Arsenal 1-3 Bayern: outclassed by the numbers


Studs and Duds

6 – Dribbles by Jack¹
2 – Dribbles by Robben³
2 – Key passes by Jack (tied with Sagna)²
4 – Key passes by Kroos¹
8 – Key passes by Arsenal (out of 657 total passes)
10 – Key passes by Bayern (out of 478 total passes)
2 – Shots by Kroos
2 – Shots on goal by Kroos¹
3 – Shots on goal by Arsenal
34 – Minutes before Arsenal got their first shot off (Per Mertesacker)
5 – Shots by Bayern before Arsenal’s first shot
2 – Goals by Bayern before Arsenal’s first shot
5 – Shots by Arsenal before they scored
1 – Errors by each of Neuer and Szczesny that led to an opposition goal
26 – Touches by Neuer
25 – Touches by Walcott
1 – Shots by Theo Walcott
11 – Touches by Olivier Giroud
2 – Shots by Giroud
1 – Shots on target by Giroud with his very first touch

1 – Number of times the referee called a Bayern player for a foul on Wilshere
3 – Number of times the referee played “advantage” for a foul on Wilshere
3 – Number of Bayern elbows to the back of Wilshere’s head which the referee “missed”
5 – Number of times that Santi Cazorla was dispossessed¹
4 – Number of turnovers by Santi Cazorla¹ (tied with Muller)
6 – Number of interceptions by Ramsey¹ (tied with Martinez and van Buyten)
6 – Number of tackles by Muller¹
5 – Tackles by Schweinsteiger
4 – Tackles by Alaba
3 – Number of tackles by Podolski² (tied with Mertesacker, Koscielny and Lahm)

Bayern won the battles

Sick burn bro

You need some analysis or do the numbers speak for themselves?


As a team, Bayern upped their game from their group stage averages in nearly every category except passes. They also dominated almost all of the individual duels with superior performances all over the pitch.

The German side dropped considerably in both passes made and in percentage of passes made with the Bavarians making 69 fewer passes on a whopping 10% fewer completed passes. But Bayern didn’t need to dominate possession because they scored with their very first shot and that left Arsenal chasing the entire game. Instead of possession and passes Bayern was called on to press, tackle, and harass the Arsenal offence and they did that nearly perfectly.

Tackles, in particular, were key to winning this game. Bayern pressed high up the pitch as evidenced by the fact that Muller (an attacking midfielder) led them in tackles with 6. They also targeted Cazorla who had an uncharacteristic 4 turnovers (he averages 1 per game in League play) and was dispossessed 5 times (he averages less than 2). Numbers that didn’t show up in the box score were that Bayern also targeted Jack Wilshere. The referee only called Bayern for one foul on Jack but let the German team bully him all over the pitch and I counted no less than three elbows where “advantage” was played or where the referee saw no wrong doing.

The one bright stats category for Arsenal was dribbles and that was Jack’s big contribution to the game where he led all players with 6. That’s a stat which backs up the perception that Wilshere drives at the defenders. Imagine what his dribble numbers would be like if the referee called the constant fouling.

Moaning about the fouls and the referee is sour grapes though as Bayern were superior in almost every position on the pitch, on the bench, and on the training ground. In fact, if anything, this game and that team should be a beacon for Arsenal showing the way forward from the fog that has currently settled on North London; a topic I will touch on tomorrow on my own blog.

Enough analysis for the night?


All numbers today via Opta, ESPN, or my personal databases

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¹Lead both teams in this category
²Lead just his team in this category
³Lead all players with having a head shaped like a novelty condom

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Outclassed, and those numbers make grim reading.

All I’m hoping for is a win on Saturday, any form will do, an early goal would help though.

Also, both on and off the pitch, I think Bayern is a club that we should try and emulate. Last summer, they won nothing, and bought Dante, Mandzukic and Javi Martinez, as well as Shaqiri. We sold RVP, and didn’t adequately replace him and our other problem positions.


