PFA confirm no £40m Suarez clause


The PFA have confirmed that the now infamous Luis Suarez contract clause does not require Liverpool to sell the player for the £40,000,001 bid Arsenal have made.

Despite the Uruguayan turning to the association for help, their chairman, Gordon Taylor, said today, “It quite clearly states £40million is a minimum offer for discussions, but it becomes really difficult with such clauses.

“He believes the £40million amount that is mentioned, if that is offered that gives him the right to go.

“Liverpool, from their side, are saying that is a minimum figure from which they will consider negotiation and of course they will want to keep the player, unless they replace the player with someone as good or better, which is not going to be easy in a short period of time.

“We have been asked to try and help to sort the situation out and we have been trying to do that. Luis is one of our members and we want to be supportive, however, he may well have thought such an offer would trigger a move.

“The interpretation is not that simple by any means and there is no guarantee of getting a result if it is referred to the Premier League. I just feel like in any other transfer it is better for both parties to get around the table to try to resolve it.

“You are hoping the club say ‘If you are determined to go this is the figure we are looking at but if you are prepared to stay another year and you still want to go we will accept this much. At the moment it is certainly festering and I don’t think it is a good situation for the player or the clubs involved.

“It is not edifying and that is why I feel we had to do our best to get round the table and see if there are grounds for consideration for the move but it (the clause) is not specific and 100% certain.

“We are in touch with both parties to try to see if some resolution can be achieved that is satisfactory to both sides.”

Clearly, Arsenal had been briefed that a bid above £40m would trigger a clause which allowed him to move. Even more clearly now, that information was wide of the mark.

Meanwhile, Brendan Rodgers told the press this evening that he’d take action against Suarez and, essentially, called the want-away striker a liar for suggesting promises have been broken.

“I will take strong, decisive action, absolutely. There has been total disrespect of the club – this is a lack of respect of a club that has given him everything. Absolutely everything.

“There were no promises made – categorically none – and no promises broken. Obviously, the remarks I’ve read, it is bitterly disappointing – but my job is bigger than that. My job is to fight and protect the club.”

And here we are, less than 10 days before a new season kicks off, embroiled in a mess we never needed to be part of.

How very Arsenal.

How shit.

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North Stand

*covers face with hands*


Well I just watched Charlie George score the winner against the bin dippers in the ’71 Cup Final and I feel great, 6 pints great actually.
As for Suarez I still think he’ll end up at Arsenal this summer, and Brenda will be sacked this time next year.


Bless ya mate, but realistically, Bale stays, Suarez goes Madrid, you lot end up with that french muppet up front and finish sixth and your kiddy bothering manager gets sacked in the summer


An I’ve just watched all the arsenal fans get chocker very quickly ! Wonder why ??? £65 million I think was the reason ! Hahaha YNWA



Even your name is in past tense just like your club.

A Yank

I feel like this should go pretty high up on any thread that Seventhpool fans will drop in on.

Q: How many Liverpool fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: None, they’d rather sit in the dark and talk about how great the old lightbulb was.


So I guess Liverpool will prove to be the first club to hold a want away player to his contract, thus losing millions on the value of what is after all an asset.
A refreshing approach from Fenway who obviously have much more money than anyone thinks, must be all that champions league money … oh, no I know it’s because they can sell out a 95,000 seat stadium to holiday makers in Oz.

Jim G

It was deflected, wasn’t it……..? Just saying.


We may have lost Suarez battle but Liverpool may have lost the war.

Liverpool FC has just misled a player in the signing of his contract: an unethical, albeit legal, employment practice. Therefore, in this era of powerful agents who have financial incentives to force big-money moves, no more agents will advise up-and-coming/CL-quality players to sign for Liverpool FC.

This can be likened to countries like Cuba, in which some socialist revolution has just taken place, the state nationalises all the industries, and in return, all foreign investment/capital moves out. Liverpool FC has isolated itself from the star player market.

As if it wasn’t clear enough already, Liverpool FC has just put the final nail in its coffin of mid-table mediocrity. At least until they regain a good reputation for offering contracts that conform to market standards, and that will take a bloody while…


@WeWonIT5X Your player wants a move to Arsenal and you fu**tards bragging about your club in this blog? GTFO you fu**ing retards


@WeWonIT5X Your player wants a move to Arsenal and you fucktards bragging about your club in this blog? get the fuck out you fucking retards

here, i fixed it.

Henry's beard

Cue Clay Davis’ “Shieeeeeeet!”

Maybe if Arsene get on the phone to Higuain right now it might not be too late….

A Yank

Wasn’t Bentenke making eyes at us back in June? Could have probably gotten him for, what, £18M? Would have been a steal.


a steal? 18m? for benteke? …ahahahahahahah you should go on stage …

A Yank

Only four fewer goals than Bitey Divey in the league last year and he’s all of 22. Given that we’ve offered more than 2x Luis, seems like that would have been a total bargain.


I suppose you thought that 24 mil was a great price for Darren Bent when he was banging in 20+ goals a season too ?

Penalty taker + central striker + focal point of entire team’s attacking play (assuming you’re a half decent finisher) is normally enough to get a decent number of goals per season.

A Yank

No I wouldn’t have ponied that up for Bent, but that was two years ago (and the bid was only £18M with escalators that could take it £24M and I have no idea if any of those kicked in). Things seem to have gone up since then. Hell things have gotten out of control since May. Bent had already reached his ceiling. Bentenke is going to get better.

easy tiger

Beter then Giroud. That is a fact.


Lets buy him off Napoli for 31m + 1 pound.


We’re commendable people.

We support this club and somehow stay sane.


Speak for yourself, I’m a potato.


You think, therefore you’re not [a potato]. Not yet anyway, but we’ll get there soon at this rate.


So you’re a Spud?


