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Giroud: we need more than Suarez

Olivier Giroud has backed the club’s move to want-away Liverpool star Luis Suarez, but has urged the club not to ignore the fact the squad needs more than just a striker to compete next season.

The Frenchman becomes the latest in a long line of players to state very publicly that transfers are desperately wanted by the current crop who realise that without them their ambitions of winning something will be much harder to realise.

Speaking to the Mirror, the Handsome French Bloke said, “I think we need maybe two or three more players. Yes, that’s what we need. To show ambition.

“The club has to show the fans that we want it. Me and my team mates, we need it as well. It’s all about the team.”

Which is a fantastic attitude to have, and the former Montpellier man, whose position would be under threat if Suarez did arrive, said he’d welcome more competition up front.

“It will be a really positive thing if we have a new striker. I am not worried but I will wait until September so we know the team, the players. I never used to read the newspapers and I don’t want to change my way of life but I have heard a lot of things and I know we need a striker.

“The most important thing is the team. We are waiting for one but we don’t know. I think it will be good for the team and for me as well to have another striker, to have more competition between us.

“But I think I could play with him or without him. So I will be able to be in the first XI this season. I really want to be in the first XI this season but we will see.”

Giroud has had a good pre-season so far, scoring 6 times on the Asia tour and has been backed by Tomas Rosicky to improve on the 17 goals he got last season.

“When you come to England it can be difficult in the first season because you have to settle and get used to it,” he said.

“So I expect him to have a better season than he did last year, and I believe he can score more than he did then. If he continues with how he has played in pre-season, then why not?

“Goals always give strikers confidence, whenever they score them. Olly started very well and we know he has great qualities which he showed last season.”

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Up to Wenger and the board now. Lets wait and see what they do… Although like a child that has been let down so often in the past I don’t have much faith.


I approve the signing of Suarez Arsene. He is a dynamic striker with lots of movement, who will draw defenses to him. When you combine this with Santi on the opposite wing, also drawing defenses too him, with Walcott and Podolski/Giroud ready to pounce, Rosicky and Wilshere feeding them through balls.. what you have is pandemonium. Suarez will be better for us than Higuain, because he can perform just that role. If only those chumps down Merseyside would quit playing hardball. And no-one would stand for the racism in the Arsenal team-doesnt Suarez donate to Africa anyways? He’s just a… Read more »

Grant Simmonds

So far, as always, lots of talk, hints and denials and no action. We need another quality, and I mean world class centre back to compete, as well a Patrick Swayzeuarez. up front


What is happening!!! Someone please fast forward to mid august. Too much stress.


It’s 2:43am here on east coast of USA as I type this comment. I woke up in middle of night just to check if Arsenal signed someone….I’m going back to sleep now.


Don’t lie…you woke up for suhoor and checked online to pass the time.


Haha that too


Clearly you haven’t been an Arsenal fan for very long because this happens every summer……


mates, this summer transfer window is making me suffer even without the pending skipper sale that we usually have to deal with.. in Arsene I trust.

– from a Virginia Gooner


I think this is exactly why Wenger made Vermaelen captain. He acts as the smokescreen for our de facto captain, Arteta! All the vultures are crowded around Vermaelen, saying, “huh? not sure about this? huh? wha? we want this?” …while Arteta’s beautiful lego hair plies the waves (metaphor help!).

Arteta is world class, but the world doesn’t know it.


Infact sleep until we sign


Those are some Handsome French words! Super attitude!


if fabregas goes to united….lets just say cesc better not go to united


Things are changing each day. There are signs he may end up there. If he does, it will be karma biting our arses for signing Sol Campbell from spuds.


Karma? Karma ain’t got shit on that first refusal clause.


Karma? Karma ain’t got shit on that first refusal clause.


By that logic haven’t we already paid our cosmic debts through RVP?

Cyril Washbrook

“There are signs he may end up there.”

Yes, his horoscope today was quite revealing.


I think we need a cb and a defensive midfielder more than a striker

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

Nope, we definitely need some attacker who will make opponent defenders shit bricks perhaps someone like Suarez. They will never know what will Suarez do next score, assist, bite or abuse. Mighty dynamic player this Suarez no wonder Wenger wants him so bad.




