Cash rich Wenger bemoans lack of choice


Arsene Wenger claims that despite there being plenty of money in the market this summer, there’s not much in the way of choice when it comes to buying players.

The Arsenal manager has yet to spend any cash at all this summer, with the Gunners sole arrival the free transfer of Yaya Sanogo from Auxerre. As well as that, Wenger has dispensed with Francis Coquelin, Johan Djourou and Vito Mannone, as well as seeing Arshavin and Squillaci leave due to contract expiry.

But it seems he’s no closer to opening his wallet despite declaring an interest in Wayne Rooney. Speaking about the “angry and confused” United striker and the possibility of him leaving Old Trafford, Wenger said, “It happened to us [Dutch Skunk], it can happen to them.

“We have not the problem of the wages of Wayne Rooney, but it’s very difficult for us to talk about a specific case. We work hard but we are not close to signing anybody.

“The competition in Europe is very hard at the moment. There’s a lot of money and not many players.”

While it’s true that there are a limited number of top quality purchases out there, it’s hard to reconcile Wenger’s words with the fact that Gonzalo Higuain wants out of Real Madrid and according to all available info, would be keen on a move to North London.

With Rooney’s most likely destination the bus stop in Fulham, it’s hard to understand why we don’t let the others fight over the fat boy and bring in the rather good Argentinian.

The new season starts in exactly one month, and in June Ivan Gazidis spoke about doing the transfer business as efficiently as possible.

“We will strive to get our business done early,” he said. “Last year we looked at what was done two seasons ago, which is certainly not something we would ever choose to go through again.”

One month to go.

One month. Still plenty of time, but the worrying line about not being close to signing anyone is an unwelcome blast from transfer windows past.

Wenger also revealed that there is a clause allowing Arsenal first refusal on former skipper, Cesc Fabregas, but that the midfielder is likely to stay in Spain for another season.

“Fabregas has decided to stay 1 more year at Barcelona. Unless he has changed his mind. I don’t know. But that’s what I have been told. We have the clause in his contract so we would be on alert but at the moment that’s not something we are after.

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I’d rather have £50 notes in the Emirates loos than sign that arsehole Suarez.

Humble Gooner

Wow; that’s a strange thing to say. Not very poetic, not very true (I hope), not very helpful. I can understand the dislike, but if he signs then you have to cheer him on for the sake of the club. Arsenal’s bigger than Suarez and has had its problem-children before. Get over it.


I’d never boo or act out against a player wearing our shirt, and I don’t understand those who do, but I don’t have to actually cheer on that bitey racist cunt in the slightest little bit if I don’t want to.

And I’d also be extremely disappointed in the club and Wenger were we to sign him.


Amazing how many agree and disagree with my point. Looks like a few more fans would rather not have him. That’s because he’s a cheat, a racist and a cannibal, as well as a waste of money. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘more trouble than he’s worth’? Look it up in a dictionary of phrases and see this cuntbrained Freddie Mercury beaming out at you. This club is better than that, or it bloody well should be.

And if I’m paying for my season ticket I’ll cheer who I choose to cheer (not him).

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Stop picking on Freddie Mercury, he was the Messi of Rock (A bit wanky but really good at what he does. Not so brilliant without a great team around him).


Telling someone to “get over it” isn’t very “Humble”. Personally I’m not humble so I’ll you to get over the fact that some of us care enough about the quality of our club and our reputation to be sicked by the thought of Suarez at our club. I’d rather we signed no one.


It’s all very well making statements like that, but if he became an Arsenal player and started banging in the goals, the vast majority of fans would forget all about his diving, racist, bitey ways.

I know I would.


Best comparison I can make is Michael Vick in American Football. Superstar Quarter-Back found guilty and imprisoned for Dog Fighting. Himself and his buddies decided to spend his millions breeding dogs and betting on which one would have terminally injuries at the end. He came out of jail and signed for the Philadelphia Eagles. Could you honestly cheer a man like that if he played on your team? I certainly couldn’t.

Depending on how you regard dogs, humans etc…you may or may not believe Suarez’s behaviour is much better, worse, that’s up to you. I’d rather support people I didn’t think were detestable. Sometimes you sign a guy and he does something stupid (David Hillier), that can happen, but don’t sign a guy when you know he is a shit. Don’t break the club transfer record on a guy like that.


Not meaning to pick on David Hillier, just came to mind at that moment as an Arsenal player who did something stupid….


Michael Vick spent time in jail. Suarez may be an ass, but he’s not a felon. Everything “wrong” with him, has been in the context of the game. Yes, he’s played dirty and I am not going to defend the particular actions, but he was punished for those actions in the context of the game.

Plus, he was most dominate striker in the PL last season (and perhaps the lone spark on an otherwise unremarkable/old squad), while Michael Vick was never better than a top 10 QB in the NFL.

It’s just a poor comparison.


@chaz, if he did the things he did anywhere else but a football pitch yes he would be a felon, biting somebody is assault, which is a crime


If that’s the best comparison you can come up with, then you need to try harder. That’s a lousy comparison and not even vaguely similar.


Cause you’re fickle as fuck.


Being fickle implies I gave a toss about his antics. I don’t, and never have. However, plenty of small-minded keyboard warriors, like yourself, are quick to rush to judgement and just as quick to change their views when it suits them.


You would rather Arsenal signed no one then? Suarez is the 3rd best player in the league you idiot.


No. Suarez is a top quality player, obviously, and would add a lot to the squad. But he has issues:
1) He’s a bitey racist
2) He’s a racist biter.
3) 1 and 2 mean I wouldn’t respect him as an Arsenal player
4) Practically speaking, he’s out for the first 6 games of next season because of reasons 1 and 2. If he does something stupid AGAIN, he’d be out for almost half a season (15 games I reckon) at best.
5) He costs 40 million pounds. At least
6) Those 40 million pounds could be spent much wiser.

And it’s point 6 that is the real ringer. How many Arsenal fans, really, would prefer to see Suarez and only Suarez as a red-and-white than see Higuain AND Fellaini or Higuain and Capoue and Grenier or [pick 3 players who would cost roughly 40 mil and insert them here] in the squad. I know I wouldn’t. Mostly for reasons 1 and 2. But if he did join, of course I’d want him to do well for the team…but…I’d hate him as an individual…


please l want to let arsenal fans to do something about wenger.the way l’m seeing this man.his not ready to signing any player.all l have to said is that l hate him forever


Yeh, well… y’know, that’s just like, er… your opinion, man.


