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Bendtner: I’m outta here in two weeks

As we mentioned in a recent post celebrating our birthday, the second ever article posted on Arseblog News relayed the desire of Nicklas Bendtner to quit Arsenal.

Two years later the Danish striker has once again insisted that he’s definitely on the cusp of an Emirates exit with five or six clubs all eager to have him Instagramming pictures of his injured groin/wrist/ego (delete as appropriate) on their respective treatment tables.

Reflecting on his loan at Juventus, the 25-year-old accepted that things had not gone to plan.

“It was a horrible season at Juventus due to so many physical problems, even if I was happy with the Bianconeri and made many friends in the team. I have to look forward now,” he told Danish-publication (translated by Football Italia).

“Playing football is what I love more than anything else in the world. I am in talks with five or six clubs at the moment, so now I must make the right decision.

“It will be a permanent transfer, as agreed with Arsenal. Now we have to work on the fee, but it will all be resolved soon and I hope to join the right club within a couple of weeks.”

It’s believed that the Bundesliga could be Bendtner’s next destination with at least two clubs, including Eintracht Frankfurt, understood to be keeping tabs on him.

He’s not a bad player is B52 (can we still call him that?) but hopefully the penny has dropped and he’ll realise that signing for big clubs isn’t half as important for a reputation as actually playing football and scoring some goals.

A few years ago Arsenal fans would have pinpointed him as an easy £5-10 million in the bank, it looks as though along with Arshavin, Squillaci and Denilson we’ll now just be happy to have him off the books.

(Cheers to @RYO_Cleverfish for the original link)

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Dear Nicklas,

We’ve heard this all before. Please fuck off for good this time.

Best wishes,

Every Arsenal fan in the world.


Great news if it’s true but I’ve got a bit of Deja’Vu with this one.
I came here to offer my services and volenteer to drive him to his new destination but something tells me there is a loong line of gooner volunteers ahead of me.





Parisian Weetabix

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but I wish we still had a player like Nicklas Bendtner to come of the bench and do a job for us. He was probably the Johan Djourou of our attack; nobody thought he had the quality to play consistently for a club like Arsenal, but he was probably the best 3rd/4th choice striker in the PL.


I just wish my friends had given this reaction to my Djourou justification for the last few years.

Good riddance; I hope!




I don’t even feel like saying Best of Luck……

Emannuel Eboue

Wouldn’t he be a lovely guy to do tequila shots with?


Yeah!!! And then after 5 or 6 shots, I’ve got a really great idea: we can drive the wrong way down a Danish street!! GUYS IT’LL BE SO MUCH FUN AND TOTALLY WORTH IT.


…and then take our pants off and eat free pizza! At the same time!


That sounds like a good idea. He clearly doesn’t need to worry about keeping in shape, since training at Juventus consists of two old men looking at a blue cone.


Careful, Arseblog has a fetish for cone jokes.


…..and jump on cars with Lee Cattermole. I’d prefer not to socialise with him at all, if getting drunk with Lee Cattermole is his idea of a good time. Taking Titus Bramble to a coconut shy and keeping score would be more fun.


Not in the slightest given his inability to hold his booze.

Toure Motors

Don’t let the door hit you…


Given his love for drinking I am pretty sure he will hit the door.

Double Canister

Or miss it.

No Neck

GOLD! haha


In my opinion he was the most tricky one to offload. If we do get rid of him within the next couple of weeks, I will be one happy camper. We are well and truly getting stuff done this off season! I love the feeling.


Sorry to burst any proverbial bubbles, but we haven’t actually done anything yet this offseason… Hearing all the right noises from Gazidis and even the media (for a change), but until I see photos of world class players smiling into cameras at Arsenal news conferences, I can’t help but not get too excited about the coming season.


I was referring to the early termination of Denilson, something I hadn’t expected. IF we do get rid of this guy, then we are doing something to offload the deadwood which can only be a good thing.

Scott P

Just a few more to go! Then once the clear-out is over we can see what other business will happen


I remember a hat-trick against someone like Portsmouth and a last minute winner against Hull but my memory’s a bit fuzzy on when he was ever not a bad player. I blame old age and images of him 1 on 1 with Victor Valdes which keep cycling round in my head!

