Saturday, December 3, 2022

Gibbs available for Dortmund clash

Kieran Gibbs is in the Arsenal squad for the game against Borussia Dortmund tomorrow with Arsene Wenger describing him as ‘completely available’.

The left-back left the field late on against Liverpool on Saturday as Arsenal went 5 points clear at the top of the Premier League and was expected to miss the the crucial Champions League clash.

As reported earlier, Serge Gnabry has also made the journey although Jack Wilshere faces a test on Thursday which will dictate his availability for Sunday’s game against Manchester United.

With three teams in the group level on 6 points, the Arsenal manager isn’t changing his philosophy and insists his team will be going for three points.

“We play everywhere to win and that will not change,” he said. “We will have a positive attitude in our approach to the game.”

And after losing the first leg late, Wenger has backed his team to respond.

“It will strengthen the resolve of my team to come out tomorrow and show a different level.”

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Hopefully we win and Rosicky is playing nicely so it’s not that bad that we don’t have Wilshere but would have been nice to have him on the bench atleast and glad to see Gibbs is back 🙂


So looks like gibbs has finally turned a corner. recovering from a calf strain in less than 2 days has to be god-like. looks like bergkamp has been paying attention and is now rewarding him with longer pitch life……


Was it ever confirmed that it was actually a calf strain?


No it was a fucking head injury then….

Dr Baptiste

In fact, he could have felt it tighten, gone off as a precaution and then found it subsided on its own. A calf strain takes a couple weeks to sort while calf cramp or a spasm will clear up very quickly. The latter two both induce paid but no where near as much. Some medical knowledge for you now: Grade 1 Calf Strain: The muscle is stretched causing some small micro tears in the muscle fibers. Full recovery takes approximately two weeks. Grade 2 Calf Strain : There is partial tearing of muscle fibers. Full recovery takes approximately 5-8 weeks.… Read more »

remember the invincibles

Rosicky generally plays well. He can have a rare off day, but on the whole he remains one of my favourite midfielders. Alongside Ozil. and Cazorla. Wilshere’s pretty good too. Ramsey scores for fun; I quite like that.

Jack's Right Foot

Still wouldn’t mind seeing Nacho starting, he’s a class defender. Maybe save Gibbs to get an 8 point lead in the premiership.

North Bank Gooner

Couldn’t agree more, save him for Sunday, and make sure he is fully recovered. Nacho is a great alternative


I would rather play Gibbs against Dortmund and Nacho against United. Dortmund is far more dangerous on the flanks and Nacho played well when he came on without a doubt but has not played a lot this season and against a team like Dortmund i wouldn’t change anything if I’m not forced to.

Bould's Eyeliner

Agreed, Gibbs provides an attacking width that Monreal, a more traditional defender, does not. Also, Dortmund is probably by far the harder of the two matches – Gibbs is indispensable to our attacking in the final third atm – allowing Cazorla to drift in from the left.

Gunner From Another Mother

@Bould’s Eyeliner: You have to admit though, that Monreal has looked quite dangerous going forward in his recent cameos. Some of his dribbling has been fantastic. Albeit this is done with Gibbs sharing the flank with him, covering.

Henry's Right Foot

Agreed, thing is he is coming off injury. I’ll take my chances with a monreal over a questionable gibbs against dortmund and a rested and recuperated gibbs against united. The very last thing I want is Gibbs out for longer.

Bould's Eyeliner

Mild calf strain at the end of Saturday’s game – it’s not as if he’s been out weeks, nor does he have a terrible injury. For me, it’s more about cohesiveness – Gibbs has been in, putting shifts, nonstop, not to mention he played in the previous Dortmund leg.

Zorro in the box

I suspect it’s actually a game for both of them, not to start necessarily but for one to be brought on to shore up later in the second half. I’d start Nacho personally, he’s a bit fresher than Gibbs. We’re away so it’s counter-attacking rather than full frontal assault I’d imagine. The better question is, what’re we going to do on the right flank? No Theo, Gnabry unlikely to start. Now Santi is back, we need to build down the left and be direct and sharp down the right, the way we did so magnificently at the end of last… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

That’s the same Monreal we’ve brought on to play on the left wing at least twice this season? Provides no attacking width?


