so long.

And on an unrelated note, whatever you may think of the guy, get well soon PHW.

Brian Mendoza

Also, investment in January a must. Hopefully more than 2 players, we are stretched very very thin now.


agreed. i’m not buying the idea that the squad isn’t good enough, they’ve got talent to burn compared to the likes of swansea, stoke, west brom, west ham – all sitting above us in the table.

for me, it’s primarily a confidence thing. all the goals we’re letting in are coming from errors; absolute rookie mistakes that nobody should be making, let alone making as many as we are.

so when you take a team as low on confidence as we are right now and you throw into the mix a virtually empty bench, things compound. santi needs a break so desperately i feel sorry for the guy whenever i watch him on the pitch. but we don’t have the depth to leave him out. same with arteta, not necessarily as worn out as santi but being played out of position because nobody else can cover it, and we’re not getting the best out of him.

and if you think it’s bad now, wait until the end of december, our ‘bogey month’. jesus, we usually need a 10 point lead to stay in touch with the top of the table by january, i’d hate to imagine where we’re gonna be now we’re already 15 points down.

anyway, it’s hardly surprising. the idea that you can sell your best player every bloody year and expect to maintain your results is laughable.

kiss my arsenal

thats the most sensible comment ive read so far my friend, and ive read through at least 674395786 mostly negative (understandable) comments, but by fck, something has to change!


we must be the most knackered team in desperate need of a 10 day kip in the world, its always injuries and/or fatigue, nevermind cesc & rvp for a second, that swansea team that beat us had a collective wage of 17.4mil whereas our was 130mil.

I find it very hard to sympathize with the squad and especially the manager, he may not have the spending power to compete with the likes of city and chelsea but you can hardly say he’s used the money he has had wisely, why are there so many players in the team who aren’t given a chance to contribute even though 1)they’re on hefty wages and 2) our first XI are obviously fatigued?

Myriad of problems we have at the moment, players don’t give as many fucks as they should because they know that the competition behind them will not be given a chance, players who are good enough are being played until they’re obviously drained now, deadweight don’t give a toss because they know they’re not going to earn as much anywhere else and they can’t be shipped out easily because they’re on long contracts with high wages, manager insisting on relying on the likes of diaby who’s yet to come good(through no fault of his own but unfortunately, detrimental to the team’s cause) AND THEN you add to that clusterfuck shit equation the fact that we’ve lost proper world class talent.

Manager doesn’t seem to be capable of introducing fresh ideas or getting the players sufficiently motivated enough, god only knows what the fuck is happening up there in the board room of cunts and we’re constantly being told that FFP will save us.

What worries me the most of all is the obvious fact that we can no longer play attractive football, not as entertaining as we used to, surely, SURELY, the jan window is our last hope because if we do not make the UCL next season, what little talent we can still attract will look elsewhere and flair players who might have previously been interested in our style of play will no longer be as keen to join us. Instead, the only players we will be able to attract are the fucken mercs who’ll come knowing that they’ll get nice wages without having to really do that much.


Peter Hill Wood had a heart attack and is in hospital. I think he loves Arsenal


Get well soon PHW, you need to get back to selling our best players!


Heh, this was cruel, but I’m ashamed to say I laughed.

Eric Irish gunner

At the moment all arsenal fans are suffering stress, arsene would want to get a health check he looks like a broken man, get well soon PHW


At this rate by the time the window opens we will be in free fall. The team is getting worse by the week and now Rosicky is back we have no more LANS to pin our hopes on. We have become dire to watch and I can’t see anyone about that can pick us up. The players are too comfortable waiting for the next big payday. They can’t be bothered.


Think TV played better than that maybe a six.
Over generous with Walcott and Gerviniho dont think either deserve anything but a trip to Bradford.
The Szez 9
Our supporters a 7 looking for help, as for the season ticket holders who cant be bothered 4500 yesterday it’s getting embarrassing now see you for Man City I expect.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Seem to remember a whole lot of people on this board saying we wouldn’t miss Song this season. Just sayin.


