Arsenal sign Nacho Monreal from Malaga


Arsenal have completed the signing of Nacho Monreal from Malaga.

The Spanish international left back joins on a long-term deal for what’s believed to be a fee of around £10m. Monreal has made 21 appearance for Malaga this season, scoring 1 goal (in their recent 3-2 win over Mallorca), picking up 4 yellows and 1 red card in the process.

He has played in the Champions League so is cup-tied for this season’s tournament, meaning he will not be eligible for the games against Bayern Munich.

The 26 year old is, of course, a former teammate of Santi Cazorla and Malaga have already signed a replacement – Vitorino Antunes from Portuguese side Paços de Ferreira.

The move provides competition for Kieran Gibbs and calls into questions the future of Andre Santos.

Arsene Wenger said, “We are delighted that Nacho Monreal has agreed to join us. We have been monitoring him for some time now and are really pleased that we’ve been able to agree this move today. Monreal is a strong left-sided defender with good experience at both club and international level.

“He is a technically gifted player, a good crosser in the final third and strong in the air. Monreal will add quality to our squad and of course, to our defensive unit. We all look forward to him playing for us.”

Nacho stats via the official Malaga site.

More to follow

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welcome to arsenal! 🙂


craving some nachos with guac and/or cheese


So Wenger, we waited 31 days for you to sign ”top top top top top super players” and you go and buy a 2nd choice left back only because Gibbs got injured yesterday!

We are 21 points behind Man Utd, 6th in the league, and have over £100 million cash in the bank and you go and spend £8.5 million on a player who has never played in England, to replace the shitty Santos you bought in the 1st place.

He cant even play against Bayern Munich!!!

Wenger you have completed lost the plot

gooner odst

to be fair, doing nothing would have been slightly more crazy than what you described…which is what we were all expecting anyway.


Ridiculous comment Sir Balls. Get off the blog before you do your head in. Your team needed a striker more than we needed a defender.


Speaking of which, I can imagine there is a pretty bummed out Brazilian somewhere in the greater London area right now, digging through the entire McDonals menu for comfort… Well, lame jokes aside, I feel for ‘ya, André. Should have played out differently this whole thing.


@ sir balls. Nacho is the man we were going to sign when clichy left, but once again, like santi, the oil money grabbed him first.

its not as if, this signing came out of the blue, we’ve been after this guy a very long time. And to be quite fair, if hes get ANY spanish international caps in this generation of spanish players, than he is no muppet.

Vic Viniger

That picture looks like he’s just thought…..wait a minute…..Arsenal….fuck, nobody in that team knows how to defend, this is going to be hard work.

Fergie the Gooner

Love me some nachos! Hopefully he’ll be as good as our 3 summer signings were.
What’s his song going to be?

Hey Nacho,
Nacho Monreal-o!

Merlin's Panini

Surely it can only be something along the lines of:

Nacho Nacho man
Arsenal’s got a Nacho man


Andre Santos must be excited that we’ve bought 10 million pounds worth of Nachos.


I’m glad we signed Nacho “Novo” from Montreal. We got so focused on buying a striker that we forgot how badly we suck diseased donkey shit at defence these days. A smart fix by Wenger.


Isco next!


Welcome to arsenal nacho.. bt is he dat top top n super quality player a.w was talking about??? tym will tell..




I thought this was a wind-up, and went to google his name. But its true! We actually signed a player!

Yeah Right

Sorry for asking off-topic, but I need some help. I had £10 on Arsenal having the last signing of this transfer window, loan deals included. It says QPR was last, is that Townsend? Could swear I saw his name confirmed on Sky before Nacho.

Anyway, as much as I hate the abuse towards Santos, he’s simply not good enough. This guy was a much needed signing, and from what I’ve read he looks to be quite decent too. Will probably not play before Sunderland away?


still can’t believe we actually signed someone..

Runcorn Gooner

Some experts are saying we are now overloaded in that department but the fact remains that Kieran has a history of injuries and as an insurance policy it is an
excellent buy plus never any harm in competition.Could have done with a GK to
Chessers on his toes


Wait this isn’t a joke??

