Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal: errors and halves, by the numbers


Unlucky Walcott v. Chelsea

Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal – goal, loss
Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea – loss
Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea – draw
Chelsea 3-5 Arsenal – goal, win
Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea – goal, assist, win
Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal – loss
Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea – loss
Arsenal 1-4 Chelsea – loss
Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea – goal, loss
Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal – loss
Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal – goal, loss (League Cup Final)

P11 W2 D1 L8 F14 A23 Goals 5, Assists 1

Two halves


Chelsea v. Arsenal

0 – Aerial duels won by Giroud in the first half (of 8)
6 – Aerial duels won by Giroud in the second half (of 9)
0 – Tackles attempted by Gibbs in the first half
3 – Tackles won by Gibbs in the second half (of 4)
11 – Passes completed by Cazorla in the first half
27 – Passes completed by Cazorla in the second half
1 – Assists by Cazorla in the second half
11 – Passes completed by Wilshere in the first half
18 – Passes completed by Wilshere in the second half
0 – Key passes by Wilshere in the first half
4 – Key passes by Wilshere in the second half² (tied with Juan Mata on 4 key passes)
0 – Successful dribbles by Wilshere in the first half (of 2)
3 – Successful dribbles by Wilshere in the second half (of 4)
1 – Successful dribble by Theo Walcott in the first half
3 – Successful dribbled by Theo Walcott in the second half
2 – Successful passes in the Chelsea final third by Cazorla in the first half
9 – Successful passes in the Chelsea final third by Cazorla in the second half
0 – Shots by Theo Walcott in the first half
4 – Shots by Theo Walcott in the second half
1 – Shots by Ollie Giroud in the first half
3 – Shots by Ollie Giroud in the second half
3 – Number of times Wilshere yelled at his teammates in the first half because they were playing like a bunch of lilly-livered losers
0 – Number of times Wilshere yelled at his teammates in the second half

Errors and penalties

1 – Coquelin given an “error” by Opta for the first Chelsea goal
1 – Szczesny conceded a penalty for Chelsea’s second goal

17 – Errors leading to goals or penalties which Arsenal have conceded in the Premier League so far this season
Players with errors:

Mannone 2
Szcz 2
Koz 2
Sagna 2
Verm 2
Arteta 2

3 – Consecutive matches in which Arsenal have given away a penalty or been scored for a defensive error leading to a goal
13 – Premier League matches this season in which Arsenal have recorded a defensive error, conceded a penalty or both
7 – Clean sheets arsenal have kept this season in the Premier League
2 – Matches in PL play this season in which Arsenal conceded at least one goal in the match but did not record an error or a penalty

All numbers today via Opta, ESPN, or my personal databases

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¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

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Runcorn Gooner

How many times are we going to start playing in the 2nd half or 2 Down.Its starting to get beyond a joke

Con Fucius

I’m curious whether that’s due to strategy or the team being too scared/sleepy/lazy to attack. Is it studying the opponent? Is it inviting them to become exposed? Is the opponent just better sometimes?


This was a Chelsea team ripe for the beating. Southampton was only the most recent team to walk away from Stamford Bridge with a point/s. They did what we couldn’t, and that’s, quite frankly, depressing. The thing is, I don’t expect us to win against City, Chelsea, or United, but I do not expect us to be in such a position that losing to them is a disaster for our top four chances. We are where we are in the table because we drop points to shit teams. We’re out of the top four, and I don’t expect us to… Read more »


Lets look at todays team. Keeper should have done better for the 1st, Mata’s shot was hardly in the corner. Sagna…Just awful, seems to get worse with each game, when did he last score and how many assists has he this year, in comparison to the little Brazilian shit at the manks. Gibbs, improving and cant fault. Mertsacker is like a giraffe on roller stakes, always feel he will fuck something up in a game, how this cunt has over 1100 caps for the fatherland is beyond fucking belief. Vermaelan better today, but has been generally poor this season. Diaby…fuck… Read more »


Our great (though admittedly juvenile) consolation prize over the past several years has been finishing above Tottenham.