That’s a bit of a strawman – the choices are not sign suarez or go home.

But now that you put it like that, I would rather we *didn’t* have a bitey racist cockbadger on the team.


Yes, I’d rather we sign no one… you idiot.


Whilst Suarez only has himself to blame, let’s not get carried away with turning him into a monster. When you look at his crimes, he’s clearly a twat, but that’s all. He said a word he shouldn’t have said. That is all we know about that incident. He’s painted as a racist monster for saying that word, but we don’t know anything about him. I’m not saying he isn’t racist, he might be, I’m just saying that taking one incident and painting someone’s entire character using it isn’t reasonable.

And as for the biting, that has been blown all out of proportion. It was petty and stupid, but is being petty and stupid really such a crime? I’ve never bit anyone, but I have done a few petty and stupid things in my time, I think we all have. Is a human not allowed to make mistakes without having their entire character condemned? What he did really wasn’t that big a deal. Nobody had their leg snapped in two, or their jaw broken, or their skull fractured. The reason everyone has reacted this badly to is because they think it’s not manly, that’s the only reason. Again, not much of crime.

All of that said, I don’t want to sign him, simply because I don’t see how it ends well. He either does well – in which case in the summer he’ll want to go to Madrid because he clearly has no loyalty, or he does badly – in which case we wasted a lot of money.


Just curious to know if people against the Suarez transfer would actually cheer him on if his goals ended up winning us the PL? He obviously has a few issues but that said you cannot argue with the fact that he is an outstanding forward, one that could possibly become even better in a team like ours. I really hope he signs for us, like him or not he will be the difference next season and might actually strike a little fear in the likes of Chelsea and Man utd when we play them – that’s if we sign him of course??

Wenger Brigadier

WHAT is going on? Reports say Higuain to Napoli? Ok someone please justify this season how a team that barely made 4th place, is being so stingy to just pay up and buy a star striker someone that sells jerseys and will excite the fans some more? This is soo frustrating!!

Arteta's perfect hair
Arteta's perfect hair

Cue the meltdown….


Maybe Madrid dont want to sell Higuain or he wants to stay? Only explanation to why we have dropped out and how there doesn’t seem to be much interest in him from any other top clubs.
strange transfer window….

Manchester Gooner

3 parties are involved in the negotiation, not just RM and the player.

how much RM wants, what GH wants, and our capability and willingness to meet those terms.

That’s not to mention the presence of agents.

Not many clubs chasing him because he’s been a fine player, but definitely not a top one.


Stepping into shoes I don’t care to step into, but it’s not just money… if RM are afraid they’ll miss out on other strikers they might be targeting (which they have so far… Falcao–gone, Cavani-gone), they probably won’t let Higuain go first. That’s apart from being bastards and wanting to milk us for as much money as possible. So I think they’d be happy to let all this shit run until the end of August, which is neither in our nor Liverpool’s favor. Which makes me think that Liverpool and Arsenal will actually make a deal…. [holds head in hands].

This is the craziest transfer window I can remember. I’m half-expecting the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man to destroy New York by the end of it. Fuck.

Highbury Shuffle

I think it’s fairly public knowledge now that Real let us speak to Higuain after having an unofficial bid accepted. We then agreed personal terms with his representatives but on returning to Real to finalise the deal they realised they needed a shit load more cash to sign their targets and so upped the asking price by another £10m. The wankbags.

On one hand I love that we won’t take that sort of treatment from that utter douche Perez but on the other I really want higs and would much rather we gave in and offered a decent amount to get him over Suarez.



@Highbury shuffle, the problem is it is not common knowledge, its common rumor, untill either or both of the clubs involved state themselves an unofficial or otherise bid ha been accepted its all agent talk brinksmanship rumor and smoke in the air sadly as Higuain and almost any1 else in the 10m range for me beats taking the biting racist cuntmuffin

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Meltdown???? has something happened to your perfect hair?


….like holding a little Lego man too close to the flame…


The Groundhog Window.


What if there’s no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yeah, but the cuddly little fellow did get the girl of his dreams in the end.


My mate said hed forgive Suarez if he fucked his mum if he won some silverware. He is a spurs fan though…..

Dick Law

You have friends who are Spurs fan. I feel sorry for you.


My best mate is a Spurs fan, and I find the effect to be the footballing equivalent of someone who hangs around with shorter people in order to make themselves look and feel taller. No matter how bad things get at the Arsenal, we have nothing compared to the comedic shitstorm that is Shite Hart Lane.

Alex Cutter

Are you eight years old?

twisted cuntloks

My wife is a spurs fan, I’m the one you should feel sorry for !

Dark Stein

Well if your stupid enugh to marry one then on your head be it. It’s the kids i feel sorry for…


you had a choice, my brother is a spurs fan, imagine my pain


No Spurs allowed in our family.


That is as it should be.
Spurs getting regularly fucked by Arsenal.


ps arsenal please buy someone soon before i go into meltdown


“We work hard but we are not close to signing anybody.”
The clock is ticking on your Arsenal career Wenger. Please don’t tarnish everything you have done for the club by being…. “you”. SIGN SOMEONE!!!!!!!!


sign who?
there is no point just signing anyone for the sake of it


Pires, Reyes and Henry are still playing, right?


Oh sorry, I’m over reacting. It’s not like Wenger gets paid almost £8m a year to like, make the team better or anything.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It’s not called over reacting.


The clock is ticking on his arsenal career? are you high? he is our most successful manager, longest serving and not to mention probably the only manager who could have steered arsenal through the stadium change through an ecconnimic recession and still made top 4 every year without taking on debt! The man deserves some loyalty.


Yeah ok mate, you tell yourself that whilst you pay for the most expensive season ticket in the world, whilst lapping up that exciting chase for champions league bollocks. Simple fact is, Wenger doesn’t sign some seriously needed players, he will be under some serious pressure to leave.
No one is bigger than the club, ever.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not even an angry fan.

Andy Mack

‘whilst you pay for the most expensive season ticket in the world’

Troll alert!


Stop with the moaning becuase it’s really tiresome. Go out with your girlfriend or something, please.


Oh Arsene you spoofer!


