Report: Arsenal 3-1 Norwich (inc goal video)


Arsenal left it late but took an invaluable three points against Norwich at the Emirates today as they ran out 3-1 winners.

Arsene Wenger made changes from the team that beat West Brom. Thomas Vermaelen came in for Per Mertesacker at centre-half, Kieran Gibbs replaced Nacho Monreal at left-back while fit again Jack Wilshere started in place of the injured Tomas Rosicky.

After a fairly uneventful opening, in which Arsenal probed well and had to cope with a Norwich side that got 10 men behind the ball at all times, the Gunners had their first real attempt on goal in the 23rd minute. Bacary Sagna crossed from the right hand side, Olivier Giroud’s near post header went just over the bar.

Gervinho had a chance when Arsenal won the ball back high up the pitch, but looked a bit like his old self when he overran it in the box, and the Ivorian was then put clean through by a brilliant Cazorla pass. He went around the keeper but pushed it a bit wide, before his shot rolled across the Norwich goal with no Arsenal player following in for a tap-in.

Bacary Sagna then drilled in a low cross from Giroud at the near post but the Norwich keeper made a block from the Frenchman’s smart touch. Gervinho then fired in a great cross but the rest of the Arsenal players were standing watching.

Santi Cazorla fired in a left footed shot from distance in the 40th minute but it was routine for Bunn, and after a series of late corners, an Olivier Giroud header was deflected wide as the teams went in level at the break.

There was early second half danger from Norwich as Arsenal scrambled to get a corner clear, and there were shouts for an Arsenal penalty as a Wilshere shot looked to hit a hand after good build-up from Ramsey and Gibbs.

Norwich then took the lead after being given a debatable free kick on the corner of our box. Snodgrass clipped it in, Turner had a free header and nodded home inside the near post to give the visitors the lead.

Arsene Wenger then brought on Theo Waclott and Lukas Podolski for Gervinho and Wilshere, and the England man should have had a 65th minute penalty when he was clearly pushed inside the Norwich box but the referee waved play on.

Podolski had a chance when a Sagna cross landed at his feet, but he looked like a man who hasn’t played much and his first touch was heavy. When Arsenal did work some space down the left hand side, the delivery from Gibbs was poor, and referee Mike Jones seemed allergic to giving Arsenal free kicks whilst handing them out to Norwich all day long.

Lukas Podolski thundered a shot off the bar in the 78th minute after a clever chest down by Giroud, before Arsenal made their final change bringing on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in place of Bacary Sagna.

Arsenal were then awarded a penalty when Giroud was hauled down in the box from a corner, the assistant flagged as the referee played on, and Mikel Arteta sidefooted home despite Bunn getting a touch to equalise. 1-1.

Arsenal went ahead a couple of moments later. Brilliant running at the Norwich defence from Oxlade-Chamberlain, he played a 1-2 with Podolski inside the Norwich box, got to the byline, played it across goal and Giroud stabbed home from close range, except it was actually an own goal. 2-1.

Norwich kicked off and almost equalised straight away but for a great Fabianki save, followed by another good stop from the resulting corner. It was vital from the Pole as Arsenal extended their lead just moments later.

Walcott had the ball in the box, delayed the pass, eventually gave it to Lukas Podolski who took it, turned and curled a shot into the bottom corner to seal the game. 3-1.

It was late, it wasn’t exactly great, but you can’t argue with the three points.

Come on!

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It was worth watching the internet feed just to hear Tony Gale greetin’ like a wee bairn in the last ten minutes when the match turned against him.

melb gooner

mate should have headed down to celtic bar!


thanks for the tip, i’ll have to sort out a visit there for the next one

Parisian Weetabix

You had that stream too? The man couldn’t have been more anti-Arsenal!

pensive gooner

It was absolutely appalling. I don’t know what these commentators have against Arsenal – to be completely honest I can live with them hating on Arsenal – but their sheer ignorance and stupidity when it came to our team selection just pissed me off: Anyone who so much as looks at the score/assists record for Arsenal (and doesn’t bother to watch our games) will know that Gervinho’s place in the starting lineup was completely justified (and if they did bother watching our games they may have noticed that he played pretty well too). So when they kept droning on and… Read more »


I had to mute the commentary!

