Door opens for Szczesny as Fabianski a doubt for Everton


Wojciech Szczesny could come back into the Arsenal team tomorrow after Arsene Wenger revealed that Lukas Fabianski is a ‘major doubt’ for the game against Everton.

The elder of the two Poles took a kick to the ribs and will be assessed tomorrow, but should he miss out then it’s like Szczesny will return to first team action for the first time in almost 6 weeks.

His last appearance was in the 2-1 defeat at White Hart Lane, and although he hasn’t even made the bench for the last couple of games he was backed by the Arsenal manager after the decision to drop him.

“We are in a competitive world, he has nearly played 100 games for this club and at his age that is absolutely fantastic,” said Wenger at the time.

“He has a great future. He is a very young goalkeeper. You do not find very many goalkeepers at his age who have the experience he has already. That’s why I believe he has a great future. But he lives in a world where competition exists.”

With Fabianski out of contract this summer, and unlikely to sign a new deal, this could be a chance for Szczesny to reassert himself as the number 1 goalkeeper, with Wenger hoping the ‘rest’ will see him refocused and, hopefully, returning to form.

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big black clock

Gutted for Fabianski. It was just written on the wall that any player on a great run of form for Arsenal has to get injured, innit?

Hope the kick up the arse for Szczesny worked tho.


Fab has been quality, shame to see him injured. His keeping had been so reassuring, not seen him make an error in this recent stretch, not to mention he actually holds on to most shots rather than parrying them back into the box for a follow up shot..

Hope Szczesny comes back in good form, need him on point to win these vital points!


I remember two outstanding moments in the norwich game by fabianski.

1. A certain norwich player gets everything behind the ball, I think oh shit….this one’s heading in. Fabianski: boom holds it on chest.

2. Snodgrass ghosts his way into the 18 box (after we had just hit our 2nd on the other end) shoots I’m now thinking oh well that’s it, fabianski saves outstandingly with an outstreched leg.

I’m not saying he’s the best thing out there but it’s moments like this that reminds you he was something! and might still be!!


Fab out of contract in summer? Before I would have been fine with that but now I’m confused………..
Will we get a better replacement?
Will the possibility of bottlenecking szcz’s progress mean we won’t get an adequate replacement?
So many questions, so little answers……………………………………..

Scott P

I’m excited to see him back in the squad, even if Fabianski was doing a pretty good job and he was showing a dip in form. He’s our future in goalkeeping, after all! Best of luck to him tomorrow.


Really hope he comes back to the squad and does well! He’s a gooner and i really want him to be in the team for years to come!


Now let us see the effect of him being out of the last 6 games. Hope it is a positive one


I can’t help but snicker at the irony of hearing pundits talk about the ‘stability’ and ‘confidence’ that Fabianski brings to the back line…


I have no idea why we’re not extending Fabianski’s contract, though I fully understand if it’s a case of him not wanting to risk being #2 during his most likely last big contract. The natural progression would be to promote Martinez and keep Mannone as back-up for Szczesny, but I’m not really sure how healthy it’ll be with 3 very young goalkeepers, with only Szczesny having some kind of experience. He’s also known for niggles and light injuries, so it would be good to have someone more assuring than Mannone behind him. There’s nothing wrong with Mannone at all, he’ll… Read more »


Iam arseblog, I know this.


QPR are going down anyway. Maybe we can get Cesar as back up to Szcz. He would help the young keeper develop as well.


Dibs on Cesar and Remy maybe? maybe for a neat package and send them our youngsters on loan like Eisfield, that would be very good business.


Only if Bagpus gets the boot at QPR. Don’t want him contaminating our youngsters.



Bagpus being something entirely different that ‘a friend’ of mine suffers greatly from.

the only sam is nelson

although comparing the twitching one to a bag of pus isn’t really that unfair. unless you’re taking into account how the bag of pus feels, i suppose


only send eisfield on loan


Caesar will most likely high-tail it back to Brazil so he can get called up…..

Parisian Weetabix

Hum. I’m intrigued more than anything by this news. Fab was getting something going there, he’s looked solid since the Bayern game, and I think we were a stronger team with him in goal. But Szczesny has already proved himself a very talented goalkeeper; he just now needs to prove he has what it takes to come back from such setbacks. Hopefully we won’t need an inspired display against Everton, but he’s a player with a point to prove, and I’m hoping we see the far more committed, decisive and solid Wojciech that we are all so attached to. Gutted… Read more »


I would like to see Fabianski sign a new contract, I think he’s got over the major hurdles in his Arsenal career. In fact I was just thinking, much as I like Szczesny, I’d like to see Fabianski keep his place. He’s been doing well, his distribution is great. Anyway, no matter who plays, here’s to three points on Tuesday.