I hate to be cynical, and I do give Wenger the benefit of the doubt more times than not, but I really don’t understand the strategic point of coming out and saying “Oh we’ve got lots of money, don’t worry”, only to expect everything to go smoothly and balk at any club who asks for a couple million more, or run away when another club starts bidding also. Come on.

That said, prove me wrong. That also being said, if we sign racist bitey cunt I will honest to god boycott this football team. For his racism and biting, certainly- but I just do not see the point, whatsoever, in doubling, or potentially trebling your highest transfer record for a racist bitey cunt who is banned for 6 matches. It must be Gazadis’ idea of a joke- or testing the water with Arse fans as to whether they prefer class or ridiculous transfer fees for racist bitey cunts. Your call.


I almost thumbed up your comment, untill I read this part about boycotting Arsenal. Damn, I would support this club even with Tevez or Terry… Well, maybe I would need some very strong pills, but still.

A N Other

We all would in think and thin..but this isn’t a situation forced upon Arsenal. They are bidding for a racist which means they are supporting a racist and eventually so are we?
Where are the morals in that?

Plus if we had to do that (win at any cost), why did we go down the self – sufficient way of funding our buys and stadium. Why couldn’t we just get our sugar daddy’s to bankroll £500 million to buy best players on planet?

We can brand Arsenal a model club for many to aspire to and then buy a proven racist player. It just doesn’t work.

We are desperate for strikers but not that desperate. I would much rather Wenger get Benteke, a young up and coming player than Suarez.

Highbury Shuffle

If he is racist I’m sure a few training sessions with Chuks, Frimmy et al would sort him out.

*dench comment*

It Is What It Is

Your name sounds like a very strong pill.


What’s the point of supporting if you have to take pills to do it. I don’t love this club because of silverware or similar shit, I suppport Arsenal cause of their values, traditions, history, etc.
But most of the fans are fickle as usual. 8-9 trophyless years, so rather take some fuckin racist gobshite than wait. Because most people want everthing immediately. 10-15 years is fuck all in history of clubs.

Kev Earley

What the f*ck are you on mate!

10-15 years you prick, under Wenger that is realistic but with a new coach we could well do something now.

It is called ambition.

Kev Earley

What the f*ck are you on mate!

10-15 years you prick, under Wenger that is realistic but with a new coach we could well do something now.

It is called ambition.


Expect no Loyalty


Expect no Loyalty

Come again?

That’s what Ray just said.


if we sign racist bitey cunt I will honest to god boycott this football team.


Jesus wept. I’m growing tired of the hyperbole surrounding what people will or won’t do if we sign Suarez, especially the indignant nonsense about giving up on Arsenal.

Really? Grow up. It’s a sporting club, not a repository of moral exempla for the edification of our souls.


You might be right. I don’t like Suarez, but maybe we’re getting a little carried away here… [clears throat]:

“You’d bite anyone in a Chelsea shirt if you thought you could get away with it. What if he had bit Terry? And you wouldn’t have minded if he’d just called Evra a cunt and left it at that either.”

Repeat that in your head three or four hundred times and it just might stick.

Weed Wisdom

I really started liking him the moment he injured John Terry in the knee.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But Suarez didn’t, did he? Unlike normal people like you and m.., er, unlike normal people like you, Suarez can’t control himself. He gets over-excited and does stupid things that get him banned. He always says he is sorry afterwards, oh, no let me rephrase that, he never accepts responsibility for anything he does wrong, except for that one dive (and look where that got him. he won’t do that again. The admission thing, I mean)

Dave Gooner

Thats not entirely true, B. In my other life, I am a coach for kids, and what goes on on the Prem pitch reappears almost immediately on the under 9s etc all over the country. Diving, exaggerating etc etc are now commonplace. Unbelieveably.

“Moral exemplars”? Maybe not. But the eyes of every kid in the country is on the likes of Suarez and Rooney.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So they all want to be fat and have their teeth upgraded to point forwards so they can bite eachother more easily.

Fat cannibals. That’s what the Premier League has led to. A nation of fat cannibals.


u guys dont know the best thing about suarez. when that ghana dudes penalty didnt go in. almost made me weep in franctic joy. i hate ghana and i love arsenal and suarez even if he doesnt come to arsenal.

suarez is the verve and we at arsenal will be unlucky to miss out on him after all wev’ve been through from cunt like nasri, rvp and cesc(yes… him too)

cazorla 4 life beby!!


So in your grown up world morality is circumstantially elective? It doesn’t apply to sport or sportsmen? Where else doesn’t it apply?

Personally, I find it impossible to separate my hatred of cheats, racists and those vicious enough to bite another human being from any realm of life, and so I won’t consider cheering for such people.


Yes, that’s right, because I’m frustrated by the extremes of moral indignation on this site and elsewhere, I must be a moral relativist…

What pseudo-logical drivel you spout, Pooner.

Presumably because you “won’t consider cheering” for people who cheat, you never cheered for Henry, Pires, Eduardo, Cazorla or any number of Arsenal players who have cheated over the years? I wonder how you manage to support Arsenal despite its shady beginnings, and now part-owned by a billionaire whose wealth was accumulated in the most dubious and exploitative ways?

I’d love to know how your manage to “separate” your high-minded indignation form the club you seem to support?



@Bunburyist: your really think, cheating and racism is the same, right? I bet you are a white middle-class American.


@Fedorovich: and I bet you’re uneducated and unable to grasp the significance of the exchange above. Pooner included “cheating” in his list ALONG with “racism” as reasons he wouldn’t cheer a player. If anything, it’s him that equates the two, as he sits way up high on his horse.

Thanks for thinking of us, though.

Cyril Washbrook

“balk at any club who asks for a couple million more”

To the extent that you can believe any media reports, it’s worth noting that according to The Times, Real Madrid has abruptly jacked up Higuain’s asking price by €15 million. I can well understand why any club, having chased a player, would be put off when a seller plays that kind of game.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…and it’s still mid-July. Plenty more jacking up time left.

The hierarchy of transfers is:

1) Agents
2) Players
3) Selling Club (unless the player is entering the last year of his contract, or the guy has Barcelona DNA)
4) Buying Club with Unlimited Funds
5) Buying Club with Reasonable Funds
6) Buying Club with Poor Funds
7) Borrowing Club

Guess what? We are a buying club with reasonable funds. We get what the others above us allow us to have, when they allow us to have it.