That will not happen this season, and for this fucking disgrace we can thank Wenger for his constant refusal to strengthen the squad.


Sadly I think this time spurs will get fourth, and the board will have the perfect excuse not to spend money again as we will be without cl money.

G. Graham

But if arsenal win the fa cup and finish outside the top 4 would that not be what all wenger haters have been calling for the last few years? If not then what’s the problem?


Because some people are unhappy with the way things are going doesn’t mean they are wenger haters, and winning the fa cup is big if as is finishing or not in the top four. But none of us can see into the future and make a call on the way things are going now. It all about opinions and judgment calls and without a proven quality goal scorer and I’ve seen enough games this season to think this team is just not good enough for a top four finish without signing one. And even then the problems we have may… Read more »

G. Graham

Does anyone think the majority of the problem at arsenal is to do with the board as they follow the majority shareholder’s direction. It has been the same for all kroneke’s sports clubs

jack jack jack

Get your head out your arse. They’re a bunch of cunts but they have a strong team this season, its hardly a ‘fucking disgrace’ to lose out to them. Times have changed and it’s a competitive league, they have quality players and we’re not the team we once were. That said, I have no doubt in my mind that we will finish above them again this season. Our second half performance today and our performance against swansea in the cup have shown that we have great quality, and it’s starting to look up. Gibbs is coming into form, as are… Read more »


Errr….yeah, it is a “fucking disgrace” that Wenger has let this club fall behind its hated rivals, especially because he has had the resources to prevent it.

Speaking of head in arse, your rose-tinted view of the squad. You highlighted three players…any others? No? Things “are looking up”? Do you see your colon?

jack jack jack

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’ve built a new stadium and have still finished above spurs every season. If you want me to name other players I will. I thought Coq was solid, getting stuck in well and has been impressive. Theo played well on the wing today despite mistiming his runs on multiple occasions. We’ve seen how Diaby can play, he’s only just back from injury so a bit more time would be fair. Regardless of individuals our team performance in the second half and against Swansea was quality, although I think Jenkinson could do with a… Read more »


Well done for toeing the company line. I’m done with it, as I am with offering excuses for performances. You mention Diaby (who must have set some kind of record for loss of possession today), but why is Wenger using the Premier League as a training ground to get him fit? I’ll tell you why: Because he had to. Why? Because he refuses to strengthen the squad. Scratch beneath the surface of the first team, and there’s very little consistent quality. This is why we’re running our midfield into the fucking ground. It’s a myth that we don’t have money,… Read more »

jack jack jack

I’m not toeing any company line thank you, so don’t give me that shit. It’s called rational analysis. I agree that we are in dire need of reinforcements. Just look at our bench today – no one was going to come off that bench and change the game. I just think perspective and proportional reactions are important, there’s still a long way of the season left to go, our next 5 games before the derby are very winnable and we could be in a good position in a few weeks. Back to the squad, it’s obvious to everyone that we… Read more »

jack jack jack

Ah. “We’ve replaced experience and quality with basement bargains and unproven talent”. Like Podolski, Cazorla, Arteta and Mertesacker?


Generally speaking, what I say is true about the squad, yes. If you can forgive the hyperbole, we–again, generally speaking–have not replaced departing players with like-for-like quality / experience. The odd exception exists. And don’t give me some line about “rational analysis.” You’re guessing that the squad is good enough to get into the top four, just as I’m guessing we won’t. The thing is, of the two guesses, only one is conjecture based on what we’ve seen so far. And no, nothing I’ve seen so far this season suggests we have what it takes to finish in the top… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

It’s been officially confirmed that Ramires had committed the most fouls in a game without being booked


Both of their goals stemmed from moves started by a Ramires foul. Quite how he managed to not get sent off is beyond me.