Touched Your Mother

Quality signing… good friend of Santi, wish David Villa joined, however it is nice to see Gibbs get some cover. The only issue is that if Gibbs isn’t fit by the time we play Bayern, Monreal can’t play because he is cup tied.


If Gibbs is not fit put Vermaelen in Lb against Bayern perhaps. Happy with this signing though, improved the squad. I wonder if it would have happened if Gibbs hadnt got injured!


Rumors today were this move was slated for the summer but got moved forward to this window. Obviously Gibbs’s injury changed the timeframe for the clubs involved.

As to the fee, Guardian has reported it at £8.5m–slightly better.


more like 2nd best lb in la liga. personally i’m very happy with this guy, he’s mister consistent, quality defender.


Hopefully he won’t go all Sagna 2k13 on us!


Won’t really matter. Bayern are going to batter us.


Well at least were getting the chance to play then twice, Chelski and Citeh couldnt even buy that!


Pessimism ok, but out right negativism no thank you


What kind of a loser mentality is that? You call yourself a Gooner? This is football. You never know until you play on the pitch.


Don’t be so sure…


Even if you turn out to be right, you’re still a cunt.

Everton Need The Money
Everton Need The Money

I think what DB10 is trying to say is that we might have been better-off buying a LB who WASN’T cup-tied instead, like Leighton Baines.

The Bayern Munich home-and-away could realistically be the last time Arsenal fans get to experience Champions League football for a long time. Of course we have a chance at beating the Germans. But we’d have had a BETTER chance of doing so if yesterday’s LB-signing WASN’T cup-tied.

Vermalen hates playing LB, slim chance Gibbs will be fit by 19th Febuary, and the only chance-in-hell Santos will be allowed on the pitch vs. Bayern Munich is if pre-match Arsenal were allowed to dangle a kebab from Ribery’s forehead, glue a lamb chop onto Robben’s nose, etc.

I hate Chelski but what they accomplished last year in CL was amazing. This year the CL final happens to be at Wembley. The longer Arsenal fans are allowed to escape from reality and ‘dream’ of such crazy things, the better.


I feel–emphasis on feel…I have nothing to back this up–that Santos will fare better in European competition. I’d give him a chance against Bayern.

Personally, I’m not all that bothered about a competition we have no hope in hell of winning, so long as we get into the competition next year…if that makes sense. I mean, the fourth-place trophy is our priority, because at the moment, we’re staring at the Europa League IN ADDITION to not having a hope in hell of winning the Champions League.


What do you mean no hope? We are still in it. The mug mashers won it one year with Djimi Traore and a load of other unskillful cretins I dont care to recall in the team. Glad this window is done and we brought in a quality player. Lets hope for a big improvement for the rest of the season


Yes, I remember how they did it, too. In the knock-out stages, they beat a shit Bayer Leverkusen, an aging rickety Old Lady, a non-goal against Chelsea, before squeaking through against the retirement home known as AC Milan…and it was STILL called the greatest miracle of all time.

So when I say “no hope in hell,” I’m referring to the fact that we’ll face far better opposition than what Liverpool did, and then we’d have to also count on a once-in-a-lifetime miracle on top of that.

Doesn’t mean I’m not cheering for Arsenal. I hope that’s clear.


@ Bunburyist

And as for Chelsea beating what may well be retrospected upon as the greatest football team of all time? Not to mention the side in question in the final.

Now I’m not saying it’s likely that lightning’ll strike twice.

I’m just saying if you’d told me fat frank, fernando ‘dead horse’ torres and that cuckolding gimp would lift the biggest cup in football then I’d have probably died laughing.

And that’s why I’m not a gambling man.


I hate Barcelona.

Show no class whatsoever in trying to purloin a whole load of our greatest and most beloved players.

Then hold one of their own to ransom during some of the most important years of his footballing career and even though he’s desperate to move on, after a respectful approach through the conventional channels.

This f*cking club.

