Sunday, August 7, 2022

The Top 10 reasons your comment wasn’t published

Not a football post, this, but comments on this site have become hard work in recent weeks. We understand everyone’s frustrated, but we’re not the ones not signing the players.

Anyway, a tip of the hat and a virtual pint to all the fine people who make up this community and contribute positively to the posts and discussions – but here are the top 10, and quite real, reasons why your comment might not have been published.

And by ‘your’, we mean that guy over there. Unless you’re on them. I guess we’ll never know.


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It’s better when we are friends with one another <3

H. H. Holmes

U R a stupid prick!

GO Sp*rs! Up the trolls!!


Ballant name calling, isn’t it?


Are you calling yourselves trolls? im confused


They’re joking. They’re trying to break as many of the rules as possible to be funny and ironic. On topic, there is no god given right to have your views published on someone else’s website.


Mate spending time on a rival clubs blog page clearly illustrates your pathetic existence. Put yourself to good use and go help mum with the dishes. It’ll take your mind off the spanking Arsenal will give you gimps come the weekend


Yeah it was a joke.

Furious Styles

I’m sorry but this is honestly very bad.

You cannot use vinegar to clean tile grouts. It’s just too rough on the material.

Thumbs down.


7, 9 and 10 (Y)

11 – You are Sir Balls.
^Should include that blogs.


Unfortunately being obnoxious doesn’t seem to merit dis-inclusion.


I don’t mind any criticism or negativity but Sir Balls is just so goddamn annoying. Ruins the mood right after a good win when I’m trying to read the comments in a match report.


Any chance of blocking all the proclamations of manlove for Giroud, the use of ‘gay’ for ‘guy’, and LANS- all of which have become so and tiresome


Love. Peace. Arsenal.


Love and peace are overrated.


But Arsenal aren’t. πŸ™‚

Mills (the other one)

*one liner drum roll, symbol end*
Loved that


The internet. Amplifying bullshit since time in memorial πŸ™‚

P.S: Giroud…woof!

Johnny Tarr

Only if time immemorial is about 1995. πŸ˜‰

Adam, Watford

From 1275AD, ‘ time immemorial ‘ wass technically anything before 6th July 1189AD,from the beginning of the reign of Richard I, to sort out land ownership issues during Edward I reign.

This was revised in 1832 to mean anything beyond living memory.

You’re welcome !!!


Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

You misread, mate… He said time ‘in memorial’, by which he meant ‘in memory’. Point being, he’s correct there. Cheers.

Adam, Watford

Well, spotted ! You are completely right ! I just followed the bloke after him !

On the up side, though, I re-learned something I’d forgotten !


Zorro in the box

One day, we’ll (Abou Diaby) all be (injury) free to say what we like.

When Joey Barton behaves himself.

In Bergkamp’s name.



Are the numbers a rating of how awesome the comment is? First to 100 wins!!

Eoin Oliver

Ha ha ha ha brilliant!


What if your comment is just plain boring? I bit like this one.


Desperately trying not to meet any of the criteria on the list.

Did I fail?

Daft Aider

Or the sarcasm didn’t come across, smilies help here (I am often guilty of this)


What if im a rapper and I need you to listen to my new mixtape..

Daft Aider

That depends entirely on if you are currently appearing on a soap opera


What if we threatened to “teabag” someone?

Daft Aider

Just as long as it’s not herbal tea

pauly bear

Is this cause I called you a stupid face blogs? I said sorry


Unyoke The Ox

I was really tempted to make the perfect un-postable comment as a joke, but I was afraid I would be mistaken for a c word…..

And I ain’t no comedian.

Dick Law

So it’s ok to fish for potential employees?

le potato

first get transfers done dicky boy..then go and flash your johnson to that Costa rican agent!!


Johnson dude….? Johnson..



Tesco Light Mayonaise

Someone is in a bad mood.




This is a good.
people let’s all comment football.


Can’t we all just get along and admire giroud xx


Commenting Through Harmony

Kenyan Gooner

Don’t publish mine.


You forgot to annex “All the previous rules don’t apply to Nick Bendtner TM”

jack jack jack

Can’t tell if satire or idiot.

jack jack jack

Oops. That was meant to be a reply. Apologies one and all

jack jack jack

Ah I see blogs actually deleted the comment I was replying to before I could post my reply. The man is evidently not to be fucked with on this particular afternoon.


I wish I could find a planet where this post is not necessary. A world free of idiots where intelligent conversations are heard and real music is listened to by the masses on the radio, but ill end here before I sound like I am provoking a genocide haha go gunners!

Ahmed Sa'eed

Well written man, #10 cracked me, but on a serious note, I tottaly agree with the 10 pointa as when I come to football blogs or sites people should keep it to the footballing point.


And if you want your comment read, don’t put down the bottom of the page…..Doh!

Harish P

I like Arseblog. Promotes morality AND reality. There’s usually a better, thoughtful crowd. It’s the other half of why I come here.


You actually are the person not signing any players, so am I and everyone else (except for those two Portuguese blokes).. But I guess it’s in neither of our job descriptions’ to bring trophies to North London.

Sorry, you didn’t say anything about not being pedantic.

Dave M

I love you Arseblog.


Best fucking news post on here all summer, sadly.

Love you fellow gooners (well most of you I think, definitely not Piers Morgan though, quite the opposite in fact).

Mills (the other one)

Can you let us know how many comments get deleted on this post????


Usually go straight to the comment section


Don’t give in to the trolls and take away a medium that so many fans like myself can expressed our views/frustrations


You think you can tell me what to pust?! Huh?! Do YA?!?! Well it is your site and fully respect your decisions in regards to it though I may have a differing opinion to yours I acknowledge that fact and would be in remiss if I did not point out how much I truly enjoy your interweb facility. I wishe you and yours a pleasant evening.

Signed – no one on the internet ever


Come on you reds smash the spuds on Sunday!There you go who said I can’t do positive? Arseblog you need a cuddle? πŸ˜‰


So if we tell you your description of gay sex in your post is out of order, we’re being homophobic?

Yankee Gooner

I have to say, every time someone tells me to die because I’m “American scum,” blogs deletes it right away!


and there i was thinking that we just had a better class of commentariat. meanwhile there’s blogs at the controls fighting back the hordes… cheers for kicking all the spuds out blogs!


Mr Arseblog, please note and accept the exception to the above rules. Come Sunday if per chance (rather by Wenger’s design to stand pat during transfer window to only sign priceLESS players), I will be in a very shitty mode and will be cursing the gang-of-three at Arsenal, (they are well known to all and sundry) who have contributed to ruin my day.


How many people have threatened to kill you?


Also can we still call people fliddy hambles?


There’s this girl thats been on my mind
All the time,Sussudio oh oh

Fuck it, if that doesn’t me banned nothing will

Dial square

Still going to call John Terry a cunt, seems to be fitting in to his new position at Chelsea ok – on the fucking bench.


1 life, 1 team, 1 love.


Are vague threats againgst Spuds fans acceptable if they troll here? Restraint in such cases can be difficult. We are only human after all.

Bendnters phobic underpants

Why are you so obsessed with sexuality and race, Blogs?
Why do you make an issue of it every now and again?
Just if there’s no bigger things around to focus on.


Blogs, please unban Rambling Pete! I miss him…*wipes tears*


Just lost for words now, were is the money arsenal is putting into the supporters joy, arsene comment, OH I forgot about them

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