Southampton 1-1 Arsenal: by the numbers


Arsenal were matched tackle for tackle and pass for pass in all the key areas

538 – Passes attempted by Arsenal
413 – Passes attempted by Southampton
116 – Passes completed by Arsenal in the Southampton final third
97 – Passes completed by Southampton in the Arsenal final third
4 – Key passes by Arsenal (passes that led to a shot — their lowest in a Premier League game this season)
7 – Key passes by Southampton
6 – Shots by Arsenal (fewest shots in Premier League play this season)
9 – Shots by Southampton
1 – Shots on goal by Arsenal (tied with the Aston Villa game for fewest in a Premier League Game this season)
5 – Shots on goal by Southampton
3 – Corners won by Arsenal (fewest in a Premier League game since loss to Man U)
3 – Corners won by Southampton
2 – Successful crosses by Arsenal (of 23)
4 – Successful crosses by Southampton (of 21)
13 – Successful dribbles by Arsenal
12 – Successful dribbles by Southampton
17 – Successful tackles by Arsenal (27 attempted)
19 – Successful tackles by Southampton (24 attempted)
18 – Interceptions by each team
15 – Aerial duels won by each team
31 – Clearances Southampton forced Arsenal to make (18 successful)
30 – Clearances Arsenal forced Southampton to make (14 successful)

4 – Passes by Theo Walcott in the first half
8 – Passes by Theo Walcott in the second half
23 – Touches by Theo Walcott in 90 minutes
19 – Touches by Olivier Giroud in 32 minutes
2 – Aerial duels attempted by Theo Walcott
1 – Aerial duels attempted by Walcott in defense
0 – Aerial duels won by Walcott
62 – Passes completed in the final third by Cazorla, Wilshere, and Arteta combined
1 – Key passes by any of those three players (Wilshere)
5 – Successful dribbles by Jack Wilshere (of 10 attempted)
0 – Successful dribbles by Ox (of 4 attempted)
0 – Successful crosses by Ox (of 4 attempted)
1 – Successful cro…

Ah fuck it. Arsenal were dismal. They played at the same level as Southampton and I know we have two of their recruits but for fuck’s sake it looked like Southampton v. Southampton for a lot of that match and there’s really not much more to say.



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2- number of midfielders we need this week.

1- striker we need this week

1- winger we need this week

4- best place we can hope for.


2 midfielders( 1playmaker and a defensive one)
1 striker
1 back up left back

Dr. Silent

Actually I’d prefer a left back who can seriously challenge Gibbs for the starting position.

Gibbs’ defending has been suspect at times.

Dr. Silent

Oh and another thing. We need more players like Cazorla and Arteta who aren’t scared shitless of using their weak foot. Way too many backpasses are the result of players being in a position where they can pass sideways with their less favoured foot but they will ALWAYS instead back pass with their preferred foot.

This is especially troublesome down the left. Podolski and Gibbs always seem to do this. Force them onto their right foot and they’ll just backpass.


Podolski couldn’t tap in with his right foot to save his own life. (Podolski vs newcastle)


@Dr. Silent Luke Shaw may be a good addition


Great!!!, another kid with something to prove. Don’t we have all of those at the arse already?

Mate Kiddleton

We need players who move well off the ball, and players who run more directly at the opposition. Only Wilshere and Ox seemed to be doing this, and that’s when we looked the most dangerous.


Its all the same what players we get in if there is no real fight and motivation within the team. This squad is good enough to beat the likes of Southampton, Norwich and Villa but they dont fight like a Top 4 club, or only do so occasionally. Van Persie after his teams win yesterday said “This is a special team. Everybody wants to help each other. Everybody’s keen for everyone to score. Defenders are working their socks off for the midfielders, the midfielders are working for the strikers. Everybody wants to run and everybody has one target in their… Read more »

Wenger's Glasses

It’s so depressing when arsenal play like this.


mate, I couldn’t even savour the Newcastle win except for the customary temporary relief it provided. It seems like the team is always one good scoreline away to a dismal performance, never felt so down.


I have lost count of the times an Arsenal man receives a ball with his back to the opponents goal even at the half line. It is like they don’t know where the ball is going to come, so they don’t make a run without the ball but wait for somebody to pas it to them and then make the run. Even for Saints’ first goal, Podolski received the ball about 40 yards out and then ran towards OUR goal dribbling from 3 Soton players and then ceding the possession looking for a back pass. No other top team plays… Read more »


You’ve nailed it nognir. Our running off the ball is appalling. When we do bother to make the run our passing is equally woefull. What was sagna doing last night? Is he playing for a move? Almost everything he did last night was garbage. The midfield 5 were hopeless last night.Walcott is not a striker. If you look back over the season to date, we have been mediocre in most games but have nicked a few lucky wins. Even against Newcastle, we were matched until the end. We are not going to get 4th with this squad ,playing this way,… Read more »


Agree with this whole heartedly. I just don’t understand how the movement goes from relatively good v Newcastle to horrible last night. Of course, Arsenal were a bit dismal for part of the game v Newcastle. Players just stand there waiting for the ball, there is absolutely no movement. Then there is the slow bobbling passes, or passes behind the player. How many times did we patiently work the ball back to szcz for a goal kick?

