Match Report: Southampton 1-1 Arsenal (inc. goals)


Arsenal’s 2013 got off to a stuttering start against Southampton as Arsene Wenger’s men could only muster a 1-1 draw in a terrible game at St Mary’s.

Comically bad defending from the Gunners gifted Gaston Ramirez an opener before an own goal from Guly do Prado levelled things up before the break. In the second half both teams huffed and puffed but despite half chances neither side could find a winner.

We looked pretty useful initially. The same side that started the 7-3 win over Newcastle knocked the ball around with zip, made good use of the flanks and looked the business.

The initial sense of well-being soon wore off; our performance resembling one of those sneaky slow-burning hangovers which hit about ten minutes after you wake up.

Artur Boruc, returning to the Saints goal, looked very rusty dropping a couple of crosses he should have dealt with easily, however, aside from a speculative Santi Cazorla volley which deflected wide and a Podolski charge which resulted in a blocked shot, we did little but dip our toe in the attacking waters for the first twenty minutes.

The home side didn’t look overly dangerous themselves; Gaston Ramirez the best of an average bunch although their harrying in the centre of the park eventually unsettled us turning the game into scrappy encounter. Theo Walcott appeared very isolated up front as the lone frontman and without any penetration from the likes of Cazorla, Podolski and Chamberlain we weren’t so much toothless as totally gummy.

Unsurprisingly we were punished for our lackadaisical attitude. On 34 minutes Sagna, looking shaky for the second game in a row, hacked a clearance across our box causing absolute panic in the heart of our defence. Under pressure from Puncheon, Vermaelen failed to clear and Gaston Ramirez calmly slotted past a helpless Szczesny from 8-yards. 0-1.

Luckily five minutes before half-time we got an equaliser out of nothing. A free-kick 30-yards from goal on the left touchline was whipped into the box by Walcott and, under minimal pressure from Laurent Koscielny, Saints’ Brazilian striker Guly do Prado slid the ball into his own net. It was the softest of goals. 1-1.

We picked up the pace just before the break and might have had a penalty for handball but in truth we didn’t deserve a half-time lead having played very much with the handbrake on.

Five minutes after the re-start Do Prado nearly made up for his own goal with a swerving effort from outside the box before Sagna nearly kneed the resulting corner past Szczesny; the Pole did well to claim the ball at close quarters.

Recognising that his side still looked unbalanced, Wenger withdrew Podolski in the 57th minute, pushed Walcott to the right wing and sent on Olivier Giroud to lead the line. As if to make a point Theo’s first cross from his wide position landed somewhere near Paris.

Southampton looked the more dangerous side as the hour mark passed. Rickie Lambert slipped when he might have taken advantage of a sloppy Szczesny parry, Puncheon fired into the side netting moments later and Ramirez fired over from the edge of the box in the space of five frantic minutes. The Saints even had a goal disallowed for a slight push by Ramirez on Koscielny as the Uruguayan crashed home an overhead kick. It was the correct decision, despite the protestations of the home support.

When we were in possession we were tentative. Our passes either under hit, wayward or both. Walcott did muster a drive which butterfingers Boruc managed to hold before Gervinho and Ramsey were sent on for the fatigued Chamberlain and Cazorla.

Arteta flashed wide to end a spell of painful  ‘football’ but it only signalled another period of tawdry action as the game entered the last ten minutes. Gervinho, who bagged a brace against the Saints in the home game back in September, dragged wide as we tried to play on the break but the fact that Olivier Giroud barely touched the ball summed up where we were going wrong. There was just no service of note from the midfield.

Puncheon nearly won it for Southampton with three minutes left then Gibbs fluffed his lines when he should have found an Arsenal man inside the box in injury-time.

Despite being unbeaten in the last five games, other results up and down the country mean that Arsenal are now four points adrift of the top four. It’s hardly surprising; today’s game was far to reminiscent of those away at Norwich, Everton and Aston Villa. The transfer window is now open – there’s no denying that we need to do some business if we’re to push on now.

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Fair result to be honest, we did not deserve to win this game. Terrible performance, no pressure on the ball, disastrous passing… The quality of our game was unworthy of Arsenal. On of the more frustrating games this season!
Footnote: I don’t ever want to see Gervinho in an Arsenal shirt again, he adds nothing to this team.

