Report: Football 1-0 Rugby


Arsenal needed a quick response from the droll first half performance against Liverpool in midweek and against a stalwart and dirty Stoke side the Gunners came out hard and got a deserved win from second-half substitute Lukas Podolski’s powerful free kick.

Arsene Wenger made several changes from the 2-2 draw against Liverpool on Wednesday. New guy Nacho Monreal started, Arteta returned from injury, Koscielny came in for Vermaelen who has an ankle injury, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain started up front letting Wenger keep Podolski’s powder dry. Wenger also picked Diaby over Cazorla, pushing Wilshere into the most advanced midfield role and letting Cazorla get a much needed rest.

Arteta took the captain’s armband and showed the way for Arsenal early when he released Walcott with a great ball down the wings.  The Englishman blazed past Wilkinson, as he would do time and again all night, but his cross went dangerously across the box without finding an Arsenal player. It would be the story of the first half, Arsenal abusing both of Stoke’s fullbacks with speedy wing play from Ox and Theo.

If fans were looking for a quick start by Arsenal, Ox obliged with a 2nd minute effort that was just pulled wide. The Gunners took a while after that shot to get warmed up but soon the brilliant wing play of Theo and Chambo would result in 14 Arsenal shots in the first half with Oxlade-Chamberlain taking the lion’s share of those shots with 6.

Stoke’s first shot came from a predictable big diagonal in to Crouch who flicked on and Walters’ attempted volley was straight at Szczesny. The Stoke game plan was simple, bomb the ball to Crouch who is second in the top 5 leagues in aerial duels won per game with 7.5. Crouch won 10 aerial duels in the first half alone.

Referee Chris Foy showed his intent early on as well, giving a foul on Arteta for a slide tackle that didn’t come close to the player. Later, Whelan would clearly foul Jack Wilshere in the Stoke final third but Foy swallowed his whistle. Foy was giving Stoke calls for Arsenal “intent” fouls but not giving Arsenal calls for Stoke’s constant “actual” fouls.

Arsenal’s best chance in the first half came in the 32nd minute from a corner. Mertesacker flicked on, Ox chested down, and struck the ball hard but Begovich got down quickly to make the save.

From that point, Arsenal sparked to life. Ox earned a corner and Giroud was left wide open but inexplicably headed back across the box instead of going for goal. Stoke half-cleared and Wilshere’s cross back into the box found Koscielny who headed hard and low forcing another fine save from Begovic.

Minutes later Chamberlain would force another save from Begovic when his blazing run was picked out by Wilshere and he curled a nice shot toward the far post. Begovic reacted perfectly to palm the ball around the far post.

Monreal had a good contribution at the end of the half when he opened a huge wound in Johnathan Walters’ head. Now Stoke played with two men with bandages on their heads since Huth started the game with a bandage. Despite the hard work and effort, Arsenal couldn’t get a breakthrough and the first half ended 0-0.

The second half started with Foy deciding to call a few Stoke fouls, though clearly missing a rugby tackle on Walcott in the 50th minute and missing Wilkinson slapping Walcott in the face, twice. It’s no surprise that the linesman “missed” both fouls, he was shucking and jiving with Wilkinson on the sidelines when the Stoke player took a throw in. Still Arsenal got on with the game and Monreal created a great chance for Giroud when Wilshere played a 1-2 with the Spaniard and the fullback floated a lovely cross into the middle. Huth got lucky on the clearance.

Seeking the winner, Arsene made changes at the 67th minute, bringing on Cazorla for Diaby and Podolski for Chamberlain. Almost immediately, Glenn Whelan got the first yellow card of the game for a cynical foul on Cazorla which ended a promising Arsenal counter attack. Cazorla looked like he was struggling to catch up to the pace of the game but even a slow Cazorla is better than no Cazorla as he amply demonstrated seconds later with a great cross to Giroud. Giroud put in a looping header that nearly bothered the keeper.

The moment that changed the match came in the 78th minute. Wilkinson picked up the second yellow of the game when he fouled Walcott on the edge of the box. Podolski took the ensuing free kick and powered in a left footer that took a deflection off a Stoke defender.

