Wenger confirms Cazorla out for ‘a few weeks’


Arsene Wenger has revealed that Santi Cazorla is set for a period on the sidelines having missed today’s 3-1 win over Sunderland.

The Spaniard was ever-present in the Premier League for the Gunners last season, but after the match the manager told the press, “Cazorla has an ankle problem. He will be out for a few weeks as well. I don’t think he will play before the next international break.”

The next international break, for reference, is on the 6th of October and Arsenal have 6 games before that. It’s a real blow, but one somewhat offset by the presence of Mesut Ozil.

Wenger also admitted his fear that Olivier Giroud’s knee injury may prove more serious than we’d like.

“That’s my worry today after the game,” he said. “We are very thin at the moment. It isa knee problem. He is the player at the moment that would be very difficult for us to replace.”

Let’s keep fingers crossed over Ollie and hope Santi can get back to fitness sooner rather than later.


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Arsene's handkerchief

Dear Bergkamp what did we do to deserve this?!


Booed Ramsey.


you should chuck in a few more injuries for giroud booers then….just to be safe berg.


I was saying boo-urns


Sad to hear about Santi, was really looking forward to seeing him and Özil playing together


If anyone is interested Giroud has confirmed on his twitter that his knee is OK. Thank Bergkamp for that.
I apologize for putting my comment here.


Well I didn’t see that coming.

For fuck sake Arsenal.


No kidding. You would think an extra striker would help.

A N Other

Oh man! Why does it always happen to us?


because we have sinned against Him and we need to repent


God must be a Tottenham fan



Tommy Gun

yeah they’ve had it it so sweet over the last few seasons…. numpty, god is clearly a goona

Andy Mack

Actually he’s a coach at Ajax at the moment.


Well god admitted he was a Hoddle fan and Hoddle played for the spuds at that time….



Great intervju, I really enjoyed that with my morning coffee.

The ghost of Peter Storey

You mean Jehova.


Mother Fucker!!!.. Oh well..Özil is a gunner, Ramsey is a beast and Jack is back… COYG!!


It’s ok, Cazorla played all 38 games last season so he’s just taking a little break knowing we have quite an able replacement to fill in for now

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

Shit. How far away is rosicky?

The dreaded ‘2-3’ weeks away is the last I heard.

Bertie Mee



Difficult to replace Giroud? FFS… you had months to do that….

Young Gooner

Have to wait a little longer for the greatest combination in premier league to be in action. Oh it is cruel. Sigh


This is how I feel about it as well.. Cruel that we have to wait… On the plus side though, we’re on a great little run (Villa aside I think the team has really come together this last 12-18 months). The fact is… we almost have a starting XI of injured players (Arteta, Cazorla, Podolski, Rosicky, Diaby, The OX, Mert). The good thing is they are going to start returning in waves over the next month or so.. Arteta and Mert look to be the soonest Poldi and Caz/Rosicky next OX and Diaby are the long term ones. Our squad… Read more »


Its been a good day guys


Weirdly, even though our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice left sided attackers are injured, we still look pretty well covered in that position.

If Giroud is injured, on the other hand…

Andy Mack

It’s a bit unlucky that most of our 4/5 ‘stand in’ strikers are injured/unfit/out-of-form.
Poldi, Theo, Sanogo, Afobe and TGSTEL.


What the fuck is this thighs and knee injury. Are we in some new Supernatural season that a new creature has turned up.


I read somewhere that AC Milan had the lowest incidence of on/off pitch injury…some Belgian druid working his spells in the back room apparently…got Maldini to play in defence for AC Milan till he was 94…can’t we sign this guy?


well Milan got rid of the Milan lab which kept their injury list down. we should hire them!

Zorro in the box

They managed it by telling their players not to run.


At least we have Arteta, Oxlade and Podolski ready to come in…ohh wait. So the team for wednesday?:


Jesus you either a troll or a drama queen.


Calm down Tulula. Things be okay. Not ideal, but okay.

2013-2014 = 2003=2004

I think I had the exact same ‘stomach bug’. It was very runny for 48 hours over Thursday and Friday, but by Saturday the coast was clear.

Both Mertesacker and Ozil should be close to 100% by the Marseille match.




