Report: Arsenal 1-3 Aston Villa (inc goals)


Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna (90+3), Koscielny, Mertesacker (c), Gibbs (28), Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain (46), Walcott, Giroud

Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson (28), Frimpong, Cazorla (46), Gnabry, Podolski (90+3), Sanogo

Arsenal got their new season off to a disastrous start with a controversial, but ultimately deserved, 3-1 loss to Aston Villa at the Emirates this afternoon.

The Gunners started brightly as you would have expected on the first day and got a quick goal when Olivier Giroud opened the scoring in the 6th minute.

After great work deep in our half from Jack Wilshere, Arsenal broke down the left hand side, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain squared it to Giroud on the edge of the 6-yard box and his first time flicked finish went in at the far post to make it 1-0.

Poor Villa play presented Oxlade-Chamberlain a chance to shoot from the edge of the box but saw it blocked, before Giroud had a difficult header which drifted well wide.

But Villa were level in the 22nd minute when the visitors were awarded a penalty. Gabi Agbonlahor was allowed to run through the Arsenal defence and when he pushed it past Szczesny, and took a dive over the keeper. The ref played on and allowed Villa to have a shot on goal, and after that went wide he pointed to the spot.

Szczesny saved the initial spot kick but it bounced back to Benteke who got lucky and nodded it home to equalise. 1-1.

And moments later things got worse when we lost Kieran Gibbs after a clash of heads saw the left-back bleeding heavily from a head wound. Carl Jenkinson came on at right back with Bacary Sagna moving to left back.

Referee Anthony Taylor was not the most popular man in the ground anyway, giving little to Arsenal, but when Jack Wilshere was flattened by Ron Vlaar, and reacted a bit, he found himself booked along with the Villa man. Ludicrous.

Theo Walcott almost took advantage of poor Villa defending but the visitors got it clear, before Wojciech Szczesny went on a crazy walkabout having come out to clear a Villa through ball.

He headed it up in the air, then made a tackle – all while miles out of his box and on a yellow card – before scrambling back to push a long range effort around the post. Almuniarrifc.

The referee continued to ensure all headlines would be about him after booking a Villa player when he was clearly fouled by Oxlade-Chamberlain, and the teams went in level at the break.

Santi Cazorla replaced the Ox at half-time, worryingly it was more than likely because he took a knock in the incident which saw the Villa man booked, and with a squad already depleted, this would be bad news indeed.

Good play from Theo Walcott in the 51st minute put Giroud through on goal, although he couldn’t quite get the ball out from under his feet to get a shot away, and moments later the Frenchman put Tomas Rosicky through on goal. The Czech international should have scored but blazed his shot over the bar.

It could have proved very costly as less than 60 seconds later Wilshere lost the ball in midfield, and Fabian Delph smacked a shot off the post with Szczesny beaten.

But Villa were ahead shortly afterwards. Santi Cazorla lost the ball in midfield, Agbonlahor drove into the Arsenal box but was stopped by a great Koscielny tackle – however, the referee awarded another penalty which Benteke scored at the first attempt. 1-2.

And the referee made sure he’d be the one around whom the the narrative would revolve when he sent off Laurent Koscielny for a 2nd bookable offence in the 67th minute. It was more ludicrous refereeing, especially when Ron Vlaar was let oof an obvious 2nd yellow a few minutes later.

Tomas Rosicky had a good chance to equalise after some brilliant build-up play but Guzan came out quickly to smother the shot. Brad Guzan saved Villa in the 78th minute when the ball came to Cazorla in the box. He shot into the ground, the ball bounced up and Guzan pushed it onto the bar.

Benteke almost got his hat-trick, firing wide with just Szczesny to beat, before Anthony Taylor ignored Jack Wilshere’s demands for a penalty when he was blocked off in the box.

As Arsenal pressed for an equaliser Villa made the game safe. A corner was cleared, the left back Luna was clean through on goal and he spanked it past Szczesny to make it 3-1 to the visitors.

The Emirates was filled with chants of “Spend some f*cking money”, and who can argue with that?

As the game moved into injury time, it looked as if Bacary Sagna picked up a nasty injury after landing badly, and the last thing Arsenal need is another problem to a defender having lost Gibbs and with Monreal and Vermaelen injured.