Don’t worry, I’m not *that* insane.

I just love Arsenal

I’ve gone bananas mate!!! I’m muttering stuff to myself whenever someone mentions Arsenal and transfer in the same sentence


Why worry? Bendtner is still completely here!


Please leave this at 52 likes, its what his greatness would desire.


He’d be looking for 52,000


per week.

damien joyce

I really think AW needs to go at end of season, I know it’s early but this summer has been fucking atrocious.

I reckon the Suarez thing ain’t gonna happen thus leaving up shit creek

If we drop out of top 4 this season we gonna have Sagna and TR7 leave on free’s
Kos and Caz will probably start agitating for moves, but get them for pittance of their true value, then just to rub it in JW10 is gonna seriously start questioning where the club is going and with who at the helm.

Fucking Disaster of a summer, it truly is.


That certainly is worse case scenario talk but unfortunately not completely without merit or believability. Sad that.

damien joyce

yes i am talking worse case scenario, but the reason i do that is because this summer like the last 3 or 4 have been exactly that, haven’t they??


Hard to argue with that at the moment and I’m usually one of the more optimistic sorts. Not over until the fat bird sings and all that but yes, its starting to look more and more like we may have sunk to new depths of incompetence and ridiculousness, even for us.

And of course the real kicker is, it feels 100x worse this time around because after years of being gloomily confident we won’t spend big, there isn’t much money despite rumours of warchests and all – we actually all (or most) started to believe we not only have money, but quite possibly would – gasp – SPEND IT!!

Fucks sake.

damien joyce

judging by the thumbs down it looks like it isn’t that hard to argue with, am surprised it hasn’t been hidden yet.

Can’t quite understand why so unbalanced voting, it is a legitimate worry on my part, drastic and melodramatic yes, but mine all the same.


It all hinges on the CL qualifier… Win & we see quality come in. If we don’t, then it’s the Gervinhos & Chamakhs of the world that we get.

with the left and the right
with the left and the right

that is some serious pessimistic shit mate! Let me just put things into perspective. Fans and pundits like you have been preaching this doom and gloom for at least five seasons now. Don’t you remember a while back when Man City was on the up and people were trying to predict which team in the top four would make way and year in and year out everyone and their grandmother said we would make way and Liverpool would just continue to rise. And whats happened? The ship’s stayed steady, our debts have decreased, and we’re in a good position to move forward. Seriously, I don’t understand Arsenal fans sometimes. What aspect of our football club whether financial, commercial, or on the pitch warrants this amount of pessimism? You would think we’re close to pulling a Leeds based on comments like this!

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

“What aspect of our football club whether financial, commercial, or on the pitch warrants this amount of pessimism?”

Every year our transfer market activities get increasingly worse and our finances get increasingly better. We sold Fabregas and Van Persie, the former for a fraction of his worth despite Ronaldo going for his true value; and both situations near identical in that both players only wanted one club. The year before last we atrociously bombed and didn’t finish our transfer business on time, and we got battered by Man U and never recovered. Last season we let our transfer business drag on way past what was necessary again, and we paid for it, even by Wenger’s own admission. This season Gazidis even said something along the lines of, “It’s not something we ever want to happen again.”

There are other examples; Joel Campbell being one. We chased him and seemed to channel all of our energy into this transfer. Even that barely pulled off and he only cost a few hundred grand! And all he’s done is gone out on loan.

Higuain was there! All we had to fucking do was not care about saving face and stump up the cash. We could have had that wrapped up like the much lesser Napoli FFS but we fucking turned our noses up! And we could have turned out attention to other players. And even saved cash, he’s cheaper than Suarez! And as this blog says so well:

“And here we are, less than 10 days before a new season kicks off, embroiled in a mess we never needed to be part of.
How very Arsenal.
How shit.”

THAT’s what warrants the pessimism! I am so fed up of this shit! It’s embarrassing!


Not sure what you are bleating on about.

Wenger is intent here on spending 40m++ on a player. I for one find it risky because if he does a Carroll, our losses will be very high. But he is an exceptional player to have in the squad.

OTOH, turning profit over the years has allowed us to be in the position we are at where we can actually contemplate spending on a marquee name luxury item with out own money in hand.

Whether we should continue to pursue Suarez at this point at potential detriment to other target is a due point for consideration, but I am not sure how you could feel upset with our ambition at very least to bring in top firepower to the squad.


Cesc and RVP were not even close to being the same situation. That’s either very naive or you’re creating one helluva straw-man

You’re also being naive regarding Higuain. Real jacked up the price as soon as the Cavani deal became likely. If you’re holding onto a very good striker and you know there is truckloads of cash floating around trying to buy a striker, it is only natural to wait and wait and get as many people bidding for the same striker.

The Napoli president has repeatedly said that the entire Cavani sale + another 60 odd million euros was available for transfers. You can bet that they were prepared to go a lot higher to get Higuain and Real and Arsenal both knew it.

In short, this year there is a massive bubble in all players prices (even more than the last few years, which is saying something) but especially strikers, caused by PSG and Monacco acting like Brewster’s Millions.

the other points, especially Joel Campbell I agree with.

with the left and the right
with the left and the right

Every year out transfer activities get worse? considering how much value we get for the money we spend I would GREATLY disagree. We’ve lost close to 100 million pounds worth of players (Cesc, RVP, Song, Nasri, and Glichy) in the last few years and have spent probably lest than fifty to replace them and have still maintained the same level largely due to some outstanding coaching. And we never recovered from losing 8-2 to Man Utd? I believe we were outside of the top 6 in November, and still qualified for the CL. How is that not recovering? In the last six years pundits and fans alike have been preaching about our lingering collapse, well, where the hell is it? is a club that’s willing to spend 40m+ on a player on the verge of collapse? Is a club that’s just signed a 170m pound kit deal on the verge of collapse? and another 150m pound sponsorship deal?


