Olympiacos 2-1 Arsenal – player ratings (meat special)


From the edible to the poisonous Arseblog News takes a trip to the butcher as we Arsenal’s performance in last night’s 2-1 defeat at Olympiakos.

Wojciech Szczesny: 7/10 – Stewing steak

Carl Jenkinson: 5/10 – Saveloy

Jernade Meade: 7/10 – Spicy meatball

Sebastien Squillaci: 5/10 – Roadkill

Thomas Vermaelen: 6/10 – Processed ham

Aaron Ramsey: 5/10 – Lamb to the slaughter

Francis Coquelin: 6/10 – Guinea fowler

Tomas Rosicky: 7/10 – Golden goose

Gervinho: 5/10 – Headless chicken

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: 5/10 – Rabbit in the headlights

Marouane Chamakh: 6/10 – Doner kebab

Subs (used only)

Andrei Arshavin: 6/10 – Chipolata

Martin Angha: N/A

Feel free to discuss and post your own ratings, but normal comment policy applies. If you’re not familiar with it, please read.

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Arsene's Nose

Gervinho’s forehead – Spam.

Santi's Sack



that’s not a forehead, it’s a fivehead


It is not a forehead, it is a helmet.


Good to see Little Mozart back again kick ass performance!
And tbh i had high hopes for Gervinho after his start this season, but it seems he’s back to his normal frustratin self.





Good morning.

We must sack the gaffer immediately. And if for various reasons it can`t be done, at least remove him, by force if necessary.

Mach III

hahahahaha, like a special announcement




gervinho — durians!


When was the last time Chambo had a good game for us???

indian gooner

Before signing a contract extension….thats when…


Since we all came to agree that he’s kinda overrated. And from then on we’ve seen him for what he really is, an english lad trying to make it. (hope he does)


Another of our players we going to turn on and beat every inch of confidence from them? Support the team, do your bit and get behind them!


Totally agree with gunnerzed… He needs time to learn and learn while you earn is more like it. I am sure these guys read what we have to say. Let’s not screw them up.


Please don’t. More 12 year olds and disguised spuds will spam Arsenal forums, adding “Ox” to the lists that usually include Squillaci, Arshavin, Chamakh, more recently Ramsey, Gervinho etc, creating a snowballing fake image of public opinion, and fucking up our team even more.

Absolutely disgusted to share a supporting club with those retards who make posts like “OUT: Ramsey, Gervinho, *insert 10 more players* = $30 million IN: M’Vila for $15 million, Dzeko for $10 million = we’ve made a profit”


Before someone at the club had an idea to put him on Club TV (OX TV they call it). They did it with Djourou and look what it did to him. I really wish they would start Squid TV instead. Atleast that would make Squillaci useful at the club again

Touched Your Mother

I get the feeling Squid TV would attract a lot of confused Japanese people


i actually think he played great yesterday.

wengers furrowed brow
wengers furrowed brow

chamakh could & would be better with more playing minutes…last night was a promising start, if fans start ranting about his inability to score Giroud also took his royal time to open his account. And what the fuck is this anti-ramsey union all about including arseblog. He played well, yes he did air kick the ball but RVP used to do that a lot in arsenal colors. Pathetic biased reports.


Did you not watch last nights game? Chamakh is in meat terms tripe. He can’t even trap a ball properly. I think i’d rather have Bendtner back..gulp

wengers forrowed brows
wengers forrowed brows

This is not fifa where every player will start where they left off and start banging goals on the word go. Chamakh is low on confidence and almost non-existent game time for arsenal, give that guy a break for christ sake.

Dr Baptiste

Wait wait wait… this isn’t Fifa? That’s why the players weren’t moving in the direction I was pressing


Ramsey holds on to the ball for too long and slows our play down. He often gets dispossessed because he holds onto it for too long. His through passes are rubbish (used to be his best attribute). He is slow. He doesnt track runners often enough or early enough. He cant finish as well as he needs to. He is not good enough to play for arsenal.


