Report: Arsenal 2-1 Aston Villa


Starting XI: Szczesny, Jenkinson (76), Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Monreal, Arteta, Diaby (61), Wilshere, Walcott (91), Giroud, Cazorla

Subs: Mannone, Koscielny (91), Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey (61), Gervinho, Podolski (76)

Arsenal grabbed three valuable points with a late win against Aston Villa at the Emirates today. Arsene Wenger was looking for a response from his team and they certainly started brightly. Jack Wilshere forced Guzan into an early save after being sent through by Giroud before Theo Walcott had a goalbound effort blocked.

The early pressure mounted and Arsenal took the lead in the 7th minute. Santi Cazorla was played in by Jack Wilshere, his initial effort was blocked but the ball fell back into his path, another low shot swerved past the defenders and into the net.

Villa then tested Szczesny with the keeper palming away an Agbonlahor shot before a low cross from the right evaded the same player with the goal at his mercy.

Olivier Giroud played in the new-booted Mikel Arteta but he was crowded out by the Villa defence, before Szczesny once again made a very good save keeping out an N’Zogbia effort. At the other end Jack Wilshere shot wildly over the bar after running on to a good nod down from Giroud, and Theo Walcott curled a left-footed shot not far wide after some decent build-up play from Abou Diaby.

Arsenal had another half-chance when Wilshere played it to Giroud, he played a one-two with Cazorla and took a shot but Guzan was out quickly and the angle was tight. The Gunners saw shots from Arteta and Giroud blocked while Carl Jenkinson defended well when the visitors broke from an Arsenal free kick which could have caught then on the hop.

Half time: 1-0

In the second period Villa had the first chance, Ciaran Clarke heading over from a corner, before Giroud fired a shot from a tight angle wide when he could have given Wilshere a tap-in if he’d looked up.

Arsenal probed constantly, winning a series of corners but none of them really caused Villa too much difficulty. Aaron Ramsey replaced Abou Diaby in the 61st minute with the Frenchman going straight down the tunnel, suggesting the change was made because of injury and not because he was on a yellow card.

Giroud almost got on the end of a low Carl Jenkinson cross as Arsenal looked to add some safety to the scoreline, but it was Villa who got the next goal. After an Arsenal corner caused no problems, they broke upfield, Weimann was allowed to run into the danger area, and his shot from 25 yards flew in despite Szczesny being in a decent position and getting a hand on it. It was poor from the goalkeeper.

Arsene Wenger sacrificed a defender for an attacker, bringing on Podolski for Jenkinson as his team sought a winner, but again a series of corner was about as much as Arsenal could manage. Each one less threatening than the last. That was until Giroud planted a great header just under the bar but Guzan got a hand to push it over.

A Cazorla cross flashed across the 6 yard box before being put out for a corner but the pressure from Arsenal finally counted. With Arsenal on the ball in the Villa half, Wilshere played it over the top for Monreal who got into the box, pulled it back and Cazorla, running onto it, finished clinically into the bottom corner. It was a goal they deserved on the balance of play.

After Theo Walcott had had a couple of shots on goal, one which forced a decent save from Guzan, Wenger put on Koscielny for the England winger to shore up the game.

Szczesny had to be alert as Villa came forward, but in the end Arsenal saw it out, won the game and the three points and they have the little Spaniard to thank for it.

Muy bien, Santi!


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Ahhh thank god for that !! 3 points #AFC


poor defending

poor goal keeping

poor attacking play

but yes, 3 points thanks to the best player on the pitch….. cazorla


And I felt he didn’t have a good game at all. Of course he has two goals to his name and all credit to him for that, but his passing was way off, especially in the first half.


And hey look! A poor fan.


Oh @sir balls just shut it for once. Great game and as always great fans today at emirates.


defending, goalkeeping and giroud were poor today.


You are wrong, there were many empty seats at the Emitrates today and if Cazorla had not scored his second goal, then you the boo’s would have been heard in Australia.


