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Giroud appeal rejected

As expected Olivier Giroud will have to serve a three match ban for the red card picked up against Fulham after the FA dismissed Arsenal’s appeal.

Despite obviously slipping the French striker’s clumsy last-minute challenge on Stanislav Manolev has been deemed ‘serious foul play’ by an FA panel obviously preoccupied with a certain toothy, racist cannibal.

The decision means the Gunners will have to do without the HFB for games against Manchester United, Queens Park Rangers and Wigan although he will be back for the last game of the season at Newcastle…the FA at least saw sense not to add to the ban as was potentially the case had they deemed Arsene’s appeal frivolous.

A statement from the FA reads:

“Following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing today, Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud has had his claim for wrongful dismissal rejected.

“Giroud was dismissed for serious foul play during his side’s game against Fulham at Craven Cottage on Saturday 20 April 2013.

“The player’s three-match suspension will therefore commence with immediate effect.”

It remains to be seen whether Arsene Wenger plumps for Theo Walcott, Lukas Podolski or even Gervinho in the central role. Who knows, he might troll us all and give Arshavin another run there.

In more positive news, the Premier League’s ‘Dubious Goals Panel’ has credited Giroud with Arsenal’s second goal against Norwich meaning he now has 17 for the season.

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While our CF options are slim (and in need of some summer strengthening), it can’t be denied the guy probably looks a bit flat right now and has worked hard and often almost all season. I hope this gives another player the opportunity to make a positive contribution (say, Walcott), provide the manager with a good opportunity to instill fresh tactics and develop other options (Podolski), and give someone like the Ox a chance to shine. All while not hurting our top four prospects…I believe in Arsenal and I also believe our summer acquisitions must be substantial. Wenger has a… Read more »


*Rio Ferdinand style clap*


Completely unrelated, but felt compelled to share…


Liverpool confirm they have received an undisclosed bid for Luis Suarez, from German side Borussia Munchonacentreback.

The Arsenal Gypsy

Old jokes …all over twitter last night….boooo

Arsene Wenger

Yes, I believe we all have the spirit and mental strength to trawl around Twatter looking for Suarez jokes on a very frequent basis.

Toure Motors

Did you say Boo or boourns?


I was saying boourns!


Ah Toure Motors – I love that joke.


I hear that Liverpool have made an offer for Grant Holt.
He’s to play in the hole and feed on Suarez’ leftovers.

Runcorn Gooner

Worth a try but we have to get on with it.We still have a decent squad more than capable of beating Manure on Sunday.


Typical. I didn’t expect anything more from the FA.


so, we didnt pay that much what manshitty paid to fa for kompany red card turnover..!!

Edu's Braces

This felt a lot like Champ Manager. “Do you want to appeal the red card received by Olivier Giroud” “APPEAL”, clicked continue i.e. my day – “Your appeal against the red card shown to Olivier Giroud has been rejected”, alas.


Time for the German to show his class.


My worry is he doesn’t sem 100% fit thats why he hasn’t been starting…


If that’s the case, then for me it has to be Gervinho starting, because the only other option–Theo Walcott–has been missing for a while now. At least Gervinho is unpredictable. Walcott is predictably useless right now.

In short, let’s pray that Podolski is fit enough to start.


I think Gervinho should start as well, firstly because he confuses opponents, I would like to see Phil Jones try and mark him! Secondly he is consistent at creating chances, the only problem is his decision making which is also random, he could either make a game winning final pass or blast it to row Z. Lets hope its all killer passes and Theo, Santi, Poldi maybe even Ramsey and Arteta get on the end of one.


Hmm, funny how a couple of months ago, we were praying he would sign another contract.

Perry S.

I’m under the same impression. I find it very difficult to believe it has anything to do with his play, because unless I’ve gone blind, I haven’t really seen a string of performances that would send him to the bench. Unlike a certain Theo…


Wenger should put the cards on the table with Podolski, if he isn’t fit enough to start then say it so we can stop speculating about if he is unfit or if it is just Wenger who don’t trust him to start.

Perry S.

What I just can’t seem to fathom is how could he not be trusted to start? He’s 10 fold better than our other Theo option.


That’s a good point. Maybe there’s no injury report because he’s not injured. Maybe we’re just making up this long-term injury thing because none of us can fathom why in the world Wenger would prefer Gervinho to Podolski at the left-forward position of late. Or why someone of Podolski’s caliber is sitting on our bench week in and week out, and/or never finishing 90 minutes even when he does start.


Podolski is not completely fit. Hes played for 90 minutes only once this season. I think it played a large part in the appeal against the red card. Yeah its that desperate now.


Arshavin up front, scores 4 to finish his Arsenal career the way he started it – in style!

Seriously though, has to be Poldi upfront for me.

