Henderson set to leave in the summer

Conor Henderson Arsenal

Conor Henderson has admitted he’s set to leave Arsenal this summer when his contract expires.

The Republic of Ireland youngster spent some time on loan at Coventry this season, but is seeking more regular football. Speaking to the Irish Examiner, he said, “I’ve not played at Arsenal’s first team this season, so it’s the right thing to leave when my contract expires in the summer. I’ve been with the club since my childhood but, like most of the Arsenal youngsters over the years, I need a move to get football.

“At my age, I have to be playing regularly and I can’t get that at Arsenal, only U21 matches. I’ve been training with the first-team every day until the injury struck. Since I’ve come back, that’s only happened once.

“It’s been a difficult few months but I’m optimistic about starting fresh at another club. Even Robbie Brady had to depart Manchester United for a new challenge and he’ll say he’s happy playing week in, week out at Hull.

“My agent has already received interest from a few clubs.”

Henderson can count himself somewhat unlucky, having played his way to the verge of the first team, he was injured in the final minutes of a friendly against Cologne and since then has been fighting an uphill battle.

Good luck to him, wherever he ends up.

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Connor Lavy

Good luck to him indeed, top kiddo!

Bould's Eyeliner

the war chest groweth.

Eric Irish gunner

Ye that injury set him back, great passer and shot, best of luck

Gearoid Kelly

It was probably the previous injury that knackered his cruciate that really hampered his progress. Hopefully he’ll find a good club that play good football where he can become a good international player. He was always a good Gooner for us.

Gearoid Kelly

Decent shot indeed….

As the commentator said, Grandissimo!!!

Runcorn Gooner

These youngsters are constantly being assessed and medically checked.The
club know over a period of time that most of the youngsters just won’t make it at
EPL level.
How many young players have left AFC and succeded at the top level?
Great shame for players like Henderson but regrettably that’s life.


Nordveit, Larsson and Andy Cole spring to mind.

That’s it really


Good luck and all the best in his future endeavours, hard to break into this Arsenal team at the moment. Plus looks like we will be buying a few more players (and shipping ashit load of others too) so a wise choice to move on and look for some good o’l 1st team footie…..

K. Soze

And Fwah! just like that… hes gone.


Or we could give him a run out at the weekend, he bosses the midfield, convince liverpool they got the wrong henderson…..£20 – £25 million you reckon?


we could make a fake video showing of his long range passing accuracy. Worked with steward downing


Laters on the menjay.


And so another young Irish hopeful is gone 🙁
is there any other young Irish lads in the youth system that may break through?
Best of luck to him anyway, hope he has a decent career.

Rad Carrot


Honestly thought that he’d be one of the ones who made it.
Ah well. Best of luck to the lad.


A real shame as he was one of the more promising youngsters. He’s better than most of the dead wood we’ve had floating around the first team squad for several years. Such a waste to see him move on instead of the dross we can’t shift because they are paid too much.

Arsene wenger

The special phone I use for transfers
comment image

Mikel Artekkers

That is the wrong information. It is spread with only one intent: to harm. This is the correct information:


Best of luck to him. Sadly it’s refreshing to see players leave for footballing reasons.


not sure that sentence makes sense.

Arsene wenger

Bale at the supermarket. Real live images
comment image


Well if you’re over 20 and still haven’t made the first team bench, I understand. Eastmond next hopefully. Age 22 and still a bloody reserve at most. That’s disgraceful.


Poor bugger! It must be tough not being good enough for the greatest club in the world.
Good luck .
P.S. Do a Keown.

Mohd Isa

So another kid leaves. The list could run into the dozens with the others like Denilson,Brendthner,Vela,etc.Think for a moment if Wenger had got the quality players instead of these guys. Ia m sure the gunners won’t be in the current state.
And if Bale is allowed to roam free like Messi,he would be unplayable.If Chelsea can stifle Messi,why can’t Arsenal do likewise to Bale?
It all boils down to the manager. If Bale scores a hatttick.it will be the end of the cl .Wenger mayspendtwo hundred million in summer,but the cl spot could elude the gunners next season. Ask Liverpool.

Johnny Jensen's Bender
Johnny Jensen's Bender

Are you displeased that we have an incredible youth academy? We have well over well over 60 academy players ranging from 8 years upwards. The thing is with these pesky kids is that they get older. When they get older and don’t develop as expected or needed then they get sold or let go.

It wasn’t the most satisfying time when we had just youth team players, such as Denilson and Bendtner, as back up to the first team but that was an experiment we had to endure due to limited finances.

We are now through that period and we can invest in quality players that we can rotate rather than rely on. These quality players can then be supplemented with the 1 or 2 quality youth prospects that make it through our development system. I suspect this summer will be used to freshen things up.

Why are you talking about Messi and Apeman when you could just as easily wish one of own good luck in their future?

Please retrieve your head from yo ass

Johnny Jensen's Bender
Johnny Jensen's Bender


And good luck to you and that wand of a left peg Conor!


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Heard the hype, never see him play. Good luck anyhow. NEXT…….

Willy Young

Good luck to him injuries ruined his chances but right to leave.


These contracts expire this summer too and go. I wish the following would also go


This would surely free wages and cash to buy 3-4 top quality players plus promote


We have over 70 pros on the books it is too many at a huge cost = £150m wage bill

What to do with Wellington / Ryo / Campbell are they good enough?


You’d get rid of Rosicky, Afobe and Yennaris? I’d rather have these three padding out the squad than some of the mediocre rubbish we have in there at present.

Johnny Jensen's Bender
Johnny Jensen's Bender

This Gnarly fella sounds awweessommme duuude

Wellington/Ryo/Campbell are on loan to develop their talent and to see if they are good enough, funnily enough. The scouts/staff that watch all of their games will decide if they are…

Mikel Artekkers

Do explain why you have Rosicky on your list but not Gervinho…


Million dislike for including Rosicky in that list. He is one of our best in terms of performance as well as loyalty. I hope he retires at Arsenal.


[…] other news, youngster Conor Henderson has announced he’ll leave the club this summer when his contract runs out. It just shows how timing and […]


[…] other news, youngster Conor Henderson has announced he’ll leave the club this summer when his contract runs out. It just shows how timing and […]


You wish Rosicky would go?

a gooner in Manchester
a gooner in Manchester

This news is absolutely dagger-to-the-heart.
Arsenal could count ourselves unlucky too to lose a son like this.


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@Willy young. I agree with you. Thats alot of players that will either never make the grade/ contribute to the group or are gettin on a bit/ALWAYS injured. Thats 18 squad players. Which says alot doesnt it. I know thia isnt Fifa 12 or whatever. But imagine if they all left, 3-4 top players come in and a few youngters brought/promoted. Stuff of dreams i suppose.


Just had a look again…..too much dross. LOOK!!! How are you meant to compete for titles with so many nearly players. Lol


another good youngster like Henri Lansbury from youth to release. Sad for the young boy.

all the best Conor Henderson.