Wenger's secret stash

I remember that point. He obviously hasn’t watched any games recently. I am not joking. Should be fired for such a lack of basic knowledge about what’s happening in the game.

Bould's Eyeliner

the worst part is that there’s that british cunt on Fox Soccer who thinks Gale is a god and just repeats what he says word for word…

Rambo's jungle knife

Here in Asia, commentators are the same. They all insinuate on things or lead the viewers to see that Arsenal had been favored with refereeing decisions and the like. Maybe foxsports commentators and their English counterparts are cut from the same mold…..Or maybe we can cut some new guys from a new mold with my knife…..


Let me take this opportunity to rant at two of the biggest fucks I’ve heard talk about an Arsenal game.

First, Tony Gale, your chin looks like the scrotum of a dog with one testicle. Don’t hate arsenal, that’s the way genetics work.

Second, Steve McMahon. We won the league in ’89 in Anfield when you were the captain. Hahahaha. No matter what you say about the Arsenal, this fact will remain hilarious for the rest of eternity.

Wenger's secret stash

I am so fucking glad other people mentioned this. Obviously I am biased, but trying to look at that commentary as objectively as I could I was fucking appalled at this massive, massive, massive anti-Arsenal shit. When they rugby tackled our player, Gale said, “That happens all the time in and around the box! Usually they’re not given.” He also said when we had a stone wall pen on Wally Wally Walcott, “Never a penalty.” Then he said, “Look at Wenger moaning. There’s not point complaining, you should have scored earlier!” When Norwich were time wasting he actually said, “Look… Read more »


what a massive fucking cunt. Who cares if the linesman or the ref gave the penalty, it was as obvious of a penalty as they get.



Couldn’t stand him at the end of the game, saying “Arsenal got away with this one,” as though the team that dominated possession, made all the opportunities, and scored 3 goals from 1-0 down somehow didn’t deserve to win.


If Man United did the exact same thing, I bet he’d have said it showed their class and was a sign of true champions. But when we do it it’s fluke, and we got away with it. Prick

Santi Claws

Thank god I’m not the only one who noticed that. I thought I was some crackpot conspiracy theorist desperately searching for any kind of anti-Arsenal propaganda.

But it really was just a massive cunt of a commentator.


Happy St. Totteringham’s day ya all!

Dr. Love

Easy…don’t jinx it


I’ll put a “never in doubt” comment here at the end of the season 🙂

Seriously, that scared? Come on, winning in such a fashion is crucial for the spirit of a team. We’re going to make it now, I’m sure.


I’m still curious as to what AVB thinks of this “negative spiral”!


Not to be a pessimist, but let’s wait for the fat lady to sing?


Where does that saying come from? What fat lady? What song?

Good to be a gooner?

Piling Piners

I’m actually waiting for the fish to jump!!

Judas van Quisling is a cunt

What fat lady? Grant Holt?


The fat lady is Bale and she’ll be singing songs of Madrid.

A Yank

C: I believe the first use was from an NBA championship series years ago (in the late 70s maybe). The Washington Bullets were losing to the Seattle Supersonics by a couple of games (they are best-of-7 game series) and a Bullets’ fan made a sign that said: “The Opera Ain’t Over Until the Fat Lady Sings.”

The Bullets came back to win the series and the saying stuck.

At least that’s my recollection. Maybe Google/The Internets says differently.

A Yank

Okay, so I just checked. And it turns out the expression was first used in the previous round of that year’s NBA playoffs w/r/t the team that lost to the Bullets. The coach of he Bullets heard it and adopted it when his team went down a couple of game.

Curiously, the team it was first used about? Spurs (the San Antonio Spurs, that is).

I think the takeaway here is that the Spurs were losers in this whole thing.

Midfield Corporal

I thought it related to Susan Boyle, as soon as she starts crooning I turn over.


Leave Susan Boyle out of this..