In the end, as bad as the referee was, and he was really, really bad, it was the disastrous day a disastrous summer brought about.

Horrible all around.

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it’s just the first game of the season, don’t freak out

Sir Balls

Its been 5 months since i posted here, and nothing has changed, its the same faces playing boring and predictable football.

I counted only 1 shot on target in the first 70mins, at home, against the might Villa ? – Absolutely pathetic.

Groundhog day has officially begun.


you miscounted then


If we do spend some fucking moeny who would want to join this shower of shit? Not the “top, top, top quality” (Wenger qoute) that Wenger wants. We will get whats left and face it, we might as well have kept Santos, Gervinho, Denilson and the rest of the “deadwood”. Wenger is the problem right now. Suarez looks at the state of Wengers team and thinks, “no fucking way i’m going there” and that is what all world class players Think. What a mess my club has become. A complete utter failure. And it’s been building up to this classless… Read more »


ah anyone should freak out when for your next pl game you have 2 available defenders and a keeper who can’t well…goalkeep, oh but wait the transfer market is open…oh but wait again. Arsene stubborn wenger is our manager.


But… But… If we remove Wenger, Gazidis and Law, who’ll defend for us next week?


I am waiting for his excuse. These days I use his comments as Laughing therapy. It seriously works 😀

ack ack ack

arsene, please transfer yourself to some french club of your choosing (don’t really care which one) – think of the money you’ll save the club! also please fuck yourself while you’re at it. you are now officially an absolute joke.


What worries me even more is who will be responsible for selecting his successor

Big Chief from Antarctica

That ref was incompetent. Dishing out cards like it’s Christmas. That shouldn’t affect the opinion that one may had before this result.

The fucking cunt. At a loss for words.


He was a [email protected] indeed but saved Szsz being saved off after his 1st penalty by playing advantage, that’s pretty much all we got from him today…

that guy

what the fuck was he smoking


Probably the same stuff arsene has been smoking this entire transfer window…..

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Only you Sir and the French Fool who has not seen this coming since June without new signing. What did you expect to win the league with this 14 players. If you did, you and the Fool live in the same planet.

Aaron Ramses

I think you can freak out, actually. This was preventable, and now we have a threadbare squad facing injuries and a suspension. Arteta’s gone for 6 weeks, and that midfield of Ramsey and Wilshere–as much as I love each of them–is seriously disjointed.

Furthermore, it’s another disastrous start. It’s another 3 points dropped to a team we should be beating. It’s another shit show from the keeper, and from whoever it is that’s supposed to prevent such easy, easy breaks for the opposition.

With no signings on the horizon.

So, yes, I think a freak-out is in order.

eddie korlap

When arsenal use wilshere, he usually go with ball straight to front, and leave big hole on the back. and remain carzola’s skill and passes useless. Unfortunally we missed arteta, whose make his stand on the back. wilshere ok, but make big problem too.


jin, freak out no not now. I’ve been freaking out for a couple of weeks. Today just confirmed our worries.

Wednesday just got a whole lot harder with a couple more injuries likely now.

Is there really any excuse why our squad is so small.


AW had this coming. He mixed it, baked it and now he has to eat the fu*king cake of his own crafting. Now go spend the fu*king money, will you, before our season ends before it even starts? The man never learns, does he?


Proud supporter of Arsenal FC, the true metaphor for the working class. Promised improvements in life (SIGNINGS) by politicians, but they all go completely unfulfilled. So we try and make a living but the entire economic system (REFS) is rigged against us. And this will never change, it’s the 9th successive government (SEASON) that the same is happening.

with the left and the right

this is seriously the worst metaphor i have ever read. you honestly think Arsenal a club thats located in one of the wealthiest quarters of London, is a working class club? maybe some time looooong ago it was, but working class fans actually support their club i.e northern clubs. Arsenal fans are the most spoiled fans in the premier league, who not only feel entitled to success but think they know far more about football than they actually do. Smugness and Sciolism: the two most dominant characteristics of the professional class and thats where most of Arsenal’s supporters come from.… Read more »


