Sunday, August 7, 2022

Higuain granted permission to negotiate with Arsenal

Jorge Higuain, father of Gonzalo and aficionado of beat poet Allen Ginsberg, says that he has permission from Real Madrid to speak to Arsenal and conclude a deal which feels like it has been going on for an eternity at this stage.

According to Marca, who are quoting TuttoMercato, Jorge rapped, “We do not negotiate with any club without permission of the selling club.

“We have permission [from Madrid] and hopefully we can soon see my son in the Premier League.”

None of Higuain’s other relatives were available for comment, but it does look as if things are getting closer to a conclusion.

Yeah, we know. Believe it when we see it and all that, but it’s got to be viewed as a positive.

[Source – in Spanish]

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If hes only just been granted permission what have we been doing for the past 2-3 weeks?


Y’know, just chillin’…


Lady Arse suggests that the quotes have been recycled from those given 10 days ago, but with some extra bits (regarding his son playing in the Premier League). As long as that extra bit wasn’t made up, it looks good…


Just asking, what makes you think he’s only *just* been granted permission?


Negotiating multi million pound deal you’d hope. I would imagine they tend to drag a bit if youre not a shiek or oligarch


Scheduling his medicals… plural….


anyone know if this is just a rehash of the quotes daddy higuain gave a few weeks back when everything seem safe and optimistic?


Bored of this now

Finsbury Park Gooner

Seriously though. Seriously. Come on now. What the fuck is the hold up? Seriously?


hopefully higuain will sign. phil neville back at moanchester un-united as coach, ryan ( hairy welsh tosser) giggs player coach, robbin van rapist, anal bandit sausage jockey adviser, and alex ( red nosed alcoholic twat) ferguson, the new head cheerleader for another misrable twat, andy (why is life so hard for me) murray. as for rooney, what a complete cunt. 50th game of our unbeaten season and the arsehole dives for a penalty, has a wig on his bonce, likes to shag pensioners,lives in a swamp, and scored a wonder goal against us which shot him to fame when at… Read more »


I see what you did there… might wanna work on the build up.. no need to lay into United and Andy (anybody but England) Murray though for that punch line. the Rooney part stands up on its own

alternativily you could just open with “Rooney is a knob!”

Andy Mack

Seb Said “what have we been doing for the past 2-3 weeks?”

If you mean AFC when you say ‘we’. I’d guess we were waiting for Real Madrid to give us the OK to speak to him.


Old Jorge’s a shit rapper. What he said doesn’t even rhyme.

The Ghost of Peter Storey

Probably got lost in translation.


Is there even much money to be made in wrapping shit? Seems like a waste to me.


Well, Tottenham have been gift-wrapping club merchandise for years now, so yes, there is money to be made at it.


That comment just made my day.

Andy Mack

So the spuds have been gift wrapping sh1t then


Get it done already ! FFS this is becoming a Juan Mata saga all over again.

Song Long Dilver

What’s the mata? Are you still sad about the juan that got away?

So am I.

big black clock

Fuck me upside down with a pogo stick, i hate long drawn out transfer sagas

Edu's Braces

With the access we have these days I’m not sure how any transfer of note can avoid this sort of thing. This is a bit stretched but it comes with the territory these days.


Well rip of her bikini and call me duff man.. We’re looking to do great business this summer 😀


@Ryo_cleverfish thinks it’s an old news.


I see no mention of Arsenal in the article

George Graham

I hate long drawn out pre-season transfer news. I always get hyped about who we might sign and more often than not we sign a Chris Kiwomya type. I just heard we are in for Gareth Barry. A little part of me just died.


