Report: Arsenal 5-1 West Ham


Arsenal got back to winning ways with a comprehensive battering of West Ham at the Emirates this evening.

Arsene Wenger made a couple of enforced of changes to his side with Aaron Ramsey replacing the injured Francis Coquelin, while Lukas Podolski took the place of the rested Abou Diaby as the Arsenal manager rejigged the shape of his team.

The Gunners suffered an early scare when Jack Wilshere required treatment, having turned his ankle in a challenge, but the England man played on. After a slow start Arsenal almost fashioned an opening when Giroud and Podolski combined in the box but West Ham defended well to prevent a tap in.

A few moments later a delicious Wilshere pass set Walcott free. He got into the box, on his right foot, but the defender got a touch to poke it out for a corner just before he could shoot. Well, it should have been a corner but a goal kick was given.

And when West Ham won a corner a few minutes later, Arsneal thought they’d defended it, only for referee Mariner to give another one. From that, Giroud’s header fell to Collison on the edge of the box and his shot flew past Wojciech Szczesny to put the hammers 1-0 up.

Just a minute or two later Arsenal were level. Lukas Podolski took on a Jack Wilshere pass, and from 25 yards unleashed an unstoppable rocket past Jaaskelainen. 1-1. A brilliant strike from the German to take his tally to the season to 11.

Ricardo vaz Te then headed over the bar from a corner before drawing the ire of Mertesacker for an unnecessary challenge as the German saw a ball out for a goal kick. The game had a bit of edge to it with tackles flying in, as you’d expect from a team managed by that fat Walrus cunt.

Arsenal weren’t helped by Marriner giving lots to West Ham and ignoring things like Wilshere being fouled on the edge of their box, but plus ça change. Lukas Podolski then failed to round off a flowing, intricate move involving Gibbs when his off-balance right footed shot in front of goal was blocked when he probably should have scored.

West Ham could have gone ahead in the 40th minute when a Guy Demel cross rebounded to Carlton Cole. He chipped the ball over the onrushing Wojciech Szczesny but before the ball could cross the line Aaron Ramsey got back to bash the ball out for a corner, great defending from the Welshman.

Santi Cazorla came close to putting Arsenal back in front when his left-footed free kick – one of the only times Marriner gave us anything – curled towards the top corner but Jaaskelainen got across to make a very good save. It’s worth pointing out that Cazorla is right-footed.

Arsenal came out flying in the second half, Theo Walcott almost forcing an own goal from Tomkins. And after more pressure Arsenal won a corner, Walcott took the it, it looked like a typically poor near post scrubber, but in came Giroud with a perfectly timed run and he toe-poked it in at the near post to make it 2-1.

Theo Walcott might have put Arsenal further ahead after a great Cazorla pass but delayed his shot, but a few moments later Arsenal were further ahead after bsolutely beautiful build up. Giroud flicked it to Podolski, he played it back to Cazorla who flicked it home from close range. 3-1.

And less than 2 minutes later Theo Walcott scored to leave the Hammers reeling. Podolski got down the left, fizzed in a great ball across goal, Walcott arrived and his finish at the near post was fantastic in its simplicity. 4-1.

Amazingly, Arsenal scored again just 90 seconds later, again Podolski was the architect, Olivier Giroud flicking home from close range to make it 5-1 to Arsenal. Incredible stuff.

The game, unsurprisingly, took a bit of a lull after the goal flurry but the Gunners could have been even further ahead when a quick break left them 3 on 1 but Theo Walcott’s final pass was poor when he had Giroud and Cazorla waiting for a tap in.

Arsene Wenger brought on Santos and Oxlade-Chamberlain for Podolski and Giroud, and there was a lengthy stoppage to West Ham sub Daniel Potts. He was taken off on a stretcher, having received oxygen on the pitch after a seemingly innoccous challenge with Bacary Sagna. Having used all their subs the Hammers played the rest of the game with 10 men.

There were 12 minutes of injury time but not much worth talking about happened, bar some Arsenal shots. In the end the second half flurry destroyed West Ham and gave us three lovely points.

If only we could play like this more often.

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Cue the people who will complain that this massive win makes Arsene and Arsenal less likely to dip into the transfer market…


Did we see a vintage Arsenal display for 11 minutes or was I teleported back to 2004?

