Coquelin out, Podolski back in for West Ham


Arsene Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of tomorrow night’s game with West Ham at the Emirates.

Following Sunday’s defeat to Chelsea the Gunners will be without Francis Coquelin, who suffered a hamstring injury, but there’s a boost with the return of Lukas Podolski after illness while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could also return.

There was no good news about Mikel Arteta though, despite an ‘exclusive’ elsewhere saying he was back, Wenger confirmed the Spaniard was still out due to his calf problem and said, “We are short in that position, Mikel is a player who gives us stability.”

And the manager has urged his team to react to the disappointing result at Stamford Bridge. Overall, away from home we have been quite good.

“The position we are in now is backs to the wall,” he said. “We missed the start of the the last two games, we have to respond.”

Meanwhile, on loan striker Marouane Chamakh (unable to play because of Premier League rules), has been about as much help to his new club off the field as he was to Arsenal on it.

Speaking to the official West Ham site, he said, “I don’t know if I necessarily have any secrets [about Arsenal]. The players will have to produce something pretty good over there. They’re going to play with their hearts and their heads and they’ll have to give everything to bring us back at least a point.”

Not their feet then, that should help us out a little bit.

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Shame about Coquelin, I still rate him as one of our best talents. Fortunately, the pressure is generally off him.

Pong of the OxCoq

Sadly, me thinks the Coq is gonna do a Flamini/Diarra and piss of the minute he comes good… Too many veiled ‘i deserve to play, play me or I’m gone’ statements from him.


Oh, so that was Chamakh’s secret


Coquelin out means Diaby in midfield, Cazorla Santi behind the striker and Podolski out wide.Leaving Oxlade as the only proper attacking option from the bench. Complete squad indeed


Ramsey should focus the rest of his career trying to emulate Flamini.
seriously… They’re of similar size, Ramsey is already a better passer, same engine, a bit more aggression need for sure, but I could see it working.

Zorro in the box

He’d be better off trying to emulate Pirlo. We need an intelligent midfielder as well as a wizard. He should be looking to learn from Arteta more than anyone else.

New guy

Or Rosicky. Ramsey is actually surprisingly effective going forward. Watch him play for Wales. Unfortunately he has been utterly shorn of confidence so he usually only plays the ball sideways and backwards for us, often after taking at least one extra touch – but even so, you can see flashes of how good he is in the rare moments when he doesn’t dither.

Zorro in the box

Reckon that’ll come with time. And unlike Jack, Ramsey has had a lot more to deal with:

– Gary Speed’s suicide

– Losing the captaincy

– A leg break from a horror tackle rather than a fracture that was the result of being overplayed.

– The shameful way many Arsenal ‘fans’ get on his back for what I can tell is not being the new Cesc Fabregas.


Start the best available players. We are already far off the pace so santi, jack and diaby should start. Theo and poldi either side of giroud.


Does anyone here rate Diame? I keep seeing him linked with us but I haven’t seen enough of him. From what I have seen he’s big and a bit of a boss, I can’t see it hurting us having someone like that around but I’m maybe just talking out of my arse haha

Imagine this for a power midfield when it’s called for tho.. Steam roll that if you can lol


wengers funny transfer window
wengers funny transfer window

after this game…diaby out for another long treatment hiatus…
should anyone be suprised, NO! should wenger do something about it, absolutely!
will wenger do anything about it in the last minute trolly dash for signing new players, NO!
God have mercy on Wenger, If we dont qualify for the coveted(?!?!) 4th place (trophy!?!)


It`s not just about throwing on a player with goalscoring threat, you (also) need a type of player that is able to change the game, a player with extreme qualities such as speed (walcott), aerial abilities (Giroud) and technical gifted players able to create chances on their own (wilshere, cazorla, rosicky, arshavin)
Luckily Rosicky seem to be fit again, judging from todays training pictures.


Couldn`t agree more!

Gunnersaurus Rex

Please win this one guys…. Please!!


I hope for god’s sake that Wenger is not overplaying his players again. It’s concerns me. Cazorla isn’t anymore the player in first half of the season. Sagna needs some rest and also Gibbs. If Diaby plays again and get injured for a while then we have a problem. We have no depth in our squad to use some experienced players. They are getting tired and if they do, the chances to get injured players is increasing.