He holds onto the ball for too long and gets dispossessed = that was only really noticeable around midway last season. This season he’s been quicker, while the entire team (including him) has not made enough runs due to our defensive tactical change and hence tiredness. This criticism is more suitable to Gervinho.

His through passes are rubbish = he had some pretty decent ones for Chamakh last night. Also remember the one for Gervinho against Manchester City. He is no Fabregas though.

He is slow = so is Fabregas and every player we’ve sold

He doesn’t track runners often enough = never noticed that. Example please?

He can’t finish as well as he needs to = fair point.

He is not good enough to play for Arsenal = perhaps, but he would be playing better if he wasn’t being Eboued the way he is now. An failed key pass would be better construed as a “good try” rather than “booooo fuck off”. After all Ramsey is an Arsenal player not a spud, and he’s not taking our money to buy a ranch like Kroenke is


ramsey and gervinho were pretty terrible once again. Anyone see Ramseys left foot effort from.8 yards out……just sums him up at the min. Now i know hes young, but as wenger has always said its not about age, its whether your good enough is what will determine your squad position. Now im sorry to say this because he has potential. but hes not good enough for first team at the minute. Send him on loan and get some confidence again……as for gervinho, well, im so frustated with his play that i have no teeth left from grinding to hard.
Just piss off, and get a quality winger in Arsene


Can’t judge Ramsey based on one ballsed-up airshot. I thought he had a decent game linking defence and attack. Just a shame that there is little movement ahead of him. Chamakh did ok for a guy with little game time…was the platform for most of our attacks in the first half. Gervinho and Arshavin both lost interest second half.


I actually thought ramsey was the most positive player on the park. squillaci was having his best ever game until his error whilst meade shpwed enough promise to relegate santos to 4th choice left back or 4th choice left wing at best. rosicky looked good on his comeback.


Players that shone on the night were Rosicky, Meade and Szczesny. Can’t really say I want to see Heed, oil slick and Shaved arse again next season. Ramsey is running out of time.


Why isn’t Serge Gnabry playing? He’s far better than Gervinho/Walcott/Ramsey combined.


He’s injured, but no he’s not. That kind of hype means that when he does play and, as is normal takes time to develop as a player, he’s written off after a couple of indifferent performances.


Eisfeld? How come he wasn’t in the squad? He played for the u21’s. Did he pick up a knock or something?

@arseblog Gnabry can’t be better than Ramsey can he? That’d really be hyping him up. Especially after that cracking left footed finish from 8 yards out.


Eisfield & Gnabry are both playing on Thursday for u21’s & wenger wants them to progress properly & not be thrown into the sh*t at the minute


Wenger will mess it up with Eisfeld and Gnabry, like he did with Vela. He has a good eye for talent. Too bad he doesn’t have a good eye for giving them a chance. Gnabry is better than Sterling, but Rodgers has more faith in his youngsters

Dr Baptiste

Eisfeld wasn’t part of the CL team. He can be added for the knockout stages

Dr Baptiste

@Adiiii83 – Try telling that to Fabregas, Wilshere, Gibbs, Szczesny, Jenkinson, Coquelin and Meade last night… I think they’d have a different take on Wenger playing young players. When they’re ready for first team action, they get picked.
Conor Henderson was looking good for the first team until injury struck.

There you go, your view has been argued with facts

wengers forrowed brows
wengers forrowed brows


” …when Gervinho broke from midfield, had a clearly unmarked Chamakh outside him, did the right thing by drawing the defenders towards him but instead of then playing in the Moroccan with the outside of his boot just carried on and was robbed. There was no way he was unaware of Chamakh’s presence either, his hair squelches with every step. To be fair though, the likelihood is that Chamakh would have trod on the ball or stopped to repair one of his tufts, so maybe it was for the best.”

this para is from your blog which I find completely irresponsible, lazy and pathetic. As it is arsenal fans are greatly divided and such pathetic prediction about a player’s action will further create greater divide among the fans. Was it really necessary to actually predict Chamakh future action. you may think I am defending Chamakh a lot but I am defending players from keyboard buillies which will be read by uncountable fans and that same apathy towards the players will reach the stands. And we are by no means short of boo boys and we dont need any more boo boys booing the players’ confidence down the drain.
Please try to be a little more responsible gooner. Since your blogs have lots of fans …atleast try to bring sensible & unbiased articles. We already have enough “arsenal in crisis” article writers throughout media and our players get ridiculed left and right so I honestly dont think we need another one to bash our club and players. If you dont have any positive to say about OUR player atleast dont bash them further more.
Our team is down and out at the moment but dont think we need to kick it further more. Lets rally behind the team FFS.