If we play West Ham and Newcastle every week we would win the League.

Thats 4 points from a possible 12 in January – at this rate we’ll finish 4th and win the 4th place Trophy…..oh wait

I did however enjoy seeing fat Sam’s depressed walrus face though.

wengers furrowed brows
wengers furrowed brows

Damn! what happened in first 10 minutes in second half, I thought the ghost of ljunberg, pires, bergkamp and Henry possessed them. At that rate I thought we were going to score in double figure. The fluidity, the movement, the passes…FUCK! these players can play those game then what the fuck is stopping them….more of it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

wengers furrowed brows
wengers furrowed brows

If Arsenal were to play second half only…they will win everything in sight…PL, CL, FA and COC trophies. But if they play first half also…ummmm….ahem! cough! cough!

Multiple Scoregasms

Ramsay had a solid game today. Just thought i should point that out.
more of the same please

Arsene's Nose

Ramsey…. LANS


He did better in that position than Diaby has been doing since he got back this time round.


…and his goal line clearance


Giroud changed wings with a super over the top ball there. The cameras picked out Wenger and Giroud having a nice little laugh about that.

Great gunner moment right there.


Phew! thank F..k for that. Well done lads. Now lets keep it up till the end of the season and especialy against the teams above us.


Tonight’s lesson: A bad pass to Poldi is a good pass.


The White Messi


Because the actual messi is…..?

A Yank


ack ack ack

those blazing ten minutes left a white messi in my shorts…

… sorry


My men of the match: Lukas Podolski and James Tomkins(forgive me). Each man gave his all in the match and made it worth watching by far.


Yess. We love you Arsenal we do!


Amazing game, Podolski was great today.


F**k me ı went to get a glass of water for my dad ın the begınnıng of the 2nd half, when I returned ıt was 5 – 1…


It takes you 10 minutes to get a glass of water? You must have a massive house!

Eric Irish gunner

Haha my phone nearly went dead the fucking thing was beeping that much for goal alert


Lol either you went to the watering hole or your house is fucking MASSIVE haha it was the best 10 minutes of my year so far (and I’ve had sex 10 times at a minute a piece!) lol jk

But not really


Lol dammit joe saw your comment after mine
Great minds


How long does it take you to get a glass of water….roughly around 10 mins I presume!! Hahah…


10mins to fetchwater. Did you have to go to the Local well to get it?

Eric Irish gunner

Just seen highlights he was excellent, this is the arsenal we all love, even love the way big mert helped out with the second goal with the sly obstruction

Cyril Washbrook

Indeed, it was a clever set piece: Mertesacker led the West Ham defender out of the line of the ball and into the middle of nowhere, opening up the space for Giroud to run into.

Thanis Lim

goodness me that’s fast! Great to see Giroud doing well!


Its the third time this season he’s done that chip over the opposition defence leading to a goal (the other two times being the volleys by Podolski vs Montpellier and Gibbs vs Swansea). A move befitting of his swagger.


It makes me wonder what he could achieve playing off the shoulder of a clinical striker, dropping back to play them in. I don’t see it happening somehow but he had a hell of a game tonight- the boy has some exceptional playmaking skills, that’s for sure!


just imagine Giroud and David Villa….


Hope Potts is alright.

Following our lot this season is like having blokes PMT.

One minute I wanna kick the cat into fuckin orbit. The next I could kiss the mother in law.

Fuckin madness.


Called for it since wilshere came back.. Ramsey to partner wilshere.. They know how to marshall a midfield together


Wenger said the whole reason he was able to sell Nasri was because of the partnership Jack and Ramsey were forming, and every time I’ve seen them play in tandem in the midfield they’ve been really good

Fairly recent Gooner

Ramsey at DM – LANS.


he was fantastic today, i’d like to see his pass completion stats, rarely gave the ball away


EPL Index ‏@EPLIndex
Aaron Ramsey joined the 100 Pass Club in the Premier League this season with 123 passes attempted (95% Completed). Accurate.


He was awesome tonight. Made himself a irritant in the West Ham attacks.


Ramsey – Pirloesque..
Vaz Te – despicable jerk..
Poldi – German Funk machine..

