Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Is this next season’s home kit?


I think we can safely say that no, no it isn’t.

But the picture below with Thierry Henry, Olivier Giroud, Bacary Sagna and some unknown bloke lucky enough to meet them might be.


Or it might not.

Either way, let’s all just have a coffee and calm down.

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Something tells me he might be French


Who Linford Christie?!


Yes, Linford Christie, Olympic Champion sponsored by Puma and still involved so I think this could be the real deal


Looks fucking great.


Not the one Giroud’s wearing..


Özil had to assist Giroud put on that tube somehow


That outfit that Giroud is wearing is perfect for that siilly gunnersaurus thingy, absurd. I hope the HFB doesn’t wear that in public.

i don't comment here often

Inspired by Wenger’s sleeping bag coat. Which I kind of like really. It says, “I do not give a fuck about what you think. This coat is warm.” It suits him.

Not sure about that thing Olivier is wearing, whatever it’s meant to be.


Warm up top.

Ozil's Gum

03-04 anyone?


I hate it.

1-1 at Newcastle

Is that Linford Christie?!


Yes – he’s faster than the rest of them

Nigel Flamini

He reminds me of a young Lenny Henry


All 3 are sponsored by puma, strong chance

cornish surfing gooner

all four athletes in the pic are sponsored by Puma 🙂

promiscuous rick

Linford innit


If it is, then it looks better than I expected.


What Patson said ^

PS. the other guy is Linford Christie.


Yeah not sure about the silver sleeping bag

Bacary's right leg

unknown. no no no .. it looks like the great Linford Christie


Linford Christie, I believe.


Is it Linford Christie?
It is, it is I say…

The only Olivier is Giroud

I quite like the idea of the shirt the unknown bloke is wearing. “Faster”. It’s so… to the point. Theo would love it.


Usain Bolt has the exact same shirt, but says “Fastest”. Forget where I saw it.

Exclamation mark

the picture of cazorla and bolt.


It’s Linford Christie apparently?


I knew all along. just decided to bolt on it


And there was me thinking it was Norman Beaton.


You sure Blogs? I thought it was Malcom Christie…


fucking top notch…

Bacary's right leg

woo about 20 people said it before I did.. you guys are quick

Dark Stein

but not as quick as Linford, Linford Christie, because that’s who it is in the photo. LINFORD CHRISTIE.


Not sure this has been mentioned, but it’s Linford Christie.


Look at that face. He’s obviously Jamaican. Linford Christie!

Dr Baptiste

Or Nigerian….


I think its linford Christie

I dream Arsenal

Who took the photo?? The quality is so poor..



Dr Baptiste

He would have missed

Silverstre for the Ballon d'OR

He would have passed the camera to somebody else. Chamakh doesn’t do “shots”.

Biggus Dickuss

It’s John Regis

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Don’t be silly. Can’t you read? It’s Agatha Christie.

Joe Woodruff

Whoah whoah whoah that’s Linford “the lunchbox” Christie isn’t it!? Can’t believe no one has realised yet!? haha 😉

Dr Baptiste

When was he nicknamed ‘the lunchbox’? I know of ‘Fash the Bash’ and ‘The Fash’.

Dr Baptiste

I have no idea why I wrote that. 1) It’s completely the wrong person and 2) it’s a completely different person.

I now know how idiots feel……

Dr Baptiste

I also come across as slightly racist, like all black people look the same (What a fucking moron).

I do apologise for this very large oversight….



with some luck, someday you might also get to know how the clever ones feel.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well, if we’re going to get into stereotypes….

Your writing is terrible, doctor.

Haha, take that.

(Don’t worry, I doubt anybody thought you were being Luis Suarez)


It looks tight, not too flattering on the average middle-aged arsenal fan.


That is my fear as well. PUMA kits are always tight…


buy it in a bigger size

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Comfortable around the body, hangs down to your knees. Yep, the Puma look for middle-aged men.

Zorro in the box

The Swansea and City ones are like that. Michu and I think Kolarov on the weekend were struggling to get them off on the sidelines to swap them for less bloody ones.

Definitely not too flattering for most of us at the Emirates.


very tight, yes. Will it make the players spend more time in the gym? Will it prevent pulling of the shirt? Will it encourage Vertongen to grab somewhere else?

