Rosicky: We have to win back our fans


Tomas Rosicky believes Arsene Wenger’s squad have to win back the Emirates crowd quickly after confirming that vocal terrace disillusionment is taking its toll on the confidence of Arsenal’s younger players.

Harking back to the positive fan vibes which accompanied victories over Milan and Spurs last term, the Czech, who scored against Olympiakos to cap a decent first start of the season, also insisted that the squad must stick together during this difficult period.

“I can understand the frustrations, I am an Arsenal fan as well when I am not playing,” Rosicky told the Independent in Athens last night.

“It is understandable but we have some young guys and this is not helping. We have to all stick together, which is what we did last season when everyone was writing us off.

“The performances we produced against Tottenham and AC Milan [in last season’s Champions League], you could feel the great atmosphere at the Emirates. Without doubt that was the best atmosphere I have ever played in.

“We have to win the people again, that is the challenge. It will be difficult but we are capable of doing it again. If we are all on board, Arsenal is a great place to play football.”

Francis Coquelin, himself one of the younger members of the squad, also eyed this weekend’s fixture with West Brom as the perfect moment to get back on track.

“We have to concentrate on the next game,” he told

“We have a really important match against West Brom and we want to get the three points. We had a few bad results recently, so we need the three points at the weekend.”

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Lifetime Gooner

One of the few that play with a lot of enthusiasm and try to get forward. I missed this guy. Unique player

Yeah Right

Agreed, want to play him central in Cazorla’s position.

Cazorla. Rosicky. Walcott
Wilshere. Arteta
Gibbs. Verm. BFG. Sagna

Would’ve loved to see that team. A playing LW with Gibbs coming up on the left hand side.


Rosicky is a legend. A clear class above anyone on the pitch yesterday. And I agree that the volatile atmosphere at the emirates is not really helping matters. We’re not known for this!. Get behind the team, this little things help. Coyg.

Big Dave

Tom Fox (cunt) could learn a thing or two from Rosicky’s comments here.

Dr. Silent

Rosicky’s return is a huge boost. We saw yesterday what an impact he can have on the game. He really brings a lot of energy to the team and speeds the game up.


the very least you could do there is insert ‘(Wenger 24/11/2012)’ just before the full stop

Wenger's Glasses

*almost weepin’ reading this*

Tomas, you’re awesome. :*

Mach III

My favourite player! Plays and talks like a true captain! Captain Rosicky!

Best in the World

Bring back eboue to win back the fans




We have young guys….

Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Sagna, Arteta, Cazorla, Rosicky, Gervinho, Walcott, Giroud… nor is Santos, Arshavin, Chamakh, Squilacci, Djourou young, and the likes of Gibbs and Ramsey have been playing for 4 seasons or 5 now.


I would say ramsey is young he is the youngest under the 25 man rule …….younger than craig eastmond but agreed we no longer have a young squad


Gibbs and Ramsey are still young (lets face it, anyone under 25 is pretty young.) Footballers are said to peak at 26/27. Defenders are around commonly into their mid-30s

Ergo, we have young players in Szczesny, Gibbs, Walcott, Wilshere, Jenkinson, Ox, Ramsey. These are the regulars. Then there’s the future prospects of Martinez, Miquel, Meade, Coquelin, Frimpong, Yennaris, Eastmond, Eisfeld, Gnabry, Miyaichi, Akpom, Afobe, and more.

You must remember, part of the plan in beating the debt was investing in the youth system. Theyre supposed to be the majority team of the future when they’re finally given the welcome.

William Sham

I absolutely agree that creating talent youth in house is more important than buying the stars outsides . Football club is successful if it creates a good culture of youth decelopment.


I love this guy. My favorite player, class on and off the pitch. Wenger will make these critics eat their words just like Super Tom has done. If him and Diaby stay fit, we’re in for a joy ride, believe me.

Midfield Corporal

If my auntie had balls……..

Dr Baptiste

She’d be your uncle?