Tired? Jaded? What a joke !! Put Arsenal players out in the REAL world, where people are broke, struggling to make ends meet. Arsenal players are a disgrace to the jersey

Eric Irish gunner

Agree you can only put your players on the pitch, they should show more fucking passion for the club, the players of old would be filled with rage after a defeat now its all high fucking fives and laughs with the other team after the game, bring in a keown or Adams to play against them in training and show them what it means to wear the cannon


1. we play like QPR did b4 harry came. lotsa talent but no fight.
2. i tink wenger shld change this 4231 tactic coz we r annoyingly predictable.
3. coquelin, chambo, arshavin shld b given a chance.
4. 442 shld b given a chance
5. we miss a physical presence in d middle
6. pep guardiola? anyone?

Dial Square

What makes you think Guardiola would come to Arsenal? Do you know how much he would cost? He knows the board would not give him enough money, people seem to think he could turn us into Barcelona, he couldn’t.
What we need is the board to come out and back Asene to the full, so he doesn’t have to sell our best players and replace them with less talented ones, at the same time he could buy the 4-5 quality players we clearly need to turn us around.


How many of those players could we have kept with more money?

I don’t think Fab or VanPussy would have stayed, I also think Clichy left because he wanted to move on, and most fans did too. Nasri?, the five month wonder. Adebayor? Song had Barca calling, that’s like saying you would stick with your girl when a supermodel keeps hitting on you.

A better question is why so many players look to leave, at this point the team has no identity, and it shows.


He was earning less than Wenger when he was at Barca.

Just saying.

Brial Circle

Guardiola would probably be less expensive or the same as Wenger. Do you really believe the board forced Arsene to sell RvP? Wenger decides who we sell. Regardless, the money he made on Van Persie (measly 20 million) was spent on Giroud and Podolski. Selling our best player to Man United is the biggest mistake of Wenger’s career.


I know I’m gonna get shot for this and he probably wouldn’t come to us anyway so this is probably a mute point but, England didn’t want him QPR are blatantly not good enough for him, he got that shower at shite heart lane where they are now, dare I say it… Harry rednapp! Apologies in advance it is the morning after the night before so forgive me?


In other news, Gervinho thinks “Arsenal can win Championsleague”. LOOL

All you hear is arsenal gaga
All you hear is arsenal gaga

Wenger has done so much for the club
in the past that it would be shameful to sack him. He’s brought and developed some immense talent like Viera and Henry, and made this club what it is today. To sack him would be a stab in the back. He will probably turn this around and will sign some players in the transfer window, I’d like to see a poacher and a destroyer in midfield.

And all that was a parody of the wenger-lovers repetitive bile they spew every single week. that’s holding this club back. Thanks guys, your support
is in fact hurting the club you love.


get in a defensive midfielder – coquelan / get dench frimpong back from loan- to free up arteta and whiltshire to attack nad put cozola on attacking left , give oxo and arshavin more game time. give podolski chances ball at feet or giroud in air in the box they will score.. artetas a brillant defensive midfielder, but contributed more last season with more freedom up the pitch.. song needs to be replaced and i thought frimpong re-udinese game last year look really good and against a top european side in that role…


Usmanov and RnW -> “….if things got worse, we might have to reconsider our support for the club”

So does this mean Fat and Orange will bugger off?


The board’s lack of ambition has now been transfered onto the pitch. Fine, rest walcott, gervinho, poolski, arteta for having bad games. Question is, play who in their place? We do not have the quality in the squad. We have been punching above our weight and the board has been comfortable with this. Blame wenger all you want but if he gets the sack, expect a bargain bin manager to go along with some of the bargain bin signings we have made in the last 7 years. I saw piers and some arsenal fans trending #PepIn on twitter last night. Haha, as if! He would never work with this board and wage cap!! Get real! If wenger goes, its houlier, hughes, o’neill….yikes! Those are the candidates. Before you judge le prof, look at the quality in his trophy winning teams and compare it to what we have now then tell me, has he lost the plot or has the board? He is doing the best with what he has. Bench non performers my ass! And play who ffs? Frustrating times..


Totally agree. Swansea players are not having the extra 5 games we have played as well as provided so many players for the 3 international breaks we have had since the start of the season as well as the Euro’s. However, where other big teams can cope mostly is down to having a better squad which they can interchange. SAF has 4 forwards he can rely upon, although not world class, he also has 6 midfielders who often produce as well as 4 decent centre backs and wing backs. He has even been rotating his ‘keepers. We don’t even need to mention City’s squad. However, Chelsea also have a weak squad outside the starting 11 and it has shown also, as well as Sp**s.
The only worry is not if we have the right manager, but the 7 matches between now and the Jan transfer window plus any gameontop of that which will e needed to push the transfers through.
The board have kept the purse string tights,, hoping to see out the financial doldrum, we are nearly there. But we have become weaker every passing season, but the future is exciting and it’s close.
Let’s make one last positive push as supporters. I promise our players will respond if we do.