I’ve simplified this


The worst is that Gazidis said that, in a few seasons, we’d be up there with Bayern. Come on man


The worst is that Gazidis said that, in a few seasons, we’d be up there with Bayern. Come on man

Glasgow Gunner

Oh man, This is not cool.


De Ja Vu…that’s French, right?


I believe in Wenger but why did he let the enemy buy paulinho? He is the player we needed!


We were probably fourth in line for his signature


Paulinho has been over-rated in my opinion. He’s 24 and so far all he’s done is spend a few seasons in Poland, Serie B, and Brazil. By 24 we usually expect a player to be a regular in one of the top European leagues.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You may not care about this one way or the other by June.


I believe in Wenger but why did he let the enemy buy paulinho? He is the player we needed!


Confessions of a penny pincher.

Manchester Gooner

before complaining, try to suggest a name that you want to see us sign.


Forgive the spelling but here go’s

Higuain, Felaini for starters

Cavani, Jokovitic, Fabregas, Thiago, Negredo, Bender, Isco

The list goes on, and every one of them would improve our team and has been touted at some point this window for one team or another

No as to their availability we will never know.. but I’m not buying this crap about no players to buy this window.. sounds like there setting us up for another fall

That said, there is no source in this article to say who is quoting Wenger as saying this.. (I may have missed it so please correct me at your leisure).. so It could be another Media story to sell papers at the expense of Arsenal fans…

does anyone miss the olden days of transfer markets… where Arsenal fans looked on enviously at the Transfer Market like the grounded child looking out the window at his friends playing in the snow – as opposed to being the butt of every media and agents motives.


Higuain – obviously we have been trying but not happening for some reason, either he doesnt really want to come or we are playing chicken with madrid over the price, might still happen
Felaini – maybe he doesnt want to join us, maybe it will happen
Cavani – signed for crazy money somewhere else, didnt go to man city or chelsea either, never an option
Jokovitic – who knows what happened there, maybe he wasnt interested in us or us in him
Fabregas – not leaving barca
Thiago – went somewhere else, obviously
Negredo – is he that good?
Bender – bid rejected, maybe we could up it, maybe we will, maybe he just isnt for sale this year
Isco – wanted to go to madrid, never an option

its easy just to list names and say we should sign them, but there are lots of other teams fighting for the big names too

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Good. Now pick one who wants to come to us more than he wants to go to Barcelona/Real Madrid/PSG/Monaco.

What are the odds that the players you listed, and their selling clubs, are holding fire in case the big boys come knocking?

I would. I’m so good a player I could be in any of those teams. I’ll go to Arsenal only if I haven’t had a better offer before the end of the window. Arsenal can wait. Everyone can wait. I’m in no hurry to get caught in a big deal if I can get a massive one instead.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Actually, if I really was a brilliant player I would do a Jenkinson.

I don’t want Arsenal to win trophies for me. I want Arsenal to win trophies for Jenkinson. That will encourage more Jenkinsons to play football and join Arsenal. Then we will be unstoppable.


I’m only interested in money and so was Napoli.


I may talk to you guys if I can’t follow my jock mate Dave!


Who cares about playing football when they can get paid loads of money instead!


It’s not his job to suggest names. He’s not paid £7.5m every season to make Arsenal a competitive football club, that’s Arsene Wenger’s job. If he can’t do it he should fuck off and make way for someone that will.

gooner in Manchester

AW has to suggest name to who paid him, and that’s not you.


I think Benteke could be a fantastic signing….22, already excellent but clearly has potential to improve and vitally has expressed an interest in coming to Arsenal. Given the valuations thrown around on guys like Torres, Rooney, etc, would something like 25m really be so horrible for a player with that much potential?


NO did you not see how he treats his own club? do we really want to invest in somebody who will pull an rvp on us in a few seasons?


Fellaini plus Striker (Higuain, Benteke or Suarez)


Of those 3 strikers only Higuain is palatable, as i mentioned previously Benteke is like suarez a cunt to his club to get his way. Fellaini will do but id take bender. there are a few other decent option for us in striker, maybe not brilliant options but let me take a swing at pointing out some who will add some quality and depth, lets see, Huntellaar (accepted he is getting on a bit) Guiseppi rossi (i know my spelling is awful) Doumbia (maybe, i havent seen much of him) fernando llorente will give us essentially a like for like for giroud which while not ideal will certainly reduce the amount of changes in playing style the team will need to practice, i wouldnt be too dissapointed if we have a closer look at remy to be honest, i confess i didnt see too much of him, can any1 give an indication of his stats? there is even a possibility of paying back UTD for rvp and making a good offer for Hernandez they have 4 strikers to rotate all wanting game time? i smell discontent there. my midfield options to follow


As mentioned, fellaini, Lars bender Sven bender Gusatvo Gary Medal Marchisio from everton leverkusen dortmond bayen sevila and juventus respectively, all offer some solid defensive cover and in the case of the benders some solid if not spectacular passing, and Marchisio offers some fairly decent shooting, Fellaini offeres sheer size.

In C.B tbh im not convinced we need some1, this preaseason suggests Miquel is ready to be 4th choice( lets be honest how often will we need him, and he still has next gen to gain experience in) further more Sagna seems very attractive option there, possibly sign micah richards as again offeres C.B R.B option.

GK options are extend Fabianski if he will accept fighting for a spot, cesar, Adler are the main competing with Wojcech options, to replace him as first choice is a little premature, but Steve Mandanda should be good enough. all other positions are in no need of any signings for the first 11 in current formation

Hank Scorpio

Buttering us up for more mediocrity. Same old, same old story. I can’t believe that we’re struggling to find one worthy and realistic signing on this planet


Well, I think it’s the same thing like with signing of Monreal. If Giroud would got injured, right player and right amount of money for a striker would be found in no time


Then we should get Giroud and Yaya to feign a tropical illness so they can’t play for 5 months so Wenger can spend. But in a seriousness though, it seems to me that Wenger only spends when things are dire, like his spending spree after the 8-2 game, when Gibbs got injured and Santos was our left he got Monreal, or a couple of seasons ago when we were in trouble of missing 4th so he signed Arshavin.
Stuff has to be bad before he even thinks about opening his wallet smh.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Wenger buys when players are willing to be bought. The very best either go straight to the team they want, or they hold out til the end of the window in the hope a massive team will ask for them.

