Walcott suffers injury on England duty


The Mirror report that Theo Walcott has suffered an injury during England training and will return to Arsenal for treatment.

The winger was set to take part in the World Cup qualifiers against San Marino and Montenegro, but a thigh strain means he misses out and will be a doubt for Arsenal’s next Premier League game.

The Gunners play Reading next Saturday and an injury which has forced him out of the squad is likely to be one of those ubiquitous three week jobs.

It’s not the first time Walcott has been injured while away with England. He picked a serious shoulder problem playing with the U21s, he was stretchered off during a European qualifier against Switzerland, and suffered a broken heart when Fabio Capello left him out of the 2010 World Cup squad.

Fingers crossed it’s nothing that will keep him out for too long.

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Arsene's Nose

Damn useless interlul… Speedy recovery feo… Been playing like an injured calf these past weeks anyway


Theo deserved to be dropped like Verm and Szczesny, this just makes it easier. Ox on the right and Gibbs on the left for me.


The injured calf can take a rest, for we shall release the Ox.


whats new, we nail a contract and he gets injured. not his fault, but its the way it seems to be for us since we moved to the emirates. perhaps its built on some ancient burial grounds.. *sigh*


maybe… or perhaps its was ever since the club changed it’s crest design,(note the cannon facing the other way)

Josh Gooner

Do we get any compensation for losing him for the period he is off?



Frimpongs Mohawk

That’s a shame the way things were going he would have got a chance in the middle for England against San Marino……. In the back 4

jack jack jack

Do you write your own material?

A Twat With a Keyboard

I don’t know, I thought the quip about the broken heart was pretty amusing.


^ Haha.


i hate international week life just seems so boring


He’s got his contact months ago, what took him so long?


Fuck me. This has got to be a joke. AAARGH stupid international friendlies.

At least it happened during a spell of bad form for Theo. I’d imagine the Ox would move to the right and Podolski would fill in on the left (or Santi, if Wilshere is back for the Reading game)


Oops. Not international friendlies, World Cup qualifiers. Equally annoying either way.

Chamakh's Quiff

Gervinho could also go on the left. He will carry us to third place!

*cue music*
This is the Dawning of the Age of Gervi-inho,the Age of Gervi-inhooo


Third place here we come!

His goal on the weekend should be good for his confidence.


I think we forgot that it’s Wenger in charge (top manager, dont get me wrong), so he’ll probably feel prone to giving Gervinho that confidence by giving him the start.

Which is kinda nice. But personally, I really hope Ox gets his chance to start. He’s got such a great energy and is a couple of games from sublime form now.


Joy! Good job it’s only Reading to play next weekend. Mind you, they’re fighting for their lives so who knows what might happen.

Hopefully Theo is back fit soon, and can start earning his new contract…

Adam, Watford

Only Reading ????

That’s dangerous talk. Didn’t Man U only beat them one nil ?

I am sure we will beat them but not by just turning up, we will actually have to earn it !

Woolwich Peripatetic

Yeah but the referee had an off day, didn’t give them their usual quota of penalties and dubious free kicks in dangerous positions…

Bould's Eyeliner

Still, we’ve had some bizarre games with Reading this season already, where they went several goals ahead of us as well – in each of those games with Reading, Walcott has had a particularly good record – if there were any game to pull him out of a slump this might’ve been it… Also on the other side of the pitch from Walcott, Le Fondre has continued to pull out average stats, which although are not amazing, are consistent… I don’t expect this game to be a walk in the park, but maybe a frenzied counterattacking sprint through, possibly from… Read more »

pauly bear

Sure he has done nothing since he got the cash. Carzola on the right sorted


Crystal ball time:
1) Wenger will play Ramsey there.
2) The “Ramsey is shit” mob will be out in force after the match.

It’s the one position he’s played in the past that he’s really not suited to, yet Wenger kept doing it.


I doubt it. If he wanted a midfielder on the right, he’d put Cazorla there. Rambo only played there for so long because Arsene wanted him to get experience in an unfamiliar position. He’s done that and now has a place on the midfield, where he’s shown his ability, and where he’ll be played if he gets picked over Diaby.


i thought Rambo only goes there when the Boss wants to tighten the midfield. which kind of makes sense, sometimes.