Look, we need another GK to compete with Szczesny. He is definitely too comfortable (just look at what happened with De Gea). However, we just fucking won the game. Let’s pull together until the end of the season. The team is sure as hell going to need it. Then we can only hope Arsene will actually strengthen this summer for once. If not, then it’s time to call for his head. Now is not the time.


The fans are great but we need to make some more noise. Sick of hearing the traveling fans taunt Arsenal with shushing sounds.

Anyway, good result. But christ, Villa are a team in relegation territory. They’re inexperienced, don’t know how to defend, gave the ball away countless times and made the tactical choice to be very open. Should’ve been a comfortable win.

A Yank

@ Szic: Starting to think that either the goals in France are wider/taller or Giroud might be a bit shit. Had his foot on the ball maybe a dozen-plus times inside the box and don’t think he forced a single save from Guzan. Most times he fired right into the nearest defender’s legs.

Then we he gets a free header at the 6 with the game on the line, he hits the frame.


wilshere ……am always impressed and i love arsenal no matter what happens this season…NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!



I’d say decent for the most part. Certainly not good enough yet for the challenges ahead, but not poor.

Fans these days let their biases colour all judgement. Unfortunate but not unexpected, I suppose.


Cazorla was far from being the best player on the pitch.Jack more so.And to be honest,even though he scored the vital goals,this game has convinced me more than ever than our best combination in the middle does not include cazorla.It has to be rosicky as the attacking midfielder,jack in the box to box role, and arteta as the anchor.cazorla is not quite good at taking on and running past defenders,something rozza does frequently.And as we saw today,when we can’t put in accurate crosses nor make use of the very few proper ones,we need players to take on defenders and start creating spaces in the middle of the pitch.Afterall,putting crosses should be a credible plan B,especially when we have only one head to aim at and a plethora of technically gifted smaller players go unused through the middle.

A Yank

Ha… guess I could say I don’t give a fuck about getting thumbs-downed but clearly I can’t figure out why that comment is getting voted down so thoroughly.

Yes, happy we won. But that was the poorest win I’ve seen in a while. And we’re 21 points off the top of the table. And it’s still only February. United could take seven games off and we still wouldn’t catch them (because there’s no way we’re winning seven in a row against anybody). There’s a reason for that. Our strikers don’t get shots on target, our keeper makes bad mistakes, and our wingers fire useless cross after useless cross into the box. Christ we lost last weekend to a team that wasn’t even trying to score.

Grioud was poor today. And it was like Groundhog Day today. We need upgrades at several positions, I’m not happy with just nicking fourth then going out in the first KO round of the CL.

to all you moaning bastards!!! if we beat spurs like you will still be moaning!!! You fucking moaning moaners.
to all you moaning bastards!!! if we beat spurs like you will still be moaning!!! You fucking moaning moaners.

WOW, how depressing are you negative fans?
Stop fucking moaning.
3 points!
If we beat spurs that way would you still complain?

Podolski Sklep

see you at your manor next week balls, then we can talk.


Seems like the only people abusing fellow Gooners here are the ones shouting down any criticism whatsoever of the team’s performance.

A: “Glad we won, but that was a dreadful passing from Arsenal.”


Have a word with yourselves. We’re all fans here. We all support Arsenal. Part of being a fan is cheering and part of it is talking about your club, and if performances warrant criticism, it’s fair to do so.



You’d notice that the type of criticism that gets shouted down are the ones that are utterly biased to the negative.

To take your example:

A: “Glad we won, but that was a dreadful passing from Arsenal.”

But some people just go:

A: “That was dreadful, dreadful Arsenal”.

These are the same people who kept saying, when we were 1-0 up, that we’d blow it. They’ve been completely negative for a long time and can say no single positive thing about Arsenal and they wish us unwell just so that they can be proven right.

For these fans, with a lack of perspective, they should be the ones having a word with themselves.

Like you said, criticisms are sometimes warranted. But sometimes it isn’t and those ones deserve to be pointed out as idiotic and destructive negativity that they are.

