Wenger gives update on Rosicky, Theo, Jack & Ozil


In addition to using his weekly press conference to unveil Mesut Ozil to the British media, the first time we’ve made such a big deal about a signing in quite some time, Arsene Wenger also gave an update on his squad’s fitness ahead of Saturday’s game against Sunderland.

The news is both good and bad…

Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott are fit to start at the Stadium of Light despite their ‘exploits’ on international duty with England. Both men were subbed off by Roy Hodgson in Ukraine, Walcott having endured a pretty horrific tackle that took his ankle out.

Further good news is that new boy Ozil, having had his first proper training session at London Colney, will also play a part.

Unfortunately, Tomas Rosicky is ruled out. The midfielder limped off during the Czech Republic’s game with Italy on Tuesday evening having caught his studs in the turf and has done  damage to his thigh muscle apparently.

The likes of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Lukas Podolski and Abou Diaby remain long-term absentees and Thomas Vermaelen and Mikel Arteta are also still on the sidelines despite edging closer to their respective returns.


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Must admit when I saw Theo hobbling off in Kiev I thought we were looking at a few weeks out. Seems to be made of sterner stuff these days though, maybe the thought of getting on the end of some Ozil through balls took the pain away.

Shame about Rosicky but I think we’re covered 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Twisted ankle? Sore thigh? You need the best painkiller money can buy – Özil 11 – We’ll have you back on your feet in no time.

Caution: Not to be used to treat teams under 4(th).


Sadly we’re not really covered… the only forward-motivated possible game changers on the bench at the weekend will be two of the likes of Gnabry, Miyaichi, Akpom or Bendtner.


Heart aches for Rosicky. Love him so much. Hope it’s just a niggle.


I really want to see Rosicky, Ozil and Cazorla quick-passing their way through the opposition “physical presence”…

the ghost of LANS

will our amazing ANS (flans, ozil) stop us from ever hearing about all those who are soon to become LANS (poldi, mikel, verms) ?

i for one hope we don’t discontinue this pioneering tradition


um… Come again?…

the ghost of LANS

no LANS no cry


no woman no cry refference?! and its getting thumbed down? what is wrong with you people?!

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, the thought that goes through my, admittedly small, mind is “What the flip is the ghost of LANS on about?” I’m sure he had a funny or clever idea there, but it hasn’t successfully travelled from mind to screen. Perhaps alcohol had a hand in the translation?


You been partying with Chamakh?

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

Just cannot fucking wait to see Ozil’s debut. No pressure or anything, but he’s going to tear Di Canio’s boys a new one. Each. One by one.

gooner odst

German style ¨


If Theo gets injured we are seriously lacking pace in our attack. Especially with Poldi and Chambo out. That’s why I don’t understand why we didnt sign a decent winger. I guess beggars can’t be chosers.
Can’t wait to watch Ozil in action!!


If walcott gets injured it means either myiachi or gnabry gets a start if Rosicky is also unavailable. Both those players are pretty fast.


Yeah, we need 2 players for each position. That’s 4 wingers for two spots. We’ve got Podolski, Theo, Chamberlain, Cazorla is a wide playmaker, Ryo, Gnabry. Yeah, we should have signed a new winger just because Podolski and Chambo are out for a few weeks. When they’re back fit we’ll just return the new winger back to where we bought him from.


Clearly, you are unaware of the new UEFA-forced policy that allows any team to return one player per transfer window to the original club within three months after the purchase provided that the player is returned in the original packaging.


And you have to show the receipt of course, if not, anyone could return the player and that would make the transfer market much complicated than it’s already is

Tommy Gun

2 sleeps til Ozil….. oooooh mommma


haha, you deserve at least two thumbs ups!

Tommy Gun

1 sleep til ozil. pretty sure I’m gonna sit up in bed rocking like a proper crazy mumbling sutmesutmesutmesutmesutmesutme


Ama Kip Kip..Sad news Rosicky won’t be playing, wish all em quick recovery. COYG


Pray TR7 will only be out for few days. I want him back for next week UCL match. Wish you quick recovery


Shit, just remembered I’m going out with my family this Saturday so won’t be watching the game, shiiiit….


You’re feeling ill (at the thought), aren’t you? Strict bed rest. Doctor’s orders.

Bould's Eyeliner

A pint (or more than few as well). Also Doctor’s orders.


I have a family wedding. Stupid family.


Me too :S

You can choose your friends....
You can choose your friends....

Me too 🙁

Inconsiderate shits, they are…

jack jack jack

All three of you? Are you siblings?

sol (not campbell) eid
sol (not campbell) eid

And ill be working :'( I feel robbed


I know the feeling. My kids’ leagues start this Saturday!

Harry potters

Aha… I had a colleagues wedding and another event on the same day. Guess what I plan to do…
he he he !!! **winks & produces the most evil smile**


Dammit, I was just about to laugh at you and thumbs down your post when I realized I have to take my kids swimming during the match. Fuck! Maybe I’ll just fill up the bath tub… they’re young enough to enjoy that just as much.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Sounds like they’re not Arsenal fans yet. Time you got to it, don’t you think?

Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor
Arsenal-induced Heart Attack Survivor

Wrap Rosicky in cotton wool… He’s a fine young lad in football years.



Subs: Viviano/Fabianski, Nacho, Jenko, Flamini, Ryo, Gnabry, Sanogo

Bring it on Paulo!