Some deals take time to finalize. I just hope we have been working on some deals… Still time to put things right if we are but Blogs is right – why is it now Aug 8th and still our squad is nowhere near ready.

We could be in a desperate situation at CB very soon, no experienced backup striker around or to even compete with Giroud, players like Gervinho let go – who for all his haters put in a fair few minutes. I am now OFFICIALLY worried too that our season will be affected once again by how the club handles transfers.


He still hasn’t bothered handing I’m a transfer request. At least that might speed things up


Even if he did, LFC could still refuse until the £60m price is met


I know its you deluded pool fan.

Andy Mack

They could refuse but it looks like the relationship between LFC and player has broken down almost completely. If LFC had the money of Citeh then they may be able to wait it out like citeh did with tevez. But they don’t, so they won’t.
Still a chance that Real will find a way to raise the money but it seems unlikely as the Spuds will want a big part of the bale money up front (after getting burned by real on the modric deal). If we do get him it’s probably only temporary as he wants to live (and play) in Europe again so any decent club that want him next year will probably get him.


Plan B then: call Lorient and negotiate for Aliadiere.

Indonesian Gooner

Well, well. This is the best news all summer. Apart from sanogo of course.

Adams Jr

I know we’re desperate and I’m getting to the stage of take what we can get, but getting Suarez is asking for trouble. He shows no respect to any club he’s been involved with, and he’ll never stop until he gets to Madrid or Barca. We’ll just be another step in the ladder.


What a stupid, meaningless clause. What does it mean by discussions, anyway?

Wenger: “We bid £40,000,001 for Luis.”
Ian Ayre: “Rejected. Now what is it you’d like to discuss? Cameron’s new porn bill is worrying me. No more playing with myself the second the wife nips up the shops.”

Looks like we’ll either have to pay more or wait until the last days of the window. I don’t think this changes an awful lot. I think he’ll still join Arsenal. Just like RvP last summer, his position is untenable.


You’re right man. It doesnt change a lot. It even shows how cunny Liverpool fc is while claiming to have values. On another hand, I dont get this arseblog’s obsession at the abandoned pusuit of Higuain for Suarez. In all sincerity, Higuain would not offer anything more than Podolski and Giroud. Its high time we had another type of striker capable of taking on beating defender and Suarez fits the bill. Arseblog, you have made your point about Higuain and Suarez, all you have continued to do is obsession at the club not getting who you think you want. Chill a bit please. The only place, I would blame arsenal is that they never do or act fast and should have done all these earlier.


Agree completely. I have my reservations about him, but teams are scared to face Suarez, like they were scared to face RvP, Henry, or any of the world class strikers we’ve had through the years. We are Arsenal, and we should have one of the best strikers in the world.

We are Arsenal, and we should also get our transfer business done a hell of a lot sooner than this as well.


I agree, no use crying over spilt Argentineans.

Hig was a steal at £20m and we would have got him for that if Napoli hadn’t sold Cavani and hijacked the deal. So if you accept you have to spend more, you look for proven premier league players.

Look at the top 3 scorers in the prem, 1 is rvp, 1 is a spud, and the other is agitating for a move – makes sense to go for him.

Tl;dr – it might look mental but I think this has all been pretty rational


“”I agree, no use crying over spilt Argentineans.””

this, and the joke about liverpool and lightbulbs, are my favourite posts for the week


While I agree that Suarez is a better player than Higuain, Blogs writes for a blog, and Blogs blogs about his OPINION.

I happen to share his opinion that getting Higuain would have been a better solution overall – due to all this fuss and disruption to our start to the season, bad press, 6 game ban he has, and I think Giroud and Higuain could play together or even rotate.


We have to look at the bigger picture here. Suarez was never going to be available for the start of the season. The important thing is that the squad has been strengthened in all other areas. The Tooth Fairy, the Invisible Man and that shifter guy from True Blood whose name I forget all the time will all add creativity and steel to the squad. Diaby is also close to a return too!

Mate Kiddleton

Sam Merlotte. I was just watching True Blood last night actually

Petit's Handbag

I have a friend who supported Man United up until last season….than he stopped.
Not just stopped supporting United, but watching football. “It’s not the game I fell in love with” he said.
I laughed.
Now I feel the same.
Suarez, Bale, Rooney…..WHO GIVES A FUCK ANYMORE!
These are the best we have now? Where’s the Zidane’s, Figo’s and Ronaldo’s?

damien joyce

Figo, the one that went from Barcelona to Real Madrid Figo??
Fat Ronaldo, the one that played for Barcelona and Real Madrid Fat Ronaldo??


where’s zidane? he’s busy tapping up players for madrid


oh, and doing a crazy headbutt and getting a red card in the world cup final ….

… was a great player though


messi ronaldo iniesta


and Bendtner ofcourse.


Woah there, that’s dangerous talk! Bendtner probably reads this blog and will only need one good post (sarcasm aside) to continue in his belief that he is up to Messi’s standard. He might read this and actually demand a pay rise from Malaga! Dangerous talk Sir.


Liverpool seem to give a fuck. They have such class and dignity in the way they will do anything to keep their want away biting racist!!

Class is hard to find in football nowadays, its why I am still shocked we are going for Suarez and all his baggage. It took me a while to believe it. Then again, we have had players who weren’t exactly angels by any means – we have had rapists, druggies and all sorts!