Rather have Gibbs start both games because I think this back 4 have got a great understanding with each other. Love Nacho but don’t want to change anything at the back at the moment.


agreed… but it’s only United… gotta keep them fit for the big games! 😀

Henry's Right Foot

Easy now lets not get carried away.

Dr Baptiste


Wesley Sniper

Great news, is it true though that Flamini, Walcott and Podolski will be back for Manure on Sunday though?


Walcott apparently in with a shout for the bench Sunday. Don’t think the other two are back yet.


Unfortunately, with Poldi that is quite unlikely – just a little over two weeks ago Arsene said he will be back at the end of November…


Flamini is the only one who will be back for Man Ure. Walcott and Sanogo should be available for Southampton, Poldi more likely Cardiff.

legend of rosicky

thankyou lord Bergkamp!!

palace gunner

Its nice to hear gibbs in this game, & nice to hear most of our injured players back for a man. U game get in there gunners


Great news. Monreal should be a good alternate should Gibbs still be a bit gingerly.

Gnabry is a welcome additional asset. He brings something different to our craft players and will be able to stretch the game for us on the flanks. really hope he gets to come on and put on a good showing on home soil. Rosicky and Ozil should be up for this one too.

I think the team can smell a bit of blood in the water. if they keep their heads at the back, they believe they can get a win over Dortmund.

glory hunter

Agree completely, and especially against Man Utd at the weekend.
Gnabry is a bit of an unknown quantity to Evra, and will get the shock of his life, and Theo coming on as a super sub as we all know is an ace up our sleeve especially if United are chasing the game, we’ll hit the cunts on the counter 🙂

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I think even David Mopes does a little bit of research on his opponents. I sincerely doubt that Evra will be surprised by Gnabry’s speed. Unable to cope with it, yes, but surprised by it? I don’t think so.


A fit Gibbs is a strong Arsenal. keep the quality of Monreal out of the team says it all really.


Holy shit……. Good news on the injury front…… other news, Arsene has a new coat zip.

Isn’t it great looking forward to these big games instead of being really worried.

Dr Baptiste

Didn’t he change all his zips to velcro?

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

If he was Moyes he’d be using the zips AND velcro.


I can’t wait to see off this bvb ,,3-0 arsenal



Gibbs has become bulletproof


I must be an immature son of a bitch because this comment with that username cracked me up.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

He forgot to include his surname….Mightierthanthesword.


His progess has been admirable.Best left back in England in my opinion. Can also work if Monreal plays as well as shown in few games this season.


Gibbs – Some excellent intercepts against Suarez. Almost had the ball in the net once too.

A bit more attacking threat needed but finally transforming into the excellent LB we always thought he would become.


Play both more width from the start. One thing i like about dortmund pressing was just not about pressing our players but the manner in which they closed down two from sides and the other from front not sliding or just simply blocking but throwing himself on the ground , so even if a player like ozil squeezes in between the other two he will have to chip the third one and make it through. Something similar Reus did for the first goal and other dortmund players throughout the match.

2013-2014 = 2003-2004

I agree with Comedian. As long as all three of our natural ‘wingers’ in Poldi/Walcott/Chamberlain are injured, we lack proper width.

Starting with Nacho on the left wing could solve that. His intelligence and pin-point pass accuracy in the final-third is lethal, as evidenced by his cross to assist a Cazorla goal last season.

Further, Nacho has the ability to bamboozle opposition defenders by cutting inside to pass or shoot with his RIGHT foot too, something Gibbs is lacking.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

I seem to remember seeing us winning balls back by getting three men into the tackle a few games back. It looked like we were swamping the man with the ball, though our third man generally came from the side or rear and actually took the ball away from the player each time rather than just creating a sliding barrier…. and I liked it.

prince Mek

Just wish my Gooners a beautiful outing tomorrow. Goodluck guyz!