If we sign barry im gonna start supporting forfar or some other obscure non team. Really barry? Im not english so I dont look on him with the three lions glasses on and put quite simply he’s shite. He’d be good playing for stoke or some such but not for a team like arsenal. City bought him cos they could how he ever got in the team isa mystery. Id rather see nasri come back and play holding midfield for us


Don´t know if the Barry stuff is reliable (probably not), but if it is, then I can´t see why that would be such a bad thing. For me we do not necessarily need a big DM signing. We have Arteta, and Wilshere or Ramsey next to him. What we need is a back-up to Arteta, a squad player. Barry would fit nicely to that role.


squad player on 100K/week…

Long Dong Silver

Ah, fuck, I thumbed up your comment before reading the last sentence.


We’re not signing Barry. Apparently, he’s on his way out of the club, so his agent is working overtime to plant links with the media. Shop window, that’s all.

I imagine Barry will sign for one of the newly promoted Premier League teams. He’d provide a bit of top-level experience in the short term while not overshadowing any of the existing players.

North Bank Gooner

Since we announced we have LOADS of cash we are buying everyone, according to the media. Its a win win for them, bullshit links to any available player = hits. Slating Wenger for getting pipped at the post because we wouldnt pay that much = hits.

The Suarez stuff this morning is risible, but I guess it gives us all some comedy to relieve the transfer tension.

steve boulds hairdresser

Why do arsenal take so long compared to other clubs to complete a transfer?…

Edu's Braces

Bollocks, you just don’t pay attention to other clubs. Go to any other team’s Sky page and you’ll see piles of this shit.


Getting tired of this Higuain saga. Let’s getting it done FFS.. I’m scared.

Solomon alexander

If i could catch stupid Wenger i will roast him alive….cheat!


Are you a Warner Bros cartoon from the 60s?


You my friend just gave a new meaning to the word Cunt


Couldn’t find the quotes myself and it kinda seems like they’ve been made up, but tbh fuck it, its better to believe we’re getting somewhere


I meant from from which Marca are quoting, like people have said, seems likely the quotes have been rehashed/embellished.


Getting tired of this Higuain saga. Let’s get it done FFS.. I’m scared.

The only olivier is giroud

Just SIGN DA TING! Or, as they say in Espanól, “Firmó del TINGHO!” (That was a 10 second Google job with a made up word at the end, I know shit about Spanish)


He is quoted on Marca.

It will happe. Arsenal take ages over announcing anything. We have only just announced Don Vito’s move and still nothing on the website about Djourou.


Please don’t wet the bed on this one over a few million quid. I never thought I’d say that. Get it done. Football is not a morality play.


WTF is

Anyway, this is up on there, posted 24 minutes ago:

Jorge Higuaín (Higuain’s brother): “Gonzalo will join Arsenal on a 3 year deal. He will travel to London tomorrow.”
@RealMadridxCR7 24 minutes ago 3 retweets

Likely to be made up bollocks?

Dick Swiveller

If it’s on Twitter, the odds are against it being non-testicular.


Hi Guyz please let still have the faith in Wenger…he will do a good job this season…. Hala GUNNERS!!!!

Solomon alexander

Please dont wast your faith,this man does not have anything to offer again!


Arsenal are the most sloggish club when its come to transfer market. But to sell our players always working fast. Ȋ don’t know what all does old men are stil doing in arsenal board ther just money makers


Maybe, but your sister is the most snoggish, er… club.

Dick Swiveller

I dunno about that, seemed like the time from RvP pissing everyone off and actually buggering off was pretty long to me.


And it took ages for us to finally agree to let Cesc go for the pittance Barca was offering. In fact (IMO) that delay was the reason that Mata went to the Chavs – I think the money we wanted for Cesc was to be used to trigger Mata’s release clause and, when it expired, his price (almost) doubled and Barca had STILL not met our valuation for Cesc, we dithered long enough for the man with the roubles to jump in.

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

Scintillating, nay phenomenal analysis there Bisi. My head is spinning from that revelation.


Why is it every transfer we do takes so long to sort out.. Its painfull watching. Is it wenger penny pinching trying to nock off a few quid.. things need to be speeded up. that’s where we miss david dien…


Says the guy 4 days into the transfer window.