Little mozart,the way he moves the ball awesome has ever,just try to be fit for the remainder of the season and please teach ramsey how to pass the ball like you do with haste not to be caught btw 2 minds.
Welcome back little mozart

Dick Swiveller

Kinda shows what a little bit of positivity and class can do in this team, Rambo could learn a lot from Tommy, although until he gets a bit of confidence I don’t think any amount of example-setting is going to make a difference.

On a vaguely related note, I was heartened to hear Wenger’s comments about our midfield, eif Diaby is still at the knackers yard come January I think we might even see more than one come in.


Missed him haven’t we? Didn’t realize quite how much until last night, seeing him dancing around a couple of Olympiakos players, put a smile on my face – a little bit of light in the darkness.


This is unbelievable.

Rosicky is a good player, and has had some good games, however, on the whole he is not any better than the rest of them.

To me these comments are empty and if he had a good enough season to get the offers he would do one like the rest of them.



Football is a team game. Adding something fresh and a little different makes the team better. The sum can be greater than the parts. Hopefully he is the spark that sets the team alight.

Big Dave

I’ve always been a fan of Super Tom with his quick turn of pace and driving forwrad dribbles which are much needed, particularly this weekend. A great player.

But yes, lets not get carried away, hes not the messiah (he’s a very… good player!) He showed last night that he still has class though – just wish he wasnt 32.


Well said Big Dave, but what was it Wenger said about Super Tom being only 29 in footballer years due to the time he spent out! It’s a tantalising thought, Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky and Cazorla in the same midfield.


@ mistery

that would be my 4 if we played 442. with giroud walcott and poldi fighting for the front 2.

best team
sagna mertesacker vermaelen gibbs
cazorla wilshire arteta rosicky
walcott giroud or podolski

mannone jenkinson koscielny diaby chamberlain gervinho podolski or giroud

Mach III

Do you speak to your mother with that same mouth?
Bite ye tongue whence thou speaketh of T.Ro-ze-kai (Rosicky)!


Rosicky is a fire cracker. He dictated the middle of park last night, after the half way period we looked lifeless. The creativity had gone, the energy wasn’t there. He bought all of that with him. Welcome back Mozart! Look forward to seeing some masterpieces!


At the moment he is better than most of them


How many goals has Rosicky ever scored…he is another bottler – just like the majority of our team the past few years…


Everyone is chipping in with goals thats not the problem. We need to change the dynamic of the midfield and get the ball moving again.


Or you might want to say unlucky player ..but hei we’re all mega football managers/brainiacs here

Dr Baptiste

42 goals?


I vaguely remember him tucking one away against 5pur2.
You cock.

Midfield Corporal

I don’t this I’ve ever been so disinterested in an Arsenal game as last night. I missed the first ten minutes so I could finished watching ‘A Muppet Christmas Carol’ with the kids, a great film I might add. It then occurred to me watching Chamakh (I swear that’s jizz in his hair) that both he and Gervinho would be better suited to the cast of The Muppets than playing for The Arsenal.
At half time I actually nodded off and woke just in time to see us concede two goals and sadly I found myself indifferent to the defeat.
Still Arsene said the team had ‘Desire’ to win, as if that’s a positive. Desire is just another word for ‘want’, well I want an IPad but unless I actually work hard I won’t get one.
How long before we hear the old ‘Boring boring Arsenal chants’ but not in an ironic way.

North Bank Gooner

chamackh should be in a film, ” theres something about marouanne “

Big Dave

Awful. Just awful.


So you missed the first ten minutes, then slept through the second half. In that case even if they were doing cartwheels and spitting fireballs at each other it wouldn’t have made an iota of a diffrence to your ‘entertainment’.


from gareth bales wikipedia page:

“Bale is the only known sufferer of Bale’s Disease, a form of facial disfigurement where the sufferer exhibits ape like facial features”

And yeah TR7 is awesome!

Rad Carrot

Lovely words, Tomas, and he’s a great player.