There’s a lot of talk about all the other clubs doing business already, but that’s usually where a player has actually been offered the option he wanted.

We buy at the end of the window because that’s when players’ agents have seen what’s on offer and have to choose where their boy goes or miss out on the moolah.

We haven’t lost out to anybody for anybody yet. We can’t make players accept us unless they really want to do it. It’s their choice, ultimately. Not ours.

Why be jealous of every other move that;s happened so far? They were either never possible or not right for us / wanted by us anyway (and 99% of what we have been linked with is rumour anyway)

Sean Costello

This is not going to go down well with some of the fans….

Personally, I’ve given up on the transfer talk- I just cannot wait for the season to start!

gooner paulie

Sigh here we go again FFS just sign Higuain! What are you fucking around for ? Get it done! NOW!!!

gooner in Manchester

what if the fucker doesn’t want to come?

Peter Lavelle

Same old wenger, same old excuses, not interested in the coming season, scrapping for fourth…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Go support Bayern Munich for a season, then come back to us if we’ve won something big.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Oops, when I’ve come back to read your post again I see you meant Wenger wasn’t interested in the coming season. I thought you meant you weren’t interested in the coming season.

Still didn’t like what you said much, but at least you’re not being plastic like I thought.

Definitely do NOT go to Bayern Munich. Not even for even a minute. Unless we get drawn against them in the CL, of course. Stay with us and cheer on whoever our team ends up being.


But I remember Gazidis clearly being outspoken about now being able to pay those wages rooney and the likes are on. not that I want him but I expected the manager and the Chief executive to be on the same page.

(Hmmh! so which one of these two is holding us back?)

gooner in Manchester

remember, it’s not only about fees and wages


Pinocchio comes to mind


Fuck you Wenger, we’ve had enough!


I feel you.


Please wait til the season starts. If he hasn’t added by then than rant all you want. Right now he is playing poker and bluffing is how you win in poker. That said if he doesn’t buy I am in line with you complaining about his lack of balls.


Having the nuts is how you win at poker. Right now the nuts would be Fellaini and Higuain. Both available for comparatively reasonable price tags and wage demands. What about Bony and Wanyama, where are they playing now? Swansea and Soton!!! Could have had them both for 20 odd million. FFS Wenger! This is getting really really old.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Fuck you Anti-Wenger, we haven’t had enough!


This is worrying but could be mind games I don’t know but we seem this before I guess that’s what is worrying

How comes bayern splash the cash
How did psg and Monaco splash the cash
Real Madrid splashed the cash

But we just trying to work hard we should just go to Everton and Liverpool and say how much for Suarez and fellani

But I heard higuanin proce is £37m no wonder wenger has turn his attention to Suarez

Oguntuase Amos

Because they have dubious cash to spend crazily

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, two things.

1) Suarez would cost us 40 million at least.
2) Suarez would cost us 40 million at least.

( Number 1 was going to be “You’re a bit of a cock” but that would have been rude )


Arsene Wenger knows – Full Stop.

Rad Carrot


I fixed your post.


More Wenger rhetoric. Its looking like I’m prophetic.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Great. Put your house on who you prophesy we will buy. Let us all know who it is and we’ll bet our houses too.


I’m slightly panicked after this read, 1 month! Major clubs have done major business.

Here’s to hoping the boss has some serious quality lined up.

petits handbag

It’s like been told you’re getting the ghostbusters car and a Super Nintendo for Xmas….
And you end up with one young unproven French striker. That’s no use to a child!!!


living in the past much? getting a super nintendo for xmas now is like signing kanu (again)


I’d love us to sign Kanu again, at least he was unpredictable and fun to watch,

Dark Stein

Isn’t that why Wenger bought Gerv?…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

…and if you shine coloured lights at Gervinho’s head it lights up like Christmas 🙂


It’s no longer top top quality now it’s just lack of choice. Here’s a choice, Gonzalo Higuain. I’d choose him. Bullshit and we swallow it season after season in the name of we must support the club. I do support the club. AW isn’t the club he is its manager.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Have you asked Higuain about this? More to the point, have you asked his agent about this? They might not want to come here.


I think D sums it all up perfectly…we have a golden oppurtunity to push on…please don’t fuck it up. Higuain & fellaini…please


The market is there we just make stupid bids, teams know we have money so they want to rinse as much as they can

Napoli have serious cash and u know Benitez will spend it


They can’t pay the same wages, and let’s face it Napoli is a step down. Even if we haven’t won anything lately, you can’t get 88,000 Indonesians to go see Napoli play an exhibition match. Nor would any kid in Vietnam run after their bus for that long. And Benitez is there.

Funny thing though–if Napoli do sign him, he’ll be playing at the Emirates Cup for them in August. Man that would be one giant PR clusterfuck.




Yeah because inviting stabatasaray wasn’t already a giant PR clusterfuck.

But yeah seeing one of our supposed big targets there in another team’s colours would be the cherry on top of the shite sandwich.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But yeah seeing one of our rumoured big targets there in another team’s colours would be the cherry on top of the shite sandwich.

Who gives a fuck. If he comes here with another team one of our players can kick him for us as punishment for not choosing us.


We are probably going to play hard ball for as long as we can. Chavs want to conclude their business with Rooney, Shiteh have signed Negredo, Monaco have Falcao, PSG have Cavan, Atletico have Villa, Lewandowski will be joining Bayern.

That leaves a limited number of top, top quality strikers – Hulk, Suarez, Rooney, Higuain at the top top end. P. Cisse, Jovetic, Benteke, Torres, Llorente are a level down, but could all do a job.

If we don’t come across as desperate, then we could possibly negate the effect of announcing exactly how big our war-chest is. There are probably agents out there bashing their calculators, working out their share of our hard saved cash.


Er, Hulk at the top end? Cisse and Torres are shIt, and Benteke will be seriously good in a season or two.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Buy Benteke now then. He’s one for the future.


Hahaha! The artful dodger is at it again. Sonogo is the only signing.


Get dick law to fax a £23.5m bid for fellani before the mancs do

Manchester Gooner

playing Fellani and sideline Arteta. Then we have both caption and vice caption on the bench.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But if they want it enough they will respond (well, the one who isn’t broken for 6 months will, anyway)

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Not sure what I said to upset anybody.