There was a moment of confusion as the linesman tried to have the goal disallowed because Theo Walcott, who had nothing to do with the play, was offside. Chris Foy showed a moment of good judgement and allowed the goal to stand.

The goal woke Arsenal up and Cazorla had two bites at the apple when he drove straight at the Stoke defense only to have both his shots blocked.

Seeking the draw, Stoke countered by bringing on three players, Cameron Jerome, Kenwyne Jones, and Michael Owen. Stoke changed formation and played a front three, leaving lots of space for Arsenal to surge into. With Stoke forced into attack, the game was suddenly open and Stoke tried their level best to get forward. When they inevitably lost the ball, the Potters resorted to ugly tackles and rugby tactics to try to get back into the game.

In the 88th minute Ryan Shawcross tried to dribble the Arsenal midfield but the ball, predictably, went away from him. Koscielny made a brilliant tackle to clear and Shawcross punished him with a studs up tackle to the nuts. Foy gave Shawcross a yellow card for what should have been a straight red and tempers threatened to boil over.

In injury time, Arteta won a hard tackle on Michael Owen and the Stoke man showed his true colors by elbowing Arteta in the head while the Spaniard was on the ground. Arteta took exception to this and there were a few minutes of handbags but Foy decided against showing any cards. Perhaps the FA wil have a look at Owen’s cowardly elbow though I’m not holding my breath.

As the clock wound down the Arsenal supporters sang “one-nil to the football team”. And at the final whistle Arsene Wenger shook Tony Pulis’ hand despite the fact that the man is an horrible goblin commanding a pack of cowardly orcs. The Arsenal win and the fact that Newcastle beat Chelsea leaves Arsenal just 5 points off the pensioners who are in third place on the table.


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we got our deserved 3 points. nice debut for monreal.


A boring game, which was heading for a 0 – 0 draw – lucky deflection earned a deserved win.

Stoke were piss poor, Shawcross is a dirty fucker.

Johnny Jensen's Bender
Johnny Jensen's Bender

Thought it was quite entertaining..

Deserved victory for us, despite that dick swiller of a ref


not to mention chelski losing and everton drawing.


Lucky deflection maybe, but we deserved it for actually trying to score a goal. St*ke had 10 men behind the ball for most of the game and deserved to lose for their total lack of ambition.

Oh, and the fact that they’re all Neanderthal cunts.


‘Boring game’?I thought it was a great game of rugby.

Runcorn Gooner

With Stoke it does what is says on the tin.Its just v AFC they take it to a higher level.Thank god it’s only twice a year

Eric Irish gunner

Who gives a fuck we won and are nearer the fucking spuds


Why thumb him down? :/
Boring game, lucky goal, deserved win, stoke disgrace, shawcross cunt

All true


Lino blatantly wanted the Orcs to win – I think his name was Sauromon


Usmanov, we thumb Sir Balls down because he is Clive Allen under an appropriate assumed name.


1) good effort from everyone

2) the linesman had it in for us. there were a number of clear fouls which he failed to give as well. nevermind the attempted kybosh of the goal.

3) Shawcross should have been sent off for leading with both feet, straight into koscielny’s groin. no attempt to check his “tackle”

4) monreal put in a good debut showing. had some good runs in the box too, and almost set up a goal for giroud. i wonder what he thinks of english soccer.

5) santi and poldi livened up the game. santi looked fresh and deserved something, as did theo.

6) i actually used to like owen as a character – something is in the water at stoke which turns everyone into Orcs. only a matter of time before he gets bandaged up starts drooling on the pitch.


please don’t call it “soccer”.
thank you


you do realize the term ‘soccer’ originated in england, right? right?


@ alex so is English, what is your point?


Fairplay alex. It does originate in england.

Still prefer to call it football. The term ‘soccer’ is so strongly associated with the American use of it that I don’t like it.


This wasn’t even rugby that Stoke played. In what sport do you, when going for a 50-50 tackle against anybody with any protection gear/armour, do you ram your feet into someone’s balls? Even in Muay Thai or something you kick someone’s face. Shawcross is just a violent thug and if he wasn’t a “footballer” he would probably be one of those lowlifes constantly in and out of jail for stabbing people. Joey Barton is a very cultured, civilised gentleman compared to him! Serves them fucking right that we scored a flukey goal (even though on the balance we deserved clearly to win anyway)


And anyway can we stop calling Stoke a rugby team. That’s an insult to rugby. In rugby you tackle the guy pushing him as far back as possible to stop him gaining ground, but at Stoke you try and injure the other team so they run out of substitutions.