On paper, bayern are as good as or better than arsenal in every single position, if you compare the starting elevens. Those stats aren’t exactly a surprise…

Runcorn Gooner

Don’t forget we will still be in Europe after this fighting for the 4eme place titre
Always look on the bright side of life Di do Di do

remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore
remember the invincibles, because we aren't good anymore

the analysis is htat Bayern are a better team and we don’t have the quality or the ability to beat them. That’s just sad. because we were invincible once. This is what happens wen you sell and you sell and you sell and then you buy cheap, buy cheap and you buy cheap


I am so sad its unbelieavable…yes wenger picked these players, but i cant imagine its his choice to sell rvp and replace him with a striker from ligue one. Surely the boards ambition is reflected clearly in the type of players we go in for (no offence to these players). Right now, as it stands, we dont have the quality to compete at this stage. Maybe in 2 years some of these players will realise their potential. But other clubs arent stagnant. So we are left to always play “catch up..” anyway, i dont know who to blame anymore. It is what it is, we arent that good and this is the first time i have ever felt that way about an arsenal team…

Wenger's Glasses

I think our players off the ball movement (offensive wise) has been poor in this game & that’s the main reason for this defeat.

Now I’m just gonna enjoy the ride for this season’s champions league campaign & hope for the best for our next.




The problem is, you fire Wenger but who comes in? What manager can you truly, honestly see joining the club and not only continuing the effort of playing attractive football with a clear identity, additionally bringing in young players and running everything financially soundly, so as not to drag us into the Championships through immense debt?

Just look at Wolves last season. We’re not exactly similar teams, but they fired their manager, had no one to replace him, and royally fucked their chance at staying in the league. We fire Wenger and then what? We probably drop out of the Top 4, then Top 10…

Big Chief from Antarctica
Big Chief from Antarctica

Likeminded. Besides, even though there are tactics of Wenger I can’t approve, subs, for example, I’d give the benefit of the doubt.

What doubt? Whether Wenger will spend. He has shown that in the past and with sponsorship money coming in, I expect. The stadium debt is an excuse I can live with, for now.

Worst to just sad, I wouldn’t discard that the board won’t change the spending habit. In that case, I’d stick with Wenger. The man loves the club and can perform in those circumstances, who fucking else? He will challenge the board if they won’t spend. You really think the board will give a fuck if some new manager says I want more money.

That said, AC Milan, 3 goals, one half. One can hope. I fucking know, discipline is hard to come by with this Arsenal team, I still support them. Next few games, top priority.





@Bkamp4ever, he said attractive football, not cynically-defensive counter attacking football.


@Burak,it seems you don’t follow Shaktar much,or else you wouldn’t be saying this about a coach who I personally believe has been the best in business for quite some time.Its just that he works in a league nowhere as watched as the epl or laliga.What he has achieved with resources much less than what we have is truly amazing.And they do play breathtaking attacking football.


Straw man bullsh*t.

amangey Jackson

Lily wwhat is attractive about arsenal’s foot from last season till today?…….are u kiddin me?


Firstly, Wolves didn’t have a hope of surviving regardless of who their manager was. Secondly we need to get away from this no one can replace Wenger nonsense, because a some stage he will have to be replaced, whether he is fired, retires, quits etc . What do we do then? All go into a state of despair that no can replace him?

it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....
it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Exactly, this is what Wenger meant (Monday press conference) by “You will miss me when I’m gone”.


There are plenty of managers that would do a better job than Wenger, today. 10 years ago he was the best around, maybe even five years ago but he has been on a steady decline, like the team and club, since then.

Wenger is a truly bad tactician. He seems to have no clue at all how to organise a defence in open play or set pices. Imagine if we had a manager that could get rid of the most basic errors of this team? Wenger might have been shit at coaching defence all along but the quality of our past players was so good it didnt really matter, and he did inherit the best back four around and as long as they stayed around with their knowledge we were fine. When the knowledge left the decline began.

Arsenal needs a breath of fresh air and a new direction or we will be down in the bottom ten and the excuses will still be the stadium debt, lack of sponsors, kill of talent and the rest of the bullshit. The club is in a decline and when you regress as a brand you eithier aknowledge the problem and change direction or you go bust. Arsenal are declining and I have seen nothing of changing direction.

I want a new manager with new ideas and I hope Jabba the Fat russian makes a bid for the club just to get that fucking american and that slimy, slithering cunt Gazidis out.


@amangey Jackson
you might have noticed I said ” the effort of playing attractive football”

I was very careful to include the words “the effort”. They’re important. I promise.
And there have been a couple of games where the team’ve played brilliantly, the problem’s goddamn consistency.

I might be misremembering, but they were only some 4-7 points from salvation when they fired their manager, by the end they were some 15 points or something from second-last. They had a small chance, afterwards they had none at all.
And I’m not saying we need to panic when he eventually retires, but we should at least be grategul he’s still able and willing to be manager.