Vermaelen is the Captain and he is sidelined.

Arteta is a seasoned professional and if it were a case of competition with Fellaini he would rise to it and give Fellaini a heck of a fight for the position.

Fellaini would be a great signing. He’d add some grit. Arteta already has grit. Two hard working defensive mids has to be better than one because it means we won’t be weakened significantly if one is injured for a little while.
Also, if I’m not mistaken, both are pretty flexible when it comes to the midfield positions so it would never simply be one OR the other.

Who could argue with Fellaini-Arteta-Ramsey in that area?


Wayne Rooney is “angry and confused”… In other news, bears defecate in the woods

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s shit.


nice, if we were planning to play hardball on signing world class players, we should of sign villa as plan B.

Arty's Art

You mean the same Villa who signed for Althletico Madrid already this summer?

That would be a strange transfer!


FUCK ARSENE WENGER! He must be laughing at the stupid Arsenal fans


Wayne rooney is angry and confused because he’s bald and his kids fear his face.


I feel like I just got dumped via text. Stomach hurts, still in disbelief, staring at my phone.


The Higuain story was planted to boost season ticket renewals. More fool us for thinking any different. Enjoy the race for 4th. Clearly don’t need Higuain we have the gargantuan forehead


This is not good.

A month to go, time in which new players should be brought into the squad to blend with the players already there, so we can hit the ground running, not wait till the last day to save a fuckin pound note, by which time we’ve already lost ground.

A month to go, and we’re not close to signing anyone? Really? What the fuck do we do as a club? Wait till the window opens then go – right, who might we thinking about buying then lads?

A month to go, and we look as fuckin inept, amateurish and as tight as arseholes as we’ve ever been.

It’s fuckin ridiculous and a fuckin disgrace.

Rad Carrot

Agree, definitely.

Would be interested to hear when the “Panic Button” for Gooners is. Personally, mine is 3rd August – 2 weeks before our first PL game.

We don’t necessarily need the major marquee signings by then – although God knows that would be awesome – but at least SOMETHING. My God, is Wenger really this out of touch?


Yes. Yes he is. Though 90% of the people who read these posts will no doubt disagree and give it a thumbs down. He’s a relic of a long gone era. Great manager in every respect other than the modern transfer market.

I’m not sure who I find more irritating, Wenger and his reworded nonsense or Ivan Gazidis arguably the worst CEO of any football club.


I don’t get it either, from evidence it’s quite possible we’re the most easily bullied club in Europe. Put a freaking deadline on these offers, force other teams to make decisions before deadline day, stop being corteous to people who are making you look like a dweeb.

Really, the amount of business we got done last transfer deadline day speaks to how gullible we are and unable to force other teams’ hands until there’s literally no time to stall anymore.


I like fucking too, clearly not as much as


I wasn’t getting worried, until all these Higuain stories started coming up, especially Napoli wanting to buy him. But I really started worrying when I heard Benteke could go to Spurs. Really, Spurs are strengthening, and what are we doing? If Benteke does join them I think that could hurt us.

Of course I still want us to get Higuain, but if for whatever reason we can’t, I’d rather see us go for Benteke rather than Suarez or Rooney, even though Benteke brings his own transfer season drama.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

But, but, but, everybody here has been demanding Suarez, Rooney and Higuain. Benteke doesn’t interest any of them here so why should they worry if he goes to Spurs?


Well said Drogba


Benteke scored a shit-load of goals last season. He’s desperate for a move.

Fellani would also love to play Champion’s League I am sure.

There are two players for starters.
There are plenty more.

Dust the chequebook off!


Benteke has cast doubt over his aston villa future by scoring lots of goals.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Just like RVP did for us.


pay 15-20m for him and if he turns out to be a one season not-exactly-a-wonder then we end up stuck with another bendtner/chamahk/adebayor for the length of his expensive contract?


I just praying he ain’t thinking this team is strong enough after this Asia tour


That’ll just be the ultimate kick in the nuts. Surely not!!


Seein hw he’s been hypin Olivier,we seem 2 b @ tt point alredy.No mo strikers cmin in…bt I hope I’m sooo wrong

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

It would be quicker if you spelt it Fyl


That’s it. I have officially become concerned. I tell myself to stop looking at the transfer news first thing every morning, and throughout the day, but I can’t. Maybe I should go to Gooners Anonymous.

Brian Mendoza

Come on guys, this in Wenger. The man who 2 weeks before we signed Santi said that he had never heard of the guy. The man who Fergie said could run a poker school in Govan. Arsene never ever lets the cat out of the bag, and rarely if ever tells the straight up truth to the press. So take this with a pinch of salt and hold off on the meltdown until September 1st.

Also, inb4 Fatgooner moaning.

Also also, Suarez might be a healthier option than Higuain. I mean, Argentinians love red meat, Suarez clearly only loves to eat white meat.

I’ll get my coat.


too much salt is bad for you. I’ve heard of Santi before he went to malaga, as he was one of arsene’s top targets.


too much salt is bad for you. I’ve heard of Santi before he went to malaga, as he was one of arsene’s top targets.

Rad Carrot

He was also the guy who said that we were going to strengthen in the last January transfer window, and ended up – on the last day, in the last few minutes – with Nacho, a reasonable buy for sure, but one who was only necessitated by Gibbs’ injury.

Wenger talks the talk, but he can’t… oh fuck it, it’s far too late in the day for this 80s shit.

Most of us don’t trust him, any more. That’s all there is to it.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

So getting in cover for an injured player isn’t strengthening the team?
You’re hard to please.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Most of who? You clearly aren’t us, I am us. You ain’t one of us. You are one of them pretending to be one of us.

Rad Carrot

Uh… I did just say that Nacho was a good buy. You seem to like questioning everything everybody says on this blog without actually giving your own opinions. And I’d argue that a lot of fans have lost faith in Wenger now.

My point was that Wenger promised signings in January, but without Gibbs’ injury, we’d have had none. So why on earth should we believe him now?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Read on man, I’ve expressed many opinions in posts further down, you just haven’t got to them yet.