Sorry, I think you’ve misunderstood. I’m saying that the feelings you get, the adverse forces you face when supporting Arsenal can be likened to the feelings you get when you look at the history of the working class throughout the ages. Not that Arsenal is working class. But anyway I don’t understand what you mean by an enlightened sports fan either. If you think the upper classes don’t act on their “simple and dumb pleasures”, you’re in for a surprise. The poor get into street fights- politicians start wars. The poor bet £5 on a football game- investment bankers gamble… Read more »

with the left and the right

By enlightened sports can I mean someone whose conscious enough to know recognize the irrationality of being a sports fan. How absolutely absurd it is to get emotional about supporting something that’s essentially when it comes down to it a metaphor for war. A conduit to express long suppressed emotions. Enlightened doesn’t have to mean the upper class just someone whose conscious of what he’s doing and role it plays in the world. The northern clubs remark is one that’s based on simple economics, not on why a member of the working class would choose to support a northern club;… Read more »


Stop trying to be clever, it doesn’t become you.

with the left and the right

and so goes the proverbial response from those who don’t have a response


My dear fellow, this is a football website and we are all supporters of the same team. There is no need to bite someone’s head off for making a harmless comment. If you don’t agree with him, fair enough, but might I make a suggestion? I have been in academia for almost a decade and if one wishes to have a discussion or dispute a point, it’s generally the done thing to try and be civil and polite. Just a thought.

with the left and the right

bite someone’s head off. civil and polite discussions. let me refer you to your first comment: “don’t try to be clever, it doesn’t become you.” oh the hypocrisy of academia, you can’t with one side of your tongue call for civil discourse and with the other end that call with the very dismissive and sarcastic phrase of “just a thought.”


Well in anyone language, you sound like a right prick to me, who has not a clue what it means for a lot of us to support the Arsenal. Besides, I would think the mirror gives you an erection- not the paper, you’re much to sophisticated for that


Not sarcasm, merely an acknowledgement that it’s only my opinion: Take it or leave it, I really couldn’t care less. But I can’t abide rudeness, so I think one can reserve the right to be a little sharp to those who are. Do calm down and try and be civil.


we have 1 center back for at least until next game, and with that sagna fall I can’t see him playing next week.



And the fans. My pal just rang me walking home from the game- He said the atmosphere was the worst he’d seen in all the time he’s been going. Sure, the referee actually looked like someone had slipped him a couple of grand to throw the game, but even then, that doesn’t excuse the absolute clusterfuck that was today’s match. I’m a long time supporter of Wenger, albeit one who has harboured doubts since the shambles that was the summer of 2011, but I can’t defend him anymore, and what’s worse, I don’t want to. I’m supposed to be going… Read more »


There are options actually. There’s Jucilei from Anzhi, a good strong DM! We could look at signing samba too if he seems to be worth it currently. Or Toby Alderwiereld could be a great CB option too. Cheap! Just how wenger likes it. We may not get a forward at this late juncture but our scouting team is smoking some real trippy shit if they cant find targets when tottenham is signing people in such numbers. Honestly, can you blame the traitor for wanting to go with a management like this? Still, I hate that he agreed to go to… Read more »


great point locksley…we’ve called RVP every name under the sun…turns out he was the one that was right….


Dreadful start – but will a signing spree get us where we want to be? Its still an open sore the summer we got smashed 8-2 at Old Trafford and then went on a drunken last minute spree. 2 years on that yielded the fantastic Arteta and Per Mert. 2 other signings are no longer at the club and one was a loan. So Thats a 2/5 hit rate. Who smells a similar scenario around the corner? The thing that shits me most about that is that you didn’t have to be a genius to work out Arteta and Mertesacker… Read more »


Damn right. The real tragedy is that this team could do so much more if it were properly nurtured and strengthened. The ‘could have beens’ and ‘never weres’ are gone, the nucleus of a strong team is there, we could challenge and be a force with some investment, and yet we fester. I can take losing and not winning trophies, but the lack of drive and desire is so depressing!


I think we need a proper Director of Football.


IVAN (issue spending) gladiz And DICK (head) LAW OUT NOW


I see what you mean, but, for now, Dick Law gets a pass from me for his work bringing Joel Campbell to the club. But yes, my patience is being tested.


I’m just saying…he spent a whole week in Costa Rica trying to find Joel Campbell. For me, that’s just top, top speereet.

At the moment, I understand Dick’s in Germany trying find Gustavo’s brother, so let’s just want and see what turns up.


