Koscielny: I don’t want to leave Arsenal


It’s not like there have been any serious rumours linking Laurent Koscielny with an exit but having been confined to the bench for much of this season, due to a combination of injury and dodgy form, the French press have taken it upon themselves to question our centre-back on whether his future lies at Arsenal.

Given it’s only eight months since he penned a new long-term deal at the Emirates, the 27-year-old made clear that despite a complicated season he has no intention of quitting London.

“This season has been more difficult for me. I’ve had injuries and some disappointing performances.

“I’m not worrying about my future at Arsenal. I still have four years on my contract, the club has confidence in me.

“I feel good in London and so do my family. I don’t want to go elsewhere.”

Reflecting on the Gunners’ aims for the rest of the season Koscielny also reasserted the positive mood in the camp as they look to secure Champions League qualification again.

“We had certain objectives at Arsenal, we have one left: fourth place. The mood is good, it’s better.”

All sensible stuff from Laurent. Let’s hope he comes through his bout of international duty with his confidence and limbs intact. The former Lorient man has looked much more like his old self in the last couple of games and he could well prove a vital player in the season’s climax.


Quotes translated by @DanLevy1 (not the Spurs one) from timeline of Eurosport France.

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Giroud's perfectly chiseled face

What a boss. Wants to play for the Arsenal, and is fully committed. These are the kinds of players we need.

Eboue's Perfectly chiseled Balls

Yeah coz footballers mean what they say 😛

Big Chief from Antarctica

Even though, I agree footballers are fickle, Kos the Boss doesn’t need any stick. Walcott deserved that for postponing his “I’ve signed da ting” -day. And I like Walcott, even fucking now.

Oh yeah, fuck your username. I haven’t had dinner yet. Maybe tbat’s a good thing, I guess..

Eboue's Perfectly chiseled Balls

Wish Walcott would unsign da ting .. hasnt been any good since he signed it .. and fuck u eboue’s balls are awesome

Big Chief from Antarctica

Eboue’s balls are exceptional. Probably on par with Dave Chappelle’s. Just not around dinner time.

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

What the fuck are you two on about?

I like Koscielny.


Said every player who left in the next 6 months 😀


Do not take that tone with us.
Koscienly I reckon can be one of the few who’ll stick with us if we need him that is! Plucked from lorient – a player wh everybody knew fuck all about and just over 1 and 1/2 years grown to be one of the best CB’S in the prem heck the world. He owes wenger and he knows it, gotta give him/arsenal a few good 5-7 years I think….

Reminds me negatively of a certain horse-faced Cunt nasri.


Since we’re preempting transfer rumours, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell Barcelona, Xavi and the rest of those cunts, to fuck off.

Wenger's zipper

We don’t have anyone left that they want, there was mention of them wanting TV5, they can have him at this stage, he’s been broken, all that piss and vinegar is gone along with his goals and commonsense. Can’t afford to be sentimental about players that once done the business.


You can’t sell players when they loose form. Verm needs support. Even though his decision making can be poor, he always gives an energetic performance.

50 + 27 = 77 = 3rd place

Barcelona like to buy other teams’ players “just because they can”. It makes them feel superior in the old ‘conquistador’ spirit.

If they still consider Thomas Vermaalen to be a serious replacement for Carlos Puyol, we should let him go.

When QPR go down Chris Samba will be available… there’s no question this guy could form the ‘backbone’ of Arsenal’s defense for years to come.

Dr Baptiste

Are we also going to buy Sebastian Frey?


Whoa whoa whoa. Did you just say sign samba? You can fuck rite off with that shit. That’s was three years ago. And guess what? Both samba and Gary Cahill proved to be pure shit.

If we’re to sign a center back, it had better be Hummels or Subotic.


Good to hear. Continue being a Boss in the defence and you can stay for as long and you want!

Jack's Right Foot

Don’t leave Kosh! We love you.

Think about it....

ummm…. and to improve their own side….. kind of like Arsenal do…. I don’t suppose there are too many Southampton fans up in arms at the way we poached Ox and Wallycott

Arsene Wenger

I look at Barcelona not because they spread misinformation, but because they are a bunch of cunts who seem to attract all of our top talent. Such attraction has only one intention: to harm.

Jamie Arsenal

Yeah, but….we don’t really have to sell to them. Takes two to tango. To the bank probably.

Arsene Wenger

My boss tells me that it needs to be done to balance the books.


So you have an asshole boss too?, makes two of us.

Big Dave

Jeez, since when is he 28? I thought he was still like 24.


28 is the new 24, Giggs is skewing the stats.

Jamie Arsenal

He’s 27. He’ll be 28 in September.

Wenger's zipper

No, he’s skewing his brothers wife………..I’ll get my coat.

The wrath of chamakh

Oh wait.. the zipper doesn’t work

jack jack jack

Tell me about it, what happened there? It’s like the opposite of a leap year birthday. Still, it’s great that you can be a late bloomer and still end up playing for the greatest club in the world.


He’s 24 in footballing age.


But…. but…. these things take time. Theo said so! You can’t just come out with “I want to stay” and have the audacity to admit that some of your performances haven’t been great.. that’s…. it’s….. these things take time…. TIME!

Jamie Arsenal

To be honest, I’m sick and tired of the constant questioning of players’ future at Arsenal. Different player every week. Even when we’re well it never stops. Tabloids love it bc it sells.

I know this is translated via French sources but do we need to share it on Gooner sites? Our presence on the internet is very strong – blogs, twitter, Facebook etc. Can’t help but think we feed the madness.