Judgement day (once more)
Judgement day (once more)

The thing about FCB is the whole myth surrounding the club. A myth of major bullshit they have created very skillfully. But in the end, only a myth.

The trouble is that the board and manager actually believes in it, they can´t even imagine a player wanting to leave their club. And when it fially happened they refused in order to keep the myth alive… fucking cunts, I truly hate this club.


If we’re talking Spanish clubs, I’m an Athletic BIlbao man. I always cheer for Euskadi over Catalunya in the annual derby.


Nacho is not a flashy type. He’s just a steady, solid defender. Exactly what our current Arsenal needs: steadiness. Good purchase, at least on paper. Wenger believes his current squad can finish Top 4 and possibly even win the FA Cup. He’s playing a rather risky game. Let’s see if his faith gets paid at the end. I personally hope so.


Haha went to sleep early yesterday and just woke up to see the headline, ” arsenal sign Spanish star” I was like a little kid on Christmas.. No way no way we actually bought David villa!!!! Then I realised it was nacho haha still delighted. I think he is a great singing, good crosser of the ball strong in the tackle will help out defence and attack alot and provide Gibbs with much needed rest at times without all is arsenal fans shitting our pants!







hahaha…..I cant stop laughing at Carzorla.

Rectum Spectrum

They put cazorlas head on arshavins body…


Apparently he’s very solid defensively. I guess he’s Nacho average Arsenal left-back.

Cyril Washbrook

A rather cheesy pun, I have to say. But yes, he adds an extra layer to our defence and should be very useful when the crunch comes. I hear he’s also a very crisp passer of the ball. If nothing else, he should be easier to stomach than Santos.

Everton Need The Money
Everton Need The Money

dude, you should send this to Michael Mcyntire – he might be impressed and choose you to be one of his supporting-acts in ‘Comedy Roadshow’!


I’m glad Wenger dipped into the market.


Yeah but you sort of wish we’d taco-n someone else during the window… We’re spread quite thin in some places, especially down to the injuries sustained in these chilli months!

I’ll get my coat.


Supreme comment. Bravo.


Nacho Nacho Man!


i want to be, a nacho man.


I got hungry as soon as I heard that rumor and it ain’t gone either.


I was hoping to be the first to point out the obvious song. Well played.

Merlin's Panini

LANM – Like A Nacho Man


Santos must have been really dire to be replaced by Nacho Novo.

[coat’s already on]


He’s worse than dire. Just can’t think of the word………


i really think santos will be used as a replacement left wing now. which is great news for us because his attacking instincts were always much better than his defence. Can score a goal if needed.

5pur2 dr00L

Sadly, don’t think he’s truly good enough as a winger to cut it — did you see his ridiculous shot last game? Not a smart player by any stretch of the imagination.


Nice work there Bunburyist.

Funny thing is, when I first saw the headline “Nacho signs for Gunners” I did moan out loud “DON”T TELL ME WE”VE SIGNED NACHO NOVO AS A BACKUP STRIKER”…..

My fair lady, quite rightly said in her Australian brogue, “What the fuckin’ ‘ell are you goin’ on about?”

Glad I read further though. The Nacho that was signed looks like class, and he must be more than half – decent if he’s Malaga’s first choice.

Everton Need The Money
Everton Need The Money

speaking of Santos, I hope he doesn’t EAT our precious new-signing thinking it was a SNACK from the CANTEEN! if our £8.3mm ‘investment’ ended up being digested inside some ravenous Brazilian’s stomach, this would TERRIFY the Board, and prevent Wenger from spending the rest of his ‘war chest’ during the summer window.

Merlin's Panini

Just hope Santos doesn’t try to eat him.


Holy shit, we signed someone!!

Jim Jimminy

I love doritos

N. Monreal

Me gusta Cool Ranch.

Bendtner's Ego

Someone tell Santos that this is one Nacho he can’t eat.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he hangs on to Santos actually. Might be used as higher up the pitch as back up for Poldi, and for our remaining two CL games at left back.


Yeah, noticed when Podolski usually gets subbed off it’s Santos that comes in for him.


Also gives the option for Podolski to play through the centre as cover for Giroud.


