Bellerin: Sagna is an example


Arsenal’s under-19 right-back Hector Bellerin has hailed the pedagogical influence of Bacary Sagna after an eye-catching performance, which included an assist for Serge Gnabry’s, in last night’s NextGen Series win over CSKA Moscow

The 18-year-old Spanish youth international, who was signed from Barcelona in the summer of 2011, has cut an impressive figure at London Colney this year progressing to the Reserves with many now tipping him for a first team appearance next season.

Reflecting on the benefits of training with Arsene Wenger’s first team squad, Bellerin told London24:

“I’ve trained with [the first team] a couple of times. It’s good to get involved with the top players and I enjoy it every time I get the chance.

“Sagna is always an example for me because he is a very, very good right-back,” he continued.

“He assesses me and helps me with everything. It’s a great experience to train with him.”

Looking ahead to Friday’s semi-final clash with Chelsea, to be played in Italy’s Lake Como (presumably not on the water itself), he spoke with all the fighting spirit of his Trojan namesake.

“We feel like we can beat any team now, and our team spirit is unbelievable.

“We’ve got motivation so whoever comes we are going to be 100 per cent.”

Those who watched Bellerin last night can’t fail to have been impressed by his lively showing, however, with Carl Jenkinson and the aforementioned Sagna ahead of him in the pecking order he’ll have to bide his time before he gets a chance in the first time. Of course, that might change if the Frenchman leaves this summer…

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He seems to have the right attitude as well


and what more? he’s cute..


Although I would hate to see it I have a feeling Sagna might have played his last season in red and white and Wenger might be looking to cash in before his sell by date has expired!

Bould's Eyeliner

honestly though, concerning his involvement with the growth of Jenkinson and seemingly also Bellerin… I would value that far more than whatever sum we might get by selling him… 2 more Sagnas for the price of 1? I’ll TAKE IT.


Yeah his hair lacks quality

Bould's Eyeliner

You should lend him your headband of good fortune Gerv ahaha

Parisian Weetabix

I would love to see Sagna at centre back though. He gave the best centre-back display for an Arsenal player all season against Sunderland. I don’t think there’re many more committed defenders out there, so to let him go would be a real blow. He’s been such a wonderful player for Arsenal for so long now as well.


Absolutely love to see him at centre back . His reading of the game was extraordinary against sunderland.I certainly hope he,s not sold as it may mark a change in policy .Another point is that as promising as Carl is he is nowhere near experienced enough to replace Sagna for the bigger games. Lots of other things look to be changing at Arsenal at the moment for the better and it would show other young players that they wont be discarded when they get to 30. Why would players be faithful to a club when they know they,re going to be given a 1 year contract when they reach 30 . Players are looking after themselves better nowadays in regard to diet ,fitness etc and that rule should be scrapped


It will be sad if Sagna does not sign. However, we have two exciting players behind him which means he will not leave a gaping hole in the team. He is a player who has been amazing from day one!! It would be very sad for him to leave without anything to show for it as he gave us his best years with pure class and brilliance.


It’s always nice too teach people my ways…now about your hair Hector…


Sagna is unfortunately leaving this summer. My friend knows him pretty well, did an interview with him and he sadly admitted that he has “done his time” and not in a rude way. And who can blame him – this i a guy who deserves to win more than one cup in his career. Mikael Silvestre has won a bloody treble, fucking peanut head.

Went to the game last night and Bellerin looked pretty impressive. Still a bit too early to be part of the first-team squad though i think. But promising. These spaniards are tactically sound.


So um, Is your friends ‘interview’ going to be published anywhere? How is it that not one media outlet has picked up on quotes from Sagna saying he’s “Done his time” at Arsenal. That would be major news! Seems a little odd..


It’s an amateur Afro-French interview so it hasn’t come out yet. And comments in a low-key interview are perhaps more important than one to the media. You don’t have to believe me, why would i lie?


It’s beyond me why anyone would lie on the internet!, but it does seem quiet frequent. Can you give us a link to the website or the name of the publication? I would love to read it..

Why not

yeah ok. my girlfriend is his hair dresser


Good one


“Arsenal are not better than fiorentina”
Words by luca toni…make that Lu-cunt toni regarding speculation linking jovetic to arsenal.
Such things piss me off.


But I feel a fuckin dejavu barca dna… Why the hell we dont have a transfer rule like Man Utd & Inters( The latter cant buy Man U players), with Barcelona? 🙁


Bellerin is the perfect middle finger to barca. Gouge your eyes out with folks you cunts, you lot sold us a future star.


Forward 5-7 years and he’s going to discover his Barca DNA.


By then he we will have hopefully gotten the best out of him then perhaps sell them another “hleb” for top dollar….Eh?