Tbh, having Giroud and/or Suarez upfront will make some EPL defences Shiver. John Terry especially!

Gunner From Another Mother

Frantic footwork and fancy footwork hand in hand…or maybe foot in foot?


So many of our players have said similar things this time round. Hope arsene listens to them and the fans or the atmosphere could turn toxic very quickly over the grove.
The players want to know they have the means to compete at the top level and the fans Want to be treated fairly. It really is time for the board and arsene to step up now.


Well I guess we have fans like you to thank for this toxic atmosphere…..why don’t you come back to us when we start winning things..makes it easier for both parties.

Midfield Corporal

WTF is up with you today Nassau, have you got some form of Tirrets where you over react to every comment? Unless its your period in which case I apologise. Voldermort has made a pretty reasonable comment, after everything that has been said this summer, the atmosphere will be terrible if the board/Wenger don’t deliver on their promises. I won’t join in anything negative vocally but I won’t be able to hide my apathy.




the atmosphere has been terrible because idiots cant identify or understand what the club has been trying to do the last decade….to hell with fans like you and your hysterical reactions. the club is in fine hands and has never ever been in a healthier position…moaning about titles and spendings is not what true fans do.


your apathy is welcome..wish more could follow your example.

Midfield Corporal

I think if you look back over the history of Arseblog news you’ll see that I pretty much back Arsene all the time and think that he doesn’t get enough respect for guiding us through the stadium move. However I’m not so foolish as to realise he has also made mistakes in that time. You also need to try and understand how fans who pay large sums of money to support the club feel when they think the club isn’t using its resources fully to try and compete.


I’m really not optimistic in seeing more than one signing this season Olly. Although the fight for fourth place might be tough with the spuds reinforcing with Paulinho and Soldado. We’ll still get it though.


I cant believe I keep checking everyday whether we have signed anyone… Are we seriously only looking at the ear biter??? It is becoming seriously disheartening, and then you here that Cesc is this and that….and that his friends say he’d like to go to United.. WTF?? I seriously doubt Cesc would do that… but following all that has gone by the last two or three seasons I am half expecting him to be holding hands with RVP in the tunnel at Old Trafford pissing his pockets…”When will ARsenal learn how to make a transfer???” FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for Suarez, I… Read more »


20 more league goals would get us 5 more wins and 5 more draws, 20 points more and the title. Giroud, Theo, Ox, Santi, Poldi, Rambo, Wilshire are a year better and between them will score 15 more league goals. The new striker really only needs to score 10 – 15 league goals and we are right in there. A 25 mill striker will be just fine. Invest also in a quality DM and an experienced GK all up 46 mill. Then we are good to go.


So simplistic as to be ridculous. So the other teams just rack up the exact same number of goals and points that they did last seasonwhile we do more? With no additions while the others bolster? Delusional does not begin….


I have to say i’m surprised that everyone seems to have given up on Lewandowski. Bayern must have promised him something spectacular, as surely Dortmund would love to sell him elsewhere this year for 25m+ rather than have him go there for free next year.


They tried, Dortmund even offered him and were happy to sell outside of Germany but he refused to. But to be honest, considering the clubs who who were in for him, we wouldn’t have had a chance, he was up there in the Falcao/Cavani bracket.

Cyril Washbrook

Lewandowski has made clear that he had only one club in mind, which is why there was never really a serious chase for him. His agent said all the way back in April that he already had an agreement with “a club” (Bayern, obviously) and expected Dortmund to allow him to move in the summer (which has not eventuated). If anyone had observed the slightest hint that he was open to moving elsewhere, they would have been all over him. In any case, the BVB also isn’t in desperate need for the money and can afford to take a stand… Read more »

Double Canister

How are the Dortmund fans going to let him shaft their club all season long?


He is right that there are more areas to improve on. Though at the end of the season, it was the missing goals that almost cost us.
I think we might have to get use to the fact that TGSEL might actually play for us this season though. We need a Mert clone and a 20 year old Arteta as well, then with a decent striker or an actually winger, freeing up Poldi and Walcott to play upfront, then we should be good. Just where we are going to clone those two players I don’t know.


I hear saldado told chicken fc is off. Anyone confirm this if so if we don’t get luis suarez aka slayer of John Terry can we buy him please!