Parisian Weetabix

Not sure if bullshit or not. I think it’s just unfortunate that, due to an unfortunate slip, Giroud ended up performing what Ryan Shawcross would deem a perfect challenge. I don’t blame Giroud, I don’t blame the FA and I don’t blame the ref. No, the real villains here are those bastard Fulham groundsmen!


He slipped on the ball so you should blame this damn pakistani children or wherever the ball is made!

big dawg

What a horrible thing to say. Go bite someone.

Arsene's Nose

F.A= Fucking Assholes… Group of rascist cunts


Chill out mate


Ok so try podolski through the middle, Theo and ox as speed wingers, gervinhio in the second half if poldi isn’t effective?


I don’t know if speed on the wings will help. United tend to sit back and soak up our pressure, try and make us waste the whole game passing around the back, before launching counterattacks against us.

I’d be inclined to use Gervinho, one of either Ox/Theo (more inclined with the former), and put one of the midfielders on the wing. No natural goalscoring outlet, but what the hell, not like we’ve had much attacking potency with our starting strikers the recent few games anyway.

Ben Arfa's older brother

I have perfect solution.

Bring back Chamakh from his West Ham loan , has similar scoring ratio to Giroud.


Fuckin useless, laughable FA again with TWO more wrong decisions as I didn’t think Giroud touched the cross….. Great for Olly but such incompetence yet again on both situations……

big dawg

Ahh well, gives us an opportunity to try something different. Podolski then Wally against a tired Poo-nited defence gives food for thought.

Merlin's Panini

Stupid FA.
Now that means Giroud has to hit a hat-trick against Newcastle for his 20.
Podolski should start through the middle for those three games, but I get the feeling he won’t.

Teri maa dhi

FA stands for ‘Fuck Arsenal’. And boy are they good at it!

big black clock

So why was Kompany’s red card against us overturned?

Merlin's Panini

bribe. probably.

petits handbag

It’s not a massive loss as Amy Lawrence said in the guardian podcast,Olly is shattered.
But if we go with Theo on his own we are screwed,Poldi is the only man for the job


Did anyone notice that none of Giroud’s teammates protested his red card? Maybe it’s not a big issue, but I would really like to see our players care a bit more in these situations.


If you don’t see it close-up, in real time it looked a bad challenge. None of the players were close enough to debate so they must have all thought it was a red too.


Dear god, please… if we are going to adopt part of the Barca style, let it be the pass and move and high pressure defense, not the battering and deceiving of the refs. Not that you are complainin too much, but we shouldn’t criticize our team for taking a tough decision on the chin and manning up for the rest of the game to secure the 3 points. Let’s keep the William Gallas style reactions to a minimum and keep our heads during these crucial moments.


Maybe you’re right, but not even one player going up to the ref and having a word is manning up, or not caring enough? It’s a fine line. Perhaps if we’d screwed up and drawn the game you’d have thought of it differently?

Dick Swiveller

I honestly think part of it is just not giving a shit about the refs, once you’ve been an Arsenal player for a few years or even a few months you must see how the refs are and you can either accept it or move on.

Having said that, refs haven’t been too bad for us this season, hell we’ve even had a few penalties!


Now please Wenger, no Gervinho or Walcott through the middle.

I would like if Prince Poldi scores a hattrick against ManUtd.

And the Pussy gets owned by Koscielny all game and by a strong sliding tackle from Rosicky.


Rosicky? Think Wilshere should get the honors.


Anyone will do, really. Though I’d prefer Wilshere or Kos.


I think Rosicky would do it better AND not get sent off for it 🙂


2 words. Callum McManaman. 2 more words. Fuck off.


How was Assou-Ekotto not sent off for his two-footed lunge on Zabaleta?

Le grove

He does not play for arsenal.


How was Kompany’s overturned but not Giroud’s? Completely ridiculous.


Maybe if he’d tried a two footed stamp on the opponent he’d have been let off! Er,sorry, we’re the Arsenal–

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Jack's Right Foot

Bring back The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived? Yeahhhh.


Maybe there is a return clause for chamack….ha

63 + 12 = 75pts = 3rd place

Giroud or no Giroud, or whether it’s Poldi, Theo, Gervinho or Arsene’s left-bollock playing in the central-striker role instead… just make sure we get the 3 points on Sunday please.

It’s humiliating enough having to applaud & salute the enemy. Do whatever it takes to win the fucking game.


Ox on the right. Podolski isn’t fit enough to start in the wing, so he’ll start in the middle. I don’t want Theo starting. At least Gervinho creates chances.

I am going to have a few heart attacks from now to the end of the season. Giroud’s defensive abilities are going to be missed.