@Bkamp4ever, Shakhtar? No, but Galatasaray and Besiktas, yes, I have watched many, many of their games under Lucescu. I really don’t think his tactics suit Arsenal at all… he’s a very good coach, and will get you results, but he will do absolutely nothing related to our current notion of attractive football.


The most important stat reads Arsenal 1 Bayern 3

I want my Arsenal back!
I want my Arsenal back!

If this doesn’t show that we need to buy then nothing will!


No doubt Bayern were always going to be a big ask – fantastic club, well drilled with plenty of talent.

And yet, I’m still mad about how we conceded our goals. It’s hard enough against Blackburn (apparently) when you shoot yourselves in the foot the way we do.


Letting cheap goals in, especially from set pieces has been a growing feature of Arsene’s sides in the last few seasons. That’s why I beleive no amount of money will fix this problem, and the sooner people wake up and realise this, the better.

Perhaps we could buy more attacking talent to outscore the opposition, but I feel that’s not a good long term strategy.

it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....
it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

For fuck’s sake Schezcnhy each and every time this year you’ve made cocky pre-match comments in an interview you’ve managed to royally cock it up on the pitch with a ‘stinker’ or two.

Yesterday Goal #1 was Vermaalen’s fault for being wrong-footed, but mate my 5yr-old daughter could’ve held on to Goal #2, and my 8yr-old son knows better about positioning than you showed for Goal #3.

Wenger, please ban our Pole-in-Goal from interviews of any sort!


I agree 100%. I’ve got no problem with looking at it in black and white that simply ‘Bayern are a better team than Arsenal’. That’s fine.

However, bar the first goal which was well struck (ignoring the dodgy defending), we weren’t exactly undone by Brazilian-esque intricate passing moves and/or 30 yard screamers that you can’t do much about.

Yes, Bayern are a better team, but again, our mistakes are our undoing. We made it easy for them.

The Saint

If Wenger goes now he may still be remembered in the same vein as Herbert Chapman; if he stays to preside over the continued deterioration he’ll be remembered more as a Billy Wright or even a Terry Neil.

With each passing season, I begin to wonder if he even deserves a bust next to Chapman’s.


If you’re wondering whether he deserves a bust next to Chapman’s, just try to imagine where we’d be now if Arsene had never come into the club. Maybe Adams and co could’ve won one or two more titles, but then what? Probably no doubles, definitely no Invincibles, no new stadium… we’d probably be like Everton: Every now and then in the mix for Top Four but usually finishing low on the Top 10.


Lily you are a beacon in an anti Arsenal sea.
If you’re a woman, marry me . If you’re geezer, lets have a pint.


Certainly outclassed, but I can’t help but think how the tie would have looked if Giroud had buried his gilt-edged chance. That was the moment of truth if we were to have any chance of pulling out the tie.

it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....
it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Giroud’s gilt-edged chance from Theo’s cross was straight at Neuer.

I can’t help thinking a certain Dutch Skunk would’ve buried that one.


The Dutch Skunk had missed an easier chance to put us level in the tie against Milan at home last season.


There are some who have been calling Arteta the new denilson in my opinion.I thought it was really harsh.But his recent performance has been very denilsonesque.Not doing enough defensively. And slowing down the game far too often.110 passes is impressive.But also a sign that opposition are okay with him passing it around and can focus on Jack instead.He would look good in an organised team.But in a team like ours he is bound to struggle.Also the fact that its not his natural position.I like him but a new DM should be a must in the summer

it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....
it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

I miss Alex Song’s killer passes… (sigh)


I don’t miss all the ones that didn’t come off, leaving him waaaaaaay out of position and us wide open at the back for the counter-offensive.


That picture tricked me for a second.


No real shame losing to this bayern team. The shame comes from losing to Blackburn, Bradford and being 20 odd points behind manure.
This team is built for one thing and that’s competing for a top four finish. Nothing more.

One Arsenal

No, the shame is the manner of the loss.

wenger's combover

is it coincidence that your comment just had to have one thumb up and three thumbs down?


What’s the use of all this analysis? The man who should be using these figures to figure out what went wrong and fix it isn’t even looking at them.
We break whenever the opposition press us, our 4-3-3 is not good especially when playing with make-shift or below average full-backs, off the ball dawdling is visible to every spectator but not to the coaching staff and we play the same eleven irrespective of the opposition.
Arteta is not a DM. Yes he was good at the beginning but when he got found out of his depth(esp by Ol’ Red Nose who stifled him using Rooney), it became easy to break our attack. Why do we always go in with a lone-striker? Why stick Cazorla on the wing when you can line him in the midfield and play Theo and Poldi as strikers in 4-4-2? We have great players but they are not being utilized in the way they can be most effective.
Maybe Arsene is still hurting from the back-stabbing of Nasri, Cesc and RvP and has gone into a self destructing pattern. I don’t know. I like AW and want him to stay till the end of the season (al the least), but maybe he needs to explain why is he behaving like an Ostrich?