And with regards to point 6, Alex, I used to like Owen too. In all seriousness I think it’s just the pure hatred that Pulis preaches. Its pretty difficult to get players (some of whom are recent signings and not used to the way they play) to play that way unless you foster an atmosphere of pure hatred, with pre-match rhetoric probably like “This is Santi Cazorla. Dirty, diving foreign cunt who does not belong in this country. I want you to smash him, fuck him up, send him to hospital”

Dean '67

You gotta love Wilshere, he was there like

“what what what? Don’t you fuck with our arteta, imma nail yo arse man, imma nail it!”


That’s assuming he talks like a Bronx drug dealer.

5pur2 dr00L

Funny too when Arteta had to be pushed away from the refs by Sagna after they were “reviewing” Poldi’s goal.


My favourite moment of th match aside from the goal was Wilshere sticking up for his captain. That boy is a gunner legend in the making.


Exactly. I’m never one for lowering ourselves, but we can’t let opponents think we’ll just let them batter us. There is a time and a place to get hostile and Jack was the right man for the job. Much pride.


Arteta’s Basque, i.e. fucking hard as. I love him for that. Gentleman off the pitch, swarthy tough pirate on it.



yes! prinze poldi made my day

Gunner From Another Mother
Gunner From Another Mother

Goes to show what having quality options on the bench can do to a game!


Maybe not important to you, but STOKE at EX-YU languages means cattle, livestock. To, us, fans from Balkan, that is very amusing. And sadly true.


Agree Mexes. Here in Australia, it is a common phrase amongst Australian Rules coaches to say when they lose, “we didn’t have the cattle on the field”. Which is bollocks, because every time I go to a match of that crazy affair, all I can see is thirty – six angry steers of various sizes rutting furiously.

49! eat that

Truely football vs rugb.stoke could ve a football team and a rugby team all in one. Could be one way to earn money because they are certainly never going to feel stadiums playing that way.


Would like to just add my analysis on why Stoke are subtly different to other clubs.

If we were to ask any fan – “What makes you a fan of your club? What attracts you about your club?” – there would be varying answers. Lets discount the geographical (I’m from this town) factor for a second. For us, for example, we associate “Arsenal” with beautiful football, roller-coaster seasons, spuds rivalry etc.

However, the most salient factor around which Stoke fans gather is that of “being victimised by the press” after their players injure somebody or commit an act of violence. Violence and reaction to violence is of utmost importance to Stoke City’s identity, it’s what they unite around. The moments that make a trip to the Britannia “worth their money” for Stoke fans are not their goals, but incidents of violence and injuries. This is different to that of most other clubs.

If we’re wondering why the atmosphere is so “great” at the Britannia compared to many other stadiums, it’s because it’s a Roman colosseum – their identity invokes the caveman/Freudian (whatever you want to call it) within humans. Excuse this graphic metaphor, but it’s like watching snuff instead of porn.

This is why Stoke are “feared”. Each football club is unique and has proud supporters in its own way, but the reasons why Stoke are unique and has proud supporters have mostly nothing to do with sports at all. Stoke cannot be called a sporting association, but a legalised gang of thugs making money off stimulating the “dark” side of human emotions.

£oyalty for $ale

1. Stoke are bunch of malignant cunts (I know I’m not breaking any news here; it is still worth noting).
2. I wish I could torture Ryan Showcross to death, hostel style, body part by body part.
3. Well deserved 3 points.

I really hate stoke very much
I really hate stoke very much

I would love to help you fulfill your wish!

It was great to Stoke get so frustrated that they became thuggish. The best thing about that was that they looked increasingly pathetic the more they tried it.

1.I hope they are bitter about the defeat.
2. I hope they feel shit about the goal.
3. I would love to see the internal punishable actions Stoke have listed on their changing room door! (not elbowing an Arsenal player during a game – £100,000)
4. I hope Tony Pulis gets his shit caught in a zipper.
5. Tony Pulis evokes similar negative intense emotions that Phil Brown did.
6. I hate Stoke.