Gunsen Gunner

I’d swap Jack for Flamini. Those cunts are gonna kick us around and the last thing we need is for jack to get his ankle smashed. The Flamster can give Cattermole a taste of his own medicine. Play Flamini-Ramsey as in deep midfield then sub Rambo for Jack after we’re comfortable. Rambo needs a rest too, even if he is, you know, Rambo.


The lack of attacking options on the bench is scary.


I agree with starting Flam but I would, and I know I am going to get it for this, Jack along side of him with Santi in the hole and Rambo on the right, then switch Oz for Jack, move Rambo along with Flam, Santi to the left and Oz in the hole….just my thought….

Andy Mack

De Canio doesn’t like Clattermole (who does).
He’s not likely to play.

I think MF will be
Rambo & Flambo
Theo, Jack, Santi

Then at half time or 60 mins Ozil will replace jack.

But I could be wrong.


This would very much be my preferred starting line-up. Too early to get Ozil in. The guy has had 3 days with the team.


Also Sanogo’s injured, so I think it could be either Bendtner or Akpom on the bench for saturday.


Bendtner isn’t fit either.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I’d put Park on the bench rather than the injured Sanogo, and bring him on when we’re in control and well ahead. I want to see him come on and show us he isn’t the joke so many people make him out to be. I think he deserves a chance to do so. I’ll be much happier when he goes if I know for sure, one way or the other, that it wasn’t our fault that he had such a strange time with us. Anyway, he’s an Arsenal player. I want to see all Arsenal players have at least one moment of glory and give us something really good to remember them by.


Park had his beauty of a goal (and only goal) against Bolton in the League Cup, I’m sure he could call that his moment of glory. I agree with you though, he should be considered for the bench more often.

Pamtumbo Pako

Shiiiii Can’t wait to see Oz in action.


Lets be thankful its only one, these interlulls have been far more cruel to us in the past.


@amusa.. your dreaming about our pace problem. Ryo is not shy of walcotts pace by any means. Gnabry is no sloth either. For young back ups for ox and poldi… thats a pretty quick squad..


Any link for Özil’s press conference with Wenger?

terry bull

that is one sh*t bench !

sol (not campbell) eid
sol (not campbell) eid

I agree that its lacking in quality (in the forwards department) but I’m sure our starting 11 will do enough to squash the opposition.. I mean, you know.. özil


It will look better once Arteta, Poldi, Rosicky, Vermaelen, Ox and *cough* Bendtner return. Hopefully, all but Ox will return by November.


Does anybody has an update on Arteta? When will he be back?

Gunsen Gunner

Should be back for West Brom along with the Verminator.

Enis Azemi

I just would like to say something which is very important , Jack Wiltshire is now thing of the past! he was a great player once but not any more. He’s to fragile now, sorry to say this Jack but do yourself a big favour,, JUST QUIT MATE”

Gustavo Almadover

Jog on mate.

Bould's Eyeliner

Indeed, Jackie Wiltshire get out of here. You heard the man. We have Wilshere now.


You lack a letter P at the front of your first name.


That’s the thing about the ignorant; they’re convinced of their own importance.

Enis Azemi

I just would like to say something which is very important , Jack Wiltshire is now thing of the past! he was a great player once but not any more. He’s to fragile now, sorry to say this Jack but do yourself a big favour,, JUST QUIT MATE”

Finsbury Park Gooner


Finsbury Park Gooner



Get out you cretin! If you don’t have anything nice to say keep it to yourself! Wilshire is definitely the most talented young English centre mid around!


Jack WILTSHIRE is a thing of the past because this man has never existed. If you’re going to troll at least get the name right, its Wilshere you knob.

Oh and I can’t wait to watch you eat them words…actually more like Jack shove them down your throat 🙂


Don’t feed the troll…


Are Gnabry or Ryo realistically ready for the league?

Bould's Eyeliner

Gnabry was pretty impressive in his few cameos last year, although they were few. Having the manager’s confidence to be included in the preseason, one can only imagine that must mean he’s improved. And nobody knows what Ryo’s state is – he hasn’t played nearly enough of anything.


I gave you a thumbs up purely for your name, love it!!


Ryo Miyaichi may be two years older than Serge Gnabry, but, on the evidence of tonight’s U21 Premier League encounter with West Bromwich Albion in front of over 2000 supporters at Emirates Stadium, it is the young German who is closest to making an impression in the senior side

This was part of a report of the U21 game

Andy Mack

Yes they are ready, but not as starters.

omosh wenger

when is arteta coming back?


Slated for end of September I believe, last we’ve heard he’s on track. As is TV5.

ultimate gunner

where does Abou Diaby fit in this team when he is ‘ fit ‘, and how days are left on his contract.

Andy Mack

Anywhere in MF. He’s not that creative but when he drives forward he creates space for others and he makes thing happen. The most important thing about him is he needs to get fit and have a bit of good luck for a change.


Penis azemi you are a twat!!!! Ozil Saturday, can’t wait! It feels like a date!!!


He must be a hermaphrodite then.


Let’s hope it goes well then 😀

Neil #2

Any idea of how long Rosicky is out for? What about Podolski?

Henry's Almighty Tallywacker

To be brtual, I think if I would sacrifice one player for Ozil it’s Rosicky.

I would rather have Ozil, Cazorla, Walcott, Flamini, Arteta. Rosicky is a fantastic player to have in the squad. I think we have a great midfield for rotation.


With our injury record, we will not need to sacrifice anyone. Even without the injuries, I am sure we can start Rosicky in sufficient games, when the others are rested.

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