I agree with you, Nacho was a good buy and he did strengthen the team, but how can you be sure we wouldn’t have got somebody else if we didn’t have to fill that position? We may have been stuck with either / or.
Then again maybe there wasn’t anybody Wenger and his scouts recognised as being an improvement on what we had and available too. You could also be right, of course, but I personally find it very difficult to judge against Wenger with so little hard information.

The business of transfers is a morass of self-serving agents, mouthy brothers and fathers, close sources, idiotically late deadline dates, lying toerag twitter freaks, greedy clubs and crazy press rumours, and all skewed by the presence of a few unscrupulous mega-rich clubs. With a mess like that anybody’s hopes and plans can to go to pot.

I refuse to hate Wenger for saying he’ll try to find players to improve us but won’t buy just because people say he should spend his money. I feel sorry for him (any manager really, but not Harry) because the players have all the power in transfer negotiations and can fuck you over in a second if a better offer comes along. They all string you along for as long as they can just in case that offer comes along.

I would prefer Wenger not to say anything about his hopes for the transfer windows as it just upsets people if what he said and what they think he said don’t match. I’d also like Gazidis to keep the fact that we have more money a closely guarded secret, so that we don’t get crazy price hikes when we make an approach for anybody.

I think gazidis went on the tour because it’s a chance to hang with the lads and because there’s fuck all going on in the transfer window at the moment except for a few small fry being bought by small clubs, and a lot of bloody silly rumours. Nothing will happen of any significance in the next three weeks, not because Gazidis is having fun in Asia, but because no bloody footballers worth buying will want to commit themselves to any club too early.

I’m really only questioning two things though.

1) The vitriol and hatred being aimed at Wenger and Gazidis for their ‘perceived’ inaction or incompetence in transfer dealings, etc etc. It’s too soon to wish Wenger would die. In fact it’s never the right time to wish Wenger would die.

2) The idea that Suarez will be a man that “we” will “all” cheer when he starts scoring for Arsenal regardless of anything he may have done in the past. I will always argue with anybody that presumes to speak for ALL Arsenal fans when they are condoning racism, biting, etc. I will never condone such behaviour and I have little respect for anyone who is so rabid about their club that they would throw away any principles they might hold just because a man might score a few goals for their team. Anybody who suggests that I would behave like that is insulting me.

I hate the transfer windows. If we have to have them then I would have a ONE WEEK transfer window in the third week of July, and one during the first week of January. No exceptions. No players of any team allowed to make any remark that could possibly be construed as tapping up or encouragement to another player to join their team. All approaches for a player to be made in secret on the first two days of the transfer week. All deals to be done in the last five days. No information on offers made or received to be passed on to any 3rd Party. No agreed deal to be made public until after the deadline had passed. Hefty UEFA ranking point punishments for any infractions by any club listed in their ranking system. Agents fees to be paid out of the player’s wages. FFP to control spending on player wages. be good if half of it wasn’t illegal.


Looks like a freaking pattern though when we show interest in a player and some muck suddenly bids him up £10 million more. No wonder Wenger like to do a shimmy.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Congratulations. You have just discovered how the Transfer Window works.


I know what you are saying, but we take longer than any club on earth to finish transfers, just look at Arshavin, took the whole month. I thought the Higuan deal was going to happen but we are running out of time now…

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Click on his name. Click OK on the amount specified. Hit Enter. He’s your player.

Love those simplified soccer sims.

Mark weyman

Hate to admit it but we were better in the market with david dien! If him being on board is best for club bring him back!

Saurez! I wont pay to watch him at our club! Next we will be signing john terry and joey barton!

Whats happening to the club i have loved and followed for past 35 years?

Buy higuain if its going to take another 5 mil do it! Cos 40mil for suarez insults us and the history of our club! Would legends like wrighty, paul davis, micheal thomas et all welcome him open armed after tirelessly campaigning with the kick it out campaign! Lets send a clear message abd say no suarez or rascism at our club!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

David Dein didn’t have to compete with cash-rich clubs funded by oil magnates or countries.


To be fair, this is a pretty bad summer to buy anyway.

Everyone keeps talking about Higuain but I’m personally not even sold on him especially given his price tag. Then again, if we have, what, 100 million+ to spend guilt free (according to AST), I don’t see why the management can’t make a big signing to placate the retarded hoardes if nothing else.


Rarely do I get angry at some of the muppets that write on this blog, as I normally believe everyone has a right to an opinion but mate you are talking total and utter fucking Bollox.

Do you include arteta in the retarded Hoards when he he said he was excited about the quality of signings that where being mentioned or maybe jack who said very similar things, or maybe the tens of thousands of ticket paying fans that where


Told by gazidis that our transfer business will be done early and that we are to expect big things, all this before the season tickets were up for renewal.
Or maybe the hoards you talk about are those that now feel angry that they are now being drip fed the usual excuses about why we may not be getting the players we where clearly led to believe would arrive all of which of course now comes to light after the season ticket renewal date has passed.
Retarded hoards ? Your talking shit pal.
Maybe you believe that this squad as it stands can compete for the title, I have a feeling come the start of the season you will be in a very small minority of fans that believe that.


That’s the annoying thing about the modern day Arsenal club – lying to the fans every year. Wenger is just as complicit as Gazidis, but for whatever reason, gets away with it.

The man should be President of FIFA rather than a manager.


Couldn’t agree with you more mate.
I nearly got out of bed last night to reply to that retarded hoards line, but would’ve got an earful from the Mrs (Will you get off that bloody Arseblog at this time of night etc).
This isn’t about the fans, retarded or otherwise. We pays our money and takes our choice. As you say, the players know this team needs strengthening and are urging the club to do it for a good reason – they want to be successful.
The days of players leaving us and disappearing up their own arseholes are long gone – they leave and they win stuff, which is what players want to do.
So with all the changes elsewhere and all our new found dough, we’ve had a golden opportunity for the first time in years to improve things to our benefit, to really get back competing properly.
And for whatever reason, that chance is slipping through our fingers and it’s not good enough.
So if you’re Kos and you stick in another great year and finish 4th, and Bayern or Barca come knocking next summer, what would you do? Or you’re Jack?
This is the most important summer I can remember for years, that will have a material affect on not just next season but probably the next 5-10 years. And we appear unable to capitalise as we should and need to.



Do you think you have a devine right to marquee signings?

Let me tell you, Arsenal is not a charity, the club is providing a playing service for your entertainment. I’ll be the first to celebrate if we land a big player but I’m not the sort of cunt who goes off on the board when we make a cheap signing either (which I’m guessing both of you would do).