LANS calendar

If it had been any game other than one at home against possibly the worst team in the division on recent form we would have drawn or worse, simple as that. I hope for improvement because we need it.

Arsene's Nose

The Arsenals way is Never the easy way.. We make things unecessarily difficult..could have been 5-0 up at half time but.. No, poor finishing nearly cost us again
Szczeny you begining to annoy me!!

to all you moaning bastards!!! if we beat spurs like you will still be moaning!!! You fucking moaning moaners.
to all you moaning bastards!!! if we beat spurs like you will still be moaning!!! You fucking moaning moaners.

Our finishing may be poor yet have you seen our goal difference?


Don’t blame it on sunshine
Don’t blame it on moonlight
Don’t blame it on good times
Blame it on Gervinho


It was Gervinhos fault we conceded today, worthless piece of shit.


He’s a forward and he didn’t even score, have a shot on goal or create a chance! Poor.


OK, I’ve forgiven him for his attacking and defensive performances.

But him, Kos and the Ox not celebrating at the winning goal??? In contrast to the Corporal…

Shows a problem I hadn’t seen before at Arsenal.


I’ve never felt that depressed about a victory. I’m relieved at the 3 points, but that was one of the poorest Arsenal displays in some time–like three weeks maybe?

That was a shitty Villa team, and we made very, very hard work of it. We won’t get away with this kind of display against Everton and Spurs.


Villa are a rubbish team but after being completely outplayed on tuesday in a match that must have really affected our confidence 3 points is great for us. Don’t want to concede any more poor goals though.


Not to disagree with your point about the negatives of today.

But I’d think you’ll find that we’ve gotten away with this sort of performance plenty of times with all three points.

Of course, we can’t rely on heroics every time.


We will (hopefully) improve in the next couple of weeks. Amy Lawrence in this week’s Arsecast has a point – when the atmosphere is toxic players are really hesitant and tend to take the cautious option. A win for the (much more supportive) away fans will get the atmosphere and hopefully the players going again. And unfortunately for some people trolling on this blog, Spurs are going to drop points mark my words!


I wouldn’t call the atmosphere in the ground today toxic mate. There was some good support as, even though none of us are Stephen Hawking, we knew we’d need a 2nd even before they got there’s.

What’s more fundamental is the lack of movement up front. The player with the ball looking to break from midfield just has no options, as the ones in front of him are stood facing him.

We need those players to make a move, moving the defenders out of position and creating space.

It doesn’t happen enough and that’s why the ball goes sideways and backwards.


Agreed Mooro – the lack of movement up front is the fundamental factor that needs improving, its a factor that is independent of all other factors (ie. you feel the pressure of the crowd/the opposition when you’re on the ball not off it), maybe except the factor of fatigue. But Arsene has rotated a bit these couple of weeks (unlike in the early stages of the season). So this needs much improvement.

Gary – there’s also a very pretty lady who does Arsenal video diaries on youtube… but it’s best that I don’t tell you about her, given your intentions!

wengers furrowed brows
wengers furrowed brows

I just hope this summer arsene wenger buys top top top quality players like CF, wingers, DM. CB and GK. and some coaches also.
if still those scouting bastards fail to zero in on any players, please give me those scouts for a day.
we got 3 points but the way we got it…makes me think how are we going to get it next?
too many players too comfortable and too casual because of zero competition and this szcz kid really needs competition before he spoils his career.
I just hope anyhow we qualify the CL place…the hypothetical trophy of ours!!


Save it for the summer, there is nothing we can do mid-season. Concentrate on the GAMES.


What I don’t understand with Arsenal, is why there is no pressing from the midfield when the opposition are in possession of the ball. Bayern were fantastic in this aspect of their game in midweek. As soon as they lost the ball they immediately put our players under pressure and forced us into making mistakes. Surely it would benefit our defenders if we did likewise, but the Villa players were allowed to wander around the pitch and pick out passes at will. It’s just not good enough!! Now, I don’t want to slag him off too much, but ‘No Clue Giroud’ isn’t good enough to play for Arsenal, we might as well have Chamak back at the club. Overall, happy with the three points, but all areas of defending as a unit need to improve. If we can stay in control at the back, we’ve got the players who can score goals. Come on you Gunners!!!