After what I’ve read tonight, it’s obvious that Arsenal will not get Suarez now, no chance. Liverpool will not be held to ransom by any player, and neither should they be.


its not obvious at all, its all just guess work and speculation

Jim G

Where’s the guess work? Taylor has looked at the contract. There never was a £40M buyout clause, and now Arsenal / Wenger / whoever sanctioned the bid looks a bit daft because the Plus £1 just riled LFC and ensured they would rather sell abroad for £35M than to Arsenal for £40M plus.
£55M would have got you the player, but now that Luis has run to the papers LFC will just dig their heels in.


again you are telling a story as though it is fact, its just your opinion


LFC has a sort of wounded animal air about it these days, and you certainly wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t let him go. But they’d be shooting themselves in the foot if they went that route, and for what? End up 7th again, with a disgruntled, expensive player sitting in the reserves who can sue for breach of contract if they keep him there and leave in January or next summer.

Torres wanted to go, so they let him go once they had a replacement lined up. They’ll do the same here unless they’re the ones smoking something.

Arsenal will have to pay 50m to get him, probably.


Liverpool are owned by the same owner that believes 100% in sabremetrics (ie moneyball). that runs contrary to letting emotions determine a business decision, which for guys like John Henry, these are all business decisions.

i would be hugely hugely surprised if they acted like you’re suggesting when the clock strikes Sept 2

A Yank

Karma: Henry overpaid for Carl Crawford. He overpaid for Adrian Gonzalez. And he overpaid for Josh Beckett. He lucked out in that he was able to flog them off to the Dodgers, but Henry makes plenty of bad decisions and they aren’t all based entirely on statistics (see: Carroll, Andy).


thanks yank – I wasn’t aware of those names (hard to follow baseball in Oz). I always thought that the whole sabremetrics idea was a little flawed once you started to get into any kind of play-off scenario. Averages are great over the long run but any team needs big game players, both in personality and in super-human capability, to reliably win sudden death games.

I would point out though that there is a difference between overpaying for a new asset vs holding onto an existing asset that is rapidly decreasing in value, both on the market to to your own organisation.


This is very interesting language. To me it say Suarez can ask to be sold if Liverpool doesn’t qualify for CL and someone put a bid in for 40m. So Liverpool didn’t qualify, Suarez wants to go, and Arsenal bid 40m. So Liverpool will have to sell even if the wording say they don’t necessarily have to. It’s a matter of principle as the player will feel he was lied to. Now Liverpool can either ask for more money to a team that is willing to pay it or sell to the only team that bid. Keeping Suarez is not a good thing especially if he wants to leave. But any quality players signing for you might now look at their contract twice before signing.


They may well rather sell him abroad for £35 million than to us for any price, I’d be surprised if that happened though, at least if there was an large amount of difference in the fee. Whilst Rodgers might well stick to his guns due to his apparent ‘outrage’ with us, the owners are businessmen before football fans, and I’d bet if that situation arises, they’ll swallow their pride and jump on the side of more money 9 times out of 10.

Look at us last year – the vast majority of fans would have preferred RVP to go to Juve even if it meant getting a good bit less – but with the ultimate decisions in these things being down to money-men, it was never going to happen.


We just don’t do transfers the easy way, do we? While our neighbours have been happily spending money on upgrading their squad, we seem to have only one target this summer, and it’s a complete shit-storm.

I have to say, though, that Rodgers is a complete clown; he’s lied before (only last week he claimed that Suarez said he was happy at the club, which we now know is patently false), and there’s every possibility he’s lying about broken promises. He says he’ll fight for Liverpool’s dignity, and I’m sure that involves saying whatever needs to be said to the press to save face. Telling us that Liverpool are about dignity, though, is comedy gold.


Take monkey-boy out of that squad and they would need to buy another 3-4 good players to compete against our 2. of September 2013 squad

Andy Mack

Our neighbours have had lots of practice spending money (usually on players worth 25% of their cost).
AVB isn’t an idiot so the cost to value rate should improve for them.
But still not enough!


We have to go balls out now if we really want him..£50M would do the trick. Wenger must have known the clause wasn’t watertight. Interesting or very tedious few days ahead!


Why all the doom from the gooners we already knew this, someone else might come in for him but the options are limited. One thing for sure is that he is not staying with the scousers now, his bridged are piles of ash. We have more chance now than we did a week ago. All this talk of Rodgers being so offended is rubbish, guys in his position deal with this stuff all the time without thinking about it. This just happens to be in the press so he is playing up to the supporters.

Jim G

You have LESS chance now, you loon, because the ‘Plus £1’ riled the Liverpool board and now the player himself has riled the board and manager. They will be doing everything they can to offload the player abroad now.


that is probably true and has been for a while. In fact I’d say it’s 99% likely that they’ve been hoping Real will make a bid.

But, are they so driven by emotion that they’re prepared to offer from abroad for less cash ? What about significantly less cash ?

There are very few (I can’t actually count any) other clubs that fit the following criteria:
have CL football,
that have not already spent big this summer (eg Barca, PSG, Citeh)
that need to strengthen their forward line and whom can afford anywhere close to 40 million.

try and name me another club that fits the above criteria, other than Real, and then come back to us.


Karma, I’m sorry you just do do not know how business works. Sentiment has nothing whatever to do with it. Theat is just for show because it pays. That 40 million clause was reported as far back as November last year. I agree they won’t want him to go to Arsenal but purely for competitive business resons. Do you actually think that just because Henry bought the club they are fans. You are the loon buddy


Sorry Karma, I meant Jim G, you had som good points


Well, little racist has pissed everyone off so badly now, look at their managers response lol. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is out of the club now anyway, but more than likely won’t be sold to us.


I’m just gonna get my THEO THEO THEO chant ready 🙁

Terry white

Liverpool standing there ground might be annoying but I wish our board and management would have shown the same minerals when our players wanted out , wenger would have let Suarez go for £25 million


Agreed, wish Arsenal would show some minerals. When another club comes to buy one of our players next time, we can say ‘you don’t want this player. Look at this lovely potassium instead!’