A Yank

Wasn’t the last minute winner against Wolves? Or did he have more than one of those? But yeah, just one properly weighted touch before tapping it into an almost open net at the Camp Nou and he would have been forgiven for all the times he missed five sitters against Burnley.

Still bums me out. But I actually wish him no ill. Go somewhere, play and try to make people’s memory of you be something else besides an egotistical ass.


I still can’t understand how the hell he ended up at Juventus. It honestly sounds like one of those dares you make when you’re completely pissed “Hey, let’s sign some idiotic has-been (or never-was rather) with behavioural problems!” (In Italian of course). Then of course they woke up the next night with an awful headache and a signed contract for TGSTEL.


I don’t get all the hate. Yes, his loyalty for the club is highly questionable, but there was a time when he really fought for first team opportunities. He’s not half as bad as most people deem him to be – some of his goals got Arsenal out of pretty tight spots. He is good with feet sometimes and a good header. As he doesn’t want to be at Arsenal anymore, I wish him good luck…he can fuck off now. Good riddance as of recently.


Yeah , he really isnt THAT bad … And I even find most of the mental stuff he does quite amusing so had he just been more respectful to Arsenal and accepted his place I wouldnt have minded him staying but “respect” isnt a word you use in the same sentence as Bendtner.


6 second goal against Tottenham was his high point for me, was a great header.

Shame, could have been great, instead he chose to become a big headed tool.

Only sadness is for potential lost. Joy is getting him off the payroll, freeing up space/cash.


He can fuck himself with a metal rod.
Contemptuously arrogant child.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The hate comes from his mouth off when he told us he was finished with Arsenal.

Before that all we really felt was the same sort of disappointment that we had when Walcott was busy not improving or when Arshavin started his slow withdrawal from football. His own reaction to not getting a regular starting spot was his problem.

The stupid bugger burned his bridges before he’d crossed them.


Hearing lots of chatter re Cesc return. Anyone heard anything substantial?




I quote from Cesc: “If I am to return to Arsenal, I demand to be re-instated immediately as captain and the most important player in the team. Furthermore I want my number 4 back, and that Fon stops calling me Spanish Squirrel.”

Make of it what you will…


If he had scored against barcelona….how different the story could be right now.

There are lost people in AW's coat

Like arshavin did?

Grzegorz Brzęczyszczkiewicz

Shut up. Go away.


Glad to see the back of him really
Lets look forward to a summer choc full o’ signings, yeh!



Adios, mofo.


Shut up and go please nicklas,we dnt need your ego no more at arsenal! Hope you score atleast 1 goal nxt season at your new club cz your the best striker in the world…at missing nd kicking banana and pear shaped shots!


Don’t forget to close the door!


Nicklas Bendtner lives on a different planet – not from most of us – but from ALL of us.

Maybe the people around him haven’t helped – certainly his father. But in truth B52 left us quite a while ago. And there really isn’t anything of significance left to miss.

Good luck? Why not. But most of that will be for the club that takes him on. They’re going to need it.


shhh they might be reading this…. *in agent voice* Niklas Bendtner is a quality striker, oozing with an unshakeable self-confidence that is easily translated into composure in the penalty box. Any club would be doing themselves a favour by paying a generous 5 million pounds for his services. He is also quite tall, and willing to marry any rich spinsters that might be kicking around the chairman’s family. What more could you want?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Please read the instructions before switching on your new Nicklas Bendtner:

Requirements: Unrestrained worship by lesser mortals. A ready supply of free pizza, alcohol, underpants, and Aston Martins.

Warning: Nicklas Bendtner should not be played more than 28 times a year as excessive use could cause unexpected belt malfunction.

Calvin Alias

Good riddance.

Soner Osman

Great news…
Im sooo happy the dickheads going.
Does he still belive his the best player in the world? He probably thinks his going to Barcelona lol

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You are being Soooooo unfair to him. He only claims to be The Greatest STRIKER That Ever Lived. He expects his legions of loyal fans to declare him TGPTEL.


And so passes the legend, so sorely shall the greenunderpanted one be missed by all that knew him and couldn’t give an Orcs arse for. Heralded by few ‘cept for the minstrels in his own head.




He really is a prized plum.
It’s not as if he’s wasted his talent as that was always in question.
He talks a lot of bollox even now. How can be in talks with 5 or 6 clubs. It’s either 5 OR 6. Twat!
Anyway that another lovely £52k a week into the lovely wages coffers


Couldn’t care less. Is he still alive?