I will try not to make any jokes in the future. We should all wallow in misery, you’re right.


Hi, nice to meet you Wengers furrowed brow. It seems your new around these parts. Well, now seems about the rite time for you to fuck of rite back to whatever shithole it was you came from.

And for you bloggs, don’t feed the troll.


Oh really, Fabba got games cos he was the best player in England. Schezny cos Almunia messed up 50 games ina row and Fabianski got injured. I guarantee you, if either of those never happened he’d still be on loan somewhere. Meade made one appearance in a relevant comp, Clichy f…ed off, so he had no choice for Gibbs. The only relevant ones you have there are Jack and Fabba cos they were/are better than any other midfielders in England. How on earth he failed with Vela is beyond me? This is Mexico’s best player (better than Chicharito) we are talking about. Eisfeld and Gnabry aren’t the type of players you can groom slowly. These guys are top prospects. Eisfeld is been compared to Gotze. You think he will wanna play reserves for football for long? I guarantee if he or Gnabry don’t break through this season, they will leave and we will be stuck with Ramsey on the wing for a very long time


im not judging ramsey on one shot. but this season as a whole hes been crap. slowing playdown, negative play and…..just crap. I think this is down to 1. the players around him and 2. lack of confidence, possibly ability. So a loan wiuld be good for him. We need players that are stars now. Not potential. Potential doesnt get you 4th place. Rosicky comes back after how long out?? and looked twice the player as most out there. Thats the difference a good player makes


No he hasn’t in fact if you bothered to watch the last three games he been involved he’s been one our better players. But Rambo is currently the scapegoat for all our troubles so lets carryon beating him up regardless of his perfomances.

Save 75 cents

I understand that his work rate is second to none in the team recently but that does not equal being one of our better players.


that’s Rosicky and Wilshere coming back into the squad and looking better than their counterparts.
Truly have missed them. and also shows quite genuinely that our midfield is in major trouble.

Judgement Day (once more)
Judgement Day (once more)

Holy diver, I need a rant!

Can´t stand to see more of Gervinho this season. His ability to make the worst of any given situation is stunning. What finally made me grind my last poor tooth into oblivion yesterday was when he got a great ball down the left flank without any real pressure from an opponent and managed to handle the ball (with both f****ng arms).
Imagine Ronaldo, Pires, Ashley Young or even fucking James Milner doing a thing like that, it wouldn´t happen!

Let´s try Santi as a winger with Jack and Mozart in the middle as COM´s. Just a thought.

P.s Great to see our little musical mastermind with that glorius hair back in action!


that trick by gerv summed the whole game up for me :d.

still, it was a no-match. good for Meade, who looked promising, and for Rosicky, who definitely needed a run out. let’s just forget the rest.

now let’s go down to the real stuff, the league awaits.

Arsene's Nose

At least Ramsey tries to make something happen…WTH does Chambo do on tie field… Ramsey’s mistakes are all they see..

Hoping for a better result weekend


Last night confirmed all the stereotypes nobody stepped up and proved the doubters wrong. We have a super thin squad with no viable back-up in most positions and a demotivated/ tired first team. No LANS on the horizon. A disgruntled fan base and delusional/lying management.
Can only get better starting Saturday.


How the hell does Schez always get away with a slating?He was terrible for that second goal,and I always hear how much of a great organiser he is there was no one near our back post for the first.

Dr Baptiste

Who has said he’s a great organiser? He’s incredibly young for a ‘keeper and so that sort of communication comes with experience. Vermaelen as captain should be organising the defence.
In fact, all fans go on about his confidence, which is his biggest asset. When he messes up he doesn’t go into his shell, he tries to make amends.