40 mil for Ade and Clichy isn’t playing hardball ?
24 mil for RVP in the very last year of his contract isn’t playing hardball ?

For all of their frustration and seeming slowness when buying players you do have to at least give the club credit for negotiating the sale of others. Cesc is probably the one that was handled badly and with a below market-value price, but that’s what happens when there is only one buyer, whom also happen to be the biggest pack of cunthounds in world football


Don’t forget the chinless cunt. They did a good bit of business with his sale as well. Last year of his deal, and only 3 months in his EPL career of looking like he had game. Not bad. The front office should really be on the phone with City for every sale.


Only one thing in this mess is certain…Suarez can never play for Liverpool again.


Bloody hell. Couldn’t make it up could you, the first summer in what feels like decades with no-one of significance on our end agitating to leave or refusing to sign a new contract – and we manage to get caught up in this shitstorm.

Extremely small consolation indeed that mess as it seems to be for us, it’s probably even worse looking at it from a Liverpool fan’s perspective. Slightly. Almost have to laugh, its so typical, absurd and yes, so very Arsenal.

Ahhh well, not to worry, at least we still have Chama… actually, yes, do worry. A lot!! Godsakes 🙁


“it’s probably even worse looking at it from a Liverpool fan’s perspective” I can confirm that 🙁


We know, trust me we know. And I’d like to think most of us, at least the more mature ones, aren’t taking all that much joy in it – after all 12 months ago, it was us in this position taking a knife in the back. Except with the added spice of it being our captain and having supposedly been an Arsenal fan since he was just a babby an all that.

Not hard to understand why many fans particularly the older ones are getting more than a bit disillusioned with football in general. Year on year the players seem to get more obscene amounts of money and less morals, loyalty or any other redeeming features. Not many Jamie Carraghers or Tony Adamses left these days, they’re a dying breed.


I want to scream.


Well Rodgers why don’t u just sell him if he’s such a liar and stop fuckin around he obviously doesn’t want to be at Liverpool


Err, LFC would sell him but not to arsenal – that is just a fact


I like that you’re the director of football at liverpool f.c

Andy Mack

Al, Money speaks loud.
LFC may be prepared to take a 5m hit to keep him out of the EPL but who’s in the CL and got 35m to spare?


While this is no doubt rubbish, I get the feeling the comments of both Suarez and Brendan Rodgers, which are both equally disrespectful to each other, surely must mean there are few outcomes where Suarez staying at Liverpool can be a a good thing for Liverpool.

Ultimately, this is what we see every summer – only replace Suarez’s with one of our ‘loyal’ ex-superstars and Brendan’s with one of a manager who has class.

Suarez will leave Liverpool, it’s a question of when and not if.


Unfortunately there is still the question of where he will go to – agreed, he HAS to be on the way out there is just no way he can stay now but even if the options are limited don’t think its too much of a stretch to imagine that Rodgers would be real real happy to fuck us over on this one and sell him just about anywhere else. Just have to hope that there really aren’t any other clubs interested especially the Spanish mob.


Yeah, but not to arsenal – fact


unless you’re john henry, and let’s face it he does seem to have a lot of time for social media for a sports mogul, then it isn’t fact. If you need a dictionary definition of “fact” I’ll be happy to provide you with one.

glory hunter

To Al:

Liverpool with Suarez couldn’t get Europa league spot

Without Suarez, God help you

Arsenal without Suarez = Top 4
Arsenal with Suarez = Top 4

In the words of Rafa ‘Fackt’


Meh. The stupid contract is not the important thing here, it was Suarez coming out and saying he wants to leave. Rodgers can complain all he wants about class and respect, but it is a totally untenable situation for Liverpool now.


Agreed. But he just will not be sold to arsenal – fact


fuck me, there’s a parrot loose on the blog. Did you get your cracker this morning Al ?


I love the fact this guy worships Rafa to the extent he wants to talk like a second-language Spaniard. Fact.


stop saying fact, actually just stop saying anything.


its not completely untenable, the fact that Suarez has 3 years on his contract not 2, and its a world cup year makes his position weak as hell. We wont sell to Arsenal for any money…to a point (im sure 60mill would be more than tempting) but i doubt Arsenal would pay it, Real could get him for 40mill but i think ol’Levy is going to rape them and make em say thank you for Bale. so Suarez and Pere seems to have played their hand wayy to early, fact is, and i dont expect you to understand, but LFC are a massive club, and the trophies in the stadium never lets you forget and some jumped up cretin mistaking us for Groningen will never be able to undermine us and move to a team, no direspect, can hardly be seen as a step up (league table aside) so he wont be sold this summer, and if he sits on the bench then he sabotages his own world cup form so, like Tevez he will throw a strop but come back with his tail between his legs, and will be sold for 35mill to Real next summer. and good riddance….and trust me, you dont want him anyway


you mean like Gerrard, liverpool’s greatest ever player, did to you back in 2006 when he held you to ransom when Chelsea came-a-knocking ?

And Suarez gets picked for Uruguay no matter where he is playing or how much, he’s their best player by some distance. I don’t think he’s too worried about losing his seat to Brazil.


Oh, so we’re hardly a step up…”League Table Aside”


league table aside. wages aside. CL football aside. manager’s reputation aside. better city to live in aside.

practically the same !


Oh dear a whole season to plan, months to execute transfers, and looks like nothing will be sorted for the first kick of the season. How disappointing.


Not even your fitness.

Pak Gooner

Don’t even know what to say anymore, to be honest. Just hoping something good comes out of this 🙁


Well that’s just grand. Regardless of getting Suarez or not, this summer has been most shit. resign kanu anyone??


Instead of chasing after this cunt, why not go after another cheaper player like Benzema or even Cesc and use him as a support striker? Then we can use the rest of the money to get even higher quality players in areas we desperately need such as at center back, defensive midfield and also to sign another goalkeeper?


just list a bunch of players, doesnt matter if they’re available or not


but that’s how it works in fifa and football manager.