I really hate stoke very much
I really hate stoke very much

Wow this is great therapy. It really helps. I feel great about everything now.

EXCEPT STOKE and other teams of similar ilk.


£oyalty for $ale

I don’t understand how showcross is a professional footballer. He broke man’s leg in like 5 different places, he almost ripped Koscielny’s balls right off of him… guy is a fucking joke, his manager is a joke, the whole fucking team, city and it’s fans are fucking peons, I hope they get relegated…. out of this orbit.

Vic Viniger

I’d like to have Shawcross buried up to his neck and see Poldi kick his empty head out of the stadium. Nacho made Walters head crumble like his name,nice debut. Walcott was excellent again, he really is LANS.


Who would have thought Michael Owen was a brawler.


The guy had been in the pitch for almost 10min without touching the ball, and just when he thought he’d touch it, he got tackled. I bet the game ended without him kicking the ball! Poor Owen.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He used to be a footballer, a few years ago.

3rd place is a trophy
3rd place is a trophy

At what point is Michael Owen going to realize he should just accept that offer to be a fucking MOTD pundit? It was a bit embarassing watching Arteta’s fightback – kind of like watching school girls arguing about shoes. But better that than get a red and out for 3 matches.

Johnny Jensen's Bender
Johnny Jensen's Bender

I swear he chucked a sly little punch into Mikel? No booking though?


Yup, if Foy had not left his balls in the changing room, Stoke could easily have finished the game with 9 Owen certainly would have seen Red for violent conduct on another day (or if he was an Arsenal player) and the Chief Orc’s assault on Koscielny could easily have been red instead of yellow


Yup, he’s got a three match ban because of it 🙂

Dean '67

He should get a three match ban just for being a stoke player then another 3 for trying to fuck with arteta. Plus maybe 2 more for being a useless twat whose glory days are behind him…..

A Yank

If they had disallowed that goal I would have flown to Stoke—can you even fly to Stoke?—and stabbed Ryan Shawcross in the face because fuck that guy.


What do these refs smoke before officiating stoke games? Studs showing, into le kos balls and just a yellow!


i was impressed at the steel in his balls. Shawcross went in there with momentum and all his body mass. Yet Koss the Boss played on

A N Other

There a lot of players who have got red for much less than that… Shawcross should have been ShownRed

Vic Viniger

You could make it to the Britannia, but they live underground most of the time, wallowing in piss and shit, so it might be hard to pull off.


I think you have to ride there by horse and carriage. No other way.


Or a wolf.


By bat.

LANS calendar

The only way you can get to Stoke by performing a heinous act in a previous life


“One does not simply walk into Mordor.”


One does not simply fly into Stoke.

Daft Aider

It’s that or travel through the dark lands with c̶r̶o̶u̶c̶h̶ Gollum


I don’t think you can fly to Stoke. Pretty sure it’s cordoned off as a natural disaster zone.

North Bank Gooner

and the planes cant brake because of the dribble


Heard the Americans did a nuclear test there during the Cold War!


Only two ways to get to stoke, you charge full on to the big wooden gate, or you walk through the lair of the witchy spider thing.

best do it when our band of princely footballers have the one-eyed baseball cap distracted though.

I really hate stoke very much
I really hate stoke very much

Stabbing him in the face might do him some good an un-orc him.
What I would do is fly to Stoke but then parachute out, after realising they don’t stop off in Stoke, and turn my landing in to a two footed tackle aimed at Shawcross’s legs thus breaking. nay shattering them. In the end I will simply walk away and get everyone in football to say that I am not that kind of player.
Then I would phone him or text him or leave him a note that asked,

‘How do you like them apples?’


>> can you even fly to Stoke?

Yes, but you’re not supposed to stop, just unload the bomb bay and fly home.

Wembley Gooner

Get in! Just need to keep taking one game at a time and getting results under our belt

Loved Wilshere showing Owen what a pussy he is. What a lame punch on Arteta…think that was what Mikel was telling him when he had his arm around him

jack jack jack

So glad we’ve got someone like Jack who will stick up for our players and won’t have them take any shit, as Lauren once did for our Freddie. And what a fucking great player to boot, he’s just fantastic in that advanced role.