Also Looks like atkinson enjoys a ramires bj every now and then.


I have supported Wenger up till now. Will someone either hook him offstage or make him realise that reliance on bargain basement players is destroying the club. We have the money so when is he going to invest when we SERIOUSLY need it?

the king

we dont have the money…we give our money to the board…..they have there money and they use it to buy a 80m house.


…also I blame Denilson. Totally invisible today. Fucking hell!


Have backed wenger all the way but now, I’m sorry, but this is fuckin unacceptable… We are an absolute shambles and there’s no one to blame but the boss… If there’s money to spend it’s down to him to strengthen… And he just won’t do it… Enough is enough arsene, we’ve become a fuckin laughing stock… To bring aa on cause there’s no one else is a disgrace… He can’t even make the bench for league cup games for fucks sake…! Either strengthen the squad arsene or fuck off… Have fuckin had it up to here with your bull shit… Read more »

jack jack jack

Can people calm the fuck down. Why do we always have to overreact to every single result? We played well against swansea and the reaction was probably overly positive, we lose away to Chelsea and we’re a disgrace? We were very poor in the first half and lacking in options from the bench but we dominated the second half and had plenty of chances to get something from the game. We shouldn’t be expecting to go to Stamford Bridge and get a win, and we have a run of home games now so we can rack up some points.

Con Fucius

How bout you wait till the transfer window shuts before moaning that we’ve signed no one?

Walcott only just signed. Who we needed depended on whether we kept him.

It’s so easy for some to determine exactly what’s wrong, it’s such a shame you’re not managing the club.


We needed at least two players regardless of what theo did, waiting for theo to sign is Bollox. If that’s the case then the club should have sorted theo sooner, it’s not like this situation has just crept up on us for ffs.
Theo’s situation is a piss poor excuse for not having signed the forward we so badly need.


Well said, Voldermort. Diaby’s return (which will be short-lived, no doubt) is another piss-poor excuse for not signing a midfielder, but it’s one of Wenger’s favourites (as is the fact that it would LITERALLY kill a developing youngster). In fact, Wenger is full of piss-poor excuses for refusing to strengthen this squad, and years of replacing quality with inferior talent have now finally caught up with us.

Realistically, we’re in competition with Liverpool, Everton, and West Brom for fifth, and that’s a sorry state of affairs.

Gooner Al

I think that Wenger has purely lost his enthusiasm. It’s rubbing off on the players, and what he does in the transfer window. Just as one example there’s no way he would have sold our best player to Utd 10 years ago. It’s happened and that for me was the first sign of a man accepting we’re not going to be competing this year.

I’m going to wait until the end of season like he always says before judgement. However, I’m far from confident.


Adrian Lopez just scored for atl madrid, just saying

G. Graham

& replace wenger with who? Remember the current arsenal manager’s post is not allowed to be just a football manager, the policy is to, first, do what’s right for stan kroneke & the board (in the sense of £millions) everything else (winning matches, fans, etc) will always be secondary!


Coquelin given an “error” by Opta for the first Chelsea goal.

In the interests of accuracy can we change Coquelin to Atkinson?

gunner man

I have been saying for years the gunners defence is a joke stretching back to Henry’s time. Then the wins papered over the cracks.Now it’s getting very painfully obvious to all except Wenger and the akb fans.
If Wenger believes he has a good squad he shd go to PSG asap.This could be the season when the finish outside the top 4 or outside the euorpa league.


Sagna to blame. Both goal, where was sagna? High upfield!! Why was he not in his defensive position?


Forget Sagna, for the first goal just have a look at Mertesacker! Arsenal could easily have been playing in a forest and Per could’ve been the old elm tree in the middle of the pitch! Look how easily he was fooled by Torres, if it wasn’t for Vermaelen, that would’ve been the third one!