Dial Sq Charity XI

We were pressing for the first 7 mins 🙂 I didn’t think Villa did that much – it was more down to us being a bit crap in the final 3rd – and not being able to use corners to our advantage (which also lead to their goal).


It’s not funny how easy it is for the opposing team to pass right through us on the break, that’s why I never feel like arsenal has a game wrapped up, they could implode at any moment. They are naïve and ineffective without the ball.

Thought Giroud was bad today, Cazorla and Wilshere impressive, although Wilshere still need to figure out how to get the ball away before running into a group of defenders. Jenks looked reborn, if he keeps that up he could challenge Sagna.

Happy, hope Spurs and Chelsea both drop points.


Thumbs down for the comment on Giroud.

His worth in build-up play is highly evident and his finishing ability was proven in Ligue 1.

I still have hopes for the guy.


watched the yesterday, its like against barca.

wondering about the next match, oh wait itsss the derby gamee….


how is this up already?


That’s what she said! 🙂


It’s written during the game, with only a few amendments after the final whistle.

a Gooner in Manchester
a Gooner in Manchester

Blogs can have a speech-to-text software.

wengers furrowed brows
wengers furrowed brows

Stan was seen in the emirates stadium watching arsenal play football. WHAT!! HOW? WHY?
I just hope he saw enough of the players to cull in the summer starting from the captain to the prodigious GK to that handsome but horribly misfiring CF. They all need to be loaned out and some real quality players need to be brought in just to make sure all the arsenal fans dont die of heart attack in the middle of the next season.

Arsene's Nose

85 damn mins for someone to finally notice Monreals good runs!!


Did he have 85 assists?

Frantic Gooner



Both fullbacks had good games I thought. Jenks is a solid player.


i thought monreal first half was poor getting beat very easily by whoever was playing him (agbonlahor i think) ,but much improve second half… as Jekinson was awesome today winning most of his battle and doing well going fowad


Oh and let’s thank Norwich for beating Everton !!


Yup. Come on West Ham!


And some dutchman went off injured against QPR. Don’t how bad (good?) it is but that’s the best thing ‘Arry has done all season

Gunnersauras Rex

Best thing arry has done all his life


Just what I was thinking. But can’t help thinking it’s all going to be in vain.Especially when we give goals away like that.
The team’s a mess.
We need loads of attempts to get the goals we need. We cannot defend. And the goal keeper is next to useless.
And another game of loads of possesion and
more corners than a hexagon. And we still struggle to score a simple goal. Pass pass pass pass pass ….
Im comining to the conclusion its not Wenger but the players, no confidence in there own
ability. (Not all players). But we do need a decent defence, what Steve Bould is doing in
that job god only knows.


Santi looks a bit like Tony Montana
“You fuck with me. You fuckin’ with the best!!”


I don’t know why i just sounded that in a most stereotypical deep Italian voice.


Wenger said yesterday, “We are not so far as people think at the moment from Bayern”.

This man is either blind or has completely lost the plot.


I know. I was furious when we scored because it ruined all the pissing and moaning I was planning. Nice to see you can still manage it after an 85th minute winner. Well done.


I’m totally with you because SIR BALLS is a serial moaner, but you have to admit that was dreadful football from Arsenal today.

Arteta misplaced so many passes. He needs a breather. Szczesny needs serious competition for his place. Same with Giroud.


haha well said. Some people in here are so fucking miserable you have to question whether they get pleasure from anything in life

wengers furrowed brows
wengers furrowed brows

if somebody got pleasure from this pathetic arsenal display then they need to check their head and go to the nearest nuthouse asap.


If you don’t get pleasure from an Arsenal win, then you should fuck off and find something in life that you do enjoy.