I also thought the whole team played really well today, from the back right up to the front. Stoke were stubborn bastards in defence, but we showed real class on the pitch.


I really fucking hate Stoke


When we are beating them and making a fool of them by passing the ball around them, im always worried will one of them lash out in their neanderthalistic way and break someones leg. Such an awful awful team.

Tenacious Defence

That was the ugliest anti-football display I can remember – even on the few occasions when they did actually PASS it into our half they ended up quickly knocking it backwards then lumping it forward. Stoke are a disgrace to the ‘Premier’ League. And two rows of Orcs lined up to try and stifle our attacks… 1-0 to the Football Team indeed! Stoked with that.


Its a shame Stoke dont put up that much of an effort when they travel to United, City, Chelsea etc. Deserved 3 points. End of.


That Nacho guy is Real! He passed the test! You just gotta love Wilshire! He showed Owen who the Boss was! Best professional performance of the season by a mile though we should be clinical at times!


Nacho ya ordinary second half team


Nacho best delivery of that joke


Nacho nachos… Mine mmmmm

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

UGooner, this “nacho nachos” line is just not working. I’d go as far as to say that it sounds too forced and un-nachoral.


1-0 to the football team.

Good play by Theo today up against Wilkinson. And good debut by Nacho. Nice and solid.

And a word for the Stoke RFC fans – mongs.

The inside windows on their away supporter coaches must be fuckin spotless.

Johnny Jensen's Bender
Johnny Jensen's Bender

And a word out for Pubis,

What a massive bag of cunt he is.

I don't comment here often
I don't comment here often

He dresses like a kid who eats twix and stab old ladies.

LANS calendar

“The inside windows on their away supporter coaches must be fuckin spotless.”

Class line. I had that Aphex Twin tune in my head every time the camera turned to their fans and now I know why.


I had an encounter with one of em at the tube station afterwards. Horrible it was.

Minding me own business and heard this shuffling behind me on the platform.

Turned round and there’s this creature, big bald head, shuffling towards us dragging a gimpy leg behind it.

It got a bit too close for my liking, looked up with its football eyes (one at home, one away) and lisped at me – ‘Kiiingsstthh Crossssth?’ Took me a second but I worked it out and nodded (didn’t want to rely on it understanding me) and off it shuffled again, drooling.

The kids will be up with the screaming abdabs tonight now I bet.


Brilliant, am pissing myself.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Mooro, they all have gimpy legs. It comes from kicking their children to sleep each night.

Harbinger Of Goon

Really good three points today and as a bonus tony pubis and his band of sperm drinking, leg breaking cunts go home very unhappy. Ahh good times.


I fucking love Jack. All that passion on top of brilliant technique. He makes me proud to be a gooner every time he steps on the pitch.

Frantic Gooner

Much needed clean sheet, it’s been a while. Good possession play by Arsenal, the finishing (again) left something to be desired. Stellar game by Wilshere, some of his through balls, especially the one to Ox in the first half, were amazing. Solid debut for the Nacho man…remember he had only one training session with his teammates before being thrown off into the deep end against the Orcs. His positioning is very good, is good on the ball, and his tactical awareness is quality. Very happy with Wenger for signing him, let us make the second half of the season ours.


I loved the moment when the ball seemed certain to go out for a throw, but Nacho man bombed towards it, caught it and played a nice pass forward a second later. Not all that special, but something I don’t think Santos would (be able to) do

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face
Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

Fucking linesman must’ve been an arsenal supporter, with his huge agenda against theo.

Fuck shawcross and fuck the orcs from mordor. Loved it when we sang “1-0 to the football team”

Will pray for Koscielny’s life.

Only praise orcs deserve is their great goal keeper. I reckon he’ll be gone this summer.

Most importantly, 3 points! Up the arse! And HAHAHA chavs lost. This is what happens when you shoot people and kick children. I bet they light kittens on fire too, the cunts.

Frantic Gooner

Little confused by your first point, but I agree with the rest. Oh to be a Gooner !

Giroud's perfectly chiseled face
Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

Just some subtle sarcasm :p


Possibly the most satisfying result of the season so far.


Hear hear. I went fucking mental when that goal went in. FUCK YOU STOKE.