Oh damn, looks like I was late to the party with that gag 🙂

Midfield Corporal

I see you have an eye for the pretty ladies Paddy. Apologies, no offence intended. 🙂

I don't comment here often

Please don’t make this our “Mind the Gap”


“Hugely controversial decision at The Emirates for the equaliser. Linesman gives a dubious penalty from afar following a corner that never was.” (Gary Lineker). Guess what, spurs are 7 points behind Arsenal! “You are shaken after feeling such an injustice when a man 50-yards away gives a decision for a penalty that no Arsenal player appeals for.” (Neil Warnock). You’re on the fucking dole you inbred (and seriously ugly) cunt, and you would have been in jail if you weren’t a football “manager”! “etc etc etc” (Tony Gale). Be glad you have a job on the fascist Fox network you… Read more »

A Yank

“six fingered cunt!”

Just a heads up… I am going to be stealing this insult and probably not crediting you unless asked.


Sorry, I should’ve credited the user “Mega” on the liveblog comments. But actually, credit Blackburn fans (people from Burnley have, according to them, six fingers).


just want to point out that we are in fact only 1 point ahead of spurs.

but fuck tony gale regardless


As always they focus on the Arsenal negative side.

Not a word about the freekick that never was for the Norwich goal

Not a word about the penalty Walcott was not given.

But no, the linesman seeing the nailed-on penalty the ref ‘missed’ is the big story


Not one of them pointed out that the FK from which Norwich scored was the result of Snodgrass falling over himself


Hahaha brilliant Bonjour, loving your work!


Tony gale is a complete twat even my mate who’s a villa fan was saying so on hearing his poor excuse for commentary.
That Neil warnock quote also really pissed me off
“an injustice when a man” (actually linesman who is payed to make exactly these kinds of decisions)
“50-yards away” (hmmm try 25/30 yards)
“gives a decision” (correct decision)
“for a penalty that no Arsenal player appeals for.” which is just a lie all our players in the area appealed for it.
So in summary . . . colin wanker is a cunt

Parisian Weetabix

I’d like Neil Warnock, when reviewing the footage, to have a good hard look at Laurent Koscielny. He will no doubt notice Koscielny turn to the referee. He should notice him wave his arms in the air. He may well see him shout something at the referee. If Mr Warnock would then like to remove his dictionary from the attic, blow the dust and cobwebs off it, and find the “P” section, he may come across the entry: ‘protest (verb) – an expression or declaration of objection.’ I believe this would be an excellent opportunity for Mr Warnock to use… Read more »


Its actually funny about the linesman, I just realized that what Warnock is saying is he thinks that all linesmen are incapable of doing their jobs. Looking across the line they need to be able to judge the position of 2 players, possibly in a crowd, one possibly on the far touchline, in an instant and within an inch or so. Can you honestly say that is easier than looking across the line and seeing one player pull another over? If they are incapable of this…… If I was being picky I’d disagree with the fact that all of our… Read more »


Warnocks argument is completely pathetic, ‘a man who was 50 yards away.’ If this guy can spot a foul from this distance then he needs to be cloned and forced to officiate every game from now on in.

A N Other

Definately think there is world vs us.. Everyone is having a pot.. Let them who cares as long as we win every game.

Martian Pioneer

I really don’t know what’s wrong with the linesman giving a penalty… seeing as the ref is so incompetent… it was a definite penalty though


First of all it was a no doubt straight on penalty. How is there controversy when a guy is pulled down by his shirt in the box?

On the other hand, if a linesman called a penalty against Arsenal with the ref standing right there I would be seriously pissed off.


I suppose that is true. As fans, we want to get away with everything we can. So if the ref doesn’t call it, Norwich fans will rue their luck that the linesman called it.

But for a supposedly “neutral” commentator to call it like the most biased fan, really is very poor form.


It was clear Giroud was shaping up to shoot and then Kamara pulled him down. Clear penalty. What’s the big deal?




He said he was gutted the way the match turned out in the end. Does he just hate Arsenal or did he play for Norwich at some point in his career?


Two words: Garth Crooks.
Watching him squirm with Neil “I avn’t a clue bout t’ football lot” Warnock and loving every minute of it!!!!


I literally can’t count the number of bad things I want to happen to Neil Warnock. His face looks like it’s been spilled, and everything he says is smug, stupid, and irrelevant. He should be towed out to sea and sunk.

Henry's beard

This comment has made my day. Many thanks.


