Thursday, January 27, 2022

Arsenal tipped for Helsinki friendly

The Finnish press are reporting that Arsenal will play a friendly game in Helsinki in August. (link in Finnish) say that the Gunners will take on Man City in the Olympic Stadium on August 10th as their pre-season preparations draw to a close.

The newspaper says that ‘several dependable sources’ have confirmed the game to them and there have been strong rumours of trip to Scandinavia this summer.

If the game does go ahead it means quite the jet-setting pre-season with a well publicised trip to the far-east for games in Vietnam, Japan and Indonesia before the return of the Emirates Cup.

Further details are quite vague so we’ll wait to see what emerges. More on this when we have it.

Hat tips to @kailintinen and Timo.

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So jealous of the Fins right now. Arsenal will never come to Seattle 🙁


I know how you feel. I live just across the border from you, in Vancouver.


Shanghai too 🙁


They were a bullet train away in BJ last year so stop whinging.


New Zealand too 🙁


Pipe dream that they come to Toronto.

Paul Mariner used to coach here! Use that as the historical connection for the website!


Not with that attitude they won’t!

USA awaits you Arsenal!


Yeah keep complaining , I live in Australia


I was about to say ‘India’ and how its most impossible here ..
till i read your comment


Given Man United and Liverpool are both coming here this pre-season it is not out of the question that it might happen one day. Not holding my breath but however horrible it is to say it we need those clubs to make good money off the trip. Show it is worth while.


What is a seattle?

Like a sea turtle or something?


Haha unlucky guys! I live in Islington! Would love to see all you passionate fans come to the Emirates though, beats the dull pricks who sit in the upper tier and barely cheer a goal!


ah, no Jovetic/Higuain/Messi for us yet i presume…

Brian Mendoza

Just to troll everyone Arsene should hold a huge press conference to announce the contract extension of Squillaci.

And like 2 days later say something that amounts to “lol not really, we have signed everyone we’ve ever been linked to”


Yes and say this is his starting X1 for the season all of whom have had their contracts extended until 2017. ha ha. 🙂

Denilson Djourou Squilacci Santos
Park Ashavin Girvinho Miyaichi
Bendtner Chamak

And also say that Jack, Santi, Arteta, Kos, Mertz, Jenks, Poldi, Szcz, and the OX have been let go on free transfers to Spurs. Also add that we have recruited John Terry to lead the team next season. That would get the lines buzzing 🙂


Hopefully Giroud scores a brace, so that we can offload him to City for a good profit before the start of the season. COYG

Brian Mendoza

Yeah let’s fuck up our team harmony and rebuild again just for the hell of it and a few million pounds.


Would have upvoted you if you had mentioned Chamakh or Bendtner

[…] much else going on, other than a story in a Finnish newspaper to say that Arsenal are being lined-up for a friendly against Man City on August 10th. The game would take place at the Olympic Stadium, apparently, but there […]

gunner for ever

Cool cool cool!!!!! Our lovely gunners you are highly welcome in here.Guess what ? somebody is living in Finland!!! for sure i am going to watch this game.Let’s hope everything will go as reported. Helsinki sanomat(HS) is one of the leading and best newspaper in here.I trusted the information and will wait eagerly to buy the Arsenal !!!


I call BS, why on earth would they go to Finland? Stockholm would be better. At least for me, and Jenko. I mean he’s half-finnish, but his mom is from a Swedish speaking part of Finland. It all adds up. NWO. Chemtrails. Game in Sweden.

Ugandan Gooner

Will the gods ever smile upon us Ugandans?

The Ox, The Ram, Willy and Wally

It’s nothing to do with God – Arsene doesn’t arrange the friendlies himself I don’t think.


Don’t take Dennis’ name in vain.


And we heard something about visiting Nigeria last year, but it got cancelled -not sure if it was just a publicity stunt to placate the Nigerian crowd or the real thing. Would sure be fantastic to have them here.

[…] 来源:[Arseblog News] […]

Naija gunner

It will really be great to welcome gunners to naija.


Every season.. Shit like liverpool.. Spuds or unted come to my land.. I dont care about the world cup.. Tickets were priced out of the locals pockets anyways.. I just 1 day want to see my beautiful team.. But hey lots of gooners all over the world wishing the same..


Bitch please, I live in Singapore.


All I want is a trophy tour to Nigeria, probably with the treble in the bag. COYGs


According to finnish journalist Juha Kanerva (@KanervaJP) more details can be expected next week but apparently ticket prices will be from 32€.

However, I have no idea if this guy should be taken seriously or not.


Finland is a great choice. Will be there! 🙂


Yes, brilliant! Can’t wait for them to come here!


Enuff said. Im from Helsinki!!! YeAh!!!


Wow, can’t believe this. I hope it’s true, but I never expected that Arsenal would visit a country with 5,5 million people.


Because of the riots in Stockholm, City and Arsenal wanted to go elsewhere, to a place which is a bit more peaceful. Helsinki will surely be a peaceful place to play when there (in the Olympic Stadium) will be like 20 000 football fans who don’t support either teams, and like a few thousand 11 year old “true City-fans” with us Gooners. But Arsenal have got unbelievable support in Finland, there are over 500 members in our supporters club who are ready to sing their lungs out! And you can add couple thousand more to that, who are not members.… Read more »


I love some of our foreign fans! Make us proud Finnish gooners!


I don’t know anyone in Finland who would support city. I think the game will be bit like a home game for arsenal.

when I read the article from hs I was not sure if I was dreaming 🙂


When I first heard the rumours about possible game in Sweden, I was already preparing a trip there, but this would make it a whole lot easier for me to attend.

Never even imagined that it would be possible for Arsenal to play in Finland

Also to those questioning why it’s in Finland; According to the article its because of they think that Helsinki is a peaceful location, thus the teams could prepare for the new season in peace


Fantastic! Never thought this would happen, but here we are. The Arsenal in my home city. Huh!


Why not Norway?!


I’ve got to mention this, THANKS BLOGGS. Most of us take your work for granted. Not easy writing a blog everyday even when there’s nothing to write about. Keep up the good work!

Ps: Heard Ramsey’s in Kenya on holiday, not sure how true it is.

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