Shawcross “not that kind of player”

Fuck you Shawcross. Fuck you Pubis. So glad we beat those cunts. Over 70% possession, Stoke had 10 behind the ball the whole game – the most unambitious team I’ve seen this season. Then when we went 1-up they resorted to punching and studding our players. They’ve even turned Owen into a nasty little cunt.

SCFC = Solely Complete Fucking Cunts


To be fair, Owen’s always been a cunt – just the nasty part is new.

Ace McGoldrick

In that picture it looks like Arteta is rubbing Sagna’s hair and enjoying doing so!


That picture of Shawcross is priceless!The dirty Orc c#nt looks like he’s messed himself!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I couldn’t help thinking that if you needed proof he is a dirty cunt, just look at that photo of him taking a shit on our pitch.


Jack Wilshere. That is all


job done. moving swiftly on


3 points.. Thank you.. Next Sunderland.. COYG!!!

A N Other

This time next week.. We could be above Spuds..

Rocket Diary

If you want to fight an arsenal player, you will have to get through wilshere first. This is some player we have here, always stands up for teammates. Also, I think Podolski is going to crush somebody’s balls with his free kicks. Carragher was lucky to escape a damaged ribcage, someday it might not be the case.
Loved Podolski’s smile in the end.

A N Other

Podolski should be taking these free kicks from now on.. He is lethal.


Fuck sh*wcross!
That linesman must’ve had some ties to those orcs too.
Rant over.
Don’t mind the scoreline in the end, 3 points closer to chelski and 2 points closer to everton.
Good debut by nacho, a bit shakey at times but understandable. 1-0 to the Arsenal!


Well he certainly looked like one them

Big Chief from Antarctica
Big Chief from Antarctica

Jack, captain’s attitude. Nacho, what a relieve. I would have said that the final third needs to get consistent but like blogs said, when fucking orcs are your opponents, well fuck it, I’ll take Poldi’s left foot and a deflection. COYG


Couldnot watch the match. But this “Good 1-0 Evil” on the live blog just summed it up.


Favourite moment: Arteta gets the ball from. Owen off a sweet-crunching-sliding tackle. Owen gets so upset and takes it out on Arteta. Just when they are about to lose their heads Wilshere comes into the scene… “Hey you Rugby fella… WTF do you think you’re doing messing around with my captain? Huh?” That’s what I call character… What a performance today from the team… COYG!!!

Rad Carrot

Always good to beat the orcs, and no-one’s legs got broken.

Not the best performance but certainly an improvement. The Ox was good today, too.

Johnny Jensen's Bender
Johnny Jensen's Bender

Kos’s jiggleberries had a close call with that dribbling wank sack that is Shawcross though

Jim Jimminy

Why would you pay to watch stoke? It might be expensive at Arsenal but at least we get to watch actual football.

Lol at Owen.

Bodes well for us that Nacho is so solid even though he cant communicate with the rest of the team.

Terrible lino.

Bring on the interlull.


joey barton used to be my most hated footballer. he’s now slipped to 2nd spot with shawcross now dominating ‘first place’. what a piece of shit he is.

Tenacious Defence

To call them footballers is being kind.


What a man that podolski fella. Won us the game. He shud take all the free kicks from shooting range.


If that goal had not been CORRECTLY allowed I would have travelled to London and had that linesmans’ head. What a cunt!


Nothing wrong with the linesman, he saw players approach the ball from an offside position and flagged. That’s his job.
What he couldn’t see from his angle, but the ref could from his position, was that the ball came off an Orc before going anywhere near them, rendering any offside judgement irrelevant.

The ref then goes over to check that the linesman hasn’t seen anything else bar an irrelevant offside call and finding that he hasn’t, awards the goal.

This is actually very simple. Unfortunately Pubis is even more simple, hence the controversy.

Arsene's left nipple piercing
Arsene's left nipple piercing

Good performance. The handled the brutes quite nicely.

damien joyce

Bittersweet day for me, more sweet though, went out of my Last Man Standing cos I didn’t expect Everton to not win against that shite.