It’s like it’s now a norm to come out of the blocks crawling at the start of every game nowadays, then redemption time every 2nd half which is nearly always a little too late.

It was criminal for Wenger not to start Giroud, our only out and out striker, who could deliver knock-downs that would have made Walcott, Cazorla and Poldi thrive in the 1st half and give us clear scoring opportunities. Seems Wenger knew all along game would not be won and set the boys out to just win the possession game. Shame. #Goonerpain


It’s criminal that we only have one recognised centre forward.


I agree. However the vast majortiy of fans yesterday were calling for giroud to be dropped because of the sitters hes missed, probably the same fans trying to convince everyone that theo is a better striker then he is a winger….. and is even worth 100k a week !


I think we’ve got them right where we want them.

0-2 at their place and through on away goals. Job done.



2 away goals are better than 3 away goals ……….. right


Oh bollox ……it’s early.

I meant we can then concentrate on grabbing forth and leaving Munich with some pride 😉


Arsenal to keep a clean sheet! Have you never seen us play?

If we do pull off a miracle and progress, it’s more likely to be Bayern 4-6 Arsenal.

You heard it here first…and probably last.


“In wenger we trust..” bt does he really give a fuck abt dat, or does he really have any trust on himself..?? i hav a doubt nw.


“In wenger we trust..” bt does he really give a fuck abt dat, or does he really have any trust on himself..?? i hav a doubt nw..

Grim Reaper

I’m coming for Wenger whether you lot of “In Arsene We Trust” tossers like it or not. Every dog has its day, and the demented French poodle has well and truly had his.
Sorry, but the man must go.


The first goal I can just about accept, but the second from a corner was just criminal. How many times have we seen that in the last few seasons?

How much money does it cost to fix badly organised defending? I think you’ll find it has little to do with how many superstars you have in your team, and more to do with correct coaching and organisation.

Sadly no amont of spending will fix this. Only changing the manager and his outdated methods and tactics will.


“but the second from a corner was just criminal. How many times have we seen that in the last few seasons? How much money does it cost to fix badly organised defending?”

more than Bayern has, apparently


It’s so tuff when the Heart is ailing but the Brain refuses to accept it. Wenger is going against the norm ” wine gets better by the day” but dont blame him, blame Gazidis whom despite losing yesterday will be relishing at the opportunity of how good Wilshere was and how much he will fetch. Blame the players who lack the drive and motivation on pitch. Nobody seems to care anymore but the fans

it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....
it's (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Gazidis is a crony but he is merely Kroenke’s (the REAL crony) ‘hired-hand’.

Kroenke’s ONLY intention is to make a ‘profit’ from his ‘investment’ Sure, he hasn’t taken any dividends yet but that is because currently, profits are being used to pay-down the remaining GBP150mm worth of DEBT. Once this debt is PAID-OFF, he can then start sucking out dividends or sell the club for a MASSIVE PROFIT. Problem is, at this rate we’ll be mid-table in the EPL and the Emirates will be half-full for most home games.

Let’s cut Wenger a bit of slack… he’s a ‘victim’ through all this like we all are. Try Googling a picture of Kroenke and Wenger together in the stands… you can really tell from Wenger’s expression that he really DETESTS the asset-stripping fucker.

In June I’m afraid Wenger’s going to fuck off into retirement on his own will, the warrior Sagna will leave too… but on the bright-side we can welcome back the likes of Santos/Djourou/Bendtner/Park/Chamakh from loan.


That picture reminds me, we could do with a player like Schweinsteiger.


The only way we’re gonna beat them at their own turf is if all of the their starting eleven get sent off for being too good.

Arsene keeps getting it wrong with theo as lone striker. It will never work. Put him with giroud as the two cfs, shift to a 4-4-2 if neccesary. But no not/Arsene with arsene, don’t know if he’s seen it not work in trainning or maybe he’s just the most stubborn man on earth. I vote second.

You’re stubborn Arsene, we will leave you with that and take your job you old gaffer!