Frantic Gooner

Fuck the interlull


Well this may be a blessing in disguise for the Ox. Will finally get a good run in the team.

Ivan Drago

Ox looked lively against Swansea, so wouldn’t mind seeing him get another start

chamakh's barber

Get well soon feo


Blessing in disguise?

North Bank Gooner

Lets hope its a “Fergie” type of International injury, not a “3 week” injury.

Get well soon Theo!

Adam, Watford

Not too worried that Theo is potentially missing, yes, we miss his pace on the wing but really miss him ? No, I don’t think so.
He drifts too central too often, so Jenks has shown he can do both jobs if he has to.

It is nice to have our ‘ Henry-lite ‘ as an option but he’s hardly our ‘ star-man ‘.


not really a big loss for england or arsenal. money grabber


So it begins…


Any one lip read? It seems he is saying, “why always me”?


Lip read on a picture? Boy, that is talent.


Sorry. I forgot muggles cannot see moving pictures. 🙂

Daft Aider

I’m sure it looked like he was saying “But will I be able to use my control pad on the xbox?”


“I….I still get paid, right?”


International football should be tied up in a sack and chucked in a fucking river.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

MC Karu

Blessing in disguise.


Shame we got our 2 best wingers out when we really need to go on a proper run, guess its time to unleash the Ox. Come back soon Theo and prove your haters wrong.

Dr Baptiste

“we got our 2 best wingers out” What? Gervinho isn’t injured

Dr Baptiste

So, Theo is going to score the same amount of goals during these next 3 weeks that he did during the previous 3 weeks. Is that what we’re saying?

Emannuel Eboue

Yay! Arsenal news! Boooo, 3 week injury.


Oh well… par for the course this season. Hopefully Ox can step up. In an alternate universe (otherwise known as last night when I was up late messing around with a weirdly out of date version of FIFA 13 on my son’s 3DS), I replayed this season with Judas and Song still in the team (and no Cazorla–not my idea, that’s the roster the game came with!) and guess what… Judas was pants until March and we nearly managed to get fucking relegated. Mind you, it may well have been my fault–it took me fifteen games to realize that my… Read more »


Bizarre as it sounds given his new status (not to mention paypacket) he’s probably the one out of the main starters we’ll miss the least at the moment. As others have said, Theo’s been drifting along not doing much of anything these last few weeks, and Ox looked a lot lot sharper last weekend than he has for a while.

Sorry Theo, but I’d be a whole lot more upset if I was reading Kos or Santi were injured.


On the brightside, the San Marino won’t get a second crack at Theo’s ribs.


This site is full of complete cunts


Though not as complete as you, it seems.

Dial Square

It is now you’re here, twat, there are other sites you know, no one is holding a gun to your fucking head.


Twats, he is useless anyways, for the past three years, only purples paches now and then. Was not buying mata, villa worth keeping this $ cunt?

Dr Baptiste

Mata – wanted more than our wage structure allows
Villa – Barcelona didn’t want to sell

We already had Theo and I seems to be a case of ussaying we can keep our high profile players (not necessarily our best). So in one way yes, in another no.

Next question


Actually we didn’t pay the Mata fee on time, it wasn’t a wage issue.

El blondo

Seriously…fuck off & don’t waste our time with your daily mail / goal.com tabloid comments. Support the team or follow a club like Citeh where all your FIFA 13 wet dream ambitions can be fulfilled.


Has been god awful for the past couple of weeks now, he had to be dropped at some point! Mild Thanks nature,…

……also bad bad bad! nature, how dare you injure feo!

Jim Jimminy

Anyone else despise itv’s gabriel clarke?

Dr Baptiste

Well, that looks like a train

Dr Baptiste

Blogs, can you delete this? I was writing something, thumb slipped on to go and now i look a little crazy


No edit button shall ever be used on arseblog news.


The OX is getting a start and I’m really looking forward to him making his mark on this England team!!!

Unleash the OX


I’m Irish but I can’t bring myself to watch robbie keane playing for any team never mind Ireland!!!
Hope you die you spud reject


Should’ve flogged the little prick when we had the chance.