Agreed. The amount of hate and anger emanating from this Warnock neanderthal is unbelievable. It’s like Tony Pulis – a supposedly “pious Catholic” – but excels in whipping a bunch of men into a frenzy of hate to break peoples’ legs in the supposed “gentleman’s game”. Nothing different from a hate-based motivational speaker like Abu Hamza or Adolf Hitler. I’d like to get a psychologist to evaluate these men. What on earth has Arsenal done to make them hate us so much? Jealousy? Xenophobia? Personal vendetta with Wenger?


I was listening to that too. Amateurish commentary. He’s complaining about the correct decision being made, because it wasn’t made by the ref. so he’d rather a clear penalty was missed because the assistant didn’t do his job? The right decision was made, doesn’t matter who called it. What a total cunt. Anyway, fucking hell Arsenal, thought we’d blown it there. Brilliant last 10 mins! COYG


Did any one listen to the commentary and those cows went on how it wasn’t a penalty and how Norwich where hard done. Absolute cunts taking the glory from the lads that didnt give till the last minute.


I watch all the games online so all I can say is I hate that guy! If I sat next to him watching a football match, I’d punch him in the face. That’s probably why he’s a commentator, those twats are the only ones who can stand him.

Rocket Diary

There are times when i feel like “why on earth did I start watching football” , somehow those times coincide with the times I am listening to the sp*d cheerleader, Tony gale.

Midfield Corporal

Tony Gale is a joke, he talked about ‘Wenger’ with utter disdain whilst saying that ‘Chrissie’ will be gutter about our supposedly contraversial pen.
Does anyone else think that the way time wasting is added on needs a rethink. Norwich wasted loads of time after they took the lead, to my mind that should only be added on if they are still ahead after 90 mins. It would teach them a lesson if as soon as we’d taken the lead the ref blew for full time.
One last thing, Snodgrass and Holt are annoying cunts of Sheringham proportions.


was dying for some1 to punch snodgrass right on the nose, prefereably after the final whistle, is it just me or did he give so many fouls and so much backchat at the ref its a miracle he didnt get 2 yellow and red, if 1 of our players acted like that he’d of been off

Arsene Wenger's Coat

Rather excited about Blogs’s take on this all in the next blog post. Cos, like, we could and would naturally be condemned by neutral spectators as being paranoid and blindly pro-Arsenal for whining about him like we are in this comment thread. But the reaction to his commentary has been so unanimously disgusted from our perspective, that SURELY it’s not just us. If you were to look at a fucking transcript of the match commentary, I am absolutely fucking certain you’d find utter and shameless anti-Arsenal propaganda, and I’m just as certain that an objective reader would conclude he same.… Read more »


It is definitely evident that there is extreme bias in all matches. I watch a lot of games woth neutral friends and they often highlight the bias of MOST commentators and it is something that is quite blatant. I guess it is a feature of the Premiere league coverage which is riddled with cliques of former players.


Fair point-Tony Gale is a complete & utter anti-Arsenal thundercunt.Just remember,the mute button is your best friend if that fucking prick is commentating.


Not heard ‘gretin’ in a long long time.


Well done guys


Phew! 3points that’s all that matters!!!! COYG!!!


There were two Tottenham points in the gap…


And the boys from the Arsenal knocked one down…

Ref sucks too

Tony Gale is a huge twat

Arsenes Nose

He can kiss my rossy ass…

gooner odst

Tony Gale: “Well technically he had a hold of Giroud’s shirt…..blablablabla….but i fell its harsh on Norwich”

a foul is a foul, more often given to that team in Manchester who often play with 12 men in domestic competitions. How he sees it as a harsh decision is funny, a bloke grabbed a handful of shirt and hauled down an attacker in the box…would have been harsh if it wasn’t given (which nearly happened)


What a comeback!! Great call by the linesman!!!
Tony Gale the most disappointed man in the world right now. hehe

melb gooner

wooooooooo!!! top of london order is restored

Arsenes Nose

Richard West to the rescue…


Kei Kamara to the rescue, more like. It was a shirt tug worthy of a free kick if it had been in the centre circle. I don’t see how the rules change just because it was in the penalty area.