I don’t really see how 2-3 new players would have altered that performance, that is the sad truth.


I wish we could see Rosicky AND Cazorla in midfield. I know it’s a bit risky but if you remember when they played together vs Bradford they had such a good relationship, almost telepathic. I want to see more of that.


Arsenal spent abot 97 millions(53m in 2011-12 and 44 in 2012-13) on 12 players. Instead Arsenal should have gone for 6 or 7 world class players.


hindsight is such a wonderful thing – as is being able to make long-term plans that also work in the short term (you can’t spend it all in one go).

i would also say it’s difficult to get truly world class for 13-4m each… in a market where Downing was 20m 🙂

bargains such as cazorla are a rare breed.


We spend that 97 million in 2 years. That is big investment in short term And I was mentioning we should buy world class players not the overrated ones(like Downing). I wouldn’t say Downing is worth 20 million or Carrol is worth 36 milion. Only Liverpool and Chelsea go for such players


Rare breed? Michu for 2m, Reus had a clause of 17m and then moved out to BVB, Ba is now available for 7.5 and a future world class player in Isco is available for 15m. Who have we wasted the money on? Gerv about 8m, Podolski 11m, Santos 6m, Park 4m and so on. Turn a blind eye to all of it and live in the delusion that Wenger is the best talent spotter in the world. He chased Chamakh for two years and couldn’t figure out that he doesn’t have the basic technique to shoot a ball.


Lol, i like the fair ending of the article.

£oyalty for $ale

0- consistency displayed by Arsenal FC this season 🙁

Runcorn Gooner

0- Number more times I want to see Gervinho in an Arsenal shirt

wengers furrowed brow

I blame players…players and only players for this lethargic show of empathy on the pitch. Those players were still basking in their previous glory and thought these relegation zoned team would just roll over. Pathetic underestimatation of the opponents . These players need to be whipped. I wish someone would refund my money and all the other fans who witnessed that display. Authority and responsibilty of captain was MISSING!!! TV5 is not captain material actually no one is at the moment.Everyone is almost captain but not the captain. FFS after 7-3 rout followed by this is CRIMINAL. Arsenal players should… Read more »

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

i agree. Robin was right to leave. His goal against WIgan was pure and atter quality.
As much as I hate to say it, we have a team of mediocre players. He saw that. And he left. We can hate him. But today is a day when you feel his quality would have made a difference. Like its done for United again and again and again this season.

From Henry to RVP and finally to Walcott. Jesus we truly have become a team he sets out to finish fourth


I’m so at loss to explain what the problem is with this team this season. Hot and cold does not even do them justice. There is no excuse for amassing ONE fucking shot on target at this level.
I play kick about all age men’s level football and even our team manage more per game and were shit!
I agree with the others that we need to see more rosicky and 0 gervinho. He is without a doubt the poorest excuse for an arsenal player I have ever seen.


To be fair none of our wingers looks like he deserves to be starting games. The only winger who looks ok wants to be a stricker and he will probably be off. Poldi looks lost in most games and rarely takes on a full back. He prefers to play a back pass all the time. Ox looks immature, not yet ready for the first team. If he plays in a cross or two then it’s game done for him. Gervinho is gervinho. Ramsey is ramsey. I don’t see the boss buying two wingers but probably playing rosicky and moving santi… Read more »


PSG signed 150 million sponsorship deal.’
The owners of Chelsea, City, PSG etc will inject money into the club through such sponsorship deals fom their companies. So I don’t think Financial fair play will have an effect. So there is no point in saying Arsenal will be back to it’s best after the introduction of FFP


*150 million a year sponsorship deal


4. Number of defenders who need to learn how to defend. 1. Number of foreheads who should not be coming off the bench to get the ball, trip over his feet and roll around as though he got tackled when in reality not even one southampton player made a challenge. 1. Number of Theodore P Walcott who should not be taking freekicks and corners. because honestly he is shite at them. We have technically more astute players for that. Play your centre forward role Theo. Dont try to be Henry because you are not good enough. 5-10. Number of shots… Read more »


Arteta should take those set piece. or podolski or Cazorla


Your gravatar of rosicky makes me weep on how wenger could actually sub cazorla for ramsey. Ramsey is never a sub for cazorla, never!


To be fair to you gooner, i don’t care what other teams do to beat the FFP and all that. They can do whatever they wan’t with their money and i wouldn’t care. At the end of the day they can only put out a starting 11 plus the subs. What pisses me off is us failing to do enough with our money. It doesn’t look like we are doing a financial fair play to our money either. Sell an important first teamer, buy a squad player at best to take his place. That doesn’t look fair to me. I… Read more »


That’s why I never get carried away after a huge win, the players are always there to that for me. One game they get a good result, the next game they think they are world beaters and just don’t show any determination or will to win. I would definitely take the will to win over any freakish 7-3 though I cheer over the top of my voice for any win, deserved or not. That’s why I concurred with blogs’ player evaluations of that Newcastle match, we won but the score line flattered the performance. And the stats just back up… Read more »


Agree with you on Walcott. Compare him to Rooney, who runs all over the place looking for the ball.


