Coquelin attracting summer interest


Arseblog News understands that Francis Coquelin could leave the club this summer with suitors in the Premier League and his native France taking a keen interest in securing him for the 2013/14 campaign.

The French U21 international hasn’t quite made the breakthrough into the Arsenal first team, and despite some early season promise has faded away.  In 2013 he has only made four appearances and started just one Premier League game.

With the form and consistency of Aaron Ramsey and Mikel Arteta blocking his path, plus suggestions that Arsenal will be in the market a holding midfielder this summer, it’s believed Coquelin will look elsewhere for first team football at the end of the season.

Back in March he took a positive view of his situation, telling the official site, “I am improving every day and hopefully in a few years I will be at my maximum. But I still look at the players around me and realise that there is so much to learn.

“I look at Mikel Arteta’s positioning and passing; at Abou Diaby and even players not in my position like Santi Cazorla and Jack Wilshere. What Jack is doing at his age is unbelievable.

“You want to impress everyone, from the manager to all the people watching you, to your team-mates and even your family. Every time I am on the pitch I just try to be as good as possible.”

But at nearly 22, there’s frustration at the lack of first team opportunities and his role now set as an occasional late sub when Arsenal are trying to hang onto a game.

Any new signings would push him further down the pecking order and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Arsene let go of his Coq this summer.

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They all want the coq?

Gary Kick-Arse

The coq is sick of coming off the bench, he wants to come on the field…


A shame, because I really like him. Good tackler, good passer and a fighter. Hope he finds some first team time, if not with the arse, then somewhere else..


I agree with his abilities. I prefer if Arsenal loan him out for a season, and let him gain first team experience. Arteta is in his 30’s, and Coquelin was expected to be his direct replacement. One more season and I think Arteta will start to need breaks and Coq can poke through more regularly.

He has Arsenal DNA. Would be a shame to lose out on him in the long run, in my opinion.


Loan would be good. Though the talk of buying Gonalons (pretty gross sounding name btw!) may mean le coq could leave. Its a shame the youth dev model we’ve tried means a lot of young players get impatient… So what if he had to wait til 25 or 26 to get in the first XI – we’re at the top level after all!


Agreed I think we all love Coq .. He really gets in there. However I think its a good thing and a sign of things to come because the player we recruit in that position will be a specialist and good enough to start wich will mean Coq will be pushed further back in the line and with Ramseys improvent in that position there aren’t many chances to come by. Best of luck to the Coq .. wherever he goes.. A loan wouldnt be bad either but I cant see a return until Arteta has aged and he should have… Read more »


To be fair, since the days of Diaby’s medical situations we have been linked to defensive midfielders, amd I can’t recall a genuine DM coming in. I don really feel it’s about to change. That said, I do agree that ol’ Lego Hair himself isn’t gonna be out the game for some years to come.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

No, we can’t loan him, we should sell him or he will kill Diaby…..

Oh wait……

big black clock

I was really hoping he’d leave a bigger impression in the hole this season


oh, i see what you did there.. 😀


I liked him. But if he wants to go, he will go. I hope the Coq pitches up somewhere good and proves himself to be a brilliant player. Adios Francis. Stay hard.

Arty's Art

We’ll be impotent without him…


Buy back clause perhaps? Huge potential in le coq! Just needs some regular playing time. Aint nobody wanna be coqless

Santi's Class

The problem with buy back clauses is that players rarely want to come back once they flourish with major game time in their new clubs. Vela, for example, has been superb for Real Sociedad, and I wouldn’t mind having him up front at this time. However, he wouldn’t leave because he’s guaranteed a starting spot in a side that’s challenging for a Champion’s League place.


They all want the C


he has been good everytime he played for us.He is full of energy and his positional sense is not that bad.For me he adds something special like Rosicky hurrying players down plus he is a good dribbler , play him on wings or right back he does his job.Yes come summer we might need a a new DM but i dont wanna see coq go.