Hopefully we will play a mix of youth and experienced players. With Jenkinson, Maede, Chamberlain, Ramsey and even Frimpong als holding midfielder.

Steve of Chiang Mai

Surely if Arsenal is “short in that position” the sensible thing would be to buy someone else. Perhaps Arsene could have given that some thought while he was waiting for Theo to say yes…no?

Oregon Gooner

I’ll take another goal like cazorla produced in our previous match.

Crackin goal!


Podolski back in for the dismal Giroud, Walcott shifts to striker, chamberlain replaces walcott at RW. Westham are very open when teams counter-attack. Pace is key!


This isn’t Fifa 13.

Judgement day (once more)
Judgement day (once more)

Tomorrows game really scares me, that lard of a man will do anything to get a win over AW. I´m also afraid that our boys won´t have a positive reaction from the latest losses and will bury their heads in the ground after the obligatory 0-1.

Oh lard, let yer force shiane a laight upon this here team to bet dem east borne mud crawlin´ thieves!!

pauly bear

This is a bollix excuse players need a rest. They need a kick up the arse. We played sunday, im pretty sure monday at the club would be massages and ball work. Maybe a training session today then match wednesday. And im pretty sure they get plenty of sleep. No 6am wake up call for our 60k a week for most of them. Get the finger out lads!!!


Don’t worry guys, the forehead will be back soon and that will be LANS..

Judgement day (once more)
Judgement day (once more)

That comment made me realize how bad things really are. I know it was meant as a joke, but it´s exactly what will happen. We won´t see any new players this month and AW sees Foreheadinho as a player who can “stir things up” and ” give that extra spice”. So when he comes back he will be “just the kind of player we need”. God I´m depressed…

… Tuesday is a drinking night, right?


Apparently 4-Head just scored a cracking goal in the dying minutes of the Ivory Coast-Togo match and won the game for them.

Could he come back from Africa a new man? You wouldn’t bet on it, but…


Ramsey has been great and all but when we play him from the start, we rarely win our matches. Now I don’t know why but it is what it is.

He should come in for a sane amount of time though not 12 freaking minutes!

Master Bates

to be fair to Ramsey , we rarely win our matches if he doesn’t start either


Ramsey is completely useless…. He has no creativity, no defensive skills…. Just pass backwards…. To be honest, he is the worst player in arsenal squad… If Passing the ball backwards all the time is a good way of playing football, everyone on this site, having a good physical trainning, could be an arsenal player.
You guys protect him just because he is an UK player. If he came from any other country, he shoul be playing in crisal palace or some small team like this.


Tbh though Jack Wilshere is making ramsey look kinda shit. I mean they were both out for lengthy periods but of the two. Wilshere has come back stronger and is back to his best over a short period of time unlike ramsey. I’m not in any way slating ramsey but this “leg broken” card is wearing thin and he’s gonna have to up his game big time and try to keep up with Wilshere coz at the end of the day he’s an arsenal player and we all would like him to make it……


@R18 – hold up there.

While they both had serious long term injuries, you can’t compare them apples to apples. A leg break like Ramsey’s has much more serious implications in what and when he can do exercises in rehab. Not to mention the often spouted mental blocks it puts up. Imagine looking down at your leg and see it off at a right angle after some asshat tackles you.
Wilshere had an off-the-ball injury, did rehab, injured, rehabbed, injured etc. That little bit of rehab in between spells goes a very long way.

I’m not trying to make excuses – Ramsey isn’t the player he was – but it is not fair to compare his recoup to Jack’s. The only similarity is they were long term and they were on the leg.

Asian Shirt Buyer

Not forgetting that he’s doing great favour to the celebrities of this world by not scoring any more goals.

Unyoke The Ox

I have no experience in buying players, but Victor Wanyama looks like the sort of big, imposing and versatile player that could help us.

Didn’t know they made mega Kenyans. Lucky they don’t make mega Kenyons though *shudder*


Victor Wanyama?!

Doesn’t ring any bells.




He’s a big lad, made some headlines after he scored against some little foreign team a couple of months ago.


I think it was against Barcelona recently. The kenyan was at the top of his game, scored a goal and went about his duties of not allowing barca to play around as they wish. Hassled for the ball, was basically everywhere. A mid dynamo.