Bould's Eyeliner

^ Richard West can kiss my my cleats for all I care after all the fouls he let slide against us and gave away a point blank free kick because Gibbs’ hand riffled (insert name)’s uniform


no, credit where its due, Rchard West certainly missed a few fouls against us so did the ref, but he made the right call in the pen box when it counted from a very long way away and the ref was too biased or stupid to see it, so credit where its due to West for the spot on call( im sorry) and credit to Arteta for putting it home

Bould's Eyeliner

What about the tackle on Walcott? and Snotshithead literally hitting Jack in the chest, etc.

Sure he called the foul right, which changed a lot, but I say, it was about fucking time he did his job. Also that should not have been a penalty on Gibbs but a yellow for simulation on the Norwich shithead.

Arsene Wenger

Whichever way you look at it, even if the penalty was unfair, it balances the one where Lord Theo got bodyslammed in the box but got no penalty.

Arsene Wenger's Coat

You were sweaty as fuck today you smelly bastard. Go home and wash me now

The Rain

sorry, that was me.



Mate Kiddleton

Definitely a penalty, but that probably wasn’t a corner in the first place.
But don’t care, THREE POINTS!!

Mate Kiddleton

Podolski – that man can finish. Two shots, both on target, one goal.


That shot that hit the bar was actually a world class save from their goalkeeper. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone hit a ball harder than Podolski.


forgot the one against Montpellier?


Bang on the money there.

Podoloski is wasted on the left, he doesn’t have the necessary pace or desire to play on the wing but put him in the middle… different story. Hard as nails, reight fucking good at shooting.


Never in doubt


ohh how i love you arsenal !!!! 3 points. 3 goals in 8 min . Oh to be. aGoooner


each of them 3 mins apart




How Tony Gale still has a job is beyond me, but forget that cunt, WHAT A COME BACK!!!

Great 3 points!!
Up the Arse!

Dr. Love

Ramsey MotM for me. Woop!

melb gooner

linesman motm for me

A Yank

Oxlade-Chamberlain. Match turned when he came on. And as much of a gift as the penalty might have been, his speed made the winner.

Parisian Weetabix

Incidentally for those unsure as to who scored the winner, Sky Sports has solved the problem by calling it a Giroud Own Goal.

Way to go, Sky Sports. You’re almost as incompetent as the ref! (but a long way off Tony Gale).


I love the Ox and he had a great contribution tonight but he had a few awful touches when he came on, but still overall a great performance, But for MOTM for me its between Arteta or Ramsey, both were immense tonight!!!

Either way am so stoked for the win, literally 10 minutes beforehand I was convinced we had lost the 3 points. This is why I f*cking love this team, and the Arsenal.


Bet Holt regretted all that time wasting rather than going for a second goal.


Bet Bunn feels the same.

pensive gooner

It was hilarious when he took the goal kick from the near side instead of shifting it to the other side when they had gone behind. 🙂


I’ve watched three Norwich games so far – the two Arsenal ones and their win against Man U. I don’t think there’s a team that deserves to be relegated more. They didn’t show any ambition at any point in the game – except when they were losing. Even Stoke tries harder to score. Snodgrass whines more than all of Barcelona’s players put together. The commentators loved to jizz about Holt’s ‘experience’ in being a massive cunty piece of cuntishness. When they get sent down I will enjoy the tears of their fans. And Tony Gale has not improved my mood… Read more »


we’ve all seen the beauty of Arsenal. Now it’s great to see the beast!


Shit referee shit commentators brilliant Linesman.


What a game again .. Ufff =)

-We so missed Tomas today 🙁
-Jack poor, not pleasing to see
-Ramsey´s work rate? 120%, brilliant
-You cant blame the manager for selecting those who he did, yet you feel like those left on the bench today would all do better than Jack and Gervinho, oh well.. unlucky maybe?

Anyway, massive 3 points again. Very relieved.. BUT! Again Arsenal showed their best and their worst.. So frustrating at times.. Lets hope
this match will be a warning for them.


Wilshere was lacking his fire today, I have never seen him this poor.