The best thing about this news is there’ll be no ‘insightful’ interview after the game.Oh,and a proper footballer can take our free kicks & corners!


Just in time for an on fire oxlade chamberlain.
Im sorry but it looks like an injury is the only way theo was ever gonna get droppped. He’s been below par of late. FACT.

Time to see what the OX can do for us now….


FACT. I hate when people type FACT in all Capps. If you type FACT, chances are, it’s an opinion. FACT.


Two great goals by the Ox and Giroud today, by the way!


Rambo scored a penalty too!


Yepp, haven’t seen that one, though. Anyone got a link to spare?


I have one but its the only one, so no spares sorry 🙁


Didnt see the england game but james mccarthy was very impressive in midfield for ireland tonight. reminded me of paul davis of old doing the simple things right. he is gonna improve. we could do a lot worse.


iirc we enquired about him apparently but got quoted for more then we expected, wouldn’t be surprised if we did go for him though.


This San Marino match has been more one sided than Rvp against a former
stripper. No chance!

Dr Baptiste

Good calculated foul by Ramsey. Rules him out of the next game, gives him a breather and stopped Scotland potentially scoring an equaliser. Good penalty too before that.


Hate to say this but…… What Ramsey did tonight was fantastic. It was a Roy Keane(Kill me now) performance. Give everything for your team no matter what the consequences. He was amazing tonight and just sums up the attitude we have seen recently.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Ha, I was just taking a look at the bbc “live scores” for a quick update on the ever so annoyingly timed qualifiers. Scotland opened the score apparently. From there, Ramsey, yellow 45+3 minutes (my reaction: silly man), Ramsey, penalty 73 minutes (my reaction: good man), Robson -Kanu scored on the 74th minute (Arsenal Academy, well done), Ramsey, red card 90+4 minutes (reaction: proper man). I just knew Ramsey made a (otherwise ironic) tactical foul. Oh and bless the Ox, saw the highlights and when he hit the crossbar, I just felt for him.. How many times does he need… Read more »


I wish Robson Kanu had made into our first team, purely because of his unbelievably awesome name

North Bank Gooner

The Ox has hit the bar more times than TGSTEL, at least he wasnt driving!

Wenger's Titty Milk

Am actually kinda happy he’s out the team. A good player. Fast. Will never EVER be a great player. Sigh.

[…] The Interlull claimed its first injury victim as Theodore P Walcott withdrew from the England squad with a thigh injury. He flew back to London to get treatment and while it’s hard to know at this stage how long it might keep him out for, I’d guess ‘three weeks’. […]

Too Drunk To Be Offside

I know its a little mean, but I think I really like Roy Hodgson. With the kind of form Walcott is in, this injury will be a good excuse to not have in in the team for 21 days.

[…] 在国际比赛周传出的第一条阿森纳球员伤情来自英格兰国家队,沃尔科特因大腿有伤提前飞回伦敦求医,具体伤情和恢复时间尚未知,但我猜大概也要“三周”后重回球场吧。 […]


Check out gervinho with absolute skill here, beats 4 players in the process, gets assist.


You lot are actually stupid.

Walcott is a great player and even if he wasn’t, your still stupid for hating on one of your own.

Erwan C

Watched the England and Wales games and the Ox was great for England, was lively and a constant threat. And Rambo was amazing for Wales, was solid in deep midfield, and once Bale left and Ramsey took over the number 10 role I was amazed, I never knew he was that creative, was pretty at the heart of anything Wales tried to do. From what I can tell both Mertasacker and Cazorla put in solid shifts for their countries as well. I’m always amazed when I see the list of all our players on international duty, I tend to forget… Read more »


Oxlade has much more pottential that Theo.

Even Pat Rice when he was taking over for Wenger when he got banned from the touch line, he said after the game Theo is a spirited individual but he will struggle to keep Oxlade out of the starting 11.

Theo just needs to stop taking set pieces and do what hes told e.g. play on the wing.

Then i wont av a problem with him cause his pace always makes him a asset to the team.


we have gnabry and the ox anyways