I am Kenyan and what we are best known for is endurance, like long distance running. this guy can chase the ball for 90 minutes, make it even 180 mins without the an indication of fatigue. Plus he’s a beast, not the kind you push around easily.


I dont want to start echoing the “Wenger, spend money!” people, but I think it’s about time we became active in the Market. I just read that M’vila is in a tug of war between QPR and Rubin Kazan. It’s said here that he’s shit, but he actually isnt, and is available for bout £13 million less. That “I wanna play for Man U” idiot is said to be going to Newcastle for £7 million. Now even though we dont need him, it’s frustrating seeing players we’ve been linked with AND that we can fucking afford like Rami (not that we want him, but he’s another we’ve been linked with) going to smaller fucking teams like QPR.


Whoops, wrong Rami (spelling wise). Remy, not Rami.


There’s a reason why M’Vila is being linked with QPR and Rubin Kazan and not any of the bigger teams….
Although Yanga-Mbiwa is a different story he does look like the real deal and can’t believe we’re not looking at him…hope we do a QPR and just rob him from Newcastle just as he’s about to sign…


Rosicky still injured?

fahk wenga.

We will buy one player, wenger cannot motivates his players anymore, he can’t change his shit tactics, we will NOT get top four, I just can’t see another totts slip up, they have a better team than us and look like they’re up for it more than we are. Odds stacked against us really and can’t really see us defying the odds this time atleast not without a certain dutchman in our ranks.


Really? So many injuries. Who would’ve thought?

Wenger please take your head out of the hole you have buried it in for the last 7 years. You really are on a mission to destroy our team into midtable mediocrity.

The new ‘Liverpool’ if you will.


In the last few days I’ve noticed online a lot of those who were blaming all the ills at Arsenal on Ramsey have been tracking back a bit. In the last two games he has played well. Two more good games and actual positive comments might start coming out.
If you’re one of these knee-jerk, short sighted experts, it’d be better if you stayed quiet. And shut the fuck up. Forever.

Zorro in the box

Hear hear.

Notice that Ramsey plays well when played in position – in the centre of the park, in the “engine room”. He and Wilshere would interchange well with one another if given time to build an understanding (although I’m sure celebrities would be quaking in their Ugg boots at the prospect).

Just because Thierry went from winger to striker doesn’t mean that all players are as adaptable. Leave Ramsey in the middle.


lets have 90 minutes of hard graft and effort. Then we should win quite comfortably.


At least we’ve some weird sort of ‘strength in depth’ despite our injuries. It’s not anything like previous recent seasons when we’ve had to over-rely on the likes of Squillaci, Denilson, Chamakh etc. We could even bring in Gnabry or Eisfeld if need be and not mind one little bit.

It’d be nice to see Arteta and Rosicky back though.

Or a new player or two … that’d be even nicer.


No Coquelin, no Arteta. I don’t know but I’ve heard about this thing called the transfer window. Maybe we should check it out?

master floda

i’d like to see santi and sagna given a breath. they look overplayed and tired. jenkinson should be able to do the job and we could play wilshere, diaby, ramsey in the middle with theo and poldi on the wings. and cazorla would finally provide a decent option from the bench 😉


Gazidis new arsenal is fucking great.. No investment, highest prices in history. Everything related to arsenal is costing a lot of money, but what do they give their supporters in return atm?


I’m generally of the opinion that you start your best 11 as much as possible, and right now we need it, the team/squad does not have the confidence to rotate at the moment, as tired as Santi looks he is still very likely to open a defence up.

If Giroud doesn’t start scoring we need to look at playing Podolski down the middle more, he’s got great technical ability, strong and is a deadly finisher, alternatively we buy another forward but I don’t want you all to hold your breath, because Arseblog would become a lonely place…


Give podolski a run at cf as giroud just isn’t working. And leave Ramsey in the middle it’s his position and he deserves a proper run there the crazy project of being a winger and being hung out to dry by wenger was just wrong


Actually we needed Coquelin based on his second half showing against Chelsea. But, when it is not going your way…..

Gunsen gunner

I hope ramsey starts in midfield.I recall he started in midfield away against West Ham and outshone Arteta in the deeper midfield role when they switched sides at half time.