Anyhow, i expect the Sun to pick it up now, spin it, twist it, take a big dump on it and link him to Barcelona.

Boris Cro

Boah I thought he was younger than 28. In his prime now then..

north wales gooner

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north wales gooner

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Podolski Sklep

This is fucking excellent


Bloody excellent, could also be used in this way:

What is cunt, robin van persie, van persie, that’s cunt
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50 + 27 = 77 = 3rd place

date: april 28th (sunday)
time: 4pm
place: emirates stadium
score: 8-2 to the home team
summary: theo and cazorla both score hattricks, a certain dutch skunk scores none


Blog you are mistaken Kos is 27 and will turn 28 , 10th of september.


In my opinion he’s one of the best cb in the premier league. A really good job from our scouting network (it’s been a while…). He was outsanding against bayern munich, let’s hope he keeps it up.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Kos last season was magnificent … this year (he will admit as well) he has been disappointing in some of the games. Against Chelsea especially he was woeful. Having said that, he was still better than TV5 if you look at the overall performances this season and yet the boss remained loyal to TV5 and promptly benched Kos. Not that Kos deserved to play, but perhaps better rotation would have helped them both. Give them both time to think and sort out the mistakes.


Kos deserved more loyalty based on last season and most of the season before. Conversely Vermaelen’s place in the side should have been viewed with a little more skepticism. He has never looked a great defender, even in his first season – top level *footballer* perhaps, given his ability on the ball and goalscoring abilities, but not a great defender by any stretch. Kos has been head-and-shoulders above our other CBs over the past 2 years, despite that little dip he had this year. It’s time for him to go a step further and take over command of the defence.… Read more »

the mighty karim


Mayor of the Woolwich

(Not the sp*d’s one…GOLDEN)

Mayor of the Woolwich

(Not the sp*d’s one)… GOLDEN!

Mayor of the Woolwich

The Sun and daily mail would kill to get the kind of hits that Arseblog gets.


I really like Laurent. He ranges forward with steam at times, but less erratically than TV5 has been of recent note. He also seems to respond better to BFG as a linemate, and best of all, he reminds me of old movies on tv, when the screen would be squished so -><- to fit the widescreen film. If I change my aspect ratio, his hair calms down, but he ends up looking like Andre Santos. Can't win em all.


I’ve been critical of Wenger but he made the right call in dropping Vermaelen for Kos. Kos now has to just keep up the form.


Kos is just like all the Arsenal players, good but not quite good enough. Thats why our club is good enough to make fourth but is the same reason we don’t win anything. Where to from here?

Red Cannon

Kos is one of the best CBs in the League, probably in the world. He showed that all last season. (See how he destroyed Barca at home last year for a prime example.) This year his season’s been hampered by injuries and by the poor decision (in my opinion, at least) to play Vermaelen over him. But he’s still a world class player, and I’m quite happy to have him on our team.


Yup – he even stood out against Spain in the Euros. Top defender, just needs to realise it. If you’d slotted him next to Sol Campbell it wouldn’t have hindered the Invincibles at all.


Nice to hear!! Normally of late, we have been hearing players say the love the club then leave, it has been a while since a player has flat out came out and said they want to stay – well the important ones anyway. 6 contracts resigned, Verm and Kos recently and for once their seems to be a sign of some real squad harmony.


He wants to stay at arsenal but his pockets have a brain of their own and so doez those of Gazidis.


Didn’t he turn down Barcelona last year to sign that new deal? Anyone who is willing to turn down Barca must be pretty damn committed.


Koscienly can make messi look like stewart downing and that is something!

Speaking of downing, liverpool were fined by uefa for fielding a certain stewart downing – a non-footballer.


Nobody mention anything abt Mert role in all this. When Kos played with TV in those “important games” that where he made all those mistakes. Each time he partners Mert, he was able to bring out his best performances. I dont think it is just a coincidence. There are more than that. Its the partnership that he obviously enjoy and able to bring out his best. One simple reason could be that with Mert, he can defend on the left side of the CB position instead of on.the right with TV. I hope Kos-Mert partnership stays til.end.of the season, barring… Read more »


Yeah he’s boss. We’re a top football club, all of our centre backs should be. I don’t care if he is better than Verm or not, as long as we play the best man for the job. i read Michael Cox talking about using Fab in goal against Swansea – besides a lesson to Scz also likely influenced by the fact he’s a great reaction keeper and not as good at commanding the box – less of a requirement when playing a team like Swansea. More squad use and more uncertainty for all players is good, they’re less likely to… Read more »

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Rupert Murdoch

See that the press has now decided that Mertesacker is leaving as well? Why would a club with only three centre backs (discounting loanees, squirtle and youths) feel the need to sell one? Absolute nonsense


Oliver Kahn's Cockring

I love Ko’s he will never leave us unlike that horse faced lesbian who is going to be booted out from Shitty. As for those who have been doubting Thomas get a bloody life and get behind the guy its out captain for God sake.


It’s been going on for too long mate. Everybody likes Tommy, but in truth he makes too many mistakes. That said, the way we played at the start of the season, with TV in the middle, basically proves that the real problem with the side has always been the system we play, far more so than serious problems with individual players. We’re starting to look solid again now, and it’s largely down to the increased work rates of the players all over the pitch. Honestly, if we continue play like that Squillaci could become a viable option again. Nothing wrong… Read more »

[…] Vermaelen has joined Laurent Koscielny, Per Mertesacker and Wojciech Szczesny in stressing his commitment to the Arsenal cause dismissing […]