In an alternative world if he kept his mouth shut and played second fiddle to rapist. ..season gone bendy would have been our main striker. …


No need for that fella! We are meant to be a different class from the rest.


I dont get all the animosity. I actually quite liked his cockiness, but shame he was never really able to back it up.
Football is bereft of characters – and Nik sure is one.
Scored a great winner against the Scum so he’s ok in my book.
Good luck to him, he’s still only young and I reckon he’ll go somewhere and be prolific.


Like Juventus. Huh?


Football needs more characters but being a character that is annoying works for reality TV but not for football


The greatest football player ever has left the building
Can the real Nickolas Bendtner please fuck off please fuck off


I’ve never seen anyone so hampered by self confidence. The guy is a paradox.
He is still an enormous prospect.
Big strong, quick talent galore.
But a 25 still a prospect. It’s a pity he never shone in our sky maybe he will elsewhere or maybe he’ll grow old and bitter and remember the people who he thinks fucked him.
When in fact he fashioned and wore the strap-on himself.

He could have better than welbeck, Sturridge, Giroud, ba, benteke… But sadly they will all probably blitz his mark on the game.


I foresee a bit of a Ferris Bueller moment;
“Who wants to sign Bendtner?



Any of you mob have Harry’s number? He’ll sign anyone…..


It has to be Gazidis making that announcement, what with his drone drone vocal tone bearing much resemblance to that of Bueller’s economics lecturer.


On the plus side he has that thumping header against the Spuds, after coming on as sub. And he also tried to nut Adebayor while in the same team – so not all bad then.


Trying to nut Adebayor just proves he’s human. No more, no less…..

Ben Arfa's older brother

It was the other way around. Adebayor butted bendtner


I’ll believe it when I see it


Well done Nicklas. I really do like his confidence when he talks even though he says rubbish most times, hope this one comes through though.




5 or 6 clubs ?? Is he golfing ?? Bag of shite

Double Canister

TGSTEL’s goal/ game ratio with us was never that terrible, pity he never had the patience to wait for his chance and his ego eventually got the better of him.
We are getting some serious money off the current wage bill this summer, lets hope it is going towards some major signings.
and not Rooney.


All these years I’ve been practicing how not to give a fuck and here it is, the ultimate test of how not to give a fuck, presented to me by TGSTEL. Bendtner, I DONT GIVE A FUCK!!


Yeah that winner was epic, the way he out-jumped the spuds defence with litterally his first touch so late in the game.
A shame, all his troubles aside, when he build up some quality time on the pitch, in the shirt, it was always hampered by a returning adebayor or injuries, which stopped him from evolving. I guess Wenger just prefered Adebayor over Bendtner. But at that time who wouldn’t? Had I known Adebayor would’ve done what he did, I would’ve started Bendtner over him.


Why d hatred?nick is better than all of our current strikers


Dont get all the hate iv never had a issue with him.

I loved his best player in the world quote absolute class LOL

And because of his confidence/ego he defied the odds a lot of the time.

I remember him carrying us for most of the season, his hatrick in europe, His goal against Barcelona and spurs, his goal the changed the game in the semi finals of the carling cup to help us to reach the final.

Honest iv always liked him he wanted to leave cause he never got any games with RVP a much better striker.


If he wasn’t so arrogant he might have been a good player.

petits handbag

Nicky, thanks for all those goals, but they meant fuck all,we’ve moved on and to be honest, you were a joke than and you are now the biggest joke in football so fuck off you waste off space. We’re trying to fill our teams with Higuains, Cazorlas and other quality players. You could of cut it, but you’re an immature cunt who thought he was better than Messi. Now fuck off and work in a call centre in kobenhavn because you wasted all your money on Magic Beans. You Fucking Cunt costing our club so much and never even trying… Read more »

petits handbag

calm down


*DISCLAIMER – I am a fan of Ramsey and not a hater, but it will make sense here in a moment* A lot of what Bendtner’s problem is Wenger’s way of playing players out of position. Aaron Ramsey has gotten a lot of stick about it, but when he has re-hit his form, a lot of people spouted off that he had been played out of position. I love the Welsh Xavi, but the fact was he played out of position, suffered, and when he got the goodwill back, he was lauded as being off form for being out of… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

Yees, but the whole reason he was rarely played at CF was because he simply couldn’t be trusted there, his touch was erratic and with little work-rate and no sign of it changing, he was never going to get his shot up there.