Wow, I don’t think I’ve been so excited about an Arsenal transfer since Glenn Helder signed. When you’re a football fan, it’s so difficult to see the bigger picture because that’s not the way we understand football but I’m starting to come around to the fact that the last eight years of pain and frustration have not been in vain. This guy is fucking quality and soon to be a gooner. I’m ear to fucking ear!


I remember when I used to be that optimistic. The good ole days..


Higuain’s mother: Gonzalo must clean his room before he has permission to speak with Arsenal

Master Bates

I hope our clubs shows ambition by paying people to clean up his room .


The day has been made by that comment.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

Gonzalo’s wife: “Gonzalo must tell that English bloke called Jack Wilshere that I am happily married, before he has permission to speak with Arsenal”

Andy Mack

She followed that comment by asking if Ollie G is marrried!


Blogs you are the dogs balls when it comes to information 🙂 made my year happy happy days bring it on
RVP kiss our red asses you cunt spud loving fucker but we have the real deal now lol


Mooro – sounds like complete bollocks mate.

Why would we spend 22m on a player and only sign him for 3 years?

Absolute tosh.


And you know what??????


Well fishy, this. Old quotes with a slap of lippie on it. Also, 3 years? Fuck off, only free transfers do less than 4 these days.


He’s not Higuain, he’s a very naughty boy


he is Brian,, and so is his wife


So what was all the BS we’ve heard for weeks now that Higuain had agreed personal terms with Arsenal?
Mark my words!.
Wenger’ gonna count nickels and dimes and will fuck it up again…. as always!

Andy Mack

Maybe they’ve all been newspaper lies

Glasgow Gunner

I’m in dreamland

Big Chief from Antarctica

Heh, that part about his relatives made me chuckle. Nice one Blogs. Seems like the wait for a statement of intent is having its toll on all of us.

Big G

Him given permission to speak to us by Madrid…..does this not mean its likely we’ve agreed some sort of fee? I mean what would be the point of letting him speak to us, if they’re not going to except a fee?

Andy Mack

They wouldn’t let him talk to AFC until they’ve agreed a price.


How reliable is this Tuttomercattoweb?


I don’t know, “Tutt” is awfully close to “tott”, and I think we al know where that road ends… in a seething hive of scum and villany


Not seething, wretched.


I, for one, don’t particularly rate Higuain. He was often second choice to Benzema – though that could have been a system or tactical practicality. Nevertheless, signing him shows intent and ambition.


I have said it already, but I don’t understand how they could rate Benzema above him. Not from what I’ve seen anyway. I think it’s going to be like Juve selling Thierry and not knowing what they had!


I hope your right. He looked completely lost against Dortmund. And Dortmund plays a high tempo style he’ll see more of in the prem.


I hope so too! Just get a beer, put on a YouTube Higuain goal fest and relax. I’m sure it’s going to be ok.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004!!!

We used to have one (1), now we’ve got two (2) French strikers who are better than Karim Benzema!


I not sure about Higuain either to be honest. Youtube looks good, he’s boss on Fifa 13, the stats all point to “awesome signing,” but… I still remember a good friend of mine who’s Spanish and supports Madrid threatening to cut off his (Higuain’s) balls and stuff them down his throat if ever he contrived to miss in front of an open goal again. This was a few years back in that period when Real always went out in the first round of the CL, Royston Drenthe on his knees out on the pitch at the end of the match… Read more »

Momoh Abdul-Razaq McSionel

Let’s get this over with,it’s dragged on for too long,it now appears to be a scam.We are all too aware of Wenger’s
transfers/transfet negotiations history.If this is going down the same lane,then,give it to us now.Some of us have very mild cardiac strength.

Arty's Art

‘Down the lane’: Why does this choice of words not surprise me?

Andy Mack

You have NO Knowledge of wengers transfer negotiations.
You only know what the journalists make up!


His club would have to give permission on paper before he could talk to any perspective buyer but that’s all shite as we know.
If true I would guess the clubs have agreed a price and are just going through the motions
Come on Arsenal release the statement we have been expecting for weeks


He’s got to be signed before the tour right? That was the time frame I thought was hoped for….