The first thing I was taught for defending was that we shouldn’t even need the goalkeeper. If you’re good enough, work hard and work together, the ball shouldn’t make it that far.
The defence yesterday were for the most part (obviously Meade was trying to make an impression and succeeded) just going through the motions and Szczesny was exposed due to this.


No way was Szczesny @ fault for second goal. He was unsighted as Mitrogoon used the “covering” defender as a shield to get the shot away, was too late to react by the time keeper saw it.


Rosicky was obviously playing too well to continue. Either that or he needed to ‘rest’ after 4 months out.

This substitution reminded me of preseason only this time we needed to top the group for a european elite competition and avoid meeting the “big boys” with the ultimate hope of progressing further. I guess Arsene doesn’t want that.

Saturday, coyg…………..still!.


Loads of class there mate. Quoting Piers Morgan is the height of intellect, innit?

Dr Baptiste

I couldn’t watch the game but listened on 5live. They were saying that coming 2nd could work in our favour. Looking at the tables, this may be one of those times (depending on who we get).

We miss Porto, AC Milan and Real Madrid (from last nights games) while we might instead play Malaga, Shakhter or PSG. I’m not saying they will be easy games by any stretch of the imagination, as this is the knockout stages, but it could be worse. When we finally have the results tonight, we’ll know if being 2nd was ultimately worth it (although I’m predicting that we’ll draw Barcelona for the hundredth season running)


In madrids group it’s all doom and gloom or whomever gets the two qualifying clubs. Dortmund have been superb but despite that I still think madrid are better team. yet they came in second, spelling out danger for anyone who topped or came in second in any other the group elsewhere.

A top position for us would have guaranteed us evading barca and dortmund, this teams scare me atm. Also would have maybe landed us PSG and I would have like to us to remind them…MONEY DONT BUY SUCCESS!.

But all I see now is barca and nothing else.

N/B if we came in second then it means our second leg in the round of 16 would be a guaranteed away trip. Another downer!. :-{


PSG topped their group so yes!, we might just draw them. I hope we do anyway, there’s a need to set the record straight with that prick Zlatan.



How do we go from Overmars, Pires,Ljundberg to this guy?


Don’t forget Glenn Helder….


Glen Helder was a picture of composure compared to African predator.


Look we only had 2 of our first x1 out there in fact we also only had 6 of our back up x1 as well
sagna mertesacker vermaelen gibbs
wilshire arteta
walcott cazorla podolski gervinho

jenkinson mertesacker koscielny santos
coquelin diaby
ramsey rosicky chamberlain


Rosicky is a back up player? are you kidding me?


They will play against someone of these teams >> Dortmund, PSG, Malaga, Juventus or sjakhtar donetsk, valencia or bayern munchen,Barcelona.

The best teams to play against must be sjakhtar donetsk, valencia and PSG


You obviously havent seen shakhtar play, we;ll have our arses handed to us in ukraine


haha at the moment, all of those teams are better than arsenal.. Arsenal have been terrible this Autumn…


Ramsey 3/10

Goon Goon Goon

I agree with those ratings in all fairness. Meade showed promise as he did run his socks off but I still dot know how he would fair against a Gareth Bale or Valencia so it’s early days. Jenkinson deserved a 6 though I thought I thought he didn’t play that bad compared to gervinho and Ramsey.

It’s worrying when your players make stupid decisions and when 2 of the more senior players in the team are the ones making them you can’t help but be worried. Gervinho has definitely gone back to old ways which is a shame after his fine start to the season and Ramsey has also suffered from being played out of position and a lack of confidence when it’s mattered. Hopefully the guys can pull their form back this add of christmas.