Con Fucius

Maybe because Sagna upfield was a tactic? Maybe so that Walcott could sneak inside the box and be able to shoot rather than get stuck in the wing and cross?


Read this >>> from the official website and tell me that you don’t feel like ripping off Arsene. How can any sensible manager have the guts to give such kind of excuses. There is a comment where he says ” The table is the table”. I seriously don’t know how to react to this comment!! Fans are feeling so helpless against this tyrant(yes, go ahead and kill me for calling him that, give me those thumbsdown). I am sorry but this is going out of hands. I can bet on that Arsenal won’t finish in the top four, an… Read more »


I wish I was a native Englishman, I would’ve loved to start a protest against this so called management we have! Fans should seriously consider boycotting the matches. Paying £62 for “this” is a fucking joke! I agree that fans have tremendous emotional attachment towards this club, but this is hard-earned money, and some crazy corporates are minting money off honest fans!! Pathetic!
I would have paid double for a season ticket to watch The Invincibles!


Frankly, I’m glad you’re not an Englishman. You sound like one of those over emotional continental types. A very poor show, old chap.


I like this comment. I know thumbs down would come raining once again. But pls i would like to know why boycotting or protesting at home games wouldnt make any difference? i bet u if this whole crap was happening to Man U or Chelsea consistently in the last few years, fans boycott and protest would have sorted out a lot immediately. Seems its too late now though, just 10days left and we arent buying anyone? Such a joke! Unfortunately most of us fans are so quick to jump to social media and type all sorts but with an opinion… Read more »

G. Graham

Real madrid, bayern (before Pep.), etc. Wenger will still get a job at a big/mega rich club after arsenal. The question is which/how many experienced trophy winning managers, who belongs to a big/mega rich club would come to arsenal for the long term?


Time for much needed change what other so called big club would not have sacked him by now, what other top team continue to defend like school kids and not work on it, and what other top team would continue to sell there best players year after year. None of them……., thanks now fuck off wenger you blind prick!!!!

Con Fucius

Easy there Roman, some boards stick by their (very) successful managers and some boads (as well as a few supporters) understand a team’s performance is a rather complex matter and doesn’t necessarily get fixed by swapping managers. Enjoy the football.

G. Graham

Its fans like you who are blind not wenger. It’s not 8 years without a trophy for wenger. It’s 8 years without a trophy for arsenal since the board pushed out David Dein. Dein would have handled stan and limit him purchasing more shares. What fans like you have to do is research how successful kroneke’s sports clubs are then you will see similar pattern to arsenal. Then hopefully you will see the light in wenger & the enemy in kroneke.

gnarly charlie

Uh… Dein brought Kroneke to the club in the first place.


Arsene: “We keep working hard on the training ground and the quality is quite visible there”
Not enough money for a snow-free training pitch?


Something needs to change. We are thousands of miles away from winning big titles atm. We might win the FA cup this year, but since when was arsenal about winning the FA cup?? A trophy is a trophy i know, but we should expect more from this club. And a club without ambitions is a club without future. As an top team in PL you can’t go in with the attitude to finish 4th, then you have already lost before the season has started. The players must get the winner mentality, anything except winning just isn’t good enough. Thats the… Read more »

not gonna renew season ticket

Kevs: “Making profits is more important than football at arsenal fc atm”…
I think we all agree this is true.

Sorry to say the only way to change anything is to hurt Stan/Ivan/Peter in the only place they really care about: the pocket.

I’m boycotting my beloved club of 13 years and will not spend a penny on them until the 2014-2015 season. If only 25,000 fans bother to turn out at the Emirates, I guarantee things will (finally) change!

Short-term pain for long-term gain.