@Bunburyist: We were well below par over most of the pitch, over most of the game but there’s a time, a place and a way to look at the negatives. I can’t stand the lazy sniping.
We need to pick up our performance level but that takes time and I’ve no problem with that if we’re picking up three points as we go. I agree though, we need more options all over the place.

wengers furrowed brows
wengers furrowed brows

@double double double

I talked about display not the 3 points or the win.
If we keep on playing like this, 3 points will be very hard to get.


If you don’t get pleasure from an Arsenal win, then you should fuck off and find something in life that you do enjoy.


This isn’t right at all. Being fan is about taking the lows and highs. Some days supporting your team makes you miserable, other days it makes you exuberant.

As for criticism of the performance, I think a forum like this is exactly the place for it. If we played poorly, there’s nothing wrong with being honest about it.

The don

That has nothing to do with this match, we got the three points, and thats what important, not what wenger said yesterday. Although I dont think we are anywhere near bayern, who are a really good side.


You must be gutted that we won.


for the hundredth time – Clive Allen, fuck off our website.





Certainly all three listed above are good players. But certainly I have seen many games where podolski(especially) and to a certain extent Cazorla have been below par and anonymous.

A win today was crucial. Really happy that we got it. It will help the team build some confidence ahead of the spuds game


You have no idea what the role of a team manager is, do you? His job description does not include the task of providing you and the public with honest, accurate assessment of the team’s status. That’s up to you and the so called expert pundits.
The main concerns of his role are the players’ performances and self confidence, and if that requires that he tries to create a ‘distorted’ perception of the team’s abilities, to boost the players’ confidence, then be it. A manager would not be doing a good job if he did not try to do this.


why do we always make life difficult for ourselves…

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face
Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

To be fair to our defenders, they had no protection… We were outnumbered 4 or 5 to 3 many times on the counter. I thought Arteta had a poor/average game at best to be honest. He could do with some rest…

Great result though. Here’s hoping west ham can pull off a win for us.


I’m not part of the moan squad, but that’s definitely an area that annoys me. As their attackers pour forward, the midfield just takes an age to close the space down and give us back numerical superiority.

Don’t know what the solution is though, apart from some iron lungs in midfield.

a Gooner in Manchester
a Gooner in Manchester

the Arseblog’s boots are to blame


Not haven’t a dig at you, but I have seen some critisism of Arteta around here, due to the lack of cover for the defence. Many times we were outnumbered it was Verm, Mert and him, vs 4 or 5 Villa players. Tell me how replacing him with a brickhouse of a DM (which I have heard is what we need) would stop this? The onus is on the team as a whole to win the ball back, especially in a possession based style team (Barca etc do not have strength to win the wall back per se, but work rate across the whole pitch). If the whole team does its job without the ball, then the DM can do his – fill gaps, reduce space, and disrupt play and redistribute- all of which Arteta is remarkably good at. If the team is exposed and the two CBs and DM are being run at directly and in numbers, it doesn’t matter who the personnel are, they will simply be over-run. At the very least the rest of the team should be sprinting back full throttle to cover, while the overnumbered players hold up and contain the attack temporarily!

So rant aside, I feel too often with this Arsenal team, it is not the personnel in defence that is the matter, rather the whole team dropping them in shit defensivly by not putting as much application into winning the ball back as using it. Vs Bayern we barely got to their defence, and when we did it was under such pressure from the midfield and wing players that it was trivial for the defenders to pick the ball off of us. If we could play a little more like that (cf start of the season!) We would be far more assured and panicky, which might also help our set piece defence (as some players seem to be using the zonal marking as an excuse to ignore a man since someone else should pick him up…).


result of wenger delusion that arteta would do an very good DM at 31/32 years old .he isnt .
last year he was good because of the tadem of him and songboth attacking and defending . this year he has been ask to defend most of the time and thats something he cannot do


3 points aside, this was fucking poor.
If this was anyone other than relegation form Villa, we’d be destroyed.


They are better then Blackburn, we are making progress!