In the table, the Goals scored/allowed have been divided by 6 (instead of by 3). Those 4 numbers should be doubled, to give correct averages


Does it really matter Mark – we lost, analysing the figures changes nothing…


I read with bemusement the comments of Peter Hill Wood who suggests that managers in the modern game are not given the time to build a successful side before they are fired – well that’s what is called business, you don’t deliver they get shot of you – its life. The flip side of the coin (and this is what Arsenal are suffering from) is when the club gives too much time for a manager who has proven year in and year out that he can no longer deliver. This is what is crippling Arsenal – a manager who cannot deliver success and a board of directors with antiquated methods. Self sustainability has failed and now its time to try something new before Arsenal fall so far behind we will never recover. Wenger and Kroenke HAVE to go..


We Pay more but …. we dont sign, We play beautiful football but…..we don’t win, We win some but …. we lose almost all. Now we can start talking about next season …this season is typical tuff to handle.


[…] report – By the numbers – Player ratings – […]

The Grime Raper

So as has been proved, resting our ‘star’ players on Saturday didn’t make a jot of a difference last night.

Wenger should have fielded his strongest lineup against Blackburn and won that game. The FA Cup was the only realistic chance we had of a trophy this season – and that’s including the Wenger trophy – finishing fourth in the Premiership.

amangey Jackson

Ass n venger is disillusioned with all the gonners fans who are backing him.I remember him saying confidently that arsenal will win the match yet we haven’t beaten any big team in europe for a longtime now.Man united, Chelsea,Mancity have all beaten us Comfotably but Bayern are in a class of their own.It was after the Match that it dawned on Wenger that his team can not live upto Bayern’s quality.the issue is not just buying players I think wenger has lost touch with coaching or tell me how on Earth would a sane coach continue to play Ramson Match in match out? Where are our true wingers? Why can’t the Coach Change Tactics rather than play the boring 4-3-3 formation that’s not working?.sometimes I wonder if Wenger has any sense of self-fulfilment in him-i have lost counts of how many times our main Rivals Man united have beaten us humliatingly all borne out of tactical supperiority of Sir alex and not necessarily players’ quality.I can go on and on but I have understand one thing……..”WHO CARES ABOUT WHAT I HâVE TO SAY”?

Gunner Fanatic M.P.

Well I do care what you have just said. You say AW is insane because he said we had ‘good chance’ of winning the game. What do you want him to say otherwise ? That I am sorry but I have to say we just can’t against such a strong Bayern Munich side. He was aware that he side were the underdogs and thus wanted to motivate his players.
You talk about changing the tactics and not ‘play the boring 4-3-3 formation that’s not working?’. But I think from start till finish we played the 4-2-3-1 formation.
And I am also completely with AW’s decision to play Ramsey on the wing. Whether you believe or not he has played some good games in that position and in the recent game he played good if not fantastic.


What is clear from last night is that the board need to sit down with the Arsene and discuss what is needed to get to the next level. That level is where Bayern currently are. If that means £60 million spent on players to improve on Arteta, Mertesacker, Gervinho… Or a change of tactics to press more with our forward players (Even Robben did defensive duties for them!). If the board doesn’t agree with the management and future plans then as sad as I’d be to see Wenger go, they need to replace him.


>> (Even Robben did defensive duties for them!).
You do have to say that they’d have been better defensively on that side if he hadn’t bothered though.


Even if we work our socks off, results go our way and we claim 4th at the end of the season, this season can still only be viewed as a disappointment. We are in regression. It is worrying as you’d expect signing 3 mature internationals and getting Wilshere back would strengthen us on a net basis.


Is it possible to create Arteta’s passing analysis,
for example,
Total number of passes – completed – total number of forward passes – completed – total number of square/back passes – completed.
I wonder what will be his forward pass completion percentage, may in the last 10 games or so.


Forget RVP. We didn’t replace Song.

The Inviceables

hey tim, may i just say your article was spot on. Reality hurts, but we’ve fallen from top tier of club football. There’s still time to right the wrongs, and as you said, Bayern should be the example.

Goals: finish as high as possible(2nd isnt that far off at all), add quality in every area possible, HIRE A DEFENSIVE COACH FFS, sell/loan anyone not able to contribute, KEEP ALL PLAYERS WHO DO CONTRIBUTE(end the exodus once and for all), organize and prepare for the new season with a view to win the EPL.

I know it’ll take more than one summer to change everything but they might as well start now…..come on you gunners


Interesting to see Ramsey led the number of interceptions committed, tied with Martinez and Van Buyten. Out of curiosity, do we know how Arteta compared?