What's my name?

Boy were we so poor today! 2 precious points carelessly chucked down the drain. Make no mistake we still MUST sign 2-3 top players if we are to have any hope of having a decent season, This current bunch only flatters to deceive and is horribly inconsistent to win us anything of note

Very disappointing start to the year.

What's my name?

And what a stinker from Sagna today! Fair play to him he doesn’t have them frequently but today he was our worst player by a mile.

Gervinho only showed us once again why he should never start a game for Arsenal in a long time and why we need to sign a quality winger to offer us a viable option ahead of him.

Carzola had a real off-day.

Walcott was completely anonymous.

Poor overall collective spirit and performance today.


Carzola eat too much turkey.

Walcott didn’t want to get injured before his move


Sagna today looked like a guy whose future doesn’t lie at Arsenal. He’s been a fantastic player for us, but it’s not the first time this season that I’ve thought his heart isn’t in it. Theo will get criticism for his performance up front, and rightly so – his shooting and decision making were poor. A true centre forward may have bagged a game-winner out there. But – it wasn’t all Theo’s fault. S’ton nullified our midfield very well, which meant we weren’t getting quality service into Theo and he wasn’t able to get in behind the defence. That’s where… Read more »


Agreed paddymac, Sagna looks disheartened , maybe he is fed up of always winning the 4th place Trophy medal. Maybe , just maybe, he wants to won a real Trophy.


Or a man whose agents are whispering in his ear that his bank account would be much healthier at another club…


This result, as terrible as it was, could be a blessing in disguise. After winning 4 games in a row, the club might have become a bit more complacent with our current squad. There is no question we lack depth and dynamics at the moment. In other words, we are unable to rotate around players to give them proper rest and the tactical options are simply limited. An overhaul of a sort is definitely needed. A rather aggressive January transfer–both purchase and sale–seems unavoidable. One more thing: Am I the only one who feels frustrated with Podolski at times? He… Read more »


we lacked a little bit the sharpness, misplaced passes throughout.

very surprised at the poor game sagna had all day long. apart from the terrible first half mistakes, there was no creativity on the right bar from Ox’s runs.

gerv was gerv, but we had failed the three points long before he and ramsey came on. i had actually wanted to see rosicky and wilshere together, the two love to go on driving runs through players and add some momentum.


Had a bad feeling as soon as I saw “Arsenal unchanged from previous game”. Can’t expect to name the same side for game after game and expect the same results, football is not a science. This and the lateness of substitutions (granted Wenger did make a “proper” sub with Giroud today) only serves to tire the first team players, destroy the confidence of the subs, and make us predictable to opponents. Really hope we don’t see the exact same team again against Swansea and City. We have a small squad because Kroenke needs to buy cows for his ranch, but… Read more »


Ban Bonjour, he said a naughty word, ”cows”


Happy new year big balls! Congratulations that your insignificant team beat Reading 3-1 today!


Happy New Year to you Bonjour.

By the way, i’m a gooner, I just don’t like how Wenger and Kroenke manage my club.

jack jack jack

More Rosicky is a necessity. Less Gervinho and more Rosicky. Less Gervinho. Rosicky.


btw is it just me or does Gaston Ramirez look like a poor man’s Liam Neeson? i could swear he was mouthing: “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will… Read more »


All that in one shout?


Fair? I thought the result was a tad harsh on So’ton. We only scored because of an own goal, after 0 shots on goal in the first half.

It’s incredible. You see Tottenham cruising through these holiday fixtures hammering everything in their path, while we struggle vainly against a relegation-threatened team.

Spurs are better than us this season and I’m absolutely furious about it. What the fuck is wrong with this Arsenal team?


Management’s blindness and misplaced sense of ‘all is well’.
Managements ‘softness’ for certain players and lack of ruthless ‘play the very best and quit coddling the shit.’