Tbf Jack has been out for 6-7 weeks, not exactly match fit, but yh I wouldn’t have started him, defo would have gone for santi in am and chambo right side. Bit annoyed at Gervinho though, I don’t wana get on his back after one bad performance but on other occasions we havn’t and wont be so lucky again! Rambo worked his balls off all game when no one was trying. But this is football, you can be terrible for 85 mins and one decision later be 3 goals up.

A N Other

I agree with that gervinho comment.. I given him credit before but as soon as some pressure is applied he loses his marbles. He was kind of suprised that he started ahead of Walcott and I think that got to him.. Contrastingly, giroud may have a rubbish game but he ends up with all important goals when need be.. Also, saw podolski’s interview today and sky’ pundits were saying was he hasn’t had a good season because he is paying out of position. How untrue are both of these statements.. He had played in exaclty the same position for Germany… Read more »

Butter my Arsenal

“I don’t wana get on his back after one bad performance”

Just the one is it? 😀


Got to remember he’s just back from injury.

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Jack was poor, surprisingly. Ramsey was excellent. I mean it. He’s looking like an Arsenal player and I did not expect that 3 months ago. The rest for about 80 minutes we were awful. Missed rosicky’s energy and drive.

Ramsey was seriously quality tonight, at times he looked liked the only Arsenal player who wanted it. Regardless the guy is proving haters wrong and proving why he is an Arsenal starter and why Wenger has shown so much faith in him.

Clock End Mike

Agree with your comment. But I don’t agree with your handle.


Tony gale is such a c*nt
If your going to claim the #10 shirt
You need to score goals


Gervinho back to his more infuriating form, Wilshere a bit off the pace, but in the end we got the three points, even if we made it harder for ourselves than it should’ve been

Up the Arse!


the save from fabianski at 2-1. ooffff


and the positional naivety of Vermaelen there, just backing right into Koscielny’s territory. The defence didn’t have much to do but the few moments that we were pressured, it really showed how important Mertesacker is to this team.


The commentators were pissed off after the penalty, don’t know why?? Well fuck em who cares, and great win.


Now, i can categorically say that this team has really got depth!


A win that I’m not sure we deserved but 3 points that’s all that matters.

Arsene Wenger

Norwich offered nothing. As expected, they put 10 men behind the ball and had one ogre (Holt) lurking up front. Their goal came from a set piece they shouldn’t have got and they could not even score on the break when we poured everyone forwards.

An uninspiring long ball team is all they are, of a similar mould to Stoke and those other mediocre ‘physical’ teams who inhabit the bottom half of the table.


Arteta – what nerves of steel!


Yeah, seriously. Such huge pressure. I screamed like a little old lady when it went in.

Arsene Wenger

I will promote him to captain.


Sod it; go for General.

If nothing else it’ll confuse everyone.

Touched Your Mother

The lineup in the last 15 minutes should be the one we start with against Everton. Buzzing about these three points, ugly, but to finish at the top you can’t always win pretty. Well done boys.


Grit. I love it.


Jenkinson exuberant and unabashed celebration from the bench – so heartening


I was like… wait, is he playing? He’s not, is he?

Wenger's Glasses

Should start with Ox & Poldi in the first place!

that guy

man u get these decisions everyday so whats the big deal if we get a decision in our favor. tiny tots are where they belong.

59 + 18 = 77pts = 3rd place

Decision “in our favour”??? That Norwich cunt pulled Giroud’s shirt so hard that it took exactly 0.25 seconds for all 6-foot 4-inches of him to come smashing into the ground.


Norwich are fuckin ugly horrible dirty cunts! Far from lucky as the commentators were sayin who were also fuckin ugly horrible dirty cunts! Can’t believe ramsey would become one of my favourite players at Arsenal! So proud of him! May he carry on and get better and better! Defo a pen cos that cunt pulled Giroud down asif he was in a UFC ring! Lucky with the third with Theo offside but we hit the bar twice so a well deserved win! Onwards and upwards for the gunners!!!!!


I agree, Norwich deserved fuck all. I literally feel sick to my stomach when teams park the bus and score with their first chance. If we had lost that game it would’ve ruined my week. So I’m fucking glad that linesman didn’t bottle it because I was shouting penalty the second I saw the Norwich player tug Giroud’s shirt. Neil Warnock and Tony Gale are just two cuntbiscuits and nothing more.


