France make Brazil as Mertesacker beats England


France have made it to the World Cup in 2014, winning 3-0 against Ukraine at Stade de France tonight.

Olivier Giroud was a late sub, but their win means he, Laurent Koscielny and Bacary Sagna have that Carrot Mundial at the end of this season’s stick, and that can only be a good thing for us.

Sagna and Giroud made late substitute appearances for Les Bleus.

Meanwhile, Per Mertesacker, the too slow defender that is too slow and isn’t quick, scored Germany’s goal as they beat England 1-0 at Wembley.

The BFG’s strike was enough to separate the sides while Jack Wilshere played 25 minutes at the end.

There’s probably other international news but it’s bed time and this will have to do.

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dutch gooner

I think i love Mertesacker…

Jim Jimminy

I really really enjoyed BFG’s goal. Very pleased for him. Hopefully shut a few people up as well.


England beaten by Germany……as PER usual!



I actually jumped up when Per scored lol 🙂

Harish P

Gibbs played the last 40mins (nicely, I might add).


When you’re Gibbs and have to drift inside to pass the ball to Tom cleverly… footie couldnt come soon enough. bring on the SATURDAY!


How anyone can think Leighton Baines and Ashley Cole are better left backs than Gibbs is beyond me.


Happy for the French lads, glad Koz and Giroud got a rest. Pleased for Mert, fantastic goal, also happy Ozil got a well deserved rest too. THANK FUCK ITS ALL OVER NOW THO. TIME FOR REAL FOOTBALL


If Per is slow then that must say alot about smalling. May have been the difference against united on this showing but cest la vie.

Lovely to have the german captain on our side(is it always him?)


Philipp Lahm is the regular captain of the German national team, but he was given a rest. Per has deputised a few times though and is as good a captain as one could hope for. A born leader!


Engerlund are hopeless.

Oor Wullie

Aye laddie!


Emmanuel Frimpong is likely to go to the world cup with Ghana.

Jack's Right Foot

I’m English but was really happy for Per, captaining and scoring for his country. I feel more of an affinity for him than any of the English guys that started (except maybe Lallana), I don’t think that’s really a good thing. Oh well.


Lahm is the German captain but pleased for BFG. World class CB.


Yeah Mert must be crap what do the Germans know about good football.

I mean, yeah they are one of the top two teams in the world right now with some of the best players in the world in multiple positions, and yes, Mert is captain of this amazing team of highly talented and motivated players, and has been a huge asset to them.
He also happens to play for a team at the top of the premier league and has been a huge reason they are there as they look solid at the back… But… You know…. Michael Owen doesn’t rate him so he’s shit right?

Arsene nose

5 months till the next interlull!!!!


Oh how i wish i had skipped portugal vs sweden to watch the mighty England…..FUCKING NOT!


Bafana Bafana beat Spain!!!

Denilson'd back pass

Oh yeah!! SA gunner here too 😀 I didn’t watch the match though, who would’ve thought?


FIFA looking to expunge the result because Spain used too many subs. Next time the Arse is losing, I say we chuck on all our subs at once. Fool proof.

But I’m joining the Saffa brigade here, too. We can fucking come out of the woodwork when we want to.


watched the second half, and bafana played well. their goal was pretty classy, and they could’ve had more… but ingesund’s reaction to the whole keeper issue was really poor. its an international friendly, show some class, sheesh.


I only managed to see the result and a highlight of the goal. What was the whole issue around the keeper?

Richard Marshall

What are you talking about? I thought Igesund said that they could put Reina in even though they had already used all six of their subs… He showed plenty of class.


@richard marshall, did you watch the game or just read about it? what i am talking about is when he stormed across to the official and the spanish bench, he was not just “saying they could use reina”. he was dead against it, and got incredibly aggressive and confrontational. sarfa management ended up sending him back to the bench (where he continued to fume and bitch and moan to his staff). sarfa management were the ones who pushed the decision. thankfully.

One minute the commentators are commending ingesund for doing the right thing, then the fireworks come, and they have to backtrack a bit, foot in mouth.

I read what he said to the media after the game, and it all just seems to be him trying to save some face. No one reacts the way he did while offering a compromise. actions speak louder than post match interviews.

DavidVilla's trailing boot
DavidVilla's trailing boot

The South African goalie was the main difference really, world class goalkeeper I must say… Santi should think so too haha, his reaction to his saved shot late on was priceless, I bet he was thinking “I thought Szcezny was the only one who could do that”.


Hate to rain on your parade but, Bafana Bafana still didn’t qualify for the World Cup.




One day\match\season at a time and all that, but I can’t help thinking it won’t actually be that great to have three more squad members at risk of injury (touch wood) and likely missing the first part of preseason preparations next year. Part of the reason we’re doing so well this year is that there were no silly summer tournaments and we had everyone in for a full preseason before the Asia tour.


Are you seriously saying that you don’t want the World Cup to exist? A World Cup means not only do players get motivated during the domestic season to get a place in their national squad, but it gives players the chance to impress suitors during the tournament, something Arsenal ourselves have benefited from (Gilberto Silva, for example). A successful tournament can do wonders for them (Pires in ’98, Rosicky in ’06).
And surely you’d want to see a World Cup out of pure, footballistic interest…


Sure, I’m definitely looking forward to the tournament, just thought I’d note the counterpoint. From a purely Arsenal point of view, having (more of) our top players go through an extra month of football and turn up late to preseason has never been a positive thing. Look at last year after the Euros – it took us a couple months to really gel because just about everyone was coming back at different times. Psychologically, I don’t totally buy the “motivation” thing either – Kos and Bac aren’t going to lose their spots in the France squad unless they really drop off in performance, and Giroud is already having a banner year. If anything, I’d think there’s a chance they could tail off near the end of the season to save themselves for the Cup. I doubt that, though – really, I think this season has shown that our boys don’t need any more motivation to go out and give it all for the Arsenal.