He’s played 180 games for club and country in 3 years. He played in all 38 epl games for Arsenal last season and was with Spain in the Confederations Crap and also the stupid international games before the start of this season and the recent international break. He has never gotten more than a two week break in all this time, I think. We should be able to make due without him, he will be back after the next international break, after 1 full month of rest, he will be raring to go. It’s Giroud that I’m really worried about… Read more »


It would be a lot easier if Podolski wasn’t injured.


Time to get the horse placentas out..


time for the horses to shag.


seriously what the fuck!!!

Ugandan Gooner

Crapper 🙁


Have no fear, we have the b52 bomber to come back

Andy Mack

He’s in Denmark at a boot camp trying to get fit enough to put his boots on unaided.


Negligent not to have brought another striker in, no sympathy

Parisian Weetabix

Not even for the player?

Zorro in the box

Yeah they just sat there drumming their fingers didn’t they? We weren’t even linked with stirkers! Higuain, Rooney and Suarez plus Ba, Michu and Benteke. We didn’t bid, we weren’t faffed around by Real (enabling us to sign Ozil).

Why didn’t Wenger think about the striker position?



Yeah, exactly. Wtf! At least Ramsey is in form…


is time for all the gunner’s to stand as one let keep the faith everything wil be fine.up arsenal


Giroud injury was always going to cause us problems because we don’t have adequate cover, unlike any other position. Not sure why we left Demba Ba deal so late, could have tried concluding it long ahead of the deadline – the self proclaimed special one might have let it happen before the Ozil deal!


Ramsey to replace Giroud up top, then. Why must every silver lining have a cloud?


Giroud says he’s ok on twitter!
Phew! What a relief.
Giroud and Ramsey: 10 goals in 6 games. Who would have thought.
(I wonder how the Skunk and Rooney are doing?)


the Skunk and Shrek are cunts that’s how they are doing!


It’s not like no one could see this coming is it. No one to blame but ourselves on this injury.
Having said that, we can cope with our midfield scoring but its far from ideal.
Onwards and upwards.
at some point our injuries will ease and hopefully the club will do the right and sensible thing and bring in another quality striker in January. No excuses.


Giroud had said on Twitter that his knee is fine….phew!


Oh dear Dennis, we seem to be in a pickle


Why we never went for Aubameyang is a mystery. Maybe Wenger was so keen on Hig and Suarez that he got blindsided. Maybe he did not want another Gervinho. Whatever the reasons, such mismanagement was bound to haunt us. I am really pleased about Ozil, but not to have any decent backup for your main striker is a very risky gamble. We may end up ruing it badly. Chelsea just lost, Man U are crap, Man city look crap. We have a wonderful opportunity to really push for the league title but not if our best players keep dropping like… Read more »


once again, fifa-like mentality. we’ve Giroud. Podolski seems a natural cover. then it’s Walcott. next, Bendtner. finally, Sanogo. five guys, three of them of international pedigree and experience. damn, we can’t bloody expect having twenty players in each position. in all probability Wenger wants a midfield that is as fluid and as interchanging as possible, which is beautiful and has already been pointed out here by a guy referencing Jol after the Fulham game, when he said that’s it’s so difficult to operate against our midfield because it’s constantly exchanging roles. at the same time, two players from that midfield… Read more »


still, at the same time i think there’s something incredibly fucked up with our medical team, the way we have major problems with injuries for literally years now.

Andy Mack

Plus Afobe and Akpom that need to get some playing time.


FIFA like mentality from our manager as well then. It was he who bid for Suarez and higuan. He clearly thought we had a need for another top qaulity striker, and its not just some of the fans. You have every right to your opinion regarding Theo being able to play up front and I have always been a big supporter of him but a centre forward he is not. Too simplistic to say fans expect 20 players in every position. But a striker is an obvious need. If you can’t see that then fair enough but il go with… Read more »


yes, we’re short, but we’re not desperate, and not much shorter then other teams in various departments. we can’t really complain with having Walcott as only our third forward, used just in special – and rare – situations.

Oz Gooner

Why are we buying özil they said
We have enough attacking midfielders they said
Well wilshere looked quite good at the tip of the triangle at least.
Also, how many injuries would we need before we could make an emergency loan?


