Wenger glad of Santi’s gifts


Arsene Wenger has paid tribute to Santi Cazorla after the Spaniard’s two goals were enough to take three points in a 2-1 win against Aston Villa today.

Cazorla scored early to put Arsenal ahead, and late to win the game, and Wenger admitted he didn’t think the former Malaga man would score so many goals in his first season.

“I did not expect him to score so many goals, because there are still 11 games to go so he could get a few more.

“For me he is a complete player because he also has spirit. He continued to fight until the last minute even though he was a bit tired.

“He is a good example to follow because every day he is happy to come and play and practice. When he is on the pitch he gives you everything.

“He is a great player, which you have noticed since the start of the season. I am happy and grateful he delivered two important goals today.”

And after a difficult week the Arsenal manager was glad his team back to winning ways.

“I am not here to lose games, I want win. We are in a catch-up situation and we depend a little bit on the results of the other teams but vastly on our consistency.

“The key for us is to be consistent and that is why today a draw would have been a very, very bad result for us.

“We cannot drop points, I have said that many times after the Chelsea game. That is what is in our minds, no matter where we go and who we play.”

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In ARSEBLOG we trust!

Runcorn Gooner

Was TW14 playing today?


Is there a reason Podolski no longer starts games?

jack jack jack

Is there a reason Rosicky never gets a look-in? I demand more Rosicky!


Is there a reason why all but the first question are being asked with “is there a reason”?


There is…

Runcorn Gooner

Is there a reason why a 100k per week footballer can’t be arsed sometimes?


Arseblog the king of all Arses


That is blasphemy!
Trust in no one but Allah..

theodorus walcott

Cazorla seems to have a great attitude. He’s always smiling on the pitch and seems to be genuinely enjoying his football. Good for him, fantastic addition to the team

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay
i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

Everything is alright again!!!! Wenger IN!!!!


I was there this week and is it me or sczezny really bad poor effort to try to save weimans goal


What? No negative comments from the usual rabble?


boom goes the dynamite!!!!!!

i want to boff giroud and im not even gay
i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

I’d still sack him though in all honesty, I think he’s a rubbish manager


rubbish managers don’t win world manager of the decade


I don’t know of any “rubbish” managers who won the premier league 3 times, FA cup 4 times and have been voted manager of the months 12 times and world coach of the decade…… You are entitled to your opinions but this is a silly comment


We’ve just beaten the third-worst team in the Premier League with a late goal. Wow! Hooray! Let’s all rejoice!

Arsene Wenger is now the greatest manager in history. Give him a new 10-year contract!


Someone on the internet is wrong… quick, post a sarcastic message!

(…wait a minute)


Lets just see what happens next week

Tenacious Defence

Santi seems to have that knack of popping up in the area at just the right time, ala Bobby and Freddie, but boy we left it rather late. This team’s giving me heart palpitations.

I want my Arsenal back!
I want my Arsenal back!

God help us against the spuds!

Eric Irish gunner

Fuck the spuds, stop monkey boy and we’ll win next week, come on the hammers in the meantime



Can’t wait till he starts scoring more, he got it in him, nice to see him rising from the dead.

arsenal steward

i think some people want to know:
this game was 49000 people at the game, from January 1st all games was below 55 000 mark that’s why they stop announcing attendance at the game.

Arsenal Rising

Abou Diaby! What a fuckin beast he was today….. Shit he’s just got booked.. I’m watching on match choice.were playing well so far.

Arsenal Rising

Really happy with that first half… Abou Diaby who’s always been one of my fave players (have his name on my shirt) has had a great 1st half.. Like thee old Diaby! It’s heartbreaking that both he and Rosicky are so injury prone..if they had luck on their side and rarely got injured then both would be 2 of the greatest players in the prem.. Awww. Juz as I’m typing diaby just jack wilshere’d his way between 2 players n bursting forward… OMG! Fucksake.. Giroud should of scored then!


whats the rationale of starting diaby/ramsey ahead of rosicky?….mmmmh i give up!.


well, Diaby is taller and bigger built so i guess he’s being asked to be stand in muscle for the pretty big gap we left in the team selling song. when hes fit Diaby is pretty damn good, but unfortunately he’s a bit broken most of the time. he’s ok for squad but id sell for 10m Rosicky is a bit hard to fit into the team without either dropping Cazorla or moving him on to 1 of the wings. bigger issue for me is why were willing to give more playing time to Gervinho than we are the ox. Ramsey is much more versatile than Rosicky and less attacking, so its a balance issue there. The only real option i see for Rosicky short of a formation change, and lets face it Arsen dosn’t like those these days, is as rotation for Cazorla when he gets a little tired, at 45 mins, or possibly ask him to play on the left wing Rosicky that is and bring him on whenever Podolski is tired, so bout 30 mins a game every game that way, and he’s reasonably ell suited to playing on the wing, provided hes given plenty of passing options as he approaches the back 4. and it would have to mean much more pressure on our defence as i don’t see Rosicky tackling any time soon. It may be worth pushing Diaby further up the pitch when we dont play Cazorla, in order to have more physicality in the final third and to make room in the middle for Rosicky, but then what to do about wilshere. so you see it really is down to team balance. Id pick depending on the opponant tbh. only player id play every game bar exhaustion is Wilshere.

Arsenal Rising

For fuck sake.. Is diaby injured again? If he is it doesn’t look to bad I hope. I’m sure Arsenal are cursed! Not joking


And where is Eisfeld ?


This is again the wrong forum for this but I’ve been thinking recently, and I hate the guts out of former players like Nasri, Hleb, Song, Flamini, Adebayor etc who were given a proper chance by Arsene and left for personal reasons. They played along side greats and though they were shit the fans stuck by them until they came good. And Paris! I can’t even think about it, Pires sacrificed rather than Hleb and what does the cunt do? Leave us two seasons after. Now we have a new breed of players and their all mostly Arsenal fans and I’d like to think they want to stay and win with Arsenal. But these lot they don’t have the fans’ patience on their side (understandably so), neither do they have the invincibles to guide them through. How I wish it’s these current crop of players who were given the chance instead of those selfish cunts.


Ahah when the camrea pans to Steve bould at the bench …….. He looks booted as hell, sitting ther like Arsene’s bitch


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not a convincing display but the recovery has to start from somewhere….


sort out the fuckin defence Wenger!

Sir Writealot

“I am not here to lose games, I want win.” I WANT WIN too. Those were the days when we lived in caves…


We seem to have scorers all over the team. Now that’s unpredictability. All we need now is more goals from the greatest dribbler/midfielder in the EPL (JW10) and Diaby/Arteta and we will be unplayable. Szeszny needs to sort out his concentration over 90mins though. The optimist in me says we can have a real crack at 2nd place and still do the German job on BM.


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it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....
it (used to be) by FAR the greatest team....

Two articles this morning which should make every Gunner take step back and reflect a bit…:

The GOOD (about how only Arsenal and Barcelona strive to play ‘beautiful’ football)

The BAD (reminding us just how pathetic it was for us to lost to Bradford City)