He’s cup-tied. Can’t play for the CL games.




He’s also from Spain and played for Mallaga. Don’t forget to mention that.


You’ve got to be joking. Santos needs repatriating immediately.


Bail on santos, hes pretty poor, Gibbs should play LW he has been playing brilliantly this season and has real attacking instinct. As someone else mentioned he can grow into our very own version of the chimp. And shore up the left side defensively, Nachoman and Gibbs on the left, Jenkinson and Ox on the right. Theo, giroud and podolski can rotate front 2 with plenty of cover and rotation with our thousand midfielders. Squad is massive and our voyuer can hopefully rotate the squad a touch. Has anyone seen this new guy play, is he good? He has received rave reviews but ive never bought him on fifa or football manager


Very happy about this, he’ll add a lot to our squad rotating in with Gibbs.

Mostly happy about the fact that this shows that Wenger does actually have a clue as to where the squad is weak, I was beginning to fear the worst for a bit there


No – Wenger has NO clue

Johnny Jensen's Bender
Johnny Jensen's Bender

Does your name stand for

Douche Bag *to the power of 10?


DB10… Wenger’s got a clue… A raging clue…. Just ask the Hardly Boys.


Wenger reacted to Gibbs’ injury and brought forward a transfer. How does that show you he’s got no clue?

That’s why I refrained from getting too hysterical about criticising Wenger – when he proves you wrong, even for a bit, you’ll find it harder to backtrack and admit that maybe your judgement of a manager with 15 years of Premier League experience might have been too hasty and too harsh.

H. P. Arsecraft

Yes Wenger might know where this squad is shit, but he waited to the last day of the transfer window to panic buy replacement for Gibbs and we are still stuck with Santos.
Striker, solid midfielder, central defender and a back up keeper to actually challenge Szczęsny so he can develope. Where are those signings?
To little to late. Wenger knows and he does nothing unless he is forced to.
Bad fucking management.


The question is whether Wenger ‘knows’ that we actually need those signings, or is it that maybe he genuinely believes that this squad is not all that bad?

And who’s to say who’s right? Wenger’s confounded critics plenty of times, so he’s not wrong just because anybody says he is.

Dog Eat Arse

It’s a long time since Wenger confounded anyone in a positive manner, he’s more of a confuser nowadays.


Although it was triggered as a last minute, out-of-necessity purchase, it’s a necessary and desired purchase nonetheless. There is no way Santos plays as our starting LB. Welcome to Arsenal F.C., Nacho!

Jim Jimminy

If reports are to be believed a summer swoop was on the cards anyway.

Merde Bag

I read on Wikipedia earlier that he was once given special dispensation to play a game on horseback.


Nacho man! Quite excited, he seems highly rated. Welcome!


Pleasant surprise. Far better than ‘bugger all’ which was what I had expected today!

Brian Mendoza

inb4 orgasms from the gooner faithful


Surely signing Nacho is better than signing no one right? I think you can understand the bit of joy that fans are feeling right now

Brian Mendoza

Ha I know mate, trust me, I had one too.

And he comes with a song already included as well, wonderful.

Nacho nacho maaaaaaaaan


Poor Santos will be sat at home with a big smile on his face. Gibbs out for three weeks and Arsenal have just spent 10 million on Nachos.

Little does he know…

Jim Jimminy

Well played, well played indeed.

Vic Viniger

Santos will probably eat some Nachos to celebrate not having to do all that extra running you have to do in real matches. Another Spanish international to add to our collection is not a bad way to close a transfer window. Welcome to the Arsenal Natcho!

gooner odst

yay (hopefully) another competent left back. Missed out on that Diame bloke and Villa though, oh well. I’m ordering nachos the next time I’m at chimichangas 🙂

damien joyce

Well, I would have liked something extra, for me we could have done with GK, we could have got Butland or tried Sorensen but I suppose turning down Orcs request for Jenks that could have been difficult.
A CB would have been useful since JD gone and Squid shit, but not particularly Samba on huge Russian wages. Mbiwa could be a missed opportunity me thinks.
CM could have been useful, Arteta and Ramsey are not gritty, Coq doesn’t get many chances and Diaby is ….(fill in gap)…., Moussa Sissoko is another I feel we’ve lost out on. Not Diame.
ST could have been useful, Cuenca on loan to Ajax, Rossi to Fiorentina (bit diaby like on fitness though) the obvious choices could have been Remy or Ba or hahaha Odemwingie hahaha.

