Arsenal 2-2 Liverpool: By the Numbers


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7.4 – Shots per goal average for Giroud in the Premier League this season
13 – Shots taken by Giroud in his last three games in all competitions for Arsenal
5 – Goals scored by Giroud in his last three games
2.6 – Shots per goal by Giroud in his last three games
6 – Shots Giroud took against Liverpool²
1 – Goals scored by Giroud v. Liverpool
2 – Assists by Giroud in 23 Premier League matches this season
7 – Assists by Giroud in 10 appearances in all other competitions
3.5 – Aerial Duels per game average by Giroud this season
7 – Aerial Duels won v. Liverpool (of 12)²
3 – Aerial Duels won by Bacary Sagna
3 – Aerial Duels won by Sagna where he nearly knocked the other guy out
3 – Aerial Duels won by Sagna where I said “FUCK YES”
1 – Missed penalty when Wisdom felled Podolski
4 – Arsenal errors that allowed Liverpool to score their first goal

1 – Sagna slip
1 – Vermaelen wildly missed blocked cross
1 – Ramsey failed clearance
1 – Mertesacker jumping out of the way for the block

3 – Errors that allowed Jordan Fucking Henderson to score Liverpool’s second goal

1 – Mertesacker failed tackle
1 – Andre Santos doing whatever that was he was doing because it sure as hell wasn’t defending
1 – Ramsey sliding block which ricocheted off of Santos’ bollocks and fell into the path of Jordan Fucking Henderson

1 – Simple, wide open goal chips that Jordan Fucking Henderson should have had when Szczesny went on walkabout
1 – Little bit maybe the mental tightness Arsenal’s defense suffers at times

Here’s a funny fact…

Arsenal have won every game (7-0-0) in which they won 63% or more of their overall duels. Meaning that if Arsenal win just 63% of their tackles, aerial duels, and dribbles (combined) they have won 100% of the time.

Yesterday against Liverpool, Arsenal won just 51% of their duels. This is mostly down to the fact that they won a season low 26% of their attempted dribbles (6/23).

Arsenal also only have one loss when they create 10 or more shots from passes or what Opta refer to as key passes (a pass which leads to a shot). And they have only one win when they create less than 10 key passes. That’s irrespective of the number of forward passes, the percent of passes that are forward, the percent of overall passes in the final third, etc. This will be a surprise… but it’s all about creating shots and Arsenal average 12 key passes per game.

Against Liverpool, Arsenal created 15 shots from passes. In games where Arsenal create 15 key passes or more they are unbeaten (P6 W4 D2 L0). They probably should have beaten Liverpool yesterday.

Hustle board


All numbers today via Opta, ESPN, or my personal databases

¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

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Percy Dalton

9 – Number of times Luis Suarez’s teeth were offside


Hey man, he has Freddie Mercury teeth, please lay off them.


They want to break free….


The hustle board’s knackered.

I thought I was watching a slapstick comedy for our goals conceded. You really couldn’t make that shit up.

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

goals that should have been replayed in sepia with ragtime piano music accompaniment: 2 (Suarez, Henderson)


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@7am I’m confused by Ramsey’s passing numbers above – says he made 104/107, meaning only 3 were misplaced, but the stat for his final third passing alone indicates 24/33 for 9 misplaced.

I did think Ramsey had another good game.


5 – Number of times i nearly threw my laptop at the wall in disgust.
Jack did well against Stevie G though and Rambo got stuck in. Other than that it was proper shit.
Thank god for the HFB


How come Cazorla got the assist?

Giroud was the last guy that touched the ball before Walcott put it into net.


Cazorla doesn’t have an assist, Wilshere does. Of course, it’s possible your comment was noted and the graphic fixed by the time I saw it…


3 – number of Carragher’s ribs I hope Podolski broke with that rifle of a shot


3- number of kids carragher will never have according to the media outlets who apparently think his balls are in his chest.

Mapou Yanga-M'Biwa

The Wisdom on Podolski incident was not a penalty.

BBC’s Ornstein reporting that we’re likely to sign a LB. Let’s hope guys!

Midfield Corporal

I disagree, he clearly stick his leg right across Pod. The fact that the contact was at hip level made it look less dramatic.

Pleeeeeaaaaaasssse can we have one signing Arsene, I don’t think Incan bear the atmosphere at the ground if we don’t, it will be pure vitriol.


Nacho Monreal, currently with Malaga, is what Guardian reports as in the works for 10 million.


is that a good or bad signing?


All that happened yesterday was that Everton moved a further 2points ahead of us.. Nd Gibbs getting crocked(I would have rather not got this point and saved Gibbsy). We looked so much better than Liverpool I couldn’t believe we were 2-0 down and only got a point from the match. This team does show the potential that Arsene keeps talking about, but only in the 2nd half ofcorse


No potential whatsoever when you can’t defend!

50 shades of gandalf the grey
50 shades of gandalf the grey

Minute we started playing: 60th
Minutes in a football match: 90


you say probably should have beaten Liverpool? they most definitely should have won. First goal was 2 defenders that can not even keep their balance beaten by their own clumsy feet. AND then the second was that Messi or Henderson because the way he made our players look you would have thought it was the former. I mean WE NEED a PROPER defensive mid and possibly a CB and better cover for LB and then Maybe we can win enough games between now and the end of the season to get to 4th. But that is unlikely to happen so I really think we are sunk. Wilshere has come good now can’t say as much for Ramsey. But we need a proper DM so Wilshere can play as a proper number 10 and not so deep I would even rest Cazorla if we had a new DM and Diaby fit. I am also REALLY worried now if Gibbs is going to be out for a long time due to the injury. We have no cover for left back I would rather we push TV out to the LB and play Mert and Koscielny OR even see if Jenkinson can play on the left. Anything but Santos for the rest of the season I think even Jenkinson playing out of his normal position would be better then the out of shape brazilian (of course when you never get a match it is hard to stay match fit but he should be better then he is if he trained hard. It is really a shame too because he had good technical ability I think he should be traded not just for the good of Arsenal but for him also he need to play in a slower league he is not EPL material. Send him to play with Denilson in Sao Paulo make it a 2 for one deal if they sign both permanently then we can get both off the pay role.

Deadwood Gooner

1 – Number of people who read it all the way through to discover that the end made more sense than the start


0- Number of people who read the above comment fully.



Arsene's Nose

The only number that matters is the scorline…


ten million pounds- the reported fee for the nacho man from malaga to team up with santi at arsenal.


Sad to see Balotelli leave the division. Characters are great for the profile of the league. He might well have looked likeabba


nacho is cup tied for cl play because he’s from malaga. so we’ll probably play sagna mert kos tv because the spain international can’t feature.


# shabba ranks lovechild but good entertainment none the less.


Can someone explain to me what constitutes a ‘dribble’ in regard to the dribble statistic?



This is an attempt by a player to beat an opponent in possession of the ball. A successful dribble means the player beats the defender while retaining possession, unsuccessful ones are where the dribbler is tackled, Opta also log attempted dribbles where the player overruns the ball.”

Google is your friend.


It’s when water runs down your chin and hits the floor or makes a mess of your bib.
Spurs fans are always guilty of this.


Honest question: How much of that 6/23 season low successful dribble ratio is down to Walcott consistently trying and failing to beat Glenn Johnson with the same move?


Infinity – # of times I’ll laugh at the by the numbers comments section and get awkward looks from my coworkers.

0- number of times I’ll give a damn what they think

Eric Irish gunner

Yes a fucking left back has to be better than poor ol santos


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wow Ramsey?