I think this is a massive mistake. Everytime I’ve seen Coquelin play for the first team I believe he has played well. He’s a good passer, tackler, has good vision, a quick thinker. People are concerned we don’t have a proper CDM, but we do (or at least one with lots of potential). We just don’t use him.

Some of his highlights:


And with his work ethic and versatility, he’s a damn good utility player as well. Hope Arsene will give him more chances and groom him to eventually replace arteta. Hope the Coq remains patient and continues working himself off and it’ll only be a matter of time before he erects his status as our no. 1 DM.


I would be really disappointed if he went. With Song gone, Arteta not lasting forever and Coquelin leaving there aren’t many defensive minded midfielders left. Can’t keep just adapting others (Ramsey, Wilshere) to this position. We aren’t so much short in quality as we are short in numbers here.

Scott P

Never realized until watching this video what a good long passer he is… Some pretty nicely weighted balls in there

The Sun

EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal continue to lose their best players, with their French wonderkid Coquelin wanting out due to a lack of trophies.

glory hunter

you get a thumbs down blogs for having to explain 🙂

pauly bear

Sorry I like pressing the thumb thing sometimes I dont even read the posts. By the way I just thumb down you blogs hahahaha and id do it again I tell ye

Ps van perise is a cunt


Just loan him then maybe?


The biggest disappointment if he does leave is losing his home-grown player status. Of course, ability is the most important thing, but if he does turn out to be capable of playing well at this level then it’ll be an extra shame not to have him because of player quotas.


Let him fight with Jenkinson for the RB position


This is terrible, it would mean no more Arseblog Coq puns!


I hope he does not go, here is a kid with loads of potential. We need a strong squad if we want to compete next season. Wenger needs to rotate hi splayers mpore and let his younger players get more game time and so experience.


I’ll be happy to see him go if it means an end to all the terrible knob gags.

Why not



Yeah, not sure the coq belongs with the arse anyway.


This id terrible news lately it seems none of our academy projects have fully broken into the team and ended up leaving on a free, sold for peanuts or have just continued to mark-time in the academy. I’d leave too if i were coq seeing as arsene doesn’t trust with a game every now and then. He’s obviously a good player hence the widespread interests hopefully arsene talks to him on how he plans to use him next season or we might have another carlos vela regret in our hands.

Coq at fulham etc would boss.

Big Dave

No chance of a large erected Coq statue outside the ground then 🙁


I like hm to stay,infact he is wonderful kid.stay coq stay.


Let him fight with Jenkinson for RB if Sagna leaves, he played well at RB in the past.
That save us 6M for a new RB, the money can go to buy Remy…


Everything is wrong in your statement.


I think that we should get him on the pitch more and give Arteta a rest more often. I think Ramsey, Jack and Coq would be a fantastic midfield for 10 years.

master floda

you’re right about the future, especially with Arteta not getting any younger. But Arteta is one of our most consistent players, vice captain and despite playing so much he doesn’t look tired. So i understand why the Coq finds it hard to get in.


Consistently being left for dead by players running with the ball. Arteta plays a good safe role like Denilson use to for us but wayyy to slow. And i will keep saying it he looks good when he has another player taking on the defensive role with him. Francis on the other hand is a straight central midfielder with skill on the ball, brilliant passing range, tenacious, can tackle and technically adept: able to use both feet. Just about every gm he has played he has look brilliant holding his own yet still the manager does not trust him. 2… Read more »

50 Shades of Gandalf the Grey

I liked the guy a lot, always thought he was a good prospect! Hope if he does leave it doesn’t screw us in the arse in the future.


i think it would be big mistake to let him go.its shame we havent been in enough winning/comfortable positions this season. This would have allowed him some valuable time on the pitch to show what hes got. again we have a ready made replacent for arteta in a year’s time.lastly le coq is hard enough to fill more than one hole on the pitch *utility player.


Naa seriously don’t want him to leave! Whenever he’s on the pitch, plays with his heart! He’s been unlucky as well cos he put in a decent performance against Chelsea away but got injuried and then was out for weeks and since then we haven’t seen him. Loan him but DO NOT get rid of your Coq Arsene!!!!