A N Other

Why does all these things happen to arsenal year in year out? It was Nasri and Cesc couple of years ago, RVP last year and now Suarez.


don’t forget gervinho, he’s gone too

make sure to do the full list every time

oh, and rooney

and bale

just list players that move clubs


FFs you people give up easily! One push and then you all collapse. This is a battle we have to win as fans. Look closely at what Rodgers says – he catagorically made ‘no promises’ – but was it implied. There IS a clause…it is NOT a release clause…..but it is proof they talked about him going and the sum of £40 million was clearly a point at which they had to consider offers. Liverpool have refused to enter negotiations. If Suarez doesn’t make it, its not the end of the world, the squad is full of really good players. There is no need to take a negative stance, we enjoy football, we enjoy a good fight on the forums, lets fight for our football club.
Regarding Arsene….this is us backing him into a corner…his mantra to players is to find your own solutions….we as fans can find solutions rather than finding problems all the time. Take positive action! In Arsene we Trust (but not with money) ;D

<3 AFC


What are you on and can I please have some? Is it Valium? I like Valium a lot.

Silent Stan

Blogger, why fire?


he’s having a breakdown

A Yank

Fire made it good.


It’s bridges burning, no?


If we get Suarez, we get one of the best available players available in the market.
If we don’t get Suarez, we managed to wreck Liverpool’s season before it even starts, without having to pay a penny to achieve that.
Doesn’t sound that shit to me.


we didn’t have to pay a penny, just offer a £1


haha I would love it if we bought completly diffrent striker, then Wenger would call Suarez saying: Naaah, I was just f*cking with you, have a great season in Liverpool, au revoir dans l’Emitates


Why did we ever bid 35m then? We knew about the 40m clause so why piss Liverpool off? If you could think of a way to fuck up transfers look no further than super dick, arsene and ivan to be assured they will tick every box!

Dick have you submitted the bid


Great make them sweat, they will realise were doing them a favour

2 weeks later

Bid in dick?

Yeah, offered half his price, show them we mean business


the 35 mil was assumed (informed by suarez agents ) to be the get to the table and negotiate, then the 40 mil was the ‘sell on clause”……. that in hindsight, never was .

as i said earlier (in the gervinho comments section) we are a bunch of amateurs when it comes to the transfer market. its obvious we were being used to flush out interest, now we are left with our balls in our hands.

higuain must be thanking his stars he never signed for this bunch of dimwits………… us.

just before i get thumped down, i am an akb. nice to know my trust was never missplaced (irony) all this years…….


clearly you’ve never negotiated for anything of any real value or substance in your entire life. in what universe do you bid the asking price for anything on the first round of negotiating.


i wasn’t knocking their negotiating tactics boyo, just explaining the ‘vague-ness’ surrounding the 35/40 bids.

i am more annoyed as we seem to be bumbling typhoons as exemplified by the total lack of anything really, despite of claims to the contrary, not forgetting this Suarez debacle. even if we get him it would still be a debacle.


Please, can we just walk away from this mess? £40M is too much for him anyway, and Liverpool’s season is already in the toilet as a result of this. Let them keep him.

Meanwhile, if we’ve got £40M to spend on a striker, let’s go get one that is worth the money and doesn’t come with a ton of baggage.


So true! Suarez is an amazing footballer, no question, but has shown this week (and previously) that he is a massive egotistic lunatic and would be a liability for any club. Especially for the money they are asking..
The thing is we DO need someone of his immense quality, and I’m not sure who’s left (that hasn’t moved already) that would come close, or would be better than HFB for that matter. The only player I can think of is Rooney.. but he isn’t much better in terms of personality. Maybe a punt on Vucinic if we could get him for cheap, (Juve just bought Tevez and Llorente).. There really isn’t a lot to choose from, maybe we’ll end up with a solid back up or a player to rotate with Giroud instead of take his place.


Calm down Arseblog and take some chill pill. Its becoming and already an obsession from you. Blame the club for not doing their business earlier and fast, not for chasing a target you dont want or like. They know who would improve the team more. Suarez would. Higuain is no better than Podolski or Giroud. You have been directly and indirectly slaying arsenal for this and it isnt right. What if Higuain turns to be a big flog? Have you even asked why Madrid would sell him if he were that good and better than Benzema? All your blames have been on arsenal for abandoning Higuain for Suarez. For me and many, there’s nothing wrong there. Suarez is better all round. Have been watching to see you blame Liverpool who pretending to have values which they dont have but you clearly avoid all about that and continue to slay Arsenal for pursuit of Suarez. Have followed you daily for a while now and this is the most if not only I have seen you one-sided and biased and cant control it. Hopefully, Suarez will still come, behave well, score goal and give us trophies and who knows Higuain may flop(not a wish though) and then we know who would have face covered in shame or glow in glory. For now, calm down and take some chill pills.


Hopefully being the operative word. It’s all very well him being an great player, but if he’s suspended for ten games or angling for a move elsewhere when he’s with us, it’s hardly going to do us any good. He’s behaved disgustingly pretty much everywhere he’s been-it seems bonkers to think he’d change just because he had a cannon on his shirt.


Suarez or bust I guess. £45m, £50m with add ons


40m+1 is firm. We won’t go over that.

As is, a massive risk. if he gets crocked, we have one expensive player on the bench plus no intended backup/alternate for Giroud.

If he does a Carroll, we will take big losses where as regardless of reject list (bar Arsharvin) we have limited our losses in part due to our frugal spending.

I don’t see us following any higher after this.