But, it’s got to be a two-way thing. You cannot possibly expect fans to scream and shout for 90 minutes if the team shows the lack of passion that they did at the Emirates last weekend. I’m not trying to say the ‘booing’ is helping or is necessary, but hardcore fans of every team have the right to be a little frustrated when the players aren’t showing the same level of passion as we have.


look guys:before 3-4 seasons,we play with plan(very efficient),and the plan was that CESC play long passes from deep to the strikers who run betwen the defenders,then he find himself in ONE ON ONE situation. Ithink we should use it because its provide havoc at the opponent defence,and its very simple.

AND, in my opinion RAMSEY should learn how to do it ,rather and turn and run a lot without any production.THIS how he can be FABREGAS replacement.THANKS



Mach III

Oh… Em… Gee…
Fabregas is one of the most talented footballers in the world. He was our captain, and well known as one of the greatest passers of the ball.

Have you seen Ramsey’s long balls? It isn’t something you learn, it is something you born with!


You could see what TR7 brought to the game last night, fast one touch passes which we have lacked in the recent ones. It really speeded up things, lets turn this around then.


I’m an Arsenal supporter but they stress me out’ -wilfredzaha




Surely you meant wifriedhaha?


How id love to see him play alongside the iceboy ! Oh boy


Top man TR7 good timing aswell. Saturday is massive we need to win and win well then hopefully start a good run. We cant afford to lose at home again it will probably destroy any hopes of a decent season. We must get behind them COYG.


Love Tomas, was in another gear than anyone else last night. No use fretting over it but its hard to not imagine what the team of the late 00’s and early 10’s would’ve been without the freakish long-term injury plague. But those days are long gone and I hope Supee Tom can inject some pride and winning spirit into the side. And he’s dead on about how to turn fans around – do better. Don’t sit and cry and play the victim. Even if you’re young if you’re a player for a top side in the Prem if you can’t take the heat of unhappy fans you’re prob not in the right place. A winner says “fuck me? No, fuck YOU!” and just gets more motivated.


And Chamakh, that hair is writing a check his footballing can’t cash. WTF is that.


It’s a two way street we have been fed lies for years unfortunately Tom these need to end. You are a great player one of my favourites unfortunately not fit enough. Although I would stick with Tom over diaby that guy is always injured at least Tom has had spells where he has been fit. Massive question the fuck did we sell Alex song how much could we have done with him over the last month instead we get the fatigue bull shit cos arsene can’t rotate hopefully those 15 million pound coins! are rotating in the greedy bastard yank bank that makes my weekend so happy! Fatigue bore off its your fault


The only player in the team, minus a fully fit Diaby, who plays with great drive. He loves to get the game going and get the ball forward. Something we’ve missed a lot since Cesc went home.


Great lets rely on two constantly injury prone players same we did when Rvp was here surel we are bigger then this? Do the Manks do this? Chelski? Answer no are we going to be title contenders under this regime of board answer again emphatic no


Anyone want to see a return to the 07/08 4-4-2 that nearly won us the title? Rosicky/Arteta or Diaby/Wilshere/Cazorla with Theo/Giroud up front. could work, but at the moment with Diaby out Rosicky is the only player that links midfield and attack with his bursts forward. Love the guy, best player on the pitch last night

Dr Baptiste

It’s time for the 4-2-4 that we used against Reading. We can’t defend, so lets go for it and just outscore people. Giroud and Podolski up front.
Or go crazy and use a 1-6-3 formation with Giroud and Chamakh as target men (got to give Chamakh something to do), leaving Podolski and the midfield to score.


Rosicky might be the only player I’m interested in hearing from at this point.


riosicky is now 32, its so hard to believe hes that old since we brought him at the age of 25. too bad we dont have a trophy for him for all these years hes been at the club.


[…] run after the Sp*rs game last season, which included the 3-0 over Milan in the Champions League. Rosicky also refers to those games when he talks about how the players need to win back the fans: I can understand the frustrations, I […]


Missed you so much, my favourite football player.


TR7 is a triumph for us!


[…] run after the Sp*rs game last season, which included the 3-0 over Milan in the Champions League. Rosicky also refers to those games when he talks about how the players need to win back the fans: I can understand the frustrations, I […]

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tomas…you had me at hello….