Arsenal 5 – the cuntest of the lot 1

£oyalty for $ale

Where was this all season long?

Eric Irish gunner

Really enjoyed that, thank fuck for that tube strike

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

They stepped up to play at the speed they were showing way back in ….

It paid instant dividends.

£oyalty for $ale

People might say what they want about Giroud, but I thoroughly enjoy his little flicks. He needs more time to adapt to the league, as far as being a consistent scorer, but I think he’ll be alright.


What a game. I was still celebrating the second when the third went in! Where the hell has THIS arsenal been?


Hell, I was still celebrating the 3rd when the 5th went in…


Anyone got the goal links ? missed the 4 goals…


Go on .the official club website, the ArsenalPlayer lets you have bitesize highlights for free!


Half time speech was all right again.


Very encouriging.

On a side note; where was Diaby today?

Touched Your Mother

Resting, Wenger said he would do so.


Hammer down in 10 mins + wonderful dj mix from Arsenal fans in that 10 mins.
I guess we sung all songs today.


Andre marriner is not howard webb of Arsenal but can we have him officiating more matches we score a hell lot while he is around except for one game in the past.


Dear Arsène, 5-1.
See? That’s what happens when Diaby’s not playing.


Why is this necessary? Every damn game we win ” this is what happens when insert name here doesn’t play!” and when we loose ” this is what happens when x does play”. It’s getting old.


So, believing in a player who slows us unnecessarily and brokes continously isn’t? When was the last time he got a ‘nice’ run? A lot of people was sad but happy too to see Eduardo go, why we’re still relying in Diaby when he simply can’t perform?????

Plus, can’t see where is DIaby better than Ramsey.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Ernest, there’s a time and place for everything, and this is the time for enjoying the win, not criticising players who weren’t on the pitch. You’re like a wet blanket on a barbecue.

Try to enjoy the win without rancour. It’s more fun.


Diaby is a talented player and he actually isn’t playing most of the time which, according to your reasoning would make us champions with a margin.


No, he isn’t.

Diaby is not talented, important enough to be rushed and play his first match in a long time against City and then Chelsea.


ernest can suck fat sam’s cock earnestly..


Why resort to that sort of shit to a fellow Gooner on this night of jubilation. he’s entitled to his opinion without being insulted, wrong or not


That’s more like it, let’s go for a run now boys! COYG!

gervinhos head band

cant wait to see the ramsey haters crawl back into his shell. Him along with all the other lads had a good game.
Onwards and upwards COYG

A N Other

Podolski has a hand in four goals.. That’s what happens you rest key players arsene….

We can only rest them with quality replacements.. Get your cheque book out.

Big Chief from Antarctica
Big Chief from Antarctica

Exactly. Arsenal’s starting eleven is decent with rotation. With last summer signings having adapted this season as a whole, you know trophies are fucking just round the corner if we can give Cazorla, Arteta a breather and our final third another option. Tired of using the word “if”.

Anyway, good performance and beautiful football tonight. Let’s get a run of winning matches.

not gonna renew season ticket
not gonna renew season ticket

Agreed. Proper team-rotation is why Man$ity and ManUre are hands down top-2 in EPL. When Rosicky and Diaby are back to full-fitness, hope Wenger realize this and gives Cazorla/Wilshere a much-needed rest.


Loved the way the emirates cheered when Diamé came on


I hope he will sign for us. This week.

A N Other

Yeah but the amount of class midfield players we have.. He wouldn’t get a look in..


How many on the bench today? Lots of them injured. We need him. One game against WestHam doesn’t prove anything. We can not play against stronger teams and score, yet.
@Nigerian wrote:
This match doesn’t show how good Arsenal is, it shows how good they could be…with few more signings…


meh. I was really excited when we were linked heavily to cavani and even zaha, but then wenger said no but i like diame… it just gave me the thought that diame is not good enough for man u and man c but cavani and zaha are. but who are we getting… we have the funds and when is going to be the time to spend ? but we did good today but maybe need at least one quality signing.


haha i was watching like 11 mins of West Ham and Arse players chilling out and catching up with one another.

from the tv view couldnt see theo when the poldi pass was made. thought he fucked it up. POLDI !! pure class.

OX although 5-1 , should put more effort for the team! hope he doesnt expect to just start matches.