Dunno about that. BBC are saying that once Suarez signs, others will follow. This is getting quite high-stakes; we are going to lose serious face if we don’t get this guy after all the Billy big-bollocks talk Ivan and Arsene have been giving it


Nobody could have honestly thought there was a clause, PFA finds it, pulls out all the lawyers, Liverpool gets tired of it…..and there you have it. In an Arsenal shirt by Friday. Seriously…

This is a prospective transfer of a big name player to (or from) Arsenal.

I said yesterday this is a tremendously warm big steaming pile of crapola we got ourselves into.


*shakes head disbondently and reaches for pint*


Sajid Kasem

Arsenal are naive to think that 40m is a dealbreaker here. Just cos the clause is 40m doesnt mean thats the amount that will get Suarez, it just triggers negotiations with the player. If Arsenal really want their man, we should know better that we have to cough up way more, and even 50m might not even be enough, esp when Liverpool are under no pressure to sell given that Suarez just signed a new contract a yr ago. So ppl who are comparing this situation to what we had with RvP is not the same cos RvP had only 1 yr left after which we would get nothing, so we had a big pressure to sell him. Something tells me that Arsenal were adamant to get him for 40m, and they cant afford to go any higher than that, already out of our spending comfort zone as it is.

And honestly, I say we let it go at this point. 40m+ to spend on a player who creates so much controversy, misses so many games through bans, and is a dirty diving cheat is not what our club needs. No matter how talented he is, the risk is too big. Look at all the trouble he has caused Liverpool and the club have still stuck by him, and this is how he repays them? Whats the guarantee he will not do the same to us? We are just a stepping stone for him, thats all there is to it, cos by playing in CL with us (supposedly) he can impress other bigger clubs, which is his main goal. Its not that easy to miss here.

I am still disappointed we ddnt get Higuain. He may not have been worth 30m compared to Suarez, but he is the finisher we desperately needed.


I can’t see why Liverpool will relent.

They are playing the waiting game for Real to finish satiating their hard on with Bale and dipping back into the market for Suarez.

We risk being left high and dry.

I think this is motivated by likely Gazidis wanting a better branding for the club. 40m+ therefore a compromise of sorts in as far as Wenger will tolerate with following the price. not sure why we were not as serious with Higuain but likely the Italian club had motivation/resource to push higher than 40m mark.

We need to consider this very carefully. If I think the answer from liverpool is still muddled and murky this week, we should really move ourselves on, leave them to their festering issue and the possibility of having to take less with madrid.

Andy Mack

If the numbers in the press are true for the bale deal, then Real can’t really afford Suarez as well (this year).

Arsene's handkerchief
Arsene's handkerchief

Can’t say I’m surprised, and to be honest, the sooner this is resolved, the better, and by that I mean either buy him or leave him. Why we are so obsessed with a striker is beyond me, when it is so clear the rest of the squad needs strengthening. Yes Higuain should have been done, but it wasn’t, so we moved on to Suarez and to be fair, I’d be very surprised if this materialised. Lets strengthen the rest of the squad, that has to be the bigger priority, I would be amazed if it wasn’t, it makes no sense for the club not to do significant business. C’mon Arsenal, lets sort this out.

Merlin's Panini

Bored. This is the shittest summer ever. I really do wonder what the fuck this club are thinking sometimes. Why is it always so hard for us to sign players? It’s like they just want us to end up saying “Oh just fucking sign someone! Anyone!” Even though anyone can end up being Park.


but thats exactly what people have been saying all summer “Oh just fucking sign someone! Anyone!” – i read it here every single day


10 days from kickoff and the squad is fucking paper thin. Forget about the marquee signing for now and fucking bolster the squad. We are an injury away from ground hogg day.


I think in the last years, Arsenal is the most difficult club to support… And I say this not for the lack of throphies.
Not sure what to think or say right now… every time I read some news about Arsenal I’m about to go insane.




Im pretty sure wolves have a nett spend greater than arsenal in the last few years……


Imagine if the spuds keep bale after they have already bought paulinho and soldado , we’re fucked !! New signings not only add to what we have but they also motivate the players we already have ..if we bought Suarez our whole team would play like a team of new signings (even diaby !! ) the excitement would propel us through our CL qualifier and get us off to a fast start in the league then just as we may start to dip a bit Suarez would be free from his ban and our form would continue .. What I’m saying is just that one single purchase could change the face of our whole season and the glory days could well be back ….

Silent Stanley

No matter what other teams do, WE ARE ARSENAL


‘the’ arsenal, stan


Liverpool can’t wait to get rid of Suarez. Everyone can see now he is as despicable off the field as he is on it.

But Arsenal won’t get him.


The real problem here is Wenger. He’s had all summer to identify targets and strengthen the squad. Instead we’re waiting on a racist cannibal arguing with his club over a clause just to save us £10-15 million or so.

Don’t be surprised if we go into the Champs League qualifiers with our understrength squad and fail to make it through over the two legs. Think Suarez will be begging for a move to us then?

What a pathetic joke of a club we’ve become. Our class and ambition has been ruined this summer. Wenger’s stubbornness to spend the money he has available will hopefully ensure this is his last pathetic season in charge.

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Wenger out.




” just to save us £10-15 million ”

did you really just say that ? you must live in a very different world to the other 99.99% of us…


Gazidis: Excellent! Now we have the perfect excuse to pull out of a deal which we were never going to make anyway.

Now how much did West Brom want for Peter Odemwingie?

Double Canister

No reason to panic, folks.

First of all this is Liverpool’s mess, and it is a very dirty and public mess.
Brenda is trying to be the Big Man and bully Suarez back into line.

Well the pin is out of the grenade and it won’t go back in.
Suarez wants out – name me one player who has been forced to sit out their contract at a club these days who want’s to leave? Lewandowski? One year left so no money coming in to BvD.