Giroud are you sure about that? Ur Boss thinks otherwise.

[…] Oliver Giroud has backed the move for Suarez, saying he’d welcome competition, but like so many players on this tour, has publicly urged […]


If we end up signing no one then Arsene will lose the backing of his own players. Hopefully that does not happen. Am still optimistic we will make signings. Especially now that we have released several players.


He would look cracking with a handle bar moustache. No homo. He would look serious.


Sorry that is kinda homo

Vacancy Announcement in Arsenal team!!

Last time Dick went to Spain for Higauin, he was completely & hopelessly lost in Spain, search and rescue team are being deployed to locate and bring him back to london.
Now Giroud also wants us to sign more players, just wait till the manager finds out the whereabouts of our negotiators…he will start buying the players like Suarez, fellaini, bernard, williams, etc. So Wenger’s top priority at the moment is to find that Dick. Hopefully we can find him before august 31 and buy some players.




sack dick hes clearly a bit shit.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

We lost our Coq but we still have our Dick…


Now we have missed out on Gary Hooper we have no choice but to sign Suarez. He will be fine, remember Cantonar? I deliberately avoided word play, as my friend above has covered all that. Sign Fellani! And a good old fashion thumping English full back!

I’m always tired at work the next day because before I close my eyes to go to sleep I have to open my Macbook and keep refreshing NewsNow for 30 minutes.

I won’t ask for much, a versatile DM who can also cover at the back and a striker or a winger who will allow poldi to move upfront as our 2nd striker, fuck it, ivan and wenger raised my expectation to high heaven in this transfer window and now i’m trying to lower it back to an arsenal level.

So basically alex song and nasri then?



Richard Pitts

Hmmm. Quotes specifically about Suarez: none. (he just says ‘another striker’ as far as I can tell)

I really like Arseblog news, but I doubt I’d be alone in saying that I’d prefer if you used more care in your headlines than the other click-grabbing headlines.

Especially when there is at least one mention of how scummy the media is in every Arseblog post (I completely agree, by the way) – please don’t be a hypocrite.


The reference Giroud makes to ‘him’ suggests that he is speaking about someone specific. In the current context it’s a fairly safe assumption who ‘him’ is referring to. Headline is fine IMO….

Richard Pitts

Actual quotes from Giroud (*emphasis* added, obviously): “…we need maybe two or three more players… It will be a really positive thing if we have **a new striker**…I have heard a lot of things and I know we need **a striker**… I think it will be good for the team and for me as well to have **another striker**… This headline drops Suarez’s name for clickbait – just like the original Mirror article. Let’s not be coy. The ‘him’ referred to later on doesn’t necessarily refer to Suarez. If OG had said Suarez’s name, I’d bet my mother’s kneecaps they… Read more »


Footballer quotes in articles are always answers to questions they are asked. You have to read between the lines. He appears to have been asked about transfers, but specifically about Suarez which is why he replies to the question without restating his name (“him” instead). The Mirror were asking the questions, so why would they need to fabricate a headline? They asked him specifically with this in mind. It wasn’t an afterthought. You notice they didn’t bother interviewing Arteta or Mertesacker whose positions in the first XI are fairly cemented and not threatened by a potential 40+M signing. Reading Giroud’s… Read more »

Richard Pitts

I doubt anyone will read this, but I thought your response deserved a reply.

You make some good points, but if Giroud was responding to a question directly about Suarez, the Mirror would have replaced the ‘him’ with [Suarez]. (square brackets to replace a pronoun, to remove ambiguity from a sentence)

The reason they didn’t do that, in my view, is because if they had (incorrectly claimed he was referring directly to Suarez), they would be left wide open to a lawsuit.

(‘Le Mirror said I was talking about Suarez! Zut alors! I did no such theeng!’)


Frimpong is fit. He is much better at the DM role than Arteta. Wilshere said in interview this week that he expects Frimpong to play. When Frimpong went to Wolves last year, before he got injured, a Wolves fan was clear when he told me, “He’s the best midfielder to have ever worn a Wolves shirt- He’s got everything.”