Agreed that there is something fucking wrong with our team, but I honestly can’t agree that Spurs are better than us. They benefit from a bigger squad – the sheer number of midfielders/attackers they have, compared to how we use Arteta Wilshere Cazorla every single game unchanged for ~80 mins. They benefit from other teams treating them as a “small club” and a breather until the next big game. We on the other hand have built up a reputation as a “big club from which anyone can get a result if they try hard enough”. Other teams raise their game… Read more »

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

cazorla mispaced a lot of passes. Wilshere doesnt seem to know how to take a shot. and Our Defence is still chaotic. Pah


Yea. Gervinho is so comical but he beat his man and had a shot. Unlike chambo and poldi (at times you wonder what he’s doing out there).


Wenger back to his water bottle shannanigans again. Sums it up really, we’re back to our old norwich away, villa away habits.


Bit harsh on Gervinho. He created a decent chance there later on and shot wide of the left post. That was, at least, a decisive movement on his part. As blogs says, our problem lay in the fact that this game reminded us of other games last year when we didn’t shoot a fucking thing anywhere near goal. The midfield today was tired, Gibbs and Sagna were tired, and Walcott did not do enough to get back in behind and provide the extra man in the midfield. We need to sign someone who can play Arteta’s role so we can… Read more »


I think Sagna is trying to manage himself so he does not get injured. Probably because he wants to leave next summer.


The 4-4-2 you speak of cannot be the traditional 4-4-2 we all knew at one time. Instead of 4 across the back, 4 across the middle and 2 up top, it would suit these players more as: 4 across the back where the 2 fullbacks play as wingbacks (like they do now), Verm NEVER rushes forward because that would leave us exposed, 4 ‘diamond’ midfielders with ball control, no true wingers, 1 holding forward and 1 striker. I’m not sure Arsenal fans are ready to lose our wingers (although to some extent, after Walcott pouted his way into starting up… Read more »


Southampton deserved to win.


Big Chief from Antarctica

The moment I got most depressed was when Rosicky wouldn’t come on as a substitute.

From that point on I refused to get carried away with emotions.
Terrible performance and quite frankly, neither sides were playing decent football. Fair yet frustrating result.



My feelings exactly. I don’t doubt the quality of our squad, we are good enough for 3rd place (instead of 1st because Kroenke’s ranch needs new cows), however we seem to be pursuing strategies against common sense? When Southampton are imposing their game on us, we bring on Gervinho (no confidence) and Ramsey (hardworking but better in controlled/low-tempo games)? Instead of Rosicky who would impose the passing game on Southampton and drive forward? And how come we crossed so much with Walcott as our striker, and was much more hesitant to when Giroud came on? (Referring to Sagna – Gervinho… Read more »


There’s also something seriously wrong with our endurance and energy. I mean totts, manu all played on saturday same as we, but the energy put in made us look like total fuckwits. Plus we didn’t play last wednesday so I expected to have an upperhand on soton. So dissappointed.

Defence is back to it’s shaky self, no organization, nothing. Wuuii.


My depressing moment was seeing the team be awarded a corner only for them to use said corner to pass the ball all the way back to our defenders! Fuck sake pass round and round while teams sit deep isn’t going together us a win. We have to use those opportunities (corners, free kicks) when we can’t penetrate the usual way. Don’t have to be a professional footballer to know that


Together = to get, fucking iPad


(now watch a Ramsey winner assisted by
gervinho following a brilliant tackle from
…….shouldn’t that be
(now watch ramsey give the ball away but gervinho gets it and runs directly into an opponent as sagna spectates)


Anyone here good with handbrakes? Because ours is fucking stuck on at the moment.


I’m writing this in the 74th minute and I’m posting it whatever the score, we have been diabolical, and we need game changers, so we bring on Ramsey and gervinho. Fucking gervinho. This just shows that after our first 12-13, it’s pure shit, and if wenger can’t see that and act on it by making changes and signings then he has lost it. United can bring on Hernandez, city dzeko Chelsea any number of players. How we keep up with them every season with this squad I don’t fucking know.  Another point, I can see why sagna is not being… Read more »


(now watch a Ramsey winner assisted by
gervinho following a brilliant tackle from
……..….shouldn’t that be (now watch ramsey give the ball away but gervinho gets it and runs directly into an opponent as sagna spectates.)


We were so poor today. Sagna had a shocker again..


Theo wasn’t far off.. Was he even on the pitch?