Boris Cro

He is a young Coq ,he needs some experience thats for sure.


I’m surprised that Arsene doesn’t use this top class scouting network right here in the comments section.
I like Coquelin, but being willing and able to put in a tackle doesn’t make a player a great midfielder. Pretty much everyone should be able to do so, it’s the guys with intelligent positioning, decision-making etc etc. that stand out, like Arteta.
Again, I like the lad, but if Wenger ain’t playing him, I’m going to trust the man who sees him every day in training and who is always willing to give a chance to talented youth.

Merde Bag

Arsenal lose grip on Coq?


” French Flee Arsenal”. The Daily Mirror reports that the imminent departure of Francis Coquelin confirms the French exodus from Arsenal. Manager Wenger has constantly been linked with a move to PSG. French internationals Bacary Sagna and Laurent Koscielny have been targeted by an unamed French club and now Coquelin has admitted he is likely to leave. Wengers invincible side had significant French representation. Money is no object at PSG and Wenger is keen to build another world class team. Official announcements will be made shortly.

Matt Senior

We should be playing him more. Coq starts then subbed off for wilshere or rosicky whoever is fit enough

Elijah bobo

I so much love that player he play like veira he has force on the ball

Merlin's Panini

I think he should wait it out. He has great potential. A loan to a premier league club would be ideal for him. He’s certainly good enough. I think he could explode given his chance in the hole.
By the end of next season he might be in a position to step in more regularly for an aging Arteta. When we go a bit limp he could come in and stiffen up the midfield.


Does that mean that the coq doesn’t have staying powers

the outside of rosicky's boot

We need to hold onto our coq.

But seriously, great positionally, good tackler and dribbler. It’s only really Arteta ahead of him – I know Ramsey cal play there, but I’d much rather Ramsey as the box-to-boxer. That said, coq must’ve been annoyed when ramsey was played in DM ahead of him, so I can understand if he wants to get more regular starts etc.


Thing is Ramsey bossed it when he was played as the DM, so Coq can’t be too hard pressed about it.

I really do think (and hope) that he stays a for a season longer and no doubt his chance will come, and it’ll be up to him whether he takes it or not.


The Coq is leaving the Arose…




We need the Coq to play for more than 5 minutes a game, otherwise we don’t get to see him climax.


As a big fan of his, this is very sad news. I hope it’s just one of those which keeps us talking & then we see something different in the end, i.e him staying happy and playing more next season (and many more years, as I wish). We all watch and judge players differently (sometimes) especially young ones. Most of the games he was given he played well and if u asked me to select the team every game, he would be there somewhere in the first team more games than we saw him. I feel Jac, Rambo, Coq, Jenk… Read more »


The Ox would join them upfront.


I like the coq, but let be honest we are a small team in the middle and we need tall dm in the mold of vieira not only tackling and wining balls around the middle but also wining headers vital headers that we are lacking in the middle an at defending corners. We are strongly linked with Maxime Gonalons this guy is 6ft2 I hope he has the quality to be great player for us because i’m almost sure that wenger will buy him.

red gunner

The Coq to leave The Arse- nal at least give him a chance to rise to his peak and climax

red gunner

Ok that was sorta lame

Merlin's Panini

I can already see the headlines “Coq out”. If anyone wants to use that, you know where to come for royalties.

Biggus Dickus

If he joins Vela at sociedad would the headline be:
‘Le Coq has Gone-o-Real’


Coq goes in hard every time until he’s withdrawn. We need that.

Daniel danladi

As a young player he need to be treated very well,coq is no longer to be lad now as it’s,give him his chance to display it,take a look of ex .MUfc Paul kpoba due to lack of play regular he left for juventus and he’s performing well so i supported him to go another team he will be feature regular,see the like of chamberlain he’s not well feature that’s frustrating very bad goodluck to young gunners


More “Coq” jokes…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

You easily amused feckers

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Whatever you do Arsene, do not sell your Coq. He’s a pretty decent one and we all need our Coqs from time to time