A Yank

On form, not really. Since Blackburn brought in their new manager they are unbeaten in 6 or 7. They’ve got a good shot at making a charge into the promotion playoffs.

We came dangerously close to getting only 2 from 6 off a team that might very well be going down.


I don’t know if they really are, honestly.


Those are three points i will take but it’s really a pity how this Arsenal has become.

£oyalty for $ale

Jesus H. Christ. Every time we have to defend I have to close my eyes. Other than that, it was a decent game and deserved 3 points.


I think the players might feel the same way.

Sometimes it looks like it.

A Yank

I can’t decide if Wenger has turned a good group of players inept, or if he has taken a shit group of players and made them half-decent.

Either way they are his players and he’s the manager. But we live to fight for the 4th place trophy for another week,


“Arsenal something against Aston Villa at the Emirates today.”

ahh, now I see how these get up so fast!

Big Chief from Antarctica
Big Chief from Antarctica

I know one goal advantage is a thing in Arsenal’s history, but with this back four.. please score more goals.

3 points, well done!


Thank fuck for Santi.

Also great shift from Jenks. Bossed his flank.


Until he played that poor header which lead to their goal. He should have headed it to safety instead of straight to their charging player


Some dude says Wilshere is our best player – hundreds of thumbs up.
Some dude says they prefer Rosicky to Cazorla. Yep, yep, common knowledge, he is indeed better and together with Wilshere – our best player – tend to drive us more forward.

Fuck me. What a collection of idiots.


the thing is everyone thinks wilshere is our best player, wilshere lacks two things that make cazorla a greater player. Experience and finishing. Cazorla is a master at finishing with either foot. People need to learn not to put too much expectations on wilsheres shoulders, he sstill young.

Alex Cutter

A “master”?
He’s kicking the ball 15 rows deep half the time.


As the cool kids will say, “Y u mad bro”?


Don’t express agreement when you agree with something – it’s establishment behaviour and shows you up as an idiot!


We got away with that today. 3 points is 3 points but Terrible in front of goal today from everyone of our so called forwards. . Poor crossing, either over hit or just hits the nearest defender and when we did get a decent chance the forwards were all over the place.
Thank fuck for Santi.

theodorus walcott

a great combination from the two ex-malaga players…

some would even call it a Malagoal


“Un Malagol”

aussie gooner

thank fuck for that.
Walcott fucks me off though, looks like he is still trying to prove he can be a striker rather than doing whats best for the team.


Theo wants Giroud’s position. I do not see how a Giroud – Theo can ever form a trusting link up. Is there stats anywhere of how many reasonable crosses have come from Theo to Giroud (not counting corners)?

gunn cabinet

Bit by bit.
Our confidence will surely come back
Now for the spuds


Its frustrating to watch us attack and then second guess ourselves in final third, i was asking are they doing this on purpose and then santi came up with the winner.
Thank santi.




Are you the same cunt who shouts Wenger out in the stadium by himself


Not yet, smartarse.


In fair fairness to him. Pretty great username for a guy with a message. Even if the message is horse shit. Good job!




yes i was waiting for all the people who were going to shout Wenger OUT!!! at the Emirate !!!!! its nearly 21.30 at home and still waiting for them. …..maybe next defeat then as usual


If we buy 2 or 3 world class/very good players, we could win the league. And then i would be able to do the “we won the league” dance wheneva i meet any mancs or spuds. That would be nice. Also people would stop calling arsene names, that would also be nice.


Falcao, Gotze and Capoue. That’s 80 million right there to win the league

Lukas Podolski

Falcao + Götze > 80 mil


Pretty much the only thing that made me smile other than the goals was Santi chasing the ball across the field, more of the same from the rest of his team mates please



A Yank

Not even meh. He’s one of the players that needs to be replaced this summer.

Frantic Gooner

I think he needs an experienced goalkeeper to take him under his wing. Szcz definitely has shown some moments of brilliance and if he reaches his potential, will be one of the best goalkeepers in the PL.