I rate Sagna highly as a defender, but in attacking positions, he is as useless as Gervinho! #fact


Another shit performance.

Dont worry though, we still have the 4th place Trophy and CapitalOne Cup to play for. Oh wait


I’m smelling spud…it’s genius through,’big balls’ to ‘sir balls’,such great imagination & wit.Now put your crayons away,there’s a good boy.


I got Knighted , didn’t you know ?


Positive: Best game of the year so far.


another £100,000 a week performance from theo

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

he wants to be paid 100,000 for that. I guess he claims an assist. His free kick in the end was just maddeningly poor

What's my name?

To be fair to him the whole lot of them with perhaps only the keeper, were way below par. Theo will always be an easy target for those too lazy to analyse the whole team’s horror show today.


i thought Theo was especially poor because it is clear that at times his desire to play centrally is hindering the team. Up front he did not come deep at all or put pressure on the centre backs or deeper midfielders. He also didn’t move a bit wider to find space (which is what made Henry so good). This is why the club won’t pay him 100k and he is running out of excuses now. He has been at arguable the best club for developing youngsters in England for almost 8 years now, he is almost 24- no longer a… Read more »


It was easy to analyze if you spent the match watching Walcott. Every chance you get, you need to seek out #14 on your screen… you then would have seen him walking back as Southampton was marching into our half; you would see him NOT making the runs and angle drives that he was against Newcastle; you would see him NEVER challenge for a ball in the air near him; and finally, you would not see him hustle after ‘near’ passes, but just let them go on by. It’s January – Walcott knows this. Everyone should expect pre-talks with him… Read more »


Another fuck up! Another example that arsenal players are too tired after playing 2 games in 4 days??? Where is a depth of our team? Rosicky, Giroud, Jenks…
but not Gervinho and Ramsey. When those two entered I knew that we are “wining” a point today.

and even the players who managed to score 7 in last game sometimes don’t understand each other at all. Lot’s of misplaced passing by everybody.

and what is happening to Sagna? Is it a contract? Some injury? Or “just” a poor form?

Southampton is a joke of a team, what are we then? Lazy?

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

wanted Rosicky to come on. A proper player. Insteadwe got Gervinho. Who instantly began amusing himself and throwing himself to the floor for the fun of it. It was. it was just comical

It has stopped being comical man. It’s just frustrating. When you have an obviously better resource Thomas Rosicky, why in the world would you play Gervinho man. Argh !


That second half was appalling !!! Ahhhhhhh


Made Southampton look like fucking real madrid. The shits.
Sagna was shit, podolski was shit, heck everybody was shit. The only difference is, one of those shits want 100k for this shit.


Stop crying


Stop posting here and go watch your half-a-season of awesome DVD from last year. Let us know when you finish at 2-0 up at the Emirates.


Say that to me in a pub: a pint of Leffe.
You winning in style at the Emirates: a half-keg of Samichlaus and a two day hangover.
You actually thinking you have a better team and can therefore blog at will on an Arsenal blog: priceless.


Until Gervinho came on near the end, I thought he was playing at right back.


Stephen Hawkins is a better player than Gervinho.


Gervinho is so completely shit it’s not even funny.


rosicky on the bench and we bring gervinho on?


Gervinho must nosh some serious sausage behind the scenes to get picked ahead of actual professional footballers.


No need to be crude, old boy.




Players must’ve been on the piss last night. That was flat as a witches tit.

Surely one of the subs should have been Rosicky on. We were crying out for that bit of quality. Instead we got, well….

aussie gooner

Back to this shit, something is awfully wrong with the heads of these players. No effort or heart again after a few good wins. As for Wenger, Ramsey on for cazorla? You are having a fucking laugh
Really feel for Jenkinson, one of the few players who show a lot of heart, and he is being kept out of the side by a very average Sagna. Should be given a chance.

Even spurs are gonna finish higher than us this year.