UPDATE: Dick is in Manchester marking each street with chalk so he doesn’t get lost trying to find Wayne Rooney. Word is, he has Gustavo’s brother in tow, and we’ll be announcing this signing very soon.


See how wenger fucks us over nobody even bothered to comment on how quickly this post was put up.

Koss the Boss

Wenger is at fault for this. Why would a sane man loan out Djourou and Miquel when there is obvious lack of numbers at back? Why did he loan Coquelin when we were not bringing in another defensive midfielder to back Arteta.

This was totally preventable unlike recent seasons when some cunts left us. Complete mismanagement by Wenger and co.

I know this is only the start of the season, but for god’s sake, this is ARSENAL! This feels worse than 8-2.


Totally agree. It’s the first day of the season and already I feel massively let down by the club I love. We’ve rolled the dice on getting through a few games with this team in the hope of picking up some last minute bargains, and it’s backfired in the most spectacular way possible. It’s time to sort this out right now, or bring in people who can sort it out. Right now I’m fucking dreading Fenerbache.


shit just hit the toilet… and left skidmarks


The clue is in your name


man of the match ” Arsene Wenger ” frenchies the best footballer HAAAAAAAA,HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
Poldi go hom,frogeaters dream team !!! HAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA


There was a chap on here yesterday who mentioned that he couldn’t decipher an unintelligible comment even with a Ph.D from Cambridge. Perhaps he’d like to have a crack at this one?


TBH I don’t think even Suarez could save us and this isn’t even a hating comment You really have to question Wenger as a manager, yes i know Arsenal haven’t spent, but theres no way they should be losing 3-1 to Villa at home with a much better squad. No Arsenal fan would swap their squad for Villa’s Winning mentality has completely been missing in the Arsenal dressing room for years, its not always down to the quality of the players but the mentality of winning. Well we havent shown any ambition for like a decade what did we expect… Read more »


Arsenal are about to announce a new level of digital membership whereby they pay YOU to watch this shit. So that’s the last time I want to hear any of you yahoooos complaining about us not spending money.

Is it too late to bring back Squillaci?


Thank you for your insightful comment. It really was a wonderful contribution to this post. I’m so glad you made it.

Arseblog. I think you need a comments system like Reddit, where the most upvoted comments go to the top. That way, idiots like this can’t have the satisfaction of getting their stupid opinions seen by so many people.


More of the same. I have been saying for at least a year that Wenger has to be sacked outright. No vision, no game plan, no team spirit. I just hope that Drogba’a Ferenbache will trash Arsenal next Wednesday, maybe then the impotent Arsenal Board will realise that the problem is just Wenger. Having managed to obtain not one decent signing this summer, after having been promised a lot, we are left with the same bunch of lazy overpaid and mis-managed players. No ‘world class’ player would now even consider joining Arsenal, and getting kicked out of the Champions League… Read more »


Ummm Drogba plays for Galatasaray


The transfer window is still open so……


Drogba is at Galatasaray


Let me just say this. Calm the fuck down gunners. The ref had a really, really bad game. We were dominating the game even with ten men, that BAM!!, second penalty to Villa, we went close to scoring three times..until the third goal. Wenger is going to spend surely after this result, just wait, and see. Plus Rosicky is fucking beast, respect that man, and his performance, and stop complaining, the season has just started


We went down to ten men after the penalty mate. Shocker of a game. Wenger really needs to sort his shit out or fuck right off. I mean he’s really taking the piss now.


Going close to scoring doesn’t put points on the table. Although the referee was bent, and I really mean that.


We lost



Don’t tell me to calm the fuck down.


That what AW should do isn’t? After today’s result, he should be barking to his people to bring in the signings first thing Monday. But, alas, AW does not think like normal people, no one can really know what he would do next.

Look at his tactics (predictable, no plan B etc), look at how he deals with his tranfers out, ie; RVP (he sold him to our rival! Whilst we see how livpool keep Suarez with all their might). That’s not how normal people do.

What a mess.


Slightly different scenario, given the Dutchman had only a year left, but I take your point. They should have renewed his contract ages before, and selling him to the glory hunters was horrific. They just don’t have the nous to make a big signing though, and even if they did sign Suarez I doubt he’d be a panacea and stop all the rot. Plus his temperament is deeply questionable. But then after today, I’d take anyone who could score goals.