Other than that, what a massive breath of fresh air it was to see Rosicky back in the squad. Looked a class apart from any of our other players and although frustrating to bring him off in the 2nd half, I understand hes only just come back and we need him for the main team. Hopefully his return will make things a little easier on Jack and Santi. COYG

Naija Gooner

I think the lad did well,…he didnt get as much protection from his guy ahead….even the other lad that came on for him showed some attacking promises…


Ramsey isnt the only one playing shit and i have never said its all his fault. Dont get me started with AOX…..i mean were in this situation as a club, but its great to see him and some of the squad pissing around making stupid shows for the website, thinking they’ve made it. Instead of perhaps doing extra training and perhaps trying to improve their own games….but maybe thats just me.


Ox started just 3 games and came on as a sub for 6 games(most of those subs are after 70 mins) in league matches. Yeah, he was not good enough for 1 or 2 previous matches, but he was playing better before his recent injury


A manager who continues to use Gervinho and ramsey at this stage is a blind,stubborn manager whose pride would kill the club.answer is to sack the manager who bought Gervinho,squillaci and all other deadwoods


No the ansewer is not to sack Wenger, the ansewer is to sack Gervinho, Squillaci, chamakh, arshavin, Bendtner etc.. Think how much this players costs arsenal to keep, some of them are completly useless.. Wenger would gain much of money on players like that, we could spend them on new players, we need to start making 30m signings, it is no idea to buy cheap unproven players…


Rosicky only been back two minutes and looks different class. The pace of the game dropped significantly after he went off. Meade looks a good prospect.

Judgement Day (once more)
Judgement Day (once more)

Spot on!

Remember when Jack made his come back a month ago. Ramse who´s been playing for over a year after his injuri looked like an old, old man in comparison. As once said, form is temporary, class is permanent!


Why does rosicky have to be 32 years old right now. Why can’t he just be a 25 year old lad. It boggles the mind.

I’d swap his age for gervinhos

Judgement Day (once more)
Judgement Day (once more)

My mind just showed me a picture of Rosicky with Gervinhos hair style when I read that. It was horrible..


Unfortunately last nights game was like a showcase for Mr Wengers transfer failings. Squelchy, Gerv, Arsh, Chamakh and I hate to say it because like so many others I will him to do well, Rambo. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon, I can see with my own eyes he doesn’t fit this team. Can anyone tell me the last game that he started that we won ? Look at the number of games we’ve won without him and the number we’ve won with him and the stats will speak for themselves. Last nights TV commentators kept going on about this being a young team. The only untried youngsters were the two left backs who I thought did pretty well, the remainder are or have been first team regulars and just highlight how threadbare our squad is. Oh well January’s just around the corner, with the right parts the engine can be fixed.


I thought Verm played well, he deserved a 7.


Gervinho 6/10. Arseblog did you remember the assist? That gives him an extra point. And Arseblog, how is it that you can remember Gervinho may or may not have seen chernakh on the right to make a pass! But forget to mention a player that had a clear cut chance to put the ball in the back of the net, but his lack of technique let him have a almighty air shot.
Some of you guys in the forefront, if you stop taking the piss out of some of our players maybe, just maybe they would’ve been playing better.

Every Arseblog post, I’ll read a line about Gervinho’s forehead and chernakh’s greasy hair simply because one or the other missed a pass or a goal.

I think you guys have a responsibily aswell to make sure as much support goes to every player individually, aswell as the team.

And I don’t think you’re doing enough of that, you cannot honestly tell me that some of the teams ahead of us in the league have better individual players, if so, then it is the responsibily of Arsene to make sure that is not the case, but I for one believe the problem with our players is the constant criticism of the players and the managers inability to select the correct training method’s, and tactics on match days.


You want Gervinho higher than a 6? Are you mental the most he deseved was a 4

Santi's Sack

God damn chernakh and his greasy hair…

Who is he anyway?