To be fair, Ramsey and Cazorla play in the same position. Consider the fact that Cazorla hasn’t played over the winter break ever before and has player more games than Ramsey, it is natural for Wenger to take Cazorla off and protect him for the FA Cup and not let him get physically tired. At one point in the game, I looked at Ricky Lambert and realized that he was an extremely good player helped by the fact that he grew up away from the big teams spotlight and consequently took his time in developing into the player he is… Read more »

Rosicky's Flair

I hate it when people talk about Ramsey’s work ethic when backing him up. Since when was Arsenal about having players who have work rate? Let’s Craig Gardner from Sunderland then shall we? We need technically gifted players and Ramsey does not come under that bracket!!!

aussie gooner

i think Ramsey is allready miles ahead of Denilson and i think he will be a fantastic player. I am not a ramsey hater, but I just don’t think we can rely on him to come off the bench in a game like today and change the game. why rosicky wasn’t brought on is beyond me


toothless performance… Back too self-destruct button in defence.


No creativity. Lucky to get one point

Adam Humptn

We are now four points adrift of the top four and next on the menu are Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool


Maybe our players were saving energy for those games? ;(


We were playing for the draw, i dont know why.


I really thought we were going to win this game, so disappointing.


Jenkinson > sagna.


Ha ha ha. Come on Michu, we know it’s you.

Oregon Gooner

What did just I watch!

Very wierd performance from the Arsenal and by weird I mean terrible. Slow, static and jaded or maybe the handbrake. It is crazy we can go from being so good against Newcastle and then completely switch off. 2 points dropped and our bench is thin. I don’t get why Arshavin isn’t given more of a chance over Gervinho…

And jacks coc and balls can’t seem to catch a break, even on his 21st lol.


Theo for 100k..? Nah.. He’s good but games like today is why ii dont mind seeing him off.. Taking us for a ride.. Sell him and move on.. Plenty where he comes from.. Next please


Where he comes from also has Shaw now :p
Southampton fans will kill us.


Diabolical performance. Gervinho should not play on a football pitch. Lack of effort was inexcusable. So frustrating after the newcastle performance.


theo dont wanna play as a right wing again


was so annoyed roiscky didnt come on. he was the only choice for me. wenger has a habit of ignoring him. i wonder now does he give a fuck and content to sit on bench.


I hate TV pundits.
Theo plays well as CF- sign him up Wenger, he’s class.
Theo doesn’t play well as CF- manager should not be succumbing to player demands.

Fuck you Sky.


I’m sooo disappointed.
Sagna had a bad game.
And for fuck’s sake, what is wrong with our defence?!
Gibbs was no different from Bacary.
We definitely need a strong DM.
That cunt Do Prado got Sagna caged. He had a good game which his own goal never reflected but then who cares?
And for the life of me, why are we too fanciful on the ball? Couldn’t we have matched Soton with grit instead of our players being muscled off the ball every now and then?
I’m the least impressed with our performance today.


First, Gibbs was fine… nothing special, but probably one of our better players on the day. Second, what good would a “strong DM” have done for us today? It’s not as though they were using a single midfield maestro that we needed to shut down. Considering our midfield was outnumbered, I thought they performed decently, but could have used more help from the front three. To me the biggest problem on the day, of many, was that Theo offered us too little in the way of a counterattacking outlet. The resulting rapid losses of possession absolutely killed us.


We didn’t buy DM when we sold Song! And we needed at least 2 more players. Now it is too late for this season… but there are seasons after this one.

Runcorn Gooner

Goalkeeper drops the ball all the time at the start,obviously dodgy.So how many
shots at goal did he have to save? None.Totally unbelievable.
We also a the other side of TW today and it wasn’t good.
Very disappointing evening

Gibbs' Ears

I don’t understand why we bring on Ramsey when we have Rosicky. Or Gervinho when we have… everyone else. Where is Arshavin??


I cannot explain it either. For me, it seems obvious that Rosicky should always be the first to replace Cazorla whenever he needs to be substituted. Ramsey is a perfectly fine player with plenty of good qualities, but he is not yet at a level where he could make a decisive contribution in a game like this. Rosicky, however, quite possible might have.

Arsenes Nose

This is as Lacklustre and Lethagic as it gets…. So awful a performance dt i thougt bringin Gerv on could make a difference.. I just hate it when we play like this..

Rosicky's Flair

Thumbs up if you’d rather have a new born Giraffe come on rather than Gervinho. And a Sloth for Ramsey.