Too bad Rosicky the beast is injured again.


I hated how the commentator on fox during the arsenal match was like ..” welcome to the most dramatic league ever”. I was bitch, it fucking arsenal that is dramatic, its like the football gods are doggy styling us. we are dramatic in transfers, dramatic at the end of seasons, dramatic in…just DRAMATIC… But at least the boys tried, we just have to chill, and see. If doesn’t sign gonna…emm..gonna..still watch arsenal. Haiz, its like being in a fucked up relationship, where you need your partner more than she needs you even though she is a gold digger (arsenal… Read more »


Have patience, while Wenger looks for top, top, top, top ,top quality player.


all i can say again. boycott the game.


Oh shit….


I said a few days ago if we lose like the 8-2 Wenger would spend, I guess every cloud and all that…


I swear everything that could possibly have gone wrong this week has?
-no new signings
-arteta injury
-even more injuries in defence
-loss to villa
-lack of signings
-more suspensions in defence
-no new signings
-failure to sign anyone.

but then again… we are arsenal.

Arsenes Nose

Wait.. You didn’t see this coming? 8-2 say it , but it could have been worse, ManU?



utter shit then.


Well was it not just all too predictable? You dont think the other teams dont know we are razor thin? Ofcourse they do and they can kick us right out of the game…. Because we cant fucking cope. Because fucking Wenger has not spent one single fucking penny. Who is fit now after this shit sandwich? Yeah the referee could not have been worse, but seriously. I guess the panic button will be hit now? No? Traveshamockery. Feel so bad for our players they are gonna be run into the ground. And sorry but that people in charge of running… Read more »


New season same shite 🙁


Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?


That was one of the most terrible refereeing displays that I have ever seen. Talk about one sided – he single handedly gave that fucking game away. Without him that game is 1-1, the last 2 goals were the result of abysmal refereeing.

I need a drink

aussie gooner

the shame here is that, due to the ref’s shocking performance wenger will distract the attention from himself to the ref. as shocking as the ref was, a better squad would have won today, without Arteta we are wide open with no one to protect the defense, cazorla does not look physically ready to be playing but he has to because there is no one else, this is disgusting. only one man to blame, not the referee, Arsene Wenger


My reference was not only referring to the referee.


aussie gooner, my reference was not only referring to the referee. Which is why I greenthumbed your comment.


aussie gooner thats exactly the summation on my afternoon’s viewing at the emirates today…


Don’t talk such utter shite aussie gooner. In the post-match interview Wenger clearly said the ref had a bad game, but that we still should have won in spite of that. I know we’re all frustrated at the moment, but there’s no need to make it worse.

Der Springer

In the case of this particular game and the circumstances surrounding the club, I think the shit ref (which he was) is kind of beside the point.
We did not need to lose to Aston Villa. The whole summer led to this; dodgy ref or not.


I agree, which is why I clarified my point.


the shit ref is besides the point? his decissions influenced the result of the match…the loss of 3 points….what has the summer got to do with this?

Yvan C

I need I joint, or pills this is real pain…


What some beef and a German beer? That might help.


Thanks for the Sex Pistols reference, it’s a good time now for me to blast through that album with a couple of beers


You’re welcome, French for good – day.

aussie gooner

yeah i understand that now, my worry isn’t about the fans, the fans understand the shortcomings of the manager and all of the staff responsible. it’s Wenger himself that will just rub this off as a unfair result and that this team is still premier league winning material


What we really, really needed was defensive injuries, suspensions and the worst referee in the league…


Wenger must have wronged Taylor in a past life or something.


Yeah, we were in danger when Gibbs went out; Sagna is not a left back, and we hadn’t anyone capable of play there. The ref screwed it up, but, to look at the bright side, it’s better now than in November. We can still buy a player per role at the very least and have a proper 25-man team.


Well, a lot of the time it looked like the Aston Villa players would just waltz through our defense. We really need someone in front of the defense and tell the opposition to fuck off.

I’m slightly glad Arteta missed the game. Hopefully, Wenger uses this opportunity to buy a DM.


Also, how come the players in the position where we are the lightest manage to get injured most often and most terribly?