Arsenal Rising

Arshavin- Chipolata…. Hahahaha. Meade me laugh.. But for some reason I despised Ramsey last night. Everything he did was wrong and he took around four touches of the ball (dilly dallyin) AGAIN when he had passes on and no pressure on him. Was doing my head in.haha. I don’t hate Ramsey like some of the fans but for some reason last night I did! But gringo didn’t give me that feeling instead I thought he was ok bar a few little things and he seemed a little scared to try and beat his man. Maybe thats lack of confidence? Or maybe hes read Arseblog and is aware alot here have nicknamed his move ” The headless chicken dance ” but…. Lets get behind our boys and that might give em the impetus to do great.. In fear that we will bum em into oblivion if they don’t. Lets hope the guy behind Olivier doesn’t just do it anyway…

Arsenal Rising

Sorry all.. Just woke up! And this is EARLY for me. Love all you Gooners w are the best and Arsenal are still the Arsenal! Lets get this shit back on track and her behind out lads and show the others and the media cunts that w ain’t goin no fuckin where! The Arsenal is Rising!…….. If we buy in january.heh


If arsene buys messi,xavi,ronaldo we would still be playing rubbish,we need a new coach,arsene has lost it,and if you think we can win the league,cl with arsene in charge then you would have to wait for never years,other coaches knows what arsene wants to do,they just counter it,most times we scale through cause of individual brillance not arsene’s know so.arsenal is bigger than him

arsene,thanks for the first 8 years of your reign,well for the other 8,just go


No Manager in the world could playing shit with those players, messi and ronaldo win matches on their own. And Arsene is one of the best managers in the world, he deserves respect by the supporters nothing else.. Blame the squad for the poor result, our biggest problem is our defending, Mertesacker and Vermaelen ain´t fast enough to keep up with the opponents when they counter… We have problem with defending and lack of creativity..


Ha,the players are good but when they play for arsenal,they become trash and that’s the fault of wenger,any other coach would be happy to have santi-jack-arteta but arsene just uses them the wrong way and what is to say arsene would play messi at his favoured role,fans believing in wenger is what is killing arsenal,the man has lost the touch of coaching and his pride never allows him to accept,maybe when we are fighting with s’ton,wigan reading and co maybe then our eyes would open


Coquelin: Sausage

Adam, Watford

Saucisson ? Surely ?

If that is indeed what you think ? 😀

Santi's Sack

what about just… a bulls penis? They eat that in some countries don’t they?

Big Dave

I just can’t be dealing with Gervinho anymore. A moment of great dribbling will be followed by him falling over a breeze. We try to play a passing game, but its impossible with players who cant keep the ball under control.

Arsenal Rising

Ooops. Haha. Sorry the part that says gringo is obviously meant to be Gervinho.. Thats fucked up my while post! Fucking predictive txt… Or maybe I should of known how the hell could it predict Gervinho… Wenger couldn’t! Joke.


the other day i said on these post that we as fans cant accept that we have avarage players.you gave me a 48thumbs down & only 5 thumbs up..you even called me morgan the organ..okay lets look at the SWASEA LONA GAME../

JENKS….he cant shake off an opponent wen we are attacking one on one,he will show him his back n pass backwards,,some RB’S e.g maicon,rafael,johnson ,dani alves e.t.c can overlap and even drible into the box from the wing,well u all attackd me,,saw wat happened in the swansea game

MERT..cant drible the ball past the the middle line to give us an advantage of numbers upfront,he cant sheke of an opponent,will pass the ball to schezzney on the simple sight of an opponent,,he cant jump high enuf..look at wht michu did on the counter wit dyer..and more instances judge for yo’selfs

GERVINHO…& RAMSEY .atleast most of you will agree with me that they hold on tothe ball just to be seen to be contributing but have no brains on wat to do wen they get the ball

PODOLSKI..highest paid player,,for heavens sake,,koss shows more desire to score than him,he has never dribbled in the box(someone remind me wen)yet he plays inthe wing,he rarley shoots yet he has the best volleys wit his leftie..

ARTETA..he works hard yes,great in set pieces,but he loves the parallel pasess,,i know yo’all wnt to smack my face coz of my critisizm for him,,but rem SONG BILLONG,,he used to be attack minded he would even do the chip passes for r.v.pjudas in the box(rem everton,and tottenham goals last season),,yes he used to expose our back four but atlest he would go forward and provide the much needed numbers to attack,,
i would rather we win 4-3 for 3points 10 games in a row,than draw 5 loose 2 and win 3 just coz CDM cant go forward to provide the needed numbers for atack

i rest my case,,who cant dispute these without insults..COYG


Arteta attempts the highest number of long balls and gets most of them correct. I don’t think he would make a horizontal long ball. Song forgot his defensive duties and that cost us matches, Arteta does his job well which does not include making bombing runs forward at the expense of leaving a hole in DM.