Ya he’s no better than alumina at this point. To bad it will take Arsene three years to realize it.


@A Yank

Replaced because of what he can/can’t provide us now or because he will never be good?

Unfortunately for you, managers need to look at the long-term, i.e. from season to season, not just the next few months.


Hopefully, by the time Arsene realises it, Szczcesny would’ve reached the potential that Arsene seems to realise now.

A Yank

@ bard: Well seeing how he looks to have regressed this year, I’m not sure what his ceiling is or if he can reach it. Yes, he’s young, but he makes too many costly mistakes. Our keepers shouldn’t be training on the job for three seasons.

Look at United. They’ve got De Gea who is better than anyone on our roster and if rumors are to be believed (yeah, yeah, I know…), they are going to unload him and go get an even better guy in Begovic.

If Wenger thinks Szczesny is long term going to be great, fine, but right now he’s not and it’s costing us. I’d actually like our manager to start being a little more ruthless and let every player know that every week their job is on the line and he can and will get a better replacement.


Szczesny will be a top goalkeeper for us for years to come.


De Gea has been crap all season that’s probably why manure are going to replace him. Just because they paid funny money for him it doesn’t make him better than Woj.

Alex Cutter

I’d take Kenny Chesneyn over him.


A win is a win is a win COYG !!


Theo really lucky today because he had a man behind him who played with the stamina. strength and heart of two men. The rest of the team (except the goalie) was more deserving of the 90k than him. In the end, good win though.


Nacho man saves Arsenal when chips are down ! hehe

Thank fuck for Santi, I’ll totally ignore how we got dismantled by a crap team that will make Gervinho look like their star player.

Next 2 games are the biggy !

Oregon Gooner

3 points is 3 points but fuck!

Why why why does Arsene keep starting diaby, he completely slows the tempo and is now out injured after 60 minutes of football… again. People have said time and again on here, why doesn’t rosicky get more game time and I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s to a win and hoping those spur cunts start to implode

Borneo Gooner

My prayer to Bergkamp answered today. Thanks be to Bergkamp!


How are we going to beat the Potatoes next week with this shit?
This is urgent we MUST win that.
Chelsea will beat Man City tomorrow (I hope not)
Up The Arsenal!


Fitting that the three players worth their salt today combined for the winner.


Anyone else think kos is our best defender, why is he on the bench?

A Yank

Yes. And rest.

Still should have been able to destroy a crap Villa side with a few 2nd-choice players in the side.


Must be some very relieved people in the changing room this evening!

Never easy with this Arsenal side. Lot’s of improvement required.

But for now, nice to get the three points and enjoy my Saturday night. Love you Arsenal but you don’t half know how to wind me up at the moment!!


Why don’t they play often like they did after 75 minutes?

gooner odst

by my count, we had like 1000 crosses into their box including corners and only made goal scoring chances on 2 of them…and of course conceded a goal from 1 of our own corners.
We have guys who can’t deliver a decent ball into the box and forwards too immobile to slot in through balls for.

Too bad for Diaby and I really mean that but what does Rosicky have to do to get a game in the middle. This was close becoming a repeat of the Blackburn performance but we got lucky.


1000 crosses would require one cross every 6 seconds or so.

I think your sixth finger might have disrupted your counting there.

gooner odst

Sure, i may have exaggerated the number of crosses but the quality of them was often poor, while we supposedly had a chap who is known to head it well instead of Walcott in CF.


Monreal did deliver delicious balls in the box.


delicious balls.


thought that was someone else’s balls


read: crosses


When the Villa goal went in, I felt crying. Please Wenger, strengthen the squad in the summer. We can’t have this season after season. On a different note, was Carzola exceptional or what?


With the week weve just had, I will take that 3 points with open arms and no complaints. It was NEVER going to be easy against a villa side who are battling for their premiership lives and recently came into some form. A strong start and a solid enough performance from the Arsenal considering the circumstances. People need to remember we are not the invincibles any more.


