Friday, October 7, 2022

Squillaci admits January move possible

Sebastian Squillaci says he could leave the club in January, depending on what’s on offer, but is more likely to wait until his contract expires in the summer.

The French international has fallen so far down the pecking order that he has yet to make a Premier League appearance this season and appeared just once in the league in the last campaign (a ten minute cameo against Fulham).

Speaking to, he explained his current situation, “With Koscielny, Mertesaker, Vermaelen and Djourou, competition is fierce. I recently played in the Champions League in Greece. I made five appearances for the reserve and I always train seriously.

“My relationship is good with Arsene Wenger and I remain as professional as possible.

“I will be out of contract at the end of the season. As it stands, I will leave. Perhaps during the January transfer window or else I will wait for the month of June.

“Marseille, Nice, Monaco, Bastia or Ajaccio are clubs that speak to me. I am 32 years old. I still have two or three good seasons left. On the French Riviera or elsewhere. I will choose depending on the opportunities that arise.”

To be fair to Squillaci, he hasn’t ever made a fuss about being thrust into semi-retirement at the club, but it’s safe to say this move is one that didn’t work for either party.

And the Frenchman recently benefited the two clubs at which he began his career, donating French World Cup squad image rights payments in the amount of €53,500 to each.

“This money is the premium we got at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. After events Knysna, we were asked to redistribute this money to amateur football.

“It seemed natural to give it to FC Seynois  and Sporting. I played seven years at Seyne, and five seasons at Toulon. My two training clubs and two associations that do not run on gold. It is a just reward.”

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GREAT FOR ARSENAL, and great for Squillaci as well i think.


Squillaci I hardly knew ye.


I am the best defender at Arsenal.

Nicklas Bendtner

Only because I don’t play defense. I choose to be TGSTEL and don’t have time for anything but scoring goals!


3 – “Good” seasons Squillaci believes he has left
3 – Seasons since Squillaci had what could even be marginally called a “good” season



I once had a dream where squillaci lined up in our defence against van stapletons’ club at old trafford. I know right?…’d expect rvp to get atleast what 4 goals?? but turns out squillaci kept him in check for the whole match.

Squillaci though chipped in with 3 sensational goals for united……..

Limpar's Wand

Are you the bloke responsible for all those bloody rumours?!

And now you come one here trying to be funny?

I hate you.


Wow! sir, did I piss in your coffee?. Stay calm but if you wanna fight me over the internet then please go on……..CAPS LOCK ME.


Forget about Squill, it looks like Wenger missed out on Joe Cole, again! When will he learn?


Yup. It can be located directly next to the edit button we’ve been asking for for about 15 months.


@frog what’s obvious here is that you’re not the fucking boss!, so please stay calm and hate the sp*ds.


And if I wanted to hear an asshole, I’d fart.


Maybe, if people often make comments like Frog, try using Disqus?

It appears to be free, more and more commonly used, and easy.

Unfortunately, there’s no sarcasm font though.

Personally, I like this simple comments section as is.

Although it would be cool if every time a thumbs up happened, a AFC player’s celebration .gif played, and a thumbs down showed a headbutt by Fellaini on Shawcunt.


why thumb down shawcross being headbutted? id say give Fellaini a medal



That’s a nice line and I can see why you’d want to use it but it doesn’t really work on a text-based comments section does it?
The joke should have been “If I wanted to read an arsehole, I’d watch someone farting through a pair of binoculars.” Snappy.


Blogs why do you say Disqus is shit? It’s by far the best and most popular used comment thingy.


Good luck to him, stayed proffesional even though I was probably closer to the first team than him, hope he can actually get some playing time at his new club


If i’m shit as hell and I know it, yet still on a whooping £50k! salary i’d sure as fuck better stay professional.

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

Goodbye and good luck.
Should clear up a lot of space on the wage bill for top players.


Is it just me or does Squillaci seem to be tackling Squillaci in the picture on top of the article?


This has to be the greatest comment ever


*greatest comment that ever lived


Never really been a good player (at Arsenal), never really been in the 1st team. But I respect him because of his professionalism. Seriously, some of the younger players could learn a thing or two from him.

Big Dave

What?? fail, do bugger all and get 60k a week for it? Probably not the best example for the youngsters. Though on a personal level I certainly admire this attitude and always try to transfer it onto my career.


He has the armband on the picture, clearly thats why he’s leaving. The curse of the armband continues…


Hate to be immature, but fuck off – to think this guys on 50k (i think) and we could distribute that across the world.

steve boulds hairdresser

didnt work out for either party, but when did you ever see ab article about him complaining? when did you ever see him huff, or try to hold the club over a barrel? players of squillaci’s character are, to me at least, few and far between. i

£oyalty for $ale



I know right! We’re selling the top scorer of world cup 1990??

steve boulds hairdresser



I don’t blame him at all for waiting untill the summer. It wasn’t him that offered the terms of the contract he signed. He’d be A fool not to collect what he’s owed. He’s been an absolute professional since he’s been at the club, never complaining or agitating. You can’t ask for more than that out of a player. Why we signed him or gave him the contract is another story. That’s Arsene and Ivan’s fault. Maybe if we stopped paying 32 year old mediocre defenders 40k a week to fuck about in training we could afford to keep, I… Read more »


Good luck Squillaci, he may of been shit, but he did wear the red and white, and that makes us family. I’ve certainly seen less professional players out there and you cant blame the guy for wanting to collect on his last 6 months of his highest contract of his career.

Not sure what this means with Squillaci/Djourou seemingly on their way? Steve Bould must be 4th choice now.


Lol squillaci……..How was he always part of a defence whose off-sideline was more staggered than my Saturday night walk home from the pub.