This is what we know and love though, We are Arsenal and Arsenal are Prudent, so we’ll support what we’ve got and maybe Eisfeld could get promoted. At the end of the season we can judge any failures.

First up Saturday v the Cunts from Pubis, let’s get 3 points and start a roll, I honestly don’t expect to beat Munich so let’s concentrate on getting our position back of those spud/chav cunts

Come on Arsenal!!!!


true. good points. all good points.

if you don’t mind me, let me add one more to round it off:

the stadium. the location needs to be changed. too middle-of-Londoney. weather-wise terrible, no wonder there are empty seats. somewhere in Spain would be nice.


Most agreed, athough I doubt Butland would’ve liked us – he obviously made an admirable decision based on chances to play rather than picking higher paying suitors. Might not have gotten as much game time with us.

As for a centreback, I think because most defenders would always be having it in the back of their mind that they will arrive as 4th choice, that we don’t have as much choice as we would like.

damien joyce

I understand what u say but I believe he turned Chavski down cos they have Cech who is slightly better and well established as a world class gk and also Courtois who is playing first team footy at Atletico Madrid for 2 seasons now and is pushing for a return to chavs, as opposed to Szcz who is still learning (slower now than it first appeared) it would have been a good challenge for both of them to compete for no.1 jersey.

As for CB, we would have only wanted one who believed he could push those first 3 down the pecking order and on last 18months it wouldn’t be too difficult surely for a top CB, but to be fair most wouldn’t want to do that in January, but this would have been ideal time with no major interlull tournaments for 18months.

Like blogs and most fellow gooners I just don’t believe we are doing the best for the club with what resources we should have and that is my bug bear, we have a full team that in my eyes are not good enough.
Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou (for me not the worst but deemed not good enough), Squillaci, Frimpong (same as Djourou), Diaby (lots won’t agree but his fitness issues and for me laziness means he is on this list), Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh, Santos, Park who???, Arshavin.
I reckon that is roughly £0.5m on wages a WEEK (£25+m per year) being wasted. It’s scandalous, unfortunately we also have Miquel, Yennaris, Meade, Coquelin, Eisfeld, Henderson, Gnabry and Afobe that don’t get as much game time as Wenger says they should when he refuses to buy players, that’s a 3rd of a squad deemed untrustworthy.


Now to come up with a decent song…

Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle
Snozzcumbers and Frobscottle

Nacho, nacho man.
I wanna be a nacho man!

HRH Queen Elizabeth II
HRH Queen Elizabeth II

He’s gotta be so Nacho


If you were the real Brenda, you’d know that you’re “HM”, not “HRH”……

LANS calendar

Dum dum dum. Another one bites the dust.
Dum dum dum. Another one bites the dust.
And another one and another one falls, another one bites the dust.


Like a new sign… Oh wait that’s truly a new signing! Wooooot!

Welcome to The Arsenal!


Expecting a good fight between him and Gibbs for that left back spot now…


I wouldn’t be totally opposed to trying Gibbs out as a left midfielder in a less important game with this guy as left back. Just as an experiment.

Am I an idiot or would this be interesting? Gibbs isn’t bad on the ball and this year he’s done a decent job on that left wing when he goes forwards.

Corona X

There aren’t any “less important games” anymore this season…

Oleg Luzhny

Is he CL eligible? If he isn’t hopefully Gibbs is healed by the 19th!!


I believe Nacho is cup tied with Malaga, hence cannot play in the CL. Even if Gibbs is healed by the 19th, there is no guarantee he will be fit enough to be match ready. I think we will likely see Vermaelen on LB and Mert & Kos in the middle, at least for the first leg against Bayern.