Ramsey and Young Jack had a marvelous game..

wengers furrowed brows
wengers furrowed brows

when giroud was subbed, immediately arsenal were clueless in their attack.
We need another target man. And arsenal is “the second half team” dont know what they smoke in second half, they need to smoke it before first half. Good game and second half first 10 minute was blistering.
BTW VazTe is a complete cunt, he deliberatly wanted to hurt Mert and Manone before.


Obviously they have found chamakhs sheesha stash. He forgot it when he made the switch.
I agree with the sentiment that a rested podolski was the reason he had such an impact. If we could find someone to rotate with giroud and cazorla ( I still pray it’s rosicky) we should see more output.
Little concerned that cazorla played the entire game again, I was calling for his rest at 65 mins.

Dancing Cannon

I agree one hundred percent with the Vaz Te comment. He was lucky not to receive a red when he kicked Mert’s achilles. Players who do things like that when the ball is out of play should fuck off like Joey Barton.

Pak Gooner

Elated at the result, everyone played simply amazing today. Fall deeper in love with this club every game. Just amazing.


Well, that was a nice pick -me -up this week. I hope we continue like this.

Harbinger of doom

Great result, and one we really needed. Lets hope we can kick on from here and get a few new faces in as well. Plus I hope the lad Potts is ok.


Great evening. Especially with Chelsea losing and kicking little kids from frustration.


Great performance =) Lovely to watch.

Its a pitty we didnt score 2-3 more but hey, who can complain =).

The only thing that worried me just slightly was another confirmation that Walcott is playing a bit too much for his own statistics but lets hope he wont do that when its 1-1 =).

Good game.


Great evening. Great atmosphere…. I had a great seat too, right near where the Hammer kid got hurt… shame. Still, ace game!!


Giroud’s pass to Poldi will remain as one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.

Jim Jimminy

Who thumbed this down? Why?


Some Spud sad and alone in his miserable life, I think.

wengers furrowed brows
wengers furrowed brows

sam the walrus …thumbed it down for obvious reasons…lol


who gives a shit?

Parisian Weetabix

Apart from the countless other identical undefendable balls he’s played this season!

He must be the only centre-forward in England who can play such exquisite one touch football. Give him time on the ball, and he’s average, but his first touch passing, balls spread out wide like a fucking trequartista, and first time finish are absolutely breathtaking. I am REALLY starting to like this guy.


Yep. You can question his decision making and finishing at times, but his first touch is pure gold.


Awesome start to tha second half !!


Now there’s The Arsenal I know and love!


I fucking love the Arsenal


This match doesn’t show how good Arsenal is, it shows how good they could be, with a combination of a few signings and the correct attitude on the pitch. Good win though, I can finally post something positive about Arsenal this year. Lets hope we see a simila peformance against Liverpoo.


Good point. We should stay focused and win two more times this month.


yh tell your nigerian friends to stop bullying ramsey, bloody africans


Bloody you moron…


Peter you are a racist cunt.

Jim Jimminy

Excellent. Next stop brighton, lets give ’em both barrels.

matt senior

Careful who you say THAT to in Brighton!

Eric Irish gunner

Haha classic


Good! One done, two more to go this month!
And two signings please. We need them still.
Loved to see Giroud wraped up in the flag.


First my country wins in my city, then my beloved Arsenal destroy Walrus FC. I’m probably the happiest Gooner alive. The only way I could be happier is if Megan Good were to divorce her husband, fly over here and beg me to be her Master…


her master? Calvin Candy is that you?


the majority of you that post on this website have demanded for ramsey to be sold, please apologise.


You should apologise to arfican people and all the people on this forum for your other post!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Peter is a common name. You should be careful not to be aggressive towards the wrong person. This Peter may be Peter the defenceless ball boy, not Peter the fucking cretin.

Moo moo toure

It has ro be the same idiot..don’t think two people can use the same name in a single post..


Am I the only one who had a déja-vú feeling at that split second the ball was in the air from that Giroud pass to Podolski for Santi’s goal?


Giroud’s speciality…


Flicking Balls.


I’m so happy!!!!


Great stuff lads. Eat that “Big” Sam.