If you’re not happy with the service, fuck off. It’s that simple. If SKY TV is providing you crap channels do you riot? No. You just walk away and leave SKY.

The board can bullshit as much as they want, it’s not illegal. If you choose to believe what they say after so many years, that’s your choice but if you honestly are unhappy and want to make a change, walk away, vote with your feet until something changes.

Honestly, people like you come accross (to me) as the type who whinge about their shit dead-end job but don’t put any effort into trying to get a better one.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You made a valid point about the summer being difficult, and wrapped it in an insult aimed like a scattergun. Not the cleverest post I’ve seen on the subject.

The problem is that we have been told that we have a bit more money this year, and that we will get to work early on making deals. The problem is that reality has popped up it’s ugly head and bitten us on the arse. We are well known to the footballing fraternity to have more money this year, but the top players also know that it will not buy 3 or more players of their calibre (remember, the players we fans ae hoping we will sign all think they are good enough for ANY team in the world). Truly top quality players because they all cost 40+ million each, and such players expect huge paypackets. We can’t afford that. They know it because they know how much of our 100 million they personally will use up themselves.

Who wants to be the first massive signing we make when they know that the sort of money we will have to pay for them will mean we can’t get in two more players of their level?

Heck, everybody knows we aren’t in the group stages of the Champions League yet, and why should they sign for us now and take a chance of ending up in the Thursday League?

We are a huge gamble for any truly top class player, so the reality is that no matter how hopeful and upbeat Gazidis and Co were before the summer we are not really any better off than we were last summer in terms of pulling power. I bet Gazidis said we will “try” to get our business done early. I am sure he didn’t guarantee anything.

This is not Arsenal’s fault. Higuain may have made eyes at us, but you can bet that he is waiting for the best possible offer he can get, and that will need to be at a club that can guarantee him CL AND a huge chance to win some silverware.

No matter what we may wish, Higuain sees us as a step into the unknown, and that isn’t what he would prefer to do this summer. Him and a dozen other top, top, top, top players.

Arsenal fans at the moment are like the kid who heard dad got a payrise and has promised to buy him something nice. He thinks it will be that 15-speed racing bike he always wanted. Well, guess what? It will be a packet of peanuts and a bottle of pop. That isn’t really daddy’s fault, but he should have said “just a little present” so that the crazy kid didn’t get carried away.

In a world where Man United can’t buy the top players in Europe why on earth would Arsenal be able to do it? Don’t be the spoilt kid. Be sensible and hope the peanuts are salted.


I think most people would settle for 3 or 4 very decent players for the money we are supposed to have. Big names are great but even they don’t always work out. But if we end not buying At all then sorry the board and arsene will deserve all the abuse that will no doubt come their way this season.
We need strength in depth and because we cannot afford the top notch players of this world is no excuse for not getting any players at all.
It was arsene and gazidis who have said we can compete with the top clubs in the world you can hen hardly blame the fans when they get upset when yet again the clubs promises seem to be turning to fuck all.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He did say in 2 or 3 years, though. We aren’t there yet, regardless of how we might wish we were. We are not amongst the very elite teams (the mega-rich, or the ones with a pile of European Championships – and recent ones at that) so we do not get first dibs on the elite players. Primarily this is because the elite players want to play for the recognised elite clubs.

We can’t offer unlimited wages so we have to accept that we only a chance of top players after the elite teams have done their business. We get what we can at the end of the window because the players who think they should be considered elite won’t commit to anybody until they absolutely have to, just in case a better offer comes along.

You have to actually BE at the top to attract the players at the top.


WAYNE ROONEY >>>>comment image

Mrs. Gooner

Lack of choice? Too fucking picky more like! No wonder no one is chomping at the bit to come to Arsenal. We could have easily had Cesar, Fellaini, Suarez (with teeth removed), Higuain, Fabregas etc if only we looked like a club worth coming to. Lack of ambition + lack of management = lack of choice.


Cesar would have been a disaster people. Almunia 2.0. He hasn’t been the same since 2010 when Holland knocked Brazil out of the WC and he flew back into Rio a blubbering puddle of eviscerated manhood.

And he looks like Buzz Lightyear. Someone else said that, but it’s true.


He couldn’t get a job with anybody but QPR last year folks! Mull that over for a while.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Yes, that’s all well and good, but which one would you have taken? We couldn’t afford all of them, and even two would still stretch our bigger-than-last-year budget.


Here we go again…..whew

Hank Scorpio

Arsene signing a new deal is like signing a new player
Getting rid of the deadwood is like signing a new player
Diaby returning from injury for 3 weeks before getting injured again is like signing a new player
I look forward to the day that we have exactly 11 players in the squad – that’s so cost effective its almost erotic from an accountants point of view

Sir Ali

This shows how ambitious we are! Its very sad. With few additions we can be a top team, but ‘vintage wenger.’

Arsene's sidekick

Why not then do your business as early as possible when its already been said you have the cash. Yet we’ve allowed this to drag on for so long that its gotten more complex than it should be. Even our main competitors(Juventus) dropped and we still couldn’t land. Now we’ve got Napoli with much more money than we do.
Dear mates all we can do is pray Higuain actually does fancy arsenal cause Wenger and co. have made a pig’s ear of this whole transfer window. This is Incompetence at its highest level. Sad.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

The players have to want to come to us,
they have to not be worried that anything better will turn up after they commit to us.

So they hold off and wait to see what else turns up.

This is how the transfer window works unless you are one of the ten or twelve super rich clubs in the world.

Please not that if you have all between you picked maybe 24 top players we should target, please be aware that that is only TWO players for each mega-team.

No truly top class player will come to us until we have already signed two truly top class players and can guarantee success. That is reality if you aren’t PSG. If nobody had noticed that is also reality for Manchester City.

Because we are “only” Arsenal we cannot get the truly top players before the last day of the window because they believe they belong at the mega-rich clubs and won’t look lower until they have no other choice (just like Bendtner, the egomaniacal twat)

Sir Ali

And whats with the thumbs down. All the comments seem to be unhappy by this, and all of them are getting dislikes.

I think the major problem at arsenal that wenger’s word is second to none.

I am not againest him, but it would ne reasonable if he is pushed to add quality to the team.