No. He’s played for Malaga which are in the CL this year. He’s cup-tied.




Seems like everyone is using that photo, looks like he’s nursing a serious hangover, should have a balloon coming out of his mouth with *boilk* in it.

Hope he solidifies our defence, wonder if Gibbs could get a run as a left winger at some point.

Jack's Right Foot

Fucking hell thank fuck for that i nearly died.


Could Malaga give us Isco too or are we asking for too much from them?


Isco signed new contract so will probably be out of our price range now

A N Other

Better late than never.. I wanted us to buy one ever since santos swapped his shirt with a mug..


I have to admit I expect no signing in this windows so well done Arsenal. But to think it need an injury to force us to buy is disappointing (He reportedly our target for the summer). Just like what happened in the summer when we were battered by Man Utd, it seems we only move for the bare minimum. No wonder we often play in patches when all we’ve done is just patch up the wounds without actually preventing the wounds inflicted.

K. Soze

A man of mystery eh .. like me!


Jesus, just saw the photo, and thought we signed peter crouch!!!


To be fair, I wouldn’t mind that. He might be a lanky Spuds cunt, but he’d give us strength in depth. Obviously he’d never get ahead of Giroud, Walcott and Podolski in the center but hey, who would? 😉


He’s a normal-sized Peter Crouch.


welcome to Arsenal Nacho man


Honestly – is anyone one really surprised? We’re going nowhere fast with that clown Wenger. Hardly what dreams are made of. A shitty return for loyal supporters who are shelling out for the highest priced seats in the country.
Dream on AKB’s.


My god, you’re a whiny cunt.


this is a good signing in a position where we are weak. Granted it’s not David Villa, but our squad is stronger today than it was yesterday.

So shut up, nobody made any huge moves today


Odemwingie made a big move. Oh wait….


Oh Christ, that was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. I wonder if Odemwingie is speaking to his agent today:
“What’s the matter? I said everyfing you told me to, just like wot you wrote down”.
“Yes, but you’re only supposed to say it after you’ve signed da soddin’ ting you muppet!”.


Too little too late, you can’t spend the money when you’re gone Arsene!
Where is the striker, DM, or creative mid?


I don’t know if you noticed, but scoring goals is not really our problem

Siz C

Wilshere, Caz, Diaby, Rocky ……and ur asking where’s the creative mid……sounds like ur expecting Wenger to do a QPR and sign a new first 11.


Given the circumstances, atleast we got something out of this window. Should be interesting with Cazorla and Nacho together. They should know each other pretty well.


Erm… For several seasons now, it’s apparent a boost to our defence has been urgently needed, but like some/many Gooners, I’ve never heard of Nacho and am left wondering is he any good?

Walcott, Podolski and Giroud are coming on, but some sort of “tip top, super, super quality” striker is also needed to replace he-who-shall-not-be-named.

After Santos’s recent performances, Nacho is clearly welcome but is his signing also not just Wenger’s token attempt to appease/placate the fans? Costing £8-10 million isn’t exactly splashing the cash from his £70 million spending pot, is it?

Johnny Jensen's Bender
Johnny Jensen's Bender

Had you heard of Cesc Fabregas/Patrick Vieira/Emmanuel Petit/Bacary Sagna before we signed them?
Had you heard of Andy Carroll before Liverpool signed him?


Siz C

A few years ago, Wenger signed a nobody called Sagna, I was left wondering whether he was any good!

Siz C

….btw are you the Arsenal account???? ……Where the fuck is the proof that we have have 70m to spend???


Gazidis AGM October 2012: “Arsene has a spending pot of £70 million whenever he wants”. Pay attention.


Yeah but Gazidis is full of shit so you know…


So you won’t mind it if we got a Spanish international with more than 10 caps (in THIS Spanish team, no less), as long as we spent £20 million instead of £10 million?


Wenger has never ever made a signing just to please the fans.