He actually did quite well out there anyway, and provided a useful outlet.

Worth remembering that much of Rambo’s dodgy form was in what was seen as his favoured position too, I think their nominal position on the pitch mattered less than other factors tbh .


While i agree with the work rate comment, why was Arsene persisting with The Russian up top by himself? The russian famously asking if the Warmup would be tough for a reserve match. While i think it is beneficial that he is leaving (for him and us) i am sick of people being completely negative towards our leaving players, who hve been nothing more than short of reaching their top quality. People who leave under a cloud i totally understand and agree with.


the Burnley game was the worst finishing performance I’ve seen from a striker at Arsenal. He strutted off at the end of that game (which we won) and people said its good that hes confidence is good but hes arrogant


Aaron Ramsey was played on the wing to better help retain possession in midfield and provide more cover for Sagna. It also taught him/ brought back the instinct of how to operate in tight spaces and make space creating runs. The last part particularly helped him with the box to box role he played later on. Bendtner was played forward wing to also help him operate in tight places. If he cannot do that then he has no place in the central striker role. Everyone has a basic level of technicality that allows them to do a job at a… Read more »


There’s a lot more to Bendtner’s total collapse as an Arsenal player than simply being played out of position. And to compare his character to that of Aaron Ramsey’s would like comparing plastic to cast iron. A total different class of player in that regard.


Make it a week, Nick!


Take up AFL its shit like u bentner


He’d shit his green undies in the warm – up. Wouldn’t have the nerve to take the field. Even if he did get that far, his mouth would ensure him getting flattened for good about 0.5 seconds after the first whistle.


This news illicited the same level of emotion as when you realise you’ve got just enough bog roll to wipe your arse. Relief tinged with a dash of satisfaction!

man in the bar

Think about the bigger picture the arsecast is losing some big names.

First it was


Then Dan neillson

Then “it’s me andrie arshavin” in the voice

Now Mick Bendtner

Were will blogs go from here.


Plenty to talk about. Park, Chamak, Santos, Djourou, Diaby, Miyaichi, Girvinho, ( useless ) Vermaelen, ( poor form ) Mannone ( not up to it ) Rosicky, ( injury prone ) Giroud, ( unproven ) Sanogo ( unproven ) Arteta (age) Jenkinson ( not proven ) Wilshire ( wanted by Bayern ) Walcott ( always divides people ) Ramsey ( go to man after Arsenal losses ) Gibbs ( Injury prone ) Szczesny ( His old man is a loose cannon )


Arsene really needs to factor in ‘comedy character voice potential’ when looking for new signings from now on.
May i suggest the following summer signings:
Lloyd Grossman
Johnathan Ross
Mr. T
David Bellamy

omosh wenger

This team will be good enough to lift the champions league next season

omosh wenger

sorry guys.i forgot carzola


And Cesc … you effing-well forgot Cesc.


Hope so 🙂

Why not

williams over per??? nah mate


NEVER trust someone who says something like “… after talking to five or six clubs …”

Is it five? Or is it six? I’m pretty sure it can’t be five-and-a-half (unless it’s the Tots).

Anyway. I seem to remember this sort of thing last season and maybe even the one before that …

“There are several top, top, clubs …”

A world of his own.
Just like Hamlet.
And we all know how that ended.


Good luck Nick! TBH, the guy was a decent striker..for a second choice striker to score 10+ a season was remarkable! Giroud played almost every game apart from when he was suspended but scored 17 goals. Bendtner used to score many goals from the bench…

His cockiness, first touch and workrate killed him big time.. ! I wish him all the best

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He only managed 9+ a season. 10% less decent than you suggested. 🙂


In Danish media (Politiken 8th June) Bendtner is quoted saying he won’t necessarily set his sight on CL-clubs.
Could he be growing up (alright, alright – stop laughing!)


I think it’s more likely that the failure of any CL club to display even the slightest sniff of an interest in him while he was strutting his prodigious talent at Sunderland and Juventus is the main factor here.

[…] happen are the most made up of all. Still, there’s always Nicklas Bendtner to cheer us up and he says he’s on his way out of the club. Soon, he […]

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