I want him to succeed but it seems the universe itself is against that, if a clubs pops up for his services i’d be really glad coz it will definetly serve as an escape route for all our other flops. Chamakh, Bendtner, gerv

Tottenhams reckoning

What will I do with my Squillaci shirt!?

Mrs Squillaci

I’m his wife and even I think he’s shit.


Why didn’t Wenger try to sign Demba Ba? I hope he realise the fans deserves better than this.


Fuck Demba Ba.


A great young striker available for a small amount of money, would have been a good deal.


Agreed fuck him. He seems undecided and wants to join every club that comes in for him. Arsenal psg now chelsea. I know loyalty is gone thing right now but ba looks the type to jump ship without giving a single fuck. We’ve had many of those at arsenal already, please stop.


Yup. Fuck demba ba. Here’s to his knee exploding.


Wenger have sold Na$ri, van judas, Song, Fabregas,Clichy in 2 years time. The team got the best supporters in the league and still they are selling our best players and replace them with not good enough players such as Gervinho.

We have had serious problems with creating chances and scoring goal except against Newcastle with 10 of their players injured.

Time to spend some money Wenger, we are waiting..

Merlin's Panini

Because his knees are made of mush, he’s not young enough and he’s ugly. Sure, he’s good but I fully expect him to stop scoring in the second half of the season just like last year.
I would rather have Llorente or Gomis, someone with real presence.


If a club actually comes in for squilaci, can we perhaps ship gervinho aswell. Coz surely this is a one time thing. Doing this much of shit business at a go does not come easy. Take advantage baby.


“Marseille, Nice, Monaco, Bastia or Ajaccio are
clubs that speak to me. I am 32 years old, I
still have two or three good seasons [left in

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…..”two or three good seasons left in me?” Get that head outta that arse……lol.


Says the fella who cannot even hope to play professionally in his next 10 lifetimes.


Rubbed my eyes a few time to see if this was true seems like it.

Still I wish the best for the poor guy but just couldnt cut it in the epl.


While we’re at it, I’d like a puppy.

Butter my Arsenal

Vieira, Henry, Flamini, Fabregas, Nasri, van Persie, Song, and now Squillaci. When will we learn we’ll never win anything by selling our best players.


To not mention Chamakh and Park might be leaving to the summer, how will this club do without them?!


*Not to mention


Excuse me for my bad spelling then.

I’m from Sweden that explains why you think that i’m spelling like a 7 year old. But i’m still going on a lot of games, even do i have not been on one this season yet.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]


Buy one Squillaci get a Chamakh free!


Does make me laugh when people refer to him as being professional because he’s been quiet and not complained. He’s a footballer who should be looking to play football not sit on the rediculas contract that the club gave him, nothing professional about that, it’s called greed. Yes we would all do it but it doesn’t make him professional. Yet rvp, song, theo are all cunts for moving to play football in teams that may win things and getting payed more for the privelege. Strange world when a club pay him 60k a week to do fuck all yet we… Read more »


I see your point, but at his age, why not. I mean the guys played in the world cup for France, played at the highest club level, the champions league and now maybe he wants to cruise for a few and make some easy money. So long as his attitude is good, maybe he can help teach the young guys a thing or two about being a pro. There are lots of things to learn other than football technique, such as how to take care of your body to prolong your career or how to conduct yourself in a professional… Read more »




If he’s a bad player? Yes. But does he drink in public or smoke hookah? Does he shoot young players with an air-gun? Does he get into shirtless fights outside the club in Liverpool? The answer is no and that’s why he’s professional because he goes to the training everyday and gives it all what he has (even if it is not much).


A fine example of wengers rubbish buys lets hope he buys sensible this window.I wont hold my breath!

[…] is that if Djourou goes then Sebastian Squillaci is the one who will move closer to the first team despite admitting he could be off in January. It seems more obvious that he’ll see out his contract with us and go in the summer, and he […]

Fever Pitch

We all have to apreciate this guys discretion due to his aknowledge of just being shite all along in his carrier in the club (ok he had some nice minutes) and still has not shown complaints about not beeing used . – Also recognizes Cos and Mert as impossible to compete with (even Djourou wtf) so we all must show credit to him and HELP HIM PACK ASAP. Leaving the club will be the best for all and im not trying to look like an ass but lets just hope of this kind of departures (+Djourou) will be the start… Read more »


Wouldn’t say he’s the shining light of professionalism, more he’s like a quiet version of winston bogarde


Thanks for your effort but its time to say goodbye. Thats one off the list anyways.
. Squillaci /
. Chamack
. Arshavin
. Bendtner
. Park
Seriously how much in wages are we losing in players that contribute fuck all to team. If you were being harsher still, you could add Diaby, Gervinho


Thanks for your effort but its time to say goodbye. Thats one off the list anyways.
. Squillaci /
. Chamack
. Arshavin
. Bendtner
. Park
Seriously how much in wages are we losing in players that contribute fuck all to team? If you were being harsher still, you could add Diaby, Gervinho. So what 7 players on probably at least 40 000 pw. So call it 300 000 pw……What the fuck lol. Thats at least 3 top, top players. Sorry to state the obvious, but bloody hell!!


Blogs why do you say Disqus is shit? It’s by fer the best and most popular used comment thingy.


by far*


He’s still alive? Who’d have thought.

He’ll catch on at a mid-level club in France. Either way we get rid of him in 2013, provided Wenger doesn’t decide to give him a 2 year extension * cough… Djourou….cough*

Merlin's Panini

I’ll miss his haunted face gurning in disbelieve at his own haphazard ineptitude, much in the same way I miss Manuel Almunia.

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