Have to say, it was wasn’t our greatest game but I think we deserved it 😀 So many players were off the pace. I was worried after their goal. Passing was shockingly bad. The midfield was imbalanced. But you create your own luck and we were always the team that tried to score. You play to win, not to not lose.


jack jack jack

Drop Gerv, bring in Poldi, and play the Ox on the right until Rosicky gets back. Great stuff from Ramsey as well. We don’t half make it hard for ourselves eh?

Get real

Very relieved! Nice to get the points. However when I commented during the week that Gervinho is shit, people crucified me. We need to get rid of him. Credit to Ramsey today also, he worked his socks off.


Gervinho has 3 good games with goals and assists and 1 bad game – if he keeps that up, I’ll have him at my club for a long time thank you. Gervinho has something which very few players have – the ability to skin a defender and go past him. He won’t ever be a great goalscorer, but he will open up matches for us.

Just so you know, Ashley Young hasn’t scored a single goal all season. There’s an education for you.

Get real

I don’t give a fuck about Ashley Young. Gervinho is a useless fucker. If you are older than 10 then you may remember Arsenal teams that had match winners on the bench far superior to Gervinho. If we want to win trophies then we need a better calibre of player. 3 good games out of 50 more like.

£oyalty for $ale

Sometimes one gets shafted, sometimes one gets lucky. Let’s not bullshit ourselves, we got very lucky today; but then again ManU has been getting away with a murder in the Premier League with some of the officiating decisions for a very fucking long time now.

On a negative side, we were still too lethargic in the back and very apathetic upfront, until the subs came in. Nonetheless, fuck the Spu*s and Chelsea.

Rad Carrot

I’d disagree we were lucky – if anything we were horribly unlucky. It took the referee 83 minutes to book his first Norwich player. He had a horrible game, missed many decisions, including booking several of the canary players – without the booking, they could quite happily lunge in at us on all occasions.

We had about 65% of the possession and triple the amount of chances on goal than them. I’d say the scoreline, if anything, flatters them rather than us.


Obviously it’s just compensation for giving arsenal 2 pens against WBA, anyone can see it and it’s totally unprofessional.

£oyalty for $ale

Agreed on your point. I’m still pretty sure that the decisions made by the side ref overcompensated the missed calls by the main ref.


Delia’s How to Cook.

Take one shite ref, 10 carrot crunchers, and one fat cunt.

Simmer slowly and frustratingly for 85 minutes, then quickly add some Spanish cool, a dash of French mustard and finish with German precision, bringing everything to the boil for the last 11 minutes.

Serve with 3 points over Spuds.

Dr. Love

Beautiful. And no mention of nachos – surely a new record for a match report? I guess it helps that he didn’t play.


Mashed spuds?Or fried?

Oregon Gooner

My heart…

Great start to my Saturday albeit the heart palpitations!

Come on Arsenal!


You in Portland? Ever visit the Horse Brass? Some quality AFC support there (at least in the past), and great fish & chips…

South African_Gooner

Have to share this true story.. My son is sick.. He vomits on my sweater.. Arsenal losing 1-0 already in a bad mood.. Go to put on my arsenal shirt.. And i hear that twat tony gale say penalty arsenal.. That disappointment in his voice music to my ears.. and the rest is history.. Love it.. COYG!!!


This is why i love this site..comments like these ahhah just make my day

Pele of Romford

I never commentators soooo upset when anyone else gets a dubious pen- cunts


Great to come from behind and win this late in the game, can just imagine the spuds fans ripping their hair in madness after girouds 2-1 goal.


Was a bit nervy today about this game and I thought my bad feelings were coming through until the 85 min great subs from Wenger today they each played there bit in the goals well done come on the gunners 3rd place happy days


My stream was in a foreign language that I don’t understand.

But it looked like a bad day for the officials to me.

I’d say their goal was never a free kick.
Walcott had a legitimate penalty claim not given.
Our given penalty was a pen all day long, though it came from a corner that never was.
Our second goal was totally legit.
The third goal, we committed a foul in the build up and Walcott was offside.
But you know what? I couldn’t care less. 3-1. 3 points. 3rd place. Are you watching Tottenham?