Brial Circle

What about a manager like Klopp? Ancelotti (who said before that he would be interested)? Even someone like Laudrup! For the record I think Pep would actually consider us. Couldn’t see him at Chelsea.


Me= apathetic.


And again, just coz this whole “fergie wouldnt have to put up with bad performances, neither would mourinho. Pep would not stand for it!!” argument is all the rave right now…have any of the arsenal fans saying this had a look at the squads of the teams the above mentioned coach? 3 things in common, quality, high salaries and actual backing from their respective boards when it comes to investing in the transfer market. We do not have that.




I think some of your ratings are a tad generous. The whole squad, with maybe 3/4 exceptions and perhaps the manager, are just not Arsenal quality. Watching Swansea was like watching “yesterday’s ” Arsenal. Where is the movement, that was our game, pass and move etc, make chances. Now we pass sideways or backward and have absolutely no cutting edge. It is a sda day indeed.


people who call themselves supporters but seem to take delight in screaming the same abuse over and over again – 0/10


i’ve never seen the point of booing your own team, but man, those seats aren’t cheap. i’d be feeling pretty abusive if i’d bought season tickets. the market for tickets at the moment must be going through the roof, who the hell would want to go watch this crap.


I am glad we have assured CL qualification to knockout stages as reckon the game v Olympiacos during the week is a good chance to look at some other players/see what they have to offer. Every game is so predictable with little attacking threat these days i would like to see how Arshavin, Eisfeld etc would perform. As poor as we were v reading in cup at least we created chances. They may not be a long term solution but maybe would help get us out of a rut/get some positive momentum back. Cant really do much worse than yesterday ( i think)


time to change our formation to d invincibles side ?

giroud , podolski or walcott up front
rosicky in d middle , santi/arshavin on d left , chambo/walcott on d right
wilshere/arteta holding
gibbs vermaelen mertesaker sagna

might give up more options to paas the ball to when attacking as we always run out of ideas in d final third ..maybe one or two more bodies might help ..and there wud be ppl trying to get to d end of the crosses as well…


The problem is those players aren’t fit to lace the invincibles’ boots! Not many are to be fair.



Frankie boy

I love watching arsenal play, win lose or draw, as there is normally flashs of brilliance. but lately no superb link up play just this stale 451 shite, wenger may call it 433, but just look at the amout of players we have in the box when a cross comes in, normally just 1, and the amount of times our crosses go to the invisable man on the far post which used to be ian wright territory. to many of these ghost crosses happening for my liking. and at times you would think the opposition have 2 more players then our team coz there always all over us.
Its time for a change no at manager level nor board level as it will never happen but in tactics, blood some youngsters, to freshen up the team as the youngstars will be blood hungry to win, not take it granted that we will. even if we lose and draw I wanna see some fresh facesthat want it as much as everyone watching the game. And its time for 442 counter attacking football again, I wanna see the handsome french guy winning headed ball for a player like sc and want away walcott or chamberlain. So my message to wenger is simple change thoses tactics you nutty professor I wanna see 442 now!!!!!!! not aload of cheap shitty signings just 442 counter attacking football.

Giroud's 4th metatarsal
Giroud's 4th metatarsal

What the Fuck is going on?


I’ll agree with some other here and say, just play some youngsters. Eisfeld, bring Ryo back from loan, he does not seem to be getting game time anyway. Play Arshavin, Yannaris, Coq. Gnabry. I rather see some fresh faces and a new approach.


All those mother fucking bitches that insult Ramsey saying that whenever he play arsenal loses are just isolated gays.If Ramsey was there in this game we wouldn’t have consided as he puts in a great defensive shift in every game.He also trys to get the most out of a game.And why the fuck is Wenger not playing Arshavin and why is eisfeld not getting a chance.Its all going wrong at Arsenal but no matter what ‘In Wenger I trust’ and always will and I am confident Ramsey will succeed because of his work rate.