Guys all I’m saying is Wilshere is now following Higuain on twitter. This has to be a good sign.. Right.. Right???


Well, I’m following him, but I hope Arsenal don’t sign me. I’m terrible!


Hopefully he’s not following him to MCFC at the end of the season when we don;t siugn anyone.


Wen we haz sighned Higwayne, then we can consentrate on getting Rooni and Bale and Romario. Wit Julius Caesar in goal we can be more beter than Everton.


This is all rehashed bollocks. The TMW quotes are 10 days old and the 3 year deal is made up by @RealMadridxCR7 – some dodgy twitter account. It’s a scam and most of Europe just slurped it up, judging by Twitter


We, the great unwashed, know nothing.

The media, knowing that they know nothing, know less.


wenger is best know for this his other name is prolong transfer saga, from arshavin to mata now higuain
that is why he always lost player to other club when he shows interest cos he acts like a snail
u hear gossip of other club today tomorrow they re unavailing is his case its reverse


Had a couple drinks tonight Anthony?


Hahaha…. so youre saying we unveil our players first then we hear gossip about them the next day?

Dick Swiveller

Nah, the way it works is that as soon as there is even a sniff around any player, it is reported and then when they actually sign it *seems* like it’s been going on for an age but really it’s just the 1 piece of crap that stuck to the wall.

[…] the Real Madrid has given Gonzalo Higuain permission to negotiate with Arsenal. There’s this report over at Arseblog news, although the folks over at Lady Arse think the quotes might be recycled. Perhaps this is just […]


Higuain’s mother will announce final execution of the deal. Just wait for it.

I want to boff Giroud and I'm not even gay

Hey how about this for an arsenal line up next year:: Caesar-sagna pique koscielny evra
-jovetic Wilshire carzolar-rooney higuain messi good or what?!!


We have not been linked with Messi this summer 🙁 Other than this, could totally happen!

I’m specially looking forward to us signing Carzolar!!11


You said Evra… on a team i support? meh.. thumbs down. Go back to

You forgot Ronaldo in that highly fictitious team.

Glasgow Gunner

I’m seeing this as deal done. I’m basing this assumption on the hope that higgsy had given us a polite nod prior to our approach with Madrid.

As has already been said. We won’t be accused of tapping him up but I reckon a nod has been given nonetheless.


It will happen when it will happen


Isn’t this a rerun with a new twist on an old story?


Come on. 3 Year deal??? No sane club (or ours) would spend best part of 30 million Euros for a 3 year deal. This is total fabricated shite…


I wonder if this will end with Higuain signing for another team who comes in at the last minute, after weeks of protracted talks with Arsenal, trying to force down the price? Why there is a need for that given the alleged ‘warchest’ of £70m that is being banded around in the press? Could it be that the £70m was a cunning ruse to get Arsenal fans to renew their season tickets? Perish the thought. Bring back David Dein, he knew how to get deals like this done under the radar, and quickly. I’m sick of us taking the cheapskate… Read more »


Bringing Dein back would make clubs fear us more than any signing could this summer..

North Bank Gooner

yeah, it’d cost ’em a fortune in cleaning the oil slick he and Darren would leave behind


so jorge talked to an ITALIAN newspaper instead of an English or a Spanish?



Fuck me he looks older than Delta Blues Sanogo. He’s supposed to be 25.


That’s what I was thinking too, it’s a picture of Higuain on a two-three-week bender.

Andy Mack

Yeah and it’s definately not his dad according to comments from his uncle carlos

David's semen

Really hope that we’re not being given another feed of shit. Really have no faith in Wenger and his so-called right-hand men. We need a closer, a pit bull not a French poodle seeing these deals though, quickly and ruthlessly. Its called business.


Did he say anything about Arsenal?
A guy at work said ManClitty were starting to show their interest in him.

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