Okay ratings first. Few things I’m not convinced by (yes I did watch the whole game- it was on ITV and I’m too cheap to have Sky Sports).

Coquelin 6/10 makes him higher than Jenkinson on 5/10 who switched off for two seconds but otherwise was very solid at the back and not too shabby going forwards. Coq’s play was okaaaybut he has a tendency to try to slide tackle when his job at pivot/ low centre is to pressure the oppo or push them wide. Every time he goes to ground and throws his arms up in frustration I get angry with him. You can’t be doing that when you’ve been skinned in the middle of the park because it means someone is running straight at your back four. Don’t go to ground unless you’re sure of the tackle.

Also Jenkinson on 5/10 makes him the same as Gervinho on the same number. Really? What did he do that was so bad?

5/10 for Ramsey is very harsh. His job in that position is to be involved in play at the back and up front and to make sure when he gives the ball, it goes to a team mate. He hasn’t been great this year (separate comment below) but, missed shot aside, last night was one of his better performances. If you’re going to slate him when he’s not good, at least acknowledge when he isn’t bad.

Vermaelen on 6/10 is lower than Meade and SCSZ both on 7/10. Hmmm. When you’re playing centre back, make countless interceptions/ blocks and clearances and make no obvious mistakes I’m not entirely sure what else people would want from you.


Why does jenkinson love back pass and why does arteta pass sideways and not forward?




Who gives a flying fuck about ratings the players played shit whatever way we spin it, the squad is average and the manager constantly makes shit decisions. We have loads of money and won’t spend any and even of we did spend shit loads would take years to sort this mess out. Four years ago it was critical to sign 20million players to stay in the fight all we have done is lose this standard of players year by year so instead of adding we have been removing meaning we are around 8 20 million pound players short of competing at the top. Even if usamanov was to come in and spend that it would take two years to gel them. Being as that ain’t going to happen and the yank will sale any more assets he thinks he can squeeze a dollar out of we are doomed to fail. had a season ticket for thirty years never been more depressed about the state of our club were in a fucking mess. Even the most ardent stick in the mud wenger fans hae to agree


A lot of Ramsey hating here and I should start by saying that when he dilly dallies on the ball and gets tackled as we try to build an attack it drives me absolutely nuts. I should follow that by saying that until he rediscovered his mojo last season, Rosicky used to do the same and that drove me nuts too.

Roll back a year and a half- Cesc leaves and Ramsey is asked to fill his shoes at high centre-mid. Big ask for someone who’s not a bad passer of the ball with a decent engine but no Catalan with insane first touch. Rosicky comes back, plays well and Ramsey gets pushed out to the wing which is really not his natural game. Big ask. All of this is after a pretty horrible leg break. Not making excuses, I’m just saying.

As far as I’m concerned he’s a box to box centre mid who is playing on the wing because we have someone who can do his job better now that Wilshere is back. He played CM last night and did an okay job (he doesn’t always I admit). He’s not going to get much practice there though because he’s third choice for it. Wilshere is first, Diaby -I know, I know- is second.

In the league, he usually plays on the wing. Should we have better, speedy attacking players to do that? We do. Arshavin is much better with the ball, Ox is, Gervinho can be (god he’s frustrating). Why is Wenger playing him there then? Bluntly, it seems that Wenger trusts him to put a shift in, more than he trusts Arshavin to make a difference in the final third. If anyone wants to disagree with that, feel free but bear in mind that Ramsey never said he was a winger. He’s doing what’s asked of him to the best of his ability, isn’t whining to the press about wanting to play in the centre (Theo) and doesn’t give up when he’s a bit tired or it’s a bit chilly. And I say again, Rosicky was guff in exactly the same way when he was coming back.