Great result. People saying Wilshere was off form. He’s been injured what do you expect. Gerv has always been poor and Ramsey is always class just people see his bad bits more than his good bits.


So what if he was out injured?
He still played like shit.
Again if your going to claim the #10
shirt – you need to score goals


Yes, please slack off Gerv but not your Saviour Jack. I love Jack, but all this has to stop. He’s miles of Rosicky. But yeah.. He was injured. Bet you didnt say the same thing when Ramsey was having a bad time with his leg’s broken. World Cup England?? Keep dreaming.. COYG!!


Were you trying to say *ahead of or *off….?


Sorry.. *Off*.. Guess that’s what you get for having too much of rum.. Cheers!! 🙂


Jack’s time will come. But in the current team, he does not fit so easily. Santi and Arteta are undroppable. And so is Ramsey (great engine). To pick Jack means pushing Santi out wide, and while I have great faith in Jack’s ability, Rosicky is probably more suited to playing behind the three forwards. Maybe Jack should be Rosicky’s understudy for a season(provided the latter stays fit) and then replace him, eventually taking over the armband from Arteta in 3- 4 years Another thing – Anyone notice that Santi-Nacho and Gibbs-Poldi works better on the flanks than Santi-Gibbs or Nacho-Poldi?… Read more »

Rad Carrot

My heart exploded.

Rambo played his heart out today. So good to have a workhorse on the pitch, and glad he’s shaken off a lot his detractors.

Onwards and upwards, 2nd is only 6 points away!



I was one i must admit. But i will happily admit i love being proved wrongi these circumstances. Finally seeing the ramsey we saw when sitting nexf to cesc.
No harm on jack but if rosicky is fit id play tommy against everton mid week. There is an enermous difference in our ability to change the tempoo the game without mozart.


No doubt we got away with that today, including the decisions going for us, Gerv back to his annoying worst, no matter what happens regarding a champions league place, we need another top quality striker. Giroud is just not the answer to take us onto the next level, assuming that’s where the arsenal board want us to be next season.
Great result poor performance but a valuable 3 points that can’t paper over the cracks that we have had so many times this season.

Clock End Mike

Sorry, but everyone’s saying Jack played poorly, and making excuses (maybe even valid ones) for him. But Gervinho doesn’t do quite as well as he has the last couple of games (though he still made did many more good things than Jack did), and he’s “back to his worst”? Sorry, but I don’t get it. This is plain prejudice. The Boss watched the African Nations Cup (did you?) and he thought Gervinho was the best player there. He gives the Gunners something no ones else does: the ability to take the ball past defenders and leave them behind, wrong-footed and… Read more »


Haha Sp*rs fans are crying about the penalty and how this seems to happen every season. Oh to be a spud.


I’ve been on a new policy from the Swansea game – not to follow the match live. It really has saved me a lot of pants turning brown. However, long it may continue, though its not for the faint hearted like me!

Arsene Wenger

I believe you need to display the grit, determination, spirit and mental strength to watch the match live. The lows are extremely low but the highs are very, very high.


Oh you!! “The lows are extremely low but the highs are very, very high.” – Arsene (Arseblog’s) Wenger.. You are something.. Keep it coming!! Numero Uno!!

Dennis the mennace

with the kind of clinical finishing shown by podolski, it’s a wonder why arsene doesn’t start him upfront more often!!


About time we got some luck. Last two games should really give a morale boost to the squad and the fans. Things are finally going our way, now I hope we can continue this run and end strongly.

Andy Bailey

Andy Townsend and Alan Curbishley (on Abu Dhabi Sports) both praised the linesman and said it was as blatent a penalty as you’ll ever see. At the end of the day 3 points we needed and 3 points we got. We were poor but the mark of a top team is getting results when you don’t perform. Not sure how the ref missed the elbows on Ransey and Gibbs! Dirty Norfolk cunts!!!


Really? Andy Townsend? The ITV cunt?

Well I’ll be damned.


Good point well made. If anyone had elbowed a United player in the face it would have been on the 10 pm news ahead of potential war in Korea but hardly a mention as it was against Arsenal. Better instead for the media to focus on representing a penalty being given for a clear penalty offence as some kind of crime against humanity. Pathetic.