PS. Jo Brand and Russell Grant are “Big” too. You fat cunt.


Great game for us, but still need some reinforcements. Diame was a beast when he came on, nobody could get the ball from him. A back up striker would be excellent. Ramsey still has a place in Arsenal great game by him and I’m sure he’ll improve playing in the centre. (Arsense I’m directing that at you). Vaz Te can suck my dick, cunt. That is all.


Podolski earned me 15 points today. Glad to see my risk of keeping him as my starting 11 when I knew he wasn’t playing on Sunday.


Forgot the word repaid

Zorro in the box

Terrific from Arsenal today, that “British contingent” looking very exciting. Podolski looks like he has a hammer instead of a left foot. Interesting dynamic in the centre, Ramsey~Wilshere a potentially very sharp pairing. Almost forgot about Arteta being injured.


There is something in the Arsenal half-time water! A bit of Henry’s pee ?

Because we always come out so energized!


I like young boys


Young boys FC


You aren’t Hazard then.


Was a really Arsenal-like response to our recent form, stellar performance all around, particularly the 2nd half

Meanwhile a certain cunt got sent off for kicking out at a ball boy when his clubs 2-0 down. Cynically glad that the chavs aren’t in the final, or no CL team for that matter

A Yank

Hope the kid is okay.


Podolski is true class, and with that cheap price we payed for him it really is one of Wengers better signings.


I could get used to these 5 goal scorelines…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I liked seeing us score 7, but we let in too many.

5-1 is much nicer. Especially when it is played with such speed and confidence.

So good to see everybody playing their part so well. A true Team Performance.


I apologise…. Well done Aaron Ramsey

Tom Thumb

On an other note ,did anyone see hazard kick the ballboy in stomack in the chesea game,what a fucking twat

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I hope he gets what a fan would get for doing that at a football match. It’s an assault if it’s against a ball boy, not a foul. The dirty bastard stepped outside of his safety net of the playing field and committed assault. Hope he gets jail time for such a blatant act of violence against a minor.

Glad he thought he was too good for Arsenal. He is NOT the kind of player we want in our team. I imagine somebody in the crowd will report that as an assault.I certainly hope so. I’ be happy not to see him play in England again.

The FA are going to say they can’t do anything about it because the ref dealt with it on the pitch, so they are almost guaranteed to come out of this looking like twats.

If he were an Arsenal player would you want his contract torn up for doing that and bringing shame on the Club? I bloody would. I don’t suppose the Russian guy will be too upset at seeing one of his employees using violence though.

I wonder if he’ll use the “In my country kicking children in the ribs is a sign of affection” defence ?


Did you even see the video of the incident? I have no sympathies towards Chelsea at all but that ball boy is not a kid, he is 17 and he behaved like a fucking prick.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, no, not LOL, but I am not surprised to see such behaviour coming from Chelsea. They have such wonderful role models amongst their senior players.

(maybe) gunner renew season ticket
(maybe) gunner renew season ticket

Chelsea? Role models? Here’s a few…

1) John Terry – Mr. I-Shagged-My-Teammates-Missus-Just-Cuz-She’s-Up-For-It
2) John Obi Mikel – Mr. My-Understanding-Of-English-Language-Is-Better-Than-Any-English-Ref
3) Ashley Cole – Mr. I-Like-Texting-Pic-Of-My-Tiny-Cock-To-Drugged-Up-Whore-Despite-Being-Married-To-Cheryl-Cole
4) Fernando Torres – Mr. I-Cost-50-million-I-Puff-My-Cheeks-Out-To-Show-I’m-Unhappy-When-I’m-Benched
5) Eden Hazard – Mr. We-Don’t-Have-Fat-People-In-Belgium-In-Britain-Too-Many-People-Are-Fat-That’s-Why-I-Kick-Them


Giroud quality again. Just bothers me it’s his fault if he doesn’t score a brace every game, no one does.

Considering it’s his first season in this league, I think he’s been above average.

All three summer signings on the score sheet today too…


Great performance, they movement and quickness of passing was exactly what we needed, lots of technically great players, they just need to move the ball quicker.

That is the Podolski I want to see week in week out, powerhouse at times and his delivery is excellent. Very solid performance from Ramsey too, very tidy on the ball and mopped up well when needed..