And yes, Wolves are shit – but still. Good to have a diehard gooner as a midfield enforcer.


we had the second best defensive record in the league last season and you think we should replaced Arteta with Frimpong? What are YOU smoking over there? It’s an absolute joy to watch Arteta’s off the ball positional awareness when I go to Arsenal matches. On TV you rarely see off the ball action but at the game, you can see a lot more. Arteta is a HUGE improvement on Song from a position perspective. Song would rarely cover for Gibbs when Gibbs ran forwards. Frimpong is a work in progress and still far from Song levels much less Arteta.… Read more »

Black Hei

Frimers is not someone you should sneeze at. Check him out in the CL against Udinese. And that game against City, he did more than just beat up Nasri. I think injury has taken its toll and he just ran out of time. Otherwise, he would have been an absolute shield for the back 4.


Fan opinion can often be spectacularly deranged.

I recall being up north in the summer about 4 years ago and speaking to a passionate Liverpool fan. He told me that Arsenal should be very confident for the upcoming season because we had “hands down, the best player in the Premier League”.

He was referring to Andrey Arshavin.

Sarson Vinegar's frightening sarnie

We have to sign Suarez to add balance to the team. With HFB an Aaron we’re far too handsome.


1) It’s the players responsibility to do everything for their club and supporters. 2) It’s the supporters responsibility to support their club no matter how bad the season goes. 3) It’s the club’s responsibility to show the biggest ambitions to the supporters and players to do everything possible to achieve possible goals. One of the three parties above is not doing their job right. No wonder players get frustrated after a few years and leave as well as supporters don’t feel to be taken seriously. No individual player can fix this problem. The club needs to go back to what… Read more »


Only that handsome French bastard can make all the troubles go away!


Girioud is right even when we had Van persie on fire we won nothing. We need world class additions in other areas too and I hope we don’t put our eggs in one basket by spending all of the transfer window trying to sign Suarez only!

I thought we were signing Bernard today?


Do we really want to compete for the League next season? Do we want to stand a chance to win CL? coz if we do, we need at least 5 really good players it’s time to spend that budget, carefully, but actually spend it >everyone can see the GK problem, >how about a good, resonably cheap, Center Back? Kyriakos Papadopoulos should be the one he’s the “clone” of Mer that i think we all want >we can all agree that we can’t be serious thinking that with Arteta, as good as he is, as the Def Mid we actually stand… Read more »


I want arsenal to get Suarez because John Terry. I want to see the cunt tumble after Suarez dribble and if the cunt refuse to fall he will bite his ass and ear to ensure he fall anyhow. Come on bitey can’t wait to see the look on John Terry face after each fall

[…] 谈谈别的。吉鲁支持苏亚雷斯加盟,他说他欢迎竞争的到来。不过和许多在亚洲行中接受了采访的球员一样,吉鲁也公开呼吁俱乐部要在转会市场上活跃。他说: […]


After all this commotion I can see Suarez being signed and playing on the left wing in place of podolski.

Would do nothing for my fantasy team for a start ;D

Amaury Bischoff

Play sagna in midfield n walcott upfront on his own, i.m maybe sure tat bendtner n park will learn from their mistake and score for arsenal arleat 30 goals, podoloski can play like fabregas in scholes position wid jenkinson leftback cutting in and crossing.Giroud is better play as playamker IMHO.


Now I know why John Henry was asking “what they are smoking at Emirates?” Amaury is on the same stuff.


If I were the board, these three players need to be wearing our shirt this transfer window: Christian Eriksen, Gregory Van der Wiel, and Bernard. I don’t understand why we’re going after one troublesome player, yet that tells me there is a clear lack of focus there and my fellow Gunners fans here across the pond agree with me. If we don’t sign anybody by the end of this window, Gazidis should step down because we strongly believe the smoking gun is coming from him in terms of lack of action.

Tony Hall

It’s the whole biting other players that unnerves me about him joining us. I don’t think he is any more racist than you or I to be honest. I think Evra wound him up and he opened his mouth before he put his brain into gear. Not condoning what he said but putting it into context as he doesn’t appear to have done it any other time. And let’s face it Evra is hardly a saint is he. Provoking Suarez by celebrating that win in front of him, Suarez stayed remarkably composed and carried on walking. And then the whole… Read more »

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