Im very confident Arsenal will win the WestHam game….but provided Giroud doesnt start instead Theo playin dwn the middle, Podolski on the left & Ox-lade on the right, both Diaby & Ramsey do not start….then we have a chance!!


Your starting midfield would be Cazorla, Wilshere and … and… and…



Problem I have is that Santi (especially) and Jack are crying out for a rest, and they won’t get one. Some squad eh that we need to flog the hell out of these players, where’s the rotation? Personally I’d go Ramsey/Diaby/Oxlade-Chamberlain in MF, Walcott/Giroud/Podolski up front. Plus I’d put Jenkinson back in, Sagna has been awful recently, and the Corporal deserves a go.


If Sagna starts against West Ham it’ll be utter disgrace


I’m looking for a win. We are an improved team, not reliant on one man to score the goals, and I find encouraging signs for our pursuit of fourth place, etc., in the new year.

Arsenal has conceded fewer goals this season than at the same stage last year. When you consider the humiliating loss to Man united last season, maybe that’s understandable. Even subtracting that score, though, we still improved by 1 goal defensively over last term. That’s good on its own. It is very good in the context of the way the league has gone this year compared to last.

Relatively, the other challengers have been leaking goals this year. I haven’t checked every team in the league, but the teams in the top half have conceded more this season than last. Yet Arsenal has conceded fewer. One may say, “but the team is conceding stupid goals and making silly mistakes!” To which I say, “Aren’t most goals the result of individual mistakes?” We hyper-focus on Arsenal’s defensive lapses because it’s _our_ team. The key is and has always been to make fewer mistakes than the opposition. Arsenal seemingly has shown improvement in this area.

Arsenal also has scored more goals. +2 over last season at the same stage. We currently have a top-four ranking in goal difference (highly correlated to final league position) which is much better than last season at this time. We have lost fewer games, but also won fewer and drawn more. This has resulted in fewer points to date. I look for the wins and points tally to revert to the mean, meaning approximately top four, before the season is over even if we sign no one, if we keep on this same course.

Of course we all are hoping for enforcements to be signed because bringing in quality would make finishing in the top four more likely. But to break up the doom-and-gloom, I thought I would point out how right now a top four is not “unlikely,” meaning I would not be surprised if we pulled it out. I think it is definitely achievable with this squad.


O ya, then why do we suck? None of those numbers mean anything if we can’t figure out that the game starts in the first half, and you have to actually beat the shit teams in the league to accumulate points.


Why won’t Wenger rest Santi and Jack… We can’t win with them in the lineup, so resting them can’t hurt, right?


Podolski another run at CF maybe with Ox and Walcott on either side? Giroud can’t finish recently and Walcott. Can’t stay onside when playing up front… Thoughts?

Kiwi gooner

Ive always thought that Podolski has a good eye for goal. Have I missed something? Why isnt he thought of as a central striker?

jamil shaikh

please make Podolski the Central striker in the place of Giroud and put walcott and cazorla on the flanks ,wilshere as the playmaker and ramsey and arteta as centre midfielders..


I’m not sure if Santi on the flanks is such a great idea. When he has been out there, he naturally drifts inside too much and he’s not the best at tracking back. Santi should be in a central attacking midfield role or maybe as a second striker or in a free role like Messi.
I wouldn’t mind seeing more of LuLu in the striker role in place of Giroud but I have no problem with him doing a job out on the left either.
We missed him badly in the Chelsea game!


[…] regards the team, Lukas Podolski comes back in after illness while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could also return. We’ve lost Francis Coquelin to […]


[…] regards the team, Lukas Podolski comes back in after illness while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could also return. We’ve lost Francis Coquelin to […]


Santi does not work out wide. I personally don’t think he makes our best 11. Which for me is:

Szcezney, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermalen, Gibbs, Arteta, Diaby, Wilshire, Walcott, Podolski & Giroud.

And of that starting 11, Giroud is the one place we need to improve on. If we can get a David Villa or similar, he starts ahead of Giroud. That then leaves us with a bench of:

[Keeper], Konscielny, Sagna, Coquelin, Giroud, Oxlade-Chamerlain, Ramsey, Cazorla

If we can get the new striker, maybe some more metal in midfield and alternate keeper I think we’ll be fine.