Main thing though is that we haven’t just won a tight contest but for once we have actually capitalised on others around us having poor results, so often over the years, even when we’ve been fighting for 1st, (I know, I know, there’s some young uns here that won’t remember those days!!!) we have oft failed to win when those above or immediately below us have dropped points, today we’ve managed to beat those nasty fucking cunts, and our immediate neighbours above or below us have not.
Everton (home draw)
Chavs (away loss after leading)
Swansea (away loss)
Orc cunts (away loss)
then Mugsmashers to play Citeh ( more dropped points one way or other)
Spuds v WBA (as above)

All in all a good weekend for us at last


Jim Jimminy

Nice to be able to make subs that change a game too. And we have quite a few options in midfield that will hopefully keep other teams guessing.

Dean '67

You gotta love Wilshere, he was there like

“what what what? Don’t you fuck with our arteta, imma nail yo arse man, imma nail it!”


“It would be the story of the first half, Arsenal ABUSING both of Stoke’s fullbacks with speedy wing play from Ox and Theo.”

“In the 88th minute Ryan Shawcross TRIED to dribble the Arsenal midfield but the ball, predictably, went away from him.”
Thanks 7am for the graphic details.


Wenger: “There is no bigger culture shock than Stoke, when you come from Spain!


One of the best wenger quotes ever.


I thought nacho said that one :/

arsenal DNA

if only we hv scored more

Gibbs' Volley

That picture is brilliant, looks like Orc Commander Shawcross is crying in the background.


nein ! das war kein Weinen,das sieht eher aus nach einem Brechreiz.


Nice to keep a clean sheet. Even better to beat those rugby-playing, leg-breaking cunts.

arsenal DNA

after 1 match

Johnny Jensen's Bender
Johnny Jensen's Bender

Which defender is vanpussylicker?!
I’m not sure you understand maths


Hahahahahhaahahah stoke! Bunch of stupid cunts hahahahahahahahahah

P.S. Loving the photo Blogs. Shawcunt looking like a 7 year old who just got kicked in the nuts. No offence to 7 year olds.


Great effort all around, Diaby particularly bossed the middle of the park. Monreal looks quite the prospect at left back…good for him.

I used to think Leeds were the ugliest, filthiest waste of human life pile of $hit in the history of the world, but the Orcs are by far the worst.

3 points to The Arsenal….always a great day.


Leeds were dirty,filthy bastards-but they could play a bit as well.Stoke RFC,on the other hand are dirty,filthy bastards,who could actually ‘play’ a football match without a fucking ball!
God I hate those fuckers,almost celebrated that goal like one against the spuds!

A N Other

I reckon only 80’s Wimbledon come close to Stoke in terms of Cuntery and look what happened to them.


Bet Shawcunt is away crying to mummy again.
Jack I fucking love your attitude


Mummy?…dude, he ate him mum after hatching.




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Solid performance.. Begovic kept them in the game first half and they never threatened.

Monreal settled well and good to see him bloody up one of their so called hardy fuckwits.

Theo was man handled all day by that cunt Wilkinson. Does Pulis actively recruit these horrible assholes?

Good results in other games too..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

No, he doesn’t recruit them. He abducts them, smuggles them into Stoke in his underpants, and won’t let them out until they promise to give up football and take leg-breaking-cunt lessons instead. He’s a serial skill-killer.


That lineman needed to be kicked in his set & suspended by the Fa after being fined and forced to donate to our youth system. of all the people for stoke while deserved a kick to the balls, kos gets studs first. I swear that bastard child shawcross sarcastically told the ref he went for the ball… both of them.


I love it when wilshere confront owen to help his teammate. Captain jack!


Superb display by Begovic to keep the score at 1-0.
Fine perfomance by Arsenal. Jackie boy will be a legend.

Arsene's Dream

Jackie boy ‘will not be’ a legend because Jackie boy ‘is’ already a legend.


Or a giant slingshot, like in Dilbert when they go to Albania.

Pak Gooner

Just really glad that the boys came out unscathed. Deserved win!


I suspect Kos’ crown jewels might have something to say on that matter. It’s slightly better it happens to one of the big, hard boys like Kos, but if that lumbering hole-in-the-condom waste of oxygen Shawcross so much as sneezes on Santi or Jack, I shall beat him to death with a tea spoon( takes bloody ages, and that is the whole point).