January prediction- we buy a centre forward to take the load off Giroud. Theo leaves and we buy a replacement winger. Ramsey will play less in the second half of the season and only in midfield. This will be good for the guy. He’s not a winger. He’s not a world class centre mid either but he’s not dog shit. He just needs a bit more practice, a bit less pressure and some more movement off the ball to pass to.

Groan when he gets tackled by all means, admit when he’s done something good if you can, but don’t make him a scapegoat for everything that is wrong with Arsenal just now. No one ever got any better by having people tell them they were shit and like it or not, we’re going to need him to play as well as he can for the rest of the season.


Making excuses for ramsey continues,either left back,right back,center def,ball boy,box-box,ramsey plays trash,he is not worthy to play for arsenal.the sooner we realise this,the better. though i just want wenger gone


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MISTERCHAP! You need to get your own blog! This is Arseblog.com


Hussein you did die, remember?! So anyways fuck last night. Im optimistic for WBA, a chance to climb the table. Gotta start somewhere. COYG
Sagna Mert Vermaelen Gibbs

Rosicky Arteta Wilshere

Cazorla Giroud Podolski

Diaby……oh wait.


Lets hope they all had rest and ready to fire that famous cannon!


Theo will get head of Rosicky!


yh thats right. Forehead can go suck off chipalata!!


There is one single arsenal supporter who thought we can win PL at the beginning of the season, in fact, in the last seven seasons. So what changed? We always played for the top four finished, if we finished 3rd it was bonus! so the people calling the manager to be sacked! what do they want? PL Trophy Or Top 4 finish? If its the latter then chilled out, there is a only one man who can take us to the promised land (top 4). If you want PL trophy, you must be a new supporter to the club, or an idiot educated by that Ginger guy at talk Sport.


Ramsey – lamb to slaughter
Gervinho – Headless chicken
That proves the double standard of supporters to British players and to other players


I have two questions from last night game.

1. What is Ramsey supposed to be in our midfield?

Now I’m not trying to make him a scapegoat and won’t get into the debate if he’s good enough to be at Arsenal or not. Frankly, I don’t care enough now. Its all a bloody mess, Ramsey is a very minute part of it.

I’m just curious, is he supposed to be the creator? Picking defense apart by his wizardry? Or is he supposed to be organiser from deep with good engine? Keep possession, simple passes, not dwell? Or is he supposed to be a tackler, win balls with sheer tenacity? I’d like to hear pro-ramsey folks here.

2. Why was AW trying to “save” 2-1 defeat? Signs of cowardness.

I completely understand and back the choice of his squad and starting line up. Made absolutely no sense to take usual 1st teamers to Greece. He got the squad and team absolutely spot on. But at 2-1 down, 15 odd mins to go, why not throw on the young attacking player on the bench like Ansha and Akpom. Surely he wasn’t saving them for WBA? Give them that 10-15mins, let them try and gain experience. Result can’t be worse or matter less. He put Angha on. Anybody got a working theory behind it?


Look bro I am a Ramsey fan for 3 years and even I can’t answer the question you asked. but I can tell u that he will be a special player(again) once he gets the confidence back.Just trust me on this one

Ill Ting

To all the people saying we should loan Ramsey out somewhere just who do you think will take his place in the team/squad?

We don’t seem overly blessed with midfielders of a better quality who can stay fit for more than four matches at the moment, or do you really think LANS Diaby will fill that role?

The only option I could seriously consider would be Arshavin, but I would wager his stats say he gives possession away/is dispossessed at least as much as Ramsey if not more and gives us far less defensively. And before you say the Ox he is next in line for the Ramsey treatment if things continue this way!


We have Eisfeld, who is a better player


I fkin hate Chamakh, his attitude just pisses me off


i like his hair : /



I’m 12 and I like the Arsenal jersey (so cool). I only started supporting them to see them win things. Arsene Wenger is poo. We should sign Messi for 100m (we’re making a profit) and Rooney for 100m also. Ramsey is shit.

p.s. my other team is Man City and Barcelona though I love Ronaldo and Rooney
What does COYG mean?



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