One day\match\season at a time and all that, but I can’t help thinking it won’t actually be that great to have three more squad members at risk of injury (touch wood) and likely missing the first part of preseason preparations next year. Part of the reason we’re doing so well this year is that there were no silly summer tournaments and we had everyone in for a full preseason before the Asia tour.


I understand but it’ll be the same for other top teams too. Not to mention that missing a World Cup in Brazil can be pretty depressing for a player.


BFG was on beast mode! Scored a goal and made Shrek look like an amateur ohh I wish he would’ve played against Man U and Fuck you Van pussy!!!!!!!


Jenk scored for the u-21’s too

Clock End Mike

Good to see Jenks getting a full 90 minutes for the U21s. He was noticeably short of match fitness when he played in the COC against Chelsea. He’s our deputy right back, but unlikely to get much game time on the field while Sagna remains fit, except as an occasional late sub, and I feel this could be a problem for the enthusiastic Gunner.

Same goes for Monreal, who had 90 minutes for Spain, though as we’ve seen he’s a little more likely that Jenkinson to be getting game time as a sub, and more experienced than the English youngster. We may yet need them this season.


I’ve noticed over time that you’re far too reasonable and objective in your posts despite showing your obvious great love for the club. Its so odd to see in an internet discussion forum about Arsenal!


The international seems to have worked out well for us (fingers crossed no hitherto unannounced injuries)

Vermaelen got two full games under his belt for Belgium which is important. Sagna only played for the last 15 minutes of the second leg. Giroud played in Ukraine but only came on for the last 10 minutes in France, Koscielny was suspended 2nd leg and Ozil given the time off after only playing 35 or so against Italy. Mertesacker missed the Italian game but played the full 90 against England which is probably a good thing as it’ll give him that bit of edge for Southampton. Wilshere saw a decent amount of game time and Gibbs was given a small run out against Germany to stake his claim. Cazorla played just over two halves for Spain with Monreal playing the full 90 against South Africa. Welsh medical staff chose not to play Ramsey meaning he’ll have had a good break. And Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky have had the two weeks off altogether.

Walcott and Podolski have had two more weeks to get back to fitness. All in all, I don’t think things could have gone much kinder for us. Arsene will be chuffed surely. Bring on the saints.


If Ronaldo doesn’t win the ballon d’or, then football is pure politics


ribery will win this season,best player in the best european team and carry a few time France with some great performance too


Ronaldo for ballon ‘dor. What a beast! What a total beast. we also nearly signed him mind you! just like Zlatan…can i cry now?


Well done to Mertesacker for his win.

The phase is now “Lie back and think of Mertesacker”


Leaving this blog till further notice for this unwarranted comment “Per Mertesacker, the too slow defender that is too slow and isn’t quick” He’s an excellent reader of the game who rarely panics. His ball distribution and ball retention is sublime and top-notch…we would never have lost if he were in the manchester united game! Hats off to the big fucking german who scored a decent goal against england!

Arsene's Jacket

i think it was sarcastic, since a lot of people say that. i personally don’t think a footballer has to be fast to be good


If that didn’t pass you as being SARCASTIC then bergkamp save us all.

Entre Dans La

Well Per is like a 19 pace on FIFA, so therefore he sux

dink arnold

Fuck, I know man.


Dr Baptiste

You sir, are an idiot. Is this the first blog you’ve ever read here? The joke is, that all the pundits say he’s too slow, not quick and is too slow… and isn’t very fast.

The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse
The Artist formerly known as DangerMouse

Course it was fucking sarcasm. Sorry but if you didnt realise that your a bloody idiot.


TafkaDM, deep breaths……. Insults not necessary here sir.


Unless that was also sarcasm in which case bloggs may actually have created a sarcastic vortex on this site..

lets test it..

Robin Van Persie was a great servant to Arsenal…

Fuck the vortex has me….




Love seeing England lose, especially when it’s at the hands of a second-string German side captained by my man-crush, Per.

Well done Bafana, too. And Ronaldo is an absolute joke. Sublime finishing.

palace gunner

I must admit england team played well, i feel although game was a friendly that hodgson needs a good keeper i mean the last 2 friendlies the keepers was not on form same as formation germany showed that as they can. Now well played pers, jack gibbs kroos lallana. Coyg weekend fresh still top of prem & as per usual up for wins av it gunners team.

lee gooner

I would not swap our Henry for a thousand Zlatans!

Dr Baptiste

How about a thousands Jeffers?


Kos will probably not be selected for the World Cup. He’s suspended for at least another 2 games, so that means he’s out for 2 out of the 3 group games (just like Rooney in 2010). It’s questionable whether Deschamps will want use a roster spot for a central defender, especially since the pair (from Abidal/Sakho/Varane) is unlikely to change from now on.
Still, he’s the boss for slapping that Ukrainian!


Does an international suspension only cover competitive matches, or does it include friendlies? If it includes friendlies, then surely the suspension would be over before the World Cup, wouldn’t it?