Adam, Watford

He has already twice gone for the players shorts as far as I have seen, anyway.

He needs no deterrant to grab a player by the shirt. He could get a name for himself if he carries on in that vein.


Ugh. I’m going to the gym.


I’m kind of partial to the first one.


It’s Colin Jackson.


I believe thats charlie murphy.

No wait its Linford christie


I don’t know if you guys are currently aware as I don;t think it has been mentioned yet…but that guy in the picture….well its Linford Christie




Not a bad looking (potential?) kit, but let’s hope the retail version is a little more generous in fitment for us… non-professional athletes 🙂


Lunch box.


Arseblog, i think that bloke with them is Agatha Christie. Not quote me on that though.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Bugger. I hate living in Australia sometimes. My jokes are always 10 hours out of date.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Wish I could count too. Bloody timezones! It’s a wonder I get to see any Arsenal games live on TV when they’re always playing in the middle of the night. Thanks goodness they have floodlights.


Should they not be 10 hours early?

The fool of a Took

A bit too tight, I reckon. If you´re name is Giroud it´s perfect for showing your amazing abs, but imagine poor Arshavin being forced to wear it..

Dr Baptiste

If Arshavin is being forced into wearing it, then you know we’re really struggling with injuries. That or he got lost on his way to Zenit Saint Petersburg’s next match…..

The fool of a Took

Well, hardy har har smart ass.

Fine, imagine poor Bendtner with his man boobs..

Arsene's Zip

I heard Chuck Norris has shaved his beard off.. I hear Bendtner collected it off the barber shop floor and glued it on his face.

Henry's Right Foot

No Chuck Norris’ fell out when I grew mine. There can only be one person with a masterful roundhouse kick (see my goal against Man United) with a beard like mine.


And I really hope this isn’t the kit. Puma have a habit of making the Lycra-style shirts. I like other gooners am not overly desperate to be parading my rocking abs.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

“rocking” is an interesting word, isn’t it?. It’s a synonym for “bloody good” when you’re under 35. It becomes a synonym for “wobbly” after that.

The fool of a Took


Special Grammar Nazi

Yaw, Yore, Your or You’re. Never Your*

This message brought to you by the “Special” Grammar Nazi.


Is Giroud wearing an Arsenal emblazoned flak jacket?


He looks like a fuckin astronaut. Fuck knows what that’s meant to be.

It Is What It Is

Autumn/winter training outfit?

Special Grammar Nazi

High altitude training shirt.

Necessary in case the Club World Cup tournament is staged in Bolivia next year.

Isn’t it great to be a top, top, tippety top, top team again?


What is Eddie Murphy doing with the FASTER shirt on. Has he been snowboarding again?


I remember seeing all the Spurs fans filling out such shirts in all directions a few years back. They looked like (even bigger) twats.

Paul S

I think it’s Julie Christie

In vain.

Jesus Christii.


Is Giroud wearing a stab vest?

el bahja

Linford christie? No that should be Dorian Gray oh oh oh wait—-ok now am confuse 😉


The “unknown bloke” with them is actually The Artist Formerly Known as Princeford Christie. Surprised that I seem to be the only one that knew that.


LOL. Characteristic arseblog

Özil Gummidge

Unknown bloke looks like a druggie.


I prefer your drawing!


I prefer your drawing!


I think the other fellow looks like a young Lenny!

Special Grammar Nazi

Do you mean Lonny ‘Onry, Thierry’s older brother who went into comedy because he was fed up with always having to play in goal when they were kids together.


That’s funny because I had literally made myself a cup of coffee and sat down to carry on my work when I thought I’d just have a look at Arseblog news and then at the end of the article we should have a coffee WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I’M ABOUT TO DO!!!!!!!


I had no idea Agatha Christie still looked so good.
Bit of a geezer bird though, no?


Can’t wait for the look on the morbidly obese when they see the ‘figure hugging’ nature of that shirt. They will be praying Jacamo stock the XXXXXXL size.

Wenger McCloud

Fat Gooner is just big boned, that’s all.


I think it’s Christy McColl.


Why is Giroud wearing an eiderdown?


It’s the God damn Loch Ness Monster!

Correct Guy

Hey you all, that’s not Linford Christie. That’s Linford Christie. Open your eyes!

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