Rad Carrot

Pathetic, once again.

Disappointed with all the players, but Theo – you want to play up front, for 100k a week? You can jog on mate. Absolutely no way. Good luck at the scousers.

Ultimately, it comes down to the manager once again. It’s his job to motivate the players correctly and play a winning first 11, and he did neither today.

Massive changes are needed.


Rosicky should be coming on for cazorla then.ramsey on for chamberlain. What is wrong with arsene wenger?


Plz Wenger buy Isco and Ba..


Isco/Arda Turan will be a great signing. We lack creativity when opponents are pressing or when they defend with 10 players. Remember games against Swansea, Stoke, Man utd and todays match too. It’s time for Wenger to realize 4th place is not a trophy and sign 1 or 2 quality players


What happened? Ox out, rosicky in. Its not a bad idea. Transfers please! There’s a problem, a big one, when my team looks up to gervinho to save us. Ah!


Fucking gutted. Even a triple dose of Viagra couldn’t have helped our limp dick of a team today. Why the fuck would you bring on Ramsey and gervinho when we are chasing a winner. Spend some fucking money already.


that was the worst i’ve ever seen arsenal play. mystifying.


Sagna was poor because nobody helps him, after Walcott managed to get his central position nobody comes to help RB. Walcott was awful today :no vision: to selfish; constantly drifting inside when Giroud was on don’t make sense.


Guess thats why i was so annoyed with the Ox. He’s getting more playing time but it looks like he’s getting worse.
Too bad we didnt lose,now we know we can expect the same line up in the next game. This lot probably thinks today was a good result.


No! Sagna was poor cos he played slow, didnt make a single good crossing, no energy,… something is going on with him which is more then just a poor form, I’m afraid.


And we have people demanding we extend his contract regardless. Perhaps this is why the club is reluctant to do so.

Harbinger of goon

I’m trying to find the words to describe that performance, but I’m just going to have another beer instead. Maybe it’ll seem better after it. Who am I kidding, I think I would enjoy someone setting me on fire, and putting me out with a sledge hammer, rather than watch that again!

Anyway Happy New Year to all you gooners!

Dick Law

The performance was so 2012. With 5pur2 flying, this will be our most defining year. Leggy players is an excuse.


Anybody noticed in the 92 minute when we got a free trow? Gibbs strolled down like he was happy with that one point. Where’s the heart and figthing spirit in this team?


i noticed that too. so frustrating.


Did not like that stroll. On the same shot, I saw the Southampton forward running towards the throw in. That said more than words ever could.

Tenacious Defence

Exactly. Several players failed to give 100%. Trotting around like it didn’t really matter to them.


Noticed that.
It was so annoying but to be fair to him do prado, our only stricker was already off so we had to protect that one goal just in case.


We looked so confused today. Spuds had 30 shots. We didnt even have 5 i guess.

name required

I am nigerian, you need to see the bashing I received tonight,, its becoming increasingly frustrating being an arsenal fan down here… Still keeping the faith though btw till I die!

gunn cabinet

There is something very wrong with the bac’s approach to football in the last two games. And if walcott is really serious about his football career, he should stop having hallucinations of hself as a central striker. A few flashes against weaker opposition should not deceive him, and the coach for that matter.


very weak performance today. i hate when wenger takes cazorla off when we need a playmaker out there. santi wasn’t even tired as he was the one who broke up the play that lead to theo’s shot on goal immediately before his substitution. i don’t want wenger out, but i am losing confidence. and i won’t join the ‘gervinho bashing bandwagon’ but he was useless up front today. he lost possession easily and almost cost us a goal. he is a liability. nothing sums up today’s match like “we weren’t so much toothless as totally gummy.”


Ze goggles! Zhey do nothing!
That is all I can say about this performance. Like staring into and being bathed by an acid tidal wave. Fuck off


Ramsey MOM for me today. And that says something. Jesus, who wants to pay walcott 100k+ now? Not me…..

Rosicky's Flair

Laughable, Szczesny was clearly the MOTM.


Ha ha ha Ramsey ha ha ha! If we bring decent players to the team he will be loaned for good.


Which match were you watching? What I saw was Ramsey passing to Southampton players.