I’ve been saying this for a while: Wilshere doesn’t do enough defensive work to play DM. In fact he barely does *any*. But of course, Wilshere is the golden boy of English football, so no one dares to point out the bleeding obvious. He is an exciting CM, but for god’s sake, he shouldn’t play DM.

And what we really, really didn’t need, before that, was signings.


Well hands up if you didn’t see that coming.

Alright Arsene, you can put your fuckin hand down now.

A total fuckin embarrassment.


1. Highest paid manager in the league (Mourinho possibly).
2. We’ve had money to spend for the last few years, he has spent money on mediocrity.
3. He has final say on everything at the club.
4. We pay the highest ticket prices in the country.
5. One man should never ever be more important than the club.

We as fans have a duty to remove anyone from the club, and provide stewardship if we feel it is for the greater good.
Enough of this dictatorship. WENGER OUT.


Fuck off Piers


You know, I was reminded of Piers today every time I saw Paul Lambert’s face. I think they’re brothers or something.


‘We as fans have a duty to remove anyone from the club, and provide stewardship if we feel it is for the greater good’ We dont have any rights, arsenal is a private company, when your a majority shareholder, then you can feel all upety and come out with this crap, as for now, dont start getting ideas above your station, your making yourself look stupid. Talking about ‘stewardship’ and and battering on about your rights over the club is the sort of embarrasing self-entitled crap liverpool fans come out with, and it cracks me up everytime i hear it,… Read more »

ack ack ack

yeeeeeeeaaah but seriously, wenger is running the good ship arsenal right into the fucking ground.


Honestly, the good ship Arsenal was the bang average ship Arsenal before Wenger.


Are there enough fit players to even field a five-a-side team?

Also, some really random decisions. Stop playing board games, ref!


I feel sorry for the players. They were on the end of some really bad decisions, nasty tackles and on top of that they have not been given the squad depth or star quality, match-winning back-up they were promised. They’re a good, hard-working bunch who fight for each other but, like the fans, they have been massively let down by the lack of transfers.


Stop it. The ref fucked this game


Yes the ref was a fucking disaster but we allowed him to be one. Cazorla loosing the ball and Kosh making a stupid fucking challenge in the penalty area.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Was a fantastic tackle, what the fuck you talking about


Im saying that the situation could have been prevented. Cazorla lost the ball by being piss poor and Kosh shouldnt have made the tackle. It was a great one but he made it easy for a crappy shit ref to blow for a penalty.


We’re exposed without Arteta. If only we had signed someone like… Gustavo?


Yes, the ref was crap, but we still had a bunch of injuries and no replacements. That’s not the ref’s fault, that’s all Arsene’s fault.


I feel this might get ugly. Grant Holt ugly 🙁


Mick Quinn ugly. Tony Mowbray ugly.


Franck Ribery?


Yep, him too. Tevez as well. And Willie Carr.


You know, I’ve never fancied Cameron Diaz, and always wondered what the hype was all about. She’s all froggy looking and she can’t act.


For me, it was Sherilyn Fenn playing Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks. Yowsa.


This is just pathetic state of affairs brought about by Wenger, Ivan and the Board. Now they will start panic buying when they had enough time to bolster the squad. Arsene Spend Some Fucking Money or simply Fuck Off!!!!!


This is bullshit. Aston Villa is a bunch of cheats

A N Other

If Wenger didn’t knew that already then he would now that we need a goalkeeper, central defender, defensive midfielder and a striker..


you can add a couple of fullbacks to that too now that we have only 1 fit fullback and make that 2 more central defenders now that we have 1 fit CB.

Yo Mr. White!

That cunt wins them 2 pens and Walcotts meant to be the better player but he just fuckin zones out! Got a LB who’s makin his debut so terrorise him but does fuck all! Kos should’ve slide in for the first goal and stand his ground for the second but made terrible decisions. Big misses from rosicky especially the first one when it was 1-1 at 11 v 11. Arsene man, the worse has happened!


can’t and won’t blame the players for this one. most of them were carrying knocks (Sagna, Ramsey, Walcott) and/or came back from international duties and shouldn’t have started or even played yesterday. but because we haven’t bring in anybody, they had to. Actually I felt the players gave everything they had and didn’t played that bad, given the circumstances. The management is to be blamed.

And when I mean the management I mean Gazidis and Dick Law more than Wenger. Firing Wenger but keeping Gazidis and Law won’t probably change much.