I wouldn’t call his distribution great, it’s ok. he kicked many balls out of play. he just hasn’t been tested too much in the last two games to have to distribute.

Woolwich Peripatetic

I think I read somewhere that Szcezzer manages to find a Gunner with 70% of his kicks & throws whilst Fab manages about 50%.
Of course Spain’s no 1 and no 2 are supposedly both available this summer, both ideally suited to how we want to play and very experienced. The only question mark over both of them is how would they deal with the physicality of the EPL, De Gea is only now getting used to it and he’s been here (England that is) for a season and a half.


Its come to a stage where Fab was doing so well I don’t know who our no.1 is, dam these selection headaches Wenger must be having. Hope Szcz can jump back in deep end and show us why hes got the no.1


C’mon Cheezer!


I always rated Szez higher but Fabianski’s been solid lately. Good luck to both, we need those 3 points against Everton (At least a draw).

chamakh's barber

If we aren’t going to sign a new goalkeeper this year then a one year extension for Fab doesn’t sound so bad, if he is interested that is


Szcz is the best. Welcome boy, he is going save even if penalty will be given. I love him

Match Ball

I won’t go past Szczesny. I promise.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You better not bounce off him either, or you’ll meet mister screwdriver.



We got away with it with Fabianski. His record might look good on paper, but he was AWFUL on every cross and we should be thankful that 99% of all shots against him were off target.

Bring back the real No.1

team spirit

who removed him in the first place? Those 3 goals against Bayern M was prob the last straw after so many others you felt he could have saed… hopefully, he gets back to form. Fab was likely to be No 1 but for his injuries… i doubt he would stay and be No 2 to WS

Eric Irish gunner

He saved us Saturday at 2-1 with a brilliant save and has done well when giving his chance

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Another fan who decides somebody is shite and then will ignore every good game they have for the rest of their Arsenal career because it doesn’t fit with their opinion. Not only kicking a man when he’s down but continuing to kick him even after hes got back up.

Good luck to you Fabianski, wherever you end up. Hope you get to be a 1st choice somewhere.


I’ve been saying all year that WE SHOULD SIGN JULIO CESAR this summer. He will be very cheap, if not free, and will likely not have a wage bill that is out of our means. QPR are all but relegated and will need to offload him whilst he will be keen to join a big club. Moreover, he is said to enjoy London and won’t have to leave it. He is a Top Class Goalkeeper (some ranked him as the best in the world just 3 years ago) and he has loads of experience both in Europe and now, in… Read more »


Off topic-how the fuck has that dirty little cunt Aguero not been banned for that ‘challenge’ yesterday?
Oh I forgot,the game is run by clowns & half wits.If that was an Arsenal player he’d be looking at a six game ban.Or a firing squad.

Eric Irish gunner

He done it to another dirty cunt

Adebayor still loves Arsenal

So happy to see Aguero give Brian May a dose of his own medicine. Luis is a reincarnation of Shearer and Bergkamp rolled into one …. can’t make a tackle without elbowing someone in the mouche.

Glory Hunter

@ Rodders;
We have played Man City twice & they have to play both Spurs & Chelsea, you should be glad he isn’t suspended, unless of course you think we can still get 2nd spot 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’m hoping for draws all round for Chelsea and Spurs when they play City…. and losses for all three of them in every other game they play. Second would be lovely after all the piss-taking over us supposedly aiming for a 4th place trophy. I’d just like to see what the response would be if we left Spurs trailing in our wake once more, came above Chelsea for a second year running (but with them winning no cups this time to soothe the crazy Russian), and pipping the multi-billionaire self-sponsoring wanker City into second. Would anybody hail Wenger as a… Read more »

Nigeria's Rosicky

we definitely need a new shot stopper whether he extends he contract or not.


Happy to see that the prospect of not having Fabianski fit for our next game is a concern for us fans. Everyone knows he has had his fair share of difficult patches here at Arsenal, but it says a lot about his character and now-apparent quality to come back as well as he has. Although there is no denying the big talent that Shezzer is, both are fantastic keepers who give each other much needed competition which is fantastic, and only benefits the squad as a whole. Kudos to the coaching staff as well, who have clearly worked tirelessly to… Read more »


Fabianski is not better than Szczesny if u consider ability. I swear he’s in the form of his life. Hopefully, the ‘rest’ will invest in the future, Szczesny!

petits handbag

Let’s just hope he has nothing to do,best we can hope for!!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If he has nothing better to do then I hope he scores. It’s been a long time since an Arsenal goalie scored for us.