Remember Kieran Gibbs unlucky slip against United which gave Park an incredibly lucky goal years ago?

Wenger saw the raw talent in him and believed in him.

Look where he is now. I’m happy only Arsenal fans value his quality. (at the moment) miles better than evra, cole.


I forgot to mention that I think he is also benefiting from Wenger’s faith or trust like Ramsey is and gooners could see some more from him.

Adenuga Ademolu

A sort of bad news for Vermalen who must have been thinking its an opportunity to feature in Monreal’s place (2nd half syndromme) while the latter would be shuffled in for Gibbs. Quite unfortunate for a player of his calibre who will be struggling in Belgium with Industry (Is it Kompany?) and Blastoghen (am sorry for this, dont really know the name of this Tottenham’s defender). But I hope he bounce back when we start the FA CUP against any doomed team.


aresbloog are you a niffer?

Dr Baptiste

Who is this arsebloog you speak of? Is that the Arseblog News Hound’s cousin?


This has got fuck all to do with the game tomorrow but just thought I would mention that we have exactly the same points tally of 25 from the 10 corresponding league matches last season if you swap last season’s QPR away result with the Palace result.
If Giroud stays fit I think we’ll piss it.

Dr Baptiste

or fuck all to do with this season where we’re TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!


Gibbs to scythe down the Dutch skunk and injure the tosser pn Sunday – least that traitor deserves the asshole

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Don’t go over the top with your hate!!!! We don’t wish violence on our opposition from our own players, not even when the opposition is a cunt. You should be ashamed of yourself. Gibbs could get booked or sent off. Nobody wants to see that. You are supposed to hope to see RVP do a wild air shot, over-extend his leg, fall on his supporting leg, tearing his calf muscles in exactly the way Dr Baptiste describes as a Grade 3 Calf Strain, and tearing his arse muscles as well as his hamstring on his shooting leg so that he… Read more »

Clip Klopp

Gibbs being available gives us a quality tactical or injury-cover sub down the left (presumably Monreal).
I’m still pissed about us allowing them to make themselves at home in our home. We’re better than that, and so long as we don’t let them get into our heads there’s a chance we can outclass them over the 90.

Tom Thumb

Really wish this game wasnt in the same week as the liverpool and man u games,but if we can win all three it will really make a statement about how good this team is

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Correct. The bigger the challenge the greater the Glory if you succeed.

Wenger's Zipper

All we need is to get them on back-foot from the first whistle. We have no time to feel our way into the game. Put that Lewandoski fella in a tightly sealed pocket, next to Reus for 90 mins

Naija Gunner

Glad that Gibbo is back, now let’s kick some ass. COYG!

carp “…Flamini has a good chance to be available on Sunday”


Which is the most important game: v Dortmund or Man United? For me it’s the latter. Even if we get pass the group stages of the Champions’ League we won’t win it. The really class sides like Barcelona and Bayern Munich will prove to be too good for us.

But the Premier League is now doable.

If we go to Old Trafford on Sunday and win, not only will it spell the end of United’s challenge, it will send out a poweful message to Chelsea and City. That’s why Gibbs and the other first-eleven must start at United.

jack jack jack

Both games are important at the moment, and both are games we can win. We don’t have to sacrifice one for the other or anything like that. We’re in with a chance to win both competitions as well I reckon. There’s an element of luck in the Champions’ League and after 2006 I’d say we’ve earned it. Who knows, it could be our time to go all the way – Wenger’s due to fill in that part of his CV some time soon.


I think we have a higher chance of winning the league, but then as jack says; the CL is a cup competition! Who knows what can happen. Just look at Chelsea season before last!

Also imagine the belief we’ll take into the United game should we record a win at the Westfalenstadion. Now that really wold send a message. Win both, and who knows…


I have always wanted to ask you this,why don’t you use your real name Piers Morgan?