No great surprise. Of course had he been an England international he could just have threatened not to play for England and hey presto, we would have had a BS reason to rescind manufactured for him.
Witness Shearer trying to take Neil Lennon’s head off with a kick then being let off because “he was trying to lift his boot out of the muddy turf” or Terry’s being rescinded for a rugby tackle on the half way line when he was last man.
Well done FA. You are truly guardians of all that is good and proper,.


The Greatest Striker That Ever Lived has reputedly gone into hiding in a Danish monastry close to where John Lennon and Yoko Ono did their hiding out – you heard it here- I’m in Denmark!

The Arsenal Gypsy

Hello Everyone…. I’m real vex And everyone should stop chatting about Poldi in up front or middle. Since the Liverpool home game have you seen Poldi play football for AFC. He is not fit ( Physically nor injuryfree). We should not be mentioning that option. Its either going to be Theo or G Force. G Force have to start practicing….shooting They should get a replica of De Gea and ask him to spend a few hours banging footballs at his head for starters and then move lower down. That will take away his fear Its frustrating as I thought the… Read more »


Hi real vex, nice to meet you.

massive goon

the fa are a fucking joke, how do they not ban aguero for stamping on luiz and not ban mcmanaman for trying to chop someones leg in half yet ban giroud for 3 games for attempting to get the ball and slipping and getting his foot on the ball and hardly touching the guy, HOW DOES ANY OF THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?…..and please not theo- just look at the bayern game, against 2 good centre backs he doesn’t stand a chance because at least giroud could hold onto the ball now and again whilst theo cant even put up a… Read more »


What a noble cause.

The HFB will spend his time during the suspension ending the tension in the Middle East using only his smile.


Obviously most of us hope for podolski through the middle, but I’d expect wilshire to play vs utd, probably in the forward midfield role. That means Cazorla on the left ( which I have no problem with). So theo or chamberlain on the right, personally I’d use the ox, plenty of determination there and his form is better, also theo doesn’t tend to play well vs evra, but I’d be suprised if Wenger didn’t pick theo, sorry gerv, just don’t see space for you in this one

Theo De Janeiro

I believe manure can get the recors number of points this year. So still have ‘something’ to play for

Perry S.

Out of curiousity, but chances that many of the first team squad for United is rested on Sunday? Would Fergs give them the day off and not risk their long-term health? My feeling is high on doubt, but that would be greatly appreciated Fergs, greatly appreciated.


I do genuinely believe he will rest Van Persie, and maybe even not take him to London at all.

Dick Swiveller

Yep, he probably doesn’t want his team walking out as champions to a chorus of boos, it might happen anyway but if RvP went with them, it;d be a certainty.


I think it’s pretty high, honestly. With the honor guard business, there’s no way he brings RVP to London. I can see him “rewarding” his first team members by resting them on Sunday…but it is nearly a full week with the late Sunday kickoff. Either way, we all know their second string is more than capable of running riot over us regardless…


Does anyone reckon United might just ‘roll over’ to let us win? They did it against West Ham seasons ago to keep them from getting relegated. A certain Carlos Tevez won the game for the Hammers.

a gooner in Manchester

Vermealen to play up front, good in the air, good left foot and able to finish. Anyone?

the corner flag

you are not serious right

a gooner in Manchester

if I have him in my local team, I’ll be dead serious about this.

Who knows, Per played CF in some games when looked desperate enough.

Moreover, Vermaelen can also help defend corners and set pieces like Giroud.

Arsense, if you do this, pretend it doesn’t come from me!

Dave Gooner

Football isn’t your first language, is it?

the corner flag

I hope Podolski is fit enough to play 90 and the injury doesn’t take an effect on his performance. If he is fully fit no doubt he shud start through the middle. He is in the same class as David villa, Van persie, Rooney , Jan huntlaar etc. he is no giroud with his areal presence but we have been dependant on giroud cause we were in a transition stage, but from now on we shud not be dependant on this its not the arsenal way, arsenal need a striker like poldi/van Persie/eduardo with that killer instinct. Podolski has it,… Read more »


Here are our options (or lack thereof)
1. Poldi – Apparently Injured
2. Walcott – No Form
3. Gervinho – Fit, somewhat confident, unpredictable
4. Ox -On the wings
5. Arshavin – Overweight
7. Chamakh, Park – Loaned
8. BFG – Needed in Defence

Looks like we must look to our academy – Akpom and Gnabry

And trouble in mid too – There’s news that Arteta’s a doubt and Rozza not full fit.

Frankly, I’d take a draw. Let us hope their celebrations continue till Saturday


Have tp give credit when credit due: “Bunch of Twats” Ashley Cole he might be one but he knew!


Hah. The FA’s really just bursting with incompetence. Not banning Aguero for stomping down on Luiz but this is worth a three match ban? Wow.

Who are these people anyway? How is it that an association which so blatantly fail to do a decent job nine times out of ten gets to continue with their jobs? They must know how worthless they are at what they do. A Stoke supporter would do a better job than they do.