Not if they are playing in the Great Catalonian league against… themselves, he won`t.

New Guy

And Espanyol. It will be a two-team league – not unlike the league they play in today.


NewGuy – quiet possibly the funniest comment on here in a very long time….Well played!

Gunsen Gunner

I watched the 2nd half of the Nextgen game yesterday.Bellerin did well as did Angha on the other side.I think Bellerin is good enough to make it here but only if we progress him through the ranks properly. Next season, he should play for the first team in one or two cup games and just focus on perfecting his game.The season after should be a loan.Then if he shows he is ready, bring him into the first team.Better he iron out any mistakes in his game on someone else’ account.

RE Bac, i think he’ll be going in the summer and i can’t really blame him or the club.He’s reached a stage in his career where he is going to start to regress in fitness and we can’t really afford to carry players anymore.If/when he does leave, i hope we bring an experienced fullback in someone around 28/29 and replace him with quality.Angel Rangel has been touted and i think he’d be a good bet but he just signed a new contract recently.Whoever he is will depend on how highly Bellerin is rated by the coaching department.If they buy a young fullback then he won’t make it here,if they do, he will.


Tell that to people like Cafu, Zanetti, Roberto Carlos or even G.Neville. Played well into their 30s. Bac has got stamina to burn and is in better shape than a lot of the younger guys (looking at nobody particular, TGSTEL)

Mate Kiddleton

Funny you bring up Zanetti. How old is he now? 40? I can’t believe he’s still going, what a legend.


i watched them play recently and my exact words to my brother “is that fucking zanetti out there??”

his response “its got to be, the number 4 jersey will be retiring with him surely…in about 10 years..”

Gunsene Gunner

They didn’t break their leg twice in one season and with all due respect to Bac,he has been as boisterous this season as he had since he’s been here.The Newcastle game showed that he’s lost a yard.I love Bac but if he feels like his time is coming to an end then i have the highest of respect for him.He’s been our best player for the past 6-7 years and will be missed.

Gunsene Gunner


Parisian Weetabix

So give him a run at Centre Back.


How about maldini? Started as s left back but moved into cb in his final seasons for milan.

Parisian Weetabix



Lmao….See squillaci.
comment image

I didn't look



*sees cazorla*
Spills coffee on self. Lol


Somebody should lease clean up Squilacy space. Someone else will use it soon


I’d like to see Sagna given a go as a CB, where he can hold out his strengths and worry less about a little loss of pace.

I wouldn’t say he’s done, he’s got loads to offer still, but if he goes then as long as its not to a competing Premier League team and he’s not disrespectful or says something silly when parting ways (hard to imagine, but you just don’t know…) I really hope he continues with an evermore successful career.

Thomas Rosicky.

Does anyone else feel that Sagna was more impressive when he filled in at CB? It was his best game of the season. and may I please get on the pitch please wenger


You may have to spell your first name correctly for Wenger to notice you 😛

Goon Goon Goon

He played really well at CB. Id like to keep him and use him as centre back and hand the reigns over to Jenko. With Bellarin within earshot they will both work hard


Move Sagna to CB and we can see both players in the Red and White. Who knows Hector may be the solution to our Achilles’ heel in balancing defence and attack.


It really annoys me how we are always ready to let our experienced, good players go once they tend towards 30.

Giggs is one million years old and is still playing in manU and guiding their youngsters!! Somebody mentioned Zanetti, cafu, Maldini, etc… all great defenders who played/ are playing into their forties. The club must wake up; we need wise heads like Sagna around if we want to start winning things.

Eric Blair

I agree with this. I think Wenger’s biggest mistake and the main reason we haven’t won anything for the past few seasons has been a lack of experience at the club. Imagine if we’d kept Pires and Gilberto (to name but two) at the club for a few years and the experience they could have passed on to the kids. Both Campbell and Henry have come back for short spells and have had a great effect.


i really wnt jenks to start playin frm game to game he gat a lot more to offer….look @ man u rafeal i will rate him as d best RB in the league..itz time 4 the young generationz


Follow in sagna footsteps son and U won’t go 2 far wrong

50 + 27 = 77 = 3rd place
50 + 27 = 77 = 3rd place

I’ve got ‘SAGNA 3’ on the back of my kit and I’m proud of it. Do me proud Bac and stick with the team that made you a star.

Arsene, pls get your head out of your arse and offer Bac the 2yr-extension he deserves.


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Clive Smith

I was at the game and felt like this guy actually left a few too many holes defensively, he also had a very wide shot that was a bit too Hollywood for my tastes.

Angha was far more impressive on the left. I saw him against Coventry in the Carling Cup this season too. Very strong, tall and speedy – in the mould of good ol’ Jenkinson!