Eh I think Ozil was at the tip of the triangle at CAM, Jacky was at LAM. Either way Jack did well at Sunderland. He can be better mind you, but good for him to shrug off all that dumbass criticism from the England-Ukraine game and just get on with it. I actually quite liked the Flamini-Ramsey-Ozil-Wilshere partnership. Did well having never played with each other in that formation. Good stuff.


Wenger knew this but decided to remain as he is like his zipper very sturbun


is that some kind of alcoholic beverage?


Phew…Giroud is fine. Living on knife’s edge! Fate of us Gooners I guess.


AW says we are thin up top. Why not buy a C F then?

el bahja

Glad u are fine 🙂


Wenger got the whole time to bring in another top striker, he was there zipping is tracksuite.


Santi needed a rest, this injury could be fatigue and in the long run be a blessing in disguise, as he will be fresher for the later part of the season. I am gutted that we have to wait a few more weeks to see him link up with Ozil. I guess the best things come to those that wait. COYG

Neil #2

I don’t think that being injured — and having to undergo treatment and possible rehabilitation — qualifies as “rest”. As I’ve read time and time again, recovery and therapy can be both taxing and intense. I too hope that Santi has a quick recovery. There is a large burden that is going to fall on Ozil in the near-term.


with Ramsey and his recent form i’d say it’ll be well-balanced.


Hopefully we’ll have rosicky back soon. Fucking internationals!


If Akpom and Gnabry replicate their preseason form we should just about cope. The worry is though that without Cazorla teams can just man mark Ozil and we are stuffed creatively. It’s too much to ask Gnabry, Ryo, Eisfeld etc to be a genuine creative outlet. They’re just not ready for that kind of responsibility. I also worry about players like Ramsey suffering fatigue early on; they have played all our games so far and suffering a November burnout would be far from ideal. The sooner Arteta comes back the better. COYG.

Andy Mack

If they give Jack space then he becomes very ‘creative’.
But he’s usually marked heavily and kicked continuously which reduces his effectiveness.
So mark Ozil or Jack and we should be OK.


Thank Dennis we play Wednesday and not Tuesday. that extra day is well needed for our team. it is almost a gamble to do any extra hard training we’re so thin but extra ice Olivier and we hope your form continues.

Denilson's back pass

If Giroud is out we’ll just bring in boom boom Benny. Looking forward to seeing his underwear again.

Remember the invincibles because we aren't good anymore

“Boom boom benny”??

Unfortunately I assume he means NB52 – TGSTEL rather than Benik Afobe


Probably better to just ignore the giant elephant in the room with regard to being short in numbers…..That elephant being the 2 months of transfer window opportunity to avoid this.

Top of the league- Fucking brilliant


OG is ok! OG is OK!! OG is OK!!!!……..thank heavens!…..phew!!!

GOD must definitely be a gooner!

…..if so THEN Please GOD, if you are listening, we need Carzorla, back, and Rosiscky, arteta, Podolski, Diaby, ASAP please!!!!

…..and you can keep Bentdner!….for all i care

……and God, i am sorry for this swearing but cant help myself……..FUCK TOTENHAM!….. Amen!!!!!


Saying ‘Fuck the Spuds’ is not swearing!
It’s their actual name!
Like ‘cunt’ which is the official name for Leeds United players and fans..

I’ll see what I can do about the other requests.


“That’s my worry today after the game,” he said. “We are very thin at the moment. It isa knee problem. He is the player at the moment that would be very difficult for us to replace.”

Not sure why you didn’t buy a back up, boss!?!?!?

Seriously man!


We are a bit thin at the moment because even Podolski, Bendtner and Sanogo are out injured. Walcott can play there, but since Rosicky and Cazorla are out too, we will have to play Miyaichi/Gnabry on the right.

Thankfully, he isn’t injured. Hopefully, he won’t be in the future either. Keep the faith. COYG.


…we are top of the league.

Henry's Right Foot

Ramsey’s volley made me cry. Goal of the week for sure. CÖYG. Yeah still using the Ö.


IF we can manage without, the rest will do him good


I don’t have much to add other than saying Harry Redknapp is also a massive Cunt.


This is what happens when a player who has played almost every game the previous season, and all the pointless friendlies for his country in South America, then gets no holiday thanks to a meaningless international competition in South America, and then barely any pre-season, is thrust straight into the new season without any rest.

We saw a similar situation with Wilshere. Let’s just hope that Santi’s injury is minor and he at least gets a much needed rest.