Benda is practically goading him into handing in a transfer request. remember LFC is a club who have in public said they will sell him, but they just don’t want to sell him to Arsenal for £40m, we will see if other offers come in for him. My guess is fuck all others would touch him. Anyway, money Suarez would miss out by using the Transfer Request would be quickly made up by upping his wage at Arsenal to £150k a week.

Only thing for certain now is that this will take more weeks to run.


I think the issue hinges on Real Madrid.

Liverpool will want to move on quickly too. they will have to secure players and their choices are far more limited than ours.

40m+1 was a shot across the bow from us to scare of competitors and limit the competition to likely just real and us.

if Madrid does not come in for Suarez quickly, Liverpool may prefer to just deal with us rather than risk losing us and having to deal with madrid asking for a cut price on a disgruntled player they(Liverpool) will not want festering their season up.

Thereby this week coming may be crucial. Wenger may set a deadline to decide whether to continue in the holding pattern or move on.

liverpool will have to decide whether it is wise to let us go and possibly only have one other option with Madrid in which case the Spaniards can dictate on price.

Double Canister

What do you think, Madrid have an infinite amount of money?
They can’t buy both Bale and Suraez – at least not in the same window.
I’d be more worried about the other Madrid.

We are the ones who can dictate the price.


no way Suarez goes to Athletico madrid. First and foremost they would not be able to pay anywhere close to the wages he will command.


They bought David Villa to replace Falcao.

Atletico arent an issue.

The french clubs have royally fucked the market this window. Paying ludicrous amounts for squad players and even more for superstars. But to be fair, if we got our business done earlier, we probably wouldnt of been in this position.

I really thought we had changed our ways when we signed Poldi before the season had even ended last year.

We really need someone like David Dein back at the club to make sure these deals get across the line. I think wenger is doing everything from transfers, financial planning and polishing the lads boots at the moment.


The Lewandowski situation at BvD is very similiar to our situation with Cesc – the player will only accept a transfer to one club; while the club in reality would reluctantly sell to just about anyone else. This greatly reduces the player’s value.

Except it’s even messier than with Cesc/Barca as Bayern pulled a massive cunt act on BvD just before their CL Semi in announcing the Gotze transfer, which obviously really pissed off BvD, so to their credit they’re prepared to take that hit rather than be bent over twice and fair play to them.

A Yank

BvD makes underwear. Ballspiel-Verein Borussia (something like “club for playing with balls… ” which really is an excellent shitty translation) or BvB is Dortmund.


I just can’t understand what is going on. Was ‘The Plan’ really to make a sporadic bid for Lars Bender, agree terms with Higuain and pull out, and then wait until August and rely on Suarez’s ‘clause’?? These are intelligent men we’re talking about, but summer after summer we go out and act in this incredibly inefficient slap-dash way. Honestly, Arsene is a great man in a world full of cunts, but for me he has 2 weeks otherwise whole sale changes need to happen at the club, this is half of his/ their job and they aren’t doing it right.


There seems to be no plan at Arsenal. What you see is what you get. In the meantime Wenger is trailing a Ligue 2 reject who failed a trial at Blackburn a few seasons ago.

What a joke…


I know this is a really cynical view to take, but the Suarez deal suits Arsene down to the ground. He knows full well it’ll run till the end of the window, meaning we have to keep *most* of our powder dry in case it comes through. In the meantime he can focus on aforementioned ‘bargain’ signings. I admire Wenger a lot, but it’s him against the world here and the problem is that his decisions are the only ones that count.


Your interpretation is simplistic at best.

1) Higuain was available for a lower (honestly very attractive) pricing. Madrid shifted the goal post on us with the well resourced Napoli coming into picture. Likely we decided to pull out because Napoli had stomach to follow the price past 40m in which case the 40m+1 Suarez option became attractive.

2) Currently our problem is we are waiting on Suarez. Whether we get him or not will impact how much we can spend in other positions. Eg. If we pursue someone-else other than Suarez, we will have money to say make a bid on Fellani. If we land Suarez, we will prob only have enough for a Capoue.

3) The complication in Suarez case is Liverpool are stalling for Real to come into the picture for a higher price. there is a deadline to this as they will not want to risk losing us without Real bidding and subsequently having the Spaniards come in and take Suarez off at a lower price they can dictate.

4) The 40m+1 price is a shot across the bow to limit competition for Suarez to likely just us and Ream. But it also likely a question of perception within the club. Gazidis is rightly concern with our branding and wants a marquee name. I don’t believe Wenger is comfortable going to high because of losses we could incur if the player does a Carroll on us therefore 40m+1 becomes a compromise. if Liverpool continues to muddle in following week, we will likely move on to other targets.

5) As much as I feel we should frankly pull out of the Suarez deal now, if secured, he is a player that can change our season provided he stays fit. But at what price to our other requirements is the big question. I don’t see us following past 40m+1.


Honestly I’m willing to wait and see what happens and give them the benefit of a doubt at the moment. The Suarez deal: fine, complicated, controversial etc. But what’s the fecking plan? Why have we waited this long, why aren’t we reinforcing elsewhere? What, honestly, have they actually been doing this entire time? I think the (understandable) lack of transparency as to what it is that they are supposedly doing makes out summer dealings a thousand times more incredible. From an outsider’s perspective it frankly looks completely amateurish.


I think this is an excellent analysis. Particularly #1 about Higuain.. as it’s a point that I think has been lost of many others.

The only thing I would add is that Arsene likely has two lists of players/targets, one if we get CL football, a second if we don’t. That would be both logical and explain the current situation. If this is the case then one would hope that lots of groundwork has been done by the club on the QT with both lists.

The worst part as a fan is waiting to see whether the above is true, and how the Suarez situation will play out.

Mind you, the alternative doesn’t bare thinking about, so try and stay glass-half-full is my suggestion. Or take a holiday to a place with no internet for a few weeks.