100 – Passes for Sir Chesny by somebody in an Arsenal shirt
10 – Times we had a chance to break but our man with the ball (Arteta, Podolski, Sagna) decided to run horizontal rather than towards Soton goal
Infinite – Times an Arsenal man was caught watching the ball/man rather than moving his arse
0 – Pressing by Arsenal

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

our teams lack of class is the most worrying. Never seen an Arsenal team with so little in the way of class players or class team ethic. So few payers with that edge.


£1 million – gervinhos transfer equivallent right now


0 -successful dribbles by the OX.

Are you a one trick pony chamberlain?, are you?
Cannot connect his passes, sometimes he just assumes someone is gonna be there to recieve his pass, predictable passes and many times intercepted. Improve lad, improve!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Maybe, just maybe, somebody should make the effort to try and be there for his crosses. What would be the fucking point of teaching him to cross back from the goal line to the halfway circle where all our fucking players are when he gets up there with the ball?

One Arsenal

It seems the very man who made this club such a great one is no longer buying players who are winners, and ALWAYS want to win.
So painful to watch Arsenal these days. In fact there are days I deliberately don’t watch games because I want to keep my sanity for the rest of the day. This team has the habit of ruining my mood and my day just because I choose to support them.
Simply unbelievable


Walcott’s okay.

Arteta arrived from everton with so much promise of putting away all his free kicks. He hasn’t dispatched not a single one for us. Yet he did it for fun at everton.

Walcott can take all the freekicks he wants, atleast he comes close. Podolski though should obviously take those ones from the left. I dont bother with setpieces anyway we score them once in a blue moon. Ah!

H. P. Arsecraft

Okay 1, so? He should be doing much better.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s the fault of whoever lets Walcott take all the free kicks and corners. He should be in the line waiting to pounce on any rebounds, not blasting free kicks into row Z or hitting corners into the fist defender at a perfect height for clearing. If he wants to be a striker he should bloody well get into the area when we have a dead ball situation. I’m getting sick of that silly “Oooh” face he pulls after every free kick he misses with. Close is NOT when the ball flies five feet over the crossbar at high speed.… Read more »


It wasn’t the result, it was the performance. All those sluggish sideways and backwards passes that led to nothing. There was no dynamism. There was no pace. Whatever happened to our fabled one-touch passing? Whatever happened to movement off the ball? We used to make accelerated runs into space. We used to cross balls better than this. And what the hell has happened to our back four? They’re terrified. They don’t clear balls – they swipe at them randomly like they’re posing for some giant ‘spot the ball’ competition that no one could possibly ever win. Forget ‘a lack of… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yep, we want to play like Barcelona but we don’t do any of the things Barcelona do. We do “I’ll just wait here until you can dribble into a position you can pass to me from” We do “Oh, a defender, I must turn around at start the ball back to Chesney” We do “What’s a back post” We do “Shouldn’t somebody be in the 18 yard area to get on the end of the crosses. I wonder who it should be?” We do “I’ll just take a stroll through here with the ball. Oh, where did he come from?”… Read more »

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goon nowhere quick

When you people gonna wake up arteta is rubbish he
brings nothing to the team slowest midfielder ive ever seen.he slows everything down when we are at our best playing with pace …stats mean f all only stat that counts is ball in back of the net…..walcott has nothing betweem his ears just a blank look

5pur2 dr00L

Anyone who watches football intelligently can see what Arteta brings to our team. He’s not the flashiest player and is completely unselfish, so his contributions go under the radar. One of the best passers in the world, and reads the game so well. He’s not big, but he makes good tackles and interceptions, too.

[…] but those shouldn’t be players Arsenal aspire to acquire. But that’s the problem with this Arsenal team, they were matched, kick for kick, pass for pass, tackle for tackle, and shot for …. Yesterday’s 1-1 draw wasn’t an example of Arsenal getting unlucky, they created just […]

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Arteta is definately not the problem but hes not perfect.

I think we have 3 main problems.

1 we move the ball on from player to player too slowly. The faster we move the ball the more dangerous we look.

2 we play 451 with the ball but 442 without it

3 we are struggling out wide, poldi and theo arent able to beat a man for skill. The ox is clearly a far better player on the left and gervinho is awful

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Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I am starting to lose my love of watching football. There are Arsenal games where you realise after 20 minutes that it is going to be one of those games where you get a tightening in the chest through stress and frustration. It never really happened before this season, but sometimes during an Arsenal game this season I get on with something on the computer and let the game fade into the background, and just check the score every five of minutes as the stress and tension combined with the feeling of hopelessness is too much. We make so many… Read more »