Probably going to get caned for this. Good and much needed win but in the words of the Wolf ‘lets not all start sucking each others dicks just yet.’


Such an important win today (!!!) specially after we conceded another “easy” goal. I think Giroud is a very nice guy but I have to say the only reason he is playing as a regular for our club is that we don’t have a world class striker which is necessary if we are to really compete for trophies..


Did you see how many of the chances he had were created by his really good flicks, or how he returns one-twos really well?

His finishing’s a bit off, but his contributions are good.


Giroud’s off the ball movements seldom goes recognised. He dragged two defenders with him leaving space for Monreal to cross the ball into and a clear view of the goal for Cazorla to score the second goal.


4 wins out of 5 in the league, point behind the cunts and 2 points behind the blue cunts. Media might be a bit quieter this week


Arsenal must work on their corners, that we get so many corners and make so little out of them is really worrying.


While I may agree, I wonder what the stats are?

Someone once looked a bit into the stats a couple of years ago and Arsenal then were getting decent value out of corners.

I wonder whether we’re any more wasteful in corners than others?


I’m ecstatic about the win, believe me. But, was I the only one who noticed that the team played like they only met each other last night. For all the talk about gelling, it doesn’t take donkey years to know that you are not supposed to tackle your own player. And again, look @ the workrate of AC milan against barca and try and remember the last time you saw arsenal press like that


Arteta was awful once again so was theo .

Pat Rice

Affirmative for Theo but not so much for Mikel. He was good. Neat and no-nonsense. He had one of those games in which he ventured forward sporadically (finally!). He just made two stupid passes to Jenkinson which went to the grandstand instead of Carl, there goes his pass completion rate. -.-


I don’t know if you notice but I was annoyed by arteta constant passing backwards when he always have people in front of him available and with acres of space, maybe was a mental thing after the bayern game but arteta has loads of experience and don’t need to play with a handbrake.


Ramsey was amazing

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face
Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

Great potential, and great mentality too. He plays wherever he is asked to play, be it in the middle, on either wing, or at right back recently. Glad he’s gaining some form and confidence this season.


He should start ahead if Diaby or arteta


the new arsenal right back!


After Villa scored all i did till the winning goal was curse and punch my door ahaha.

These next two weeks are so crucial if we beat Everton they will be out of it then theres the Spuds and its all to play for.


Don’t be silly. If you are a fan with half a brain you’d know that that wasn’t a performance worthy of THE ARSENAL. Yes we’ll all sleep better tonight, but it doesn’t make the problem go away. If I can’t discuss it here with fellow gunners then where the fuck should I do that?


When you play shit and still get a result, then that is a performance worthy of the Arsenal.

Your posts on the Ramsey article show that you aren’t really interested in anything other than slating the team when things are going badly, and that makes you unworthy of the Arsenal.

Dial Square

You can discuss it in a locked room with your imaginary friends…


I’m happy but worried. Doesn’t make sense.


We’re Arsenal fans. Perfect sense.


Arsenal 2 – 1 Piers Morgan


Redbaron your a legend for posting that.

I think we should have a vote on this site to never mention Piers Morgan ever again.

Im sorry but hes not a Arsenal fan and it turns me sick that hes even associated with our great club.


I said it couple of days ago.

Show commitment by closing people down the whole match and not whenever you feel like it. Cazorla man the MOTD (not just for goals) for doing it from minute one to the last minute.

Mertersacker is a great defender and needed to show some selfbelief and stamp his authority around the box . Well, he did that today even though the midfield didnt give the defense much protection specially when villa countered and breaked.

Thank God we didn’t lose the points because there is only so much disappointments us supporters can take…

Looking forward to the spuds being destroyed next week. That always seems to cheer us up :0)

Love Arsene Love the team Love Arsenal


Why is our defending so poor ?? – && what is Steve teaching these defenders. & why cant AW play rosicky along side with wilshire and Santi ? Aghhhhh


Sir Balls,

Out of sheer interest, why do you post on this site?

Tell us honestly.