Without being overly emotional and reactionary to a bad result I would like to state the following; if anybody is fooled BT the 2nd half performance they need their head examined. Real teams turn up from the off and don’t start ‘playing’ when the pressure is off and they’re 2-0 down. This Arsenal team is a gutless bunch of cowards, there is technical quality there but football is also won and list in the head; how much spirit and desire dies a team have. We lack leaders and the type of player that will win you games and if Wenger… Read more »


Bitches still bitchin. We’ll finish 4th, we’ll maybe even win the fa cup and have a nice run in the cl.


Get real. ‘Bitches aren’t bitching’ for the sake of it. You cannot deny the reality of the situation and if you’re trying to that’s being more of a bitch than those who don’t have their heads stuck in the sand. What facts give you the outright belief that what you’re saying is correct, because our performances this season couldn’t have. I hope your right but cannot see it and that’s not because I’m a bitch, a defeatist, or don’t support my team. I’m afraid it’s because I’m a realist, and in a results business the facts about Arsenal this season… Read more »


Shut d f-up pls!!!

Podolski's left leg

Go to hell y’all. Learn from your errors and stop slating anyone. Wankers….. Oh f**k, Michael Jackson and co got a draw against manure. Now that is a bad result. Maybe we should ask Usmanov to buy Falcao for Arsenal as a present.#lovefortheclub


Get real and stop burying your head in the sand.


godammit its a bit unfair but im gonna say it anyway, giroud sinking that chance at the start would have completely changed the complexion of the game


Giroud is ridiculous. He works hard but whats with those “flicks”, and backheels, cutbacks in the D where 5-6 Chelsea players are defending. Just shoot, make it simple. Really frustrating.


Stats are complete bollox ……we had more of the game because we were 2 nil down ….if the ref does his job we lose in the 2nd half instead! Same with City…..we’re two down…why should City press forward…game won. Piss off Wenger.

Sensible gooner

Anybody who says wenger should stay is deluded. He has no bottle to challenge the board and is a yes man. We should have signed Zara already and unleashed him on Chelsea instead of AA. Sagan is finished. His legs have gone and he doesn’t care. Jenkinson should be at full back. Giroud is second rate. David Moyes should be brought in immediately and then Fellani and Baynes would come with him. He would mix our style up, not tolerate first half performances like today and would turn us into winners. There I have said what others think but are… Read more »

G. Graham

If ‘wenger should go’ is valid then fans should also acknowledge that kroneke, Ivan, hill-wood and the rest of the board should go. David Dein should fill-in even if its only interim.

Sensible gooner

Usmanov waiting in the wings ready to take over and get us back to where we belong. Bank role some proper players for a change and help to make us competitive again. Get some players that are proud to wear the shirt. Does anybody remember that moment when TA got Vieria up against a wall and told him what it meant to play for The Arsenal. Need a bit more of that fighting spirit not that psychological clap trap that wenger goes on about.


Walcott’s on good form.
And wenger starts giroud.
N still, I was expecting giroud to be subbed and walcott to play centrally.

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Arsenal Rising

Coquelin and Szchesny didnt make ANY mistakes! The fucking cunt REF made the mistakes. Ramirez was a.xheating cunt all game! Infact it was that twat that WON chelsea there 2 goals with a foul and a blatant dive. Cheats!… Cheats always prosper in football and its usually always against us¡


@ gnarly charlie please read G.Graham’s bit : “Dein would have handled stan and limit him purchasing more shares” – the current board & kroneke are the wrong people for Arsenal if the fans want trophies ie. it’s not their first/main objective to be successful on the pitch but to be successful in their bank / their own bonuses

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[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


We need a new coach.Wenger is just not good enough. Not an expert in getting smart buys now, doesn’t know that you can substitute before 60 mins, keeps playing useless players like Ramsey, can’t convince the better players to stay n keeps Walcott for 100k, fails to motivate his squad even during such crucial matches, keeps looking for non existing exceptional talents, draws a massive salary himself…the list is endless. In today’s competitive world, he is really blessed to have this job without doing anything positive for the last 8 years. He built the modern Arsenal…maybe thats why he feels… Read more »

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