Szczeny lacks focus which fabianski has shown a lot of lately. I think he has Attention deficit or something remember [email protected] The Emirates it will be do or die for him tomorrow. If he fucks up tomorrow he will have no one to blame but himself for being # 2. I hope we won’t miss Fabianski tomorrow.

Alan Lawless

a top rate goalkeeper needs to be purchased in the summer end of story, keep schesney as 2nd choice and let him learn from whoever we bring in.It is not a coincidence we have not won anything since having Lehmann the lunatic in goal and before him the mighty Seaman.Goalkeeper in my opinion is the most important position to get right can be worth 15 to 20 points a season.

Alan Lawless

apologies for my dreadful spelling of chesney or is it sezzney or is it zzezzney who cares.


What, other than his entire ancestry?


Bad timing for Fabianski, he’s starting to build some momentum and form and then boom, injury! Surely if SZCZ comes back into the team that’s it for the end of the season.

You can see how easily a players fortune changes, especially in goal. I would imagine that would be the end of Fabianski’s career as an Arsenal player, considering he wants a move!

I would personally still like to see a more experienced keeper bought in the summer, someone in the mould of Cesar or


Schwarzer, experienced but not going to be around for ever, SZCZ could learn from them and still know that his chance will come sooner than later!


Polish journalist & close friend Łukasza Fabiańskiego, Marcin Rosłoń, say in interview for polish blog, “Łukasz Fabiański have contract with Arsenal until 30.VI 2014” I think, he say true, this journalist play with Fabiański in Legia Warsaw and they be very close friends. I`m live in Poland, and of course very nice for me to see 2 goalkipper with my country in Arsenal, but now is time to leave for Fabiański. He have really good skill and for me is the best goalkipper in Poland. But, Fabiański is too many time in AFC, he never play all season in… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I believe in Fabianski.


It’d be nice if stays and starts as our no 1 next season, SZCZ is a true gooner all the way, Im sure he understand thats best for the team a.k.a results.


Both mannone & fabianski are gone in the summer. Personally, I’d like begovic to come in, as he is a quality keeper. Szczesny needs competition clearly, as his complacency this season has proved. No harm in having two good goalies!

Siz C

“Goalkeeper in my opinion is the most important position to get right can be worth 15 to 20 points a season.” The best keeper in the world, couldn’t have prevented the reading goal. to save 15 points a season the defense needs to sort it out. I feel we finally have all the right (and very competent) parts now. Gibbs/Nacho, Verm/Kos/Mert, Sagna/Jenk. They just need to focus and get rid of their propensity for mistakes. And maybe (just MAYBE) Fab and Scez are the future together. Prior to his prolonged absence from the team Fab was showing some substance. I… Read more »

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Fabianski has done really well for us and proven rather too many just how wrong they can be about a player.

But if he can’t play tomorrow then we’re fortunate to have either a rejuvenated Szczesny looking to prove himself or a good solid backup in Mannone.

The point is that whoever happens to be in goal for us against Everton we get behind him with our FULL UNCONDITIONAL support.

So, if you’ve got some prejudice, doubt, or preference then you’d better leave it at the turnstile. Because it’d be as pointless as supporting Sp*rs.

Kano Gooner

Apostolos are you a spud or what?
We need three points no less!
Who’s even contemplating a draw in this decisive match!
You must be a spud to have wished that!


Oh dear.


Our goalkeepers get injured more than Diaby.


Sorry to say Fab is not good enough for us Szcz is going to be a better keeper. Show the faith in the young pole and bring in an experienced goaly to help bring him on in the same way I think Bacs has to stay to help Jenks


I imagine we have an “INJURY” much like there’s a “DEATH” for well… know death. (the one in black cloth, with no face and shit: (see: death from family guy) I expect this “INJURY” to have abit of wrapped in bandages thing going on.
…..Yep that so heres the deal

“INJURY” couldn’t just let the news stick at “rosicky back for everton” it had to add abit of ” but fabianski a doubt”.



Now we are talking. The Boss now have to make tough choices on who to play on all positions. That is depth. The Boss knows and he kept it cool when the whole world turned against him.

But anyway, happy to see Scz going back into the line-up, he is a Gooner and that is enough for me. But I love Fab too, he’s been quite solid


Alex Cutter

Welcome back Kenny!


I see what you did there. Kenny schezzney…


Oh so everyone at Arsenal is healthy and doing okay, well lemme do something about that – Injury.