Down was either stupid and incompetent or he’d been bribed.


I mean the ref.
Somehow I was thinkin of Phil Dowd, and even spelled the name wrong.
Down-> Down.
The ref was actually Anthony Taylor. The prick.


well, thats all my pre season optimism completely wiped out same old arsenal, nothings changed nothing its all very well waiting till the spring and being focussed on winning, how about being that way at the fucking start of the season? last week we dispatched man city with clamness and resolution, today we were a fucking shambles at times where was the desire and concentration to get 3 points to win the league? oh, its just little aston villa, we can take it easy and we will win because we are better than them? is that our attitude? because it… Read more »


spend some fucking money.

A N Other

One game in and we are playing catch up already..


well, now what wenger???


Paris St Germain?

East London Hipster

you’re such a smart arse, Bunburyist, I love it


yeah exactly, fire Wenger and keep Gazidis and Law, that’s exactly what we need. Do you really think any other manager will do as good as Wenger with Gazidis and Law still being here ( and silent stan too )? For me it’s Gazidis and Law and our negotiating team who fucked up. Wenger usually does not take part in negotiations, his job is to identify targets, not to sign them. I am quite sure he has done that – identifying players he’d like to bring him, probably dozens of them – but who’s really fucked up and has not… Read more »


So its true he really doesnt know what he’s doing.


Already sick of this season. Sack Wenger now! Nothing else is will change anything, if he stays it will look like this evey game. No gameplan. No strenghtening of the team. No plan B (not even a plan A). Big and strong players are shit in his World. We got outfought by Villa! They kicked us around and not one Arsenal player could take the fight, not one. Wenger is so outdated its scary. If we sack Wenger now, a new manager has time to spend the fucking Money. Wenger sure as fuck wont spend anything that senile bas….. The… Read more »


How do you know it’s Wenger the biggest culprit? I don’t think he’s the one signing contracts and aggreeing terms with the players. We’ve been linked with so many players since the end of last season, I’m quite sure Wenger would have liked to sign them. I think the ones to be blamed are Gazidis, Law, our negotiating team ( whoever they are, if they exist ) and to some extent Silent Stan. That we can’t bring in the players we’d like to (and Wenger wants too, probably) is down to them and they’ve fucked up. I am not (anymore)… Read more »

Alex Manninger

REALLY?! Ah what have i just witnessed! 🙁


The end!!!

Easy Big Boy

Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhh


If it was hard getting players to the club BEFORE the start of the season, I just wonder how hard it will be now, when everyone has seen the state which the club is in right now.

that guy

i think i’ve lost my emotion. shout out to rosicky and mertesacker!


per was out of position when villa hit the post, with the open chances Arsenal gave them 3-1 was not that bad, nobody tracking the runner, what happened to our new found defensive solidity?


What a disaster. Ref has done us no favours, but how underprepared does our squad look, shocking!


Shambles. why not bring on podolski when we need a goal?


now that would be far too simple. Why not wait until we’re two down, and in the 93rd minute, because thats obviously going to work.
It’ll also do wonders for Poldi’s morale.

Big Chief from Antarctica

never ever seen such a cunt of a ref, a fucking disgrace, a joke. a mockery. THE CUNT.

Good effort from the lads after the red card.


only one question, Mr blogs : how did you find motivation to post a match report this fast after all that…?


Thank you. Sincerely.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

No better top top to quality than this around your Europe????? no one better or equal to Giroud, Theo or Poldi??? And you call yourself a manager that earns 7.5 million a year.

one word to sum you up, a FOOL!!!.

Cyril Washbrook

That felt every bit as bad as the 8-2.


What was worse is even once we scored I had no faith that we would be able to hold on to the result. Poldi should have come on and not Cazorla, he looked knackered as evidenced in his poor pass for the second penalty and also his mistimed shot which Guzan made look half decent. If we had signed Wanyama/Gustavo, Williams and perhaps Higuain/A.N Other striker then I think this result may have been very different. Despite his antics today Scez showed he has some quality there despite conceeding it the save from the first penalty was good and he… Read more »


the most inconsistent referree eva !! as usual we cant seem to find our way of a sticky situation . and the fact was we were more or less concentrating ova the next foul rather than attemptin to even try win the game was typical of arsenal


i’d say the ref was consistent actually.

consistently shit.