Ah, well. If we don’t finish top four then a least Wenger will have a ready-made excuse.


Do you genuinely believe in anything you say, or do you just spout mindless negativity to get a reaction? There is a difference between realism and pessimism without substance you know.


Get behind the team Fats. If you don’t like it the way it is, stop watching and come back when Wenger is gone or whatever it is you want happens.

Dick Swiveller

You honestly think Wenger would say that?

You might know Arsneal but you sure as shit don’t know Arsene.

Every time we fuck up (with monotonous regularity these days…), he holds his hands up and says we weren’t good enough, if we don’t get into the top 4 I’m sure he’ll say the same again. He might go on the odd rant after a match bur who doesn’t?

Silent Stanley

It’s Arseblog’s fault. Here is the evidence that FA reviewed(Arseblog’s photo of the tackle)-


Giroud- His face looked like he doesn’t care he just made a good tackle

Gobshit- He’s wincing in pain.

That’s it. 3 match ban upheld.

Signed FA

Judgement day (once more)

The french bloke made the Fulham player use his head to balance his body. THREE GAMES, DAMMIT!!

Olivier Giroud


Elijah bobo

I will love to see podolski in the front run cos he is also a left footer but let ox and walcot to play from both the wing it will help us to destroy man united

TO Gooner

On an unrelated note, I made two very regrettable mistakes: I congratulated a cousin and life long cunt, uh, United supporter, on the title. I still feel queasy thinking about it…. Second. I read an article by Matt Law on how RvP is comparable to Henry in his departure, and his current accomplishments should be appreciated by Arsenal fans. I see no point in listing why Matt Law is an ignorant cunt. I do know he lives somewhere in England while I don’t. So, if one of you Englishmen see Matt Law cuntishly lurking about in a pub, or a… Read more »

Midfield Corporal

I have no faith in the FA, macmanam and Aguero are let off for making terrible challenges whilst Girouds slip is punished with a three game ban? I assume the FA will decide that even though one of the officials probably saw a bit of the Suarez incident they will re-referee the incident on this occasion……and ignore any precedent they set when not being at all outraged by Defoe biting someone a few years ago. They just make it up as they go along.

2G Gunner

Think I might be experiencing a Keown-esqu rush of blood (either that or it’s the alcohol doing the talking) but I really fancy seeing Akpom up front. Failing that it has to be Poldi


Goetze doing a van persie. Eh? The judas of Germany.


10 years of hard work rebuilding the Bundesliga into a competitive league based on a blossoming stream of local German talent may have just gone down the drain with that transfer. It’s harmful to have a two-horse league like in Spain, having a one-horse league like in Scotland and now in Germany is a kiss of death. Well played, Mario, sehr gut gespielt.


I think that The CL final will be Bayern Munich v Madrid….Barcelona will still be at the Allianz Arena passing the fucking ball around. c*nts


have to say i think the red was deserved. he went in with his foot raised and went over the ball. i don’t think his standing foot slipping made any difference to what was a dangerous and stupid tackle. in recent weeks he is doing his best to blow what was a very positive start to his career. hope he doesn’t become another chamakhesque half a season wonder. we’ll have to play on the break against united now as we don’t have anyone else up front who can hold the ball up.

Dick Swiveller

Yeah, his foot was a little high but no higher than Nasri’s against Walker imo, which doesn’t seem to be deemed a red card. I think it’s the consideration of all the worse tackles that go unpunished that makes you feel it’s a little harsh, ‘serious foul play’? Really? A slightly clumsy tackle, when a two footed stamp is considered acceptable?


And who’s thought is that? We needed a striker last year as cover for an injury prone rvp but he stayed fit and we got away with it.
Some of us knew and said we needed another striker this year and again in January but again we didn’t buy. If we don’t get champions league football it’s purely down to lack of investment in the obvious areas yet again.
The fact that we have little options up front for the run in is completely of our own making. Fuck all to do with the fa or bad luck


We gonna miss you Giroud.

Now bring on Gervinho. Keep Poldi’s cannon on the left where he is very deadly.



You people are making me sick with your Gervinho vs Theo, the point of having a striker is having “put it on a plate and i will take care of the rest” type of player Theo is faster and a better finisher do you really think Gervinho is an “I will take care of the rest” player? Gervinho’s unpredictablity is better on the wing. Wenger must also start The-Ox as a Right Winger he seemed to get a kick out of leaving Evra with his dick in his hands. And also the last time we started with both Gervinho &… Read more »


it is never a disaster not having giroud on the pitch.

[…] Gunners will go into the next three games without the services of Olivier Giroud, that has seen the appeal from his club rejected following his dismissal in Craven Cottage. The FA has released an official statement on this […]

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