Black Hei

I agree with Fats but for different reasons. I kind of like Dortmund and Klopp. But United….I don’t care for the Dortmund result. I don’t mind us playing in the Europa League as long as we can beat United so bad this weekend. 8-2 and have greyhair relive that moment again. It will be so sweet. So very sweet.

Dr Baptiste

Surely it’s better to get into the knockout stages and then get knocked out than play in the Europa League, especially if we want to win the league


I don’t care how we beat manure just beat the scum


Btw do they look pants tonight or what


What about Gibbs?? ; )


Fatgunner do us a favour and eat youself. Hoists are not made to take the weight of a wanker.


It’s FATGOONER, actually. I’m just being realistic. Personally, I would prefer us to win the Champions’ League because we’ve never won it; but the PL is definitely easier to win, and that’s what we could do.

Dr Baptiste

He’s right, his name is Fatgooner. He’s also right that the league, strangely, is our best chance at silverware this season. While the CL is a cup competition, and anything can happen, it’s also the same for every other team. I do believe that should this team win one piece of silverware this season, it’ll be a springboard to others (much like the the early Wenger years). I believed the same when we lost to Birmingham in the LC final and that was really Wenger’s darkest hour, in terms of his history. We seem to have come through the other… Read more »

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Which is why we need to let go of the negativity, as fans, and take a positive approach into every game. Getting knocked out in a glorious battle with one of the giants of Europe (one of the other giants of Europe) would be infinitely better than going out at the group stage through underachievement due to a lack of belief that we can go all the way. David Moyes is showing what lack of belief can do to a team. He takes the percentage route and goes for safety every time, and it is making United look like chumps.… Read more »

Santi Claws

I think you’re just riffing off the popular contempt Fatgooner seems to inspire in us. In terms of its audience this blog has a really great diverse eloquent amusing fanbase but it does seem a bit kneejerk at times when certain people question the club or how its run or even offer a differing perspective on how GOOD Arsenal actually are, and because we look at the team with cannon-tinted glasses we react to what they say badly. Fats is clearly a passionate Arsenal fan, presumably one who’s followed the club for years and years through disappointment and underachievement and… Read more »


Why the abuse ? The bloke makes a point that you may not agree with then try and use your intelligence to argue against his point rather that resort to pathetic name calling and abuse.
I would take fatgooners passion for arsenal even if I don’t always agree with him over those on here that just post coyg just to get a thumbs up.


Thanks, Volders and Santi.

As both you guys point out, I am a massive Gooner and have been one for three and a half decades.

I am also a realist.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Haha. I see what you did there.

But seriously, if you do too much ‘realist’ you don’t get to enjoy the dreams of what might be. Granted you don’t get the let-down at the end either, but still, hope is what keeps us all going, and we’ve more hope now than we’ve had in a decade. Just because we’ve had bugger all luck recently in the Champions League doesn’t mean we are doomed to fail in it this time.

Neddy Boo Boo

with or without you ? 😉


Ha ha the gimp didn’t score the gift of a penalty – long may his shitness continue

Oty gooner

I hope ,atkinston will ve the ref the game


Just seen Ashley Young dive yet again in the Sociedad match.

I hope Sagna has that cunt stretchered off before the end of the match.

Oty gooner

I hope ,atkinston will be the ref the game

Bendtner's ego
Bendtner's ego

Gibbs, hell yeah, massive boost for us. COYG.

Arsene Klopp

I am pretty sure Arsene would just want to get the game out of the way. Good we are playing our 2 fixtures against them mid way through the group stage.

However, I expect a strong squad to use the game as a practice game ahead of Sunday clash. Tactics experimented will be to use against United.


thank fuck he’s OK. Very under rated LB.


God I’m horny


The main weakness of this team now is defence during counter-attack. If they can show some improvement, there is a good change of us winning many more games.


Glad to hear he is back
But, rather started with Nacho for Dortmund.


Good news. Should be a great game. Expecting an easy victory

Rectum Spectrum

great news.

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