I am glad the players heard my call. I am glad we lost. Maybe Wenger will now spend some money. He can’t be that cheap. No wonder why French don’t tip.


what does that even mean??

how you can ever be glad that we lost is beyond me as an arsenal fan, regardless of our transfer situation.

and the french tip 100% better than we do

Oregon Gooner

Fuck this shit.

I was so excited for the season opener and we get this…

Yes the ref was utterly atrocious but it again comes back to wenger.

“Spend some fucking money”


“Overall I feel we lacked a little bit the everything today”


Like, players. And some more players. And a few more. And a plan for the season. And players.


Sad day for Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, the supporters.

If everyone keeps predicting doom and gloom, guess what it will come true. Never ever have I seen Arsenal fans walking out on their team and manager like that. Surely its not the Arsenal way.
Really didnt need to see this today my life is fucked enough as it is.

P.s. the referee was a fucking cunt and its not Arsene’s fault we had to of our back four taking out unfairly. He is to blame for tactics which left us exposed to a counter attacking team.


So it’s not Wenger’s fault that he has nobody else to bring on? We played the rest of the game after Koscielney was sent off with a 3 man defence whilst chasing a lead. The only reason we had a 3 man defence is because there were zero defenders on the bench. Yes, the referee fucked us. But Wenger fucked himself by not adding depth to the squad before the match and he has had the last 2-3 months to fix that. Put any other team in our position and they won’t do anything close to what we’ve done. They… Read more »


Sorry, am I understanding you correctly when I say that I think you’re saying that we should have finished the game with a back four with 10 men and 1 goal down?

Tactical genius.


I’m saying we didn’t have that option. Wenger’s hand was forced to play 3 men at the back because he had no defenders. So even if Wenger wanted 4 men at the back (to shore up our defence to build an attack), he wasn’t able to. And it’s his fault that his hand was forced. Sagna had a nasty fall, Gibbs has a nasty cut and Koscielney will be suspended. If Sagna and Gibbs take longer than a week to recover, that leaves us with the following players to play the back four next week: Mertesacker and Jenkinson. Tactical genius… Read more »

same ol arsenal

well done wenger, aston villa played better. this is entirely on you mr wenger




Hate Giroud’s new haircut…


Yeah, what’s worrying at the moment…Giroud’s hair..




Szczęsny is a shower of shit!

Arsenal aint trying to sign players i have said it before, goal keepers compared to other posistions dont cost as much they are actually cheap in football terms.

Theres is no excuse Júlio César would of been a great buy.

Guys you cant just blame the refferee agreed he was shit but the problem lies deeper than just some dodgy referee decisions.

Glen Helders soul-glo

Actually Asmir Begovic would be the one.

He stopped th Liverpool score from being 6-0


this is shit

Touched Your Mother

Well, same as last two years… It shouldn’t be this way. Bottom line is, bad officiating should never ever change the game, ever, period. This Anthony Taylor guy should be in the Blue Square after this game. We need to spend money, end of. At this rate I really feel it should be Wenger’s last season, I have always supported him, but while watching this game, it was the first time I legitimately looked at the side and wondered what has happened to the club.


We are a fucking joke. we make the headlines because of wengers belief that our squad is strong enough when we are clearly not. we obviously know nada about what we need. sick of this is in denial. stay away lads its the only thing that the board will listen to.

Rad Carrot

Shitstorm in 3… 2… 1…

that guy

and the panic will start in 3, 2……

Chris Mac

Not sure anymore.

Bob Truelove

Will this wake him up like the 8-2?

squillaci is judas

go fuck yourself wenger


If Wenger is half the gentleman he pretends to be, he should hand in his resignation immediately – which the Board should gladly accept


and then ………?


…and then David Dein rides in bareback on a unicorn, holding a long shiny dildo (?), restoring order and success to Arsenal once more, appointing Sir Chips as manager, and Usmanov as Gunnersaurus. All hail the mighty Dein, saviour of all!


Wenger won’t resign. If he did the board would refuse it he makes them lots and lots of MONEY.

So angry at the moment.


Heh, it couldn’t have ended otherwise, could it? Even though Arsenal put themselves in this position, the referee to ridiculous.