This is a hallmark Wenger signing. Nacho, despite his unfortunate name, has arrived in the same circumstances that Sagna arrived in 5 odd years ago. He is an established international (and would have been capped a lot more had it not been for Jordi Alba) and has been relatively injury free. If we can sneak in Diame as well it will be a lot better than we expected since this is what we really need. Another forward would be nice but our front three are actually gelling and playing quite well. The clown defending needs to stop though.


Does this Diame guy play for Real Madrid or West Ham. I havent watched much from him but does everyone think hes so good because he scored a great goal against us. Is he better than Coq, Frimpong


Diame is the best we could have hoped for from Wenger, but that didn’t happen. We just need someone more threatening than Ramsey or Arteta to stop the opposition playing between our lines. This is the main reason the defence looks so streched. They don’t have an extra body to cover when one of our wing backs go out to attack – especially down the right as theo doesn’t track back and mertesacker is too slow. That’s part of the reason Sagna looks so strained.. his engine has gone. He needs more cover.


What’s unfortunate about his name? Nacho Monreal… that’s f&cking porn-star- level cool!

Think first

Thank you for not acting as Scrooge McDuck.


My friends in Spain say he is quite similar to Azpilicueta but they rate him higher. Take that for what it’s worth but I think its great news. A football player and not just an athlete.

I do think we may be lacking in creativity/cutting edge up front. It has been especially obvious against big teams. Worth mentioning that the OX has been the disappointment of the season so far. If he can get it together, it could make the difference. Let’s pray that Diaby stays fit and see where we end up. 4th is our trophy this year we need to buckle down and get it done!


“…quite similar to Azpilicueta…”

Thank fuck we didn’t sign him. That would have been a really difficult song to come up with….


Before today I was hoping that we would sign a player from la liga and we did, just not the player we all hoped for.

As disappointed I am in general at Arsenal phobia of spending money, I’m happy that we’ve bought a player that addresses our left back problem. I cant comment personally on how good he is but he seems to be highly regarded and hopefully he hits the ground running. And I’m sure Carzorla will be happy to see a familiar face.


Welcome the” real nacho man”

Bould's Eyeliner

Left Back is Nacho position Santos!
Nacho time to play Santos!
Nacho spot on the first team Santos!

It had to be done.

Also, can’t wait for an announcer to just shout out
“Nacho, libre in space!”

Arsenal Rising

Not a fan of Montreal’s playing style, he’s nothing special but he is reliable and I guess thats what we need right now for back up as he is definately better than Santos at defending and crossing and crossing from deep…. Damn he is ugly too… Looks like a cross between phil neville and peter crouch! Holy fuck!. Doesn’t look like an Arsenal player but solid.would of re signed Eboue and played him there! Haha… Would’ve signed Cheick M’Bengue though .. Wenger you’ve lost it… The guy is CUP TIED U FUCKIN IDIOT! So now we know it’s Vermaelen vs robben/ribery.. Splendid and tremendous


I’m sorry I didn’t realise Arsenal was a modelling agency, and here I thought they were a football team.

Andy Mack

You know this guys style of play so well but you don’t know his name!!!!!

Madras Ivett

How about fuck off?

Vic Viniger

Too bad he’s not dishy enough for ya sweetheart.

Siz C

Let me guess….ur the FUCKING GENIUS. FUCK OFF


Can’t say I’m too excited, if he was THAT good he would be playing for a better side than Malaga.

Besides, when was the last time Wenger bought a good defender? Last five years: Mertesacker, Santos, Jenkinson, Squillaci, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Silvestre, Sagna, Nordtveit. What a crock of shit. Only Sagna was any good, and Wenger’s ruined him.


Shut up and take my signing


Your a fucking idiot mate. Malaga in the last 16 of the champions league having topped their group.

Santi Cazorla came from the same side, i think hes doing okay….


You could say the same about Santi and he’s turned out fine

A N Other

Would you say the same about Santi?


Welcome, Nacho. Hope he can play the little triangles.

Arsenal Rising

I’d rather Jernade Meade was brought up to the 1st team…. Also… Jenkinson is shit.. Back pass master.. so we need another right back for back up.. Should of kept Eboue!

Andy Mack

I think Meade is injured.